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Pakistan v England: First Test day two, Dubai as it happened

Commentary by Mark Mitchener

0530 Commentary

Morning, everyone - and I hope your internal body-clocks are adjusting to the Dubai time zone as England prepare for day two of the first Test against Pakistan. Andrew Strauss's side were certainly given an unwelcome wake-up call yesterday after being bowled out for 192 - and it could have been a lot worse - before Pakistan made their way to 42-0 by the close. Test Match Special will be on air at 0545 GMT, with play starting at 0600.

0534 Commentary

If you're catching up from yesterday's play, there's plenty to read (and listen to) as ever - Jonathan Agnew gives his verdict on day one, while there's reaction to the day's play from Michael Vaughan, Matt Prior, Saeed Ajmal and Geoff Boycott - and the ever-popular daily TMS podcast features Aggers and Boycs discussing the opening day.

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

On Twitter: "Inspected the pitch... no moisture, very few cracks, not much rough and not much grass... #goodforbatting"


Nick Hoult of the Daily Telegraph: "This is a different Pakistan side. Last night they trained hard after play. Bring back Inzy."

0544 Commentary

As TMS prepares for action, a reminder of how we'd like to hear from you today (and indeed throughout the series). You can email (marking your email "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word) or if you're a Twitterer, tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket - we'd particularly like to hear from any of you actually at the game - plus, if you're a Pakistan fan, was yesterday another sign of your team's renaissance?

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

"When you see headlines like there have been about Saeed Ajmal, people will think it's the England team that's been complaining but it wasn't - it was a broadcaster, Bob Willis. It looks like it's whinging Poms, but the team hasn't made that accusation. I'm with Vic Marks - I don't really care what a spinner does. With a quick bowler bowling with a bent arm, you can lose sight of it and that's dangerous. With a spinner? Let them get on with it."

BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

"I've seen a picture of Ajmal in the papers and his arm looks bent, there's no two ways about it. But that's only in two dimensions - you don't know where his arm is going to. They film these bowlers in three dimensions, topless and all wired up, and Ajmal passed that test in 2009."


From KieranWeekley: "Glorious day in Dubai, window open in office, low 30s. Hoping we still have some cricket left on Friday,"

As Kieran has done, you can tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to let us know what you think today

0557 Commentary

There's still plenty of seats available in Dubai... and it feels a little strange here in Salford Quays as maintenance work means we're not in our usual area and are tucked away on some spare desks round the back of the kitchen. So do get in touch to let us know you're out there...

0604 Commentary
Pkn 46-0 (16 overs)

Stuart Broad to resume proceedings for England, having sent down four overs from the same end yesterday evening. Mohammad Hafeez sees off the first four balls of the day before cracking a four through point as Broad strays with his line.


From robjbuck: "Good call Mr.V, Ajmal took the wickets fair and square. Learn to play him and come back in 2nd innings."

Pkn 46-0 (17 overs)

James Anderson returns at the Dubai Sports City end, replacing Graeme Swann who had a three-over trundle before the close yesterday, and he has an early lbw appeal against the left-handed Taufeeq Umar, but England opt against a review... rightly so as it pitched outside leg and it was very high, almost hitting Taufeeq in the unmentionables. Maiden over from England's pace spearhead.


From Ivor in Perth: "Can see a long day ahead for England unless Super Jimmy can strike early and for myself being up this early. Devoted England fan though and wouldn't miss it."

BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

"The first day of a Test can always be a bit dodgy transport-wise, whether for press or spectators, while you haven't got your system sorted."

A lot of people had a few problems returning from the stadium yesterday - check out Aggers' Twitter timeline for more details

Pkn 50-0 (18 overs)

That's fifty up for Pakistan as the right-handed Hafeez punishes any deviation in line and length, helping one off his legs for four. But Broad bounces bat, beating the outside edge before yelling a vigorous lbw appeal as Hafeez is tucked up for space. Broad's a big fan of the DRS - as evidenced by reviewing his own dismissal yesterday (a plumb lbw) - but Cap'n Strauss opts against a review this time. Interestingly, it was "umpire's call" - so had Hafeez been given out and reviewed it, he'd still have been out.


From SwiftyHUZZAH: "C'mon you Poms! Us Aussies are hoping you're not gonna slip too far down so we can get proper revenge in the next Ashes!"

Whether you're a potentially gloating Aussie or not, you can tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

0616 Commentary
Pkn 56-0 (19 overs)

While Aggers praises a recent appearance by Jonathan Trott on "A Question of Sport" (and lamenting his own showing on it, when he got a cricket question wrong), Taufeeq helps himself to his furst runs of the day - albeit with a degree of fortune by way of an inside edge to fine leg - while the openers add a single apiece.

0620 Commentary
Pkn 60-0 (20 overs)

Hafeez plunders his third boundary of the morning, once more taking advantage when Broad strays down the leg side - before showing he knows exactly where his off stump is, by shouldering arms to the last ball of the over.

0623 Commentary
Pkn 65-0 (21 overs)

Anderson overpitches, Taufeeq aims a meaty straight drive which threatens to decapitate non-striker Hafeez but he ducks in time as the ball sails to the boundary. A single takes him to 28 - Hafeez has 35, and the Pakistan pair have coped pretty well this morning (do commentators' curses work in reverse?).


From Dick, TMS inbox: "So we've got the old Broad back today then... four or five good balls an over, but at least one bad one, gifting gifted players as these easy runs. It's going to be a long day if Broad doesn't get his line and length right."

0628 Commentary
Pkn 65-0 (22 overs)

Captain Andrew Strauss looks quite inscrutable in his position at first slip, sunglasses hiding his eyes, floppy hat perched on his head and collar up in the manner of Eric Cantona. Broad tries to test Taufeeq's patience outside off stump, but the left-hander is watchful and that's a maiden over.

0631 Commentary
Pkn 69-0 (23 overs)

Hafeez edges the ball down past the slips\u00a0to third man for four, before showing an immaculate forward defensive straight out of the MCC coaching manual (appropriate as ex-MCC president CMJ is on commentary duty at the moment). A minor field tweak brings Kevin Pietersen from gully to third slip, but still England can't make the breakthrough.

BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

"This will be a big test for England's three-man bowling attack with one spinner. Most of us who've been to Asia - and this is an Asia-like pitch - feel you need a second spinner. I'm hard-pressed to think of a time when three seamers and one spinner have won Test matches in Asia."

