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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 June, 2003, 21:46 GMT 22:46 UK
Will Federer dominate men's tennis?

Roger Federer claimed his first Grand Slam title with a straight-sets demolition of Mark Philippoussis.

Federer was in scintillating form as he outclassed big serving Philippoussis, 7-5, 6-2, 7-6.

And many in the game believe the Swiss will go on to fulfill his massive potential and dominate men's tennis for years to come.

Will Federer be the dominant force for years to come?

This debate is now closed, please see below for a selection fo your e-mails.

First of all, congratulations to Roger for fulfilling all of his promise on tennis' grandest stage - and also for silencing all of his critics forever.

More excitingly, assuming Hewitt gets back to form, with Hewitt and Federer we could have the makings of a Sampras-Agassi type match-up for years to come with Hewitt's super-human returns and all court game (Agassi) versus Federer's classic flowing serve and volley/base-line play (Sampras).

You tamed the bulls like a very gifted torrero
akober H.U., Switzerland

Throw in guys like Roddick and Ferrero, and it is finally shaping up as a great future/present for men's tennis!
Hampton, New York, NY

Dear Roger, thanks for your amazing play!!! To think that just a few more power-points (and their points were almost all based on power-serves - a robot could produce them) and they'd have been hailed as better players and great champions.

You tamed the bulls like a very gifted torrero, sublime delight!!!! Please, never feel beaten by points! As you know and teach: the countable is not what really counts.
Jakober H.U., Lausanne, Switzerland

Well deserved victory for Roger. Thank goodness the Scud didn't win. Philippoussis has a strong serve and nothing else. Very boring. Federer's shots were amazing and almost effortless.

The matches he had in the semi and the final were wonderful and very enjoyable to watch. A star is born. Congrats RF!!!
Erik, United States

Roger Federer is an absolute artist and it's spectacular to watch him. I haven't seen in champion like him in many years.
Monic van der Linden, The Netherlands

Classy, elegant, effortless shotmaker
Bruno Casavetes, US

Wonderful - I knew Federer could do it. Looking forward to next year!
Beryl Trimby

I watched the game and was amazed by this man's performance. Absolutely brilliant, he has an arsenal of shots and knows when to use the right ones. What an incredible talent, and might I entertainer.
Brandon Eliason, London

Classy, elegant, effortless shotmaker - those are a few words that come to mind while watching Federer. He makes it look ridiculously easy. If he stays injury-free he can win Wimbledon three-four times more. Well done Federer, you are a joy to watch.
Bruno Casavetes, US

Is Federer Sampras in disguise? Since Pete is no longer playing I did not think tennis would be quite as interesting as it was, but Federer really reminds me of Pete.
Rasmus Holm, Denmark

Boris Becker hit the nail on the head. The future of men's tennis is here, it arrived today. Roger Federer is a complete tennis player. An absolute pleasure to watch him play the sport to its full potential.

After the near-retirement of Pete Sampras, we have seen some shuffling in men's tennis. But I think the future will hold some great rivalries of old. The Borg-Connors, Sampras-Agassi days are back.

Federer played an absolutely incredible match
Grainne, Irish in USA

Young guns Hewitt, Federer and Roddick will bring back life into men's tennis as they tussle for the number one ranking for years to come. Add Juan Carlos Ferrero to that, and we have the future kings of the tennis court. This will be very good for men's tennis.
Sam, US

Great, deserved to win as he played better than Mark P. But I felt for Mark and the battle he's been through with his injuries. Mark is still young and he has the weapons to win Wimbledon in coming years.

He would have gained a lot of experience from this loss. He believes he can win Wimbledon one day...and I think he will. I'll be rooting for him next year!!
Martin, England

Federer played an absolutely incredible match and his semi against Roddick was outstanding also. I think Federer is so much nicer to watch than Sampras. Federer will not only be a great champion but he will lead a resurgence in the popularity of tennis - something Sampras was not able to do.
Grainne, Irish in USA

I totally congratulate Roger on his victory, he fully deserved to win and played an utterly outstanding game, leaving many people speechless at some of the magnificent shots he came out with.

He not only has a great game, he can serve as well - which is very unusual in today's game! I think we'll be seeing a lot more of him in years to come.
Sophie, Manchester, UK

He will undoubtedly win many more titles
Paul Clayden, Chelmsford

I always look forward to watching the men's final at Wimbledon but this year, although Federer deserved to win, I thought the match lacked the usual excitement and lively atmosphere that previous finals had generated.
Susan Cooper, Devon

Roger you did it! And with your exquisite beauty for all to see. Hurray! We all knew you could and you know it too! You picked a fabulous day and a great time. It is YOURS! Not one break point did you give up - almost unbelievable.

