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Wimbledon 2011: Sabine Lisicki v Marion Bartoli as it happened


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By Tom Fordyce at Wimbledon

1547: Lisicki can't quite believe it - she is the first German woman to make a Grand Slam semi-final since Steffi Graf here at Wimbledon in 1999. Bartoli furious, as well she should be after seeing off Serena in the last round. The upsets continue.

Lisicki 6-4 6-7 (7-5) 6-1 Bartoli
So strange the way the momentum has gone in this match. Bartoli appeared to be about to take charge after winning the second set and having Lisicki in deep trouble in her first service game of the third, but she's run out of juice in dramatic fashion. Lovely backhand found from somewhere for 30-30, only for Lisicki to move to match point with the combo of big serve out wide and forehand into the open spaces. She's done it!

* Lisicki 6-4 6-7 (7-5) 5-1 Bartoli
Bartoli falling apart. 15-30 on her serve and puffing like a steam train, she wallops an easy overhead a good three metres long and then flops a backhand into the net. Lisicki on the brink.

Lisicki 6-4 6-7 (7-5) 4-1 * Bartoli
The Lisicki serve seems to be back on track after falling apart in the second set. She sprints to 40-0 (nine aces now to her rival's one) and is just two more holds from the semis. The thunder has now moved on, but earlier it gave Lisicki a huge shock as she prepared to serve - as you can see here if you are in the UK.

* Lisicki 6-4 6-7 (7-5) 3-1 Bartoli
Colin Montgomerie there in the posher seats, Rob Brydon a little further along. A galaxy of stars. Brilliant battling from Lisicki, down 40-0 but back into it with a flashing forehand and punchy volley at the net. Second serve at deuce - nein, stuffed into the net, wasted chance. Double-fault from the weary Bartoli, brace of poor backhands from Lisicki as both women feel the tug of tiredness on their skirts. Advantage to Barts as Lisi flops a forehand into the tape, eventually taken as another backhand drifts into the train-tracks.

Lindsay Davenport
Lindsay Davenport on BBC TV: "So much for Bartoli having the momentum after winning that second set and saving those match points. But it's going to come down to nerves for Lisicki to close this match out."

Lisicki 6-4 6-7 (7-5) 3-0 Bartoli *
Bartoli blowing out of her derriere. Lisicki holds to love, her best service game in an age, and Bartoli stumbles to her chair, chest heaving, like a 400m runner at the end of an eighth rep.

* Lisicki 6-4 6-7 (7-5) 2-0 Bartoli
Now it's Barts' turn to wobble. Long for break points, and - ooh la la - double fault to hand the advantage over on a silver salver. She looks shattered, suddenly - we've been going for almost two hours, and Frenchwoman's exertions in getting to this quarter-final might just be catching up with her.

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Anonymous via text to 81111: "That's the kind of gritty, back from the brink kind of performance from Bartoli that wins hearts and minds. I'm all hers till the end of the match. "

Lisicki 6-4 6-7 (7-5) 1-0 Bartoli *
Huge challenge now for Lisicki. I'd be haunted by those three missed match points for the rest of my days, but then again I'd never have them in the first place. She appears to be coasting at 40-0, only to fluff and falter to deuce. Real weakness on the backhand volley - she's barely made one all afternoon. That's more like it, a flat forehand down the line, and when Barts clouts a forehand long she has secured a very, very important game.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Annabel Croft on BBC Radio 5 live: "Losing match points like that really eats away at you. You keep reliving those points. Lisicki needs to put that behind her but the momentum has already shifted. It is why Bartoli is a deceptively good tennis player."

Lisicki 6-4 6-7 Bartoli
Bartoli bouncing again, and a big serve opens a a little gap at 1-3 and then 4-2 as Lisicki's forehand goes long. Backhand into the net for 5-2, Lisicki winning just 37% of points now on her second serve. Wonderful 22-shot rally ending with a German backhand winner for 5-3, soon to 5-4 when Bartoli is forced into an adrenalised forehand long. Feeble, feeble second serve at 70mph, and Bartoli will have two set points. Drop-shot from Bartoli, and after an hour and 45 minutes the Frenchwoman is level...

Lisicki 6-4 6-6 Bartoli
Bartoli a woman transformed - energy where before there was none, service replies where previously she could only flail feebly. Marginally long with a forehand to give Lisicki a little breathing space, and when another forehand goes wide the German has clung on. Tie-break it is...

* Lisicki 6-4 5-6 Bartoli
You just wonder whether the match turned on that failed drop-shot at match point. Bartoli canters through her next service game. Lisicki's body language falling apart too - she'll now have to put the horror of that last service game to the back of her mind and hold to stay in the set.

