Commonwealth Games 2002
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Features Thursday, 1 August, 2002, 09:12 GMT 10:12 UK
Games diary: Day eight
Australia's Justin Norris wins gold on Tuesday
"Errr...I always take each race as it comes"
BBC Sport Online rounds-up the latest Games news from Manchester.

Deja vu?

"I just take each day as it comes," or "I'm going to give it 110%." - we have all heard athletes say these stock phrases from time to time.

But it seems Australia are really struggling for something original to say in Manchester.

When walker Nathan Deakes claimed the men's walk double on Tuesday, their Institute of Sport issued a congratulatory statement from his coach Ron Weigel.

"To be the best in the Commonwealth takes hours and hours of training and perseverance. I know how much this means to Nathan and he richly deserves his success," it said.

Nothing wrong with that, you might think.

Then Justin Norris won gold in the 200m butterfly and his coach, Mark Regan said: ""To be the best in the Commonwealth takes hours and hours of training and perseverance. I know how much this means to Justin and he richly deserves his success."

Spotting a pattern yet?

Their third and final release of the day came from the coach of cyclist Rochelle Gilmore, a silver medallist in the women's sprint.

Yes, you guessed it: "To be the best in the Commonwealth takes hours and hours of training and perseverance..."


As well as notching up an amazing amount of gold medals and world records, Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe reckons he has the talent to become multi-lingual.

The 'David Beckham of Down Under' has said he wants to make up for lost school classroom time by learning the world's most romantic language.

"I get frustrated when I go to other countries and cannot speak their language so that is why I have started to learn French," he said.

"After that I want to learn a few other languages.

"I'm not going to settle in France, I'm quite happy with Australia at the moment."

Fishing for honours

Malta have yet to grab a medal in these Games, but the tiny Mediterranean island can take some consolation from another competition.

Shooting competitor Paul Vella leads an informal fishing contest after landing a monster 20lb carp at the shooters village in Guildford.

Pistol shot Leslie Pearson said: "Paul told me he'd caught a 7lb carp but I didn't believe him - he was using a fishing rod fashioned from a branch.

"Then he got serious, finding a real fishing rod and landed a 20lb monster."

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