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  Sunday, 9 June, 2002, 12:46 GMT 13:46 UK
Gamewatch: Costa v Ferrero
BBC Sport Online offers live coverage of the big games at the French Open.
All the latest action as 20th seed Albert Costa beats 11th seed Juan Carlos Ferrero in an all-Spanish men's final at the French Open.

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Ferrero 1-6 0-6 6-4 3-6 Costa
Ferrero makes an error on the first point of the game and Costa then turns defence into attack with a great lob to move to two points from victory. Ferrero bravely lashes a forehand down the line to pull it back to 15-30 and his next serve swings wide and forces an error from Costa. A confident volley then gives Costa championship point but he tries for too much and the ball goes long. Ferrero comes up with a second service ace but then belts a forehand long to take the score back to deuce. Another forehand error from Ferrero gives Costa a second match point and a tame double fault means that Costa is the new French Open champion.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 6-4 3-5 Costa
Costa keeps his concentration and he looks very impressive as he wins the next game to love to leave him just one game from his first Grand Slam championship.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 6-4 3-4 Costa
After the effort of breaking Costa in the previous game, Ferrero seems to have gone off the boil. Two errors by Ferrero are followed by two sparkling points from Costa and Ferrero finds himself broken to love.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 6-4 3-3 Costa
Ferrero's dropshots have improved as the match has progressed and he uses another to level at 15-15. He gets to 15-30 but nets a simple approach shot and lashes out at the net in frustration. Both men are now hitting well and every point is being keenly fought. But it is Ferrero who currently has the greater momentum and he seizes the break.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 6-4 2-3 Costa
Costa has refound his game while Ferrero's shoulders are beginning to droop and he earns two break points. Ferrero saves them but cannot control a volley at the net and has to face another but Costa's forehand hits the tape of the net and comes back onto his side of the court. Ferrero digs deep and holds.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 6-4 1-3 Costa
Costa's timing has gone a little awry but Ferrero cannot capitalise, throwing in a couple of unforced errors of his own to allow Costa a comfortable hold.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 6-4 1-2 Costa
Just as Ferrero seems to be getting the upper hand, he falters. His fourth double fault is followed by another unforced error but he comes up with a whipped forehand winner to relieve some of the pressure. Not for long, though, as Costa lands a top-spin forehand right onto the sideline and earns two break points. Ferrero saves the first with a wrong-footing forehand but on the next, his forehand hits the top of the net before rolling agonisingly back to leave him broken.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 6-4 1-1 Costa
Costa lets rips a well-disguised backhand down the line at 30-30 but fails when trying the same shot on the next point. A dropshot from Ferrero gives him a break point but he squanders it with another error. The players then slug it out on the baseline until Ferrero draws Costa forward and forces a volley error from his opponent to give himself another chance to break. Costa saves the break point with a gutsy dropshot. Two good first serves enable him to hold.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 6-4 1-0 Costa
Ferrero looks much more settled as he moves to a 30-0 lead. But a loose volley and a pulled forehand puts the pressure back on him. Costa then hits long and Ferrero serves an ace to clinch the game.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 6-4 0-0 Costa
Costa cracks a brilliant backhand pass down the line but is then wrong-footed by a Costa forehand. Ferrero looks geed up as he hits two crisp winners to earn himself two set points. The first goes begging but Costa's attempted dropshot on the next point does not quite clear the net and Ferrero pumps his fist with emotion.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 5-4 Costa
Ferrero is at least serving a lot better in this set and he wins the game in some comfort to force Costa to serve to save the third set.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 4-4 Costa
Ferrero comes to the net and wins the first point with a volley but Costa resumes control and goes to 40-15 with a long rally in which he sends Ferrero from side to side of the court in frantic ultimately useless defence.The next point looks like going the same way but this time Ferrero manages to turn defence into attack. Two Ferrero errors then hand Costa the game.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 4-3 Costa
Ferrero is aggressive on the first point but then gives away the next with his third double fault of the match. But Ferrero is definitely beginning to feel his way into the net and he holds fairly comfortably.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 3-3 Costa
Ferrero hits a cracking winner on the first point but Costa has a lucky net cord on the next. Costa smashes to win the next point but a forehand error allows his opponent back in the game. There then follows a long rally which Costa finally loses when he mistimes a backhand and it goes into the net. But Ferrero cannot convert the break point and Costa goes on to win the game, securing it with another smash.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 3-2 Costa
Ferrero looks very dejected as he nets the ball to go 0-40 down. But he shows some real grit to get himself back to deuce with some good first serves. An inside-outside forehand takes him to game point but he completely mishits when attempting a straightforward drive volley. But he recovers his composure with a beautiful backhand dropshot and then wins the game with his third ace.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 2-2 Costa
Costa races to a 40-0 lead. Ferrero hooks a backhand winner but his forehand is called wide and Costa restores parity in the set.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 2-1 Costa
Normal service is resumed as Costa attacks on the first point, which he wins with a smash. A dropshot from Ferrero is followed by a forehand winner but two well-constructed points from Costa give him a chance for an immediate break-back. He cannot convert and is foiled again several points later but finally breaks back at his third opportunity when Ferrero hits a forehand beyond the baseline.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 2-0 Costa
Costa maintains his high standard of play to take the first two points of the game but there are signs that Ferrero's level is rising. He wins three straight points to earn his first break point of the match and secures the game when Costa mistimes a backhand.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 1-0 Costa
The crowd try to urge Ferrero on and there are loud cheers as he wins the first point of the third set. It looks as if he might win the second with a good backhand approach but Costa pulls off a stunning forehand winner down the line. The crowd groan as Ferrero nets a straightforward backhand approach but there are more loud cheers as Ferrero holds to win only his second game of the match and raises his arms in mock triumph.

