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Wimbledon 2011: Murray v Lopez and Federer v Tsonga as it happened


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By Tom Fordyce at Wimbledon

1902: That's me done - splendid afternoon of tennis. Don't forget that you can watch it all on Today At Wimbledon (2000, BBC Two, apologies if you live overseas, at least your weather is probably better) as well as listen 6-love-6 with John McEnroe and Tim Henman at 1930 on BBC Radio 5 live.

Tim Henman
Former Briitsh number one Tim Henman on BBC TV: "Andy Murray was very impressive, he was clinical, workmanlike and he never let Lopez get into the match. He executed his shots and his serving was good. Lopez didin't serve well but the problem when you are facing Murray is that he returns so well that you have to try to serve closer to the line and Lopez was struggling to do that."

BBC Radio 5 Live
Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 live: "Murray just kept it together really well. He stuck with the game plan and the win was with relative ease. He even got into locker room before Nadal. Now the gloves are off, he's got to go for it and raise the level and go like his life depends on it."

BBC Radio 5 Live
Miles Maclagan on BBC Radio 5 live: "He does believe, he's beaten Nadal before. It was not great today, but it didn't need to be, so there's not too much stress. Against Nadal he will have to go for shots a lot more, but he'll be delighted."

1853: This from Lord Muzzington as he steps into the locker-room: "I thought it was good. Feliciano looked a little tired and struggled a bit with his movment, but I thought I served well throughout the match. I'm playing well - you get pushed more and more as the rounds go on, and I'll have to up my game. On the grass sometimes your feet can get caught, but I feel alright - I'll just have to wait and see. I'll get treatment for it for sure, but these things happen during Grand Slams. You've just got to try to get on with. I've played a little bit better every year here - I've been beaten in the semis for the past two years, and this time I want to go further."

1850: Smiling faces all around as Murray hoists his bag onto his shoulder and squiggles some autographs on the balls - behave - and pieces of paper offered by his adoring fans. Ah look - he's even signing one young lad's cast on a broken arm. Cut this off, doctor? You've got to be joking.

1848: Easiest peas - straight sets, never broken, seldom troubled. Andy Murray is into Friday's semi-finals, and the dream lives on...

Murray 6-3 6-4 6-4 Lopez
Here we go. Big serve, 15-0; 11th ace, 30-0. 12th ace, 40-0 - loosen the corks - 13th ace, home!

* Murray 6-3 6-4 5-4 Lopez
Murray is definitely struggling with that injury. He barely bothers chasing as Lopez holds to love; he'll get through this without calling for medical assistance, but we'll have to watch for medical bulletins overnight.

Murray 6-3 6-4 5-3 Lopez *
Murray winning 77% of points on his serve, Lopez just 59. And on second serve it's 68% vs 31%. Magic numbers. Oh no - what have I said? Hubris bites me on the behind as Murray double-faults for 0-30, and then misses his following first serve. Ooh-woo-oo, backhand overhead into the net, two break points. I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry... Was that long? Murray leaves a Lopez forehand that's called good - if he gets this challenge wrong, he's broken. Gulp - successful. Second serve on the next one - dear oh dear - battered so far long by Lopez that they're ducking in Tooting. Lopez forehand onto the very back of the line for deuce, big Muzzington serve and forehand for advantage. Bigger serve, job done. Murray four points from the semis. Although none of us will take anything for granted.

* Murray 6-3 6-4 4-3 Lopez
If we were to allow ourselves to look ahead to that semi - and even a scaredy-pants like me thinks we probably can - Murray would face either Rafa Nadal or Mardy Fish, who are currently knee-deep in a fourth set on Court no.1. Nadal was cruising at two sets up, but The Fish has struck back.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Jeff Tarango on BBC Radio 5 live: "I never stop worrying about Andy Murray and he's twitching at the groin a little, and I sensed a bit of a limp there at the end of that game, I think it's something he wants to look at. If I was the mum or the girlfriend I'd be more worried."

Murray 6-3 6-4 4-2 Lopez *
A glimpse there of the long lenses of the photographers courtside, trained with telescopic precision on the Murray knee. Definitely a little limp there, particularly when he goes out to his forehand side at pace, but Lopez is in no shape to take any advantage. Backhand flopped into the net, Murray two holds of serve from the semi-finals.

* Murray 6-3 6-4 3-2 Lopez
Murray's stubble at George Michael 'Faith' length, although as straggly as George's was impeccable. Chance here - mmm, sweet pass, break point... ah, a pass of pure beauty. Murray has the break, and surely now the match is in his lap. Just one hour 42 minutes on the match clock, and he has barely given Leftie Lopez a fingernail in the contest.

Murray 6-3 6-4 2-2 Lopez *
Murray's fastest serve of the day - 128mph - but he's back to 30-30, only to chase down a dropper and flick a backhand pass away. Wave of relief through the crowd, but what a point that is from Lopez - lovely touch at the net, ripping forehand, deuce. Murray with a classic backhand drive - Lopez failing to apply any pressure at all at that juncture - and a big serve to the leftie forehand that the Spaniard can only clatter into the net.

* Murray 6-3 6-4 1-2 Lopez
Sudden yell from Murray as he chases a backhand out wide - has he done something to his knee there? He's moving gingerly, although not as gingerly as the bloke over there with the tam o'shanter and celtic wig attached beneath. Will he call for the trainer? The trainer's coming on, but I think it's for Lopez again. Still those nascent panics.

Murray 6-3 6-4 1-1 Lopez *
Alan Hansen over the far side, as well as David Coulthard. Galaxies of stars. Lopez's first sniff at 30-30, snatched away from him as Murray whips cross-court.

Text in your views on 81111
Neil in Oxford via text on 81111: "Here's a thought… has there ever been a repeat of the Queen's final in the Wimbledon final?"

