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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 January 2007, 17:36 GMT
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Please note we can only answer BBC TV SPORT enquiries, so we won't be able to tell you what the soundtrack to Only Fools and Horses is.

You can also check out our archive to see if your query has already been answered:

The Grandstand theme tune was specially composed for the show by Keith Mansfield, registered to KPM music Ltd.

Qu: What is the name of the theme tune you use for the highlights of England's cricket tour Down Under?

Angus Adam, UK

Ans: The famous tune is called Soul Limbo and is by Booker T And The Mgs.

Qu: Please - what was the name of the darkly melancholic classical piece used to profile Ronnie O'Sullivan that was shown before the live broadcast of the O' Sullivan vs Carter match on the afternoon of 16th January 2007.

Martin UK

Ans: It was Overture The Hebrides (Fingal's Cave) by the Prague Symphony Orchestra from Classical Hits Vol 2

Qu: Could you tell me what the piece of music was that was played in the background of the Jimmy White piece at the begining of The Snooker Masters coverage on Sunday night 14 January?

James Tyler-Morris, England

Ans: It was A Distant Time by Tom Torhan from his album Reflections 1.

Qu: When Graham Bell did his inspection run on the Wengen downhill course on Ski Sunday what track was being played?

Hari, England

Ans: The song was Every Day I love you Less and Less by the Kaiser Chiefs.

Qu: Could you please tell me the name of piece of music & artist used for the highlights of the World Cup 2006 in Sports Personality of the Year Awards.

Beth Ellis, Wales

Ans: The bit that involved England is called Roads by Portishead from their album Dummy.

Qu: On Sports Personality of the Year, could you please tell me what the music was that was playing behind the images of Darren Clarke playing golf?

James Rossdale, UK

Ans: Run by Snow Patrol - from their album Final Straw.

Qu: Please tell me what the music was that was used on the Zidane genius/madness piece on Sports Personality of the Year? It was very much like a classical film score.

Daniel, UK

Ans: There were three pieces, firstly All Prayed Out by Thomas Newman from the Cinderella Man soundtrack, then Book Store by Jon Brion from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, then finally Dear Clarice from the Hannibal Soundtrack.

Qu: Could you please tell me the name of the song that the orchestra was playing as the St Helens team collected the Team Award at this years BBC Sports Personality show?

Paul Morris, England

Ans: The song that was played when most winners walked up to collect their award was Glorious by Andrea Johnson.

Qu: I'm after the music used for the short pieces on Tiger Woods' Open win and Jenson Button's first Grand Prix win during Sports Personality of the Year?

Gerald Powell, England

Ans: Tiger Woods was Ellis Island by Thomas Newman from Angels in America album. Then for the motorsport segement it was Love Theme, by Craig Armstrong from the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack.

Qu: I was wondering what the song was that was playing when the boxers were being introduced in this year's Sports Personality of the Year?

Darren, Wales

Ans: Battle Without Honour or Humanity by Tomoyasu Hotei from the Kill Bill soundtrack.

Qu: One of the Sports Personality of the Year trailer's is accompanied by dance music - what is it please?

Daniel P, Cambridge

Ans: It called Party all the Time, by Sharam and it's on the Ministry of Sound label.

Qu: What song was playing on the Sports Personality advert where there were loads of clips of past winners and then clips of sporting events from this year? I think it sounded like Muse, but cant' be sure!

Crazy_88, England

Ans: It is indeed Muse. It's track 10 off their album Absolution and is called Butterflies and Hurricanes.

Qu: Could you please tell which song you were playing during Saturday's (2/12/06) Grandstand coverage of the Sevens Rugby Tournament in Dubai? It had a repeating synthesiser sound to it.

Simon, England

Ans: It was 'Map of the Problematique', which is track four off the current Muse album, 'Black Holes and Revelations.

Qu: Could you please tell me the background music being played during the clips of Nicky Hayden's and Dani Pedrosa's crash on the Moto GP review (25/11/06)?

Michael, UK

Ans: It was track nine from the soundtrack to the film Romeo and Juliet called Kissing You, composed by Craig Armstrong.

Qu: What was the song that was played at the end of the England v New Zealand Rugby match on Sunday 5 November?

Helen Phillips, England

Ans: It was Sugar We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy from their album Under The Cork Tree.

