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BBC Sports Personality as it happened

Ryan Giggs receives the award
Ryan Giggs receives the award in front of Jessica Ennis and Jenson Button



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By Saj Chowdhury in Sheffield

Well, that's all folks from Sheffield Arena. I hope you enjoyed the show. And I think most of you will agree that Ryan Giggs is a worthy winner of Sports Personality of the Year.

From Emmanuel Asiamah, Ghana, via text: "I'm very happy for Ryan Giggs. He really deserves it. He's done tremendously well this year."

BBC Sport's Honest Frank on Twitter: 'The 1-2-3 pose for the cameras. Jenson Button runner-up after F1 colleague Lewis Hamilton second the previous two years in the public vote '

For you Usain Bolt fans, straight from the double world champion's mouth: "It's an honour to win this prestigious award second year in a row. I am very honoured and I thank the BBC and all my fans for voting for me."

From DB-CUFC on 606: "Well done Ryan Giggs! Next up - knighthood! He has been a real credit to football and he certainly deserves this for all that he does - on and off the pitch."

2106: Ryan Giggs becomes the first footballer to win the coveted award since David Beckham in 2001.

2105: So this year's main prize winner is the evergreen, brilliant Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs. A truly fantastic achievement for the Welshman.

Ryan Giggs on Sports Personality win: "This is a big shock as you can tell by the speech I've prepared. I've played with great players and for the greatest club. I grew up watching this programme - to be up there is unbelievable."

Champagne moment



Sports Personality award
The Overseas Sports Personality the Year prize goes to Usain Bolt
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Seve Ballesteros on his Lifetime honour: "It is a pity I am not there I know I am missing a great show thanks very much to everyone."

Colin Montgomerie on Ballesteros: "The Ryder Cup would not be the global event it is today without you."

2052: Scotland's Colin Montgomerie and Spaniard Jose Maria Olazabal pays a touching tribute to fellow golfer Lifetime winner Seve Ballesteros who has battled a brain tumour.

Sports Personality award
The Lifetime Achievement award goes to Seve Ballesteros
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England coach Fabio Capello on winning the Coach of the Year award:"I am very proud to win this award but I want to share with my staff, with all the people that work with me, with all the players that will be with me in South Africa."

2045: Well done to Fabio Capello who led England to the World Cup finals - losing just one game during qualification. Hats off to the Italian.

Sports Personality award
The Coach of the Year prize goes to the England national football team coach Fabio Capello.
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2036: Sorry everybody had a few technical issues. Back again. It's fast approaching the big one.

England captain Andrew Strauss on winning the Team of the Year award: "Thank you for everyone for voting. The lads are chuffed to bits."

Sports Personality award
The Team of the Year award goes to the England men's cricket team.
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Top 10 contender David Haye on stage at Sports Personality talking about his world heavyweight championship win:
"I put myself in a position where I couldn't lose. I talked so much that when I got in the ring I thought if I lost I would be a laughing stock in the UK. I had to get under his skin by saying some nasty stuff. My Mum wasn't impressed - she likes sportsmen."

BBC Sport's Honest Frank on Twitter: 'Good chat just now with Tom Daley, twice winner of the Honest, er I mean Young Sports Personality of the Year on the delights of Kate Moss.'

Top 10 contender Phillips Idowu on stage at Sports Personality talking about his world championship triple jump win:
"That gold medal was years of hard work and lots of heartache and struggles. I am glad to have it but I am not at the pinnacle of my sport and I have other medals to win."

Sports Unsung Hero winner Doreen Adcock: "All I can say is the children I teach and the adults with handicaps - to see them in their own surroundings free in the water and to know at the end of the day I will have produced a good little swimmer.

2015: Sports Unsung Hero winner Doreen Adcock is a very special woman. The 72-year-old has taught generations of swimmers in Milton Keynes. What a star.

Sports Personality award
The Sports Unsung Hero award goes to Doreen Adcock

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Top 10 contender Mark Cavendish on stage at Sports Personality: "The Tour is 21 days long and every sprint you have to save a bit of energy. Every cyclist drams of making it to the Champs Elysee and to see the Arc de Triomphe made it pretty special.

BBC Sport's Honest Frank on Twitter: 'Young Sports Personality of the Year. Now, there's a good idea for an award. Wonder who thought of that? (The clue is in the picture).'