0636 Commentary
Pkn 76-0 (24 overs)

That's too short from Broad, Taufeeq punches the ball back past the bowler for two, then hammers a handsome four through the covers. Broad pings in a bouncer but that's signalled as a no-ball for overstepping. "It's like bowling at brick walls at the moment," laments CMJ on TMS.


From TheVillans: "Not sure why swiftyHUZZAH is gloating about Aussies, they have beaten a very poor India at home, but drew with an equally poor NZ."

0640 Commentary
Pkn 80-0 (25 overs)

Hafeez straight-drives Anderson for four, but the Barmy Army (led by trumpeter Billy Cooper who was on TMS yesterday) burst into song as they look to inspire an England wicket.


From Anonymous (don't forget to put your name on your texts): "All this nonsense about 'taking early wickets'. Lure Pakistan into a false sense of security and Pietersen to trundle in with six wickets. England will be batting by tea and have a lead of 100 by the close."

0646 Commentary
Pkn 83-0 (26 overs)

England make their first bowling change of the morning as Chris Tremlett replaces Broad - he took the new ball yesterday but didn't seem to threaten much. Taufeeq and Hafeez work three singles from the over - Hafeez has 44 from 83 balls, and Taufeeq has 36 from 75.

BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

On Twitter: "To those sitting in the shade at our end of ground - if you want sun, take your ticket and enter B12 or B14. But other side will remain shut."

0649 Commentary
Pkn 85-0 (27 overs)

While Geoff Boycott reminisces how he used to bowl with his cap on, turned round the wrong way "because I wanted the batsmen to be laughing and not hit me for four", England make a double change in their attack as off-spinner Graeme Swann replaces his close buddy Anderson. But the runs contrinue to flow as the left-handed Taufeeq dabs a careful two. Swann, bowling round the wicket to the leftie, has a slip, a short leg and a reasonably short mid-off (not quite short enough to be termed "silly"), but as yesterday, there's not a great deal of turn for the spinner.

BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

"I've just asked Andrew the scorer to look up one of the all-time greats, Malcolm Marshall - his record on the subcontinent was 71 wickets at an average of 23 from 19 Tests. That's why I'd have always had him in my side."

0653 Commentary
Pkn 85-0 (28 overs)

Hafeez turns Tremlett to square leg, goes for a run and is sent back - Bell fields smartly and throws at the stumps (with only one to aim at) but it misses by a fraction - Hafeez would have been out by a couple of yards if he'd hit. I have to report that's the nearest England have come to taking a wicket today. Maiden over for Tremlett.


From Mark in Sydney, TMS inbox: "Pom travelling home from work in Sydney. What's happening? Is it a benign pitch, poor bowling or good batting? Let's not get embarrassed this early in the series. I will never here the last of it over here."

0656 Commentary
Pkn 86-0 (29 overs)

Single from Taufeeq, then Hafeez takes a fresh guard to face Swann, scratching his mark in the crease with such dedication that I wonder if he's related to Jonathan Trott... just that one from the over.


From JournoTim:\u00a0"Blowers & Boycott. Dream partnership. I could listen to them all day."

Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved - how do you think England can make the breakthrough?

Pkn 90-0 (30 overs)

Tremlett gets a rare bit of lift against Taufeeq as the left-hander fends one off which \u00a0shoots away to third man for four, but he didn't look entirely in control of that shot. Billy Bowden makes a signal as though he's downing a pint - I think that means it's time for a drinks break!

BBC Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld

"The drinks cart looks like one of the carts in which Geoffrey Boycott drives around Barbados."

BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

"I've just sat down with my work book, and after an hour's play I've not made a single note. Kind of sums it up."

0704 Commentary

While we're waiting, a quick pointer that although BBC 5 live sports extra is staying with the cricket for today's play, you can hear commentary of Bernard Tomic v Sam Querrey at the Aussie Open from 0800 GMT, exclusively via the BBC Sport website.


From Stephen\u00a0in Mauritius, TMS inbox: "One of the benefits of being in the same time zone is not having to get up early to watch the cricket. The negative, actually watching this bowling display."

0708 Commentary
Pkn 90-0 (31 overs)

Swann resumes proceedings post-drinks but Hafeez is happy to play out a maiden over. Pakistan have been supremely unthreatened today, and their fans in the stands are loving it, led by a demonstrative white-bearded chap in a green Pakistan shirt.

BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford

On Twitter: "Reminder, outgoing ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat is joining Aggers at lunch (0800 GMT), Thanks for question ideas... any more?"

Please email Adam with your questions for Haroon Lorgat at or tweet him @tmsproducer

0713 Commentary
TAUFEEQ FIFTY - Pkn 98-0 (32 overs)

Tremlett drops short, Taufeeq chops him for four wide of the slips, before bringing up his half century next ball (from 94 deliveries) with a firm square drive. Meanwhile, Aggers reveals that the aforementioned white-bearded Pakistan fan is a well-known character called Chacha, who apparently used to to attend games carrying a live chicken. ("Can you imagine him trying to get into Headingley with that chicken?" asks Michael Vaughan).

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

"I spoke to the umpires this morning, Bruce and Billy, and tried to ask them for a par score, and they said 400. Pitch is an absolute belter."


From krishsuraj: "Apart from beating a poor Aussie team in Australia, English cricket team has done little overseas. Nice reality check."

Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to have your say

0717 Commentary
Pkn 103-0 (33 overs)

A large green umbrella blows onto the pitch, is retrieved by Jonathan Trott out in the deep and handed to a steward. The "live animals taken into cricket grounds" theme is continued on TMS as Aggers recalls the pig released onto the pitch at Brisbane with "Eddie" [Hemmings] and "Beefy" [Botham] daubed on either side of its body, while Hafeez brings up the century stand with a fierce four through point - a single takes him to 49. But some encouragement for Swann as he spins one which fizzes past Taufeeq's outside edge.

0721 Commentary
HAFEEZ FIFTY - Pkn 104-0 (34 overs)

Mohammad Hafeez reaches his fifty with a careful single from his 100th delivery - that's his seventh Test half century but he has a good conversion rate with four centuries so far. Taufeeq fences and misses at Tremlett, who purses his lips as ball evades bat. Better from Tremlett, but Pakistan now only trail by 88.

BBC Sport's Stephan Shemilt

"England have not been beaten in the first Test of a series since losing to West Indies in Jamaica nearly three years ago. That was when they were bowled out for 51 in Strauss's first game as full-time skipper."

