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Page last updated at 12:02 GMT, Thursday, 13 March 2008
Rise to the challenge for Sport Relief

Alan Shearer and Adrian Chiles are cycling from Newcastle to London, in just two days, to raise cash for Sport Relief
Alan Shearer and Adrian Chiles are cycling for Sport Relief

Newcastle and England football legend Alan Shearer and BBC presenter Adrian Chiles are closing in on their target after a mammoth first day.

The duo are attempting to ride 335 miles from Newcastle to London, via West Bromwich, in only two days.

They have completed day one, riding 186 miles after being waved off from Newcastle by Kevin Keegan.

Shearer and Chiles hope to pedal into BBC Television Centre in London as part of Friday's live Sport Relief show.


To get involved use 606 or text us your views & comments on 81111. (Not all contributions can be used)

By Sean Chaney and Nabil Hassan

0000: Shearer and Chiles take a cheeky short-cut down the A38, near to Derby city centre to make up some time and they're almost there. With the hotel less than 10 miles away that's it from me. Sean Chaney will be back in the morning to bring you all the thrills and hopefully not to many spills from day two of Shearer and Chiles's Sport Relief Ride. Goodnight.

2317: The people of Alfreton, stand up and take a bow. With around 20 miles to go and at the top of a very large hill Shearer and Chiles were flagging, that was until the divine intervention of a horde of people by Alfreton leisure centre who braved the cold and the wet to roar the team closer to their destination. Not long to go.

2258: Happy as Larry comes from down under back in the 1800's referring to the boxer. Come on Nabil you should know better.
Anon via text on 81111

Great bit of knowledge that, going to do some reading up on 'Larry' when I have a spare five minutes. Remember to put your name on your texts so I can give credit where credit is due.

2221: Shearer and Chiles have now made their last stop - at a petrol station in Dronfield, much to the delight of two men who were themselves stocking up on energy drinks after football training. The pair posed for pictures with Shearer (not Chiles) before driving off, happy as Larry (who is Larry and where does that phrase come from? Always wanted to know). Anyway, after a short diversion (down a cobbled street) the team are now heading down the A61 and won't stop again until they reach their hotel, where ice-baths and massages await. They had been scheduled to reach Burton-on-Trent by midnight but now looks likes it is going to be 30 minutes later.

2204: Nabil, when you say Chiles is still on the bike, has he actually now become welded onto it?
yorker_129-7 on 606

Yorker, I'm not actually there but from what I've heard bike and man are very close to becoming one...not a pretty sight. By all accounts Chiles is actually doing very well. Fair play to him.

2157: According to the Sport Relief GPS tracker the team are now closing in on Chesterfield.

2146: Come on Lads, Chiles just think of West Brom running out at Wembley. Shearer just think of Newcastle running, both are possible. Come on fellas, I'll be here all night egging you on.
GunnerLot on 606

West Brom are of course running out at Wembley on 5 April, a game that you can watch live on the BBC.

2137: Meanwhile Paul Fletcher is now settled in for the night and will be bringing you the latest from day two between New Zealand and England. I'm sure Paul would appreciate your thoughts on today's play.

2130: Latest from the road, after yet another toilet break (Chiles not Shearer) the team are embarking on what has been described as the toughest part of the trip. With around 35 miles to go before they call it a night in Burton-on-Trent the pair are in good spirits despite heading in the wrong direction for about 10 minutes. This was met with two fingered salutes but despite the sat nav playing up the team are currently south west of Sheffield and heading over the Pennines. It's cold, and it's windy but at least it's dry were the only positive words from Team Shearer/Chiles.

2120: I'll be at the Hawthorns tomorrow morning to support them. Is there anything they are in desperate need of. An isotonic drink, plasters for their bums or a lift to London?
Steve, Redditch, via text on 81111

As much as they would love a lift to London, I don't actually think it's in the rules. I'm sure any energy based drink would be gratefully received, as would an alcoholic one when they get to London. Think Shearer is a bitter man, as for Chiles, not sure. Gin and tonic I reckon.

