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Boxing Saturday, 27 July, 2002, 14:11 GMT 15:11 UK
O'Hara denies bite attack
Peter Ashton of Wales (right) produced a very impressive performance against Kevin O'Hara
Ashton (right) lands another blow on Kevin O'Hara
Northern Ireland's Kevin O'Hara has hit back at Peter Ashton's claim that he bit the Welshman in Friday's featherweight contest.

Ashton defeated O'Hara 24-7 but alleged the Belfast man bit his shoulder in the third round.

But O'Hara said: "I would never even think about biting an opponent - no way did I bite him and I want him to take that back.

"If I had bitten him he would have known about it - I would have taken his shoulder off!

"I have a bit of stubble, maybe that's what he thought was a bite.

Miserable NI start

"I don't know but it reflects badly on me and that's not fair.

"I'm disappointed that I lost - he had a very awkward style - but I'll bounce back."

Ashton showed off a tuppence-sized abrasion on his left shoulder after his win and the Welsh team said they would file an official complaint.

O'Hara's defeat contributed to a miserable day in the ring for Northern Ireland as their other hopefuls Cathal McMonagle, Liam Cunningham and Shane Curran all lost.

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