FANTASTIC! Hugs and kisses forever! You were beautiful to watch... every moment. I cried with you and am still with joyous tears! See you soon in NY.
Mary, NY - Montrose

His style of play is what is needed on grass. He combines power and finesse and makes tennis a pleasure to watch. He will undoubtedly win many more titles.
Paul Clayden, Chelmsford, Essex

Federer deserved to win, and I thought his reaction was just brilliant - so emotional. I know how much it hurt Flip walking off the court 'second best'.

A pity it was all over in three sets, particularly since Mark didn't play a bad game of tennis. Federer was just pure class on the day, and I look forward to monitoring both their performances over the coming months.
Helen, London, SW

His style of play is pure class without even a trace of arrogance
Ken Coogan, Dublin

Roger is so calm. But with that now he has a great silent power, much in the way Pete Sampras had.

I would not be disappointed to see him dominate tennis for the next decade as his brand of tennis makes a mockery of requests to reform the game; one serve, slower balls. Federer makes the game look easy without spoiling the skills that the crowds appreciate.
Andrew, Leeds

I am delighted that Roger Federer is Wimbledon champion. His style of play is pure class without even a trace of arrogance. Which baffles me as to why on earth he did not feature on Centre Court or Court One for the earlier rounds.

The Wimbledon organisers and the BBC instead decided to bombard us with almost non-stop coverage of Tim Henman. There was little or no mention or coverage of Federer until the quarter-final. The sooner they realise that Tim Henman (or Greg Rusedski for that matter) will never win Wimbledon, the better.
Ken Coogan, Dublin

Not even Andrew Castle's commentary could spoil the fabulous performances of Federer. Simply brilliant, and God-willing we will be treated to several more years of similar quality.

Come on BBC, put the A-team behind the mikes for the men's final. The last thing I want is some lightweight personality telling us that Federer "is fulfilling his potential after years of underachievement". The guy is only 21!!!
Ed, London

I haven't enjoyed watching a player like him for many years
Will Hall, London

Federer's emotional outpouring on winning Wimbledon was very moving for anyone who had a grasp of the enormity of his achievement after years of pressure to perform at the highest level.

I find the irreverent attitude of some sports commentators on his reaction to be wholly inappropriate and missing the point somewhat. Well done to Roger, here's to giving Borg's record a go!
John M, Notts, UK

Federer's ability to remain calm and focus on the important points enabled him to show what a master technician and tactician he really is. Philippoussis' low number of aces was a reflection of Federer's supreme ability to return and not a bad day at the office for Philly.

I look forward to watching Federer's next matches with the same anticipation as the previous genius.... J.P. McEnroe!
Simon Rice, Staffordshie

Federer is the man! I haven't enjoyed watching a player like him for many years. He has re-introduced flair, passion, intelligence, artistry, subtlety and finesse back into the game to make it beautiful once more. His character off court is just as impressive. May his reign be a long one - he is a sheer pleasure to watch.
Will Hall, London

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Whilst Federer may not win as many titles as Sampras, he truly has the genius touch which inspires people in a way that McEnroe did last. It's all in the quality and not the quantity.
Hamid Hazrati, London, UK

Federer was amazing on grass, and deserved to win Wimbledon. Although I wanted Mark to win, I think nerves may have had a lot to do with his performance.

But I think it has given him more determination and a real boost of confidence, that he can even beat the world number one Andre Agassi is an acheivement in itself. Something which Federer may have been unable to achieve himself.

I'm sure Mount Philippoussis will have something to cheer about in the future!
Isabel, South Wales

Federer was phenomenal. But we should not forget Hewitt, who also played outstanding all-round tennis with equally unbelievable shots, when he won last year. Federer versus Hewitt is a mouthwatering prospect for future finals.
Andrew Staunton, Edinburgh

At last, after dire recent finals we get one to remember. There are not enough players around these days with serve and volley skills who can also play from the baseline. Welcome Federer - keep it up
Claire B, Fair Oak

Roger Federer is the most breathtaking player to watch
Carole Foster, Staffs

Now that Federer has proved his worth, there is the strong possibility he will be more relaxed and going for his shots at all tournaments. Sampras' record of 14 slams may well fall!
Jane Rawlings

This is the first time in 25 years I have placed a bet at the beginning of the tournament. Roger Federer is the most breathtaking player to watch - especially live, when you are struck by the impression that he must have six arms.