2105: If European football is your thing then my colleague Caroline Cheese is the lady you want to be reading. Contrary to her description, I don't have a mullet. It's just long at the back.

2055: Has Chiles fallen off yet? Maybe Nicole Cook should interview him when he finishes.
igmeister on 606

Igmeister, I'm happy to report that Chiles is very much still on his bike. Keep the messages of support coming though.

2050: Thanks Sean and good evening everyone. Remember you can still get involved and run a Sport Relief Mile. Just follow the link.

2037: Shearer and Chiles are riding though the night towards Rotherham and making their way towards those tempting ice baths. Thanks for all of those football suffixes we will come back to that tomorrow. That's all from me for now I will leave you in the very capable hands of Nabil Hassan.

Don't forget to support the boys by making a donation to Sport Relief. And if you want to do the Sport Relief Mile please sign up now - it's your last chance to guarantee a place.

1940: The boys are back on the road, they have set off in the dark and are all set all set for a tough four-hour climb towards Burton-on Trent. Just over 50 miles to go today.

1935: The team have enjoyed a hearty meal at the Keepmoat Stadium. Alan Shearer tucked into the beef stew alongside a large helping of pasta. Adrian Chiles went for a pasta salad and spaghetti bolognaise. The BBC's Neil Cartmell 'went down the Chiles route' and wolfed down the spag bol, but dodged the salad. Everyone has had a toilet break and they are all set to continue.

1926: It was, of course, Adrian Chiles' idea to stop off at the Hawthorns on this challenge, but he may well have let his heart rule his head. West Bromwich Albion's home ground is the highest league ground in English football standing at an altitude of 551 feet. At least it should be downhill from then on! Shearer and Chiles are due to reach the Hawthorns at around 0815 on Friday morning.

1905: "I don't know if you can have a transplant of the bones in your bum, but if you can I want one."
Adrian Chiles on BBC Radio 5

1902: The boys are enjoying a well-deserved rest in Darlington with Alan Shearer sipping what looks suspiciously like a cocktail during a leisurely interview with Christine Bleakley. Shearer is looking as cool as a cucumber, while Chiles has the look of a man who has put a very hard shift in. The duo will be back on their bikes in the next half an hour and have another 50 miles to go before those lovely ice baths and a few hours sleep in Burton-on-Trent.

1900: Any ideas when Shearer and Chiles will make it to West Brom's ground. I would love to show my support.
Steve on 81111

1820: "There was a classy moment when we were cycling down the A19 and a helicopter came overhead. Alan Shearer said to me: "that's Michael Owen on his way to Cheltenham", and sure enough the helicopter did a big loop, came round and hovered next to us. A couple of obscene hand gestures were exchanged and then off he went to Cheltenham and we carried on down the A19. It was like a scene from Footballers' Wives."
Adrian Chiles on BBC Radio 5

1800: Don't forget that Shearer and Chiles are doing this insane bike ride to raise cash for Sport Relief. You can show your support by making a donation using the link below. If you have been inspired by their exertions then there is still time to sign up for the Sport Relief Mile this Sunday.

Alan Shearer gets a massage after completing a mighty 119 miles
Alan Shearer gets a massage after completing a mighty 119 miles

1751: An early arrival in Doncaster mean our cycle heroes have a little bit more time for a spot of rest and relaxation. Alan is making the most of it and is getting a nice neck massage. While Adrian is spread-eagled in a chair in an exhausted heap. Both men are delighted to have made it to Doncaster in such good time and they are hoping to make a quick getaway after the One Show.

1741: "I am tired, but not too bad."
A chatty Alan Shearer

1725: News just in. Shearer and Chiles have arrived in Doncaster 35 minutes ahead of schedule. They have an extended break here as Adrian will be co-presenting tonight's One Show from the Keepmoat Stadium. What a pro! They have completed a cool 119 miles so far today - hats off to them.