* Murray 6-3 6-4 0-1 Lopez
Marginally wide on the return from Murray to get Lopez on the board. The trainer, by the way, appeared to be massaging Lopez's left knee. Perhaps should have spent a little time on his ego too. * denotes next server

Murray 6-3 6-4 Lopez *
Overhead put-away, ace out wide, three set points. Lopez helpless in the face of this classy, controlled display. Flashing forehead clipping the net cord to save one, but when another the other way goes wide, Murray's smooth progresson continues. Hey - the trainer's coming off for Lopez too. Muchos troublos grande. Can you tell they only offered German and French at my school?

Tim Henman
Former Briitsh number one Tim Henman on BBC TV: "If I pay you, Boris, will you keep calling it Henman Hill?"

* Murray 6-3 5-4 Lopez
Talking of Henman, it was Lopez who ended El Tigre's Wimbledon career with that epic five-set defeat back in 2007. Revenge delayed a little longer by a neat cross-court drop-shot from the Spaniard, but he's having to fight for every single service point.

Murray 6-3 5-3 Lopez *
WATCH OUT! A ball-boy makes an early dash across the net after an out call, and almost wears a Lopez forehand in the mooey. Shades of Henman '95 there. Hold to 15, Murray a game from a two-set cushion.

* Murray 6-3 4-3 Lopez
They've packed them in on Henman Hill - a sea of waving arms, raised pints and sunburnt noses. Lopez wobbling at 30-30; a fizzing forehand cross-court gives him the smallest glimmer of hope.

Murray 6-3 4-2 Lopez *
If the mood around Centre is yet to really crank up - it's one of contented enjoyment, rather than wall-shaking party - it's entirely because Murray has looked so comfortable. He holds without breaking sweat, and at the risk of inducing mockers/counting chickens/typing too soon, Lopez seems to have very little idea of what to do about it.

* Murray 6-3 3-2 Lopez
What the... Woeful overhead from Feliciano - that would have missed two courts. Break points - yeeesss, too easy, handed over as a feeble forehand volley flops into the net. Murray has the break, and all seems well in the world.

Murray 6-3 2-2 Lopez *
Lopez is on a nine-match losing streak against top five players. His last victory over one of the big boys came at Queen's last year, when he saw off Rafa Nadal in the third round. Murray holds in a blink.

* Murray 6-3 1-2 Lopez
Lopez, long hair pulled back into a ponytail, broad white bandanna around the forehead. Double-fault for deuce as the sun slips behind a benign cloud, sweet backhand passer for break point. Here we go. Or do we? Lopez serve out wide, crisp volley at the net. Crashing ace, only his third of the match after the avalance produced in earlier rounds, and he's wriggled off the hook. McGillis rather than McGuinness, of course. Thumbs up for the Twitter nudges.

Murray 6-3 1-1 Lopez *
Lopez showing no sign whatsoever of making a dent in the Murray serve. The Scot holds again to love as the Centre Court seats emptied earlier after the Tsonga shocker gradually re-fill.

* Murray 6-3 0-1 Lopez
Should Lopez shock most critics and come through here at Murray's expense, it will have taken him 39 attempts to reach a Grand Slam semi - a new record. Mark Woodforde did it after 38, his great pal Todd Woodbridge 34. He holds to love, his first serve landing well.

Murray 6-3 Lopez *
Both mother Judy and ladyfriend Kim Sears in their usual VIP seats, Kimmy hidden behind mirrored aviator shades in the style of Kelly McGillis. Forehand long from Lopez, and with minimal drama Murray has taken the set. He's only landing 50% of his first serves, so there's more to come - although he has won every single point on it when it lands.

* Murray 5-3 Lopez
Familiar face in the umpire's chair - the steely-cheeked Lars Graf. Always very close to calling him Lars Ulrich, who would make a very different sort of official. Blistering backhand winner off the Lopez serve, and Murray will have two set points - Lopez is winning just 28% of points on his second serve. Here's another, but Murray goes long this time, and on the next a sweet pick-up volley saves the day. 130mph first serve, crashing reply, third set point... seen off with old-skool serve-volley style. Murray to serve for the set.

Murray 5-2 Lopez *
Half an hour gone, Murray on the brink of the first set. Ace at 40-0 - his fifth of the match so far - and he goes to his chair with a nod of approval.

* Murray 4-2 Lopez
The previous game, but in reverse. Murray races to 0-30 and looks to have a chance, only for a ricocheting series of volleys to end with Murray going wide. 40-30. Lopez apparently in control - but that's where the plot changes, Murray working his first break point of the match as Lopez goes long. Saved with a 120mph second serve - cheeky - but a blocked backhand across court is too good for the unseeded Spaniard, and he'll have another. We thought Murray's returning would be a factor, and that's the way it's transpiring. Lopez should put this away - good Lord, he's netted it! Murray has the break, and the returning hordes whoop it up.

Murray 3-2 Lopez *
First half-chance of the afternoon for Lopez as Murray loses concentration for 30-30. Super volley deep, Lopez conjuring up a cunning lob that Murray has to stretch for, and the danger is snuffed out. The roof overhead is slightly closed, but not because there is any imminent issue with rain; the Royal Box would simply like some shade. Shame there's almost no-one left in it.

* Murray 2-2 Lopez
Lopez a leftie, of course, which can cause real problems to some; Murray has a 33-14 win-loss record against southpaws, which sounds a little dodgy until you factor in that 11 of those defeats came at the hand of Rafael Nadal. Two silky volleys from the Spaniard, and an ace down the middle takes him level.

Murray 2-1 Lopez *
Lopez has reached the quarter-finals here at Wimbledon on two previous occasions, losing in 2005 and 2008, and it's also the furthest he's gone in any Grand Slam event. Not much he can do about that Murray dropper, or indeed that forehand down the line. Solid start from the Great British Hope.

