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Have your say on Superstars

wiZZwam Photographic: Du'aine Ladejo
1 Du'aine Ladejo - 40.5
2 Alain Baxter - 36
3 Jamie Baulch - 34
4 Graham Bell - 29.5
5 Tony Underwood - 25.5
6 Steve Claridge - 23
7 Greg Searle - 15.5
8 Phil de Glanville - 12

Du'aine Ladejo pipped Alain Baxter and Jamie Baulch to become Superstars champion 2003

But the 400m man did not have things all his own way, winning only the 100m after a desperately close sprint-out with Baulch.

Consistency was key for Ladejo as he secured top three finishes in all but one event - the archery.

Send us your thoughts on the final and your tributes to 2003 Superstars champion Du'aine Ladejo.

What were your favourite moments from the series?

And who from the world of sport do you think could give Ladejo a run for his money?

Please BBC you have to make this a yearly series! It was compelling viewing
V, London

Just finished watching the final and what a shame it didn't come down to the final event to see who won. Having said that Duaine Ladejo was awesome. I also grew up watching Superstars and its a shame that we'll never see the likes of Lennox Lewis, Beckham, Owen, Wilkinson taking part due to all the money in sport at the moment. However I do think if Henry Alongo had stayed fit he may well of been pushing Ladejo for the top place. The two surprises of the series. Steve Claridge and Annabel Croft. Bring on the next series. Well done
Michael Tanner, Banbury

Why was Ladejo allowed to compete in the 100m when Searle wasn't allowed to complete in the rowing...completely unfair. Baxter was the best allrounder by miles.
Darren Flaxman, Reading

I don't think Ladejo or Baulch should have been allowed to compete in the 100m. This was their home event and as professional sprinters this had an impact on the whole competition. It was a magnamimous gesture on behalf of the other ultra competitive performers but they were severely disadvantaged as a result. It would have meant for a fairer and closer finish.
Tim Edwards, Harrow

Please BBC you have to make this a yearly series! It was compelling viewing, even for non-sports fans, and great to see the camaraderie and supportiveness of all of the contestants - all really good sports.
V, London

Quick note to Bob from Bath: Nobody outside of athletics will beat an Olympic standard 400 metre runner over 100 metres. The programme should have included a race over a mile or more. That would have been interesting. Glad to see they ditched the golf aswell.
Rob Rowlands, Nantwich, Cheshire

I thought it was a bit unfair as they let the sprinters Jamie Baulch and Ladejo run in the 100 metres
Tim Abernethy, England

My 7 year old son and I have been glued to the whole series. They have been great, and last night was no exception. I am in awe of all of the athletes who took part, they all did so well. And a BIG, BIG Congratulations to Du'aine, he was excellent (as well as being very good looking too). I can't wait for its return, next year. P.S. Please make sure Johnny hosts it again.
Zoe Kalu, London

I thought it was a bit unfair as they let the sprinters .. Jamie Baulch and Ladejo run in the 100 metres, instead of the 800 metres. At the end of the day 400 metre guys are sprinters who move up a distance. Jamie Baulch is a 20.6 seconds 200 metre runner so who on earth in any other event is going to compete with that.

I agree with Bob in that they shouldn't be able to compete at the 800 metres either as most 400 metre runners train over 600 metres and in some cases move up a distance to 800 metres internationally. Look at the Cuban 400 metre runner in the 1976 Olympics who won the 400 metres and then took the 800 metre Olympic title. Has to be fairer, although the skiers impressed me.
Tim Abernethy, England

Du'aine Ladejo is the best ever!!!!! He deserved to win superstars and he will reign in Athletics next season
steven gregg, chesterfield

My husband & myself are both in our thirties and have not missed an episode of this series - it was great!!!! Especially seeing Brian Jacks and Hooperman & some of the faces we remember from the original programmes. You have to keep this going - it is such cult watching and one of the few things families can all watch together. Keep it going.
Chris Burman (Mrs), Suffolk

Being only 20 I had not heard of superstars before but having seen some of the heats I became interested in the show. All the athletes did so well and looked like they had a Fab time - well done to Du'aine on becoming the champion and special congratulations to super Stevie who put in great effort!
Ruth, Hampshire

Hopefully the success of this year's competition will mean lots more sports stars will enter next year
Peter Simmons, Reading

Why do they always rave about Brian Jacks doing dips. I seem to remember Peter Herbert destroying him in this event on record breakers
Bob Thomas, London

Looking forward to tonight's final, I think Ladejo will win just ahead of Baulch and Baxter. Hopefully the success of this year's competition will mean lots more sports stars will enter next year. Where's the darts players!!!!
Peter Simmons, Reading

Come on Ladejo, It's clearly between him and Alain Baxter with Graham Bell in for 3rd. Superstars is one of the best things to come out since the summer - It has to be made a Yearly event.
David Baker, Southend

Looking forward to watching tonight's final but I was disappointed to find out who hasn't won it! You see, a colleague is a close friend of one of the finalists who has already told him he only finishes second. This is a surprise but makes it all the more interesting to see who has actually won it and how he lost it. Fantastic show, looking forward to next year's competition already!!!
David Fenwick, Durham

It is fabulous to have the programme back, in its original format and with the fabulous theme tune untouched - Brilliant! My 14 yr old daughter is a huge fan and I've been constantly telling her about the Superstars God Brian Jacks and his performances in the gym tests. Please BBC, you must make this a regular series and not just a 1 off. The best programme on telly.
Tyrone Dowd, Shoreham by Sea, West Sx.

