Commonwealth Games 2002
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Features Friday, 2 August, 2002, 13:07 GMT 14:07 UK
Games diary: Day nine
A volunteer shelters from the rain under a jacket
Rain has been a strong part of the Games
BBC Sport Online rounds-up the latest Games news from Manchester.

Wet weather

The deluge of rain that has dropped on Manchester over the last few days has hit the closing ceremony preparations hard.

In rehearsal two generators went down and the cast had to perform their routines in yet another cloudburst.

However, M2002 creative director Sue Woodward is looking on the bright side of life.

"Even if it rains on Sunday it should go okay because the costumes have been designed to withstand a downpour," she said.

Pins sell fast

In the nine days of the Games, nearly 200,000 pin badges have been sold.

Daniel Geale
Zulu is unfazed by Geale (above)

Pins are hot property at major events and Manchester has been no exception as collectors hunt down souvenirs.

Dozens of different designs are on the market, but two are clear favourites for those adding to their collection.

Pins featuring Games mascots Kit and Mad Ferret have almost sold out.

Easy preparation

Kwanele Zulu has been one of the best boxers on show at the Games and, after qualifying for the finals, he sees no reason to change his outlook.

The South African welterweight Zulu faces Canada's Daniel Geale on Saturday.

Zulu is a heavy favourite to win and is not the type to sit and study his opponent on video for hours on end.

He said: "I do not know anything about him, but he has two hands and I have two hands, and that is all I need to know."

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