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Australian Open day seven as it happened


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By Ben Dirs

1159: Wozniacki will play defending champion and number 11 seed Kim Clijsters next, but Monday is all about Andy Murray (well, it is if you're British) - he plays his fourth round match against Mikhail Kukushkin at 0130 GMT. Some bloke called Novak Djokovic is playing as well - but frankly, who cares?

Wozniacki 6-0 7-5 Jankovic
Wozniacki serving for the match for the second timev - and if she is unable to do so, doubts will remain about her temperament on the biggest stage. The Serb jerks a forehand miles long before floating a backhand beyond the baseline... and here's two more match points after a confident overhead from the Dane... done, Jankovic pushing a backhand long, Wozniacki marches, while hobbling a bit, onwards...

*Wozniacki 6-0 6-5 Jankovic
Cracking backhand volley from Jankovic and Wozniacki is unable to do anything with it but the Serb follows up with her seventh double, her sixth of this set. Wozniacki takes it to break point off the back of some solid hitting and Jankovic hands her the break with a timid backhand into the net.
*Denotes next server

Wozniacki 6-0 5-5 Jankovic*
Jankovic very nearly puts her hip out with that backhand return, that was carrying some serious spice. Wozniacki outlasts her opponent from behind the baseline, finishing things off with a well-directed backhand, before Jankovic gets a very lucky net cord to level at 30-30. That second serve from Wozniacki was a mere 68mph... Jankovic with a forehand into the middle of the net before Wozniacki does the same to make it deuce... the world number one looking tight as a drum at the moment and that's break point, the Dane nudging a backhand wide... Wozniacki tanks a forehand long, she's choking, we're level once again...
*Denotes next server

*Wozniacki 6-0 5-4 Jankovic
Wozniacki puts up the garage door and eventually wins a marathon exchange to make it 15-15. Sixth double from Janko but Wozniacki then plonks a forehand return into the net. What a shot that is from Jankovic, fizzing a forehand winner down the line as Wozniacki reduces the heat on her groundstrokes and that's a fine stretch volley from the Serb to hold.
*Denotes next server

Wozniacki 6-0 5-3 Jankovic*
Wozniacki missing now when she wasn't missing anything before and Jankovic is definitely striking it with more intent now. Wozniacki goes long to make it 0-30, long again to hand her rival three break points and that's an unbelievable challenge from Wozniacki, that ball missed the baseline by about a centimetre. Jankovic hooks a forehand return wide and Wozniacki saves a third break point, peppering the baseline on both flanks. Fabulous rally - Jankovic has three smashes to put the Dane away and cannot do so, spraying the last one about three feet long. Wozniacki frames a forehand long behind a rather powder-puff second serve but Jankovic then contrives to find the middle of the net with a forehand of her own. Jankovic throwing the kitchen sink at her groundstrokes and Wozniacki is unable to cope as well as she was. That said, Wozniacki has just brought that one back from the brink as Jankovic throws in two unforced errors.
*Denotes next server

*Wozniacki 6-0 4-3 Jankovic
Ripper of a backhand pass from Wozniacki before Jankovic makes it 0-30 with a prod into the net. Nice compact work at the net from Jankovic, text-book backhand volley, and she squares things with a backhand down the middle. Just as it looks like Janko has found some fluency she goes and sprays a forehand miles long but that's a tremendous smash to take the game to deuce. Never seen that before - Janko thinks she's won the game, slaps a ball down the other end of the court and goes to towel off. Bit more work to do. Some fine net work again but, with the game at her mercy, she finds the net with an overhead. Backhand winner from Janko, Wozniacki being made to scramble for her life, and the Serb finishes off that service game with a crashing backhand winner.
*Denotes next server