* Murray 1-1 Lopez
Let's run a few numbers through the statometer. They have played each other four times, three on hard courts and one on clay, Murray winning every one with the loss of only one set. Chance here at deuce, Lopez chasing down a poor drop-shot only to offer up a chance for a backhand volleyed put-away - nope, missed into the sidelines. Murray slaps himself in the forehead with disappointment as another slicing dropper slides down the net.

Murray 1-0 Lopez *
And so we have the strange sight of Murray serving on a Centre Court that is almost completely empty. They'll be back. Hold to love, face hidden under the curved brim of his white cap.* denotes next server

1642: Chaos in the Centre Court corridors as punters dash for the conveniences before Andy Murray comes on court. "It's ridiculous!" trills one lady, stuck in a 25-woman queue. "One tiny cubicle for all these people!" Widespread panic as cheers from beyond the wall indicate the Murray and Lopez are indeed on their way.

1640: Tim Henman and Boris Becker courtside debating whether Lopez will have any chance of beating Murray. Surely not another upset? Henman doesn't think so - he predicts a Murray victory. Becker notes this is not a "normal day".

1628: All this, and Murray to come. Sport you old beauty. This from a stunned-looking Jo-Wilfried as he comes off court to ear-splitting applause: "It was amazing, quite unbelievable. It's never easy to play against Roger Federer and to come from two sets down and win is amazing. It's crazy."

BBC Radio 5 Live
Annabel Croft on BBC Radio 5 live: "It's always sad to see a great great champion lose a match like this, but his opponent today was breathtaking. Everything he touched to turn gold - and everything was brilliant. Tsonga is a deserving semi-finalist and I wonder what Novak Djokovic will make of that."

1624: Tsonga collapses to his knees - half the crowd have collapsed to their knees. It's bedlam out there, people clutching at their neighbours, punching the air. Federer glides to the net to shake hands with the victor, a champion in defeat as once in victory. Extraordinary match, stunning result.

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 4-6 Tsonga
Wonderful reception for the two bloodstained gladiators as they trudge back into the arena. Screams, shouts, yelps - tension and torment pouring out of every mouth. Fed with a brutal return - great pick-up - volley long, 15-0. Second serve from Tsonga, but a mighty meaty one - Fed a feeble return, 30-0 as a huge forehand lands in the corner. Big serve - 40-0, three match points. I don't believe this. Another huge serve - blocked return - it's going long, it's going long...

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 4-5 Tsonga *
"If Tsonga wins this," said my colleague Piers Newbery at two sets to love Fed, "I will eat your cycling hemet." I have witnesses. Fed holds to 30, anxiously - execution stayed, but for how long?

* Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 3-5 Tsonga
Where would this rank among shocks at SW19 - not just the result, but the fact that Fed was two sets up and... ah, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Champions stay champions for a reason. Federer, flicking the handle of his racquet round in his palm again and again - no, that's long, another uncharacteristic error, and that's a punishing serve - no way that's coming back. Federer four points from the trapdoor...

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 3-4 Tsonga *
Three hours we've been going now, which really isn't that long for a five-setter like this. Fed with his 15th ace to stay in it, but Tsonga's almost letting him have those. Save the energy, save the focus. Two games left for the greatest grass court player of them all to stay in the championship.

* Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 2-4 Tsonga
Is this the first slight signs of the Frenchman starting to tighten? Volley into the net, 30-30, fresh belief in the eyes of the Swiss fans dressed all in red in two rows close to the front. Bravo! Ace down the middle, Federer in the next point, lining up a forehand... blasted long! One down, two to go...

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 2-3 Tsonga *
Deep blue skies overhead, metaphorical storm clouds over Federer. He holds to 15, but that by itself won't be enough. Three service games between Tsonga and the semis, three games for Federer to save his skin.

* Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 1-3 Tsonga
Tsonga has touched these levels before, not least during his charge to the Aussie Open final in 2008 when he chewed Rafa Nadal up like an angry bulldog in the semi-final, but so rarely has he maintained them for so long. At 0-15 he crunches a forehand down the line through a gap the size of a Polo mint - I'm exaggerating a touch, but go with it - and cruises through the remainder in serene fashion.

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 1-2 Tsonga *
Fed, fringe clinging to his darkening headband as beads of perspiration start to show through. Rapid hold to 15, and you sense that there are twists and turns aplenty left in this gripping contest.

* Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 0-2 Tsonga
Fascinated, febrile atmosphere now on Centre. No-one can quite believe what they're witnessing, but they are relishing every magical moment. 30-30, Fed glaring, Tsonga tightening. Ace! Barrelled down the middle. Second serve, Fed flashing it back at his toes - mmm-mmm, glorious pick-up off the shoelaces for a stop-volley that Edberg would have been proud of.

Text in your views on 81111
Jer from Largs via text on 81111: "This tournament is going to go down in history as the seeds fall and Murray takes advantage."

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 0-1 Tsonga *
Who will blink first? Fed, if that's anything to go by - second serves, twice, and Tsonga will thrash those away. 0-30, out to 15-40 - he's not going to break him again, is he? Forehand into the corner, Fed horribly hurried, his desperate flick... into the net! Tsonga, clambering all over the old champion - my giddy aunts, he could win this...

BBC Radio 5 Live
Former British number one Jeremy Bates on BBC Radio 5 live: "Every one of these shots from Tsonga has been a hammer blow to Federer. I'm not sure he can play better than this on a tennis court. It's just set up for the most exciting fifth set of the tournament so far."


Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-6 Tsonga
Huzzah! Ace down the middle for set point, ace out wide to seal it. Remarkable stuff, splendid stuff, and we shall have a fifth...