Ferrero 1-6 0-6 0-0 Costa
Ferrero does seem to be staying in the rallies a little longer but still cannot win them. A long first point ends when Costa hits a daring, dipping angled backhand winner. For only the second time in the match, Ferrero then manages to win two points in a row on the Costa serve but immediately misses two forehands to allow Costa a set point. Ferrero hits another wayward forehand and there are several whistles from the crowd as Costa cruises into a two-set lead.

Ferrero 1-6 0-5 Costa
Once again Ferrero is under pressure on his serve as a forehand error is followed by a Costa winner. Costa then goes just wide before Ferrero, after a long rally, drives a backhand long and Costa has two break points. Another shot goes long from Ferrero and an embarrassed silence hangs over Roland Garros.

Ferrero 1-6 0-4 Costa
Another straightforward service game for Costa and a subdued air descends on the crowd in such a one-sided match.

Ferrero 1-6 0-3 Costa
A forehand return winner from Costa gives him the first point of the game but he mistimes his forehand on the next point and the ball balloons long. But any hope that the match's momentum is changing is dashed when a double fault from Ferrero is followed by a hashed volley - more break points for Costa. Ferrero hits a forehand long and trudges to his chair, a set and two breaks down.

Ferrero 1-6 0-2 Costa
Costa has really found his rhythm and clubs a forehand winner to take the first point. Ferrero then nets on the next point and throws down his racquet in frustration. Ferrero gets back to 40-30 after a scintillating rally which he wins with a forehand but a service winner from Costa secures the game.

Ferrero 1-6 0-1 Costa
Ferrero is looking helpless and another loose forehand gives Costa three points for an early break in the second set. He saves two but Costa comes up with a superb backhand dropshot to strengthen his grip on the match.

Ferrero 1-6 0-0 Costa
Costa is coping with the gusty conditions much better and soon finds himself with two set points - Ferrero slices a forehand long to hand Costa the first set after just 22 minutes.

Ferrero 1-5 Costa
Ferrero loses the first point and then serves his first double fault of the match to go 0-30 down. A forehand error gives Costa three break points. Two go begging but Costa nails the third with an angled forehand winner.

Ferrero 1-4 Costa
Costa consolidates his break by holding serve with ease.

Ferrero 1-3 Costa
Costa gets straight into the groove on the players' return and Ferrero finds himself facing two break points. One is all that Costa needs.

Ferrero 1-2 Costa
With Costa serving at 30-0 up, the rain gets stronger and the players are forced to go off. They return around half-an-hour later and Costa holds.

Ferrero 1-1 Costa
Ferrero has more difficulty in holding serve although he is never under any real pressure. A few umbrellas go up courtside as it begins to drizzle.

Ferrero 0-1 Costa
Costa wins the toss on a damp and grey day at Roland Garros and elects to serve. Not surprisingly with two baseliners, there are immediately a couple of long points although Costa also has an ace as he wins the first game to love.

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