Wozniacki 6-0 4-2 Jankovic*
Hard to believe Jankovic was, as Wiozniacki is now, world number one not too long ago. Better from Janko, who moves into a 0-30 lead, but that's some seriously crisp hitting from Wozniacki, swinging in wide arcs and hitting lines at will. Jankovic tonks a forehand return about six feet long before plonking a forehand into the net... better from Jankovic, leaving her opponent rooted with a savage backhand, and she steps in again before putting away another of those volleys. Break point, but Wozniacki curls a forehand onto the sideline and Jankovic cracks. Lovely wrong-footing forehand from Jankovic creates a second break point and this time she takes it. Far better from Jankovic, Wozniacki outhit in that game.
*Denotes next server

*Wozniacki 6-0 4-1 Jankovic
Bugs stop play for a minute or two before Wozniacki covers the length of the baseline and puts away a storming backhand down the line. There's that drive-volley again, and almost every time Jankovic plays that shot she wins the point. Double-fault, Janko's fourth, but that's better, punching home an easy volley into an open court. Another double, Jankovic being beasted, by Wozniacki and herself...
*Denotes next server

Wozniacki 6-0 3-1 Jankovic*
Wozniacki has got 80% of her first serves in and won 81% of them but that's another successful drive-volley from Jankovic. The Serb follows up with a framed forehand before hooking a backhand wide. Better from Janko, big return and Wozniacki finds the net with a forehand, but Wozniacki seals the game behind a clever second serve.
*Denotes next server

*Wozniacki 6-0 2-1 Jankovic
Jankovic muffs a smash into the net before Wozniacki steps in and clips a backhand winner to make it 0-30. The Serb goes long to hand Wozniacki two break points before tanking a forehand miles wide. Wozniacki looking compact and focused, Jankovic looking like she doesn't really want to be there.
*Denotes next server

Wozniacki 6-0 1-1 Jankovic*
Crackerjack forehand pass from Jankovic but she sprays her next return. Wozniacki outlasts her to make it 30-15 before the Serb goes long again. Wozniacki bunts a forehand wide before Jankovic hands her the game with another unforced error.
*Denotes next server

*Wozniacki 6-0 0-1 Jankovic
Jankovic has been successful with this rush-drive volley approach and there it is again, she hasn't missed one yet. Jankovic puts away a smash after some nice work at the net before outlasting the Dane from the back of the court, stepping in and converting another overhead. Wozniacki finds the net with a return and at last Jankovic is up and running.
*Denotes next server

A bagel
Wozniacki 6-0 Jankovic*
The winner of this match plays dear old Kim Clijsters, who pulled a couple of irons out of the fire to beat Li Na earlier today. Better from Jankovic, holding her own before smashing home a forehand winner. Jankovic looks to skim the sideline with a backhand which is called out but correctly challenges. But that's a peach from Wozniacki, stopping at the net and somehow dinking over a winner. Two sets points, only needs one of them, we have ourselves a donut (bagel, Polo, whatever you fancy calling it...)
*Denotes next server

*Wozniacki 5-0 Jankovic
Ace from Jankovic down the middle... scratch that, Wozniacki challenges and the challenge is upheld. Jankovic does win the point off her forehand flank before Wozniacki pulls out a peach of a scooped pass. Janko sends down another unforced error to take it to deuce and the Serb just cannot cope with her rival at the moment - this is proper "I might as well jack the game in" sort of stuff from the Dane, nothing is a lost cause and when she gets there she never misses. Another break...
*Denotes next server

Wozniacki 4-0 Jankovic*
Each hit from Wozniacki as crisp as a boot into virgin snow - the backhand potent, the forehand as good as I remember seeing it, an another straightforward hold. Sweating pouring off both players, looks hot and humid out on Rod.
*Denotes next server

*Wozniacki 3-0 Jankovic
Jankovic has rather been left in the blocks - hands on hips already after two forehands into the net. That's better, a drive backhand volley, but she follows up with a wild and windy forehand. Another successful drive backhand volley from Janko before the Serb eventually buckles under the weight of Wozniacki's groundstrokes. That's a double-break, Jankovic in danger of going down in this first set with barely a murmur.
*Denotes next server

Wozniacki 2-0 Jankovic*
Jankovic sprays a forehand wide, and another, before Wozniacki threads a backhand winner down the line - very punchy opening from the Dane.
*Denotes next server