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 4-5 Tsonga *
Fed holds to love, but that is a fraction of the battle. He must now break Tsonga; Tsonga must hold. Who has the nervier task? The pair prepare at the changeover, wiping perspiring brows on official Wimbledon towels, squirting water into thirsty maws.

* Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 3-5 Tsonga
There is a sloppiness about Federer's play that almost appears to be a trick of the eye, so strange it is. He has a simple forehand to pop down the line aff a feeble dropper from Tsonga, and yet he somehow slaps it wide. One service game secured, one to go.

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 3-4 Tsonga *
Fed holds to love (75% on his first serve, 78% of points won on it, 78% on the second) but the Tsonga serve is now almost as robust. Fed must break in one of the next two Tsong-tserves to prevent the match going the distance. Not that anyone in the stadium bar his papa Robert and missus Mirka would mind.

Text in your views on 81111
Geoff via text on 81111: "Fed lost 3 2 to Nalbandian in ATP finals final after holding a 2-set lead."

* Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 2-4 Tsonga
Not a single person moving from their seat, the plastic pots of Pimm's long since drained, the half-eaten sandwiches dropped back into picnic baskets. Tsonga holds, spring in his step, momentum at his back.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Annabel Croft on BBC Radio 5 live: "I'm just in wonder at some of the tennis we're seeing out here, it's just breathtaking at times. It's entertaining, great characters, great personality from Tsonga and the crowd are loving it."

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 2-3 Tsonga *
Definite swing in support from the six-time champion to the first-time quarter-finalist. He's into the Fed serve again here, and - oh, what a point, the killer blow seemingly administered at least five times before Fed finally plops a volley away with Tsonga almost in the photographers' trench.

Text in your views on 81111
Anon via text on 81111: "Thanks to Tsonga for stretching out this game to allow me more time to leave work and get in place for watching Murray"

* Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 1-3 Tsonga
I'm being told that Federer has never lost from two sets up in tournament play. May have happened in Davis Cup vs Lleyton Hewitt, but that could be it. You don't think...

Three-time Wimbledon singles champion Boris Becker on BBC TV: "Tsonga is thinking that he's still alive in the match. Everyone was expecting a pretty easy third set for Federer but this gives him another chance to fight even harder and show his emotions even more to get the crowd involved. He's a spectacular player to watch and he's having a good time and should just think about playing his best game."

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 1-2 Tsonga *
Now then. Tsonga is suddenly hitting his straps - Lordy, he's hitting everything, and bang out of the middle of the strings too. Another one of those single-handed backhand passers, a battering forehand and he has three - yes, rub the eyes, three - break points. Big serve, one saved. Saucy forehand, two saved. Rally, Tsonga in it, forehand aimed towards the corner... it's good! There are spectators on their feet, punching the air - we wanted a real contest, and by cracky we've got one...

* Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 1-1 Tsonga
Anything you can do, says the Frenchman, holding to love himself. If you were startled by the claim a few games ago that Tsonga had served at 1341mph, refresh your page to have the laws of science returned to their natural shape.

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 1-0 Tsonga *
A small reminder, just in case you've lost your marbles in the last few hours - Andy Murray is next on Centre against Feliciano Lopez. I know, I know - just wanted to make sure. Tsonga takes a courtesy break before the start of the fourth set - takes him a while, and I'm told he took a wrong turn in the clubhouse, ending up at the BBC interview position rather than the gents. Difficult moment for Phil Jones, I imagine. Fed holds to love, and battle is rejoined.

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-6 Tsonga
Here we go. Tsonga... nope, tight-shouldered forehand pulled wide, 0-15. Uh-oh, tighter one pushed the other way, 0-30. Fed to the net, lob-volley from Tsonga, Fed scampering... no, flicking rescue shot wide. Tsonga ace out wide - called out, challenged, nibbling the outermost crust of the line - and brilliant serve-volley for 40-30 and set point. Ooo, he's popped his backhand long - deuce. Big serve, second set point... saved, saved with glorious elan as Fed laces a backhand winner away like some artistic automaton. 134mph first serve, blocked back, another set point slipping by. Ace! Sliced out wide, fourth set point. First serve, backhand blocked down the line... wide! Tsonga's right back in this...

Text in your views on 81111
Gary Jones via text on 81111: "Re: Mervyn King being there. Isn't he in charge of the Federer Reserve?"

Federer 6-3 7-6 4-5 Tsonga *
Federer is not in the mood to hand over the set on a polished platter. Hold, beautiful backhand pass the pick, and Tsonga must now hold his nerve to serve out for the set.

* Federer 6-3 7-6 3-5 Tsonga
Suddenly, like a hungry lion on the hunt, Federer explodes into life. Wonderful pass, splendid volley, Tsonga tstunned, 0-30. Anxious yells from the French supporters in the capacity crowd, but they needed have worried - muscular serving, battered forehands, and their man repels the attack with an adrenalised yell.

Federer 6-3 7-6 3-4 Tsonga *
Fed holds to love with emotionless expression. Not a single double-fault from him all afternoon, but 12 aces.

* Federer 6-3 7-6 2-4 Tsonga
Two wonderful volleys from Tsonga, as good as anything you'll see - steel-wristed control, feathery touch. Jan Kodes over there, the 1973 champion. Think my old man had a wooden racquet endorsed by him. It came in one of those square wooden clamps, and probably with complementary long white trousers.

Federer 6-3 7-6 2-3 Tsonga *
Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, and Chancellor George Osbourne both there in the posh seats. Federer bang on the money - apologies, but it was always going to happen - holding to love in less than a minute.

* Federer 6-3 7-6 1-3 Tsonga
Now - can he back up that break? Fed having his first tiny dip of the contest, even if it is a shallow one, and the big Frenchman finally has his dander up. His career record from two sets down? He's only come back from the brink once. Fed's five-set record? 18 wins, 14 defeats. A long way til we get to that point, but something to chew on.