0724 Commentary
Pkn 111-0 (35 overs)

Swann, bowling in his sunglasses as he often does, wheels away for his eighth over but Pakistan's openers help themselves to some ones and twos - they might even have had three if they hadn't collided like a couple of Keystone Kops in mid-pitch! \u00a0Taufeeq cuts loose with a big heave over mid-on for four.


From Jimmy C, TMS inbox: "Re: Mark in Sydney [0656], you can always remind them of that lovely little urn if they get a bit rowdy!"


England women's captain Charlotte Edwards: "Long day ahead in the field for England..."

Taufeeq b Broad 58 (Pkn 114-1)

Broad replaces Tremlett as Cap'n Strauss valiantly tries to rotate his bowlers in search of a breakthrough. But it's business as usual for Pakistan - whose openers have become the first Pakistan opening pair to record five century partnerships - as Hafeez and Taufeeq help themselves to more signals. Suddenly England have a chance as Hafeez skies the ball over mid-wicket, Tremlett runs round and gets down well to get his hands to it but can't hold on. Very difficult but we have to put that down as a drop. But next ball, the breakthrough is made as Broad bowls Taufeeq with a beauty that hits the top of off stump!

BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford

On Twitter: "It is revealed on TMS that CMJ, famous for his lateness, is currently using a diary from the year 2000!"

0732 Commentary
Pkn 114-1 (36 overs)

New batsman Azhar Ali sees off the last ball of Broad's over, having had his pads on since early yesterday afternoon. (Although I'm sure he took them off to go to bed. You know what I mean.)


From Jonathan Verman, TMS inbox: "England are number one in the world for a good reason. I think they will recover as\u00a0they have done many times before, let's get behind them instead of everyone moaning! Let's start to enjoy a long reign of an England team being top. Some games will be hard! It's not all gonna be innings wins but we will get there."

0737 Commentary
Pkn 119-1 (37 overs)

Swann bowls round the wicket to the right-handed Hafeez, who unleashes a fluent sweep shot that streaks away for four to the unguarded deep backward square leg boundary. A single brings Azhar on strike - finally we have two right-handers in which should help the over-rate at least. A slip, silly point and short leg surround the new batsman, who prods forward and Prior appeals for a stumping but umpire Billy Bowden shakes his head.

BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja

"The pressure will be on Azhar Ali, who doesn't play the spin as well as Hafeez or Misbah - England are right to attack him with a spinner."

0741 Commentary
Pkn 124-1 (38 overs)

Hafeez steers Broad for a single, Azhar is off the mark with one off his legs. Hafeez, very much the senior partner now, adds a two and a single, he's on 62 now. Just under 20 minutes to lunch - don't forget to email in your questions for Haroon Lorgat at


From Adam, Stockport: "Everyone said this year would be a big test. We are playing away from home, had one bad innings and we should give up and go home? Pakistan know these conditions and we have not played a Test in months. Get a grip!"

0744 Commentary
Pkn 128-1 (39 overs)

Hafeez continues his steady accumulation against Swann, pushing a two through the covers before tapping two more off the last ball of the over. He's looked a very fluent player, only giving that one difficult chance the ball before he lost his opening partner.


From Hasnain, TMS inbox: "This England team has been good at home but not done much away on tour. We get too carried away as a nation with just a little success."

Azhar c Prior b Broad 1 (Pkn 128-2)

Broad strikes again as Azhar Ali feathers an edge to Prior behind the stumps!

BBC Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld

"That is exactly what the doctor ordered for England!"

Pkn 128-2 (40 overs)

It's Geoff Boycott's old "add two wickets to the score" adage coming true again... no "lunch watchman" for Pakistan as it's the old campaigner Younus Khan in at number four. Broad even has the scent of a double-wicket maiden when Younus is rapped on the pad by the last ball of the over, it looked high... and England make the sensible decision not to invoke the DRS.

0754 Commentary
Pkn 131-2 (41 overs)

Hafeez dabs Swann for a single, Younus is off the mark by prodding a single past the close fielders, Hafeez rotates the strike well and Swann is varying his pace quite well - ranging from 82kph to 90kph in that over. Probably a couple more overs before lunch.


From Scotty, Wakefield: "It's called Test cricket because it is just that... England haven't played a lot out there but money is on England to win the series, if they can be patient and tie down Ajmal."

0758 Commentary
Pkn 136-2 (42 overs)

While Blowers on TMS ponders whether Alastair Cook (as England's designated ball shiner) must get through more pairs of trousers each year than most of his team-mates - and incredibly, has somehow spotted a bus - Hafeez and Younus both have to evade bouncers from Broad, Hafeez adds a single while Younus finds the boundary for the first time with a flick through mid-wicket for four.

LUNCH - Pkn 138-2 (43 overs)

England turn the usual "form" on its head by replacing a spinner with a seamer for the last over before lunch - James Anderson's going to have another go. Hafeez remains defiant, seeing off the over and adding a single to move to 70. Younus jabs a quick single to mid-on from the last ball of the session, he has six - and that, ladies and gentlemen, is lunch. England's session, possibly? What do you think?


From Tina, TMS inbox: "Re: Hasnain [0744], Whilst yesterday was not our finest day in Test cricket, I seem to remember a magnificent victory on Australian soil within the last 12 months\u2026 surely that counts as a victory on tour."

Of course it counts, but don't call me Shirley...

BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja

"Hafeez and Taufeeq have been giving Pakistan some good starts, which means less pressure on the middle order."

0805 Commentary

While the players take lunch, keep listening to TMS for Aggers' interview with Haroon Lorgat - we're going for a quick lunch/breakfast run and we'll be back soon.


From Anonymous: "Test matches consist of five days. That's 15 sessions. England lost three sessions. Win the next one and we're back in this match."

0837 Commentary

Interesting chat from Haroon Lorgat on TMS - he feels day-night Tests will happen, not in the next six months, but it would have to be a venue-specific choice (he feels Dubai, for example, may lend itself well to day-night games). Nearly ready to resume.

BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

"I'm wondering what Strauss would settle for - I think he'd settle for bowling Pakistan out for anything under 300. Broad's going to start - he's the man who made things happen in the last half-hour, the two balls that took the wickets were fine deliveries."

0846 Commentary
Pkn 138-2 (44 overs)

As Vic mentioned, it's Stuart Broad to continue - he has figures of 2-35 from 13 overs. Younus Khan carefully plays himself back in, playing out a maiden over from Broad.

BBC Test Match Special's statistician Andrew Samson

"This is the 72nd Test match between England and Pakistan, and only the second time the average age of the Pakistan team has been older than the England team."

