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You can check out our archive to see if your query has already been answered in previous years:

The theme tune that used to be the theme tune for Grandstand was specially composed for the show by Keith Mansfield, registered to KPM music Ltd.

Qu: Do you know what the song used on the 2009 World Track Cycling programme is? I have a feeling it's by Pendulum but I can't find it anywhere!

Ben Tite, UK

Ans: It is indeed Pendulum and the song 9,000 Miles from the album In Silico

Qu: What was the music playing in the montage at the end of the program when Ireland won the Grand Slam this year?

Anon, Wales

Ans: That was Signed, Sealed, Deliverd (I'm yours) by Stevie Wonder.

Qu: What was the music being played in the background for this year's Six Nations (2009) when it was "The one to watch"? It was also used during the Anglo-Welsh game the weekend after when Gloucester played the Ospreys

James Collard, UK

Ans: It's called Death by White Lies from the album To Lose My Life.

Qu: Can you please tell me the name of the song used for the Anglo-Welsh Cup on Saturday 28 March 2009? It was an upbeat dance track, thanks so much!

Natasha Lyons, UK

Ans: We think you are referring to the Prodigy song, Omen.

Qu: Can you tell me who sang the Irish/Gaelic version of 'The Fields of Athenry' on the Six Nations coverage on Saturday 21 March?

Adrian, Scotland

Ans: That is Esgair lsung by lyn Dafydd Iwan from the album Dal i gredu.

Qu: What was the name of the song in the end montage of the match of England v France on March 15th 2009?

Charles Marshall, England

Ans: It was What Becomes of the Broken Hearted by Jimmy Ruffin

Qu: What is the music being played at the end of the European Indoor Athletics championship coverage on BBC2 on Saturday 7th March

Anthony Roche, UK

Ans: The song was called Free for All by Nick Nolan

Qu: Could you please tell me the name of the music used in the opening titles for the Davis Cup tennis coverage?

Oliver, London

Ans: Crying Blood by V V Brown from the album Travelling the Light

Qu: Could you please tell me what song plays during tale of the half throughout the 6 Nations 2009?

Ryan, England

Ans: That was I'm not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you by the Black Kids.

Qu: The song which you played during/end titles of the England v Ireland match 28th Feb at Croke Park please. A Motown classic I'm sure, but what's the name of the track please?

Robert Mowatt, England

Ans: That was Nowhere to Run by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

Qu: Could you please tell me the name of the song played at the very end of the coverage of the France v Wales, Six Nations match on the 27th February?

Will, Scotland

Ans: It was This Old Heart of Mine (is weak for you) by The Isley Brothers.

Qu: What is the title music that the BBC play at the start of Formula One? I'm sure it's Fleetwood Mac, but don't know the title. Could you please help me?

Trevor Bovill, The Netherlands

Ans: It is Fleetwood Mac's song, The Chain.

Qu: Could you please tell me the track that was playing in the Becky Adlington, "The Story of Miss Nobody", video on Sports Personality of the Year?

Scottie, England

Ans: It was Mirage by Brian Eno.

Qu: Could you please tell me what the title of a piece of piano music was that was playing on the BBC Sports Personality year program - it is in the background of the Ben Ainslie video.

James Searles, England

Ans: It was American Beauty by Hans Zimmer, performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Qu: Please can you tell me who played the music and its title, just prior to the presentation of the main awards for Rebecca Adlington, Lewis Hamilton and Chris Hoy at the 2008 Sports Personality of the Year award.

Carl Gadd, UK

Ans: It's called Arise by the The String Project Atmosphere Music Ltd .

Qu: What was the music used when displaying the nominees on Sports Personality of the Year 2008?

Duncan, UK

Ans: That was Mercury Intimacy (instrumental) by Bloc Party.

Qu: What was the music that was playing during the clips of Wales winning the 6 Nations on the Sports personality of the year show.

P. McArthur, UK

Ans: The Village by Hans Zimmer from the Film Music of Hans Zimmer album.

Qu: What was the name of the reggae song used in Usain Bolt's video clip on BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award?

James, UK

Ans: There were two songs used for Usian Bolt - one was De Materialize by Scientist from the album Scientist meets the Space Invaders and there was also The Bridge at Khazad Dum performed by the City of Prague Orchestra from the Reel Chill album.

Qu: Please could you tell me the name of the classical piece of music played as the Olympic cyclists were riding along the moors during the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Matt, England

Ans: It's called MANY by Armstrong from the album, Memory takes my hand.

Qu: What was the song on SPOTY for Joe Calzaghe's clip of his career?

Cathal, Ireland

Ans: It's called Then he Kissed Me by The Crystals from the Best of the Crystals.

Qu: What was the music played during the Lewis Hamilton section on Sports Personality 2008? Thank you

Ian Hird, England

Ans: That is the Balcony Scene by Craig Armstrong from Film Works

Qu: Please tell me what the soundtrack to the Andy Murray video on SPOTY was? (all the videos were superb, as always!)

Simon Hartley, UK

Ans: It was Dark Knight, from the music from Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.

Qu: Could I ask what the music was that was played by the orchestra when Bobby Charlton came up and was given a standing ovation, in the Sports Personality of the Year Show?

Stephen Lockyer, UK

Ans: It's called Hoppipolla by Bigisson/Dyrason/Holm/Sveirnsson and performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Qu: What song was playing under the Euro 2008 montage on Sports Personality?

Dean, Ramsey

Ans: It's called The White Room by Winona from the album Rose Bud.

Qu: Could you tell me the name of the piece of music that you used to accompany the Michael Phelps piece on Sports Personality of the Year?

Oliver Barford

Ans: That is Hometown Glory by Adele from her album 19.


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