Top 10 contender Jenson Button on the outpouring of emotion after winning the F1 championship:
"The reason for it was so much over the last season every single person in that team, in Brawn, worked 100 per cent to get the car on the grid.
"Even being at the first race in Melbourne was an achievement so coming away with the championship was extraordinary. It was a very special moment

2007: There is a big huddle of people behind me watching the show in the production room. They've all worked tirelessly to help what has been a pretty good show so far.

Amir Khan on Tom Daley on BBC Radio 5 Live: "You should keep your family close to you and the people you trust. I kept my father close to me."

Special award winner Eddie Izzard on his marathon efforts: "It was a health idea. People are living to 100 years old now.
"I'm not an athlete but I loved playing football when I was a kid but thought I needed to get out there.
"The first three weeks when it started really raining my feet started falling apart with blisters. I didn't enjoy the running I enjoyed the stopping!"

1958: Comedian Eddie Izzard raised thousands for Sport Relief after running 43 marathons in 51 days. What an effort and he's funny too.

Sports Personality award
The special award goes to Eddie Izzard.

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1955: Former heavyweight champion Frank Bruno is in Sheffield Arena with his son. A British boxing icon.

Top 10 contender Jessica Ennis: "I have been overwhelmed with the support I have had from Sheffield. This is my home city - it has amazing facilities and a great sporting tradition.
"Missing last year was a huge disappointment but to come back this year so strong is absolutely amazing."

1952: Top 10 contender Jessica Ennis looks fantastic in the arena. What a brilliant achievement from the Sheffield heptathlete who won gold at the world championships.

1950: A reminder of the top 10 in the running for the Sports Personality of the Year prize - Jenson Button, Mark Cavendish, Tom Daley, Jessica Ennis, Ryan Giggs, David Haye, Phillips Idowu, Andy Murray, Andrew Strauss and Beth Tweddle.

Sports Personality award
The Young Sports Personality of the Year goes to Tom Daley.

1944: For my friends overseas - particularly those in the United States, they are showing footage of Tom Watson's remarkable efforts at The Open. If only...

Top 10 contender Beth Tweddle talking about London 2012 on the Sports Personality stage: "I definitely hope so. If I can continue to keep producing results and my coach can keep putting up with me then I will definitely be flying the flag in 2012."

1936: Daniel Keatings and fellow gymnast and top 10 contender Beth Tweddle have tumbled into the arena - on purpose. What a pair!

1934: What an amazing man Major Phil Packer is. He also won Pride of Britain Fundraiser of the Year. A great reception from the crowd at Sheffield Arena.

The Helen Rollason award goes to Major Phil Packer.

Full story
Sports Personality award

Top 10 contender Ryan Giggs on the Sports Personality stage: "I was quite pleased to hear the story about a new contract, hopefully there will be another year yet."

1928: Remember you can vote for your Sports Personality winner from the top 10 by phone. Full details on the BBC One show.

Top 10 contender Tom Daley on the Sports Personality stage: "I was on a photoshoot with Kate Moss and asked if could take some photos for my GCSE photography and she said yes."

Colin, Glasgow, via text: "Who's up for the overseas award? Does nine world titles give Valentino Rossi a shot? Colin, Glasgow. "
Wait and see Colin - wait and see.

Top 10 contender Andrew Strauss on the Sports Personality stage: "An Ashes series is very demanding as there is so much expectation there.
"I think my team played slightly better than Ricky Ponting's but fair play to him - he had to put up with a bit of stick over the summer and I think he handled it very well."

Former England rugby union star Matt Dawson on BBC Radio 5 Live: " This year there are pure world winners across the board. I can't remember there being so many in the past. It's quite extraordinary."

1918: England cricket has enjoyed a pretty good summer. Great performance from England's women, who have appeared on stage, against Australia.

1913: I'm welling up already - great Ashes memories. Good to see Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff here. He'll be sorely missed from the Test team. Lovely segment on the summer series.

1910: Hello again. Can you refresh the page if you want to hear Five Live coverage. The link will appear in the top right.

Dave, Kabul, via text: "Hey Saj. How does the voting work?"
Hi Dave, hope all is well out there. It's a public phone vote. Details are can be found in my post at 1802.

1903: Most of the top 10 are coming on to stage. Don't they all look dapper.

1901: What an opening title sequence. Massive applause. There are a lot of people in here. Ahhh... the Sports Personality music played by the orchestra, who have something special lined up later with a sporting celebrity you may know.

1900: Welcome to the 2009 Sports Personality of the Year show.

1859: We're going on air.

From Darrell, via text: "We have 10 really strong contenders for SPOTY this year. Each of them deserve the award. It promises to be a fantastic celebration of sporting talent. "

1854: It's a shame you guys can't hear the voice of executive producer Paul Davies in the gallery. Basically, he shouts camera numbers all throughout the show. It's an awesome effort from the man.

