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Sports Talk Thursday, 1 August, 2002, 11:57 GMT 12:57 UK
A triumph for athletics?
Kelly Holmes and Helen Pattinson of England and Hayley Tullett of Wales celebrate a British 1-2-3 in the 1,500m
A fantastic finale at the City of Manchester stadium gives cheering fans a thrilling night to remember.

Send us your reaction to a golden night of athletics.


Right from the start of the final night of action at this magnificent stadium, the capacity crowd know they would be in for the time of their lives.

Ashia Hansen pulled a magnificent Commonwealth record-breaking leap out of the bag to win gold by just four centimetres.

Five more golds, including the men's sprint relays, Mike East and Kelly Holmes in the 1,500m and Steve Backley in the javelin, made it one of the best ever nights for English athletics.

And the roar that spurred blind 100m runner Adekunle Adesoji on to win gold in 10.73 secs, breaking his own world record, summed up the spirit of the evening.

Tell us what the night meant to you.


This debate is now closed. A selection of your emails appears below.

I was fortunate enough to receive tickets for the penultimate day of athletics. This was one of the best atmospheres I have ever experienced at a sporting event despite the bad weather.

Although I'm not from Manchester this was surely one of the best locations in the country since it is central for most visitors. I don't think the sell out crowds would have been possible had the event been in London. All the athletes were given an excellent reception and the organisation of the whole event was done to the best standards.
Gemma Addison,Great Britain

open quote
Well done all the England team for a brilliant performance
end quote

Oh what a night!

I was privileged to be in the stadium. I have been to many sporting occasions including Wimbledon finals, cup finals at home and in Europe and Grand Nationals.

This was something else it was quite simply the most wonderful evenings sport I have ever witnessed.
Lynn Ward,England

It was a great night for athletics but maybe not six gold medals for England. Was Ashia Hansen's final jump legal? Did the 4x100 team really win? Let's play fair so that victories do not leave a sour taste in the mouth. Patriotism is good but jingoism is not.
KS Asante,Ghana

I love the way Aisha Hansen braced up to the challenge thrown by the Cameroonian athlete in the triple jump for women.

She is someone that can give a lot of inspiration to other athletes and other people in life that it is not over until it is over.That certainly was the high point of the night.
Emeka Nwani,Nigeria

Well done all the England team for a brilliant performance. I have been watching the games on the BBC and can't believe how good the England team have being doing in Manchester and it shows in the medal tables. I hope we can do this next week in Germany.

open quote
It was the most amazing sporting event I've ever been to
end quote
Mark Walton,England

Well done Manchester on a really successful Games. It's a great illustration of the fact that these large events do not have to be held in the capital in order to draw in the large crowds.

Perhaps this fact will now be considered by those behind the Wembley project, who appear to have spent a lot more money than Manchester, and as yet, don't have anything more than a tentative drawing of the new stadium to show for it!
Jon Deakin,England

I had the pleasure of being in the stadium last night and if there has ever been a better atmosphere at an athletic meeting I would be amazed, whether it was only 38,000 or not.

It was the most amazing sporting event I've ever been to and I think the six gold medals owe something to the crowd reaction. Every time an athlete approached a part of the stadium during the race the whole crowd rose to its feet to urge them on and you could see the reaction in the faces of the athletes and in their performance. A magical night.
Mark Walton,England

A fantastic night BUT did the 4x100m team really win gold? Perhaps someone could explain further, because from the photo it appeared to me that the top of the Jamaican's torso crossed the line first.
Tim Andrews,England!

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