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Last Updated: Saturday, 5 July, 2003, 15:23 GMT 16:23 UK
Disappointed with the ladies' final?
Venus' movement appears somewhat restricted by her injury

Serena Williams defeats her sister to win the Wimbledon title in a very tame game.

Venus had been struggling with an injury and looked uncomfortable throughout.

Serena was obviously unhappy to see her sister struggle but maintained her focus to serve out for a 4-6 6-4 6-2 victory to retain her title.

Many critics of the sisters will be quick to find fault with their tactics, but the sisters insist they were right to play on.

Were you disappointed with the final?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appears below.

If Kim cannot beat an injured Venus, what right does she have to be in the final. The rules of the game are very clear. You win to qualify! I doff my hat to Venus for her bravery and courage. It takes a true sportsman to sacrifice for the fans at the expense of further injury.

The Williams-Williams finals continue to disappoint
Hampton, New York

Maybe the critics would have been happier if she had cried off the court. Let's enjoy the pleasure of talent display by the Williams'. They've worked hard on their natural gifts. It's their time and the critics cannot do anything about it.

It was a good game nevertheless. Why were issues not raised about the doubles they lost? In any case, nobody is forced to watch them! Let them be.
Waltonio Percival-Deigh, Lagos, Nigeria

The Williams-Williams finals continue to disappoint. Sometimes for reasons they can control (nerves) and sometimes for reasons beyond their control (injuries).

However, I thought Venus's victory over Clijsters was particularly inspiring and she would have knocked off Serena had she been healthy.

We can only hope that the Williams duo will have some better luck and nerves in their future Grand Slam finals match-ups - because there will be plenty of them. They are seemingly only vulnerable at Roland Garros.
Hampton, New York, USA

The William sisters are getting boring; if they continue to dominate tennis, people will get bored. If Kim played Serena it may have been a better match. Bring back Steffi, Martina and Chris they were really good finals. The men's final was great.
Janet Boffey, Trowbridge, Wilts. England

I find the Williams sisters very boring to watch
Shanie, Nottingham

I felt that the ladies final met my expectations, and if not overmet. An injured Venus played very well and was impressive at times. I think we have to salute the sisters as they are at the moment the best players in the world.

They are sisters and of course there will be a bag of mixed emotions but really I felt that the crowd were very subdued and possibly could have rallied more to get the final more exciting but this wasn't to be.

Domination is no harm in a sport but critics of the William's sisters need to not look at their game but to look at other players who need to reach their level.
Niall Moonan, Co.Louth Ireland

In light of Venus' injury, I had not expected her to play as well as she did. She is, indeed, a TRUE CHAMPION!
Kimm P, NYC, USA

For the first time since tennis has been televised (I am that old), I didn't watch any of the women's tennis final. I find the Williams sisters very boring to watch. They may be very good tennis players, but I get very little pleasure watching them.
Shanie, Nottingham

Serena and Venus are phenomenal. The final was so tense emotionally, I just felt relieved to imagine them flying back home to Florida, continuing serenely in their sisterly domination of the tennis world.

Let's not blame them for being head and shoulders above the rest
Simon Menelaws, Dundee

Their shot-making ability and their speed made the final look like a 'normal' match by the fact that it was played by them. However, when it's against the best of the rest, they wipe the floor with them.

That an injured Venus can take out an inspired Clijsters, and Serena's demolition of Henin-Hardenne's excellent game, underlines the point. We're privileged to see this level of tennis between two sisters and in years to come they will be remembered as two of the all-time greats.

It would be great to see Venus fit enough to give Serena a run for her money in the US Open final. Let's not blame them for being head and shoulders above the rest.
Simon Menelaws, Dundee, Scotland

I don't think I will bother to watch another Serena v Venus match. The crowd wasn't into the match, and the sisters both clearly wanted to win, but didn't seem to care who actually won. Women should still get equal pay though - the semis were pretty decent.
Keith, Los Angeles

It was a good final with some terrific hitting and great athleticism shown by both combatants. But hey, when was the last time we had an absolute classic anyway? Remember some of the rubbish we put up with during the Graf era etc?

The comments of the BBC commentators - most of whom were failures as players - were disgraceful. There are obviously a lot of people out there who don't like the Williams sisters for whatever reason.

