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Wimbledon 2011 day eight as it happened


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By Tom Fordyce at Wimbledon

2128: And with that, another long day is over at Wimbledon. Come back on Wednesday morning at 0900 BST as Piers Newbery builds up to the men's quarter-finals, including Andy Murray v Feliciano Lopez.

Azarenka 6-3 6-1 Paszek
There it is - fine display from Azarenka, and if anyone can prevent Sharapova getting her hands on the ladies' title, it's the 21-year-old Belarussian.

*Azarenka 6-3 5-1 Paszek
Pazza in trouble again on her first serve as a booming backhand fizzes just wide. Too good from Aza - forehand into the corner, Pazza into the net, and Azarenka is a hold of serve from the semis.

Azarenka 6-3 4-1 Paszek *
Aza holds to 15. her hitting full of power and pace. How can Pazza get another foothold in that serve?

* Azarenka 6-3 3-1 Paszek
Some huge hitting from these two, and it's a shame there's not a bigger audience for this clash. Aza has another break point, brilliantly saved by the sprinting Pazza with a cross-court pass, and the crowd raor their approval as more blistering hitting sees her hang on - for now.

Azarenka 6-3 3-0 Paszek *
Easy hold for the favourite - what does the long-shot have left to give?

* Azarenka 6-3 2-0 Paszek
Pas in deep trouble at 0-40, only for big hitting to get her back to 30-40. But then - oh, splendid point, a dropper nearly saving it for the Austrian, a great reach and forehand down the line winning it for the Belarussian.

Azarenka 6-3 1-0 Paszek *
Aza on the charge now as the match clock ticks towards an hour. Rapid hold, and she will fancy a quick break to capitalise.

* Azarenka 6-3 Paszek
Aza, angry, tears into her opponent's serve. Break point, third set point... big hiting from the baseline, only for Pas to drill her forehand into the top of the tape.

Azarenka 5-3 Paszek *
At 40-15 Aza has two set points and appears home and hosed, only to wobble, double-fault and then wobble some more - Pas breaks back from nowhere.

* Azarenka 5-2 Paszek
At last a hold for Pascek, her first on Centre. Warm applause from those punters still on Centre.

The Voice of Wimbledon announces that anyone with a ticket or voucher for Court One, where this match started, can exchange it for a Centre Court ticket so they can watch the rest of the contest.

Azarenka 5-1 Paszek *
Aza hitting beautifully cleanly. Pas is chasing everything and unloading some big forehands, but the consistency of her opponent's groundstrokes is proving too much.

* Azarenka 4-1 Paszek
Pascek's first time on Centre, but then again it was her first time on Court no.1. Some day. Aza puts a forehand long for 30-40, but she can't close this one out. Deuce, deuce again, big-hitting exchange of forehands ending in netted backhand from Pas but two punchy forehands for advantage. Double-fault, and she's thrown another break away.

Azarenka 3-1 Paszek *
Big ask for Paszek, this - her first time in a Grand Slam quarter-final, and the first time she has won back to back matches at a Slam event since the 2007 US Open. Aza holds to love to underline her break.

* Azarenka 2-1 Paszek
The world number five quickly into her stride, and that's the first break of the match - powerful hitting off the forehand side.

Azarenka 1-1 Paszek *
And so we begin again. Azarenka holds. Just to remind you, this match began on Court no.1 but has been moved under the Centre Court roof due to the deluge outside. * denotes next server

1942: I think they're sacking the doubles off and bringing the quarter-final on instead. Yup - it's been confirmed - and we should be back on around 2000.

1940: Announcement: play has been abandoned for the day on all courts but Centre. Does this mean they'll switch this match from Court no.1 to Centre once the doubles match is over?

1930: Still awaiting an official announcement. Wild speculation among the two punters still left in the stadium.

1920: They're closing the roof on Centre, which means they'll get the doubles back on. As to what they'll do with the quarter-final between Azarenka and Paszek we shall have to wait and see.

1915: Play now suspended on all courts as the rain comes down. It's not heavy at the moment, but neither is there much wind, and everywhere you look are grey clouds. We could yet get back on, but it won't be for a while.

It's raining
1911: Yes, play has been suspended. It's raining now too - covers coming on, and will we see them again this evening?

