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Sports Talk Monday, 29 July, 2002, 09:14 GMT 10:14 UK
Congratulate England's finest
Paula Radcliffe was close to breaking the 5,000m world record
Kelly Holmes, Ashia Hansen and Steve Backley add their names to England's list of honour.

Send England's finest your tributes.


Earlier on in a magnificent week of athletics, Paula Radcliffe stormed to her first major track title in the 5,000m, Mick Jones struck gold in the hammer and Jonathan Edwards won the triple-jump.

England's Chris Rawlinson claimed his first major title, with a victory in the 400m hurdles, and Zoe Baker joined Karen Pickering in claiming swimming golds.

The final night of athletics was the icing on the cake, with an ecstatic home crowd cheering on Backley, Holmes, Hansen, Mike East and the men's 4x100m and 4x400m relay teams to claim gold.

Overall, thirty golds put England second in the medal table, with four days of competition still to go.


This debate is now closed. A selection of your emails appears below.

Congratulations to all the medallists from the Commonwealth. Great to watch Jo Fenn and Charlotte Moore both dip under two minutes in the final of the women's 800m. They both have bright futures in the event and I look forward to seeing them vying for honours in the future.
Mike, England

open quote
I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Holmes the other day - she was lovely
end quote
Dan Kendal,England

Well done to all our competitors. A special mention to Paula Radcliffe and Kelly Holmes, who amazed me - two fine examples of British sport. And thanks to my first sporting hero Sally Gunnell for letting me have a photo outside on 27 July.
Leanne, England

I envy the British team, as they always gain medals. I only wish that I had the talent to match their skills and fitness.

Congratulations to Mick Gault on becoming the most successful Commonwealth games shooter ever! Only a true champion could triumph in an event that has been banned in this country.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Holmes the other day and was cheeky enough to ask for a hug. She was lovely. It's great when you meet your hero and they are every bit as nice as you hope.
Dan Kendal,England

Well done to all our British athletes for giving us such a lift - everyone put their heart and souls into getting their medals and it was wonderful to hear so many joyous renditions of Land of Hope & Glory (if that wasn't the best argument for making it the British national anthem, I don't know what is!).
Pamela Brooke,UK

open quote
Mick Jones in particular has faced some tough times over the years
end quote
Phil Spivey,UK

Congratulations Paula. You could have easily given up and accepted being a world class athlete without having been at the top of the victory stand. Your recent marathon success and Commonwealth victory are truly inspirational to those of us that still like to "slog" along and shows that you are not only world class but have world class.
Rick Salas,USA

I congratulate all athletes at these Games. The sacrifices some of them have had to make to even make the games are enormous. Mick Jones in particular has faced some tough times over the years and it's a tribute to himself and his wife, Joanne, that he has achieved his goal.

He has been in for the long haul and 16 years after his first Commonwealth Games, he gets the gold.
Phil Spivey,UK

I have followed Paula Radcliffe's career since I first "discovered " this astonishing and inspirational young woman just before the 1996 Olympics and it is wonderful to see her now reaping the rewards that her talent, hard work and determination have long merited.

She must be favourite to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year now and wouldn't it be a refreshing change if she did? (giving the prize to a woman and one from a minority sport rather than to a footballer merely for scoring a passably good goal or for bursting into tears.)
Nick Spokes,England

You have finally proved to everybody you are the number one distance runner in the world, winning major international honours this year on all three surfaces (country, road and now track). Brilliant!
Gary Slater,England

open quote
Paula, you are an inspiration to athletes the world over
end quote
Dave,The Netherlands

It's good to see that some very good results are happening. To see Paul get her GOLD is an inspiration, makes me want to to better in my own athletics. Congratulations to all!
Paul C, N. Ireland

Congratulations to Paula on the world best time this season. I know that given the competition of Szabo and crew in a race she is more than capable of breaking the world 5000m record. Paula deserves every medal there is for her work, and I hope that between now and Athens she continues her successes. Again, congratulations Paula.
Damien Shannon,England

A very big well done to the British athletes. You have done us so proud. You truly are an inspiration to us all. Having been an athlete myself, along with all my family, I have had a taste of the hard work that goes into trying to be at the top. As a nation we have won many medals now and deserved to show that British athletics is coming back home and that we are up there with the best in the world.

To those who didn't quite make it this time, especially Natasha Danvers, who I have competed against, my heart goes out to you all. Keep working hard, put this time behind you, and you will get there. Sally and Paula are living proof of that. Well done to Jamie for his achievement. I have followed him for many years and am glad he has finally got there.

Paula, you are an inspiration to athletes the world over. Good luck for the European Championships!
Dave,The Netherlands

A truly great result from Mick Jones... and a more modest big guy would be hard to find! But how about the media giving this gentle giant equal credit to Paula and Jonathan or is his Gold somehow worth less? Perhaps this is the start of the UK's return to success in the Field events - so often the poor relation.
Steve Gardner,UK

What an awesome evening of track and field. Paula Radcliffe, Jonathon Edwards, Phillips Idowu, Mick Jones, Paul Head, Lee McConnell and Jamie Quarrie all did us proud. The atmosphere in and around the stadium was fantastic. Well done to everyone involved, athletes, officials and volunteers. Excellent!!

open quote
A big thank you to all our athletes for the hard work, blood and sweat you have given
end quote

She did it! Paula Radcliffe did it! Oh happy day! You are a true Lionheart, Paula.
Jeremy White,England

Huge congratulations to Mick Jones with his hammer throw. My Dad is now a veteran hammer thrower having competed in the Commonwealth Games in Jamaica in the 60's.

We as a family follow this event avidly and just wish they would show more of it on the TV. It is an event of technique and focus as much as one of strength. Well Done Mick!! Also we'd like to congratulate Lorraine Shaw in the women's hammer.
Peggy Seddon,Living in Spain

A big thank you to all our athletes for the hard work, blood and sweat you have given in preparation to this year's Commonwealth Games to ensure that England is on the map as a major all-round sporting nation. As an exiled Englishman it is always great to see our boys and girls doing well in any given field.

Paula you are an inspiration to all those out there, not necessarily in the field of athletics but in all of life's endeavours and for all those who do not quit but keep trying till they rightly earn their due reward.

Please accept very warm, heartfelt and sincere congratulations on a truly sweet victory for all irrespective of nationality.
Erowo Odhegba,Nigeria

open quote
My hands are swollen from applauding and my voice has gone.
end quote
Jacky Pett,England

A big congratulations to all the British athletes who performed so well over the weekend, but especially to Paula Radcliffe and Jonathan Edwards. Well done Paula- you really deserve that gold medal!! And what can I say about Jonathan? You're just the best! Well done also to Mick Jones, Phillips Idowu, Lee McConnell, Jamie Quarry and the rest. To Dwain and Mark- we hope you recover soon!
Helen Baker,England

I was so impressed by Paula's guts and determination! Being a long distance runner myself, I appreciate just how difficult it is to keep focused when your legs are telling you to stop and past races haven't gone that well!

It took me five years of trying for me to get into the Area team for cross-country, nothing compared to Paula's frustrating track seasons in the past! I was almost in tears after her race in Sidney! All I can say is well done Paula and you're an inspiration to us all and persistence does pay off!
Luke Richardson, 16England

I've just spent the weekend in the City of Manchester stadium. Nobody warned me that watching the decathlon was going to be so exhausting - my hands are swollen from applauding and my voice has gone.

The first three sessions were wonderful. Sunday night was absolutely unbelievable, indescribable. Well done to all the athletes for making it so special and thank you very much.
Jacky Pett,England

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