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Wimbledon 2011: Andy Murray v Tobias Kamke as it happened

By Tom Fordyce
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

1917: Job done - not the highest level from Murray, but when you're through in straight sets in short time, only the most churlish would complain. This from the main man as autographs are signed: "I served well, but the rest of my game needs some work. He was hitting the ball flat so it was hard to get into a rhythm. I need to use my legs better, get in the right positions for the ball. It's a little bit different on Court One - it's very open, so the sun is more of a factor. There were a lot of good rallies and he won a lot of them up at the net, but it was a good workout for me."

Murray 6-3 6-3 7-5 Kamke
Cheers, shouts of encouragement and excitement. Big serve, reply into the train-tracks. Super volley at the net, 30-0. Start to relax those shoulders. Forehand long from that sun-soaked corner for 30-15, forehand into the tape for 30-30. Which fool advised you to relax? Kamke will dash in - he can put away a volley here... nein, into the net. That might have been his final sniff. Match point, big serve, return miles wide - he's through in straight sets, and the third round awaits.

* Murray 6-3 6-3 6-5 Kamke
There's a corner of bright sunshine on Kamke's forehand side, and Murray might target that for all he's worth - his opponent half-blinded down there. Yup - one in there, into the net, then another, same result... and another! Cruel, but this is sport. Three break points. Kamke up and over, Murray leaping to somehow pat back, pass on... yup. 15-40. Double fault, double fault, and that might be it - Murray to serve for the match...

Tim Henman
Tim Henman on BBC TV: "Credit to Kamke. He is serving first in the third set so he is able then, with the scoreline, be able to put a bit of pressure on Andy."

Murray 6-3 6-3 5-5 Kamke *
Murray to serve to stay in the set. He's in trouble beyond the baseline, Kamke at the net, and that's an outrageous lob to get out of jail. Ace! 40-15. Big serve, safe. Now to pile the pressure back the other way.

* Murray 6-3 6-3 4-5 Kamke
Curious challenge from Murray mid-rally - it looked a gamble at best, and Hawk Eye shows the ball was good. 15-15, key game. Murray slices into the net, and - oh no - puts the easiest volley he'll have all tournament into the tape. Opportunities slip by once again.

Murray 6-3 6-3 4-4 Kamke *
Now then. Double fault from Murray, and he has to be careful here. That'll help - first serve lands at pace, 15-15. Lovely forehand fading away from Kamke, volley back the other way perfoming the same trick. Strange forehand into the net for 30-30 (could be the sun - it's low, and straight into his eyes) but ace to follow. Marvellous volley rom Kamke, stopping it almost dead, and Murray is furious, thrashing the net-cord with his racquet. Deuce turned to ad with a big serve; game sealed with another down the middle. Slighty nervy.

* Murray 6-3 6-3 3-4 Kamke
Chances here for Murray, and he's not taking them. Where once he punched the strings of his racquet he now slams the frame against the sole of his foot. Forehand blasted wide, and he rather handed that game to Kamke on a polished platter.

Tim Henman
Tim Henman on BBC TV: "It's not necessarily that Andy gets casual, he gets frustrated that he wants to finish it off in three sets. When he gets that creeping in he gets frustrated and he's not thinking about his gameplan and the way he wants to play the next point. It is really important that he knuckles down and keeps his focus and I think he will finish this off in straight sets."

Murray 6-3 6-3 3-3 Kamke *
Ball-boys wait, navy uniforms spotless, caps pulled low to deflect the evening sun. Murray only ticking along at 50% on his first serve, but he's found the big ones when he's needed them. Second serve this time, attacked by the German but snatched at - net woe.

* Murray 6-3 6-3 2-3 Kamke
Kamke's best game of the match - lovely backhand overhead, fizzing forehand, snapping serve. He goes to his chair and squeezes a plastic bottle of water down his thirsty throat.

Tim Henman
Tim Henman on BBC TV: "Plenty of guys have a good two-handed backhand but Murray has also got the slice."

Murray 6-3 6-3 2-2 Kamke *
Punching double-fisted backhand from Kamke, but a flicking forehand goes long. Another into the net, straightforward hold - Murray in control, even if he's not quite at the toppermost of his game.

