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Friday, 5 July, 2002, 16:40 GMT 17:40 UK
Will Tim ever win Wimbledon?
Tim Henman has high hopes for Wimbledon
Top seed Lleyton Hewitt blows Tim Henman away in three sets in a one-sided semi-final encounter.

Will Henman ever have a better chance?


Australia's Lleyton Hewitt produced a scintillating display of tennis on centre court to defeat Henman 7-5 6-1 7-5 and send the Briton's Wimbledon dreams up in smoke.

In light of a tournament of upsets, Henman may never have a better chance to win at SW19, while Britain must wait another year for its first men's champion since 1936.

Has Henman blown his chance?


This was probably Henman's best chance. There are too many fine up and comers who will be putting pressure on him. Tim plays well, but not well enough and he is probably has only limited improvement left in him now that he is age 27. By comparison Hewitt is only 20 and his best tennis is still ahead of him. I can't see Henman ever winning Wimbledon.
Greg, Australia

The gulf between Henman and Hewitt is enormous. At 21, Hewitt has won 15 ATP titles (maybe 16 if he wins Wimbledon) which is probably more than Tim will win over his entire career. (Tim's won 9 so far.) So let's not kid ourselves about the greatness of Henman.
Neil Staton, The Netherlands

I read the comments of all you - armchair experts, about why Henman failed. How many of you have ever been involved in a competitive sport at a level that mattered? How many of you really have any idea what you're droning on about? Not that many of you I imagine. Tim Henman is ranked top ten in the world, THE WORLD! Just think on that for a few seconds before you feel the need to pen comments about his failures....
Richard Brown, England

I agree with Frans from Barbados, I cringe when I witness the loutish behavior that is 'Henmania.' He is not good enough and he symbolises all that is lacking in British tennis - strength, application, and most of all talent!
Andrew Roberts, Thailand

I belive that he can win wimbledon,he's a fantastic tennis player, just look at the amount of times he's reached the semis, anyone who says he doesn't have the ability to win is mad! just as hewitt said it's just a matter of time.
Laura, England

Neil Jones said it all. It's sad to see the BBC succumbing to tabloid-driven Henmania. I don't imagine the ridiculous hype helps Tim Henman, either. Could he win Wimbledon? I don't know, but I know we will never get an objective view from the UK media, desperate to help us believe sports stars must be great just because they're Brits.
Adam, UK

To be honest, I think that it was Tim Henman's last chance to win. The pressure from his fans though were too much. Tim Henman plays well though and I think he can not be blamed too much. His serves were weak and lacked a certain spirt while playing the game.

However, it would be wonderful to see Tin win someday. I say he has the potential to win, but let's not put so much pressure on him. He can't be blamed and I won't blame him. He deserves a break and a win. Good luck Tim.
Elanor, Australia

This is a little boy dreaming to be a champion to please mum and dad

No, Tim Henman will never win Wimbledon, not because he is not a very good (though not brilliant) tennis player but because he lacks the psychological make-up of a true champion.

Boris Becker said it best: this is a little boy dreaming to be a champion to please mum and dad and England and that doesn't do it. So please BBC: let it go and focus on the tennis for a change.
Mrs.l.Snijders, Netherlands

Before the semi, everyone said Tim needed to raise his game - this he did. No question about it. But what was more clear cut was that Lleyton played the best tennis seen this tournament. Surely this match highlighted Lleyton's deserved no 1 status, not any failing's on Tim's part.
Simon Ford, England

Tim Henman my not win Wimbledon , but he is simply the best male tennis player since Fred Perry . Tennis is not a popular sport in Britain now , there is just not the depth of players in our game able to take the enormous pressure off Henman . He gave it his best shot and that is all you can ask of him
David, England

I can't believe what I am reading here. Tim is an absolute hero! The media and public pressure he has had to endure, while playing what must be one of the mentally toughest sports there is is. Surely anyone who has played competitive sport must admire him. As for the question of winning Wimbledon, of course he can! The first set of the Hewitt match told us that!!
Tracey Radnall, England

We must not forget that Tim has played a major role in rejuvenating serious interest in the game in the UK. Because of him we could get some great players coming through the ranks in later years. Wimbledon is the worlds best tennis tournament and to be seeded fourth is a major achievment. Well Done Tim!
Philip , England

He'll only win by playing tactically astute tennis which, for him, means serving & volleying. I couldn't believe how much he stayed back (the whole tournament). True, Hewitt's got great groundstrokes & returns but Henman needed to be much more positive about his own game.