1909: Hold on a second - both players seem unhappy about the state of the court. They've called for the tournament referee, and I think they're saying the surface is too slippy.

* Azarenka 0-1 Paszek
Here we go - not a huge crowd left on Court no.1, and those that have remained look both cold and wet - and the hot favourite from Belarus is on the offensive from the very first serve, only for the Austrian world no.80 to battle back with tenacious scurrying and punchy hitting. * denotes next server

1856: Three down, one to go. Still pumped?

By Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

The match is over
Kvitova 6-3 6-7 6-2 Pironkova
No mistake this time as we get the now familiar Kvitova yelp when she earns match point, and then smacks her ninth ace of the day out wide. "I love the way that she regrouped," says Sam Smith on BBC2. "She had to work very hard at the beginning of the final set but showed us what a contender she is." It can't have been much fun for Paszek and Azarenka waiting around all day for the last of the quarter-finals, but their time is nigh. Which is posh for now. Tom Fordyce will take you through that relative breeze, in spelling terms.

* Kvitova 6-3 6-7 5-2 Pironkova
That's dreamy, in a brutal sort of way. Kvitova creams a forehand down the line to earn a break point for the double break.... but then misses a similar shot down the opposite flank. The Czech earns herself another chance though..... and takes it with a devilish backhand slice into the corner that Pironkova throws her racquet at.

Kvitova 6-3 6-7 4-2 Pironkova *
Kvitova rolls through to 40-0, at which point Pironkova goes for the kind of forehand drop shot return that my dad used to try on me at the park. It didn't go down well with me, and it doesn't go down well with Kvitova, who thumps her way through the next game point.

* Kvitova 6-3 6-7 3-2 Pironkova
Pironkova does the business on serve. "She's done brilliantly because she was so out of that first set," says Sam Smith. "She's such a great athlete."

Kvitova 6-3 6-7 3-1 Pironkova *
Kvitova has a game point but nets a backhand and her fifth double fault of the day hands Pironkova break point. But Kvitova produces a swinging lefty first serve out wide, like Greg Rusesdki in his prime, and comes through.

* Kvitova 6-3 6-7 2-1 Pironkova
Kvitova gets to deuce with a crunching smash after working her way in behind some solid forehands. Another forehand looks to have been good but there's a late call, and Hawk Eye embarrasses the official by showing it to be plum on the line. Pironkova still takes the replayed point and Kvitova comes up with one of those wild errors she throws in. "I do like the way Pironkova's served in this match," says Sam Smith. "I think she's done the best she can there."

Kvitova 6-3 6-7 2-0 Pironkova *
We're back into the first set groove, with Kvitova rattling through her service game and dominant once again.

* Kvitova 6-3 6-7 1-0 Pironkova
Oh dear. Pironkova double faults on break point just as Kvitova is starting to look vulnerable.

BBC Radio 5 Live
1808: Jana Novotna on BBC Radio 5 live - "It is so unnecessary to make those mistakes and it is Kvitova's forehand again. She keeps going for the inside-out forehand. She needs to go cross-court or use some spin. I am very surprised. Kvitova was in charge of the match and she just started to rush herself and now we find ourselves in a third set."

Kvitova 6-3 6-7 Pironkova
Brilliant scrambling from Kvitova at 4-2 up looks to have forced the error from Pironkova but Hawk Eye says otherwise and the Bulgarian battles her way back to trail 4-5. This time, it's Kvitova who benefits from a challenge but when the point is replayed, the Czech wallops a return long for 5-5. Kvitova blazes a forehand wide and Pironkova has a set point... a long, long rally..... the ball sits up invitingly for Kvitova and..... yuk. She pulls a forehand about six inches into the tramlines and it's one set all. The Czech will not be cheered up when she finds out that one of Pironkova's shots went long in that final rally.

* Kvitova 6-3 6-6 Pironkova
Pironkova holds and we're into a tie-break, got to admit I didn't see any of that game as German radio has just sprung back into life and it's chaos in Commentary Box Four.

1752: Jana Novotna on 5live - "Petra came to the net more in that game and I like to see that. She needs to show more variety, especially when she comes up against more experienced opponents later in the competition."

Kvitova 6-3 6-5 Pironkova *
No wobbles from Kvitova, who powers through another service game. Pressure back on Pironkova to keep the match alive.