* Murray 6-3 6-3 1-2 Kamke
The shadow from the roof inches across the court, stretching in a curve from one corner across to the far opposite. Quick hold from the German, showing silky touch to dink away a volley before lobbing his opponent with gleeful ease.

Murray 6-3 6-3 1-1 Kamke *
Murray looking to get a rattle on here. Blistering serve, top edge from Kamke that's caught, very neatly, by a lady in the crowd wearing a pink stripy top. Looks very keen on keeping it too - she's tucked it under her armpit, but a steward has already clocked her and mouthed something ominous. Yup - a bloke with a brolly has snatched it back, and boos ring out. A revolution on No.1 Court? Let them eat strawberry cake.

* Murray 6-3 6-3 0-1 Kamke
Saltire-blue overhead, and Murray in charge. Forehand lob goes long, Kamke on the board. * denotes next server

Murray 6-3 6-3 Kamke *
15-15, both players flat out, chasing volleys hither and thither - oh, Kamke makes it! 15-30, and that was a sensational exchange. Slow kicker down the middle, 30-30. Ace! Boomer, straight down the middle again, 133mph, the fastest of the match so far. Set point... serve out wide, into the net, volley popped away. Looking good, looking good...

* Murray 6-3 5-3 Kamke
Sloppy, suddenly, from Kamke - two unforced errors for 15-30, a bigger serve to Murray's backhand for 30-30. Hurried backhand into the tape, break point... Deutsche forehand clouted into the tramlines, and Murray will serve for a two-set lead.

Murray 6-3 4-3 Kamke *
Very quick on his feet, Kamke, and that's volleying to match - lovely backhand reach back across the other way for a winner and 0-30. Blistering serve down the middle, 15-30; Kamke wide, 30-30. Chuckles as the German heads the stray ball neatly to the ball-girl. Ugly double fault from Murray, drawing a fiddle of the fringe from Kimmy Sears, saved with a crunching serve out wide. Serve out wide to the forehand side, the old one-two back into the wide open backhand spaces, and he's wriggled clear.

* Murray 6-3 3-3 Kamke
Murray slices a backhand deep and sprints to the net - mmm, lovely pass to his right by Kamke. That's a cheeky volley on the run too, punching it away into Murray's forehand corner for 30-15. No no - foxed by one that perhaps holds up in the skittish breeze. Wasted deuce by Murray, and he swipes furiously a the air near his ankle as a forehand goes long. Fury as another is dragged wide, his 10th unforced error of the match, and there's room for improvement from the eternal British hope.

Jamie Murray commentating on 5 Live: "I commentated on one of his matches last year that he won pretty comfortably but I don't think I would like to do a match where he's under big pressure or losing. I quite like to watch his matches on TV rather than in the box on court because if you get caught making the wrong facial expression you get shouted at. It's normally when he's played a silly drop-shot."

Murray 6-3 3-2 Kamke *
You can see why Murray does obsess over that drop-shot - when it works it's a deadly joy, a trademark weapon that delights the crowd as much as it damages his opponent. "Casual!" he berates himself, slapping an easy volley into the net, but that's too good out wide. Now for the break.

* Murray 6-3 2-2 Kamke
Anything you can do, says Kamke, racing to 40-0 with elastic-armed elan and then battering down a ferocious serve/forehand combo to leave Murray scowling. Tighter than you might have expected, this test.

Murray 6-3 2-1 Kamke *
Blue skies take prevalence overhead, wispy white clouds pushing the earlier grey interlopers away into the distance. Kamke can't get a sniff on the Murray serve - another hold to love, the direction spot on, the pace spanky.

* Murray 6-3 1-1 Kamke
"I LOVE YOU ANDY!" shouts a plummy male voice, drawing titters from the remainder. Murray to deuce with a rollicking pass that Kamke can only frame into the photographers' pit on the desperate dive, and he'll have a break point here - nope, forehand off one foot into the tramlines. All sort of variety here - backhand slice, backhand topspin, flat forehand - but that's a number too many, groans filling the air as one of those obsessional droppers falls way short of success.

Murray 6-3 1-0 Kamke *
Watery sun breaks through again, the faintest shadows stretching out from players' feet and net-posts. Delightful floating backhand from Murray, dipping onto the line, a howitzer serve up next to blast the German from the game.