The only thing I can say is that its so good even the wife watches it
Russell , Daventry

Why no lady hockey players last night?
DJB, Bath

Fantastic competition in true Superstars tradition. Annabel Croft was a complete surprise and who would have thought a snowboarder could have won it! That's what has always made the show so captivating to watch. More please very soon.
steve mitchell, oxford

The women's final last night was a fantastic competition and you couldn't have asked for better climax. It's a shame they couldn't have finished it with a tie-break to have clear winner. Arm-wrestling perhaps?
Alan, London

I would just like to tell you how much I am enjoying Superstars. I watched it years ago and find it as enjoyable now as I did then. The women's superstars was a great show. You should have reintorduced the obstacle course to find the winner. I hope it will return next year and every year.
Andrew Barron, Stockton on Tees

Great final, put the men to shame however you talk of Brian Jacks being a legend but where was Val Robinson? she dominated the ladies in the 70s just goes to show what a tough sport hockey is. Which brings me onto another point, why no lady hockey players last night? one of the most participated female sports in the country a GB team in the world top 5 and no representatives. Great programme all the same brings those memories rolling back
DJB, Bath

I think that the current series has been brilliant and hope that it goes on to be an annual series again. The presenters and commentators are excellent and would like to see them continue in any future series.
Mark Paulus, Stevenage

The BBC must let Brian Hooper return next year if he's up for it! What a legend
Andy Lee, Mitcham

Well done The BBC. I was so very surprised to switch on the other day and hear the announcer say 'and now, Superstars'. I thought that it couldn't be the brilliant show I remember from years ago and, of course, they'll have definitely changed the tune. But no!! Fantastic!!!! Same format and the same tune. Brilliant.

The presenters were fab and the show was still as thrilling as I remember it, even for a non-sports fan like me. A cross section of sports stars from a diverse range of sports all brought together to pit it out! Well done again. I'm off to live in the States in a month but it warms my heart to see that some things will live on in Blighty!!
James Meehan, London

The BBC must let Brian Hooper return next year if he's up for it! What a legend - he very nearly qualified for the final which is amazing consdering he was a late entrant and pulled a muscle during the gym tests. He certainly put a number of the younger competitors to shame!
Andy Lee, Mitcham

Love the programme, great to see it back on our screens, its the only programme worth the licence fee! Where can I buy a superstars t shirt from both for adults and children?
Sharon Roby, Doncaster

Good to see Brian Hooper on superstars last night, he hasn't changed much at all. When he was touring schools in the eighties as the superstars world champion he specifically took time out to spend with my sister who was dying of leaukemia in hospital. She couldn't meet him at the school and this gave her some enjoyment in her short life.
Gerry Merrell, Taunton

I started college last year on a sports course and Brian Hooper was my group tutor
Julie, Slough

Well done it is good to see it back on bbc1 and about time to so when are we going to see more of the modern superstars no disrespect meant but the likes of owen, button, schumacher, beckham, johnstone, wilkinson etc I would like to know and jonny and suzi keep it up.
steve pickaver, corby

Happy days. Great to see the show back. Hope this is not a one off series. Any chance of seeing the entire show when Stan Bowles took part? Classic.
Anthony Leoni, London

I agree with Bob from Bath, it absolutely ridiculous allowing 400m runners to do the 800m. It will be part of their training to run further than 400m at race speed. They should have a longer run, perhaps even cross-country as one of the events.
Andy, Reading

Superstars is a great programme. I started college last year on a sports course and Brian Hooper was my group tutor. No joke! He is no longer my group tutor as he left in the summer. Everyone at college watched his episode but I sill remain a strong Jamie Baulch supporter!
Julie, Slough

I've told my wife I want the theme tune played at my funeral
Roger Grant, Plymouth

Great to see this on air again. However, I do think contestants should be "current" sportsmen/women. I believe the fans of Rugby League are continually short-changed by the BBC and the fascination with Martin Offiah. Yes, great winger that he was, fine nickname, but he is retired, past it, and judging by last night's show, couldn't be arsed. In any future series please give consideration to the present crop of fantastic players who would at least make an effort. Kris Radlinski, Gary Connolly, Sean Long, Andy Farrell to name a few of the RL Superstars who would leave even Johny Vaughan speechless. PS Call them squat thrusts?!!!
Dave Grainger, Wigan

Great to see Brian Hooper on last night. In the mid-80s he did a tour of schools, including my own, with Schools Superstars. He personally watched my attempt at press ups and sit ups (!) and through his nature helped inspire me to keep trying whatever my ability. That's the kind of message the programme needs to send out more powerfully to the less talented but keen kids watching.
James W, Stroud

As a cricket fan myself it is great to see some flamboyant cricketers competing although they may be their to make up the numbers jimmy Adams was a very laid back and cool guy, and I was pleased and shocked as I am sure some of you are of Henry Olonga's performance, brilliant performance by him but felt sorry he could not compete in the bikes as he knew he would make it into the final better luck next year for the cricketers.
Kashif Akhtar, Manchester UK

Love the show, looking forward to final, should be a really close one. I have a question, not really related to show but about some of the music played on last night's (06/11) programme. What was the tune played during the swimming section? Can anyone tell me?
Simon, London

