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Andy Murray v Tomas Berdych - as it happened


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By Mike Henson

1654: It is adieu to the Paris Masters for Andy Murray then. Roger Federer or Juan Monaco will face Berdych in the semi-final, while Jo-Wilfried Tsonga awaits John Isner and David Ferrer on the other side of the draw. The real star of the show in the French capital though was probably the virtual MC, a strange animated Easter Island head figure who does the player introductions. Wimbledon bods, up your game. Goodbye.

1646: Berdych also suggested that Murray "got more upset than he should" by that change of the balls. Whatever the rights and wrongs of it, the switch certainly didn't help the Scot's concentration. Camp Murray may well agree.

Tomas Berdych: "It was really a very memorable match for me. The thing I am most pleased, well, it was everything really! I am happy that I was able to stick with him for three hours or so, keep serving well and make some chances to make those break points."

Karthi Gnanasegaram on Twitter: "Oh Murray! #firstlosssinceAugust #bbctennis"

1634: After three hours and 12 minutes of a thorough working-over, Murray will probably be able to look on the bright side of some extra rest ahead of the World Tour Finals in London rather than the likelihood of facing of a far fresher Roger Federer in the last four. We might not have heard the last of his irritation over the change of balls that seemed to flip the momentum of that fourth game in the decider though.

Latest scores

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 4-6 Berdych
Berdych's mental demons are crawling all over his groundstrokes, dismantling his game bit by bit. 30-15 up with the match two points away he smacks two forehands long, the second by a good couple of yards, to hand Murray break point. But the Scot nets and Berdych works his way to match point. A routine forehand finds the net from the Czech. Murray chases superbly to flick up a thick net cord from Berdych and then ducks a bullet forehand that flies long to earn a second break point. Berdych mashes a big overhead into the decking and up into Row G to see it off. Murray has a third break point but Berdych, who looks so much better when fighting to save the game rather than win, survives. Finally though the Czech clambers to victory as a cream-crackered Murray misses with a backhand to bow out.

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 4-5 Berdych*
Disaster strikes for Murray. The Briton is flailing as his forehand deserts him and land him in a whole heap of the sticky stuff at 0-40. Three break points for Berdych. But now the Czech rattles, two nervy returns find the net and Murray is back within range. He has to keep the pressure trained on Berdych but instead concedes his serve with a double fault as Berdych breaks. Murray edges towards the brink.

*Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 4-4 Berdych
Murray's radar is slight askew as he sprays a forehand narrowly wide to give Berdych 30-0, and he finishes the game with a horror of a backhand that lands somewhere outside the doubles court. Berdych holds to love.

Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 4-3 Berdych*
An English expletive floats round the Palais Omnisports as Murray slips 0-30 adrift, but the rest of Murray's outbursts for the remainder of the game are more positive. He rallies to rattle off four successive points and take the game. Good gritty grinding from Murray.

*Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 3-3 Berdych
Murray, fuelled by the injustice of it all, sends a lovely dipping winner into the corner of Berdych's backcourt at 40-30 down. But hang on... Berdych calls for a video review and he is proved right. Murray's anger bubbling just below boiling now.

Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 3-2 Berdych*
Not too much off a hangover from the ball-change fandango it seems initially as Murray holds his serve comfortably. But the Scot is chewing umpire Fergus Murphy's ear throughout the changeover about the incident. "It was coming apart Andy," says Murphy. Presuambly about the ball in question rather than the Scot's game.

*Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 2-2 Berdych
A ball escapes Berdych's grasp and rolls forlornly to the net as he bounces it prior to serving early in the game and it sums up an out-of-sorts start from the Czech. His feet stutter as he fluffs a forehand to offer up a pair of break points to Murray. But then the turnaround. Berdych has an issue with some of the balls and convinces the umpire to order a redistribution of some from one end to the other. Berdych duly saves both break points prompting a disgruntled exchange between Murray and the umpire. The Scot's mood darkens further as Berdych's forehand smears across the sideline to seal the game. Let's see how that affects him.

David H on Twitter: "#bbctennis you really never know what your going to get with Murray. Frustrating but always entertaining!"

Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 2-1 Berdych*
Murray's serve is still far from firing, but the pressure is off with Berdych nowhere near the unplayable level he achieved midway through the second. The Czech nibbles away one point but trudges to his chair a little wearily as Murray's forehand winner clips the line.

*Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 1-1 Berdych
Berdych has a pensive pick of his strings as he nets to hand Murray a 0-30 lead. That plucking seems to have done the trick as he whips a forehand out wide to pull level, but Murray comes out on top in a straight baseline duel to earn a break point. The world number three is just off target with a running forehand winner though and Berdych makes his way from deuce as he creeps up the court to run down Murray's energy levels and swipe away a winner.

Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) 1-0 Berdych*
Both players look drained by their efforts through the previous tie-break, but Murray holds in low-key style to get off to a solid start in the decider.

It's bad news for a Briton
*Murray 6-4 6-7 (5-7) Berdych
And it turns out that all Murray's struggles in this set will go unrewarded. The Scot breaks Berdych on the first point of the shoot-out, but concedes his own first service point. A hold from Murray keeps us on serve at 2-1. Berdych successfully converts both his shots, the first with some old-school serve-volley stylings, and then steals the second of Murray's set of serves with a down-the-line backhand winner that kisses the apex of base and sideline. Berdych leads 4-2 at the changeover. But Murray prises his way back into the tie-break as Berdych cramps himself for room as he goes for a volley and then offers no stroke to a precise Murray winner. 5-4 to Berdych with Murray to serve. A scraping forehand winner levels the scores but Murray overcooks a forehand to waste that hard work and slip to 6-5. Berdych serves out in clincal style, patting a forehand volley into the open court after pushing Murray wide. BERDYCH WINS THE SECOND SET 7-6 (7-5) One hour 14 minutes for that second set.

Murray 6-4 6-6 Berdych*
A little taste of his own medicine for Murray as Berdych latches onto a short second serve and crack home a winning return to bring up 15-15. Berdych is still slugging hard and another foray to the net almost pays off, but he is a whisker away from making the volley and we are tie-break bound.

*Murray 6-4 5-6 Berdych
Berdych is listing momentarily but Murray is a little over eager as he scents a chance and pushes long at 15-15. Two mammoth serves later and the Scot is seated, contemplating serving to stay in the set after all his hard work to get back into it.

Murray 6-4 5-5 Berdych*
Murray puts plenty of work on a backhand slice to deceive Berdych before stretching him with a tantalising lob that the Czech just can't return. Berdych responds with a silky soft drop-shot winner, but he can't find the power and angles that swept all before him earlier in the set. All square.

It's good news for a Briton
*Murray 6-4 4-5 Berdych
Is that the floorboards going again in the Palais Omnisports or Berdych's nerves we can hear creaking? Murray hangs around long enough to force Berdych into coughing up two break points with an error at the net. A brave advance behind a fortunate net cord is rewarded with a simple volley and the recovery of the first for Berdych, but he flops a forehand south on the next rally. Murray has the break back and the great escape is on.

Murray 6-4 3-5 Berdych*
Some better first serves from Murray who has landed with only 50% of them so far today. He takes the game one point later than he should have done after netting a straightforward backhand volley. Berdych to serve for the second set next.

Text in your views on 81111
Andrew via text on 81111: "Did Jamie come on in place of Andy after the first set? Looks to be a different player. Hopefully the real Andy Murray will come back soon."

*Murray 6-4 2-5 Berdych
Murray takes the first point of the game to sow a few seeds, but Berdych reponds by racheting up the service speed and uncorking a 120mph ace. Another brutal cross-court forehand and a peppery serve out wide wrap up the game and this set looks like it is over the horizon from Murray's point of view.

Murray 6-4 2-4 Berdych*
The blitz of winners that has been flying off the Berdych racket has slowed as Murray holds onto his serve with relative ease. Both men pause for fresh graphite and guts as the umpire calls for new balls. Will any niggling doubts have seeped into Berdych during that break?

*Murray 6-4 1-4 Berdych
Berdych stamps his authority over the set with a hold to love. It will be some act of escapology if Murray can wriggle out from under the Czech's plimsoll in this set.

