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  Sunday, 8 September, 2002, 20:34 GMT 21:34 UK
Gamewatch: Agassi v Sampras
Game-by-game action from the US Open
All the action as Pete Sampras takes his 14th Grand Slam title after an incredible four-set victory over long-time rival Andre Agassi .

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 4-6 Sampras
Sampras's 33rd ace of the match brings up three match points - Agassi's last throw of the dice is a stunning forehand winner. But Sampras finds one final backhand volley winner and he holds his arms aloft in delight before hugging a gracious Agassi at the net.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 4-5 Sampras
Agassi does well to come back from 0-30 down but he delivers his fourth double fault at 30-30 to give Sampras the opportunity he has been seeking. Agassi responds with a brave first serve and saves another in the same way. But he is helpless to stave off a third as Sampras sends his return deep to Agassi's feet and Sampras will serve for the title.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 4-4 Sampras
Sampras' serving demons return and for the first time in the match his first serve percentage drops below 50%. Two straight double faults hand Agassi a break point. The 17th seed finds a first serve which angles away from Agassi to save it but Agassi refuses to be bowed. He battles to save two game points and gets another opportunity when Sampras double-faults again. But he slaps his return into the net and Sampras survives once more.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 4-3 Sampras
Against all odds, Sampras earns himself a break point after a series of punishing returns but Agassi survives with some pinpoint first serves.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 3-3 Sampras
Sampras produces a far better service game than he has managed recently, delivering three aces on his way to holding to love.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 3-2 Sampras
A tired-looking Sampras appears to loosen up and produces a forehand and backhand winner to move to 0-30 against the run of play. But he follows that with three errors and Agassi holds to 30.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 2-2 Sampras
In the longest game of the match, Agassi begins by stretching to make a startling forehand winner off a wide serve and fires another return winner to bring up deuce. The sixth seed saves four more game points with some inspired returning. The pressure tells on Sampras and he delivers his tenth double fault to gift Agassi a break point. Sampras survives with a spectacular volley and on a second, Agassi hits the tape with an attempted backhand winner. Somehow Sampras survives.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 2-1 Sampras
Agassi jogs to the chair with renewed confidence after holding serve, returning some heavy Sampras groundstrokes with interest.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 1-1 Sampras
Sampras steadies the ship with a love service game, his serve back in top gear.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 1-0 Sampras
Agassi maintains the momentum and opens the fourth set with a love service game.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 7-5 Sampras
In an incredible game which has the crowd enthralled, Sampras looks set for an easy service hold as he cruises to 40-15. However, Agassi produces a searing backhand return to reduce the deficit and Sampras double-faults to bring up deuce. Three vicious returns prevent Sampras from taking the game, and the pressure pays off. Sampras staves off one set point, but on a second he dumps a volley into the net and Agassi celebrates an unlikely turnaround.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 6-5 Sampras
Agassi's frustration begins to show as he makes some uncharacteristic errors to allow Sampras a glimmer of hope at 0-30. But the two-times champion responds to the crowd's urgings with a stirring reply and after a fizzing backhand pass at deuce, survives again.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 5-5 Sampras
Agassi gives himself another opportunity by pulling back to deuce, but Sampras' serve again saves the day.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 5-4 Sampras
A double fault at 30-15 sees Agassi in some trouble but he rifles a forehand down the line to bring up game point and Sampras returns long for the sixth seed to stay in the match.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 4-4 Sampras
Sampras responds to the renewed purpose of his opponent with a love service game, with Agassi unable to come up with any effective returns.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 4-3 Sampras
Despite missing the opportunity to break, Agassi appears to be encouraged and he holds serve comfortably, only dropping one point with a double fault.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 3-3 Sampras
Agassi digs deep for inspiration and finds three stunning returns which force Sampras into errors. On break point, Sampras sends his serve down the middle and pounces for an easy volley. Agassi fights back to earn himself two further opportunities but he is denied both times by aces.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 3-2 Sampras
Agassi finds himself in trouble at 15-30 by playing the ball to Sampras' forehand one too many times. His serve gets him back on track at 40-30 but Sampras chases down a net-cord and produces a perfect drop shot to bring up deuce. But the with crowd willing him on, Agassi gets his serve firing and survives again.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 2-2 Sampras
Agassi makes a number of dipping returns but Sampras is equal to the task and replies with a series of crisp volleys.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 2-1 Sampras
Agassi works hard to hold serve, engaging Sampras in deep baseline rallies to prevent his opponent charging the net.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 1-1 Sampras
A love service game for Sampras who refuses to let his command of the match slip.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 1-0 Sampras
Agassi hangs onto his serve, but it is far from easy as Sampras continues to fire return winners past a bemused opponent. The sixth seed double faults to fall to deuce but survives.

