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BBC Sport Help/FAQs

If you have a question about BBC Sport, please read these Frequently Asked Questions first.

If your question is not answered here, you can find a link to an email post form at the bottom of this page. But we get hundreds of e-mails every day, so we will only answer those queries which are not already covered here or on our Sport Editors' blog , and we cannot guarantee a personal response.

If you wish to make a formal complaint, please do not use this page but instead go to

Advertising- If you've seen commercial advertising on the BBC website and would like to provide feedback or to get help with issues related to advertising, please refer to our frequently asked questions.

For questions specific to Match of the Day, try this FAQs page .

For questions specific to audio and video, try this FAQs page .


How do I find out what sport you are covering?
There are quite a few ways.

This page gives details of TV over the next seven days.

Details of Radio coverage can be found on this page.

We also have a separate more detailed page where we list our forthcoming online/interactive schedule.

This page has more information about the possibilities of digital television and the red button.

I have question about a specific sport.
Please check the specific BBC coverage pages for each sport. You can find them on that sport's index - eg, and linked out of the right-hand side of all stories on that sport.

BBC Sport cover many smaller or Olympic sports that other broadcasters may not. Please see our Other Sports section.

You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter in which we include all our listings.

The website is a good resource for finding sport on any channel, not just the BBC.

Other broadcasters outside the UK also show BBC programmes. Please contact them directly about their schedules.

If you are not sure of the exact date of an event - check our calendar which lists the main upcoming events.

Finally, there are the BBC's general listings pages.

Why aren't you covering such and such a sport/such and such world championships?
We only have limited resources and have to spread those resources across a great number of sports, including many minority sports which other commercial channels do not cover.

We also have a number of relationships with governing bodies to bring their headlines onto our site - for instance with Badminton England at


The live text scores are not being updated. Is there any reason for this?
All our text commentaries and scorecard pages are generated automatically using a data feed from an external company. We do follow up any delays and rectify any problems if there are any as soon as we become aware of them.

Can I use your content on my own site?
I am afraid not, because the BBC owns the copyright.

However, you can take a feed of our headlines onto your site via our RSS service, providing you credit us.

Could I use a picture from your website?
Unfortunately we are unable to grant permission for you to use a photo, because we are supplied by external photo agencies such as

You can find the photo you want from their website.

How do I find an older story?
We have archived everything we have published since the website launched in 2000. How to search our site

Why don't local sports results appear on digitext?
Unfortunately digitext has a limited number of pages so we have to take strict editorial decisions about what to put on them. So although local sports results appear on Ceefax, they do not have a home on digitext.


Why does some video appear embedded on the page and other video opens in a separate pop-up window?

Since March 2008, BBC News and Sport have been making a transition from the old pop-up (Real and Windows) player to a new embedded player.

Video and audio clips are now encoded in the new embedded player, though some clips and archived content will continue to be available in the pop-up player format.

Live streaming of video is also now available in a UK-only embedded format, but live audio - as well as certain other content - may appear in the old pop-up player for the time being.

For more information on how to use audio and video go to our troubleshooting pages:

I'm in the UK but I am being told that content is not available in my territory

We use technology to prevent people from outside the UK from accessing content that we need to limit to the UK for rights reasons.

If you are using a 3G card from a UK mobile network operator and are being told that content is not available in your territory, please go to the 3G card section in our Audio and video help section: 'I'm using a 3G card from a UK mobile network operator and am being told that content is not available in my territory'

If you are not using a 3G card from a UK mobile network operator, please continue reading.

You might have been identified as outside the UK because your computer is on a foreign-based network, or is routed overseas (sometimes the case with work connections if your employer is not UK-based). Some programs, such as web accelerators, can also cause your IP address to appear as if it is outside the UK.

If BBC media player doesn't recognise your IP address at all, then you won't be able to stream or download programmes.

Occasionally it may simply be a network error, so it's worth closing your browser or router and reopening as a new IP address is allocated which may be UK-based.

Our Geo-IP technology system recognises IP addresses provided by UK-based internet service providers (ISPs). If the BBC media player doesn't recognise your address, you must contact your ISP as they alone can register your address.

If your ISP has registered with the appropriate databases, our servers are updated on a monthly basis so you will have to wait until the next refresh to gain access.

If the problem persists, you may wish to contact us with your IP address, post code and internet service provider information.

What's the best way of hearing audio and viewing video?
You will need version 8 or above of Flash to play embedded clips.

Download RealPlayer version 9 or above from RealNetworks or Microsoft Windows Media Player version 9 or above to play media in the pop-up player.

Why do you only stream at 256kbs and not a higher quality?
We're sorry if you don't feel the picture quality of our streams and on-demand video is high quality enough. We have to take several things into consideration and we stream at 256kbs as this is the optimum quality we are able to offer to the maximum number of people. The higher the quality, the fewer the people who would be able to access the video.

Why can't I access sports streams on the website when abroad?
Worldwide internet rights to sporting events are almost never available. Sports rights are sold country-by-country, and if the BBC streamed live action globally then it would be a direct competitor for the company who'd bought the internet rights in other countries.

Very occasionally - we are able to secure global rights; but that will be the exception rather than the rule.

We also have to prioritise in favour of UK licence-payers. Unfortunately it is not possible to serve only British people abroad, as the BBC would have to pay a fortune to secure rights for mass populations in each individual territory - you cannot justify that to UK-based licence payers.

Please check our sport-by-sport coverage pages to find out what events we have the rights to broadcast on our TV & radio pages.

Why isn't Match Of The Day or Football Focus available on demand on the website?
You can watch Match of the Day and Football Focus live on the website as part of a simulcast, but unfortunately we do not have the rights to show football highlights on the web or the red button outside of those programmes and outside of certain times.