Adrian Chiles gets a well deserved rub-down in Doncaster
Adrian Chiles gets a well deserved rub-down in Doncaster

1645: "They are all having a few chaffing problems especially around the gentleman zone. I have got an array of ointments and they are all dipping into each others."
Fulham and Super Cycle physio Nick Worth

1625: Latest update from the road. Apparently Shearer and Chiles have been keeping each other entertained by doing football quizzes along the way. The current favourite is guess the suffixes. where they are trying to name every suffix in the football league past and present. I will start us off with Orient and Wednesday. Points will be awarded for the more obscure ones you come up with...

1615: Super cycle physio Nick Worth has been giving me the low-down on the boys' aches and pains. Both have issues with their gluteals, which is their backside to you and me. Adrian's earlier problems seem to be down to his tight hamstrings and the TV presenter is enjoying regular rubdowns at every stop. Nick also revealed that the boys have got ice-baths to look forward to when they reach their hotel in Burton-on-Trent at around midnight. Joy.

Toilet stops are few and far between on the A19
Toilet stops are few and far between on the A19

1550: That's the 100 mile mark! The boys have 'done the ton' ahead of schedule and are delighted with their progress. The tiny Yorkshire village of Chapel Haddesley was the scene for this momentous landmark.

1530: Alan Shearer is starting to feel the strain now and is complaining about his sore neck and backside. The banter between the riders has all but dried up and the buzz phrase of the moment seems to be 'knuckling down.' They have now completed over 90 miles so are halfway there - for today. It's starting to get hard now and Shearer has been overheard mumbling to himself about chocolate.

1502: Shearer just zoomed past my work window. Chiles is keeping pace manfully. Go on son!
Rich, York on 81111

1500: Well over six hours on the road now for our brave cyclists and they are making good progress. Adrian Chiles is definitely having a few more difficulties than Alan Shearer. While pacesetter and charity-fitness lunatic Dr Greg Whyte is yet to shed a single bead of sweat, Probably. Whyte has only just got back from Africa after joining James Cracknell and David Walliams in their swim across the Straits of Gibraltar. If you had to describe this man's level of fitness in Hollywood terms, he would be Angelina Jolie.

1420: "Alan Shearer doesn't generally do fear but I have looked into his eyes this morning and I have seen fear."
Adrian Chiles on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning

1420: "There is a little bit of worry this morning. I feel exactly the same now as I did before the FA Cup final at Wembley, when I was playing for Newcastle - I just hope it's a different result."
Alan Shearer on BBC Radio 5

Alan Shearer and Adrian Chiles are cycling from Newcastle to London, in just two days, to raise cash for Sport Relief

1400: The boys are well into North Yorkshire now fast approaching York. Adrian is having a few, ahem, issues with his posterior but the big man is digging deep for Sport Relief. There is some talk that he might have to sew a big slice of rump steak into his cycling shorts. Shearer is coolness personified, he has got his head down and he is getting on with it.

1320: Thanks for all your messages of support and comments on 606. I will pass as many of these on to the team as I can. I am not on the road unfortunately Howcro but I am in constant contact with my colleague Neil Cartmell who is in the support car and is keeping me bang up to date with what's happening. I am also getting updates from Comic Relief's Mark Woods, who went to Uganda with Alan Shearer, so make sure you keep checking in to find out what's happening.

GunnerLot if you want to get involved there is still time to sign up for the Sport Relief Miles on Sunday. Use the link below to find out how - I will award points for good costume ideas. Finally slaptonhatter_matt shame on you! Adrian is a natural athlete...