0851 Commentary
Pkn 141-2 (45 overs)

Tremlett returns after that one-over burst of Anderson before lunch, Mohammad Hafeez gets Pakistan under way with a single, then there's a stifled lbw shout against Younus - once more, England opt against a review and the ball-tracking system reveals it was "umpire's call" whether it would have hit the stumps or not, so the Pakistan veteran would have survived. A single takes former captain Younus to seven, and Hafeez nicks the strike with a single taking him to 72.

By the way, if you missed the Haroon Lorgat interview, stand by as we're getting it ready so you can listen to it again on the website. Another interesting point he made was that\u00a0he does not feel corruption is widespread in international cricket, but he does feel that the domestic game around the world could now be at risk.


From Mark in Derbyshire, TMS inbox: "Re: Test matches having 15 sessions. Don't bet on it."

0856 Commentary
Pkn 144-2 (46 overs)

Hafeez guides Broad for two through the covers, before standing up on tip-toes to guide a single through the vacant gully region to third man.


Wisden editor Lawrence Booth:\u00a0"If I were an umpire, and a bowler appealed as quietly as Tremlett just did, I wouldn't give it out either."

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

On Twitter: "England need four wkts in this session to have any chance in this game... Stuart Broad looked very good before lunch... will need some back up."

0900 Commentary
Pkn 144-2 (47 overs)

Tremlett "looks as though he could step into the ring with either of the Klitschko brothers" according to CMJ on TMS, but even their would-be nemesis David Haye would struggle to match the tall paceman's line and length... England on the defensive but the runs have dried up.


From Aamir, at work in Leeds: "Nice to see you guys singing England's praises for their comeback. Are you the same people that failed to give any Pakistan any credit for the great start they had on day one?"

0905 Commentary
Pkn 149-2 (48 overs)

Younus rides his luck against Broad (I nearly typed "rides his lunch", clearly subconsciously food-obsessed) as he hangs his bat out and the ball squirms away for four through third man. Umpire Billy Bowden isn't happy about Broad's follow-through - and while if you read yesterday's live text you'll know why Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS called this ground "the Johnny Cash Stadium", Broad is having to "walk the line" very carefully as he must be close to a formal warning for running on the wicket. A single takes Younus to 11.


From Joel in Halesowen: "I think the DRS would be a lot fairer if you didn't lose a review when it goes as 'umpire's call'. A team don't deserve to lose a review because only a quarter of the ball is hitting the wickets!"

0908 Commentary
Pkn 150-2 (49 overs)

Younus tries to force Tremlett down the leg side, they run through for a leg bye - they've been quite rare so far in this game. A few of the empty seats are being filled as a group of children - wearing shirts demonstrating their allegiance to several different teams - file in. Tremlett's accuracy is rewarded with another maiden over.

BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

"Tremlett's not bowling as fast as he can, but he's keeping the batsmen quiet and waiting for the sort of error which caused most of England's dismissals yesterday."

BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham

"Younus Khan is probably the one Pakistan player who needs little introduction to an English audience. The 34-year-old has more than 6,000 Test runs and averages 53. He has played eight Tests against England before this one, his best display a supreme 173 at Headingley in a partnership of 363 with Mohammad Yousuf. England won the match though... by 167 runs."

0913 Commentary
Pkn 153-2 (50 overs)

Anderson replaces Broad, there's only one slip but a man in at short mid-on for Younus, who scampers a well-run three, turning the ball off his legs from outside off stump - although Hafeez has to dive to make his ground at the striker's end. Hafeez shoulders arms, Pakistan now trail by 39.

BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja

On Twitter: "Pakistan have played Swann lot better this time around than 2010, which means more pressure on Eng pacers to pick wickets on a bat track."

0918 Commentary
Pkn 156-2 (51 overs)

Younus singles, Tremlett sends two men out in the deep on the leg side so it's unsurprising when a short ball arrives, Hafeez hooks and they run another single. Henry Blofeld on TMS is showing characteristic ability to spot cars and buses that aren't visible to anyone else, while Younus unleashes a characteristic wristy flick to leg for a single. Stuart Broad has a quick chat with the physio, while England's non-combatants Monty Panesar and Ravi Bopara both scoot on with some quick drinks for their team-mates. "Get Goochie on!" enthuses Michael Vaughan, pointing to the recent comebacks of Thierry Henry and Paul Scholes...


From Anonymous (please don't forget to put your name on your texts): "Aamir [0905], I don't think anyone was playing down Pakistan's performance, they put the ball in the right place and England got themselves out."

0922 Commentary
Pkn 156-2 (52 overs)

Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq, who's due in next at number five, tosses a ball from hand to hand on the pavilion balcony... and he was nearly in there as Younus edges at Anderson, but the ball doesn't quite carry to Strauss, the solitary slip, who stops the ball on the bounce.

0926 Commentary
Pkn 159-2 (53 overs)

A double change as Swann replaces Tremlett in the England attack, while Aggers replaces Blowers on TMS. England's 12th man Ravi Bopara's on the field, not sure who he's replaced but by process of elimination, the TMS crew work out that Jonathan Trott's off. Swann's over yields three singles.

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

"Looking at the way Younus Khan rolls his wrists against Graeme Swann to flick the ball to leg, that's the shot England need to use against Ajmal. Play it with the spin."

0930 Commentary
Pkn 163-2 (54 overs)

Monty Panesar may have been left out of England's XI but he's getting on the pitch as much as he can, sprinting on with another drink for Prior before sprinting off again. Hafeez, a little becalmed since lunch, unleashes a beautifully-timed on-drive which evades Broad at mid-on and only just beats him to the boundary.


From Mr H in Bradford, TMS inbox: "This Test match is still nicely poised, as Pakistan are notoriously consistently inconsistent."

0934 Commentary
Pkn 176-2 (55 overs)

Swann bowls, Younus threads a two wide of Tremlett at mid-off, before a fierce drive to Tremlett's other side brings four for the former Pakistan skipper. A single takes him to 24, then Hafeez unleashes the first six of the match with a powerfully slapped slog-sweep over cow corner!

0938 Commentary
Pkn 176-2 (56 overs)

Anderson keeps it tight against Younus, probing away outside off stump - he's rewarded with a maiden over.


From G_Tizza: "You always need two spinners on the subcontinent - when will they learn? So Monty can't bat, can Cook bowl?"

Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to let us know what you think of England's team selection...

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

"You've got to try to entice the drive on these sorts of wickets. You might go for runs - but you might take wickets."