BBC Radio 5 Live
1749: Sabine Lisicki tells 5 live her thoughts on Sharapova, who beat her 6-2 6-0 in Miami earlier this year. "She kind of kicked my butt last time. It is a semi-final. I got there playing very good tennis. I have nothing to lose. There are no easy matches at that stage. I'm just going to play the best I can."

* Kvitova 6-3 5-5 Pironkova
Fair do's, I'm not sure too many people fancied Pironkova to hold there but she does so rather comfortably. Tsvetana, as you will know, is a fan of Bulgarian music, TV, swimming and canoeing. What's with all the canoeing today? Must be the weather.

Kvitova 6-3 5-4 Pironkova *
A yelp of delight from Kvitova as she comes through from 30-30 and Pironkova has to stop the rot now, or it's the first plane back to Plovdiv. Is that a Johnny Cash song?

* Kvitova 6-3 4-4 Pironkova
More fist pumping from Kvitova as she steps to her right and smacks a forehand return down the line, before opening up the court and angling away another forehand for 15-40 and two break points.... Pironkova wins a battle of the backhands on the first, but Kvitova thumps one down the line on the second. It's now 33-2 to Kvitova in terms of winners. And I'm hearing it's Federer v Tsonga at 1300 BST on Centre tomorrow, then Murray v Lopez. Djokovic v Tomic on Court One, followed by Nadal v Fish.

Kvitova 6-3 3-4 Pironkova *
"Game, Kvitova!" A quick hold for the Bilovec native.

* Kvitova 6-3 2-4 Pironkova
Kvitova shows the first sign of frustration when a backhand slice flops into the net, and Pironkova consolidates the break. And I'm glad to say I'm not the only struggling with names here, a nearby radio broadcaster has just referred to someone called Petra Kotivota. Mercifully, German radio next door have been silent since Sabine Lisicki went through earlier. They got quite excited, understandably. I'm already dreading the semi-finals.....

Kvitova 6-3 2-3 Pironkova *
A big gasp from the Court One crowd when Kvitova fails to get in the right position for a mid-court forehand at 30-30 and finds the tramlines. The first serve then fails the Czech, and faced with a solid return Kvitova nets a forehand. An unexpected chance for Pironkova....

* Kvitova 6-3 2-2 Pironkova
Pironkova is under pressure when she goes long under heavy pressure for 30-30, but the 23-year-old 32nd seed again battles through a service game and must wait to see if the Kvitova serve breaks down at any stage.

Kvitova 6-3 2-1 Pironkova *
Pironkova finally leans into a backhand and gets Kvitova on the run for 15-15 - "there was a bit more canoe behind that one," says Sam Smith, intriguingly - but Kvitova holds easily enough. To complete my in-depth look 'behind the mask' of Petra Kvitova, she also likes pop music, pasta and apple juice. The perfect evening.

* Kvitova 6-3 1-1 Pironkova
Kvitova crashes over another forehand winner to earn a set point - according to her WTA profile, her favourite shots are the serve and the backhand, but the forehand really isn't bad. Pironkova comes through from deuce.

Kvitova 6-3 1-0 Pironkova *
Kvitova made 14 winners to Pironkova's one in the first set. "It's a battering, isn't it?" says Sam Smith. The Czech holds at the start of the second and gives a little fist pump and glance to her coach. "I think he's got the easiest job in tennis at the moment," adds Sam.

Text in your views on 81111
From anon via text: "Tova and Kova would work for now, I guess!"

* Kvitova 6-3 Pironkova
It does not appear to be a Kvitova Krisis. She gets herself to 0-40 once again and crunches away a forehand off a weak second serve to wrap up the set after half an hour. Easy really.

Kvitova 5-3 Pironkova *
Look out, we have a match. Kvitova gets a bit sloppy and an error on break point allows Pironkova back into the set, which is greeted by a big cheer form the good, damp people of Court One. They need a bit of electricity.

* Kvitova 5-2 Pironkova
I admire your faith, James, but Pironkova does keep the set alive despite seeing a couple of Kvitova backhands fly past her. "She is such a good player," says Sam Smith of Kvitova on the Red Button. "I just wonder if she can go on and become a great player."