1315: Sean I just wondered how you are following their progress? Are you there in a nice warm car following behind them?
howcro on 606

1314: Pure quality, this is a fantastic idea. I always donate but how do you get involved with your own fund raising idea?
GunnerLot on 606

1313: How is Adrian managing to do this? WITH HIS BELLY!
slaptonhatter_matt on 606

1300: "I am feeling much better than I thought I would I did get a nasty attack of chaffing around the three-hour mark, but I am now lubed up and ready for action."
Adrian Chiles on a mobile phone just outside York

1255: The boys have drawn quite a crowd at Moss's Motors service station 10 miles outside York. They are currently tucking into hot drinks, flap jacks and sandwiches whilst being photographed by excited locals. The weather is still being kind to them and them it's cold but thankfully not raining and with very little wind. 63 miles down and all is well.

1225: 50 Miles gone! and the people of the North East are out in force to cheer Adrian and Alan on. Spirits are high and both men are still smiling but there is a long, long way to go. They are just passing Northallerton on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors heading south towards Thirsk. Don't forget to show your support for the boy's extraordinary efforts and follow their progress on the live tracking map.

Adrian Chiles and Alan Shearer pack all the essentials for their Sport Relief challenge
Adrian Chiles and Alan Shearer pack all the essentials for Sport Relief

1130: "Brilliant challenge to attempt lads - go for it. Best of luck to both! I'm tempted to say though - managing the Magpies or doing this? Alan's taken the easy option!"
hallifordite on 606

1105: The first rest stop of the day. The guys are planning to stop for ten minutes every two hours and these little rest stops are known as 'bum breaks' - no prizes for guessing why. The boys are wolfing down bananas like they are going out of fashion. They have made steady progress in decent conditions 35 miles down just another 300 to go then...

1005: Dramatic scenes at the top of the A19 as they boys left Gateshead, Alan Shearer has come a cropper at a set of traffic lights. The Former England star got his feet caught in his clips and tipped over. he's fine though and hops straight back on his bike with a slightly embarrassed smile. I knew that wobble meant something it was the curse of Keegan on Superstars, I am sure it was.

0940: Solid opening hour from our Sport Relief super cyclists they have crossed the Tyne Bridge and are well out of Newcastle. It looks like they have had a lucky break with the weather as the winds have dropped right down and the sun has even shown it's face. A far cry from yesterday which was wild and windy in the North East. Mind you it was horrible just about everywhere.

0840: And they are off! the challenge is underway and I am not sure if it's Kevin Keegan, the bikes or the air horn but I am getting distinct Superstars vibes from this. Luckily our boys make it out of the tunnel without eating tarmac although Shearer did have a little wobble.

Send us your thoughts

0839: Kevin Keegan, looking resplendent in navy blue Newcastle bench coat and light brown slacks, has a few words of encouragement for Shearer and Chiles: "Good luck guys, been great knowing you!" Ah King Kev, you've got to love him. He then let's out a slightly unsettling roar of "Sport Relief" before sounding the air horn to start the challenge.

0835: "I just want to get out of the tunnel without falling off! It's blowing a gale here, Kevin Keegan has been making some very unkind comments about my physique though so that's taken the edge off my nerves."
An ambitious Adrian Chiles on BBC Breakfast

Alan Shearer visits a Sport Relief project in Uganda
Alan Shearer has visited a Sport Relief project in Uganda

0830: Our boys are making their final preparations, I can't tell you the exact details - but they will be well briefed, well padded and very well lubed. And, I am pretty sure they will be standing up.

0820: Just how mad are they? Well... They are scheduled to pedal an eye-watering 186 miles on the first day and an energy-sapping 149 miles on day two. To put that into perspective the maximum distance cycled in any one day of the Tour de France is 149 miles.

0815: "The professional cyclists think Adrian and I are mad - they don't understand why we are even contemplating our challenge because, in cycling terms, it's the equivalent of running three marathons in two days."
Alan Shearer on people's reactions to the challenge

0800: Good morning. Alan Shearer and Adrian Chiles are making their final preparations for the Sport Relief Super Cycle challenge. Our intrepid cyclists are attempting to ride all the way from St James' Park in Newcastle to London's BBC Television Centre, (via Adrian's beloved West Bromwich) in Just two days. That's right 335 miles in two days. They must be mad...

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