Qu: What dance track was the backing music whilst the group results were being announced on the Grand Prix snooker program late on the 23rd October 2006?


Ans: It is 'Love on My Mind' by Freemasons.

Qu: What was the song playing at the beginning of the 7pm snooker programme on BBC Two on Tuesday 24 October?

Gavin Ashton, England

Ans: The music that opened the show on Tuesday was Writers Block by Just Jack.

Qu: What is the music to the current snooker competition being shown at the Grand Prix in Aberdeen where you have to identify the player? It's from an opera I think, but don't know which one!

Phillip Russell, England

Ans: It's Serse-Ombra Mai Fu by Handel performed by Andreas Scholl.

Qu: During the Paul Hunter tribute on Grandstand what was the music that was played? It sounded amazing.

Glen Kilmurray, London

Ans: The two songs used were Lucky Man and Bittersweet Symphony by British indie band Verve. Both can be found on their Greatest Hits album.

Qu: (Follow up from question below) Thanks for the info - I think I might have got it wrong in saying the song was at the end, maybe it was just before that. I've had a listen to a clip of Going Home by Mark Knopfler and it sounds like an instrumental but the song I was looking for had lyrics that went something like 'Everybody's moving, everybody moving.

Simon Haswell, UK

Ans: The track you are after was just before the end, it's Teddy Thompson - 'Everybody Move It', which is on 'Separate Ways'.

Qu: Can you tell me the name of the song that was played at the end of the BBC coverage of the Great North Run 2006?

Simon Haswell, UK

Ans: Sorry for the delay getting this answer published. The song is Going Home by Marc Knopfler. It is from the soundtrack to the film Local Hero.

Qu: I would like to know what music was used at the end of your Ryder Cup show on the final Sunday?

Lucy, Belgium

Ans: It was The Magic Number by De La Soul from their 3 Feet High and Rising album.

Qu: What was the closing music at the end of Saturday's Ryder Cup highlights show?


Ans: It Girls Aloud with Here We Go from their album, What Will The Neighbours Say.

Qu: What was the song used at the end of Friday's Ryder Cup highlights show?

Ross, Aberdeen

Ans: It was called America by Razorlight from their album, Razorlight.

Qu: I would be very grateful if you could tell me the tune used during Gary Lineker's segment on the Ryder Cup on Sunday 24th September. The tune was an Irish Violin Ballad.

Brigetta Burke, Ireland

Ans: We think you are referring to Last of the Mohicans performed by Kenneth Alwyn and the City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra from The Cinema Century Collection album.

Qu: What was the music used during the review of the previous day's play in the early part of each highlights show of the Ryder Cup, was it from Riverdance of Lord of the Dance?

Stephen McAlister, England

Ans: The music used to review the previous day's play was called Rise by Craig Armstrong and was taken from his album The Space Between Us.

Qu: What was the opening tune to your Ryder Cup highlights shows?


Ans: The answer is it is called Chase Side Shoot Up, composed by Brian Bennett and published by Music London Ltd.

Qu: Please would you confirm the incidental music played at the beginning of the stage from Rochester to Canterbury on your Tour of Britain coverage on 3 September.

Roy Gooderham

Ans: Our recordings seem to indicate that it is La Ritournelle performed by Sebastien Tellier on the Lucky Numbers label.

Qu: Could you tell the artist and track used at the very end of the European Athletics Championships on Sunday 13 August please?

Steve Tye

Ans: The song was Without You Here by the Goo Goo Dolls taken from their album Let Love In.

Qu: Is it possible to get the music tracklisting for the European Athletics that was broadcast on 9 August on BBC One at 0900?


Ans: Sure, the show opened with the titles (Evighet performed by Carola) then the shots of last nights action which was accompanied by 'Le Onde' composed by Einaudi from the album BMG Editions Classical Series VOL 1. The music from the 400m action was Snowden by the Doves from their Some Cities album. And lastly was Ceremony by New Order from their Singles album for the piece on Marlon Devonish.

Qu: I was wondering what the music is called in the opening sequence of the European Athletics Championships (2006), and if its specifically written for the event, is there anywhere that I can get the music?


Ans: The opening titles to our European Athletics coverage was called Evighet (Promo Single), performed by Carola and released by Universal Music.

Qu: Can I have a list of songs that were playing during an interview with Jack Charlton during the 1966 documentary on Grandstand on 30 July?