Federer 6-3 7-6 1-2 Tsonga *
Tsonga's brother Enzo there, and finally he has something to fistpump about - a mis-hit backhand from Fed, and shock break points. Surprised gasps around Centre. Now then. Unstoppable serve, one saved. Another boomer, reply into the net - but he'll have another here, Fed at the net, slapping away the volle... ooh la la! Somehow Tsonga got to it, somehow he wrapped his racquet round it, somehow he conjured it over the net and away down the line for a sensational winner. A break, and the crowd whoop and whistle their delight.

* Federer 6-3 7-6 1-1 Tsonga
Federer floats like a butterfly to cut off a lob with a backhand overhead - such power from such a tough shot. That's lovely from Tsonga though, a one-handed backhand pass to kep his nostrils above the floodwaters.

Three-time Wimbledon singles champion John McEnroe on BBC TV: "This is Roger Federer as you would expect. He struggled first match last year against Falla and Tomas Berdych beat him in the quarter-finals but this year this looks like the old Federer, the six-time champion."

Federer 6-3 7-6 1-0 Tsonga *
Tsonga has called for the trainer, possibly to treat his battered hopes or wounded ego. Let's have a look - ah, some sort of sting on his hand. The wasp probably tried to land on Roger but found his movement too quick. There's a line in there somewhere about there being no flies on him, but I can't think of it in time. Wonderful scooping forehand cross-court - Tsonga can't quite believe that one; welcome to the club - and then a drop-shot as cruel as it is beautiful. Hold to love, French miracles required.

Federer 6-3 7-6 Tsonga
Roger wipes his forehand with his white wristband, adjusts his spotless white bandanna and tears an enormous hole in Tsonga's hopes, ripping those topsin backhands away, floating in those dropper with gossamer touch, hammering in the unreturnable serves. He's at 5-0 in a flash, delayed only briefly by a why-the-hell-not Tsonga slashing winner off the forehand and backhand volley at full stretch, and seals the two-set lead with big serve-punching forehand combo. Start the car.

Federer 6-3 6-6 Tsonga
It was. It is. Tsonga must win this, you'd have to say, to have any chance of pulling off the monstrous upset.

* Federer 6-3 5-6 Tsonga
Three chaps there in the crowd in full McEnroe fig - curly wigs (nice range from ginger through auburn to black), red headbands, wooden racquets. Plus mobile phones - shame. Tsonga holds at pace, and you feel very much as if a tie-break is inevitable.

Federer 6-3 5-5 Tsonga *
Oh, what a point that is - shot after shot from the back, Tsonga slicing hard off the forehand to buy himself enough time to scamper back, battering flat forehands - 21 shots, 22, Fed at the net, almost foxed by one that flips up off the tape, dipping a backhand away, Tsonga full-length to volley back but then let prone, nose buried in the grass, as Fed slaps the winning volley away with imperious anger.

James in Chichester via text on 81111: "Flipping between both matches, cannot believe the difference in styles and pace!"

* Federer 6-3 4-5 Tsonga
There's an old boy in the Royal Box who is fast asleep. Early start, busy morning, stodgy lunch? Better from Tsonga, holding with muscular power, and he'll have a joust here at the Fed serve to steal away the set.

Federer 6-3 4-4 Tsonga *
How to get a foothold in the Fed serve? He's still on 73% on his first serve, winning three-quarters of points off it and 85% off his second. Tsonga comes to the net for what should be 40-15, only to flick a simple passer way long. He smiles wistfully, leaning heavily on his racquet like a wounded Napoleonic soldier on a crutch.

* Federer 6-3 3-4 Tsonga
Is this the start of Tsonga's argument? Wonderful volley off a Fed fizzer, battering forehand down the line, thumping serve. 20 winners in total now from the Frenchman - now to take aim at the Fed serve. Pippa Middleton in the Royal Box too, alongside Mama Carole. Jay-Z one day, P-Middy the next. Eclectic.

Federer 6-3 3-3 Tsonga *
Gasps of surprise as Federer thunks a volley into the net with his nose on the tape - real power on the JW forehand, but it may well have been going long. Lewis Hamilton in the grounds, I'm being told.

* Federer 6-3 2-3 Tsonga
Slightly strange atmosphere around Centre Court at the moment. It's reverential rather than rowdy, as if a great work of art is being paraded around the the white lines rather than a sweaty, gripping sporting contest being watched. No-one quite seems to believe that Tsonga can win, or even threaten. Convince us, big man.

Three-time Wimbledon singles champion John McEnroe on BBC TV: "I think Tsonga has the best chance of pulling of an upset in the quarter-finals but nerves clearly got the better off him in that first set."

Federer 6-3 2-2 Tsonga *
Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus there in the Royal Box, dapper and rapt. Tsonga tries a one-handed backhand from the far corner that almost catches Roger by surprise, his volley landing atop the tape before dropping Tsonga-side, and that's another strange choice - drop-shot with Fed already charging the net, the ball dying in the embrace of the black netting once again.

* Federer 6-3 1-2 Tsonga
Connors (84), Becker (71), Sampras (63). Point for each. JW double-faults to wobble at 30-30, but the serve kicks in again to stamp out the sparks.

Federer 6-3 1-1 Tsonga *
Brutal kicker of a second serve from Fed, just 88mph but loaded to the eyeballs with spinning menace. Should Roger win today it would be his 60th victory on these hallowed grounds. Another quick quiz: who are the three men with more Wimbledon victories to their name?