Some of the rallies between these two were clearly in a different class
Tony Nelson, London

Who wants to bet that whatever happens over the next year, the Wimbledon seedings next time will bring the sisters together before the final?
Mischa, London

The final certainly wasn't a classic, but then how many finals truly are?? Would you have preferred no final at all? If Clijsters cannot even beat an injured Venus then what does that say about the state of women's tennis.

In any event, some of the rallies between these two were clearly in a different class to anything witnessed on the centre court before. So Navratilova, Evert, King, Court Graf and Goolagong all eat your hearts out.
Tony Nelson, London, England

In comparison to previous finals, yes it was a disappointment; however, what it showed was a true spirit by Venus to complete a match that she knew she had no business competing.

Reading several of the other posts, people alluded to the fact that she should have lost to Kim Clijsters; why? If she (Venus) had the ability to beat her, God bless her. It was not Venus's duty to lose to Kim C., it was Kim's duty to win: she failed, miserably.

To compete against an injured player and STILL not be able to beat that player, what does that say? I'm getting into the habit of watching tennis nowadays muted because the continual bias reporting is really starting to get on my nerves.

We should really be grateful that we are witnessing history being made
Paul Kia, UK

What is truly missing from this sport nowadays is good commentators! Tennis just don't have them!
Belinda, VA, USA

I found that this year's women's final was an extremely quiet game, no-one was cheering either sister on and that saddens me. The Williams sisters are the best in their field but this does not seem to be appreciated.

What they have achieved so far is amazing and it is obvious that they could rule for many years to come. They deserve all they achieve and I wish them much more success, if they are the best on the day then they deserve to be winners.
Neil Bone, Portsmouth

Let us thank God for the Williams sisters. I look forward to more finals involving the two of them. Their story is the greatest ever in sport. The rest of us should really be grateful that we are witnessing history being made.
Paul Kia, UK

Now that the Williams sisters are no longer ranked one and two in the world, the Wimbledon seedings committee may exercise a bit of imagination and have them scheduled to meet before the final next year.
Gordon Stewart, Aberdeen

It was a bit disappointing that Venus was not 100%, because I do believe she could have won if she did not have the injury. It was a good match though; not their best, but it was a final with the two best female tennis players in the world.

Let's give credit to whom it is due. The sisters are simply the best!
Ike, Slovakia

I think people should start giving them credit for how great they both are, and how they have raised the level of the game. Certainly, if you work hard at being the best at your game, then you deserve every success you achieve.
Ken, South Yorkshire

The arrival of the Williams sisters was the best thing women's tennis could ever wish for. To suggest that Venus should have allowed Clijsters to proceed to the final is absurd. Let's give credit to whom it is due. The sisters are simply the best!
Ike, Slovakia

The quality of the match wasn't great, but for the last two years the women's Wimbledon final has been more competitive than the men's.

But come on, the suggestion that the sisters agree who wins in advance is just silly. What on earth would they gain from that? And what person do you know that would ever give a match (Grand Slam final or friendly game in the park) to a sibling?
Ricardo Molina, London

People are forgetting that it is a competition. Therefore, if both are in the final, it's because they beat out their opponents. I actually thought the women's final was better than the men's final. Until there is a worthy women opponent, we should get use to the Williams sisters playing the finals.
Alonzo, NYC

I think if Venus had not succumbed to injury, she would've upset Serena and taken the Wimbledon crown. Serena was very poor in the first set with all those unforced errors.

If next year they were to meet up again in the finals I will give it a miss
Estevao Cabral, Stockholm

Fair play to Venus for continuing despite the injury. To all the cynics who keep whinging after the French Open semi-final saying that Justin Henin was going to take over, you only have to look at what happened in the semi-final at Wimbledon: Serena did not just beat her, she BATTERED her and that's why Serena is head and shoulders above the rest. So get used to it.

Maybe Tim Henman should get Richard Williams as his coach as he could go on to better things and finally win a Grand Slam.
Trevor, London

I was watching the match with great disappointment. It seemed that there was no contest between the two players/sisters. It seemed that the Venus Williams have given up the ghost before the match.

Unfortunately, there is no better player then these two sisters. I guess we have to put with it, but if next year they were to meet up again in the finals I will give it a miss, to avoid the same kind of disappointment.