*Wozniacki 1-0 Jankovic
Jankovic standing toe to toe with Wozniacki, some real haymakers being thrown in this opening stanza. Wozniacki outlasts her opponent in a baseline rally to take it to deuce but goes long with a forehand to blow a break point. Wozniacki has the next rally by the jaffers but is unable to put away a low, lunging volley only for Jankovic to serve up her first double-fault. Jankovic has a moan early doors after failing to convert game-point before shovelling a forehand wide. And that's a break, Wozniacki putting thunder on that forehand and eventually putting away a confident overhead.
*Denotes next server

1010: They're out on court, news of Wozniacki-Jankovic presently...

0955: Federer plays Argentina's 11th seed Juan Martin del Potro in the next round, we've got women's top seed Caroline Wozniacki up against Jelena Jankovic on Rod Laver next, back in a minute...

Federer 6-4 6-2 6-2 Tomic
Tomic long with a forehand return... Federer ace out wide... Tomic long with a forehand return... Federer with a dinky forehand winner, and just like that it was over...

*Federer 6-4 6-2 5-2 Tomic
Federer cracks open a new racquet with a possible one game remaining and Tomic races to an easy hold in less than a minute.
*Denotes next server

Federer 6-4 6-2 5-1 Tomic*
Federer bullying Tomic now, that's a dismissive slapped forehand down the line followed by an ace. Federer sweeps a forehand winner cross court and seals things with another ace out wide.
*Denotes next server

*Federer 6-4 6-2 4-1 Tomic
Federer with a magnificent backhand smash down the line - so elegant, it looks like a bird of prey spreading its wings and taking flight - and that's three break-points. And we have a double break...
*Denotes next server

Federer 6-4 6-2 3-1 Tomic*
Disappointing net cord for Federer turns that into a double-fault before he moves into a 30-15 lead courtesy of a wrong-footing forehand. Good hitting from Tomic forces Federer into a mistake and Tomic gets a fortunate net cord off a forehand to create a break point. What a shot that is - Tomic going blow-for-blow until Federer changes tack, whipping a forehand cross-court winner that skims the sideline. But what a point that is from Tomic, crowned with a piledriver of a forehand. Feds saves one before Tomic creates another... Federer wins the next two points but Tomic then outlasts his rival to make it deuce again. Federer pulls out a plum of a serve to hold... As ever, we'd love to know what you think about tennis and stuff via a variety of means. Tweet me @bendirs1 , use the hashtag #BBCTennis , lob over a text on 81111 (UK). Which is all another way of saying I fancy someone to chat to.
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*Federer 6-4 6-2 2-1 Tomic
Tomic storms into a 40-0 lead before throwing in his second double-fault, those serves look very tired indeed. Federer makes it 30-40 courtesy of a screaming backhand down the line before Tomic fluffs a backhand volley to make it deuce. Federer scrambling all over the baseline, bunting back forehands, before the Swiss finds the net with another attempted pass - but only just. Tomic holds...
*Denotes next server

Federer 6-4 6-2 2-0 Tomic*
That's a ripper from Tomic, an angled forehand pass that Federer barely deigns to look at. Federer has only lost three points behind his first serve and there's another one - 34th winner, this time another fizzing backhand down the line.
*Denotes next server

*Federer 6-4 6-2 1-0 Tomic
Tomic came from two sets down to beat Fernando Verdasco in the first round - but Verdasco isn't Federer. Obviously. He's Verdasco. Federer bunts a forehand wide to make it 30-40 before Tomic, as if he's wielding an upright hoover, drags a forehand down the tramlines. Tomic hesitates as a Federer backhand just grazes the back of the baseline and pays the price, sticking a backhand into the net. And we have a break early in the third, Federer sealing it with a snarling backhand down the line.
*Denotes next server

Federer 6-4 6-2 Tomic*
Tomic lures Federer in and that's a little bit casual from the world number three, tugging a forehand long and wide. But Tomic makes a couple of unforced errors of his own, and Federer seals the second set with a clean-as-a-whistle backhand winner down the line.
*Denotes next server

