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Last Updated: Friday, 14 March 2008, 08:44 GMT
Rise to the challenge for Sport Relief

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Sport Relief: Stars finish epic cycle

Against all odds Newcastle and England football legend Alan Shearer and BBC presenter Adrian Chiles have completed their epic Sport Relief Super Cycle.

The duo were set a challenge of cycling 335 miles from Newcastle to London, via West Bromwich, in only two days.

After completing day one, riding 186 miles from Newcastle to Burton-on-Trent they still had it all to do.

But as Sport Relief kicked off at Television Centre on Friday the pair arrived on time to complete their task.


To get involved use 606 or text us your views & comments on 81111. (Not all contributions can be used)

By Sean Chaney and Nabil Hassan

1914: Task complete and it is revealed that Shearer and Chiles have raised 371,065. A fantastic effort that they couldn't have achieved without the support of the public. Thank you so much for all the money you donated and the messages of support you sent via text or on 606.

1913: "The support has been fantastic and we had five riders with us and we couldn't have done it without them."
Adrian Chiles on BBC One

Alan Shearer and Adrian Chiles arrive at TV Centre after their 335 mile bike ride
Alan Shearer and Adrian Chiles arrive at Television Centre

1913: "It was very difficult but we were always confident."
Alan Shearer on BBC One

1910: They've done it. Alan, Adrian and the Sport Relief cyclists arrive at Television Centre after completing their 335 mile ride from Newcastle to London.

1850: "I am shortly to do a 250 mile bike ride in Israel, over five days, and have been motivated and inspired by these guys! I was terrified but Alan and Adrian have given me strength!"
Amy, Newcastle upon Tyne

Good luck with your ride Amy, and just remember if these can do it then so can you.

1845: With White City in sight the pace slows as Shearer and Chiles realise their challenge is almost complete. What seemed like a mammoth effort is now reduced to the last couple of miles as they look set to complete their 335 mile ride from St James' Park in Newcastle to Television Centre in London. Send in your messages of support and congratulations by text or by phone.

1820: "What an entirely inspirational effort. I take my hat off to you both, I feel obliged to donate."
adiept on 606

1819: Horns are beeping and passengers are cheering, Shearer and Chiles are well into London and heading towards Television Centre. Not long to go now, the final last push for the team.

1808: "I really have to congratulate everyone involved in this, Yes Shearer and Chiles are the names we know but let's not forget all the fellas doing it, the back up crew and everything. Congrats to you all. Keep it going."
GunnerLot on 606

1802: The team have hit the A40 and are currently battling with commuter traffic to make it, but there are positive noises coming out of the camp. Apparently they've just gone past West Ruislip underground station and are on course to make it in the next 45 minutes. What an effort.

1745: According to the Sport Relief GPS system Shearer and Chiles are just about to hit the M25. Now I'm no expert but M25 during rush hour on a Friday...ouch!

1731: "I'm weary to the very core of my being, but my backside is not feeling too bad."
Latest chat from Adrian Chiles

Glad to see Adrian is remaining positive.

1726: I've just been reading a few off-topic messages on the 606 thread and can I just say that you 'teamwimp' are a genius. If you don't know what I'm on about follow the link.

1723: Apparently Alan's getting competitive. The team have around 25 miles to go and are pushing it if they want to make it to Television Centre by 1900 GMT. But Shearer's having none of it and is urging everyone to kick on. It has started to rain heavily making riding difficult, but they're making good progress and are almost there.

1719: "You boys are incredible. Donation on its way. I look forward to your arrival on the show later. Fantastic effort."
Jon, Snowdonia via text on 81111

1712: Good evening everyone I'm taking over from Sean for a few hours while he takes a well earned break. Not long to go now so keep you messages of support coming and if you can don't forget to donate to the Sport Relief cause.

1657: The boys have just passed Chesham. So they are on the tube map! Chesham is at the far end of the Metropolitan Line - but they will probably get into central London quicker on their bikes. The mood in the camp has improved dramatically despite the heavy drizzle. as they work their way down the A413. We have even heard a few choruses of Blaydon Races. No prizes for guessing who was singing that one.

1646: Adrian Chiles has bounced back into life. The big man has been a bit quiet for the last few hours but he has re-emerged like a man possessed. He gave the team an expletive-filled motivational chat as they left Aylesbury. To paraphrase it went something like: "We are going to make it, we are going to make it. I am going to be very, very, happy when we make it. We are going to make it." I will leave the rest of it to your imaginations.