I missed the men's final only to learn it was a great match. I think similar would have happened it there was a final between one of the sisters with some else.
Estevao Cabral, Stockholm

They give women's tennis more class
Oumer, Guildford

I have experienced what the Williams are now going through (not in tennis, but in chess). My sister and I (the Grigoryans) always faced each other in the crucial last round and the strongest won the match. Everybody was jealous just because we always came first and second in tournaments. You can't judge the winner!
Chessplayer, London

I was quite disappointed because it's been a few years since Venus actually won anything and she was looking good at first and should have won...better luck next year Venus!!!
Jo, 16, Doncaster

The final was not as good as I thought it would be, but Venus was brave to show up for the final despite her injuries. I think it about time for some people not to be so negative about the Williams sisters because they are the best in the world and they will continue to be the best. They give women's tennis more class.
Oumer, Guildford

I think the Williams sisters are incredibly talented. It is always breathtaking to watch true professionals doing their thing. Kim and others need to step up their game and the press should stop being so negative. It is not Venus and Serena's fault but those that are less effective in ladies tennis.
Melissa, London England

My overriding impression of the final was of the complete and utter lack of atmosphere in Centre Court. Maybe there were too many Pims drinking, prawn sandwich eating toffs who surface for the final and get all the reserved final tickets, I've never heard such a dead crowd before.
Ed, Manchester, UK

Interesting and enjoyable final, but was disappointed by the crowd's lack-lustre impassion. Surely a Wimbledon final deserves better? If people don't want to see an all Williams final, let someone else go! The tennis wasn't at fault!
Craig, Bury, UK

To suggest that the dominance of the sisters makes the game boring is absurd
Andy, Spain
Though Venus was not fully fit, the final was still interesting. The critics of the Williams sisters are missing the point, they should ask the other players to step up their games while at the same time they should join us to congratulate the sisters, for they have made the game of women's tennis more interesting and competitive.

Another point the critics are missing or depriving themselves of is the joy of being around now that the girls are making history. Things like this rarely happens in a lifetime.
Job Obiebi, Scotland

You can't blame Venus and Serena for dominating women's tennis, blame the other players for not being good enough.
Sly, Atlanta, USA

All I can assume is that most of these people who made negative comments about the womens final between Serena and Venus have no idea about what constitutes a good match.

The level of play for many points was outstanding. To suggest that the dominance of the sisters makes the game boring is absurd. I can't remember the same level of complaints when Lendl and McEnroe played each other in nine finals in the space of two years.

I think some of these critics should put their cards on the table and say what is really on their mind. They are the best two female players on the planet by a mile - just deal with it.
Andy, Spain

The finals wasn't the best, it was a worthy final though. It is absolutely ridiculous for one to suggests that Venus should have pulled out of her match against Kim for a worthwhile final. I guess the critics should rather advice the other ladies to beat the sisters to earn the final. Bravo Venus and Serena!
Ed Amoo, Schaumburg, Illinois

The ladies final was a travesty, it was perfectly obvious neither player was really trying.
Michael Kirk, Stevenage

There's not enough depth in the women's game, and it shows when the Williams sisters play
Gary, Japan
Where was the raw aggression and power we see both these woman assert over other opponents. Where was the body language after the match with the winner consoling the loser. The whole match was a disgrace and an insult to all the other woman players who have given their all, and lost.
Alex Kirk, Stevenage

First of all, you don't put people in the final. It's up to the other players to challenge the William's sisters. If they can't do so, be prepared to watch more Williams finals because they are the best. Congratulations to both of you Venus and Serena.
Joseph Cadichon, New York

I've never actually sat down and watched a game of tennis, but today I was on the edge of my seat as I watched the ladies final, I just thought it was delightful.
Lauren, Scotland

It makes no difference whether Venus played under par or not. She got to the final because she beat everyone else and so deserved to be there. Other players can't beat an injured Venus, but an under par Serena can. There's not enough depth in the women's game, and it shows when the Williams sisters play. All credit to them.
Gary, Japan

If Venus had been healthy I had expected the best match the Sisters have played, but she wasn't. She showed a great deal of courage and strength playing through such a painful injury. Serena would have played a healthy Venus without hestitation. Hard to not be concerned about someone you love so much!!
NY Baby, NYC

It must rate as the most boring final ever
T J Newman, Bournemouth
Its a shame they are related, because this obviously has an effect on their mental approach during a match. No I don't think its contrived in some sinister agreement before hand, but the natural discomfort of having to play against a sibling less than two years apart.

