Commonwealth Games 2002
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Sports Talk Sunday, 28 July, 2002, 19:26 GMT 20:26 UK
Messages from home
Send in your messages of support from around the world
If you are a proud friend or relative of one of the Games' competitors, send in your messages of support.


The 17th Commonwealth Games has brought together athletes from 72 nations around the world.

Summing up the unique character of the event, world champions compete alongside their less experienced counterparts for their country's honour.

And the worldwide audience of millions includes many who are cheering on their friends and family from afar.

Whether you are congratulating or commiserating, if you know someone at the Games, send in your messages.


This Sport Talk is now closed. A selection of your emails appears below.

Well done to Kate in the relay. You got a medal!Hope there's loads more to come.
Donna,Lincoln, England

Well done Darran - awesome comeback! Was all over the room jumping about! Good luck in the final, and be good to see you at an AFC Wimbledon game showing off your gold in the near future!
Adam Russell, England

Go Darren. AFC Wimbledon are all behind you! Win that gold for us on Saturday, we'll be watching in the pub before beating Leatherhead...
AFC Dons Fan, England

Best wishes to Star Tauasi from Niue Island, a boxer, competing at the super heavyweight level. From the Tukutama and the Makani families in Australia.
Rev. Liva Tukutama, Australia

I feel proud as an Indian of my fellow countrymen's achievements at the Commonwealth Games. In spite of all the turmoil caused by terrorism, and all the poverty and problems we face as a nation, you have done us proud.

open quote
The whole of SW19 is routing for you
end quote
Russell Smith,England

Yet again we show the world our resolve at overcoming all - in sport, in science, in technology, in the arts!
Rahul (Rahulzinho) Swaminathan,India

As an ex-pat Indian, I'm thrilled to see the Indian women win the hockey tournament. But from a sports enthusiast's perspective, I'm sad that the winning goal was controversial.

Nevertheless it was a great performance by the teams and in particular England and India.
Senthil Kumar,Canada

Good luck Jeremy - you've done us proud. Bring home that medal. Love from all your family in Doncaster.
Denise Friel,Northern Ireland

Darran, good luck in the Light Fly semis and the final, hopefully! From everybody concerned with AFC Wimbledon, show your true colours when they interview you, the whole of SW19 is routing for you COME ON YOU DONS!!!
Russell Smith,England

open quote
To Kelly Holmes, huge congratulations from every one at Wilkinsons
end quote
Wilkinsons, Tonbridge, England

The Darran Langley. Well done! You may not have heard, but AFC Wimbledon lost on Tuesday night, but you put in a brilliant display in the second, hope to see you at a game soon. Bring your medal!!!

Good Luck to Darran Langley from your fellow (AFC) Wimbledon fans.
AFC Wimbledon,UK

Congrtatulations Mandy (Leach,) from Zimbabwe. We have cheered you all the way from Stone, please give us a ring or e mail.
Hazel Boscott,England

I am attending Thursady evening's swimming events at the Manchester Aquatic Centre with my son Sam who is nine years old today, can he get a mention there...
Claire Keefe,England

To Kelly Holmes. Huge congratulations from every one at Wilkinsons. We watched you run and know how much the win meant to you!
Wilkinsons (Tonbridge),England

It will be marvellous for the Nigerian contingent to haul the golds for the sake of Democracy. Thanks for your effort so far. Keep up the progress.
Bolaji Kazeem,Nigeria

Good Luck to Diane in the 100m Hurdles final on Wednesday.

open quote
Well done to the men's Malawi bowls team
end quote
Mark and Catherine Jones,Malawi

Can someone please help me tell Uchenna Emedolu, if it is possible, that I really appreciate him and wish him and his other teammates all the best in the 4x100m relay finals.
Adeleye Adeyemo,Nigeria

Just like to congratulate Johanne and Ceri on their winning performance. Well done and good luck on Saturday.
Graham Brekke,Wales, UK

I just wanted to say congratulations to the two Pakistani women swimmers. I think its fantastic that these two have broken the restrictions that have restricted women's sports in Pakistan for so long.

I wish them the best, just saw Wahid swim in the 50m butterfly and I think she was fantastic, don't worry about the times right now, they will improve with more experience. Good luck to them in the future, I know they will inspire more young women in Pakistan for future international sporting events.

Can we just say well done to the men's Malawi bowls team, as our best mate is playing and we haven't seen him for about seven years, good luck and win.....
Mark and Catherine Jones,Malawi

Good Luck to the England badminton team on Tueasday night in the final. Go get 'em....Hi especially to Julia Mann, Simon Archer and Jo Goode.
Sue Wilkie (Tighe),England

Good luck to Andrew Baggaley and the England table tennis team. We are very proud of you.
Frank and Gillian Baker,UK

open quote
Good luck Lee Beachill and the rest of England squash!
end quote
Sarah Garg, UK

For me Becky Owen sums up the whole spirit and essence of the Games. Her smile when she took her floor medal said it all, and it was great to see someone so genuinely excited and pleased when she took the lead. She is always the first to congratulate or console others and at 15 she still has great success ahead of her. A great gymnast and a brilliant role model.

How are the Scottish triple bowlers doing; wish david, Ivan and Yogi all the best.
Archie Turnbull,Scotland

I would like to send a good luck wish to Miss Julitte Ah-Wang, a badminton player. Go out their try your best to win. You're a champion.

Good luck Lee Beachill and the rest of England Squash! From all your family in Huddersfield.
Sarah Garg, UK

It would mean a lot if you could wish Stephen Parry all the best in the swimming.
James Oswald,England

Australia is behind all its competitors. We are all proud of you.
Bill Whitla,Australia

Hope you have a great time and win every medal there is!
Lisa Keegan,New Zealand

open quote
Best wishes message to Star Tauasi from Niue Island
end quote
Rev. Liva Tukutama,Australia

Congratulations to everyone who has competed thus far. We know you did your best! All the best to you guys who still have to compete. You have our support!
Stacy-Ann Williams,Trinidad& Tobago W.I.

A message to two old friends who are shooting, Mike Babb and Neil Day - good luck guys.
James Meekin,England

Would like if it's possible to send a 'best wishes' message to Star Tauasi from Niue Island, a boxer, competing at the super heavyweight level. From the Tukutama and the Makani families in Australia.
Rev. Liva Tukutama,Australia

If anyone on your team has the opportunity would they please say good luck to Gary McCloy of the Northern Ireland Lawn Bowls team, from his Dad's Cousin (me!)
Jim Leonard,UK

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