If you have further questions about football coverage check our Match of the Day FAQs.

Again, worldwide internet rights apply.

What is the BBC Sport Player?
The BBC Sport Player is where you can watch and listen to our best video and audio, along with links to further related and recommended content.

Do I need a TV licence to watch video online?

If you use any device to receive television programmes as they're being shown (live) on TV, the law requires you to be covered by a TV Licence. It makes no difference how you watch TV - whether it's on your laptop, PC or mobile phone or through a digital box, DVD recorder or TV set.

You will not need a TV Licence to view video clips on the internet, or with the iPlayer, as long as what you are viewing is not being shown on TV at the same time as you are viewing it.

You can purchase a TV Licence and find out more at

Can I download your Sport Academy videos for use in my school/project?
Unfortunately our Sport Academy videos are only available in streaming format on the web, and we are not able to make them available for download or sale.

However, we are looking into the possibility of making them downloadable in the future. Some of them are already available to watch on your mobile if you sign up to our WAP service.

How can I find out about music used on the website or across the BBC?

Check here for:

Check here for:


Which browser should I be using to get the most from your site?
The website is optimised for versions 4 and above of Netscape and Internet Explorer. If your browser cannot display tables or Java, then we would advise you to use the Low Graphics version.

How do I know if I am viewing the most up-to-date material on your site?/Sometimes I get an old page when I visit your website.
Click the refresh or reload button on your browser every time you visit. Try hitting F5 on your keyboard or clearing your internet cache if old pages appear.

I am trying to watch one of your animations in Flash but the screen is blank?
It may be that you do not have the Flash player installed. Please check our Flash help pages

I've signed up to your newsletter but I am not receiving e-mails. Please check our e-mail news help pages

I am visually-impaired - how can I make your site easier to use?
The BBC works hard to make sure that its websites are as accessible as possible.

For more information about the JAWS system please our BBC h2g2 guide:


Can I get BBC Sport on my mobile?
The BBC Sport website is available on mobile phones, palmtop computers and other wireless handheld devices.


How does the voting work for Sports Personality of the Year?

Last year the shortlist of 10 contenders for the 2008 BBC Sports Personality of the Year was announced on the One Show on BBC One at 1900 GMT on Monday 1 December and also appeared on the Sports Personality website.

The list was drawn up having canvassed the nominations of sporting experts from nearly 40 magazines and newspapers.

We appreciate your interest and hope your votes by phone for one of the contenders on the night of the show - Sunday 14 December, BBC One, 1900-2100 GMT.

How can I find out the name of a song I've heard on BBC Sport?
See our music details page for updated answers to your music queries:

Where can I download the Match of the Day theme tune?
Unfortunately the BBC does not actually own the rights to the MOTD theme tune and therefore for copyright reasons we are unable to put it on the web.

Why isn't Match Of The Day or Football Focus available on demand on the website or the red button?
Unfortunately, we do not have the rights to show football highlights on the web other than as a simulcast with our television programmes. And we only have rights to transmit in specific slots ie. on Saturday evening, early Sunday morning for the repeat and MOTD2 on Sunday evening.

If you have further questions about football coverage check our Match of the Day FAQs.

Or the entries on our sport editors blog.

Why don't you advertise which interactive channel will be showing the available content?

Unfortunately we are prevented from publicising which streams of 301 and 302 we are broadcasting our outputs for two reasons. Firstly, because the streams are not officially considered 'channels'. They are interactive video streams that are used to deliver interactive and enhanced content in line with the schedule.

Secondly, because of the complexities of delivering interactive services across all genres and the desire to achieve optimum efficiency from the streams, the scheduling of content can be quite unpredictable and change at short notice. They are not managed in the same way as a channel.

How do I contact the Question of Sport team?
Send your questions to:

A Question of Sport
BBC Television
New Broadcasting House
Oxford Road
M60 1SJ

Or contact the show via this page

Can you send me a copy of a programme?
Unfortunately we are unable to make copies for viewers who were in the crowd, in shot, or for viewers who simply missed the programme.

If you've made a significant contribution to a BBC TV or radio programme (for example, if you were a performer or a member of the production team), you can request a contributor's copy of the show if it is held in the archives.

Visit the Contributor Access Terms & Conditions for eligibility information and to apply online.

How do I get in touch with an individual in BBC Sport?
We cannot provide contact information for celebrities or members of production teams. We do pass on messages, but we cannot guarantee a response.

Many of our presenters, editors and journalists keep blogs on our website. Why not get involved?

Can you answer questions about other programmes?
Unfortunately we cannot answer questions and answers about other programmes. Please contact the programmes directly.


I heard a programme on BBC radio - can I hear it again?
Many of our programmes are available on our "listen again" service via our radio player. Please check the individual station's listings via the BBC Radio homepage.

If you have a question about Radio Five Live please go to their website.


How do I get a job in BBC Sport?
When opportunities within Sport do arise they are advertised on our Jobs website . You can also view page 696 of Ceefax, Monday's Guardian and specialist journals.

The ads themselves will give you a good idea of the kind of skills, qualifications and experience required and how to apply. It is worth keeping a regular eye on the website as this has up-to-date details of vacancies, training schemes and all other relevant information.

BBC Sport is able to offer a broad range of short, unpaid work experience placements. This gives you an opportunity to find out more about the variety of jobs within the department, talk to professionals, and explore where your own future might lie.

You must be over 18.

Details of what placements are available and how to apply can be found here .

I am working on a project and would like some information from the BBC.
Have a look at

There are also the general BBC information pages at

The BBC's editorial guidelines are published here.

What information does the BBC have about me?
Please read the BBC's privacy and cookies policy at

I have a query which isn't covered here.
Please contact us through our feedback page. But we can only answer queries not already answered on all these pages.

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