Yes, it would be great to see the sort of rivalry that Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova had, but how different would that have been if they were related?
Steve C, South East London

People should stop complaining. That match was clearly NOT decided before they played. No the tennis wasn't great but it is upto Kim and Justine to beat Venus or Serena and make it a more interesting final. I have no idea how anyone can suggest that it was the most boring final ever, was everyone's eyes closed when the french open finals were on??
Ben, Coventry, England

Anybody who says that was a match worthy of a Wimbledon final or indeed any other Grand Slam is surely missing the point. Granted both sisters deserved to be in the final but the fact remains they wouldn't have even made the quarter finals if they had played at that level earlier in the tournament. The injury of Venus just added to the anti-climax.
David Brown, Kingston upon Thames

It must rate as the most boring final ever. It appeared as if the whole match was decided beforehand and the claimed injury was a means to allow Serena to keep her number one slot and giving Venus a means of accepting defeat.
T J Newman, Bournemouth UK

I think the only word used to describe this final is patchy
Sarah L, UK
Perhaps Serena should have injured herself to appease the cynics? Since coming onto the scene they have raised the bar and, amazingly, still continue to do so. They should be revered not scorned for their incredible athleticism and skill. Their dominance is deserved.
Alessandro, Cape Town

I think the only word used to describe this final is patchy. Neither women played their best tennis, but today it was more than that. I know if another player carried an injury like Venus did today, Serena would have been all over it. But, she did what she had to and no more. The applause for Venus at the end said it all. Everyone was glad she finished the match, so the crowd at least got some moneys worth!
Sarah L, UK

The William Sisters were clearly the strongest at Wimbledon so deserve to be in the final. There must have been a huge pressure on each of them to win thus resulting in some of the tennis
I P Freely, London

These sisters have talent, but personally I would like to have seen somebody different challenge that talent. I don't believe either of them plays their best when they play each other. Sisterhood is a difficult net to play across.
Heidi, Manchester

I think that all those critics should be silenced. The Williams sisters, especially Serena, are outstanding, inspiring and display magical tennis. It is a always a treat and a learning experience to watch them play and today's final was no different.
Oonagh, Ireland

Well done to Venus and Serena for putting on their best efforts in spite of Venus' injury
Jocelyn Alexis, Coventry
If anybody is dissappointed with the Williams sisters' performance let him/her avail themselves at the next grand slam and eliminate them in the first round. The sisters are the best women tennis players in the world and that is why they got to the final.

They both showed incredible guts to play such a good quality match in the given circumstances. Well done girls, keep showing up at the finals! And for the critics, why not bay for the abolishment of women tennis altogether? To you it seems the best there is is not good enough!
Tino Zhou, Brighton

Well done to Venus and Serena for putting on their best efforts in spite of Venus' injury. All these negative comments about the injury is so annoying. This was definitely a better final than that of the French Open in which no one was injured.

Congratulations to Serena and I look forward to many more Williams Finals. All that rubbish talk about arrangement on who wins the match only helps to fire the girls desire more.They are here to stay so we should all learn to live with it and accept it. This is reality folks.
Jocelyn Alexis, Coventry, UK

Let all you loud mouths keep quiet for moment and savour the legend that is the Williams. These girls are more than a pole ahead of the chasing pack. Maybe you would have prefered a walk-over by Serena instead of this fantastic display of power, speed, athleticism and style despite Venus' injuries. I think people should for ONCE give credit to the Williams Sisters. They truly deserves accolades and not acrimony. They have done well.
Nwofa Regis, Nigeria

Great final, loads of good points and how brave Venus is!
Emma Malcolm, London
The only disappointment is that Venus was not 100% fit. However, despite her injury, Venus gritted it out and played through pain, and although she lost today she has endeared herself to many and solidified her place as a true and classy champion. Having said that, I congratulate Serena on another Championship.
Regine, Staten Island, NY

The standard of tennis played was not bad. The attitude of both players, particularly Venus, was appaling, she looked like she couldn't be bothered, and she devalued Serena's win by acting as though she had given up.
Steve, Cardiff

Great final, loads of good points and how brave Venus is!
Emma Malcolm, London

It is unfair to criticise the Williams sisters if they are better than the rest. Let's not forget all the others were beaten comprehensively. To suggest that Venus should gracefully step aside for the belgian player to provide a better final sounds absurd.