Murray 6-4 1-3 Berdych*
More pressure on Murray. Berdych again presses hard and grinds his way to two break points with some uncompromising back-court hitting. Murray is reeling on the ropes but hangs on to both before seeing off a third from advantage. Murray is chasing for all he is worth as Berdych mercilessly bludgeons away to prolong the game. Murray eventually puts together a string of points to pick a path through and see the game out, but it is draining stuff trying to keep a lid on a bubbling Berdych.

*Murray 6-4 0-3 Berdych
In contrast to Murray's previous game, Berdych rattles through pretty much unimpeded to consolidate his advantage. A third and deciding set anyone?

It's bad news for a Briton
Murray 6-4 0-2 Berdych*
A real arm-wrestle as Berdych finally forces Murray to surrender the break. The Czech shows a lovely touch at the net as he scoops up an attempted drop-shot and finds a cute angled volleyed response to Murray's attempted winner to bring up 30-30. Murray then nets to let the Czech get to deuce and then is wrong-footed as Berdych shrewdly fires one against the grain as his opponent chases around at the back. Murray drags himself through from break point down however. A ripped forehand out wide gives Murray advantage after being referred to Hawkeye, but he is making a meal of closing out matters. Berdych is cracking those long limbs into the groundstrokes and hammers away a smash for his second break point. The crowd are getting behind Berdych and have a collective grumble as his forehand finds the tape. Both they and him get another chance though and Murray dumps into the net to hand Berdych a deserved break.

*Murray 6-4 0-1 Berdych
Berdych steadies the ship with a solid hold, Murray briefly threatens but can't rouse himself to a full-fledged assault on the Czech's serve.

Karthi Gnanasegaram on Twitter: "#Berdych always reminds me of Rolf, Liesel's boyfriend from the Sound of Music #Murray #parismasters #bbctennis."
It would be a tough mother-in-law who would disapprove I reckon.

It's good news for a Briton
Murray 6-4 Berdych*
Real hard toil for Murray, but he finally takes the opening set. A sublime stop volley from Berdych gives him a foothold in the game and on Murray's eighth BREAK POINT the Czech chases down a drop-shot, sends Murray off in pursuit of a precise lob and slaps home a volley to deny him once more. Murray claims the set with possibly his best shot of the set so far as Berdych can only pat a tremendous forehand pass into the net. MURRAY WINS FIRST SET 6-4.

*Murray 5-4 Berdych
A monster of a game as Berdych forces Murray to serve out for the set. Berdych glowers down court at an improbably youthful looking line judge who calls his forehand long as it whizzes past Murray at 30-15. The Hawkeye challenge proves the Czech right. The line-judge's bottom lip wobbles. It isn't the only thing either as Berdych loses the next two points to give Murray break and SET POINT. Berdych holds off the first but Murray batters his way to a second SET POINT. An ace digs Berdych out of trouble, but a poor second serve land him straight back in it. Third SET POINT for Murray. Berdych comes to the net and blasts home a volley that clatters into the backdrop to see it off. Murray fluffs a fourth SET POINT as he overcooks a groundstroke and a fifth is salvaged by Berdych as he wraps flat forehand fizzing with topspin inside the sideline line. A sixth SET POINT goes to the wall for Murray before a Berdych double-fault, greeted with exasperated raised eyes by his other half in the crowd, gives the Scot a seventh. We seem to be trapped in some sort of Groundhog game as Berdych dinks over a cute winning drop-shot to stay in the set, and finally, finally we have a winner as his power overwhelms Murray to take the game. Phew.

Murray 5-3 Berdych*
Berdych snaps right back at Murray and almost comes away with something. Two sweetly struck forehands have Murray scurrying in vain as the Czech moves to 15-40 and two break points. Murray digs his heels in though and stoutly defends both, Berdych looking a little tentative as if a break might be a bit of a faux-pas. Murray yoyos between advantage and deuce, hampered by a broken string at one point, but finally crosses the line with a delicate little drop-shot. It has been a battle for the British number one in this opening set.