Joe Davies, UK

Ans: There were two, Melodia Africana 1 by Ludovico Einaudi, from the album I Giorni and then Summer in the City by The Lovin' Spoonful from the album, The Greatest Hits of 1966.

Qu: Could you please tell me what the piece of music was that was played on Sunday Grandstand at the end of a review of the 1966 World Cup final?

Mick G Hawkins, UK

Ans: The song that was played during the end of the 1966 programme was Ava Maria by Johann Sebastien Bach.

Qu: Leaderboard music for the Golf - I see the answer that it is Falling to the Ground by 13 Senses, but I don't think it is! The song I listened sounds nothing like it. Can you verify this?

Steve, UK

Ans: The new song played on the leaderboard at the Open golf is Nature's Law by Embrace.

Qu: I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the song and the artist who featured at the end on the Open golf, it was a female singer.

Chris Key, UK

Ans: Loads of you asked about this - the answer is Peggy Lee singing It's a Good Day available on Capitol Records.

Qu: Just before the beginning of the Wimbledon men's singles final, there was a short excerpt of a classical piece that I recognise from a recent movie - what is it?

Jon Lister, UK

Ans: That is 'Whisper of the Thrill' by Thomas Newman taken from the soundtrack to Meet Joe Black.

Qu: Could you please tell me music played towards the end of Rafael Nadal's story, which was shown before the Men's Wimbledon Final?

Lloyd White, England

Ans: There were three songs played over that item - first was 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack, then 'Rushing' by Moby and finally 'Whisper of the Thrill' by Thomas Newman.

Qu: What was the music played over the closing titles for Wimbledon coverage on Sunday 9 July - sounded like Dean Martin?

Raymond, UK

Ans: Is was Dean Martin singing 'Ain't that a Kick in the Head'.

Qu: What is the name of the song that was played at the end of Today at Wimbledon/Yesterday at Wimbledon on 7/8 July?

Daniel, England

Ans: In The Waiting Line' by Zero 7 from their album Simple Things.

Qu: What was the song at the end of Today at Wimbledon on the 6 July. It was a female singer singing about 'everyone around me'. Sounded like Beverley Knight possibly?

Boris, UK

Ans: It was Beverley Knight signing 'Under The Sun' from her album Affirmation

Qu: What was the classical music played in the introduction of Wimbledon programme at 1300 BST on BBC Two on the 6 July, women's semi-final day?

James, UK

Ans: It was 'The Balcony Scene' by Craig Armstrong taken from the Film Works 1990-2005 album.

Qu: I would like to know the details of the song that was playing at the end of Today at Wimbledon when Andy Murray lost to Baghdatis on 3 July ?

Siabhainn Russell, Scotland

Ans: It was 'I Can't Come Down' by Embrace from their album This New Day.

Qu: During the second week of Wimbledon 2006 highlights, I remember on several occasions a soul/funk track was used over a montage of clips from the days play. Please can you help resolve this mystery?

J. Smith

Ans: It is called 'Giggin' down 103rd' by Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band from the album Right On Vol 1-3: Break Beats and Grooves from the Atlantic and Warner Vaults.

Qu: Can you tell me the name of the theme tune for Wimbledon?

Peter Farrar, England

Ans: It is called Light and Tuneful and it was composed by Keith Mansfield.

Qu: Could you please, please tell me what the song was that was used during 'Today at Wimbledon' when Amelie Mauresmo and Justine Henin-Hardenne walking to the court. I think it could be Snow Patrol but I'm not sure.

Victoria, England

Ans: Snow Patrol was not used on that show - That song was 'Wires' by Athlete.

Qu: Can you please tell me the theme music you had playing in a Super Saturday trail for the football and tennis that was shown on Saturday 1 July?


Ans: The song was called 'You are all I have' by Snow Patrol.

Qu: Can you tell me what the music was on the end of the Wimbledon coverage on Saturday? It featured a great female singer - singing about a beautiful day. Where I can get it?

Mike Watts, UK

Ans: The song that closed the show on Saturday's Wimbledon (1/7/06) is called 'This Beautiful Day' by Blond Fish and you can find out more at their website

Qu: I would like to ask the name and artist of the song played during the closing credits of Sunday 4 June's rugby league coverage on Grandstand.

Liam O'Donnell

Ans: The track which closed the show on Sunday 4 June was Incredible by the Shapeshifters from their album Sound Advice.

