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Winter Olympics - Day 16 as it happened

(All times local. GMT -8)

By Rob Hodgetts in Vancouver

1800: So, team, just two more gold medals to come in the 2010 Winter Olympics. That's the men's 50km cross country mass start, which begins at 0930 (1730 GMT) on Sunday, followed by the BIG ONE, Sequel Sunday - oh yes, my friends, Canada v USA in the men's ice hockey final at 1215 (2015 GMT). You DO NOT want to miss that.

Before then, you can continue watching the figure skating gala if you're in the UK, and you can come back here at 1900 (0300 GMT) for live scores and stats in the Finland v Slovakia bronze medal ice hockey match at 1900 (0300 GMT).

That's it for me tonight. See you tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, if you're seeing this all in bold, apologies. There's a bug in the system. And if you're not, there isn't.

1740: Canadian skip Kevin Martin and team-mate Johnny Morris embrace and forget their troubles during the final when Morris publicly questioned his boss's authority. Canada now top the medal table with 13 golds, seven silvers and five bronzes for a total of 25. Germany are second with 10 golds, 12 silvers, seven bronzes for a total of 29. And USA are third with nine golds, 14 silvers and 13 bronzes for 36 in all. Ironically, Canada top the medal table in every country which ranks golds won above total medals won - which theirs doesn't!

GOLD FOR CANADA in the men's curling final against Norway. With several stones left in the end, the crowd pipe up with an impromptu rendition of "Oh Canada", delaying Johnny Morris's final stone. Both Morris and Kevin Martin have tears in their eyes. Norway keep trying but they need to score three to take it to an extra end. Martin sends his first stone down to remove one of the two scoring Norway stones. Norway send one into the other side of the house to lie two again. And Martin, defying all the pressure that has built on his shoulders over the years - he had a reputation for failing to win the big matches - removes one of the Norway stones to clinch the victory.

1720: The crowd roar their approval as they sense the match is won as Canada grab another one to edge the lead to 6-3 with one end left. Canada have the hammer.

In skiing, the 51-year-old German prince who competed for Mexico is considering switching to curling for Sochi in 2014. Hubertus von Hohenlohe, an heir of Germany's Von Hohenlohe family who was born in Mexico City, admitted he had probably skied his last Olympics race after finishing 46th out of 48 - 26 secs adrift - in the men's slalom. "I had a lot of fun. This could be it," he said. But he wants to skip his own curling team and said: "Haven't tried it, but I think I can do it. Curling looks very good."

1700: Canada's Kevin Martin and Johnny Morris seem to have buried the hatchet and plot how to see out eight end. They come up with quite a good plan as it turns out, forcing Norway to take one and give Canada the hammer in end nine. Canada 5-3 Norway.

1647: Norway skip Thomas Ulsrud misses another crucial shot by about an inch and Canada score two for a 5-2 lead. Norway have the hammer in end eight.

1645: Ghana skier Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, nicknamed the Snow Leopard, achieved his Olympic goal of not coming last in the slalom. That dubious honour went to Albania's Erjon Tola, who finished 48th, a massive 1min 04.56sec adrift after side-stepping back up to round a gate he had missed.

The Glasgow-born, Accra-raised Nkrumah-Acheampong said: "It's all about coming down and trying to beat some people. If I beat some people, then that's a dream come true," said Nkrumah-Acheampong. "I've been (competitively) skiing for just six years now and to finish an Olympic run in these conditions, I'm happy." He said he had tried to block out the roar for him in the finish. "I could hear some sound but I was trying to concentrate on the rhythm of the gates. They were going cluckety-cluck. I thought 'Oh God, don't fall now'."

1635: There appears to be some dissent in the Canadian ranks as Johnny Morris and skip Kevin Martin publicly disagree over tactics. They're not happy Canucks, despite leading by one with the hammer.

1630: Sweden get a toehold back in the game with two in the sixth end to reduce the gap to 3-2. Canada have the hammer in end seven. The crowd are quiet despite their side leading. Nerves, I expect.

1610: Canada skip Kevin Martin is not happy with his last stone and taps his brush on the ice. But for the second straight end, Thomas Ulsrud comes up short with the final stone and Canada steal one to open up a 3-0 lead after five ends.

