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Match Commentaries & Sports News on BBC Radio Stoke

BBC Radio Stoke is the place for you to hear all the latest news and commentary on the area's major teams.

Our top team of commentators bring you footballing action from Stoke City, Port Vale and Crewe Alexandra, as well as summaries of the rest of the area's sporting action - including the latest on Stoke Potters speedway and the local Staffordshire cricket scene.
You can join in the phone-in programmes too.

The station broadcasts on 94.6 FM (104.1 FM in Stafford), 1503 AM and DAB. When all three of our professional teams are playing at the same time, the three commentaries will be split among the three frequencies.

Radio Stoke is committed to covering all games in 2010/11 by our three professional teams, whether in the leagues or major cup tournaments.

You'll also find us online at - although most football commentaries cannot be streamed on the BBC internet for contractual reasons .


See details of all our programmes and staff on our our Sports & Sports Team page for more details.

And you can see the goal highlights on Midlands Today on BBC One at 1830 GMT on Mondays and the day after any midweek matches.

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