I've told my wife I want the theme tune played at my funeral
Roger Grant, Plymouth

I think Ladejo was awesome last night and will be tough to beat in the final
Jack Ballard, Wymondham

I think after last nights showing Ladejo will be the man to beat. Who can do it? Baxter would be my bet with Claridge sniping at their heels. And in agreement with the other, lose Johnny Vaughan, John Inverdale would be much better, although he is more used to more muscle people. Keep Suzi Perry though.
Duffo, Somerset

This weeks Superstars was fantastic. Its just a shame that more of this group couldn't go through to the final as they all looked pretty handy. Shame about the golf though!
Marc, Farnborough

I think Ladejo was awesome last night and will be tough to beat in the final.
Jack Ballard, Wymondham

Let's face it - if he'd been allowed to do it, Chris Boardman would have won the cycling as easily as Iwan Thomas won the 800m.
Ian Marlow, UK

Great to see this classic back! The new series perhaps lacks the seriousness of the original shows as well as a good old fashioned athletics stadium. However, congratulations to the BBC on bringing back a sporting great for all the family.
Alan King, Lytham St. Annes

I think there should be a kids one because I would luv to come and meet you guys and some of the stars
Jamie Westlake, Exeter

Memories, what memories....all time fave: "and Minter's heading for the Rhododendrons!" Is it just me or did Keith Fletcher of England & Essex once win the 100m? On the subject of the garden gnome, didn't' he also narrowly miss being run off the road by a van in an international biking heat in Israel? Keep transmitting beeb we love it....especially the theme music.
Dave fitton, Woking, surrey

Well done Alain Baxter. Definitely the favourite now
Matt, UK

One of the greatest ever programs returns to British TV. Well done BBC. Now just get it piped down here please.
Andrew, Sydney, Aus

Great programme. The only thing that spoils it is that the 400m runners are allowed to enter the 800m race. It would be more fair to the other competitors to make them drop out of this and be allowed to run the 100m event, as there are often fast sprinters among the other non-athletic competitors.
Bob, Bath

I thought Paul Hunter would have been the surprise package, young and fit, but as usually I was wrong. Well done Alain Baxter. Definitely the favourite now.
Matt, uk

I personally think Johnny Vaughan helps make the programme, we mustn't let it become too serious and he is a brilliant presenter. What excellent TV, makes my Thursday night.
Sam, Suffolk

What about putting a rowing machine in instead of the 800m?
John, London

Jimmy Adams' 'punishing training' schedhule really made laugh. Definitely the most entertaining heat so far!
Bill, Bristol

Many fond memories. I recall a German weightlifter in the rowing (as they had then) being unable to get into the boat. The Dutch hockey player was an outstanding performer (Toze Kruizer).

As for Brian Jacks and Brian Hooper, what legends. I suspect next year Neil back will enter and be very tough to beat.

The reason why Chris Boardman can't do the mountain biking is that he competed many times in the Tour de France which includes a lot of mountain stages. I agree with those that say dump Johnny Vaughan and have less chat.
Graeme, England

Fantastic. At last a truly great show returns. What memories. Only criticism is that it is a bit light hearted, we don't really need Johnny Vaughan and his false voice and bad gags. Bring back David Vine, and a get a real competitive edge to the competition. How about the Beeb organises merchandising, T-shirts, Sweat Bands and even ring tones for the classic theme tune. I think you will find a demand. Please re-commission the show, this is what I pay a licence fee for.
James C, Felpham

Excellent - but La Manga is too fancy. It was better in the wet at some dodgy stadium
Ben, Tonbridge

After last night's programme I think Steve Claridge Will win this year's Superstars
Ryan Wybrow, Essex

Excellent - but La Manga is too fancy. It was better in the wet at some dodgy stadium.
Ben, Tonbridge

Come on the BBC. Sort this dropping of your own event out please. Iwan Thomas should not have been allowed in the 800 metres. Sprinters OK but not anything over 200m should be allowed. This has happened in both weeks really and does spoil the competition. Still great to have it back, last night was much more competitive than the first week and as such was much more enjoyable. Great Stuff.
Daren Gipson, Upminster

Great show, do agree they should show more of the events and give Johnny Vaughan less camera time, the viewers tune in to watch the events not him. Also people whinging about who was or wasn't allowed to participate in some events are missing the point.

They have to pull everyone out of one event so the mountain biking was easily the most obvious one for Boardman and Thomas was bound to win either the 100 or the 800 so they couldn't pull him out of both! Even if that gave him an advantage he didn't win so what's the problem?
Roy, Liverpool

Thanks for showing the clip of Keegan again. A comedy classic! Painful
Rich, Colchester

My favourite memory of Superstars has to be James Hunt complaining that his shoulders were too rounded to lock his arms in a weightlifting competition. I prefer the non-athletic types on the show, they show how to be a star through determination but especially humour. Long live the "Shunt".
Rich, Colchester

Well done Stevie Claridge, please be the next Mill wall manager. If you did, with that grit and determination we'll be in the Premiership next season.
Tim, Tunbridge wells

Good to see Superstars back - though it doesn't seem to be taken as seriously as it was in the 70's
Shakey, Ealing

I thought I had travelled back in time. It's brilliant to see it on the telly again. Memories of Brian Jacks come flooding back. And one of my favourite memories of the show was George Best showing off with a football. Magic.
Andy Mitchell, Taunton

