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US Open 2011: Andy Murray v Somdev Devvarman as it happened


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By Piers Newbery

2127: "I was a bit nervous at the start and I think that showed," says Murray. "I started a bit slow but I'm sure I'll get better as the tournament goes on. (Haase) will be a tough match, he gave Nadal a tough game at Wimbledon a few years back. He's tough so I'll have to be ready."

It's good news for a Briton
2122: Job done. One down, six to go, and the talking point from that performance was probably the Murray forehand, which was in aggressive mode. We've seen that before in wins over Nadal in Melbourne and Toronto, it will be interesting to see if Murray keeps it going over the next fortnight. He'll be back to face Robin Haase on Friday, before that we'll have Elena Baltacha v Svetlana Kuznetsova at around 2100 BST on Thursday. Now, who have we signed.....?

Murray 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 6-3 Devvarman
A slam-dunk smash gets Murray off to a good start and when Devvarman nets a backhand he has another two match points..... and Devvarman goes long on the first. "The second and third sets we saw some really positive, agressive tennis," says Jeremy Bates on 5 live. "I'd me massively surprised if we didn't see him in the semi-finals."

From GgNorth on Twitter: "bit concerned players are dropping like flies with illness. Will this be a case of last man\woman standing quite literally? #bbctennis"

Murray 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 5-3 Devvarman *
Murray's first serve has deserted him, its just concenatration," says Jeremy Bates on 5 live as Murray thumps a forehand into the net to fall 15-40 and two break points down. Murray is seemingly not going to mess around any longer and absolutely hammers one forehand as he reels off three straight points to earn match point.... and then he messes about with a dodgy drop shot. A net cord goes against him and Devvarman has a third break point.... and Murray nets a forehand. On we go.

* Murray 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 5-2 Devvarman
Devvarman is going to make Murray serve this one out, which he is surely going to do. Dutchman Robin Haase will be waiting in the second round.

Murray 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 5-1 Devvarman *
A manual refresh should right any scoring wrongs that might have appeared while Murray has been cruising towards the finish line, holding serve once again.

* Murray 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 4-1 Devvarman
Apologies, Devvarman holds but between Venus withdrawing and technical issues the last few games have passed me by. Back in the groove now though, as is Murray who is looking completely untroubled. And eighth seed Marion Bartoli has just lost to American hope Christina McHale. Anyone think Serena isn't going to win the women's title?

Murray 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 4-0 Devvarman *
Murray holds but I'm distracted by the BREAKING NEWS: Venus Williams has withdrawn from the US Open with an unspecified illness.

* Murray 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 3-0 Devvarman
... and Murray converts his third break point of another fine return game to get the double break and surely make victory a certainty.

Murray 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 2-0 Devvarman *
We have a complete and utter meltdown. Fortunately, it is my computer and not Murray's tennis, and while I deal with it in the ice-cool style of Bjorn Borg, Murray holds serve....

* Murray 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 1-0 Devvarman
A smart wrong-footing forehand gets Murray to deuce and Devvarman nets a backhand to offer up a break point.... the new and improved Murray forehand then takes over, pummelling Devvarman into submission.

Murray 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 Devvarman *
Murray throws in a showboating through-the-legs shot from behind the baseline when it wasn't really necessary, and goes on to lose the point. I'm all for it personally, but hardly playing the percentages. Like me, he's a maverick. It's a solid hold and the set is his.

BBC Radio 5 Live
* Murray 7-6 (7-5) 5-2 Devvarman
Murray thumps a forehand up the line and then another cross-court as he really gets on top of the Devvarman service game, earning himself three break points... Murray nets a forehand on the first but Devvarman then fires a backhand over the baseline. "I've been really impressed by the speed Murray's been generating on his forehand this afternoon," says Jeremy Bates on 5 live.