1600: Britain's four-man bobsleigh pilot John Jackson hopes he can keep his team together for the next Winter Olympics in four years' time. GB 1 - with Jackson, Henry Nwume, Dan Money and brakeman Allyn Condon - finished 17th after a crash in run three sent them plunging away from a top-10 spot that would have guaranteed continued funding. "We'll just have to see what happens," said Jackson. "I'm looking to go to Sochi and hopefully these guys will be there too."

1555: Tuts and boos ring out around the Vancouver Olympic Centre as someone blows a horn as Norway skip Thomas Ulsrud is delivering a stone. It doesn't ultimately matter as he just comes up short with his last stone and Canada take one to double the lead. Norway have the hammer going into end five. Canada 2-0 Norway.

1540: Canada take one in end two and the teams blank three in a low-key start to the men's curling final. Norway retain the hammer. "It's the gold-medal game, Norway don't need to take chances yet. They'll stay patient," says BBC commentator Rhona Martin. The 2002 Olympic champion adds: "I've seen one supporter with Norway trousers and a Canada top. Maybe he doesn't know who to support just yet." Canada 1-0 Norway.

1535: GOLD FOR USA 1 in the men's four-man bobsleigh. Pilot Steve Holcomb and his crew in their "Night Train" sled, starts brilliantly and maintains his massive advantage to beat Andre Lange Germany 1 by 0.38 secs with Canada 1 in third. That's the first US gold medal in sliding's signature race since Francis Tyler won for the Americans at St Moritz in 1948. Britain's John Jackson claws back a few places to finish 17th.

You can see the full results on our bobsleigh page.

1532: Canada 1's Lyndon Rush slips back one place into second with one sled left, Steve Holcomb's USA 1. Andre Lange leads and is guaranteed at least a silver.

1530: German great Andre Lange, chasing a fifth gold medal, storms into the lead with only two sleds to go.

1525: Canada's Pierre Lueders in Canada 2 goes top of the four-man bob standings. Four sleds to come.

1517: Canada and Norway blank the first end in the men's curling final. Canada retain the hammer (last-stone advantage) in the second. Famous Canadian actor Donald Sutherland is in the crowd. I liked him best in Kelly's Heroes. He played Oddball, the tank commander. One of his lines might be relevant for a Kevin Martin pep talk should Canada start to struggle: "Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?"

1515: Russia 1 clock exactly the same four-run aggregate time as Italy 1 to share the lead. Not quite sure how they split those but with the top eight crews still to come it shouldn't affect the medals. In fact, Russia 3, in the very next sled, go top.

1505: Italy's new Olympic slalom champion Giuliano Razzoli, ranked ninth in the slalom standings before the Games, said of his victory: "It's a dream because I've been training a lot for this day. It's incredible. It's been a long time coming, the last time Italy had a medal in the slalom was in 1992, and now in 2010, it's fantastic." The Italian who won silver at the Albertville Games was Alberto Tomba, who is now Razzoli's coach. "It's an amazing day," Tomba said. "He lives close to my house. He was first in Zagreb, then first in Kranjsak Gora but went out in the second run. So he came here in great shape. I told him to keep quiet and keep focused. Watching the slalom in the finish area is unbelieveable. Now I can imagine what it's like for parents. He's like a son to me."

1500: Coming up very shortly we have the mouth-watering curling final between Canada and Norway. Kevin Marin's Canada are unbeaten, Norway and their dazzling strides have won eight, lost two. Should be a pedestrian cracker.

1450: Britain's John Jackson and his crew get down unscathed and take the lead by 0.92secs from Korea 1. How they will rue that smash on run three. We hear that the reason Dan Money flung his helmet down in disgust yesterday was not that he was unhappy about the driving, but because he realised their lottery funding would be massively hit by their low finish place.

You can follow all the timings on our live bobsleigh page.

1445: We're under way in the final round of the four-man bob. They go in reverse order with Steve Holcomb's USA 1 last. Lyndon Rush's Canada 1 are 0.45 secs back in second with the Germany 1 of Andre Lange, chasing a fifth Olympic gold, 0.54 back in third.