So glad to see the program back. The enjoyment the stars are having is plain to see, & it great fun to watch. Well done for bringing it back!
Rebecca, Cambs

Chris Boardman was a long distance road and endurance track cyclist and never a mountain bike rider whereas Iwan Thomas is a 400m runner and was allowed to run 800m. Which is the biggest deviation from a specialist event??
Mark Watson, Sandbach

Good to have it back but seems somewhat a cheaper version. I mean cheaper in the sense we're getting 'older past it' sportsmen competing. I remember years back it was great to see what sport had the fittest athletes as most were in their prime and trying to prove a point! A serious lack of Rugby league players also lets it down!
Craig McDermott, Manchester, UK

Good to see superstars back - though it doesn't seem to be taken as seriously as it was in the 70's plus I guess insurance means that hardly any current sportsmen can actually compete. My main gripe would be the lack of a running score or a time especially in the gym events - just saying someone's score afterwards isn't good enough - cut out the banal interviews and show every event in full with running scores/times if appropriate
Shakey, Ealing

More clips of our British Superstars winning their medals in their original sports please. Boardman on the track, the Searle brothers pulling it out of the bag, Gavin Hastings missing against England (ha ha), or even a 30 second intro into a chosen sport 'Gold Fever' style. BBC has a great opportunity to champion sport again through Superstars. Take it
Angus, London

I have just watched Superstars and was very pleased that Claridge won - as am a footie fan!
Coops, Shropshire

It's been so long ago now that I can hardly remember the original show but having Superstars back is fantastic! It's been great to see the camaraderie between the competitors from different sports. They seem to like it, we seem to like, so will there be a second series?
Rich, Hampshire

can the commentator stop telling us what is going to happen instead of just letting us watch for ourselves - i.e. watch this he nearly gets a hole in one here as opposed to just letting us see if he gets a hole in one - or - he needs to score 4 here to win - then letting us see if he gets 4 - not telling us as he hits the shot
Terence McDonald, London

Where can I buy a Superstars T-shirt for my boyfriend? By the way I hate sport and I LOVE the program!!
Lisa Mountain, Bristol

The show was spoiled for me by the fact that Chris Boardman was not allowed to enter the mountain bike event and yet Iwan Thomas and Darren Campbell were allowed to enter the 800 metres.
Mike, Rossendale

This is the best thing the Beeb have done since the last series. We need more programmes like this. Where can I get a Superstars t-shirt/merchandise?
JON ROSTRON, Manchester

Is it possible to buy Superstars t shirts? what with Xmas coming and all?
Louise, Glos

For those of you wanting to see highlights of some of the old shows, on 3rd November there is a "Best of Superstars" DVD released!
Warren Pilkington, Manchester, UK

What I cant understand is why shorter distance runners are allowed to compete in the 800 metres. I can accept 100 metre specialists in the event as there is a big difference between 100 and 800 metres but Ewan Thomas (a 400 metre champion) running the 800? It was obvious he would win ! Still I'm enjoying the series, well done to the beeb for bringing it back !
Khalid Mahmood, London

Why has it taken so long to come back? Where can I get a t-shirt from? got to get one....
grant Leuchars, Crawley

I have just watched Superstars and was very pleased that Claridge won - as am a footie fan, but Darren Campbell is wicked, he is so funny and I have to say quite cute! Does he have a fan base website? Do they see messages for them?
Coops, Shropshire

It's great to see the series back (although I don't find Johnny Vaughan presentation suited, better stick with Suzi Perry!). Who makes the eligibility rules ? The Underwoods are eligible for Football, Thomas is eligible for 800m but Boardman is banned from Mountain Biking. Boardman was robbed !
Keith Packer, Coventry

Watched last week's show it was great. Husband Ian travelling back from Denmark, so I thought I would video it, so we could watch it later. I now realize that you cannot video over Jungle Book. Help, it is repeated, and if so when?
Roz Nesbitt, Grimsby

For those of you wanting to see highlights of some of the old shows, your wait is almost over, as on 3rd November there is a "Best of Superstars" DVD released. Order it from your local friendly online DVD retailer.
Warren Pilkington, Manchester, UK

What I cant understand is why shorter distance runners are allowed to compete in the 800 metres
Khalid Mahmood, London

Myself and my house mates have been watching the new series of Superstars with a very keen interest. We do have one question we hope you will be able to answer for us: Where can we get hold of the Superstars t-shirts/vests as worn by the athletes on the show?

We all think they are fantastic but so far have been unable to track any down. We have checked the BBC shop website and they do not appear to be on sale there. Are there any plans to release a clothing/merchandise range as a spin off from the very successful and popular series? If so when and where? Please help us!!!!
Keith Reader, Southampton

I remember how chuffed I was when Brian Hooper visited my school to have his photo taken with us straggly haired 13 year olds. Now I'm a straggly haired 34 year old and he's back on the track. Nice one Bri. Superstars - we've missed you. Finally I'm getting good ROI from my license fee. Da da da da...
Jim, Bristol

I remember when some of the early superstars programmes where filmed and was luckly enough to meet the great Brian Jacks when i was young. These programmes where filmed at High Wycombe sports centre but these highlights are very rarely shown. If you know where i could get to see some of these old clips can you please forward it to my e-mail
Harvey Brown, Norfolk

Just watch the show, excellent but, how can u justify letting athletes in the 800m event, Iwan Evans was bound to win this event and i think its unfair to other contestents.OK it didnt affect the final outcome but how is it allowed. I feel sorry for Boardman,if Thomas goes in the run y couldn't he go in the cycle??I love the show but this topic puzzles me.
gerry ward, derby

Great to have it back, a real classic that works as well today. Six weeks wont be long enough. Every year please.
Ruth, York

Whilst I have just enjoyed watching Superstars I really do feel that it is TOTALLY unfair that 2 runners are able to participate in events at different distances to their normal events, plus Rugby Footballers are able to participate in the Football event.

