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audio1969 Ryder Cup memories by Peter Alliss
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1969Royal Birkdale, Lancashire
 Great Britain & Ireland16-16United States
Tony Jacklin and Jack Nicklaus
Tony Jacklin and Jack Nicklaus made history at Royal Birkdale
While American dominance rendered the previous tournament meaningless as a competitive event, it's hard to think of a better example of Ryder Cup golf than Birkdale in 1969.

It came down to the last hole of the last match between new British hope Tony Jacklin and the formidable Jack Nicklaus.

On their way down the final fairway the American called out: "How do you feel Tony?" Jacklin replied: "Bloody awful."

Nicklaus played the better hole and sank a four-foot putt, leaving Jacklin a three-footer to force the first ever tie in the Ryder Cup.

The American then made one of the great sporting gestures, picking up his opponent's ball marker rather than forcing Jacklin to putt out.

He said: "I don't think you would have missed that Tony, but I didn't want to give you the chance."

Nicklaus incurred the wrath of US skipper Sam Snead for his decision, as the close competition brought out the best and worst of those involved.

British skipper Eric Brown had earlier instructed his players not to look for American balls if they landed in the rough, and during one of the fourballs on the second day the captains had to come out and calm down the warring players.

The tone for the future had been set, both good and bad.

 Great Britain & Ireland16-16United States

Foursomes: Morning
N C Coles & B G C Huggett beat M Barber & R Floyd (3&2)
B Gallacher & M Bembridge beat L Trevino & K Still (2&1)
A Jacklin & P Townsend beat D Hill & T Aaron (3&1)
C O'Connor & P Alliss halved with W Casper & F Beard

Foursomes: Afternoon
N C Coles & B G C Huggett lost to D Hill & T Aaron (1 hole)
B Gallacher & M Bembridge lost to L Trevino & G Littler (1 hole)
A Jacklin & P Townsend beat W Casper & F Beard (1 hole)
P J Butler & B J Hunt lost to J Nicklaus & D Sikes (1 hole)

Fourballs: Morning
C O'Connor & P Townsend beat D Hill & D Douglass (1 hole)
B G C Huggett & G A Caygill halved with R Floyd & M Barber
B Barnes & P Alliss lost to L Trevino & G Littler (1 hole)
A Jacklin & N C Coles beat J Nicklaus & D Sikes (1 hole)

Fourballs: Afternoon
P J Butler & P Townsend lost to W Casper & F Beard (2 holes)
B G C Huggett & B Gallacher lost to D Hill & K Still (2&1)
M Bembridge & B J Hunt halved with T Aaron & R Floyd
A Jacklin & N C Coles halved with L Trevino & M Barber

Singles: Morning
P Alliss lost to L Trevino (2&1)
P Townsend lost to D Hill (5&4)
N C Coles beat T Aaron (1 hole)
B Barnes lost to W Casper (1 hole)
C O'Connor beat F Beard (5&4)
M Bembridge beat K Still (1 hole)
P J Butler beat R Floyd (1 hole)
A Jacklin beat J Nicklaus (4&3)

Singles: Afternoon
B Barnes lost to D Hill (4&2)
B Gallacher beat L Trevino (4&3)
M Bembridge lost to M Barber (7&6)
P J Butler beat D Douglass (3&2)
N C Coles lost to D Sikes (4&3)
C O'Connor lost to G Littler (2&1)
B G C Huggett halved with W Casper
A Jacklin halved with J Nicklaus

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