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Sports Talk Thursday, 27 June, 2002, 10:19 GMT 11:19 UK
Which sports should be included?
South Africa cricketers celebrate gold after beating Australia in Kuala Lumpur
Some sports will be missing from the party when the 2002 Commonwealth Games gets underway in July.

What would you like to see included?


It is ironic that the Commonwealth Games in Manchester will not be showcasing the home country's two national sports.

Once again, football will not be on the agenda, while cricket has been pulled after an outing at Kuala Lumpur in 1998.

Tennis remains out in the cold, while both codes of rugby will be represented by a sevens tournament using union rules.

How could the Games accommodate the missing sports?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

I couldn't agree more with Richard Donaldson. Fencing is one of the classic sports and has a wide variety of events. Including it would make the medal tally more interesting. As far as I can tell, most Commonwealth countries seem to have national fencing bodies, so why not?
Paul Carter,Australia

open quote
Football should be included. It would be great if the four home nations could participate, since the Olympics doesn't give us that option
end quote
Steve John, Wales

I would be interested to know why there is no women's rugby. It is one of the fastest growing sports and is played in lots of countries.
Helen Cobb, England

I would like to see Boccia included as it is a sport for the severely physically disabled - and the England and Wales team are World Champions!
Sandra King, England

Football should be included. It would be great if the four home nations could participate, since the Olympics doesn't give us that option. And with not much competition, Wales would get the gold, with England maybe netting the silver. One day cricket should also be there, as Wales again would battle it out with the Aussies for gold.
Steve John, Wales

Why are sports with small bore pistols (handguns to use the common term) being included (illegal weapons in the UK) when fencing (legal in the UK) is excluded?

When our existing pistol shooters retire, there won't be any younger ones to take their places. I'd love to be able to shoot smallbore pistols, but my Government won't allow me to...
Christina Brown, England

Cricket, basketball and rowing should be added. But football can't as of yet, mainly because after England the competition is not there; only Scotland, Australia and South Africa could compete.
Robert Anderson, Australia

open quote
Why not include basketball?
end quote
Mike Higgins ,USA

Basketball will be in the 2006 Games in Melbourne, perhaps because the Aussies are good at it and, currently, England, Scotland and Canada are not.
Bob, England

Five sports that I think should be included are cricket, rowing, tennis and ten pin bowling, all of which Commonwealth countries actually excel in! Contrary to that absurd suggestion of fencing!
Malcolm Johnston,Australia

Why isn't football (soccer to Americans) or one day cricket in the Commonwealth games? Both these games are played within the Commonwealth.
Mark Turner,USA (ex-pat)

Why not include basketball? (Don't scoff). Behind football, it's the world's most popular team sport. It was invented by a Canadian, Dr. James Neismith, so technically it could qualify as a Commonwealth sport.
Mike Higgins ,USA

Why has FENCING, one of the oldest Olympic sports and one which England is the strongest in the Commonwealth at, been excluded?
Richard Donaldson, England

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