Murray 7-6 (7-5) 4-2 Devvarman *
Juan Martin Del Potro has beaten Filippo Volandri 6-3 6-1 6-1, the Italian struggling with back problems apparently, and Del Potro looks like the biggest obstacle to Murray in his section if he can hit top form. That remains an open question, admittedly. Murray is doing his bit, urging himself on before hitting an ace on game point to earn some breathing space.

* Murray 7-6 (7-5) 3-2 Devvarman
Much more assertive stuff from Murray and at 0-30 Devvarman steers a volley into the tramlines behind his serve. It's three break points for Murray.... and he finds a big gap down the line on the first of them to regain the advantage.

Murray 7-6 (7-5) 2-2 Devvarman *
Murray holds and the final point is a glimpse of just why he's a regular contender for Grand Slam titles as he controls the point brilliantly with his forehand. He needs to string that together for a while, otherwise this could be a very long evening.

* Murray 7-6 (7-5) 1-2 Devvarman
A terrific opening point sees Murray in classic scrambling mode, returning Devvarman smashes until the Indian plants one in the net. An errant mid-court forehand form the Indian moments later gives Murray a break point... but he hammers a second serve into the middle of the net. Murray screams, Devvarman holds with a neat serve-volley.

Murray 7-6 (7-5) 1-1 Devvarman *
Win or lose, it's going to be a slog for Murray today. At 30-30, he steps in and smacks a cross-court backhand firmly into the net to give up break point. He then double faults.
* denotes next server

* Murray 7-6 (7-5) 1-0 Devvarman
It's not completely happening for Murray so far today but he's slowly taking control of the contest. An aggressive return gets him to 30-30 but he then misses a forehand pass by some distance, and stomps around at the baseline muttering to himself. Devvarman helps him out at deuce with a forehand into the net, and on break point the Indian catches the tape with a backhand and sees it roll back on his side.

2001: "Murray will be mighty relieved to have come through that set in an hour and 10 minutes," says Jeremy Bates on 5 live.

Murray 7-6 (7-5) Devvarman
Devvarman misses with a backhand and Murray finally takes control with an ace and a smash to earn himslef three set points. Devvarman plays a great point to save the first, thumping a cross-court forehand, and a smash does the job on the second. Pressure on Murray.... and Devvarman controls the rally, only to net a forehand with the gap tempting him down the line.

Murray 6-6 (3-3) Devvarman
Murray takes the first point on serve but loses the next three points with some wild stuff, two backhands disappearing well into the tramlines. He is fortunate that Devvarman double faults and they change around tied at 3-3.

* Murray 6-6 Devvarman
Brilliant shot, Murray plays an improvised half-volley from the baseline and steers it down the line past the incoming Devvarman. The Indian misses a forehand to fall 15-30 behind but successive missed returns from Murray let him off the hook. Murray then has a brief disagreement with Hawkeye but we're going to need a tie-break....

Murray 6-5 Devvarman *
Boom. Murray smacks an ace out wide to take the game and guarantee himself a tie-break at least.

* Murray 5-5 Devvarman
Devvarman holds well enough and he's not showing any signs of cracking. There have been developments in Murray's quarter of the draw today, with sixth seed and potential quarter-final opponent Robin Soderling pulling out through illness, tricky possible third-round opponent Feliciano Lopez winning in straight sets, and 2009 champion Juan Martin del Potro currently a set and a break up on Filippo Volandri.

Murray 5-4 Devvarman *
Murray is starting to work Devvarman over here, moving his man all over the place and finishing the game off with two incredible forehands - one cross-court, one down the line. "What a shot! That was a forehand missile down the line," says Jeremy Bates on 5 live.

* Murray 4-4 Devvarman
Devvarman does well to get over the disappointment of losing his lead to hold confidently and keep Murray in check.