JamesNeal91 on Twitter: "Come on Pironkova you can win this! #bbctennis"

Kvitova 5-1 Pironkova *
Well, the Court One crowd had to wait for three and a half hours for a match, and they're sort of getting one. Kvitova holds in a trice and she's winning 80% of points on first serve, and 63% of points on second serve. Which adds up to a thumping.

* Kvitova 4-1 Pironkova
Kvitova breaks to love, teeing off on her service returns. I have to say I'm finding her name much easier to spell than..... Pironkova! Yes... Long way back for.... Tsvetana. Really missing Li Na right now.

Kvitova 3-1 Pironkova *
Kvitova swings out the kind of wide lefty serve that has proved so effective on the grass to hold serve once again, and if she carries on making 80% of first serves she's going to be hard to stop.

* Kvitova 2-1 Pironkova
Ooof. Kvitova absolutely creams one forehand return and Pironkova does well to battle her way to a first game point. Kvitova wallops some heavy cross-court backhands to force deuce but the Bulgarian holds on. And another manual refresh should correct the first batch of the predicted spelling errors. Nickname suggestions welcome....

Kvitova 2-0 Pironkova *
Hawk Eye is towelled down and brought into action early on, managing to briefly delay the whirlwind that is Kvitova, but the Czech holds swiftly.

* Kvitova 1-0 Pironkova
Oh, a manual refresh will tell you that this isn't Chris Bevan who will be to blame for the imminent spelling disasters. Kvitova is the favourite for this one, the eighth seed fancied by many to reach the final from this half of the draw, and a thumping backhand return gives her a break to love.
* denotes NEXT to serve

The sun is out
1634: Quite unexpectedly, we're going to get some play on COurt One. Petra Kvitova and Tsvetana Pironkova are knocking up around three and a half hours later than scheduled, great news for the hardy soul still out there. Live coverage online, Sam Smith is currently discussing the merits of Plovdiv.

By Chris Bevan at Wimbledon

1614: I bring good news. The court covers are being deflated around the grounds, and it looks like we might just get some outside play in after all. I leave you in the hands of Piers Newbery, who will tell you more...

1609: So, while we wait (and wait) for play to start outside, I will again point you in the direction of Tom Fordyce and his game-by-game coverage. My money is on an Ova winning through...

1605: Here we go again. Sharapova and Cibulkova have just got going on Centre. I'm safe and dry in Commentary Box Four but, after a quick flick around the channels on my monitor, I can report the brollies have gone back up around the grounds.

Sabine Lisicki after reaching her first Grand Slam semi-final: "I'm speechless, I cannot believe it yet. I was very disappointed with myself at 5-4 in the second set when I missed easily - I should have just gone for it. But I felt I was the better player today and knew I had to focus and fight again in third set to win it."

A shock result
The match is over
1554: Bosh! Sabine Lisicki is through to the last four, sealing a 6-4 6-7 (7-5) 6-1 win in two hours and 21 minutes. She is a mass of smiles in her post-match interview and I don't think the fact she is into a Wimbledon semi-final has really sunk in yet. The German wildcard will play Dominika Cibulkova or Maria Sharpova next... They are due on Centre Court any minute now.

1542: Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening? Yes, if you are Sabine Lisicki, who was given a nasty shock at the start of this match. It is her who is rumbling towards the semi-finals now, leading Bartoli 4-1 in the deciding set. If she wins, she will become the first German woman since Steffi Graf in 1999 to reach the last four at Wimbledon.

1532: Two things to tell you: Lisicki has roared into a 3-0 lead in the decider on Centre and, elsewhere in SW19, a lot of umbrellas are coming down because the rain has STOPPED. For now.

1520: Hmmm. Some very different weather forecasts coming in, some slightly worse than others. The Voice of Wimbledon says there will be no rain after 4pm, while Sue Barker on the BBC announces things will dry up between 5-6pm. If that is all too optimistic for you, then BBC London's weather guru Peter Cockcroft predicts no play at all on the outside courts today. I guess we will find out who is wrong/right soon enough. In the meantime, Lisicki and Bartoli are indeed into a third and final set.

Text in your views on 81111
From Peely in Hull, via text: "Keep the rain coming. Though your text commentary is appreciated Chris, I've only 2 hours to go at work then I can go home and hopefully see the action!"