BBC Sport's Honest Frank on Twitter: 'Clare Balding salutes great racing year. Suspect she wanted wonderhorse Sea The Stars as contender: "An equine superstar with the X Factor".'

1846: Hello to everybody reading this from outside the UK. I'm afraid you won't be able to watch the live streaming on the website. I hope the live text is decent compensation.

From Giles in Ghana, via text: "First year I am not watching this on TV, thank everything for the BBC website "
You touched my heart Giles.

1838: My BBC colleague Marc Vesty has just been in the reception room and has spoken to an excitable Enzo Calzaghe - a former Coach of the Year winner. And he also told me that former Olympic heptathlon champion Denise Lewis is looking lovely in a "sparkly, shimmery dress".

1836: I've heard there is a another big TV event on tonight. The Geordie lad will win. Back to Sports Personality.

BBC Sport's Honest Frank on Twitter: 'As forecast on this very Twitter feed, eight of the 10 shortlisted Sports Personality contenders are in the Sheffield Arena.'

1830: Thirty minutes to go guys and gals. A colleague has told me that Dame Ellen MacArthur is here - looking very glamorous. She didn't sail in apparently - which is no massive surprise.

BBC Sport's Honest Frank on Twitter: 'F1 pundit Eddie Jordan believes Michael Schumacher will return to the grid: 'Michael needs Formula 1 more than Formula 1 needs Michael.''

1827: Tennis commentator supremo Andrew Castle came into the production office a few minutes ago. He looked very dapper in his blue suit. Must get me one of those.

BBC Sport's Honest Frank on Twitter: 'Back to Michael Johnson who says Usain Bolt will not be stepping up to 400m as has 'unfinished business' with the shorter sprints.'

1824: The arena's packed out. The floor manager is asking asking people to cheer - a test the sound of the arena kind of thing. Trust me, the 11,000 in here are loud. Very loud. I'm about 30 metres from the main stage.

1821: It's getting very tense in the production office at the arena. Less than 40 minutes to go. It's cold in here too, my fingers are numb. Nobody to get me a cuppa.

BBC Sport's Honest Frank on Twitter: 'Sprinting great Michael Johnson v. smart. Been telling my World Service chums about a chat he had with sprinting great Usain Bolt. More later.'

From knowledge_is_good on 606: "Rather disapointed Wiggo (Bradley Wiggins) wasn't shortlisted for his brilliant Tour de France. But oh well. Should be a good evening."
He was very close to making the top 10 - but what an effort from Wiggins in France. A future Tour champion?

BBC Sport's Jake Humphrey on Twitter: Which famous person will be playing these...? (it's a pic taken by Jake)

From SuperFalc on 606: "How many more world titles and other major titles does darts player Phil Taylor have to win to be considered for a Lifetime Achievement award?"
Now the subject of Phil Taylor has been brought up before in relation to Sports Personality. Why isn't he in the top 10? The final shortlist is decided by a range of publications who send in their top 10s Lifetime Achievement award? Well, who knows.

1804: Sports Personality presenter Jake Humphrey took time out of the busy rehearsal schedule to present a 'behind the scenes' film. It gives you an idea of what goes into the making of Sports Personality. My answer to that is: A lot of hard work. Jake goes backstage at SPOTY

1802: Here are the contenders: Jenson Button, Mark Cavendish, Tom Daley, Jessica Ennis, Ryan Giggs, David Haye, Phillips Idowu, Andy Murray, Andrew Strauss and Beth Tweddle.

The number to call for each contender will be revealed on the programme after 1900 GMT. There are more details on the terms and conditions of phone voting on the BBC Sports Personality site .

1800: Hello from the 2009 BBC Sports Personality of the Year show at a buzzing Sheffield Arena. You guys and gals have one heck of a treat in store for you - to quote the Black Eyed Peas, "tonight's gonna be a good night".
The stars are arriving on the red carpet and the 11,000 lucky ticket holders are filtering into this transformed arena. There are many awards on offer and the event will climax with the naming of this year's Sports Personality.
You can follow the live coverage from 1900 GMT on BBC One and there will be live streaming of the show on this website.
Technology eh? You can also follow the coverage on BBC Radio 5 Live too.
My colleague Frank Keogh will be among the sporting celebrities as they enter the arena - and you can follow him on Twitter .
And finally, yours truly will be backstage to guide you through the night - well, you can't have everything can you?

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