Murray 4-3 Devvarman *
It's looks like a warm, lazy afternoon in New York - at least it does from an overcast, industrious Manchester - and Murray's player box is a crowded place with the full Team Murray in attendance. There's a bit of mobile checking going on, almost certainly looking at this live text for tactical advice. It's not required at the moment as Murray is getting to grips with this match, holding to 30 to move ahead. "Clearly, he means business and he has terrific weapons, his forehand can be a huge shot," says Jeremy Bates on 5 live.

* Murray 3-3 Devvarman
Murray has another chance to get back on level terms with a break point but swipes his racquet in anger after the opportunity passes him by. Devvarman hits a brilliant backhand winner down the line before Murray misses a return on a second break point of the game. Two blistering returns follow and, finally, Murray gets back to parity when Devvarman double faults on the third break point. Bit of a shame for Somdev, that.

From WhelanWrites on Twitter: "Murray needs to relax into this match. Devvarman pretty much playing as well as he possibly can right now. #bbctennis"

Murray 2-3 Devvarman *
Murray wins another service game quickly and he is certainly going for his shots today, a heavy cross-court backhand winner matched by a similarly powerful forehand moments later. He doesn't look too troubled by the scoreline yet.

* Murray 1-3 Devvarman
Murray gives us the first "Come on!" of the day as he earns himself a break point at deuce but Devvarman wins a great rally, withstanding some heavy hitting from the Brit and taking the point with an improvised round-arm smash. Another smash gives Devvarman the game and he's made an impressive start.

Brad Gilbert on Twitter: "Muzza who wears usually boring stuff looks very sweet in the black and red."

Murray 1-2 Devvarman *
No messing about from Murray this time as he holds serve as quick as a flash, heading back to the chair to enjoy some Katrina & The Waves booming around the stadium. The royalties on that song....

1903: Excellent news, the 5 live commentary team are up and running from Arthur Ashe Stadium. "Murray hasn't played a match for 10 days or so and it takes some time to work an opponent out, but it's critical he keeps respecting his opponent and doesn't take him too lightly," says Jeremy Bates.

* Murray 0-2 Devvarman
Murray has a chance at 30-30 but is too short with a lob and Devvarman smashes it away. He's mixing it up nicely so far, stepping up the pace on a couple of forehands as he consolidates the break.

Murray 0-1 Devvarman *
OK, not the most convincing start to Murray's US Open bid as he immediately slips 0-40 down and faces three break points. He saves the first with an ace, the second with a cagey rally of drop shotting, and is happy to see Devvarman miss with an aggressive return on the third. A big chance appears to have gone begging for the Indian but when a fourth break point arrives, Murray slams a backhand into the net to undo all his hard work.
* denotes NEXT server

The sun is out
1841: Murray shuffles onto court fiddling with his headphones, which are still very firmly wedged into his ears as he sits down and starts rummaging in his racquet bag. No doubt he's listening to some of that pop music that the kids are so into these days. He's gone for a red shirt and black shorts with white baseball cap, Devvarman is in all white with a cap turned backwards and some racey red trainers. And it's hot out there.

1835: Devvarman is 26, ranked 64th in the world, he's from Assam in Indian but lives in the United States, spending much of his time hitting with good friend Andy Roddick when not out on the tour. He was the Commonwealth Games gold medallist in Delhi last year and is a former US college champion, so might have a bit of support in New York. He also likes dogs and the music of Dave Matthews Band. Personally, I can tolerate one of those but can't abide the other.

1830: Hello there. Spare yourself the disappointment of finding your club has missed out on Messi and signed someone from the Blue Square Premier on loan by following Andy Murray in his opening match of this year's US Open. He's up against India's Somdev Devvarman in the imposing surroundings of Arthur Ashe Stadium.

By David Ornstein

1735: A quick break for us but we'll be back for Andy Murray v Somdev Devvarman shortly.

1733: Robson finishes with 20 winners to her opponent's nine but 32 unforced errors to AMG's six. She won just 57% of points on her first serve - the Spaniard 81%. AMG goes on to play Vera Zvonareva or Kateryna Bondarenko in round three while for Laura, it's back to the drawing board. But plenty of positives for the 17-year-old to take away with her.