1505: Bartoli battles on, taking the second set to a tie-break. Who fancies a decider? And yes, it's still raining. The thunderstorm continues, and so does play in the thunderdome...

1454: Sabine Lisicki has just seen two match points come and go on Centre, and a third escapes her too when a backhand drifts into the tramlines. Just a reminder that Sharapova and Cibulkova are up next when that one does finish.

1449: Just to rub our noses in it during this rotten weather, here's the latest video from the WTA's Wimbledon diaries (external link), focusing on the soaring temperatures we saw yesterday. I wonder if they will do the same on today's thunder and lightning?

1444: Ah. Did someone say it had stopped raining? It's started again. Still plenty of brave souls on Henman Hill watching the big screens though.

1435: Hello, anyone still here? The good news is that it appears to have stopped raining again, for now at least, but there is still no sign of outside play resuming. As soon as I get some news, I'll let you know...

1413: Right, it looks like this rain is staying with us for a little while so I'm going to take a little break for a few minutes, or until it looks like stopping anyway. Remember you can follow Tom Fordyce for updates from Lisicki-Bartoli. The German has just gone a set up - see you in about 20 minutes or so...

1405: Just the one match going on at Wimbledon then and Lisicki is still on top, serving at 5-4 in the first set. If you want to try some alternative coverage of Centre Court, there is plenty available. You can choose an additional online only stream which allows listeners to cross fade between court atmos and commentary on centre court. It requires the user to download a bespoke player developed in by Fraunhofer. And the HD Online trial is up and running again too. If you haven't seen it yet it is well worth a look.

Text in your views on 81111
From Max, via text: "RE 1332. Perhaps more of a 'pat, pat, pat' than a 'drip, drip, drip' unless it was leaking?"

No leaks yet but I'm stll sticking with 'drip'.

It's raining
1355: Drat. Ornstein was right... the rain is back, and it looks like it is here to stay. It is awfully dark outside too, so we can forget that 1400 BST restart-time for a start...

1350: Oh dear. Dangerous Dave Ornstein is back in Commentary Box Four, and reports that the heavens are about to open again. And apparently Lisicki wasn't the only person to jump at that huge thunder clap - quite a few people around the grounds did the same, including him... the big scaredy-cat.

1346: No more frightening weather to report on Centre, just breaks aplenty. Bartoli just held for the first time but still trails 2-3. Maybe her tactic of practising her service action in between points actually works, as well as looking weird?

1337: The rain HAS stopped, but there will still be no play on the outside courts before 1400 BST. Plenty of people are already on Court One, checking out Bartoli and Lisicki on the big screens while they wait for Kvitova and Pironkova to appear, and it's the same story on Henman Hill too. Umbrellas are still at the ready, though, I think...

1332: Jeepers. A huge rumble of thunder just echoed overhead. You don't really hear the rain too much in here when the roof is closed (especially in Commentary Box Four) but EVERYONE in Centre Court heard that. I think it scared the life out of Sabine Lisicki too.

Text in your views on 81111
From anon, via text: "What sound does rain make on the roof when it's closed, and what about when it pours?"

Er, drip, drip drip... and drip, drip, drip (but a bit faster).

1323: Tom Fordyce is all over Bartoli-Lisicki, in a game-by-game sense anyway. Once play starts outside I'll be doing something very similar with Petra Kvitova and Tsvetana Pironkova.

1319: Marion Bartoli is bouncing around on Centre already, and she has barely started warming up. Sabine Lisicki, a little less animated (who isn't?), is there too of course.

1313: Ah, indoor tennis. How I've missed you. Yep, the rain's back and so is the roof. Give this page a manual refresh too, then we can spend what promises to be a wet afternoon together.

By Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1308: Here come the ball boys onto Centre Court. I've taken you as far as I can, and now I leave you in the safe hands of Chris Bevan and Tom Fordyce. We'll have game-by-game updates on all four ladies' quarter-finals this afternoon, weather permitting. Enjoy.

Wimbledon on Twitter: "Play not before 2pm on all courts but Centre at Wimbledon."

Centre Court roof
1300: OK, the roof is trundling slowly across now and the Centre Court covers are being removed. The good news is that Sue Barker and Lindsay Davenport have made it inside. Lindsay thinks the roof being across will benefit Lisicki in the first match because of her serving prowess. "The more perfect the conditions, the more it will help Lisicki," says the 1999 champion.