* Federer 6-3 0-1 Tsonga
Jo-Wilfried posed naked for a well-known ladies' magazine in the build-up to this tournament, and he's being exposed again out there. Forehand called long - should have challenged that, it actually fell in by a fraction - and at 30-30 he looks in trouble. Ah, a glimpse of the form that saw off no.7 seed David Ferrer in the previous round - forehand crushed into the corner off a short Fed backhand slice, and then another to get his nose in front for the first time in the match.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Annabel Croft on BBC Radio 5 live: "Tsonga needs to string it all together at the right times so when the little opportunities come, he needs to tighten up and make sure he pressurises Federer. Federer has such utter belief in himself and that sends out such a strong message psychologically to his opponent."

Federer 6-3 Tsonga *
Not even a sniff. Fed serving at 75%, winning about the same on his first serve and at 86% on his second, and the Frenchman can do absolutely nothing to disrupt it. Set sealed, Roger winning 32 points in that opener to Tsonga's 20 - a mighty margin at this rareified level.

* Federer 5-3 Tsonga
Tsonga, blue sweatband on his wrist a la Murray, and that's his best shot so far - dashing in to the net, caught mid-court as a Fed backhand ripper fizzes back towards his toes but getting down low to flip a half-volley up and over the net for a stone-cold dropper. Now to break to stay in the set. Asks get bigger, but not by much.

Federer 5-2 Tsonga *
Fed aiming for his 29th Grand Slam semi this afternoon, ahead of Lendl on 28, Agassi 26 and Sampras 23. Out in front? Jimmy Connors on 31, but it took him until a few days before his 35th birthday to get to 29. Tsonga overcooking his groundstrokes on return - two long, under limited pressure, and the set is rapidly slipping away from him.

* Federer 4-2 Tsonga
Tsonga to the net - clear tactic, he's done it eight times already - Federer all over it, swishing a lob up and over as if the ball were on rails. Dreamy. The Tsonga tserve in the groove though - 83% of first attempts landing and when Fed drills a backhand pass marginally into the tramlines, he's hung on again.

Federer 4-1 Tsonga *
First slim chance for the Frenchman at 15-30, challenging an ace down the middle on Hawk Eye - unsuccessful - but then marmalising a splendid return back past the startled Federer for his first break point. Crashing serve from the Swiss master to save it, but that's Tsonga's best point of the match - delightful backhand slice drop-shot forcing Federer into an uncharacteristic hurried dash to the net, step across to his right to punch the resultant volley into the open acres. Break point again... mais non, fizzing Fed serve, framed return into the lush turf. Small opportunities, must they have to be taken.

* Federer 3-1 Tsonga
The sun slips behind a small fluffy cloud as Tsonga finally gets his first serve working. Big boomer out wide, Fed backhand into the net, warm applause from the packed stands all around.

Federer 3-0 Tsonga *
Leconte ('86), Pioline ('97), Grosjean ('03, '04), Gasquet ('07). The list might stay like that for another year at this rate - Federer hold to love, and when you bear in mind he's only lost two games on his serve all championship, the mountain path just got a little steeper for JW.

* Federer 2-0 Tsonga
Tsonga bidding to become only the fifth Frenchman in the Open era to reach the Wimbledon semi-finals. You've got a game to come up with the other four. Nervy start from the big man, dunking a straightforward volley into the net from a foot away and then standing flat-footed and helpless as Fed whistles a forehand away for a break at the very first opportunity.

Federer 1-0 Tsonga *
Tsonga was nicknamed Muhammad Ali by his fellow pro's early in his career, and he comes out swinging - too much mustard on that hotdog, a backhand going long, and a silky-smooth forehand cross-court from the great champion seals his first service game. * denotes next server

1310: A few stats to serve as the hors d'oeuvres to this feast of tennis. Federer leads the head-to-heads 4-1, and has beaten Tsonga twice this year already. Fed 29 years old now, JW 26; one ranked three, the other 19 but on the climb; Roger's record on grass a sparkling 100 wins to 14 defeats, Jo-Wilfried 20-7.

1305: Here come the players - Roger in a cream sleeveless cricket jumper, Tsonga without additional garments. A buzz around Centre that combines anticipation, nerves and happiness in equal measure; bright sunshine, blue skies, browning grass.

1302: If you're not excited by this afternoon's four-course menu, human blood does not pump through your heart. You are? Excellent.

By Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1259: Right, we're about to see Roger Federer and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on Centre and Novak Djokovic and Bernard Tomic on Court One, so I'm going to hand you over to Tom Fordyce. We'll have live game-by-game coverage of all four quarter-finals this afternoon, you lucky people.

BBC Radio 5 Live
1254: "I think Mardy Fish has the game to trouble Nadal on this surface but Rafa loves to find weaknesses, and Mardy's forehand is not as strong as the rest of his game," says Mark Woodforde on 5live. "He used to be lazy. He had a lot natural talent but thought it would all come easily. Then he got married, and his wife has played a tremendous part in influencing his diet and how he looks after himself."

BBC Sport's David Ornstein on Twitter: "Murray finishes with a string of gorgeous returns and jogs in. An exhausted Nestor slumps over the net. Lots of smiles/handshakes #bbctennis"

BBC Radio 5 Live
1247: "It could be the first time since the Open era began in 1968 that the top four seeds make the semis in back-to-back majors," says 5live's Jonathan Overend. "The top four are the best by a substantial margin. They will all be tested today in a fantastic series of matches, and I expect Murray to have the most comfortable afternoon." Former doubles champ Mark Woodforde concurs: "I expect all four to win their matches today."

It's good news for a Briton
1242: Liam Broady wins! The 17-year-old Briton beats world number one junior Jiri Vesely of the Czech Republic 6-4 7-5 to seal a palce in the boys' quarter-finals.

BBC Sport's David Ornstein on Twitter: ""AM working on everything Lopez will bring to table," Tarango tells me. "He'll win today, the perfect warm-up for Nadal in semis,"

Text in your views on 81111
Fiona, grumpy at work, Edinburgh via text: "I think it's far braver of me to text in saying i might want Muzza to lose because i fancy Rafa than texting in pure folly!""

