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You're at the helm with Captain Chaos trying to navigate the ocean waves in a race against the clock and natural hazards... as well as another boat.

Race 1
Avoid whales and squid

Race 2
Watch out for sharks

Race 3
Submarines open fire

Select the word LOW if the game runs slowly


The movie is 226k and should take no more than 2.2 minutes to download over a 56k modem.

It is designed to be played on computers with at least a 400Mhz processor and users with slower machines may experience performance problems.

If the game appears to be running slowly try closing down any other applications you may be running.

If it is still slow or unresponsive, click on the word "LOW" in the bottom right-hand corner to play the game with low resolution graphics.

If the game becomes unresponsive click anywhere within the game area.

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