Alan Shearer and Adrian Chiles are cycling from Newcastle to London, in just two days, to raise cash for Sport Relief

1643: "As a cyclist myself, I take my hat off to them. Been following progress online and have just made a donation. Probably would not have given anything but I felt compelled by their efforts."
Neil East Grinstead via text on 81111

1625: The boys have had their final pit-stop in Aylesbury. Both Adrian and Alan grabbed the chance to have an impromptu rubdown on the garage floor. The regulars at the Broad Leys pub opposite didn't know what to make of it! It was jelly beans all round as our exhausted heroes readied themselves for one final push. 36 miles to go and it has just started to rain...

1600: "I am cream-crackered now, I promise you. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done, we are on our last legs. It's been pretty grim at times, really tough and we have had to dig really deep. But we are nearly there now."
Alan Shearer on BBC Radio 5 Live

1513: The boys are 14 miles from Aylesbury, and they have about 50 miles to go. They will be going through Kingswood shortly. Apologies if you caught sight of the group on their 'nature stop' a short while ago on the A41! Keep all the donations and messages of support coming. The boys need all the encouragement they can get. Plenty of people are waving and beeping en-route and that is giving them a big boost.

1430: "Apt Shakespearian bike-ride puns, how about "Two Gentlemen of Velodroma"? Keep going, guys!"
CliffG on 606

1430: "How about: "As You Bike It"?"
Freigh on 606

1410: I have just had a sneaky peek at the welcome podium being built for Shearer and Chiles. It's going to be quite an entrance - make sure you watch the live Sport Relief show from 1900 on BBC One. The boys are exhausted now, but are focused on making it to Television Centre in time. There is a good chance that they may collapse in a heap - but they are determined to get there.

1356: Shearer and Chiles have enjoyed a hearty lunch in Banbury. They followed pacemaker Greg Whyte's advice and went for penne pasta in tomato sauce. They also got a few chicken wings down them and jumped right back on their bikes. The people of Oxfordshire are lining the streets to clap and cheer the boys and their support is really helping. They are currently five miles north of Aynho - which I have to confess I have never heard of. 75 Miles to go - come on lads.

Alan Shearer gets a massage after completing a mighty 119 miles
Alan Shearer gets a massage after a hard day in the saddle

1344: "Surely as Alan and Adrian are on a tight schedule, the only question is - to pee or not to pee?"
Kev from Surrey via text on 81111

1301: "Inspiring stuff, and I am about to get the wallet out."
Steve from Bath via text on 81111

1226: Big smiles from the boys as they pass a sign which reads: London 89 miles. They are heading into Oxfordshire soon and are making good time. They are aiming to get to Television Centre at around 1900 to pedal live into the studio of the Sport Relief show on BBC One.

1212: The legend Alan Shearer and all-round great bloke Adrian Chiles have just cycled past me. Shearer looked like he was leading England out at Wembley to face the Germans back at Euro 96, with the determination and focus he was showing. Not long now boys, that pint of beer is getting closer. You're both doing a brilliant job for Sport Relief, keep it up.
Gareth Radcliffe, Warwickshire via text on 81111

1134: The boys are winding their way through Warwickshire, Shakespeare's Country, They have passed a few Hamlets along the way - and I am not going to mention Richard the Third Gear. Drat. Romeo and Juliet was of course the inspiration for West Side story, raising loads of cash for Sport Relief is the driving force for this Backside Story. Sorry. Feel free to send me your Shakespeare related bike puns.

1136: "I hope Alan has Adrian as his assistant in any future management role. Go on lads brilliant stuff."
Nick from Nottingham via text on 81111

Alan Shearer visits a Sport Relief project in Uganda
Alan Shearer has visited a Sport Relief project in Uganda

1134: "Has either of them tried to make a break from the pack? Or do you think it will come down to a sprint finish?"
Neil a Baggies fan in Sutton Coldfield via text on 81111

1134: "I can promise you one thing, we will not be having a sprint finish!"
Alan Shearer on BBC Radio 5 on Thursday

1126: Former Arsenal ace Eddie McGoldrick is back at Northampton Town these days apparently. The midfield maestro won 15 caps for Ireland and now bosses the Cobblers' U14's. I expect he will be making a donation to support Shearer and Chiles, because he always seemed like a very nice man. I think the horse thing was just a coincidence though.