1229: Broady comes through a very tough service game and leads the headband-sporting Vesely 6-5 in the second set.

A celeb has been spotted
1229: Ben has got himself in the live text there through the sheer bravery of that prediction. A refresh of your page will give you access to 5live's coverage from Wimbledon. Meanwhile, news reaches me that Sir Michael Caine, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman will be battling with the aforementioned Anna Wintour for a prime seat in the Royal Box. I believe it's first come first served, so it can get quite ugly in there.

Text in your views on 81111
Ben in an office in london via text: "Predicting a big shock today. Nadal and Federer to go out in straight sets. Murray to go through winning all three sets to love."

1223: Young Brit Liam Broady is now tied at 4-4 in the second set after taking the first against top seed Jiri Vesely on Court 19, with the blonde lefty from Stockport to serve. He won the prestigious build-up event at Roehampton last week and there are high hopes for him.

BBC Sport's David Ornstein on Twitter: "Murray stops for a drink, shares a joke with Nestor, changes ends and moves on to a volleying drill. "Ja! Yes!" shouts Nestor. And then: "Murray seems happy after making 19 of 20 smashes in overhead drill. Nestor now at net (Lopez tactic) with Murray trying to pass" #bbctennis"

1209: Murray's arch enemy - alright, opponent - Feliciano Lopez is smacking single-handed backhands on Court Four now. A tough decision already for 'Deliciano' fan Judy Murray, Aorangi or Court Four....?

Andy Murray
1205: "All quiet at practice courts... and then Andy Murray arrives. Lots of cameramen down here for session with Daniel Nestor on Ct15," tweets BBC Sport's David Ornstein, who will be right across the next half hour of Murray's life. As if the British number one hasn't got enough to think about.

It's good news for a Briton
1159: Good news from Court 19, where British junior Liam Broady has taken the first set off Czech top seed Jiri Vesely and has a break in the second. I feel a hype machine cranking into gear.....

BBC News sports correspondent Sally Nugent on Twitter: "Among the famous faces in royal box today US Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Roger Feds biggest fan. Ever."

1152: Right everyone, machinery at the ready for the start of BBC coverage going up several levels at 1200 BST. On Red Button and online: Court 2 - Lisicki/Stosur v Cirstea/Morita; Court 3 - Dushevina/Makarov v Petrova/Rodionova; Court 12 - Llagostera Vives/Para Santonja v Mirza/Vesnina; Court 18 - Navratilova/Novotna v Sukova/Temesvari. And from 1300 BST - Centre - Federer v Tsonga (BBC2); Court 1 - Djokovic v Tomic.

BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Twitter: "Looks like some light strapping on Nadal's left ankle, but the champ is hopping about as usual. Keeps stretching his left hand though. #bbctennis"

The view from the fans
1140: BBC Sport's Chris Bevan writes - "If you can drag yourself away from Murray Mount, it's worth checking out Court 18 for Bevo's Outside Court Golden (oldies) Ticket today... Among the attractions are the tennis legend that is Martina Navratilova, who teams up with Jana Novotna in the ladies invitational doubles, and Mansour Bahrami, who will no doubt be serving up a trick or two with Andrew Castle in the men's event."

1131: I see Uncle Toni, I see a lot of tennis balls.... I see Rafael Nadal. The defending champion and world number one has his cap flipped backwards, surveys the scene, and clips a gentle forehand to get his practice session on Court Four under way.

1123: Out on Court 19, lefty Liam Broady swings out a service winner to move 2-1 up against Jiri Vesely. "Big turnout on C19. Last Brit left in boys' singles. Rusedski and Leon Smith sat to my right seem v.impressed," tweets BBC Sport's David Ornstein

1118: A swift and brutal response to ouor procrastinating student friend as the nation wastes no time in pointing out that it can only be a Murray v Nadal semi-final. The British public - ruthles like a Rafa forehand.

Text in your views on 81111
A procrastinating med student in brighton via text: "Re 1101: c'mon piers, get off the fence! Nadal murray final for me, if he gets there murray's got a great chance to take home the trophy."

It's good news for a Briton
1111: The crowd on Court 19 is hushed as Britain's big hope prepares for the match of his life against the number one in the world. Stockport 17-year-old Liam Broady, the 15th seed, opens the serving against Czech top seed Jiri Vesely with a quarter-final place up for grabs.

1101: Roger Federer is first up on Centre this afternoon at 1300 BST against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and with a 4-1 record against the Frenchman, as well as six Wimbledon titles to his name, it would be a big shock to see the Swiss lose today. So how are the top four doing? Well, I reckon.... Federer has looked as smooth as ever but had a good draw, I'd say 9/10. Nadal might have had his struggles with that foot injury, but he managed to take three sets off Del Potro despite that, after an impressvie win over Muller, so 9/10. Djokovic has had his ups and downs but I'm not buying the theory that he's struggling, and after a bit of a meltdown against Baghdatis he was sharp against Llodra - 8/10. And Murray. He's started a couple of matches a bit nervously but has had tricky opponents in Ljubicic and Gasquet, so 9/10. I take it we all agree on that and can move on?

1051: Our old friend The Voice of Wimbledon reminds us that junior matches start at 1100 BST, and warns us that "the clouds will build up and there could be one or two showers this afternoon". Eh?

BBC Sport's Mike Henson on Twitter: "Under the watchful gaze of Severin Luthi, Roger Federer is stroking sickly sweet backhands at his junior hitting partner on c14 #bbctennis"

Andy Murray
1042: BBC Sport's David Ornstein was the last man to grab a word with Andy Murray down at the practice courts yesterday, and he'll be back there from 1200 BST today. Here's what Britain's number one said about playing Lopez: "My last match was good and it's important I maintain that level. I need to return better in the early part of the match, but I'm happy with the way I'm serving and I've got to keep that up. Lopez is a tough player and he's been playing really well. He's got a good game for grass and has a big serve. It's going to be a very hard match. The key for me will be to return well and if I do that, I'll give myself a good chance of reaching the semi-finals."