Text in your views on 81111
Jess via text to 81111: "The new BBC online HD stream makes Marion Bartoli look even more energetic, if that's possible"

Lisicki 6-4 5-5 Bartoli *
Will Lisicki's nerve hold as she stands on the brink of her first ever Grand Slam semi? That's not a good start - easiest volley put-way in the world, pulled way wide. Ace! And another - she'll have a match point. High toss, not happy with it, starts again. Weak first serve, just 95mph, and a feeble forehand eats net. Bartoli all over the next point, volleying deep, Lisicki... oh, that is miracle of a lob! Match point again, both players straining every sinew, Lisicki with a drop-shot again... net! Two match points gone. And there goes another as a forehand loops into the tramlines. What a reply from Bartoli! Huge first serve, marmalised back into the corner - but the German has been called for a foot-fault, and they'll have to go all over again. Bartoli furious, all that anger forced into the forehand that wins her the next for a break point. Double fault! She had it there for the taking, and she blew it with her first double fault of the entire match...

John McEnroe
John McEnroe on BBC TV on the question of whether the other two women's quarter-finals should be moved to Centre Court: "I got a solution. Clear out the Centre Court crowd and move the Court One crowd into their seats."

* Lisicki 6-4 5-4 Bartoli
Now then. Pressure weighing down on Bartoli's shoulders like a grand piano as a sizzling Sabine forehand finds the line - two break points. What a time to produce your first ace! One more... Lisicki attacks a second serve, hits a flat forehand - oh, off the tape and over, and Bartoli can only push it long - the German will serve for a place in the semi-finals..

Lisicki 6-4 4-4 Bartoli *
The standard cranks up another notch as play remains suspended on all other courts. Lisicki holds to love - her first serve is down to 60%, but she's still winning 74% of points on it.

Text in your views on 81111
Ollie via text to 81111: "Am I the only one that misses the proper rain delays? Always enjoyed watching old school Wimbledon replays whilst clearly having more important things to do."

* Lisicki 6-4 3-4 Bartoli
Still the rain drums on the skin of the roof. More hi-hat than the tom-tom thump of 20 minutes ago, but still a racquet to please Keith Moon. Backhand angled away cross-court from Lisicki for 15-40, and then a crunching return for 30-40 - she'll aim the same at the next serve, but this time can find only the net.

Lisicki 6-4 3-3 Bartoli *
Super point - Bartoli finally reading the drop-shot, charging in and making it, but Lisicki has read her intentions too - she chases the riposte down herself and flips a winner over the net. Brilliant from Bartoli - blistering forehand down the line - but she can't deal with serves at 118mph. Who could?

BBC Radio 5 Live
Pat Cash on BBC Radio 5 live talking about the Centre Court roof: "I think it is fantastic, it is a terrific roof considering it is not an indoor stadium. It still has the feeling of being outdoors, as we heard!"

BBC Radio 5 Live
Annabel Croft on BBC Radio 5 live: "I have seen Bartoli come back from a set down so many times in her career. She is just such a great fighter and this match won't be lost until the final point in her mind."

* Lisicki 6-4 2-3 Bartoli
Will the outsider crumble or be stung into revenge? Mmm - latter, if that forehand pass is anything to go by - and that drop-shot, for seemingly the hundredth time - three break points, brutal exchange from the back, another drop-shot off the forehand, another winner! Splendid ding-dong now, the momentum going this way and that.

Lisicki 6-4 1-3 Bartoli *
Bartoli is certainly getting back into this. A splendid drop-shot of her own takes her to deuce on the German serve, and when a beefy backhand from the world no.62 flies long she has a break point. First serve... long. Second serve... Cross-court forehands, grunts exploding from the mouths of each players, Lisicki getting tight through the shoulders and pulling her final forehand halfway down the net. Broke stolen...

BBC Radio 5 Live
Pat Cash on BBC Radio 5 live on comparisons between Lisicki and Graf: "I think that is pushing it, Graf was one of the best athletes I have ever seen on the court."

* Lisicki 6-4 1-2 Bartoli
Bartoli, long black hair in a long, loose ponytail - she races to 40-0 as her serve finally splutters to life, and seals it at 15 as Sabine thrashes a hurried forehand long. Two chaps there in Hawaiian shirts and straw boaters, the relaxed summer look ending at the elbows and the start of some graphic Gothic tattoos.

Lindsay Davenport
Lindsay Davenport on BBC TV: "Bartoli has got to figure out a way to return better and to get into those return games."

BBC Radio 5 Live
Annabel Croft on BBC Radio 5 live referring to the torrential rain hammering on the Centre Court roof: "It is the weirdest atmosphere to watch a tennis match in."

Lisicki 6-4 1-1 Bartoli *
Bartoli with a slightly stroppy look on her face - not panning out at all as she would have expected so far. Lisicki with another of those delicate forehand drop-shots - six times she's tried it, six times it's brought her the point - and another big serve leaves her opponent framing into the turf and away.