Swann tosses it up to Hafeez, he tries to sweep and after an agonising delay, Bruce the Aussie umpire raises his finger - but Hafeez wants a review!

Hafeez lbw b Swann 88 (Pkn 176-3)

It hits him very low on the boot, impact is "umpire's call" (around the line of off stump), the ball-tracker says it would have hit the stumps and Hafeez has gone!

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

"Good bowling by Swann, an arm ball that kept straight and just clipped him in line with off stump. And a good decision by the umpire."

0945 Commentary
Pkn 178-3 (57 overs)

Captain Misbah-ul-Haq is the new batsman, joining one of his many predecessors at the crease - after the wicket neatly coincides with what would have been a drinks break anyway. Misbah's off the mark straight away with a two.

BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja

"Pakistan have had it tough today, they'll have to bat well to make sure England don't crawl back into the match. England have bowled a good line and fielded well."

0950 Commentary
Pkn 179-3 (58 overs)

Younus is on the defensive against Anderson, that's nearly a maiden over until he steers a single to the diving Eoin Morgan at backward point.


From James_Pettitt: "It's easy to say now but definitely think England should have another spinner... Or maybe even Samit Patel, not a bad option?"

Would Patel really be a front-line bowler in Test cricket? Only bowled 265 overs in the County Championship last year, compared to Panesar's 750. And I get the impression Andy Flower's still not completely happy with Patel's fitness... tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to discuss England's spinning options!

0953 Commentary
Pkn 180-3 (59 overs)

Quiet over from Swann, just a single to Younus.

BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

On Twitter: "Fortunately our tea interview with Andy Flower looking ahead to the challenge of 2012 was recorded on Monday..."

0957 Commentary
Pkn 184-3 (60 overs)

Anderson, still wicketless into his 17th over, bowls to Younus who helps himself to a careful two through point, while a single takes him to 29. A defensive prod brings Misbah a single off the last ball. England's lead is now a slender eight runs.

1000 Commentary
Pkn 188-3 (61 overs)

Misbah finds it difficult to pierce the infield against Swann, but finally smacks the last ball of the over through mid-wicket - and a landmark for the Pakistan skip as he reaches 2,000 Test runs.


From gary_lee_92: "Is Scott Borthwick not an option for England in Dubai? Yes, raw, but a talented leggy and more than capable down the order."

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1004 Commentary
Pkn 190-3 (62 overs)

Broad replaces the wicketless Anderson, can he make the breakthrough? Younus guides a two off his legs, but this fourth-wicket pair are steadily pushing their side steadily towards England's total.

BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham

"Some players find the burden of captaincy has a detrimental effect on their game (think Ian Botham), others perform better with the extra responsibility (Michael Atherton for example). Misbah-ul-Haq, 37, is firmly in the latter camp, with an average of 75.92 in the 13 Tests since he became captain in 2010, including a century a 10 fifties. Before that he averaged 33.60 in 19 matches, with two tons and four half centuries."

1007 Commentary
Pkn 192-3 (63 overs)

Misbah heaves Swann for a two over mid-wicket to level the scores with seven wickets remaining.

BBC Sport's Stephan Shemilt

"James Anderson has not gone wicketless in a Test since the defeat by South Africa in\u00a0Johannesburg two years ago. Since then he's taken 84 wickets in 17 matches."

1013 Commentary
Pkn 198-3 (64 overs)

Younus and Misbah hit Broad for a couple of singles, then Younus unleashes a glorious straight-driven four. But Geoff Boycott on TMS is remaining positive for England's chances. "If they can contain Pakistan to another 100-150 and bat well, they'll still be in this game," the former Yorkshire opener affirms.


From Rob in Northants, TMS inbox: "I told the wife our old pram was in good nick for our new baby. Put it together this morning and it's got a tear in it. I'm sure you can all imagine how that conversation has gone. Then when I was supposed to be on the web looking for a new one, she caught me on the live text. There is a chance I may not survive the day."

1015 Commentary
Pkn 199-3 (65 overs)

England's fans may feel the approaching rumble of the tea interval (due at 1040 GMT) but Misbah and Younus are still treating England's bowling attack like a well-stocked buffet - just a single from this over though. Younus has 36 from 83 balls, Misbah has 11 from 23.


From AndyBL in Dubai at the game, via Glamorgan, TMS inbox: "Biggest cheer if the day was for the Pakistani cheerleader dancing to the tune of YMCA played by Billy the Trumpeter, as he danced around the Barmy Army. Surreal times out in Dubai as the cricket labours to entertain."

1019 Commentary
Pkn 199-3 (66 overs)

Broad's not got much change out of Pakistan this afternoon after the double breakthrough this morning, but at least he's kept plugging away with line and length, without resorting to bowling bouncers out of frustration. He sends down a maiden over to Misbah.


From BatBallBlogger: "What more could Monty have done last season to get in? Not hat full of variation or rip, but gets wickets. Worked for Ajmal."

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1022 Commentary
Pkn 201-3 (67 overs)

Younus sweps Swann from outside off stump, it strikes a painful blow on the backside of Alastair Cook at short leg, and rebounds far enough for them to run a single to bring up 200 for Pakistan. But the "hosts" are being made to fight for every run here as Misbah knocks a single to fine leg.


From stokkes99: "Glenn McGrath struggled with which end of the bat to hold, aussies never dropped him because of it. Who cares Monty can't bat!?"

Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to stick up for Monty's batting prowess! You can't all have forgotten that Ashes-winning knock at Cardiff!

Younus lbw b Trott 37 (Pkn 202-4)

For the 68th over of the innings, England turn to their fifth bowler... but it's not Kevin Pietersen's part-time off-spin, it's Jonathan Trott's part-time medium-pace trundlers. As someone who's been labelled a "partnership-breaker" bowler on more than one occasion, I applaud such experimentation. Misbah is careful in defence, he won't want to get out to a part-timer, and steers a single. But then Trott gets the last ball to nibble in, Younus is hit on the pad and Billy B raises his crooked finger of doom!

BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

"That's lazy batting. If one of the top bowlers like Broad was bowling, the batsman would have used his feet more."

1031 Commentary
Pkn 203-4 (69 overs)

While Jonathan Trott's third Test wicket is cheered all the way back to Edgbaston, Asad Shafiq is the new batsman - he's the non-striker as Misbah resumes his watchful defence against Swann. Just a single from the over.


From Harriet in Winchester: "Pushing the Hampshire agenda - Danny Briggs is the best young spinner in the UK. You know all those 'spinning wickets' the Rose Bowl get ticked off over? It's not the pitch, it is his amazingness. Allegedly."