BUT a road and track cyclist is unable to participate in the Mountain Bike event. This is as far removed from his normal racing as the 800 metres running is to a 400 or 100 metres running event, and ball skills with a round ball rather than an oval ball. I think a serious look at the rules is required immediately.
Lesley Donington, Biggin Hill, Kent

We want Kevin Keegan back! Seriously really enjoying the new series. kids think it's great. was too long coming back.
Cath Chilvers, nottingham

Fantastic to see this show back on our screens. And even better to see that the format has hardly changed.

I've loved the first two heats of this new series and it brings back so many memories as a kid. At last, a programme on the TV which has some quality to it. 10/10
Buck Hysen, Swindon

I remember, as a child, sitting for half an hour while Brian Jacks Superstar challenge load from the tape onto my BBC B computer. Then playing the game for ten minutes before having to reload the whole game. Come on BBC make a computer game version and I will be the happiest man alive. Andrew McSHane
Andrew McShane, Birkenhead

Considering Brian Jacks was probably the greatest of all the Superstar champions, why haven't any Judokas been chosen for the men's heats?
Andy Stay, St. Neots, Cambridgeshire

All the "original" TV programmes seem to fall around soaps these days, so it was a breath of fresh air to see Superstars back
Jason, Wirral

I notice that your list of competitors does not include either a male or female from the sport of squash. In this country we achieve far better results both at junior and senior level than for example tennis, but our stars do not receive such high profile or funds yet have to work twice as hard physically to get the results. This would have been an ideal opportunity for them to show their skill and fitness at a time when they desperately need more television coverage to try and get the sport included at the Olympics. Surely you should have included only one representative from each sport rather than two rowers one week and two rugby players another.
Claire London, Kent

Great to see it back, but see that BBC Scotland have decided to float it around the schedules. We've got two weeks on BBC1 on a Wednesday at 8.00, then it goes to Thursday on BBC2 at 8.00. Where is it going to be in the following week?
Gillian, Scotland

It was great to see a program that I loved as a kid to come back. All the "original" tv programs seem to fall around soaps these days so it was a breath of fresh air to see this. Just the fun & joking around the competitors had before the matches made it worthwhile. All we need now to come back is It's a Knockout and i'll be ecstatic...... by the way for Alex the music was Furious Angels by Rob Duggan..
Jason, Wirrall

Last time I visited my parents I came across a load of photos of men my parents' age from my neighbourhood in Ireland competing in a knockoff of the Superstars show. Very silly.
Michael Day, USA

Whoever decided to bring back Superstars is a genius! And its all done properly with the same music and logo. Nice one BBC!
Mark Tyler, Hampshire

The only difference this time is that my dad didn't buy me a tube of smarties to munch whilst watching!
Jon Palmer, Plymouth

I'm delighted it's back. Will move back to the UK next year so looking forward to seeing it. I'm sure you all know this but the theme tune is used in the US for Monday Night Football. It's a total classic and everyone aged 10 or over in the US will know the song: but not as the superstars theme! pat, Us (UK)
Pat, USA

Great to see this program back. If you're looking to run a wider series for women or a similar event for women next year, why not ask Karen Morse MBE. She took part in the two of the original series and would still give anyone a run for their money !!
Paul Flay, West Byfleet, Surrey

Great to see the return of an old favourite programme it brings back many memories of some of our great sportsmen & women competing in so many different sports, and not just competing but enjoying it as well.
Chris Bailey, Newton Abbot Devon

Alex of Milton Keynes - every song used in the show (apart from the classic theme tune) is from the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack, in your local music store now!
Will Davies, Cwmbran, S Wales

Thank goodness somebody at the BBC as seen some sense and returned a good family watchable proram.Well done to all concerned, brilliant piece of entertainment.
Andrew Sinclair, Stockport

Great to see the show back. The only difference this time is that my dad didn't buy me a tube of smarties to munch whilst watching!
Jon Palmer, Plymouth

At last, well done BBC for bringing back a superb show!
Gary Ell, tiverton

A good start, but the golf is a bit silly, and where are the motor sports guys? And please could we see at least one complete gym test. Much the same memories as anyone, Brian Jacks dips, Andy Ripley's shaking hands during the shooting, Tony Knowles as the only snooker player to compete, cyclist Joop Zoetemelk doing 1 dip, the general hopelessness of Rene Arnoux, the one time they tried cricket using a bowling machine.

Who remembers the short lived Superteams? Water Sports beating Rugby in the tug of war, Motor Sports deliberately cheating during the road race?
Darren, UK

Superstars was so much fun to watch back in the day, I was delighted to see it was coming back again. The BBC did not disappoint. The first show was excellent with John Regis in the kayak as funny as ever. But the person who stood out the most was Wayne McCullough. His feet must have been on fire. Poor lad. And to finish his heat. I think I'd have pulled out.