The players are competitors and not obliged to entertain anyone. If you get bored you can always switch off your TV. To suggest some conspiracy between the sisters is even more absurd. No sibling would like to loose all the time as Venus has.
Venky, Canada

My compliments to the Williams, I think they've done extremely well to get to where they are
E Ting, Warwick
It is not their fault that the two Wimbledon finalists happened to be sisters. If you are good enough to be in the final, you just are - sister or not. The fact that the Williams are sisters just added to the interest of the game. If the likes of Clijster was good enough to be in the final, she would have proven herself where it counts.

As much watching tennis is entertaining, it still comes first as a sport - not entertainment. An "unentertaining" game (which this final clearly is not) does not necessarily mean bad tennis. My compliments to the Williams, I think they've done extremely well to get to where they are and for adding colour to the whole entertainment value of tennis.
E Ting, Warwick

What a let down the final was! For the good of women's tennis, the Williams monopoly needs to be broken. Each is an excellent player but when they play each other they descend into mediocrity. It became so bad that some of the points were farcical. Come on Henin, Clijsters, anyone...!
Ryan Emmett, Wales

What tosh! Both were deserving finalists because they beat the opposition. Just because there is now a pair of world class players from the same family people cry foul. How about a bit of respect for a good show and a good victory.
Mark, UK

Finals between the Williams sisters are never good
Susan, Northamptonshire
What was that travasity called a tennis final?

I feel really sorry for the people who have spent a substantial amount of money to watch it, and this seemed to be shown by the lack of any real interest on their behalf; the applause could be called polite at best. I hope that the men's doubles final makes up for it.

Finals between the Williams sisters are never good, but this was just about the worst I've witnessed. They really should be in separate halves of the draw. Venus should have pulled out of her match against Kim, thus giving us a worthwhile final.

I felt sorry for Venus, but ultimately it was her choice to play; maybe if Justine had have beaten Serena in their semi, then Venus would have pulled out of her semi.
Susan, Northamptonshire

Uninspired, boring and contrived. Serena should be embarrassed with the way she played. Can anyone honestly believe the final point she lost to GIVE Venus the first set? That was an easy put-away shot. Bring on the men's doubles!
Jane Doster, Mason, USA

No matter what the Williams sisters do they can't win with certain members of the public or certain TV commentators. Leave them alone and let's be happy for them, because from where they started from in East Los Angeles not much comes out of there.

Their father Richard fought hard to get them where they are today, so get off their back and congratulate their success in making people of all different backgrounds see that if they are prepared to put in hard work, they can succeed.
Karen Cornwall, Tooting

It was a world class tennis final. I have never watched such a fantastic female finale like that, ever. It's worth paying to watch, keep it up Williams sisters and thanks for the entertainment. God bless you all.
Bangura Abdul, Sierra Leone

If they'd of met earlier on in the competition things would be a lot more exciting and unpredictable
Sharon Davis, Chigwell, Essex

The less said about that the better, they don't even seem to care, awful. Bring back Steffi + Martina + Gabriella.
Grant MacKenzie, Edinburgh

Firstly, if the sisters are unable to play each other with their best tennis, then this belies their comments that they only play the ball. They should surely be put in the same half of the draw, or take it in turns to enter a tournament. What a let down!

Secondly, with Venus knowing she was injured, why did she continue against Kim Clijsters? To put out someone who would have probably produced a better final, knowing that she cannot play her best against her sister, and her injury was serious, I feel shows a lack of respect for the tournament.
Philip Darling, UK

How disappointing! I've never seen Serena make so many unforced errors and where were all her aces? Considering Venus has a hip and stomach complaint you'd think the final would be won easily by Serena, what did they do, make an agreement: "Let's get a set each and then Serena can take the third to win the title"?

If they'd of met earlier on in the competition things would be a lot more exciting and unpredictable.
Sharon Davis, Chigwell, Essex

What a disgrace the woman's final was? I think equal prize money is a long way of if that is the sort of exhibition Grand Slam final that we can expect?

No surprise in Serena winning though, but Venus still gets the plaudits for taking part despite her injury being phoney. I am very disappointed and look forward to a proper game in the men's final.
Martin Compton, Brighton

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