*Federer 6-4 5-2 Tomic
Federer cranks up the heat, breaking back immediately. The life sucked out of Rod Laver... Matts Wilander, over on Eurosport, responds to a sighting of Tomic's squeeze by questioning whether they'd be together if Tomic wasn't a top tennis player. Which takes me to that great Peter Crouch quote: when asked, what would you be if you weren't a professional footballer, Crouch replied, without missing a beat, "a virgin".
*Denotes next server

Federer 6-4 4-2 Tomic*
Double-fault from Federer and that's some spunky hitting from the 19-year-old, forcing Federer to go long with a backhand. Federer then tugs a forehand wide to hand Tomic two break points, the first of which Federer saves... and again, Federer finally breaking the Aussie with a knifed backhand that has too much spice on it. Tomic nicks back the advantage with a fearsome backhand pass and that's a break back, Federer finding the net with an attempted backhand pass.
*Denotes next server

*Federer 6-4 4-1 Tomic
... three more break points for Federer, who's loose as a goose on Chartreuse at the moment... only needs one of them, Tomic rather handed him that game on a plate...
*Denotes next server

Federer 6-4 3-1 Tomic*
Tomic tries out a Federer drop-shot but the Aussie's version had all the touch of a panel-beater and finds the net. Federer makes it 21 winners to seven with a lunging backhand down the line, almost like a squash shot. Even Federer looked perplexed by how good that was...
*Denotes next server

*Federer 6-4 2-1 Tomic
Tomic slams an ace down the middle to take it to 30-30 before Federer puts too much purchase on a forehand for Tomic's racquet to take. Unlucky net cord for Tomic makes it deuce before Federer sticks his foot in the door frame, outlasting Tomic in a forehand marathon to force break point. Ripsnorting angled forehand pass from Tomic, and what a save that is, before the Aussie hits a flat one cross-court. Dreamy little drop-shot from Federer to make it deuce again and the next one is even better - Federer feints a wind-up before dabbing the ball beyong Tomic's reach and that's another break.
*Denotes next server

Federer 6-4 1-1 Tomic*
Federer's radar goes awry, backhand-wise, and Tomic moves into a 0-30 lead. Big-hitting from Federer on the forehand flank, not sure why Tomic wasn't feeding him backhands instead, and the Swiss follows up with an ace down the middle... Federer seals the hold with a solid backhand volley...
*Denotes next server

*Federer 6-4 0-1 Tomic
Tomic hares across the baseline and slaps a forehand winner down the line before skimming the line again down the other flank to save a break point - that's ballsy. Tomic outhitting his rival from behind the baseline before Federer brings it back to deuce with a whipped backhand down the line. But Federer misses with another attemped backhand pass and that's a big Tomic hold.
*Denotes next server

Federer 6-4 Tomic*
Federer rather frames his aproach but Tomic leans back and fires a forehand long. Feds hunts down a cute lob from Tomic and flips it back over his head before winning the point but hooks a forehand long after some deep backhands from the Aussie. Ace down the middle, shaping it away from the batsman again, and Federer takes the set.
*Denotes next server

*Federer 5-4 Tomic
Federer whips a backhand well long but makes up for it with a knifed drop-shot that leaves Tomic rooted in concrete boots. Tomic is bothered by something after that point, although I know not what, and follows up with a double-fault to hand Federer a break-point. Tomic sprays a forehand long, told you this one had tie-break written all over it...
*Denotes next server

Federer 4-4 Tomic*
New balls for Federer to get his mitts round... Federer with an ace out wide to make it 30-0 before Tomic outfoxes him at close quarters, chasing down a drop-shot and dinking an angled winner. Another ace down the middle from the four-time champion, this set's got tie-breaker written all over it.
*Denotes next server

*Federer 3-4 Tomic
Tomic pinning his rival to the baseline before stepping in and putting away the backhand volley. Tomic piles into another crackerjack forehand down the line before showing a defter touch, all going to plan at the moment, no great dramas on either man's serve.
*Denotes next server