He really fought back. Wayne will be the one I remember for years to come, just like Kevin Keegan and Brian Jacks. I'm sure no-one will fight through the pain he did. Congratulations on a job well done, BBC. And show us more of Wayne. He's a class act and a Superstar along with it.
Lucy, Bedfordshire

Although it's great to see Superstars back on our screens, please try to devote more time to the events themselves rather than scene-setting and interviews both before and after each heat. Stick with the old formula; it's a winner . . .
Nick, Sheffield

Fantastic! Brill! - As a 38-year-old fan of sport it was terrific to see the old format back
Alan Main, Lancaster

Great to see it back. Still think Brian Jacks would rings round them. Even 20 years on from the original series!
Darren McCarthy, Northampton, U.K

Any series with Psycho on the first show is good with me. Ricky Hatton's gonna win the whole thing as he's a machine
Dave, Nottingham

Has the Beeb taken pity on Jeff Winter. Everyone knows he's not fit to referee in the Premiership, so he has to show he can be just as pedantic when it comes to Superstars. John Regis know knows how all football fans & Premiership players feel now!!!
Ken, Leeds

Great to see the show back. It was spoilt by me by a few things though. Too much talking, not enough action. I didn't feel like I was watching a sporting event. It would have been nice to see the records on screen for comparison. Needs toughening up to look less like a game show.
Simon, Croydon

I remember writing in to Brian Jacks when he had to pull out of World Superstars due to shingles, I still have the signed photo at home of him with his perm. Then saw him last year in Covent Garden but alas in a wheelchair, he had done something whilst skiing. Still a legend!!!!
Adam Stringer, Essex

When the signature tune came on and it had not been 're-mixed' I knew it would be as good as the original
Dave Reynolds, Bristol

I'm disappointed not to see any of our F1 stars involved - maybe we'll see Mr Schumacher in the international superstars version?
Dave, England

Fantastic! Brill! As a 38year old fan of sport it was terrific to see the old format back. Well done to all the guys who took part!
Alan Main, Lancaster

Great show, glad to see it back with the original theme tune! Oh, and Alex from Milton Keynes, I think the music was "Furious Angels" by Rob Dougan
MikeF, UK

Replying to those below who think it is unfair for example the Searle's being barred from the canoeing, the premise is that all athletes are prevented from one event at the judges' discretion and obviously canoeing made most sense in their cases. As for many other sportsmen it is unclear how they will choose which events they are not allowed to compete in.

I notice there are three 400 runners in Ladejo, Baulch and Thomas - will they be prevented from doing the 800m or 100m? They should excel at both - the 800m should really be a 1500m/mile. Also Thomas was a BMX whiz, so there is another advantage for him. Another issue is the gym tests - surely the 2 tests should not be added simply, as they will always do more squat thrusts than dips. They need some sort of weighting so that each dip counts as more.
matthew, Glasgow

Brian Jacks is my superstar hero. He could do dips for England. Shame about the dodgy perm though!!
Danny Caro, London

Missed the show, gutted! but remember fondly many memories. Favourite has to be Declan Burns doing chin ups and Andy Ripley falling off his bike. Timeless.
Phil, Plymouth

Great to see this classic show back on TV. When the signature tune came on and it had not been 're-mixed' I knew it would be as good as the original, but nothing could prepare me for 'wibbly wobbly' Jonnie Searle after the bike race. I was still laughing later that night. Please can you repeat it next week. PS did the late/great Ron Pickering do the commentary in the 70's series? small debate going on a work.
Dave Reynolds, Bristol

I thought the show was very good. I watched the original when I was a child. So I was very sad to see that the programme was on so late. My son is 5 years old and I know he would have loved to have watched the show, as would many children between the ages of 5-13 who would be going to bed ,on a school night, just as the show starts.

SATURDAY or SUNDAY afternoon or early evening would have been a better slot. My son is only 5 and he has been enjoying shows like STRONG MAN competition and the sporting show on at the moment with Sally Gunnell! So I just cannot understand your decision to put the show Superstars on so late!!!!!!!
Beth Robinson, Henley-On-Thames

How come Henry Olonga and Phil De Glanville weren't pulled from the 100m? Surely both of them are better suited to sprinting than any other sport in the schedule.
Dan, London

WOW! Wayne McCullough is a warrior in and out of the boxing ring
Jim, Lancs

I think Steve Claridge will prove to be the competition's dark house. He will probably turn up in odd socks and tatty plimsolls and still win the 100 metres. I can't see him opting for the Gym tests though.
Simon Adams, Portsmouth

Great to have what was probably the second best programme of all time (behind It's A Knockout) back on our screens. Pity Johnny Vaughan is on it as David Vine would have been perfect. Only other thing missing was the basketball and the archery. Keith Fielding, John Sherwood Lyn Davies and Brian Jacks, those were the days
Paul, Liverpool

WOW! Wayne McCullough is a warrior in and out of the boxing ring. Even with that injury, he kept going. A true Superstar.
Jim, Lancs

The making/breaking of the new Superstars will be its "international" edition - if there is one. Funnily enough, this is where I think they will get the biggest stars. Even though I don't particularly like the guy, I reckon Michael Schumacher would jump at the chance of taking part.