1251: Hold your horses, the roof hasn't actually started moving yet although the covers are across on all courts now. First Rafa's foot, now the roof.... what a day! It's pouring now by the way.

It's raining
1246: The ground staff are gathering in the corner of Centre Court, Sue Barker feels "spots of rain" and, as always, she is correct. On they come to drag the covers across (the ground staff, not Sue) and it looks like the start of play could be delayed for the roof. Play is still going on the outside courts.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal on Facebook: "Good morning everybody. Yesterday after the match I went to take an MRI at a London hospital. During the match I thought I had something serious but as the match went through the pain got better and thankfully the tests don't show an injury. Today I will practice at 4.30 pm and I'll play tomorrow. Thanks all for the support."

1237: A manual refresh of this page will give you access to all the delights of 5live's coverage. Meanwhile, more Nadal news coming your way....

BBC Sport's Andrew Cotter on Twitter: "Look out for McIlroyEnroe and Murray interview on BBC coverage later today. Will let you know the time later. That is all."

It's bad news for a Briton
1229: As the roof opens on Centre Court, suggesting a brighter afternoon than predicted, news that British boys Evan Hoyt and Joshua Ward-Hibbert have been beaten in the junior singles.

1226: Sabine Lisicki is on her way to 'doing a Goran' by winning Wimbledon as a wild card, and the 21-year-old German has certainly been the story of the women's tournament so far as she makes her way back from serious injury. Today's opponent Marion Bartoli has also made a splash this fortnight by beating Serena Williams, and sending her dad away from the court in a tremendous family tiff earlier in the tournament. Can the Frenchwoman recover from yesterday's exertions, or will Lisicki's mighty serve prove too much? The German won their last two meetings, both on clay.

It's good news for a Briton
1216: Stockport's own Liam Broady ensures Britian gets off to a good start on day eight with a 6-1 6-4 win over Mathias Borgue. Croft, Bates, Smith, I hope you were watching....

Sue Barker
1208: We're up and running with Sue Barker on BBC2, and hot on the heels of the Nadal news we can confirm that Andy Murray has not had a shave.

1202: Back to the women's quarters, and some facts that I happen to have locked away in my massive memory bank (with a little help from the WTA). It's the first time since 1913 at Wimbledon that all eight quarter-finalists are European; there will be a first-time finalist from the bottom half; and four of the quarter-finalists are coached by their fathers (Lisicki, Bartoli, Paszek and Pironkova - Sharapova was for a long time). There you go, impress your friends.

Latest scores
1157: How are the juniors getting on? Well, Liam Broady continues to impress as he leads France's Mathias Borgue by a set on Court 19, and Kyle Edmund is in a similar position against Julien Cagnina on Court 16, but Evan Hoyt and Joshua Ward-Hibbert have both dropped the opening sets of their matches.

Andy Murray
1152: Good point, Anna, almost forgot about Britain's number one, and he says in his latest BBC Sport column that the mental side of the game is something he's been working on. Murray also discusses the differing attitudes between the top men now and in previous eras. "I've seen plenty of clips of the aggro between Connors and McEnroe, and I heard some good stories about Lendl from my former coach Brad Gilbert, who had an 0-16 record against him. Unfortunately, due to the number of swear words, I can't repeat any of them here!"

Text in your views on 81111
From Anna, London, via text: "Very impressed by Murray yesterday. He seemed a lot calmer & in control & not beating himself up all the time, more Rafa & Fed-esq. Don't get me wrong, emotion is good, I just think the less negative feelings you give away to your oppo the better! Can't wait for the QFs tomorrow, once again work will take a back seat!"

Rafael Nadal
NADAL UPDATE: From 5live tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend, we hear early indications are that Nadal's injury is not serious and he will be able to play tomorrow. However, we are still awaiting the official result of Nadal's MRI scan.

1138: Here's the plan of action for today - BBC2 kicks off at 1200 BST and across the Red Button & online we'll have coverage from Court Two of the Bryan brothers, and women's doubles on Court Three and Court 12. Coverage follows on all the women's quarter-finals on Centre and Court One from 1300 BST. As ever, 5live will be Wimbledon dominated from 1200 BST and accessible from this page.