You can push the Hampshire agenda as much as you like while I'm on duty...

Pkn 209-4 (70 overs)

We're 11 overs away from the second new ball, but Trott's going to get a second over. Misbah adds a single, Shafiq's off the mark with one of his own and then there's another lbw appeal as Misbah doesn't move his feet much... but lightning doesn't strike twice, it was going down leg. Next ball, Misbah prods forward and gets an edge... but there's no slip and it scoots away for four. A slip is brought in, MIsbah defends the last ball and suddenly Jonathan Trott's gentle medium pace is making the batsmen nervous!


From tommypmills: "The problem so far in the Test has been England's below par batting! Pakistan only heading for par! Monty discussion irrelevant!"

1038 Commentary
Pkn 212-4 (71 overs)

Now Shafiq gets an edge... it beats the man at slip and they run three. Misbah sees off the rest of the over, is he happy to stay away from Trott's end?


From slaterrb: "Forget Swann... Trott, Trott will tear you apart again!"

Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to pay tribute to England's demon bowler

TEA - Pkn 213-4 (72 overs)

Trott trots in for the last over before tea, Shafiq is resolute in defence like a man with one eye clearly on the tea urn. He takes a single off the fifth ball, Misbah blocks the last and Pakistan lead by 21 at the interval - having scored 75 for the loss of two wickets. So, was that England's session? Again?


From Phil Boyle in China, TMS inbox: "Is it me or did Rob in Northants' [1015] comment sound like a metaphor for our complacency over the England team now we're supposed to be good: 'I told the wife our old pram was in good nick for our new baby. Put it together this morning and it's got a tear in it!'"

BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

"I'd have preferred the extra spinner, but the seamers have stuck at their job - Broad bowled some really corking deliveries - they could get them out for under 300 here. This is not the greatest Pakistan side I've ever seen."

1044 Commentary

While you put your feet up with a cuppa, keep an ear on TMS for Aggers' interview with England team director Andy Flower, looking ahead to their busy 2012 schedule.


A couple of snippets from England coach Andy Flower, interviewed on TMS by Jonathan Agnew:

On playing five bowlers: "The balance of our side is not set in stone and if there is a pitch that requires it, we could easily play two quicks and two spinners. Tim Bresnan has the potential to be a world-class all-rounder, and could certainly bat at seven if required, but not having him here makes it very difficult to play five bowlers."

On staying top of the rankings: "If we are to be number one in 12 months we will have to play some outstanding cricket. But we want tough challenges and we want to overcome them."

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

"Chris Tremlett's going to bowl the first over after tea - and with eight overs left to the new ball, that's a clear sign he's not going to take the new ball."

1106 Commentary
Pkn 215-4 (73 overs)

We're under way again with Tremlett bowling to the (relatively) new batsman Asad Shafiq. He steers a single to fine leg, Misbah late-cuts a single to third man to move on to 20.


From OJAustin13: "Simon Kerrigan might have something to say about being the best young spin bowler ahead of Danny Briggs this season!"

Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to discuss England's spin options, or indeed much anything else...

1110 Commentary
Pkn 219-4 (74 overs)

It's demon bowler Jonathan Trott to continue after he caused Pakistan a few unexpected problems before tea. Cap'n Strauss is in at slip - and the diving Ian Bell makes a smart stop at square leg to prevent Misbah taking a single. The Pakistan skipper prods one into the covers, Trott strays with his line and Shafiq laces it through the covers - despite a momentary hesitation, they run three.

1113 Commentary
Pkn 219-4 (75 overs)

Shafiq, who's not the tallest, defends well against Tremlett, who, erm, is the tallest. Some nice reminiscences from Michael Vaughan and CMJ on TMS about the demise of the old-style cable-knit sweater which is so beloved of us cricket traditionalists - Tremlett completes a maiden over. He has 0-36 from 14 overs and Monty Panesar, who's been on the field in this Test more than most 12th men, brings Broad a drink.


From Len in Bristol, TMS inbox: "The picture of Ajmal bowling a doosra clearly shows a bent arm, and I would suggest it appears far more than the permitted 15 degrees. However, rather than English commentators and fans complaining about suspect actions, wouldn't we be better served by accepting that the ICC has permitted it, and coaching our young spinners to make the most of this leeway. English bowlers can't bowl doosras for a reason - they have had straight arms coached into them."

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

"Jonathan Trott's a bit of a Boycott-style bowler. Get your hat on, Trotty!"

1116 Commentary
Pkn 219-4 (76 overs)

Misbah plays and misses at Trott's fifth over, this may well be his longest bowling spell for England I wouldn't wonder. A maiden over. And Monty's on again! Bringing on another drink for Broad! You can't keep a good Montster down!

1120 Commentary
Pkn 224-4 (77 overs)

Swann replaces Tremlett and Shafiq immediately takes him on, dancing down the track and mowing him over the bowler's head for four! A single takes him to 14, now Jimmy Anderson has a word with Billy Bowden before signalling for 12th man Ravi Bopara to come on for a sub-fielding stint. Well, you don't think they'd bring Monty on to field....

1123 Commentary
Pkn 226-4 (78 overs)

Trott begins his sixth over, he's never bowled more than six in a Test innings before, let alone one spell... Shafiq guides a single off his legs, while Blowers on TMS reels off a long line of successful partnership-breakers, and Michael Vaughan adds the name of a certain R.T. Ponting (who dismissed him in the 2005 Ashes!). Misbah pushes a single into the covers, Trott has a very respectable 1-14 from six overs.


From Tom, working hard at Aston University: "Pondering whether or not to put in an 'extenuating circumstances' form in for my principles and circuits exam tomorrow... Somehow I don't think they'll accept 'England battling back against Pakistan'."

1125 Commentary
Pkn 226-4 (79 overs)

With the new ball two overs away, Swann rattles through what may be the last over of this spell, Misbah blocks it out. Another maiden - Swann has 1-73 from 23 overs.

1129 Commentary
Pkn 228-4 (80 overs)

Trott in for his seventh (and last?) over, breaking new ground as he's never bowled more than six in a Test innings before now. Shafiq shoulders arms at one that nips back and whistles past his ribs, before turning a single wide of square leg. The last ball is poked into the covers by Misbah, and the second new ball is available.

BBC Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld

"If they can whistle a couple out with the second new ball, maybe England can bowl Pakistan out for less than 300."