1035: The gates are open and within minutes the few rows of seating on Court 14 are jam packed as Federer lazily swats backhands and forehands in his practice session. It's a similar story over on Court Four, where Djokovic is planted on the baseline, thumping forehands. Tennis looks easy.

Text in your views on 81111
From Emily, Wales, via text: "My Mum just text me saying "Come on Deliciano!" Has he cast some sort of spell over mothers up and down the country???"

It's good news for a Briton
1022: A quick word on some other tennis players - Colin Fleming & Ross Hutchins play the biggest match of their young partnership when they take on Christopher Kas & Alexander Peya in the second match on Court Three at around 1330 BST. A Grand Slam quarter-final is heady stuff for the Scottish/English duo, and a semi-final place is witihin reach as they take on an unseeded pair.

BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter: "Queue steward tells me "arrive now and you are getting in no problem at all." A ground pass gets you on (or near!) Murray Mount. #bbctennis"

Text in your views on 81111
From Tom via text: "At work planning to switch the security camera over to BBC to watch the Fed continue his serene progress!"

From Alex in Manchester via text: "My boss has scheduled a meeting from 2 till 4 this afternoon. I may have to develop a highly contagious disease...."

Tim Henman
1004: Four-time semi-finalist, as if we need reminding, Tim Henman has been talking to the BBC on a sunny Centre Court this morning, recalling that his last match at Wimbledon was a defeat by one Feliciano Lopez back in 2007: "I lost to him in the second round but Andy's not going to have so much trouble today. He returns so well. Lopez has got a good lefty serve and you can't take him lightly, but I fancy Andy to come through that one."

0957: The latest schedule is in, and we now know that Murray will be practising at 1200 BST at the Aorangi courts, while the rest of the top four have gone for match courts - Djokovic on Court Four and Federer on Court 14 from 1030 BST, and Nadal on Court Four from 1130 BST. Those keen to gawp at Feliciano should head for Court Four at 1200 BST, but try to keep some decorum.

BBC Radio 5 Live
0950: "I can see a couple of tie-breaks but Murray will certainly be the favourite to make it to the semi-finals for the third year in a row," says 5 live tennis correspondent. "Federer will be wary of the threat of Tsonga but most people are making him favourite. Nadal will have enough to beat Mardy Fish, but the American will charge the net when possible and does have a puncher's chance. Tomic has a fantastic game but this match is out of his hands as Djokovic is the player of the season, although I'm looking forward to seeing how much of a threat Tomic can be."

Text in your views on 81111
From Dan via text: "My predictions for today: andy in 5, roger and rafa in 4, novak in 3, and not much work getting done this afternoon!"

Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson on Twitter: "Predict today relatively comfortable for Murray + Nadal. Could be a big test for Federer, tricky for Djoko vs cheeky Tomic but he'll win."

0936: Radio One's Simon Mundie bounds into Commentary Box Four, full of beans. He's got a fact. In 1992, title favourites Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg and Michael Stich all "crashed out" (lost) on quarter-finals day. Could something similar happen today? I seem to remember Agassi came through to win his first Grand Slam title that year, which could be an omen, but Simon's excited enough as it is, so I'll keep that to myself.

0930: Chris Hollins on BBC Breakfast survives calling Goran Ivanisevic "a little rascal", and the 2001 champion tells him: "I'm a big fan of Andy Murray and he has a chance. He knows how to beat those guys, he's been three times in a Grand Slam final, but in the big matches and finals he needs to step up and be more aggressive. He's been doing that more this year. He believes he can do it and I'm sure he can."

Greg Rusedski
0924: Murray faces Spanish lefty Feliciano Lopez this afternoon, a lover of grass courts making his third appearance in the quarter-finals here. Former British number one and BBC Sport commentator Greg Rusedski has been giving us the lowdown on how the two men match up: "The question is, does Lopez have a big enough game to upset Murray at these championships? He is going to have to serve the best he can possibly serve. Ivan Ljubicic did that in the last round, having a first serve percentage of 70%, but still came out second best as Andy's return is his game's biggest strength."

0917: With the sun shining and the trusty roof at the ready, it's pretty certain that Murray will be in action during the afternoon at some stage, so I want to know where and how you're planning on following the action. In the office, at school, here on the hill or maybe on Centre Court itself, text or tweet to let me know. Of course, should Federer and Tsonga get involved in an epic, you might just make it home for the start if you're tied up with work or studies. I wouldn't bank on it though.

Text in your views on 81111
Ben from London via text: "Fish is gonna get gutted today."
First one of the day, thanks Ben.

From joebanggoal on Twitter: "Minute 1 in The Queue.. Tired, Optimistic, disappointed in the man in fronts choice of hair style.. #wimbledon #bbctennis"

0910: So first things first, the schedule - Roger Federer v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will open play on Centre Court at 1300 BST, with Andy Murray v Feliciano Lopez to follow at around.... 1530 BST? Over on Court One, it's Novak Djokovic v Bernard Tomic at 1300 BST and Rafael Nadal to follow against Mardy Fish.

The sun is out
0906: My apologies to BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood for only catching the end of her weathercast, but I can tell you it's a beautiful, sunny day, with a refreshing chill in the air, and I hereby guarantee it will stay dry today. Apparently it will be a temperate 22 degrees and, according to Carol, " we go through the rest of the week things will settle down quite nicely."

0900: Hello, and welcome to a big day at the All England Club as the world's best players prepare to battle it out for semi-final spots, with Britain's own Andy Murray taking on Feliciano Lopez of Spain and the small matter of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic also in action.

All times in BST

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