A celeb has been spotted
1130: Yes, it's true, confirmation that Elaine Paige will be in the royal box today, although no sign of Barbara Dickson, which rules out a potential rain delay singalong idea I had forming for a moment. Oh, and US Open (golf) champion Rory McIlroy is in the house too. I expect he'll be meeting up with big fans Murray and, hopefully, Nadal at some stage.

1121: Dan is not wrong, Sharapova might be the favourite for the title in many people's eyes but Cibulkova, the 22-year-old Slovakian, has won their last two meetings pretty handily. And for someone who is only 5ft 3in, compared to Sharapova's 6ft 2in, Dominika will not struggle for power this afternoon. She gives it an almighty thump.

From Dan, Wolverhampton, via text: "Even as a Sharapova fan I have to tip a Cibulkova win. Shazza has a poor recent record against her and I fear serving yips will strike."

It's good news for a Briton
1112: Kyle Edmund has a game on the board for Britain against Belgian Julien Gagnina on Court 16, Evan Hoyt and Liam Broady are also under way in their matches. And for those of you (in the UK) who missed it yesterday, have a look at the moment Nadal picked up his foot injury yesterday. I'd forgotten what a belter of a forehand he hit.

1105: So it's time for some junior action on the outside courts, although the only tennis I can see is Petra Kvitova whacking forehands in practice on Court Seven. Many people's dark horse for the title beforehand, she's becoming a considerably, er, lighter horse as the days go by. The Czech is a great ball striker, as described to us by Anne Keothoavong : "I played her recently and there's no Plan A or Plan B, it's all guns blazing. She's just going to take on everything she can - the serves and the returns - and, although not the greatest mover, she's almost better when on the run. The number of shots she manages to time and cream up the line when you think she's out of position is what makes it tough to play against her. She also has the experience of having been to the semis already, losing a close match to Serena last year."

1056: Here he is, the Voice of Wimbledon and his weather update - "It should be a mixed bag, with showers until late afternoon, then fine into the evening before the risk of more showers." He adds: "It will thankfully be a lot cooler." Sounds like someone hasn't been rehydrating...

The view from the fans
1048: Right, we're 15 minutes from the start of tennis balls being hit in anger and 75 minutes from the start of the ladies' quarter-finals. Time for my colleague Chris Bevan to get involved: "A slight tickle to our usual tip for Ground Pass holders, because today is all about Bevo's Outside Court Golding Ticket. Britain's top boy and former Nik Nak advert actor Oli G is in action twice on Court 19, firstly against Australia's Jason Kubler as he continues his bid for singles glory and a little later in the doubles with Jiri Vesely of the Czech Republic too. Plenty of other Brits also in action there, with Liam Broady kicking things off and Andrew Bettles and Toby Martin teaming up in the doubles.

paul_childs on Twitter: "Can't believe no one's backing Bartoli! She's playing so well and I reckon she can get to her second final easy-peasy #bbctennis"

Text in your views on 81111
Neil from Birmingham via text: "Call me foolhardy but my moneys on Lisicki. Serving like a demon and she's absolutely loving it. Really refreshing to see someone enjoying it so much. You've got my backing Sabine!"

1033: The gates are open, ruuuunnnn!!!!! Actually, do not run under any circumstances. There is brisk British walking going on around the All England Club, nets being tweaked, one young member of the ground staff ambling across Court Five with a chair. Classic scenes.

1025: I'm told it's not too bad outside, "quite pleasant" in fact - hard to tell on Centre when the roof's closed and the lights aren't on, feels like the end of the world is nigh. The practice courts will be buzzing soon and, for those asking, Murray is down for a knock at 12000 BST, straight after Sharapova and Azarenka. That could be a noisy half hour.

jacobsnick on Twitter: "Pironkova for me, she's got the confidence to go all the way after beating Venus. Dream end to nightmare year since last Wmbldon. #bbctennis"

1010: More expert analysis on today's quarter-finals here from Sam Smith, who goes for Sharapova, Lisicki, Paszek and Kvitova.

Rafael Nadal
1005: Rest assured, we are on Rafawatch and have our best man on the case. Well, our best man available. Nadal suffered a foot injury during his fourth-round match against Juan Martin del Potro yesterday and admitted afterwards he feared he might have to retire. He is expected to have an MRI scan today. "I'm worried, for sure," said the defending champion. "I'm going to do the MRI. We'll see what's going on. I cannot predict the future."