BBC Radio 5 live's Jonathan Overend on Twitter: "Laura Robson out of the US Open. Never recovered from missing the sideline by millimetres on BP in the 6th game."

It's bad news for a Briton


Robson 2-6 3-6 Medina Garrigues
Robson starts positively but yet more errors off the Briton's racquet take us to deuce. She puts an easy volley long, screams and pulls that sun visor over her face. That just about sums up her day. Match point... the 17-year-old Briton goes long. AMG lets out a roar and skips with delight. Game, set and match.
* denotes next server

Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman on Twitter: "Laura Robson serving to stay in the match against the wily Medina Garrigues. Just not quite consistent enough off the ground."

*Robson 2-6 3-5 Medina Garrigues
First blood to Robson in game eight but then come a couple of concentration lapses, and against a player of AMG's quality you're not going to get away with that. The 29-year-old Spaniard holds to 15. Almost home and hosed.
* denotes next server

1719: Better news for Louk Sorensen on Grandstand. He now leads Rogerio Dutra da Silva 5-2 in the second set.

Robson 2-6 3-4 Medina Garrigues*
Robson's footwork - or lack of - contributes to a backhand being flung long and a forehand lashed wide. She let's out a scream in anger. But 15-30 is soon 40-30 but Laura nets an easy backhand for deuce and then AMG engineers a break point. Forehand wide. There's the break and AMG is now closing in on a straight-sets win.
* denotes next server

*Robson 2-6 3-3 Medina Garrigues
Two blinding forehand winner take Laura to 30-30 before she cranks up the pressure, forcing AMG to net a forehand and bringing up a break point. Her first of the match. And with it her first first pump of the day. Poor first serve... huge chance... deep second serve... Robbo steps in... shoots a backhand just wide. But AMG horribly miscues a forehand and here's a second break point... AMG crosscourt backhand winner. Laura flicks a backhand return long and and whips a routine forehand into the net. How vital might that service hold prove?
* denotes next server

Robson 2-6 3-2 Medina Garrigues*
Things are looking a tad worrying at 30-30 but full credit to Robson, who comes up with a big serve down the middle and then dispatches and tricky backhand drive volley. Lots of applause from the Court 13 crowd - they're backing the Brit. Over on Grandstand, it's going with serve in the second set between Louk Sorensen and Rogerio Dutra da Silva.
* denotes next server

*Robson 2-6 2-2 Medina Garrigues
Make that only seven of 32. Robson makes no inroads on AMG's delivery this time. The Briton has more winners than the Spaniard but also far more unforced errors. Critical service game coming up.
* denotes next server

Robson 2-6 2-1 Medina Garrigues*
No major problems on serve for Robson as she holds to 15. Now she needs to make an impact on her opponent's delivery. Robbo has won only seven of 28 points on the AMG serve so far.
* denotes next server

*Robson 2-6 1-1 Medina Garrigues
Robson, remember, is currently the youngest player inside the world's top 200. Unfortunately for the 17-year-old, she's only showing flashes of the form that took her to that level at present. A drive volley finds the net, enabling AMG to hold to 15. Laura drops her racquet in frustration, grimaces in annoyance.
* denotes next server

A bagel
1647: Ireland's Louk Sorensen loses the opening set of his first-round match against Rogerio Dutra da Silva of Brazil. The scoreline? 6-0. Oh dear.