Agassi 3-6 4-6 Sampras
Sampras rediscovers his earlier poise and closes out the set with a love service game, sealing it with his 16th ace.

Agassi 3-6 4-5 Sampras
Agassi's fightback continues and he holds with ease to pile the pressure on Sampras, who is now being forced out of his comfort zone.

Agassi 3-6 3-5 Sampras
Agassi's desperation fires him up to hit some searing returns and he earns two unexpected break points. Sampras saves those but on a third Agassi sends up a lob which Sampras floats wide.

Agassi 3-6 2-5 Sampras
A disastrous game for Agassi who still looks sluggish. Sampras makes every return and is rewarded by a string of errors from Agassi.

Agassi 3-6 2-4 Sampras
Agassi still cannot find an answer to the serving of Sampras. It is all the Las Vegan can do to get his racket on it and that is not enough to stop Sampras clinching his third straight love service game.

Agassi 3-6 2-3 Sampras
Agassi keeps himself in touch with a more confident love service game, but the sixth seed looks decidedly edgy.

Agassi 3-6 1-3 Sampras
Another love game for Sampras who seals it with a wide serve followed by a perfectly-placed volley.

Agassi 3-6 1-2 Sampras
Such is Sampras' soaring confidence that he is able to fire winners off his backhand side as well as his forehand. The 17th seed earns himself a chance to secure the double break but Agassi's experience is enough for him to cling on.

Agassi 3-6 0-2 Sampras
Sampras consolidates the break with another commanding service game, holding to love.

Agassi 3-6 0-1 Sampras
A poor start for Agassi, who fails to deliver enough first serves. Sampras takes advantage of his opponent's sluggishness by winding up the power on his forehand and breaking.

Agassi 3-6 Sampras
Sampras wastes two set points in an agonising game for the 17th seed. He delivers four aces, but crucially also throws in two double faults. A couple of errors then leave Agassi with his first break point of the match. Sampras responds in typical fashion with a second-serve ace and Agassi is unable to prevent his opponent from taking the first set, which Sampras seals with a dipping backhand volley.

Agassi 3-5 Sampras
Sampras earns the first two break points of the match, his forehand clicking into gear at the perfect time. He will serve for the first set, after charging the net and watching an Agassi passing shot drift wide.

Agassi 3-4 Sampras
A mixed game for Sampras who puts two forehand volleys into the net, but his serve gets him out of trouble with two further aces.

Agassi 3-3 Sampras
Sampras takes control of the first point by making his first successful chip-charge attempt. But Agassi increases the pace on his serve to put Sampras on the back foot and the sixth seed holds to 30.

Agassi 2-3 Sampras
Agassi is the first player to threaten a break after Sampras' confidence is shaken by missing an easy forehand. A cross-court pass gets Agassi to 30-30 and then he pounces on a second serve to bring up deuce. But Sampras survives with his fifth ace of the match.

Agassi 2-2 Sampras
In an incredible start to that match, neither player has yet dropped a point on his serve. Agassi is dominating the baseline rallies, peppering Sampras' weaker backhand side.

Agassi 1-2 Sampras
Sampras is putting on a supreme display of serving so far and again holds to love. Agassi has one opportunity on a second serve but cannot control his forehand return.

Agassi 1-1 Sampras
Agassi responds to Sampras' perfect start with some powerful serving of his own, holding to love.

Agassi 0-1 Sampras
Sampras begins the match with a wide first serve eliciting the easy put-away followed by two aces. It sets him up for an easy hold to love.

Rod Laver receives a warm reception from a packed Arthur Ashe stadium as he joins Agassi and Sampras to toss the coin.

Both players interrupt their serving practice to acknowledge the wild cheering of the crowd as their names are announced.

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