1120: "There was a classy moment when we were cycling down the A19 and a helicopter came overhead. Alan Shearer said to me: "that's Michael Owen on his way to Cheltenham", and sure enough the helicopter did a big loop, came round and hovered next to us. A couple of obscene hand gestures were exchanged and then off he went to Cheltenham and we carried on down the A19. It was like a scene from Footballers' Wives."
Adrian Chiles on BBC Radio 5 on Thursday

Adrian beams with pride as the boys make it to the Hawthorns
Adrian beams with pride as the boys make it to the Hawthorns

Think this surreal quote from yesterday is worth revisiting. Hopefully if Michael Owen or any of the boys had a bit of luck at Cheltenham they will chip in with a few quid. Especially if they were on Mister McGoldrick which romped in at 66-1 - I wonder if that horse has anything to do with ex-Arsenal legend Eddie McGoldrick?

1110: The boys are still going great guns. Shearer has been peddling so furiously that he has managed to break a spoke! They are on target to make it to Television Centre in time to cycle into the live show just after 1900 - make sure you are watching!

1100: "Alan Shearer, Blackburn Rovers legend. Adrian Chiles - keep going big man."
Dave via text on 81111

1050: "Howay Shearer lad. Do the Toon proud."
Anon via text on 81111

1050: "What is the route to London from the Midlands?"
Anon via text on 81111

I assume you mean the Sport Relief Super Cycle route? Or are you just lost? Shearer and Chiles will be having a quick stop off in Banbury before heading into London along the A41 and A413. The boys are really appreciating all your messages of support - and all the beeps on the road - please keep them coming.

Adrian Chiles and Alan Shearer pack all the essentials for their Sport Relief challenge
Adrian Chiles and Alan Shearer pack all the essentials for Sport Relief

1030: Hope you remembered to pick up your ticket for the FA cup semi-final when you got to the Hawthorns Adrian?. Can you get one for me too please?
sazperkins on 606

West Brom are of course running out at Wembley on 5 April, a game that you can watch live on the BBC.

1030: "As a Man Utd fan I never thought I would say this but... Come on Alan Shearer!"
ghoare56 on 606

1013: The final countdown. Just 100 miles to go as the boys pass Stonebridge. They celebrate this landmark by successfully completing the first overtaking manoeuvre of the trip. They have left a tractor for dead on the A45 and are moving up the field. Come on lads not long to go now.

0930: "I feel like my mind and body have been taken to places they have never been before."
Alan Shearer is feeling the burn as well

0925: "I am weary and exhausted to my very core."
Adrian Chiles is feeling the strain

0915: Adrian and Alan seem to be haunted by their 50-mile ride from Doncaster to Burton-on-Trent last night. Adrian said: "It was one of the longest, darkest periods of my live." The boys ran into a bit of rain and sleet as they crossed the Pennines and didn't arrive at their hotel until 0040. Remember they are only doing this to themselves to raise money for Sport Relief so please make a donation now.

0840: The Sport Relief Super Cyclists are tucking into hot bacon sandwiches at the home of West Bromwich Albion. Adrian has wolfed down four! The Hawthorns is the highest league ground in English football standing at an altitude of 551 feet. So at least it should be downhill from now on!

0839: We have another faller. Adrian Chiles is so excited by the sight of his beloved Hawthorns that he cant get his feet out of his clips quickly enough, and hits the deck. That's 1-1 in terms of falls now. To say Shearer enjoyed it would be an big understatement.

0700: The boys are tired and sluggish this morning. I know how they feel. The plan is to do 34 Miles this morning and get to the Hawthorns at around 0830.

Wolves boss Mick McCarthy joins Adrian and Alan on Friday morning
Wolves boss Mick McCarthy joins Adrian and Alan on Friday morning

0630: We have a very special guest rider on the Sport Relief Super Cycle this morning. Wolves manager Mick McCarthy was waiting for the boys when they got to their hotel in Burton at 0040. He did the first 19 miles with the boys this morning before turning off at Muckley Corner and peddling off to his 0900 news conference at Wolves. What a legend. He must have hatched a plot with Alan Shearer during the BBC's coverage of Barnsley v Chelsea.

0610: Shearer and Chiles set off from Burton-on-Trent a little bit behind schedule, and with more than a few aches and pains. They completed a brilliant 186 miles on Thursday, but they still have 146 miles to go to get to Television Centre. The duo are expected to cycle into the studio as part of the live star-studded Sport Relief show which starts at 1900 on BBC One.

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