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Badminton Wednesday, 5 June, 2002, 15:18 GMT 16:18 UK
Badminton's blast from the past
England win gold for the team event in 1994
England celebrate gold in the team event at Victoria

Singles champions since 1966
Year Men Women
1966 Tan Aik Huang (MAS) Angela Bairstow (ENG)
1970 Jamie Paulson (CAN) Margaret Beck (ENG)
1974 Punch Gunalam (MAS) Gillian Gilks (ENG)
1978 Padukone Prakash (IND) Sylvia Ng (MAS)
1982 Syed Modi (IND) Helen Troke (ENG)
1986 Steve Baddeley (ENG) Helen Troke (ENG)
1990 Rashid Sidek (MAS) Fiona Smith (ENG)
1994 Rashid Sidek (MAS) Lisa Campbell (AUS)
1998 Wong Choong Hann (MAS) Kelly Morgan (WAL)

Doubles champions since 1966
Year Men Women Mixed
1966 Tan Aik Huang &Yew Cheng Hoe (MAS) Helen Horton &Ursula Smith (ENG) Roger Mills &Angela Bairstow (ENG)
1970 Ng Boon Bee &Punch Gunalam (MAS) Margaret Boxall &Susan Whetnall (ENG) Derek Talbot &Margaret Boxall (ENG)
1974 Derek Talbot &Elliot Stuart (ENG) Margaret Beck &Gillian Gilks (ENG) Derek Talbot &Gillian Gilks (ENG)
1978 Ray Stevens &Michael Tredgett (ENG) Nora Perry &Anne Statt (ENG) Michael Tredgett &Nora Perry (ENG)
1982 Razif Sidek &Beng Teong Ong (MAS) Claire Backhouse &Johanne Falardeau (CAN) Martin Dew &Karen Chapman (ENG)
1986 Billy Gilliland &Dan Travers (SCO) Johanne Falardeau &Gillian Clark (CAN) Mike Scandolera &Audrey Tucker (AUS)
1990 Jalani Sidek &Rashid Sidek (MAS) Fiona Smith &Sara Sankey (ENG) Chan Chi Choi &Amy Chan (HKG)
1994 Cheah Soon Kit &Ong Ewe Hock (MAS) Joanne Muggeridge &Joanne Wright (ENG) Chris Hunt &Gillian Clark (ENG)
1998 Chong Tan Fook &Lee Wan Wah (MAS) Donna Kellogg &Joanne Goode (ENG) Simon Archer &Joanne Goode (ENG)

Team champions since 1966
Year Men Women Mixed
1966 - - England
1970 - - England
1974 - - England
1978 - - England
1982 - - England
1986 - - England
1990 - - England
1994 - -England
1998 Malaysia England -

Top badminton nations
Country Singles Doubles TeamTotal
England 7 17 630
Malaysia 6 6 113
India 2 0 02
Canada 1 1 02
Australia 1 1 02
Wales 1 0 01
Scotland 0 1 01
Hong Kong 0 1 01

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