It's bad news for a Briton
*Robson 2-6 Medina Garrigues
A hold to love, sealed with an ace - the first of the match - to secure the first set. Medina Garrigues in firm control. Laura needs to cut out the forehand errors and stay patient in the rallies. Otherwise, she's a goner.
* denotes next server

Someone is having a tantrum
Robson 2-5 Medina Garrigues*
Robson finds herself in a spot of bother and 0-15 and then stranded in mid-court on point two - but a forehand winner averts the danger. For now. AMG manages to bring up a break point... Laura saves with a winner... forehand long means a second break point... Robbo makes a complete hash of an easy overhead. There's the double break. And Laura throws her racquet in disgust.
* denotes next server

*Robson 2-4 Medina Garrigues
Little to chose between either player at 30-30 and, making it even harder to tell them apart, they're both wearing the same pink outfit. The Robson forehand is back on song to take us to deuce but it then malfunctions once more as AMG moves to game point. The 29-year-old drags her younger opponent wide and Robbo can only scramble her return into the net.
* denotes next server

Robson 2-3 Medina Garrigues*
First moment of concern for either player as Robson lets slip a 40-15 lead with a couple of wayward groundstrokes. When she pulls a forehand into the tramlines, it's break point to AMG. The Spaniard does little to make the running, simply keeping the ball in play, but Robbo overcooks another forehand and there's the break. Over on Grandstand, Rogerio Dutra da Silva leads Louk Sorensen 3-0.
* denotes next server

Sixth seed Robin Soderling withdraws from the US Open because of illness. Soderling was due to play Ireland's Louk Sorensen in round one and his place will be taken by Rogerio Dutra da Silva of Brazil.

*Robson 2-2 Medina Garrigues
Robson now picking off the AMG serve fairly regularly. She's stepping in at every opportunity and belting it away with beautiful timing. The British player makes her way to 15-30 but then fires a backhand into the net before her opponent comes up with a timely winner to seal the game.
* denotes next server

Robson 2-1 Medina Garrigues*
More confident play from Robson to keep her neck in front on a sunbaked Court 13. Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman tweets that Soderling "has withdrawn from US Open, due to illness. Sorensen of Ireland now plays a Brazilian lucky loser".
* denotes next server

*Robson 1-1 Medina Garrigues
Encouraging to see Laura attacking from the outset and she nails a winner to move to 0-15. But AMG swiftly stamps her authority on this game with a flurry of crafty groundstrokes. She looks to be trying to keep the points long, while Robbo does all she can to shorten them down. Honours even.
* denotes next server

Robson 1-0 Medina Garrigues*
Super start from the 17-year-old Londoner, holding to love as AMG puts a backhand into the tramlines. Aggressive stuff from Robbo there. In other news, we're hearing Robin Soderling has withdrawn from the US Open. More to follow as and when we get it, but if the reports are correct, Ireland's Louk Sorensen will take his place in the second round.
* denotes next server

1611: Not the biggest crowd out on Court 13 for Robson v Medina Garrigues and you'd have to imagine that will play into the hands of Robson. Her opponent, the 30th seed, is vastly more experienced but Robbo will fancy her chances. She'll serve first. Here we go...

Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter: "Stunning New York day. Expecting Spaniard to be marginally too solid at this stage for Laura Robson. Can't see too many dramas for Murray."

1604: You'll be able to enjoy game-by-game coverage of both this match, which is first up on Court 13, and Andy Murray's meeting with Somdev Devvarman, second on Arthur Ashe Stadium not before 1800 BST. I'll also keep you posted on the progress of Ireland's Louk Sorensen, who plays Robin Soderling first up on Grandstand.

The sun is out
1555: Another blissfully sunny day at Flushing Meadows - the perfect setting for Robson's bid to reach the third round of a Grand Slam for the first time. Will she? Won't she? Where will the match between Britain's world number 17 and Spain's world number 33? You tell me... just send over a tweet @bbcsport_david using the Twitter hashtag #BBCtennis or text in on 81111 (UK).

1550: Transfer deadline day? The only movement we're interested in is that of Laura Robson from round two to round three of the 2011 US Open. No offence to Anabel Medina Garrigues, but this is a big day for the 17-year-old Briton and her followers. As it is for Andy Murray. But that can wait for later. First up, Robbo...

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