From steeleos: "Test cricket at its best. No better form of the game when two teams go head to head. Pakistan have a huge point to prove."

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Shafiq c Prior b Anderson 16 (Pkn 231-5)

James Anderson is handed the new cherry, there's two orthodox slips and a fourth slip in. Misbah waits for Anderson's length to stray before despatching a half-volley through the leg side for three. But Shafiq perishes when an edge is well taken by Prior diving in front of first slip!

1140 Commentary
Pkn 233-5 (82 overs)

New batsman is the wicketkeeper Adnan Akmal, he averages 29.75 from his first 10 Tests, which is higher than his first-class average of 23.31. Despite having bowled that spell just after tea, it's Chris Tremlett to share the new ball with Anderson - a single from Misbah brings Akmal on strike. He turns one off his legs to get off the mark.


From Chris, London: "Re: Tom's exam excuse [1125], I think the cricket excuse might work today, given the number of ridiculous excuses that will be coming in due to the Wikipedia blackout."

Other websites are available...

1144 Commentary
Pkn 233-5 (83 overs)

Akmal looks a little tentative against Anderson, charging in with the new ball, there's a loud leg before appeal but umpire Oxenford shakes his head - the ball-tracking system shows that's another good decision. Umpires have had a superb game so far. Maiden over for Jimmy. We've got another 22 to get in today, so once again we won't finish on time.


From Jim in Manchester, TMS inbox: "If people are going to knock Ajmal\u2019s bowling action they could at least do it for the right reasons! His arm being bent isn\u2019t a problem unless he straightens it during delivery. As long as it remains bent the same amount through his action that\u2019s fine!"

1147 Commentary
Pkn 237-5 (84 overs)

Misbah, described as "a bit of a limpet" on TMS, would probably get in a "crab-like" XI of current players (an XI that would have to be captained by Shivnarine Chanderpaul), but he's hanging in there against Tremlett, albeit not moving too freely after being struck a painful blow in the, ahem, "box" area. A wider delivery is steered for four through the covers, no need to run for that one as it was four all the way.


From BillyBankes: "England bowling really well today... the fact that we're already 39 runs behind shows what a great batting pitch we wasted."

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1152 Commentary
Pkn 237-5 (85 overs)

Anderson keeps it tight against Akmal - who's the "middle" of the three Akmal brothers in terms of age, but was the third to get capped after Kamran and Umar. Prior makes a great take down the leg side, he doesn't concede nearly as many byes as he used to.

BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja

On Twitter: "Asad Shafiq will not last many seasons if he doesn't improve his technique against pace. He plays with an open face & [is] a sure candidate for a slip catch."

BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

"This Akmal doesn't look as good a batsman as his brother Kamran, although it's not difficult for him to be a better wicketkeeper!"

1157 Commentary
Pkn 242-5 (86 overs)

Broad replaces Tremlett, Misbah has slowed to a crawl but a single takes his score to 32 from 93 balls. Akmal helps himself to four with a classical cover drive, earning him a glove-pump from his captain between deliveries. The keeper shoulders arms with a wristy flourish, just those five runs from the over so Pakistan lead by exactly 50.


From hassy786110: "Misbah-ul-Haq = Pakistan's Jonathan Trott."

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1200 Commentary
Pkn 244-5 (87 overs)

Misbah pushes Anderson for a sedate two through the covers, there's a hint of movement as the Lancastrian swings one just past the Pakistan skipper's back-foot prod. We've got another 18 overs to get in today.


From David, TMS inbox: "How does the ICC check Ajmal uses the same action when they test him in front of the cameras as when he bowls in Tests (I\u2019m sure people slow down as they pass a traffic speed camera \u2013 but that doesn\u2019t mean they don\u2019t speed!)?"

BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

"If England can just make a few inroads, get into the Pakistan tail and bowl them out for under 300, they'll have done a good job. And I think there are more Akmal brothers in the family, although only three of them have played first-class cricket."

1205 Commentary
Pkn 248-5 (88 overs)

Akmal gets up on his toes against the towering Broad - in fact he's in mid-air when he cuts a four through third man, although that will make little difference to the scorebook as his side now lead by 56.

BBC Test Match Special's statistician Andrew Samson

"According to the Akmal brothers fan club's Facebook page, there are six of them, although only three have played first-class cricket."

1209 Commentary
Pkn 248-5 (89 overs)

Anderson sends down a maiden to Misbah, who's booking in for bed, breakfast, the full shebang.


From dodgyjamie:\u00a0"To my recollection we didn't do too well in our first innings in Australia either. Hopefully we pick it up like we did there."

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Pkn 248-5 (90 overs)

Tremlett replaces Broad as England rotate their three seamers, the diminutive Akmal plays out a maiden over... though Tremlett nearly makes the breakthrough when Akmal punches it into the covers and the diving Pietersen gets a hand to it but can't hold on. Would have been a sensational catch but, harshly, we have to put it down as a chance.

Pkn 250-5 (91 overs)

The runs have virtually dried up for Pakistan, and there's another lbw appeal as Anderson looks to have breached Misbah's defences, but the replay shows the ball hitting his glove before hitting the pad. Another good decision. Misbah ends a run of 20 successive dot balls by forcing a two off his legs to bring up his side's 250. And that's time for drinks.


From Lance in Andover, TMS inbox: "All possible results hinge on England\u2019s second innings. A couple of centurions building a healthy target for Pakistan to chase would see an England victory. Being bowled out for less than 200, again, would not be clever!"

1226 OUCH!
Pkn 251-5 (92 overs)

Akmal nurdles Tremlett for a single to Trott at fine leg, in fact it's signalled as a leg bye. Misbah fends one off, and ooh, it cracks Bell firmly in the throat at short leg. Not a place you'd want to field!


From willgallimore7: "Cocooned in my duvet listening to Pakistan v England. Hopefully England can help me beat this flu with a few more wickets."

Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket whether you're suffering from flu, bird flu, swine flu or plain old man flu!

1230 Commentary
Pkn 256-5 (93 overs)

Broad replaces Anderson but the runs have started to flow against for Pakistan after that stodgy period, with Akmal jabbing a single to third man while Misbah powers a four through long-on. The lead is 64, and we've got 12 more overs left.

1234 Commentary
Pkn 258-5 (94 overs)

Sedate progress from Pakistan's sixth-wicket pair, Akmal and Misbah nudge a single apiece, the lead is creeping up. Time for another Trott spell?

BBC Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld

"If these two are still here tomorrow, this could be a defining stand. If England allow Pakistan to get 150 ahead, it could be too many."