Text in your views on 81111
From anon via text: "Rafa - I didn't think my admiration could grow much more for him, but to play a match of that quality, against that kind of opponent, with what sounds like a serious injury? Just amazing. Ultimate poker face as well - after the first tie break there was no whining or moaning, he just got on with the job. Wimbledon will be a much, much sadder place for me if he can't continue."

0954: OK, we're starting to get some Pironkova and Cibulkova supporters raising their voices, no-one yet backing Marion Bartoli despite her being a former finalist, semi-finalist in Paris earlier this month and, obviously, conqueror of Serena Williams on Monday.

jackmroberts on Twitter: "As a disappointed Wozniacki fan I'd quite like to see Cibulkova go and win it now, but I think Azarenka will do it #bbctennis"

It's good news for a Briton
0942: There are dozens of other matches around the grounds today, with the juniors starting at 1100 BST - which is pretty early for teenagers - and British hopes Liam Broady, Evan Hoyt and Kyle Edmund are among the early starters. Doubles duo Colin Fleming & Ross Hutchins have a big third-round match against Aussies Stephen Huss & Ashley Fisher second up on Court Three. And it's the start of the senior doubles events, with the return of Jeremy Bates (with Anders Jarryd), and the ace partnership of Annabel Croft & Sam Smith. A nation expects.

Text in your views on 81111
Carl from Lincoln via text: "Just on train with my mum to our first Wimbledon, any news on murray's practice time please?"
Not yet, but I'll let you know as soon as...

Centre Court roof
0931: The Centre Court roof slides across ominously and it looks like we could have two indoor quarter-finals, with Lisicki v Bartoli due on here at 1300 BST, followed by Sharapova v Cibulkova. Court One will kick off with Kvitova v Pironkova and move on to Paszek v Azarenka.

Lindsay Davenport
0924: Former champion Lindsay Davenport on BBC Breakfast: "It''s weird to see the draw devoid of some of the biggest names, and it gives some of the other players an opportunity. I still think Serena will be back though. For Caroline Wozniacki, Wimbledon will always be a challenge for her on the grass because she's more of a defensive player, but it was still a shock to see her go out and means even more question marks for her. The pressure will be on her next time to try to win a Grand Slam title, and she's got one more chance this year in New York. Sharapova has a great chance here. She got to the semis of the French, and she's had such a long road back - no other player has ever come back to the top from shoulder surgery and she's back at a very high level. I think she's not quite as good as when she won the Australian Open in 2008, but she's definitely playing top-five tennis."

0917: Almost everyone who has got in touch since yesterday afternoon thinks Sharapova is now a dead cert, and having picked her before the tournament I should probably agree, but I don't actually think she's playing any better than the likes of Kvitova, Lisicki or Bartoli. A case can be made for pretty much all eight, so let's hear from a real expert....

donmozeso on Twitter: "Alright Piers so I'm that BRAVE & hereby put my neck on the line for a Sharapova win! Why not with wozniacki and williamses out? #BBCTennis"

Kurnster on Twitter: "Brave or foolhardy? It's got to be Sharapova's tournament to lose surely? Surely..."

The sun is out
0910: Or even day eight. To the weather - "Yesterday was quite oppressive and it was the warmest day of the year," says BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood. "There is a risk of showers today, they could be heavy and it could be thundery. Through the afternoon it will be a bit more cloudy than yesterday and that extends into the evening, when there is the risk of some light and patchy train, although equally, we could miss it altogether." Pick the bones ot of that lot. It's sunny now.

0907: So, day eight, and an eighth opportunity for lucky security personnel Felicity and Chidimma to rummage through my bag and check my biscuits, waterproof clothing and various chargers. So what's the most interesting thing you've found over the last week? "Oh, it's mainly tissues. Tissues and knickers." Moving on....

0901: Too right, Boris, there's much to discuss from yesterday and plenty to look forward to this afternoon. From Murray's magic to Rafa's dodgy foot to a ladies' quarter-final line-up from which only the brave or foolhardy would confidently predict a champion. Anyone out there feeling brave or foolhardy?

Boris Becker on Twitter: "What a monday in wimby!?! What a monday..."

All times in BST

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