Federer 3-3 Tomic*
Tomic with a slashing backhand from the back of the court, scything down on the ball, and Federer is unable to deal with the spin. Tomic with a heat-seeking forehand that he thinks skimmed the sideline - another challenge blown - before the youngster sprays an attempted forehand pass miles wide. It's another hold...
*Denotes next server

*Federer 2-3 Tomic
Federer mixing things up from the back of the court, sliced and top-spun angled backhands and eventually Tomic buckles. But Tomic is really hitting the cover off the ball this evening, in marked contrast to his rather more refined approach against Dolgopolov in the previous round. That said, Federer brings it to deuce, before two beefy Tomic serves seal another hold.
*Denotes next server

Federer 2-2 Tomic*
That's cute from Federer - Tomic lures him in and the world number three knifes a cross-court pass on the backhand flank. Bit of serve and volley and that's that, another very comfortable hold.
*Denotes next server

*Federer 1-2 Tomic
Federer feasts on a Tomic second serve, running round his forehand and threading a pass down the line. Ripper of a backhand from Tomic - he measures it up and steers it down the line with the minimum of fuss. And that's another solid hold, Tomic looks unfazed.
*Denotes next server

Federer 1-1 Tomic*
Federer with a willowy ace down the middle, the ball arcing away like an away-swinger in cricket. Federer with a drive-volley at the net, forcing Tomic to go long, before the Swiss jabs a backhand beyond the baseline to make it 40-15. Tomic slaps a flat forehand long, challenges despite being about a foot out, but the call is upheld.
*Denotes next server

*Federer 0-1 Tomic
Tomic moves into a 40-15 lead before Federer outlasts him from the back of the court, employing his searching slice backhand. But Tomic holds with no great dramas.
*Denotes next server

0807: Tomic's third-round match against Alexandr Dolgopolov was very much a trip down Memory Lane - there were shots being played that would have reminded dear old Dan Maskell of his Salad Days. The 19-year-old is bidding to become the first home champion of the Aussie Open since... go on, have a guess - no looking on Wikipedia... I'll know, I'll just know... we're off in a minute, Tomic to serve first...

0800: Federer is bidding to reach his 31st straight Grand Slam quarter-final, which would extend his record for the most consecutive last-eight appearances in the Open era. Young Tomic's girlfriend, Donay Meijer, has been causing something of a stir over in Melbourne - 'Donay Meijer has beauty and brains', pants one Aussie paper, barely able to suppress its surprise that such a combination be possible. The Gold Coast stunner has revealed she is happy to take a back seat to beau Bernard Tomic while he pursues his Australian Open dream. Not my words, the words of the Herald Sun. Del Potro's just won, he awaits Federer or Tomic in the next round.

0748: Federer and Tomic have only played each other once, in the Davis Cup on grass in 2011, when the Swiss won in four sets. The last time Federer lost to a player ranked lower than world number 38 Tomic was at Roland Garros in 2003, when he went down to number 88 Luis Horna in the first round. Young Rafa is through, he made easy work of fellow Spaniard Feliciano Lopez.

0744: On Margaret Court Arena, Argentina's number 11 seed Juan Martin del Potro is two sets and a break up against Germany's Philipp Kohlschreiber and seemingly coasting into the quarter-finals. The winner of that match awaits Federer or Tomic. Not sure about you, but I've always been a big fan of Kim Clijsters, a true gentlewoman of the old school - as such, I was pleased to see she saved four match points against world number five Li Na before winning through. Not that I don't like Li Na, obviously...

0732: As ever, we'd love to know what you think about tennis and stuff via a variety of means. Tweet me @bendirs1 , use the hashtag #BBCTennis , lob over a text on 81111 (UK) or perhaps jump on a train to Manchester and have a chat in person (or I'll be in London on Wednesday).

0730: Morning. First-up in Sunday's evening session (that's evening in Melbourne) is world number three and four-time champion Roger Federer against home favourite and everyone's favourite carver and shoveller, Bernard Tomic, a man with so many different varieties of slice they should call him Sunblest. Stand by for that at 0800 GMT, and there will also be commentary on 5 live sports extra.

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