A few years ago at the US Open he beat Thomas Muster, who played a very similar game to Hewitt, in four tough sets and served & volleyed on almost everything - never have I seen someone look so much like Stefan Edberg, and that is the way Tim needs to play. He just needs to relax and go for it but was very tight all tournament - and the press doesn't help...
Matt R, London, UK

Please just get off the poor guy's back
James Tsao

Henman is a very skilled Tennis Player, but to win Wimbledon, he needs to improve his play. Against a player like Hewitt, he just could not afford to be making the mistakes he was making. If he improves on his errors, he could win anything, as its his mistakes that let him down, rather than lack of technique.
Tim, UK

In a tournament that's designed for him to win, and with a frenzy of media-fuelled jingoism (step forward the BBC and Sue Barker as the main culprits)he falls the the first decent player he's met. Let's hope that this hastens his eventual retirement and we can then objectively watch the tennis. Neil Jones, England

He has got no chance, he keeps meeting the best player in the world in the semi's and they always outclass him, he,s very good but just doesn't have the game to go all the way
Nick Wilton, Jersey

Henman is too unemotional to win? That never stopped Sampras from dominating, and he didn't have anything like the emotions of Becker, McEnroe, etc... Why was this year's draw in his favour?? Surely being in the other half would have given him a better chance, then he wouldn't have had to play Hewitt until the final.

Last year was his big chance and the rain put paid to it. I think he'll make more semis at Wimbledon over the next few years; but with Hewitt and Federer around now, the chance of him winning Wimbledon is slight.
Andy, UK

For those of you who actually play the game, you will know that Henman lost because Hewitt played an absolutely brilliant match (don't forget he is the world No. 1), not because Tim did not show enough fire. Do you see the likes of Edberg and Sampras ranting and raving on every point? Please just get off the poor guy's back. Oh, just to conclude, Ivanisevic won last year at age of 30!
James Tsao, Hong Kong

Henman will never win a Grand Slam title. He is not a champion - very good, but not a winner. This was his best chance ever with so many contenders falling, but faced with a top-class player his flaws were exposed.
Niall, UK

Henman lacks the passion and killer instinct to overcome the physiological battle
Mark Sibthorp, UK

Tim may not have won Wimbledon this year, but he definitely has the potential. All he needs now is to learn how to use it to its furthest limit. We're with you all the way Tim!
Neam Al-Mossawi, England

You do not get to the level that Tim Henman has without having the ability to win Wimbledon. Grand Slam tennis is in a different league. Henman is seeded to win, and he can win. His problem is the British press. Australia
Brian Niven, Australia

The hype surrounding Tim winning Wimbledon was well and truly laid to rest today. He does not have that extra bit that separates players like him from champions. The pressure on him to win Wimbledon came from the unrealistic expectations of his fans.
Naveen, Scotland

Henman is not a great player; he's just a great English player. His weak serve - particularly the second serve - along with his reluctance to serve and volley have let him down.

His coach must take some of the blame, but the truth is he isn't good enough. He lacks the passion and killer instinct to overcome the physiological battle.
Mark Sibthorp, UK

Henman lacks the bottle against the big guns - he will forever be a nearly man
Saj, England

Henman will never win Wimbledon. He is not good enough. Full stop. The sooner the Henmaniacs realise this the sooner we can end what is the most cringingly embarrassing moment of the sporting year - Henmania. It was a shame it lasted until the semi-finals.
Frans, Barbados

Henman will never win a Grand Slam tournament as he simply can't handle the pressure. This year was his best chance to win, but as soon as he goes up against a top seed he goes weak at the wrist.
Bob Ladd, UK

Hewitt isn't the number one seed for nothing! He crushed Henman as I thought he would. I feel sorry for Henman because he just can't seem to get past the semi-final stages; but if he doesn't have what it takes then so be it.
Colin, Chile

Will Tim ever win Wimbledon? Get a life guys, he is just another mediocre British sportsman who will always fall at the final hurdle when confronted with the world's best.
Alex Feteh, England

Fight, passion, spirit, desire - I have seen more in a corpse
Tom Rigby, UK

You have to wonder whether Tim will ever win Wimbledon. Much as I would like to see him do it, I just haven't seen the "killer instinct" come from him. He may be determined, but doesn't seem to be enough these days.
Tim Covey, England

Anyone believing Tim Henman would win Wimbledon was obviously living in cloud-cuckoo land. A pretty all-round game is simply not good enough. In addition to not having a particular dangerous weapon to frighten his opponents, Henman lacks the bottle against the big guns. He will forever be a nearly man.
Saj, England

What a shame, but at least Tim got this far. Now we have the most boring final ever in prospect. Better luck next year Tim.
David, England

Fight, passion, spirit, desire - I have seen more in a corpse. Hewitt deserved to win, not only because he played better but also because he wanted it more.
Tom Rigby, UK

Once again Henman has been found wanting. It's time to face facts; Henman will never win a Wimbledon singles title. It must be said that with the state of the draw this year he is unlikely to have a better chance.
Stewart Carter, England

Why don't we just congratulate Tim Henman on being our most successful tennis player for over 50 years, and for reaching the dizzy heights of 5th in the world? Other than that I feel we expect far too much of him. He just does not have the artillery with which to win Wimbledon or any other Grand Slam title. Well done Tim.
Chris Batters, England

Henman does not have the fire in his personality to win. He's a good tennis player but too unemotional to be a champion! He is too flat and deadpan, even when he wins a match! Compare him to all the great players - Becker, McEnroe, Borg - Hewitt has that fire in him!
Jules McKenna, England

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