Qu: Can you please give me the details of the classical piece that was played during the Ten years of professional rugby programme that was broadcast on 28/05/06?

Neil, England

Ans: There were two pieces of classical music used in that show, but they both came from the same album, 'The Best Classical Album in the World Ever'. One was called 'Balcony Scene' and was composed by Armstrong, De Vries and Hooper and the other was 'Voca Me' composed by Robert Prizeman and performed by Joseph Platt, Christopher Robson and Anthony Chadney.

Qu: Could you tell me the music played under the Sport Relief promo on BBC? It sounds like only a guitar intro to a song has been used

Tim Goodden, England

Ans: There are a couple of Sport Relief promos on the BBC at the moment.

The one you are referring to (voiced by Jonathan Ross) is by Snow Patrol and is called 'Open your Eyes' on their new album 'Eyes Open'.

There is also another promo with Dermot O'Leary which uses 'Get it Together' by Go Team from the album Thunder Lightening Strike.

Qu: Hello! Please can you help me to find the name of the music/band being played on Sunday's (23/04) snooker programme over an item on Ryan Day?

Y Roberts, UK

Ans: The band was Groove Armada and the track was Edge Hill.

Qu: Please could you tell me the opening music to the 2006 Golf Masters preview show?

Paul Blackstone, England

Ans: The first song played in the Masters preview show was called Hoppipolla by Sigur Ross from the album Takk. The music from the credits is called Chase Side Shoot Up by Brian Bennett.

Qu: On the World Snooker programmes there is a track used in the 'Coming Up' section of the coverage. Could you tell me who it is by please?

Colin, England

Ans: The music used is 'It's Dare' by Gorillaz.

Qu: Could you tell me the music played with the short highlight clips (usually before the leaderboard) in this year's US Masters? It sounded a bit like Embrace or Travis.

Adrian, UK

Ans: A Embrace track was used for certain items in the Masters coverage, it was called 'No Use Crying' and is from their new album This New Day. The song you are referring to though is 'Look Around' by Orson.

Qu: Could you tell me what music was played in the background during the Masters coverage when we were being shown a preview of the hole from a camera in a helicopter?

Alan, UK

Ans: It is from a promotional CD called 'There's No Way' by Kamera off a label called Kung-Fu.

Qu: Can you please tell me what the theme tune is to the BBC's coverage of the Masters golf?

Dean Girling, United Kingdom

Ans: The tune is called Chase Side Shoot Up by Brian Bennett and it is published by Music London Ltd.

Qu: The coverage of the Masters golf on Thursday 6 April started with a montage of Tiger Woods to a really beautiful song sung by a female artist. I'd really love to know who it was who was singing, and the name of the track.

Andy Oakes

Ans: The track is called 'Put your records on' by Corinne Bailey Rae and has recently been flying high in the charts.

Qu: Hi, could you please tell me what music was used as the theme to the Grand National?

Jason, England

Ans: The music that was used in the opening titles for the Grand National meeting was - Turn the Page by The Streets.

Qu: Please tell me the music you used in the opening and closing credits to the Qatar MotoGP on Saturday 8 April.

Frank Le Seelleur, UK

Ans: The track is called Hysteria by British rockers Muse.

Qu: What was the music used for the Commonwealth Games montage that ended the BBC's coverage of the Games?

Paul Cockburn, UK

Ans: The track was called 'Celebrate' by British band Embrace. It is track six on their new album called 'A New Day'.

Qu: Please can you tell us who sang the version of True Colours which was the background music to the medley of highlights shown at the end of the Six Nations match between England and Ireland?

Simon, England

Ans: It was a live version by Eva Cassidy.

Qu: What music was used for the interview with Darren Campbell on the Commonwealth Games coverage on Tuesday 21st March? He was talking about helping kids in the area he grew up in.

Dave Mathison, Scotland

Ans: It is called An Ending (Ascent) composed by Brian Eno. It is from 28 Days Later album, released by Virgin Records.

Qu: Currently on the Commonwealth Games coverage there is a song played every time the day's headlines are on - can you tell me the song artist and title please?

David Mellor, England

Ans: Sure, it is called Without Words and is performed by '4 Hero Presents Nature Plan'. It comes from the album Latino Lounge which is produced by Far Out Music Publishing UK/Westbury Music.