The last player to impress me in this way was Borg. I always felt that Sampras (although great) was able to make his inspired shots because he used his serve as almost an insurance policy. Federer is approaching genius. My neighbour had to place the bet for me - I don't know how - thanks Roger!
Carole Foster, Staffs

Roger Federer is here to stay and will dominate Wimbledon for years to come. Players like Ferrero will challenge him on the clay with Safin and Roddick a danger on the hard courts of Australia and Flushing Meadows. However, he is the only proper grass court player and there will be no challenge from others for his All England Club crown.
Darshan, London

Roger Federer is a truly deserving Wimbledon champion. He has it all; power, accuracy and great touch. As it's been said, his game is very similar to Sampras's.

He definitely has what it takes for a true tennis champion
Biljana, Switzerland

I was a little disappointed with Roddick's semi-final performance. Sure, this was partly due to how Federer played, but Roddick was just too nervous and tight to do himself justice and give Federer a good game.

Still, with Federer, Roddick, a resurgent Phillippousis, Hewitt, Ferrero and, for a while anyway, Agassi (he is still the world number one), men's tennis is in for an exciting period.
Paul, London, UK

Every aspect of his game is brilliant, but if I had to pick one attribute, it's his accuracy. His ability to place the ball right on the line, often from long distances or incredible angles, is breathtaking.
Dave Waghorn, Southampton

Roger Federer is not only a complete and brilliant player, but also a gentleman with style, elegance and charisma. He definitely has what it takes for a true tennis champion.
Biljana, Switzerland

When I saw the first set, I knew from there he's going to be the new Wimbledon champion. To win against Roddick and Philippoussis, what else do we want him to prove. He's the true champion. The world of tennis should prepare more silveware in his name.
Aziz Senzia, UK

I think it was a fantastic two weeks of tennis. Federer deserves the title this year, and in the future. He definitely showed his talents and capability to win. Good for him.

There is not enough indoor clubs to play all year round
L St James, Leicester

Originally, I'm from the US and started playing tennis in my thirties. I managed to achieve a 4.0 standard with the USTA Leagues. Since this time I have had two children, born in England. Unfortunately, there is not enough support for young people to get involved with the sport.

I hope in the future the LTA is made aware of this situation and provides more clubs in the UK. There is not enough indoor clubs to play all year round.

Open the doors and build more tennis clubs, and Britain could see future star winners.

Today, I'm very pleased to read that the LTA has signed up McEnroe. It's about time. If I could achieve my goal at the age of thirty, imagine what a 10-year-old can achieve. If I won the Lottery I will build an indoor tennis club.
L St James, Leicester

In these days when the mph of the serve seems to so important it was so nice to see a champion play real tennis. Roger Federer has made a most important contribution to tennis. He has proved that mastering the complete range of tennis stokes is more important than the slam bam approach.
Bryan Paulding, Malaysia

I was not at all surprised to see Roger Federer lift the Wimbledon trophy as I had known for several years that he was more than capable! I first took notice when I watched him beat Sampras at Wimbledon two years ago. This was not just an ordinary talent, but a phenomenal one.

One word - fabulous
Saffron Malet, Portsmouth

Even though he moved through the rounds almost unnoticed until the latter stages, I followed all his matches using the interactive service and had a feeling deep down that this was his year.

I have been watching tennis since the 1970s and I know that a talent like this is a very rare and unique thing. Not just a brilliant player but a really nice guy, I hope he wins a lot more titles!
Kate Kivlichan, Glasgow, UK

One word - fabulous. It was so nice to see such a talented player win over the big hitters of the game. Long may it continue.
Saffron Malet, Portsmouth

I've watched tennis since the 60s, when I was a child, and over the years have seen and admired many great players. However, in recent years, with the exception of Sampras, I've never felt really 'excited' about watching someone, until Wimbledon 2003.

Roger Federer is simply amazing. He combines power with elegance. He is also an extremely likeable guy and humble with it. This guy will prove to be an inspiration to thousands of young kids. Boris Becker hit the nail on the head when he said that you don't have to be a big server and hard hitter to win titles.