1440: Hello again, gang. So, with the top 30 all done in the slalom we can pretty safely say that Giuliano Razzoli becomes the first Italian man to win an Olympic alpine medal since Alberto Tomba took silver in slalom at the 1994 Lillehammer Games. Razzoli is engulfed by the great man in the finish area. There might be some red wine drunk in Whistler this evening. Britain's Dave Ryding is 27th and team-mate Andrew Noble 29th. By the way, do us a little refresh would you? Thanks.

By Ollie Williams in Vancouver

1435: A wise man once told me that when 80 men with bobsleighs hove into view, you should probably get a shift on. So, ahead of the fourth and final run up in Whistler, I'll hand you back to Rob Hodgetts.

1433: Lord Coe, the man charged with overseeing London 2012, has been speaking about his impressions of Vancouver and his ambitions for London: "I want the party atmosphere that Sydney injected. I want the heart and the spirit of Barcelona. And I think we can sensibly add the city engagement now that I've witnessed here," he said. I've written a blog about potential differences in atmosphere between Vancouver 2010 and London 2012, should you be keen.

MattDaveDavies tweets: "Seeing as we can no longer win any more medals, I think we should change Britain's name on the medal table to 'Amy Williams'."

1431: GOLD for Giuliano Razzoli of Italy, who holds a 0.6-second lead from the first run and still has 0.16 seconds of it left as he stumbles over the line and raises his arms aloft. Ivica Kostelic takes silver with Andre Myhrer claiming bronze.

1429: Mitja Valencic can only finish fifth, so it's down to Italy's Giuliano Razzoli as the last man who can affect the last alpine skiing event of the Games.

1427: Benjamin Raich becomes yet another Austrian to disappoint in alpine skiing at these Games. He goes third for the time being, but may well be kicked off the podium by at least one of the remaining two skiers.

1426: Ivica Kostelic goes top of the men's slalom by 0.28 seconds - a lifetime, compared to that speed skating win just then - with three more top skiers to go.

1425: GOLD for the German women in the speed skating team pursuit at the Richmond Olympic Oval. Japan, wearing reflective gold and dark blue suits the likes of which we may never see again, lead the Germans throughout, but in the final couple of hundred metres the Germans power back to defend their Olympic title by two hundredths of a second. Two hundredths of one second. That margin is so small as to not exist in a race of that length - amazing.

1420: Poland cruise to the women's team pursuit speed skating bronze as the United States lose a skater in the closing stages - hugely disappointing for them, and it hands the Polish victory by over a second and a half. Japan face Germany for gold.

1418: There are only seven or eight more top men's slalom skiers to go, and Sweden's Andre Myhrer leads.

1415: Time for the women's team pursuit speed skating bronze medal tie. Poland face the United States.

1413: GOLD for Jasey Jay Anderson of Canada in the men's snowboarding. Anderson, in the worst conditions you can imagine and with a malfunctioning start gate to make matters even more grim, somehow overhauls Austria's Benny Karl to win another gold for the host nation. That is a massive surprise. Even having got to the final, most people seemed to expect Karl to get the win. But Anderson is the latest Canadian champion.

1409: It looks as though a technical fault with a start gate at the snowboarding may have deprived Stanislav Detkov of a medal. There is a manual start at the top and the Russian simply doesn't know when to go - so he goes early, the gate isn't open, and he crashes straight into it, knocking himself over. It's an undignified way to miss out on the podium. Mathieu Bozzetto of France, by contrast, is away immediately and soars through the grisly mist to victory and bronze.

1404: It is difficult to describe conditions at Cypress Mountain. Go to your bathroom, turn all the hot taps on, close the door and wait for the mirror to mist up entirely. That's what it looks like.

1403: GOLD for Canada in the men's team pursuit speed skating, holding off a late surge from Chad Hedrick's United States team to win by a margin of just 0.20 seconds.

1400: "Unnervingly, this commentary box is really starting to rock now," says the BBC's Ed Leigh at the snowboarding. There is going to be a slight delay before the second runs for bronze and gold.

1356: The Dutch, masters of speed skating and a nation utterly besotted with the sport, cruise to bronze over Norway in the men's team pursuit, setting an Olympic record in the process. Canada will face the United States for gold - not for the last time at this Winter Olympics.

1351: In miserable conditions on Cypress Mountain, Austrian Benny Karl has a 0.76-second lead heading into the second of the two runs in the gold medal final. First, though, the bronze will be decided.