Qu: Please can you tell me the music used during the titles of your Commonwealth Games coverage?

David, England

Ans: It is called We Took Vegas by Deadly Avenger, but unfortunately it is not commercially available.

Qu: Could you please tell me which song you use during the Commonwealth Games coverage that plays over the city picture when there's no events playing on one of the interactive channels?

Paul, England

Ans: That tune is by Star Sailor and is called Four to The Floor, from their album Silence is Easy.

Qu: It may seem silly, but could you tell me which song the BBC plays during the snooker statistics and during the shows as well. I remember hearing something in the song that goes, "You'd better keep moving you, or you are gonna be left behind".

Remy Wijnands, Netherlands

Ans: The track is "Get a Move On" by Mr Scruff.

Qu: What was the music played when John Inverdale was introducing the France v England Six Nations game. He was on the steps of Sacre Coeur.

Roger, Basildon

Ans: The first piece of music was La Valse d'Amelie (accordion) by Yann Tiersen from the Amelie Soundtrack and then following that was Du Hast by German rockers Rammstein from their album, Matrix.

Qu: I really need to know what the French song was that was played at the end of the France v England game in the Six Nations on 12/03/06.

Carmelo, England

Ans: The song was called Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler by Pink Martini and is on the album Sympathique.

Qu: What was the Andrea Bocelli song used during and at the end of the Winter Olympics?

Mark Izzard, UK

Ans: The song is called 'Because We Believe' and is track 13 on his album 'Amore'.

Qu: I would just like to find out what the background music/track is when you focus in on one individual player before a Six Nations match starts?

Sandra Ezekiel

Ans: We think the track you are talking about is Mardy Bum by the Arctic Monkeys. This is taken from their 2006 album, 'Whatever People Say I Am, I'm Not.'

Qu: Can you tell me the music that was played after the Scarlets v Bath rugby match on Saturday 4th March in the end credits? It was very catchy!

Dan, UK

Ans: It's by Maximo Park and is called Apply Some Pressure. It's taken from their 'A Certain Trigger' CD available on Warp Records.

Qu: Could you tell me what the tune is called played before a break on the darts. The words, 'I'm flying away' come to mind but I can't find it anywhere!

Danni, UK

Ans: The song is called Fly Away and is by Lenny Kravitz from his 1998 album '5'.

Qu: What was the opera music at the end of the live broadcast of the Six Nations match between England v Italy on Grandstand?

Robert Howarth, UK

Ans: The title is Duettino - Sull'aria by Mozart and its was performed by the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra featuring Patrizia Pace and Maria Pia Ionata. You can find this on the 'Very Best of Classical Chillout Gold'.

Qu: I would be grateful if you could tell me what the tune was that was over the video of 'Sports Academy' on the Six Nations on Saturday 11 February. The tune is also on Toonami's Destination Friday.

Jayde, UK

Ans: It's the first track off the Go! Team album, 'Thunder Lightning Strike'. It's called Panther Dash.

Qu: Who sang the Welsh national anthem on 12th February before the Six Nations match with Scotland on BBC One?

Mikey, United Kingdom

Ans: It was sung by Wales' famous mezzo-soprano and chart star Katherine Jenkins.

Qu: What is the Winter Olympics theme tune?

Roberto Legon

Ans: The Winter Olympics theme tune is the same as Ski Sunday's and it is called Pop Looks Bach and was voted the fifth most popular television theme tune.

Qu: Could you please tell me the music used for the RBS Six Nations when they go through the "Tale of the Half"?

David Hawkins, England

Ans: Sorry this is a correction from the previous answer - The track is from Hed Kandi - The Mix 50 (disc 2) and it is called To Get Down by Timo Mass.

Qu: What is the tinkly/jangly piece of music accompanying the slow motion trailer for the forthcoming Six Nations tournament?

Dave Richmond, UK

Ans: It is from John Morris' score from the film Elephant Man, directed by David Lynch in 1980.

Qu: Can you tell me the name of the track and the artist that you are using for your new Winter Olympics trailer?

Paul White, UK

Ans:The track is Hot Ride by the Prodigy from their 2005 album Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned.

Qu: With the Lakeside 2006 coming up, I was wondering, what is the name of the music which is played during the introduction of BBC darts?

Ans: It's by Skunk Anansie off their album Stoosh.

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