A simply phenomenal performance from Federer
Neil Prescott, Fleet

Federer is a true artist and a player that I, for one, will never tire of watching.
Carol Crowe, The Netherlands

First Grand Slam of many for Federer. He has all the tricks in the book. With Agassi, Roddick and Hewitt the main contenders for the Grand Slams, the man with the best mental approach will surely dominate the next five years in all of the Slams.
Zahid Hussein, Blackburn, Lancs , England

Fantastic flawless tennis! Congratulations Federer!!
Avani Patel, Luton, UK

A simply phenomenal performance from Federer. I have to admit, I thought his win against Sampras two years ago was a one off, flash in the pan performance particularly as he lost to Henman in the next round but I am glad to see him fulfil his potential.

It's remarkable how similar his game is to Pete Sampras. He plays exactly like him apart from perhaps he's not quite as good a volleyer as Pete was yet. I can definitely see Federer winning several more Wimbledons if he stays fit and free from injury. He is an awesome talent and a pleasure to watch.
Neil Prescott, Fleet, Hants

What a treat to see someone make something so difficult look so easy
Mdas, US
Absolutely Brilliant! Federer's a Genius! He has shown today that the future of tennis is on the up! Great game!
Shahzad Quraishi, Manchester

Federer was incredible, is there anything or any other word to describe him? Ever since he knocked out Sampras two years ago I knew he woud be big and doesn't he deserve it. He played magically today and in the semi, even I was crying when he won!
Tim Mantle, Cambridge, UK

What a treat to see someone make something so difficult look so easy. Sheer artistry, unbelievable!!
Mdas, US

Well done to Federer, who played almost faultless tenis to claim the title. Much has been made of "Federer finally fulfilling his promise" but he is only 21 after all, so I thought all this talk of his "underachieving" was too harsh. Now that he's won the big one he could take some stopping - he could be the next Sampras.
Graham Donaldson, Scotland

Federer was spectacular.
Ari, USA

Federer should already go down in history as a great Wimbledon champion. I have never seen tennis played liked this before. He was magnificent today and even more so in his defeat of Roddick on Friday.
Garry Lloyd, Cheshire

Roger Federer was in a different class today
John Newcombe, Devon
Well done Roger! Since he's regarded as the next Pete Sampras he would have won obviously. He'll win more I guarantee, maybe even beat or match Pete's record. Well played Mark, if you play like that a Grand Slam title is waiting for you.
Bob, England

High marks to Federer for winning his first title. Several more are in the pipeline. He played extraordinary tennis in the semis and finals. He has a very stylish play for a right hander. I wanted Mark to win. He volleyed very well and he should consider himself unfortunate. He exhibited restrained emotions even in his wins. Speaks a lot for what he has gone through.
Srikanth Seshadri, New Jersey, USA

Roger Federer was in a different class today. This young man has the complete repertoire of shots and this was surely the first of many championship victories. His strokes and general movement around the court are so natural and elegant.

Mark Philippoussis' service was not quite up to par today and he never really threatened Roger's second service. However his personal triumph over considerable adversity is a lesson to us all and I sincerely hope that he makes it to the final again.
John Newcombe, Paignton, Devon

It may have straight sets in both his semi-final and final wins but the tennis Roger Federer produced was simply breathtaking.

I haven't been so inspired to go out and play tennis since Henri Leconte beat Ivan Lendl at Wimbledon in 1985.
Norman, UK

As for Mark...he'll be back
Sarah L, UK

I woke up at 6am to watch this match and I was not disappointed. Way to go, Roger! I've been watching you since 1999 and finally people know what I've been raving about! Congratulations on a brilliant show and may there be many more to come!
Ashvin, San Francisco

Well done Roger, but I'm so disappointed for Mark. I feel it is such a shame that he couldn't bring out his best tennis for the match he needed it the most. To have lost in just three sets must really have hurt.

Federer has got many more Wimbledons left in him, but I really hope that Philippoussis will stick by his word and return next year. One day, with tennis really that good, there will rightly be victory for my favourite, the Scud!
Heidi, Manchester

I met both Roger and Mark on the first Monday and they are two really nice blokes, so I want to congratulate them both on getting to the final.

Roger really was too good today though and his semi-final form spilled over into the final and he deserved to win. He really reminds me of Sampras and I think he could win Wimbledon many more times.

As for Mark...he'll be back and I really hope he goes all the way one year. Remember Goran? Good luck to both at the Open!
Sarah L, UK

Federer deserved the victory. He has been touted for years as a great talent for years and now this victory is a good start for more slams title in the future.

He has got a lot of talents and plays tennis with versatility and doesn't simply rely on pure power. Philippoussis had his chances but I think he was too exhausted for the match.
Phillip Templo, Manila, Philippines

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