1349: Any moment now, the Dutch will face the Norwegians at the Richmond Olympic Oval in the bronze medal men's team pursuit speed skating tie. Lots of bronze medals knocking around all of a sudden. This suggests golds can't be far away.

1348: The British four-man bobsleigh team moves up into 18th place with a clean third run, after Friday's bumps and bruises.

1346: The medals are about to be decided at the men's snowboarding. First up will be Mathieu Bozzetto of France versus Russia's Stanislav Detkov for the bronze medal.

1343: The second run of the men's slalom, the very last alpine skiing event of the 2010 Winter Olympics, is about to get going. Italy's Giuliano Razzoli leads after the first run earlier today. Check the start list for the second run and then settle down to watch it live online if you're in the UK.

1340: And the immediate news there is that Canada's Jasey Jay Anderson has beaten Russia's Stanislav Detkov, to set up a final against Benjamin Karl of Austria. That's a guaranteed gold or silver medal for Canada, then.

1338: Hello, everybody. What a time to parachute down into the live text cooler. There is much afoot. First port of call, the closing stages of the men's snowboarding up at Cypress Mountain.

By Rob Hodgetts

1330: As we wait for the finalists to be decided in the parallel giant slalom, I shall hand over to Ollie Williams for a spell of commentary from the Clock End. Back later.

1315: GOLD FOR POLAND'S JUSTYNA KOWALCZYK in a thrilling finish to the women's 30km mass start classic cross country. Norway's Marit Bjoergen, chasing a fourth gold medal of the Games, pulls alongside with just 20m to go but fades in the final strides as Kowalczyk grabs Poland's first ever women's Winter Olympics gold medal. Finland's Aino-Kaisa Saarinen takes the bronze. Kowalczyk finished in 1 hour, 30 minutes, 33.7 seconds for her first Olympic gold. Bjoergen was 0.3 back, with Saarinen 1.5 secs back.

"Just a privilege to witness that. Heart and guts out on the course. You could not ask for a tighter finish than that," says bouyant BBC commentator Rob Walker. "I will never tire of watching this finish. Kowalczyk dug deep into a place she never knew existed."

You can check out the standings on our cross country results page.

1310: The semi-final line-ups in the men's parallel giant slalom are Mathieu Bozetto (Fra), Benjamin Karl (Aut), Stanislav Detkov (Rus) and Jasey-Jay Anderson (Can).

1305: Germany 1 pilot Andre Lange, chasing an unprecedented fifth gold medal, can only remain in third place after his third run in the four-man bob. USA 1 still lead from Canada 1

1300: Now then, team, we need to be pretty light on our feet here. We've got four-man bobsleigh, women's 30km mass start cross country, parallel giant slalom snowboarding and men's and women's team pursuit speed skating all one at once. Should be a breeze, right?

1250: Here's the parallel giant slalom quarter-finalists: Klug (US), Bozetto (Fra), Kosir (Slo), Karl (Aut), Schoch (Sui), Detkov (Rus), Anderson (Can), Flander (Slo).

1245: Not that you would forget, clearly, but just a reminder that the final two runs of the four-man bobsleigh are coming up at 1300 (2100 GMT). You can follow all the timings on our bobsleigh live page.

1240: Great chat from Italian ski legend Alberto Tomba, who is in Whistler working for TV. His countryman Giuliano Razzoli leads after the first run of the slalom and is bidding to become the first Italian man to win an Olympic alpine medal since Tomba took silver in slalom at the 1994 Lillehammer Games. Before the first run, Tomba sent the 25-year-old Razzoli a text message. He then said to Razzoli as he passed through the media zone in the finish area: "I told you to take it easy the first run and attack the second. Razzoli responded: "I know, I know, but I couldn't stop myself."

1220: The snowboard parallel giant slalom quarter-finals are under way up at a very damp, very foggy Cypress Mountain. It's very difficult to even see the racers on course. The remaining 16 riders race head-to-head over two runs, alternating between the two courses with the faster taking a head start into the second run. You can follow all the latest on our parallel giant slalom live page.

1215: AMY WILLIAMS NEWSFLASH - skeleton's golden girl will carry the British flag at the closing ceremony on Sunday. "I am hugely thrilled and proud - this really does mean the world to me," she said. "I've been pinching myself ever since I won the gold medal, and now to have this honour come my way is brilliant. I'm sure the closing ceremony will be a wonderful finale to what has been, to me, an incredible Games."