The BBC should aim high - not just go for retired sportsmen/sportswomen. Must admit hearing the theme tune again got me all a-shiverin'.
Mike Strong, Edinburgh

I remember this the first time round and this is not a patch on it. What with Johnny Vaughan's puerile comments and the poor attempts at jokes, the whole thing was a waste of an hour. As for putting golf in as a test of sporting prowess, well... I won't be watching it again.
Julian Sahu, Leicester

Well done BBC! Great to have Superstars back on TV and it's also great to see that it hasn't been ruined like many of the re-make TV shows back on! Let's hope it's a long-term thing having it back.
David Green, Wigan

Really good entertainment and true to the original
Phil Weston, Leicester

I remember sitting in my living room aged about seven and being told that the programme I was about to watch was the last Superstars ever. I was heartbroken! It was my favourite programme. Great to see it back although things from your childhood never quite seem the same once you're a grown-up.
Craig, Leamington Spa

As an exiled Scot in Philadelphia I have noticed that the Superstars theme tune is the same one used here for 'Monday Night Football' - a fixture, apparently, on US television since 1969. Who was first to use the music?
Iain Fitzpatrick, Philadelphia, USA

As a club canoeist of 40 years ago, now confined to a wheelchair, I am sorry to note that Mr Vaughan dosn't know the difference between a paddle and an oar. A paddle is used to propel a kayak while an oar is used to row a boat!
Mervyn Bailey, Steeple Claydon

Great to see Superstars back. Really good entertainment and true to the original. Particularly like the retro music and logo!
Phil Weston, Leicester

Brilliant, great start to the weekend. Golf, is that really a sport? What fun!
Julie, London

It's so good to see Superstar's back. I remember the first series with great affection it used to be the highspot of my week. I was gutted that Colin Jackson didn't perform better but there you go. As I remember it was usually the 'lesser known' sportsmen/women who really did well.
Sue, North Lincs

Ace, fab, what a racey programme! Big congrats should go to the Producer for re-creating this excellent cult series
Nick, Buckinghamshire

Thanks for the hilarious evening last night. It's a long time since I had a great laugh. Thanks to Henry Olonga flipping over in the kayaks and John losing his bearings that really was great guys. I'm looking forward to the group two finals which i hope will be equally entertaining. Thanks for the wonderful show!!!
Edmund, London

Ace, fab, what a racey programme! Big congrats should go to the Producer for re-creating this excellent cult series. We want more!
Nick, Buckinghamshire

The first show in the new series was spoiled by too much talk and looking at the sights and 2 little action. you need a camera on the line in the 100m and a count on the gym tests like the old show, 6/10, could do better
Tony Southern, Liverpool

Good show on the whole..but the Searles couldn't compete in Kayaking for what reason? it's not their event, OK it's in a boat, and on water. But utilises completely different muscles to rowing. So why could John Regis and Colin Jackson take part in the 800m? that's running, which is what they do (did) for a living. I loved the melted toes though
Andy, Manchester

My all-time favoutite show, my 12th and 13th birthday parties were Superstarts parties and were Ace
Stuart, Bristol

Are things so bad for Johnny Vaughan that he has to do sports shows? I would have preferred a serious sports commentator and it spoiled it for me. Even some of the competitors seemed to be taking things too lighthearted. Brian Jacks would beat them even now!!!
Sean, Reading

My all-time favoutite show, my 12th and 13th birthday parties were Superstarts parties and were ace. I'm going for Leanda Cave and Darren Campbell.
Stuart, Bristol

Great to see this show back on - top family entertainment! Please show more clips of the old 70's series if poss, including my own favourite of René Arnoux running the 100m. The memory's a bit hazy, but I'm sure it took him about 40 seconds and he zig-zagged over 5 lanes before crossing the finishing line!
Marv, Brighton

Fantastic having it back. Why don't you have the sportsmen who are excluded from some of the races because it is their sport (eg Stuart Pearce and football) still do the event beforehand to show what their performance would be - is then good to see how well the others do to that
Tracy, Edinburgh

Quality to see the show back. would really appreciate it if someone could tell me if you can buy the t shirts they are awesome
Rich, uk

Thank you for bringing back Superstars and for keeping the original music too. Fantastic viewing, looking foward to next week.
Sue, Northants

Fantastic to see this classic TV back on our screens instead of more DIY shows
Mike, Wraysbury

Thanks for last night, it brought back many childhood memories. Good to see the BBC have used the classic theme tune & logos again. Superb. can't wait for next weeks now.
Ian B, Glos, UK

I'm just wondering why when presenting the show (which is very good!) the commentator has to say "Soccer" instead of "Football" it main seem sad but I think as we did invent the game we should call it by its true name!
Jason Cooper, UK

Fantastic to see this classic TV back on our screens instead of more DIY shows. Every competitor is a world class athlete in their own field so lets see who ends up as the Brian Jacks and Kevin Keegan of 2003. Long may it continue.
Mike, Wraysbury

Not bad, although not a patch on the original. Does anyone know whether you can get a DVD of the best moments from the original few series (eg Keegan off the bike, Jacks, Ripley etc?)
Jason Pettigrove, Brentwood, Essex

Why can runners compete in the 800m, but rowers can't compete in a canoe?
Simon Ramskill, Maidenhead

I was so looking forward to the return of this series but the thing it desperately lacks is the competitiveness of the original series. That's what we love about sport - that it's a serious battle. That's why Brian Jacks was so memorable because you could see he really wanted to win. This new series is too much on the light entertainment and too little on the sport and drive to win.
Sarah Gee, Bedford