* Lisicki 6-4 0-1 Bartoli
Marion's father/coach Walter there in the VIP seats. Professionally he's a doctor, socially he enjoys chess. All true. His daughter produces her best game of the match so far, finding her range and power off the forehand and forcing her opponent into a pair of errors. * denotes next server

John McEnroe
John McEnroe on BBC TV: "I think that Bartoli is flat. You have to think some of what she has had to put out physically. She admitted to feeling sick for four or five days, you go out for three and a half hours and then come back and that taxes you. I bet a day off would have made a big difference for her. She will really have to dig deep to get out of this."


Lisicki 6-4 Bartoli
17 winners from Lisicki so far, compared to just five from Bartoli. Sweet touch on the forehand side, dinking in a sliced dropper that Bartoli can only flick into the net. Big serve - she's landing 69% of her first attempts - and there's a gap there in Bartoli's forehand corner... found! with a nerveless forehand, and she has the first set in less than three-quarters of an hour.

Text in your views on 81111
Phil in London via text to 81111: "I predict Lisicki wins this match. She seems more normal & balanced than Bartoli, and doesn't exhaust herself with crazy unnecessary leaping around."

* Lisicki 5-4 Bartoli
This is quite possibly the strangest atmosphere I've ever experienced on Centre. The noise of rain hammering down on the roof is almost deafening, the players looking bemused and the crowd all looking skywards in fearful wonder. Bartoli in trouble again, missing all the spark that was there on Monday in the defeat of Serena. Emotionally and physically drained? She holds - just - as Lisicki blows a set point with a backhand into the net, but she'll now have to break to stay in the set.

And the HD Online trial is up and running again. If you haven't seen it yet it is well worth a look.

Lisicki 5-3 Bartoli *
That strange, unnatural yellow light filling Centre Court. Battering it down outside, I'm told - yup, there's a glimpse of Henman Hill, hardy punters huddled under cagoules and umbrellas. Bartoli jumping anf bouncing around on the baseline, but Tigger couldn't have reached that ace down the middle. Lovely sliced drop-shot to follow, and Lisicki celebrates with a grin and fist-pump.

* Lisicki 4-3 Bartoli
Bartoli in trouble again on her serve. It's the second one which is the weak piont - she's only winning 14% of points on it, and that's nobody's idea of a weapon. Heavy rain drumming on the roof, and Bartoli is grateful for a Hawk Eye challenge that shows an overhead just - just - bites the final few blades of grass in the white line.

Lisicki 4-2 Bartoli *
Lisicki in a strappy all-in-one dress, white cloth headband tied around her forehead and hanging down her back, hair pulled back in tight ponytail. She's confused here - she thought there was a let on her serve and stayed motionless as Bartoli's reply plopped over the net and past her, but no shout came. Ace out wide to follow, and she maintains her lead.

* Lisicki 3-2 Bartoli
Jeremy (below) - worked for Monica Seles, didn't it? Super exchance of raking backhands gives Bartoli a point to hold her serve for the first time in the match - sealed, as a big serve and punched backhand into her opponent's backhand corner leaves Lisicki nowhere.

Text in your views on 81111
Jeremy from Amersham via text to 81111: Just spotted Bartoli is double-handed on both sides! Tennis coaches do not recommend that! Does her Dad, or is he too scared to say anything?

Lisicki 3-1 Bartoli *
At last a hold - it makes sense, as the Sabine serve has produced 35 aces in her first four matches this fortnight and hit the heights of 124mph the other day, the fastest from a woman in the championships so far.

* Lisicki 2-1 Bartoli
Rory McIlroy in the Royal Box, and why the hell not. Good on you, sir. Plus Elaine Paige. There's your front cover of Heat right there. Lisicki was the first German woman to reach the quarter-finals here since Steffi Graf when she made it through in 2009, and some of the Stefpower is there in her groundstrokes too - another break, our third in three.

Lisicki 1-1 Bartoli *
What on earth... Enormous clap of thunder overhead, and Lisicki jumps a mile. Scaredy-pants laughter all around. It's rattled the German, though, the sturm und drang putting her off her aim - long forehand for a break point, and then another into the tape. Bartoli breaks back, and battle has been joined.

* Lisicki 1-0 Bartoli
They've met three times before, these two, with Lisicki 2-1 up. Although Bartoli came out on top in their only clash on grass. Oof - what a start from the German, crashing her returns back and barrelling her way to a break before the Frenchwoman knows what has hit her.* denotes next server

1320: Intriguing match-up we have here. Ordinarily you'd fancy the no.9 ranked player to see off the world 62, particularly when she's just beaten Serena Williams in staraight sets, but Lisicki is a woman on the march - and she serves like a traction engine.

1315: Rain down but roof on - if you weren't convinced about the lid on Centre before, this year will have persuaded you. Ninth seed Marion Bartoli and unseeded Sabine Lisicki stroll out for their quarter-final to excited applause.

All times in BST.

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