1238 Commentary
Pkn 259-5 (95 overs)

Broad's giving it everything here, but England are struggling to dislodge this pair, with Misbah the proverbial immovable object. It looks like another maiden over until Misbah nicks the strike with a single off the last ball.


From Noorel from central London: "All this talk about Ajmal's bowling action seems a bit of sour grapes to me, give the guy credit for a wonderful spell."

BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja

"You've got to read the conditions - if you're not getting much from the new ball, you've got to change your tactics."

1243 Commentary
Pkn 263-5 (96 overs)

Misbah pokes Tremlett for a single, Akmal works a three off his legs, but Misbah's long vigil goes on as he defends his stumps.

We've had some exciting spells in this game - but I won't kid you - this is not one of them. Nine overs left tonight.


From Dan: "The way these two are batting is making me actually pay attention to a physiology lecture! Some wickets please England!"

1246 Commentary
Pkn 267-5 (97 overs)

Broad still has a cheeky grin on his face, but it'll take more than that if England are to make another breakthrough tonight. (I say "tonight", I realise most people readying this are probably only just having their lunch, but I mean in the context of the game). Akmal, who plays the ball a long way from his body, chops a four through the covers, leaving Broad kicking the turf in frustration (in the style of ARC Fraser).


From Jack, not working hard at Polesworth 6th form: "To think we knock Trott when he has a slow innings. These two are taking it to the next level."

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1251 Commentary
Pkn 272-5 (98 overs)

With eight overs left, Swann's on for a bit of spin before the close. Misbah waits patiently before rocking back and punching his fifth four through the covers. A single takes him to 48.

1255 Commentary
Pkn 273-5 (99 overs)

Aggers and Michael Vaughan on TMS are praising England's diligence, but while England may have shaded the first two sessions today, they needed another good one to get back into the game - and the evening has belonged to Pakistan. Misbah steers Broad for a single, the Notts paceman is down on his haunches as he's done a lot of bowling today. 21 overs in fact.

1259 Commentary
MISBAH FIFTY - Pkn 275-5 (100 overs)

MIsbah-ul-Haq has the crowd on their feet as a single against Swann brings up his 15th Test fifty from 140 balls. Akmal rotates the strike, he has 19 from 53. That's a century of overs for Pakistan - five left tonight. Have to say I'd give Pietersen an over tonight - remember Adelaide when he snared Michael Clarke just before the close?


From BroomKing: "Just a reminder to the students contacting the show - lecturers like cricket, too!"

Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket - if your lecturers or bosses aren't looking!

1302 Commentary
Pkn 276-5 (101 overs)

Akmal plays out five dot balls before taking a single off the last of Broad's over.

BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

"I do hope we get a full house for the one-day internationals here, I think it's a forlorn hope for the Test matches."


From JARudge:\u00a0"Don't criticise the scoring speed. How many Test matches do people have to watch to know, those that bat longest usually win."

I can hear one of my schoolteachers urging us to "occupy the crease" to this day... tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

1305 Commentary
Pkn 280-5 (102 overs)

Akmal and Misbah help themselves to four singles from Swann's over like it's the middle overs of a rather tedious one-day international. Three more overs to come.

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

"I don't think there's much England could have done differently today, apart from perhaps trying Pietersen for an over or two."

1309 Commentary
Pkn 280-5 (103 overs)

The "Only Fools and Horses" theme being played by the Barmy Army trumpeter can only mean one thing... it's Jonathan Trott ("Johnny Trotter" according to the Barmy song) to send down some military medium before the close. If you've just joined us, where have you been all day? - but you may not have seen he managed to get Younus Khan lbw in his first over. The Warwickshire man again gets a bit of nip and bounce off the pitch, but the smiling Misbah sees off a maiden over.


The trumpeter plays "Lawrence of Arabia" as Swann spins one down the leg side and Prior gives up a couple of byes, which brings up the fifty stand. Akmal rotates the strike with a single, then Swann loudly appeals for lbw against Misbah, umpire Bowden shakes his head but England call for a review...

Misbah lbw b Swann 52 (Pkn 283-6)

...and with the aid of the ball-tracker, that's out! Huge wicket!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why spinners like Swann must thank their lucky stars the DRS was ever invented.

1315 Commentary
Pkn 287-6 (104 overs)

Abdur Rehman is the new batsman, his first ball from Swann is far too short and Rehman helps it on its way for four. One over left in the day's play.

Rehman b Anderson 4 (Pkn 288-7)

I wonder whether Trott would have sent down the last over if Misbah was still in, but with a new batsman at the crease, it's going to be one last Anderson over to round off day two. Akmal takes a single off the first ball, and Rehman is castled by the third with some gorgeous late inswing!

Pkn 288-7

And despite there being three balls theoretically left, a wicket in the last scheduled over means that's the close of play for day two. And that late double strike, I think, makes it England's session - and England's day.

BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

"It's going to be a good day tomorrow. England could well get 400 in the second innings - they've got to learn from the way Matt Prior played. Someone will have to get a hundred."


From Anonymous (though probably not Xavier Doherty): "England will probably look to the Gabba when they came back from a large first-innings deficit. But then they only had the not-so-threatening Xavier Doherty to worry about in terms of spin."


From Tomorino17: "What a finish to the day for England! And with Pakistan scoring so slowly we're firmly in the match. Well done boys!"

You can continue the debate long into the night (should you wish) - and discuss England's chances of turning the game around - with the hashtag #bbccricket

1324 Commentary

My match-report colleague Sam Sheringham is having to completely rewrite his intro after those two late wickets, but I hope any of you supporting England would forgive the slight delay it'll mean to the report's publication!

In the meantime, Aggers and Geoff Boycott are preparing to discuss the day's events on TMS, which will be available later as the daily podcast - while you can also listen to highlights throughout the afternoon on BBC 5 live sports extra from 1400 GMT.


From TheAestheteUK:\u00a0Everyone is assuming we'll mop up the last three wickets easily; something we would lambast England for doing. Focus on this innings!"

You can continue the debate with the hashtag #bbccricket


On Twitter:\u00a0"England still the underdogs by a good distance but the bowlers have given them a chance... All about how they play Ajmal. Game on."

1339 Commentary

We're going to wrap things up here - don't forget the podcast, the highlights and for an alternative view of proceedings, the latest photos on the TMS Flickr photostream.

Thanks for your company today - we'll be back tomorrow morning to see what day three brings us. Same Bat-time (0530 GMT), same Bat-channel. Take care, see you then.

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