Brilliant! Mint! Best TV show for ages. (Apart from Burn It!) Why has it taken so long for this classic TV to make a return. Wasn't it great to see some true sportsman too - none of the over paid prima donnas like some of our Premiership stars. Well done Phil De G! and hard luck on Henry Olonga. Any chance of some repeats from the 70's and 80' or a BBC2 Superstars night?
Jeff Tatum, Keynsham

Why can runners compete in the 800mtrs, but rowers can't compete in a canoe? Rowing has little to do with canoeing either technically or in muscles groups used, yet 800 metres for runners is OK?
Simon Ramskill, Maidenhead

Great show tonight. As a life long Man Utd fan I would love it if Kevin Keegan could come back and ride/fall off a bike. I'm getting old now I can't remember but who did the commentating along with David Vine?
Roy Brown, Portugal

A very big thank you for bringing back one of the best programmes and a lot of memories
Paul Williams, Mitcham

Can anyone tell me the name of the song that was playing during the mountain biking part of superstars on 16/10/03 at all ? PLEASE ????
Alex, Milton Keynes

I think the programs are great the football is the best!
Annabelle, England

A very big thank you for bringing back one of the best programmes and a lot of memories. Great to see the competitors still have the great sportsmanship attitude.
Paul Williams, Mitcham

I don't understand why the women are not expected to participate in the football and golf portions.
Emily, US

I'm really pleased to see the show back. I wonder who will emerge as the best all rounder. Last time it was the fighters and the lesser known athletes.
Steven Patmore, Hull, East Yorks.

I will always remember Jonah Barrington throwing his toys out of the pram because he was marked down on the push ups
Peter Mansfield, Bristol

It is Great that the Superstars is back on TV for the First Time in years. Apart from there will be Superstars on TV will there be the Superteams on TV as well? And who will it be introduced by instead of David Vine?
Marc Ricketts, Enfield

It is fantastic to see it back. I have bored my younger colleagues for years about how good it was. I will always remember Jonah Barrington throwing his toys out of the pram because he was marked down on the push ups.
Peter Mansfield, Bristol

A great decision by the BBC. A classic returns. Gutted I am now in the USA and will not see it
Jason, USA

Welcome back Superstars! This is where we find out if today's sportsmen & women have got the same bottle as those who went before.

I remember Jody Scheckter soaking his trainers in sun oil to slide for the squats and thinking he was a cheat for doing that. Brian Jacks was incredible and left a clear mark on my childhood - I still eat oranges like he did!

Please bring out the old series on DVD!!

Phil de Glanville may be a dark horse. He performed well in the Bath v Wigan rugby challenge - a similar performance here may take him far.
Brian Dowling, Wolverhampton, UK

I still remember when Brian Jacks came to our local sports centre and we competed in Junior Superstars. Andy Ripley and JJ Williams running will stick in my memory for ever.

Bring back Brian Hooper!
Simon Dolley, Newton Abbot

A great decision by the BBC. A classic returns. Gutted I am now in the USA and will not see it.
Jason, USA

I am so pleased Superstars is making a return to our screens. It was a big favourite from my childhood. After all the reality TV we have to endure, this will be breath of fresh air! Bring it on!
Jennee, London

Please, Please don't do the 'Irony' thing - the original wasn't great in an ironic let's all laugh at the seventies haircuts kind of way but it was a genuinely great show and should be brought back correctly with no hint of a smirk from the boy Vaughany
Peter Field, St Albans

Please put the Stan Bowles shooting the table and his canoeing exploits up on the site , it was classic TV.
Martin Beer, Colchester

David Hemery's polyester hair, what a chinless wonder! I also liked Suzanne Dando's towelling shorts as she beat Valerie Hockey player in the women's games.
Rick, Boston, USA

Mark Foster will win it, he is an all round athlete. Strong, physical and mentally tough
Phil Lloyd-Bushell, England

I dimly recollect the World Superstars being dominated by Brian Budd, a moustachioed ginger Canadian soccer star nimbly negotiating an awkward set of upturned car tyres. Edwin Moses jumping to the top of a very high wooden wall without the aid of a rope.

Hmm, and the bubbling controversy that was Jody Shechter's use of socks in the squat thrusts. But best of all, Brian Jacks himself visited Loughborough Grammar School in 1982 after our very own Superstars competition. I trust the eventual winner of the new series will take their sporting ambassador role as seriously!
Matt Clements, Manchester

Mark Foster will win it, he is an all round athlete. Strong, physical and mentally tough. Only Colin Jackson could get close...
Phil Lloyd-Bushell, England

That theme tune brings it's the memories back. Last time I heard the theme was in the US as they were using it for Monday Night Football. But it will always be to me Superstars of the 70's. Well done BBC for bringing a Classic back to the millions
Tim, Surrey

Great to see the programme back and like the website. Just one problem - what about the women who took part way back when?! Please can you give some of them a mention! Thanks!
Bev Neil, Bournemouth

I remember big Geoff Capes in the swimming. If I remember he won the race because everyone else got caught up in the tsunami he created diving in!
Simon Wise, Reading, UK

Me and my mates [late 30s] still talk about Superstars and can remember all the best bits (lights going out in studio and Jacks still going strong). A great decision to bring it back.

Anonymous, UK

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