It's good news for a Briton
*Murray 4-3 Berdych
A stinging return gives Murray 0-30, Berdych's power play claims the next point, but the Czech's thumping double-handed backhand has a little too much behind it as he hand Murray two break points. Murray fails to thread a winner down a narrow corridor down Berdych's forehand flank, but then draws his opponent into the net and Berdych can't get a full racket on the Scot's attempted pass. Murray breaks.

Murray 3-3 Berdych*
Far more like it for Murray who hits deeper and serves more accurately to hold to love. Can he use that as a launchpad to have a crack at the Berdych serve now?

Alex Smith on Twitter: "think i may have just heard murray say 'if you cant move you have to be aggressive!' that may explain things......#BBCTennis."

*Murray 2-3 Berdych
A glimmer of a chance as he Berdych misses with his first serve at 15-30, but Murray allows the Czech to dictate as he wins the next two rallies. Berdych sticks with the tactic and attacks the net once more to see off the danger and hold.

Murray 2-2 Berdych*
Is that the first hint of the elbow injury that Murray is carrying? The Scot has a fiddle with his sweatband and a bit of a grimace as Berdych pegs him back at 15-15. Berdych then carefully builds a couple of superb points, coming to the net to pull level at 30-30 and then deuce after dragging Murray hither and thither on the baseline. But Murray survives once more as Berdych belts a return off the Scot's second serve into the tape. Murray is fortunate to be level in this set, but that may play on his opponent's mind more than his...

*Murray 1-2 Berdych
Berdych's first serve percentage is up at 75% and Murray, whose respective stat is just 38% after that shoddy opening service game, is struggling to get into the rallies. Berdych holds to love and the momentum is definitely with him.

Murray 1-1 Berdych*
Murray off to a shocker. He slumps to 0-40 with a lazy forehand that floats wide despite a lack of pressure coming from the other end. Three break points for Berdych. The Czech backs himself to land winners in each of the next three rallies but narrowly misses on each three occasion to let Murray off the hook and back to deuce. Berdych is busy berating himself and Murray takes advantage as he wins the game with his first outright winner. Big let-off for the Scot though.

*Murray 0-1 Berdych
Plenty of pop in the Berdych serve as he races away to 40-0. A flashy cross-court winner spurts long on the next point but an ace follows to wrap up the game. A quick dab of the forehead with his towel as he swaps end but the Czech hardly needs it.
* Denotes next server

1314: Both men out on court knocking down some gentle serves, both in red, with Murray sporting the slightly darker shade. Murray has some fairly impressive supports round both ankles, short of substituting in some bionic joints he couldn't better prepared. Berdych to serve first.

It's bad news for a Briton
1308: Murray called for the trainer during his win over Roddick yesterday and Sky Sports are reporting that he was suffering from "a twinge in his right buttock" as he knocked up with Juan Monaco earlier today. No-one likes one of those.

Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter: "Big test coming up for Andy Murray vs world no. 7 Berdych, who's beaten him in last 2 meetings + is previous winner here."

Nick Kelly on Twitter: "Looking at Murray's form, i believe his only threat in the Paribas Masters is Federer, which is unfortunately in his half! #bbctennis #ATP."

1259: If you dare sneak a peek beyond this afternoon's encounter it is the formidable Roger Federer who looms largest in the last four. The Swiss maestro takes on Juan Monaco in the quarter-finals later this afternoon. Then it could be Murray against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and a raucous, partisan and probably capacity crowd in the final. Still fancy his chances?

1255: You may remember him as the final fodder served up for Rafael Nadal en route to his second Wimbledon title in 2010, but the Czech is hitting a run of form after a mid-season dip and landed the China Open last month. He also leads the head-to-head with Murray 2-1, including an emphatic win in the French Open last year.

1245: All-conquering world number one Novak Djokovic may have dragged his dicky shoulder out of the Paris Masters this morning to leave Britain's Andy Murray as the top seed remaining in the event, but the Scot still faces a perilous route to a potential sixth title of the year. First up is Tomas Berdych. The first serve in their match hits the acrylic in the French capital shortly after 1300 GMT.

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