British snowboarder Adam Mcleish came 24th in the parallel giant slalom, missing out on the top-16 finish required to progress to the quarter-finals. He said: "Racing in those weather conditions wasn't easy. Visibility was pretty limited with the rain and fog, but the snow was pretty decent so the organisers did a good job preparing the hill. It was challenging today but I enjoyed it. I'm pleased I had two clean runs as it's pretty hit or miss in our sport. I think it's cool that so many people came out to support in this terrible weather. It's been fun."

1210: Britain's Andy Noble, who is 3.76 seconds off the lead in 32nd after the first run of the men's slalom, said: "It was tough. I knew I had to fight and go hard. I did some good skiing at the bottom and I can learn from my mistakes at the top. Hopefully I can go clear and be faster on the second run. I'm just trying to concentrate on myself and go as fast as I can." Dave Ryding, who is 3.79 seconds off the lead in 33rd, said: "I made a few mistakes at the bottom. I've just got to go for it now and make up some places. It's the Olympic Winter Games so you want to do as well as you possibly can. It's been a massive experience and learning curve for me."

1205: Want to be a part of Sunday's Vancouver 2010 closing ceremony? Even if you're not on the same continent, let alone the same city? There's going to be a Virtual Stadium for the ceremony. We confess we are not entirely sure of the shape or form in which this virtual stadium will appear, but it certainly seems cheaper than trying to get inside the actual stadium. You upload a photo and take your, er, "seat", which in turn may see you being featured when the stadium goes on display. There does, however, seem to be a lack of any decent food on the virtual concourse...

1155: BRONZE FOR SWITZERLAND as they claim two in the 10th end to overhaul Sweden 5-4 in the bronze medal match. "That was scary," says BBC commentator Rhona Martin. "You've got to feel for Swedish skip Niklas Edin. He took seven stones out with two shots but in the end came up short. But what a game of curling. Great standard and great to watch."

1145: Getting under way now is the women's 30km mass start classic cross country. Norway's Marit Bjoergen goes for gold number four, but Poland's Justyna Kowalczyk is the world champion and World Cup leader. You can follow all the latest on our cross country live page.

1140: A sensational quadruple take-out from Sweden skip Niklas Edin succeeds in blanking the end to keep the score at Sweden 4-3 Switzerland with one end left in the men's bronze medal match.

1130: Morning all. How the devil are you? Tickety-boo, or not so pukka? My first task is to bring you news of Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong aka the "Snow Leopard". Going last of the 102 racers in the slalom field, he crosses the line 21.29 seconds behind leader Giuliano Razzoli to lie 53rd and last but one going into the second run. The man who is last, Albania's Erjon Tola, is 46 seconds behind. At least he got down, mind, which is more than can be said for half the field, including US stars Bode Miller and Ted Ligety and Austrian Manfred Pranger. Britain's Andrew Noble and Dave Ryding are 32nd and 33rd respectively. You can see the full standings on our spangly slalom live page.

To make this thing swing, you can get in touch via text on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) or via Twitter. One more bit of admin, can you give the page a little refresh. Ta. Let's rock.

By Anna Thompson in Vancouver

That's it from me, I'm off to the men's curling final. Mr Rob Hodgetts will guide you through the remainder of the gold-medal busting day.

1115: We're getting towards the stragglers in the first run of the men's slalom and there are still plenty of thrills and spills with 20-odd skiers not making it to the finish. GB duo Andy Noble and Dave Ryding have both given a good account of themselves, finishing 32nd and 33rd despite high bib numbers.

1110: It's been a high-class match in the bronze battle between Sweden and Switzerland in the curling and with three ends to go, the Swedes are 4-3 up. But it's getting tense out there.

1105: Britain's Adam McLeish does not qualify for the PGS finals, finishing 24th. Austria's Andreas Prommegger is the fastest with Jasey Jay Anderson 10th. The quarter-finals action starts at 1215 (2015 GMT).