* Murray 6-3 Kamke
Here comes the pressure - three forehands in a row fly long from Kamke, and suddenly he's staring down three break points. Murray in complete control, the pace of his own groundstrokes suddenly accelerated several notches - to the net, Kamke way out wide, forehand winner pulverised away for the set.

Murray 5-3 Kamke *
Kamke is a man on the up, even if at the age of 25 it's a late charge: he was voted ATP newcomer of the year in 2010, having climbed from world no.254 to 67. Murray's serve working a treat, one down the middle thunking off the frame of his opponent's racquet before rolling gently int the bottom of the net. Kamke to serve to stay in the set.

Tim Henman
Tim Henman on BBC TV talking about Tobias Kamke: "He's done well although he didn't get off to a good start by dropping his serve in the opening game. He has found his rhythm and found his feet and for me it is just whether he can maintain some sort of consistency and whether Murray will make him play too many balls."

* Murray 4-3 Kamke
The sun's out! And back in again. The Kamke (pronounce it Kam-car, according to Boris B) forehand is quite some weapon - flat and fast down the line, serve held to love. After that opening game shocker he's settled well.

Murray 4-2 Kamke *
Murray - seeded four, of course - is the highest ranked player Kamke has yet played. He has beaten no.6 Tomas Berdych though, last year in Basel. Murray holds with ease, the rain holding off despite the coats and rugs being wrapped around shoulders and legs in the stands.

Jamie Murray commentating on Andy Murray on 5 Live : "You can see through the windows but I don't think he's aware I'm doing the match. Seems like he's started the match off very comfortably, hitting the ball off the centre of the racquet and he's moving very well too."

* Murray 3-2 Kamke
Dropper again from Kamke - Murray in, flicking it back up over his onrushing opponent - reached on the stretch, volleyed straight into the net by Murray. Gasp-groans fill the air. Super barelling backhand down the line from Kamke, and he's finding his Teutonic touch.

Murray 3-1 Kamke *
Kamke hasn't won consecutive tour matches all year, but that's splendid hitting - whipcrack forehands, and Murray is suddenly at 0-30. Better serve, no sort of return; good-looking forehand drop-shot from Kamke that drifts a tiny fraction wide. Ace no.1 for 40-30, 130mph, crisp serve-volley to hold.

* Murray 2-1 Kamke
Kamke came through the first round in four sets against Blaz Kavcic. Had a bottle of that once - gave me a terrible headache. Double fault from the German, but that's better during a 13-shot rally that's more hard court than grass, Murray going long with a backhand slice. Net from Kamke, break point... oof, wasted with a backhand onto the tape from Murray, and he grimaces up at the darkening heavens.

Murray 2-0 Kamke *
Mmmm - delightful old-school serve-volleying from Murray, racing to 40-0 before Kamke drills a forehand deep to the backhand side and comes in to put a winner away to the other side. Big serve, reply netted, break maintained. 17 games in a row now at this Wimbledon for Murray - anyone know what the all-time men's record is?

* Murray 1-0 Kamke
The German world 83 to serve. His mentor is Michael Stich, the 1991 champion, and while he's not in that exalted class, he's bidding here to reach the third round for the second year on the bounce. Forehand long, double fault - broken in his very first game. Grey clouds overhead, a few spots of rain - surely not... * denotes next server

1712: Judy Murray there in a pea-green mac, Kim Sears with a floaty wrap around her neck. First meeting between Murray and Kamke, this.

1708: Stick with it, my friend - fashion fortune favours the brave. Alternatively, turn it inside out. Players coming out on court, happy applause all around.

1707: On the way over here I spotted a large gentleman in an extraordinary jacket, possibly home-made: left half Wimbledon purple, right half Wimbledon green, lapels white. Coming up with the concept at home he probably thought he'd nailed it, but from the look on his face just now he may have changed his mind. "I've overcooked this," the expression seemed to say, "I've overcooked this by about 25%."

1704: All set? Court no.1 it is, the rain holding off for now, the crowds expectant.

Wonder why Andy Murray isn't playing his match on Centre Court today? Wimbledon chief executive Ian Ritchie tells BBC Sport the reasoning behind his Court One placing.

All times in BST.

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