1055: Italian Giuliano Razzoli has a 0.43secs lead over Mitja Valencic going into the second run of the men's slalom. Britain's Dave Ryding, from start bib 53, makes it into the top 30 but is then edged out by Bulgaria's Stefan Georgiev. So unlucky for Ryding. It is so foggy you can barely see the skiers on the course, let alone the gates but they are still sending them down. No surprisingly the conditions means they are plenty of DNFs. Full race stats are on the impressive live page.

1045: It's the elimination run in the PGS and Canadian hope Jasey Jay Anderson comfortably leads the combined times, despite falling in the first run. Brit Adam McLeish puts in a solid run but will have to wait to see if he qualifies as one of the top 16 racers.

1040: Switzerland even it up against Sweden in the sixth end in the bronze medal curling battle at Vancouver Olympic Centre. It's 3-3.

1030: Bode Miller went into the slalom hoping to pick up a fourth medal of the Games after a full set of gold, silver and bronze so far. But he straddles an early gate and skis out shaking his head in disbelief.

1025: At a very foggy and rainy Cypress Mountain, the parallel giant slalom qualification run has been taking place in atrocious slushy snow conditions. The fastest was Austria's Andreas Prommegger. Veteran Jasey Jay Anderson struggles to 20th and Brit Adam McLeish is 22nd. They race again in an elimination run with the top 16 making the finals.

1020 We're half-way through the men's bronze medal match in the curling and Sweden take two in the fifth end to lead 3-2 at the mini-interval.

1010: Austria's Manfred Pranger crashes out in the slalom in his only event at these Games so his Olympics are over rather quickly. And Slovenia's Mitja Valencic has knocked Benjamin Raich off top spot off top spot and then he's immediately beaten by Italian Giuliano Razzoli.

1005: It's snowing heavily up at Whistler as the men's slalom first leg begins. Defending Olympic champion Benjamin Raich is the early pace-setter, 0.04 secs ahead of Croatian Ivica Kostelic. Our wonderful live stats pages will keep you bang up to date.

0950: The qualification run in the men's parallel giant slalom is set to get under way at 1000 (1800 GMT) and Britain is represented by Adam McLeish . He likes make furniture out of reclaimed wood in his spare time. Thought I'd share that with you. His best finish in a World Cup is eighth, and that was at the end of last year.

0940: The men's 50km mass start classic is the second to last event at these Olympics on Sunday and much had been made of blind skier Brian McKeever's historic participation. He was set to become the first blind skier to compete at a Winter Olympics. But wait, Canadian team bosses have apparently decided against selecting him, reports here are saying. If he doesn't race, then he will definitely compete in the Paralympics , which start 12 March.

0930: We've had two ends in the men's curling bronze medal match and it's even-Stevens at one apiece.

0915: The men's slalom first leg is scheduled for 1000 (1800 GMT) up at Whistler Creekside and there are 102 set to race. Looks like a wide open race on paper among the top 30, with the Austrians desperate to get on the podium after a disappointing men's team performance so far. Benjamin Raich, Manfred Pranger, Reinfried Herbst and Marcel Hirscher will be looking to make amends but they will have to watch out for local lad Michael Janyk as well as Croatian veteran Ivica Kostelic and Bode Miller, who has had a stonking Games. GB hopes rest with Dave Ryding and Andy Noble and the "snow leopard", Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, makes his Winter Olympic debut, the last of the skiers to race. BBC Sport's Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes caught up with him a few days ago. You can read her blog.

0900: The pipe band have led Sweden and Switzerland onto the ice sheet at Vancouver Olympic Centre for the bronze play-off match. BBC commentator Rhona Martin is going for a Sweden win, Steve Cram for Switzerland. My view? I reckon one of them will be right.

0850: We have a smorgasbord of sport today from the curling, to slalom, to parallel giant slalom, cross country skiing, speed skating and bobsleigh. If that doesn't whet your appetite nothing will. So what are your hopes and expectations today? You know we love interacting with you so either text your comments and views on 81111 (UK) using OLYMPICS as your first word or +44 7786200666 (worldwide), or tweet me . Go on, you know you want to.

0845: Good morning/evening everyone from a very wet Vancouver. Hope you're ready for the penultimate day's action where seven golds will be won. Early action though will be the men's curling bronze medal match between Sweden and Switzerland, which is coming up at 0900 (1700 GMT). That's a replay of the European Championship final back in December which the young Swedes won.

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