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Wimbledon 2011 - Andy Murray v Daniel Gimeno-Traver as it happened


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By Tom Fordyce
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

Former LTA head coach David Felgate on BBC Radio 5 live: "The most impressive thing for me was the six games of the second set - he held it together physically and mentally before some exhibition tennis at the end."

2053: This from Murray as he strolls back into the locker-room: "I didn't think I started that badly, but he was hitting the ball very very big. But once I got ahead I relaxed and played very well. There were a lot of rallies, and I learned a few things out there. I started making more first serve returns and then started playing better. It is different under the roof - there are no elements to contend with, so they are good conditions to play under."

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-0 6-0 Gimeno-Traver
There it is - a stroll in the park, the mugging of thr first set almost inmpossible now to remember. Crowd on their feet, beams from Kim Sears and Judy Murray, job absolutely done.

* Murray 4-6 6-3 6-0 5-0 Gimeno-Traver
If this were a boxing match the air would be thick with white towels. Almost an hour since G-T won his last game, and I don't think he'll win another. 16 minutes gone in this set, and Murray a single service game away from the second round.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-0 4-0 Gimeno-Traver *
G-T's movement, so sparky in the first set, is now leaden-footed and iron-thighed. Big thundercrack serve from Murray, flailed into the net by the Spaniard, before - ah yes! battered down the line from Murray, a shot as frightening in its power as it is delightful in its class.

* Murray 4-6 6-3 6-0 3-0 Gimeno-Traver
Teddy Sheringham, I'm now being offered as a G-T lookalikey. Not bad. We could be looking at a double bagel here, or bagels on the bounce - Murray majestic, Gimeno-Traver collapsing in on himslef like a tent in a gale.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-0 2-0 Gimeno-Traver *
Murray pulling out the party-pieces: the drop-shots, the angled dippers, the fizzing backhands cross-court. Hold, the easiest of holds, and what began as a nightmare and became a battle has rapidly become a breeze.

John McEnroe
John McEnroe on BBC TV: "Murray stepped it up when he needed to and when things were dicey a set and a half in he showed why he is a contender. Murray has the luxury of being able to finish this off (under the roof) and surely for Traver these first couple of service games will be absolutely key if he is to find any way back into this match."

* Murray 4-6 6-3 6-0 1-0 Gimeno-Traver
All over in 29 minutes, that last set. While I remember, a heads-up for tomorrow: just seen a cracking order of play for Tuesday, with Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic all in action on Centre Court. The John Isner-Nicolas Mahut re-match is third on Court Three while the all-British contest between Anne Keothavong and Naomi Broady is first on Court 12. G-T leans back to blast a forehand into the net, gets called for a foot-fault but then gets involved with a hammering overhead that pings off a motionless ball-boy's shoulder. He wears it well. Racing backhand volley from Murray for two break points, taken on the first as the Spaniard slaps a careless volley of his own beyond the baseline.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-0 Gimeno-Traver *
While Murray waits, he takes the opportunity to remove his sweat-sodden shirt, reveal a rock-solid six-pack and pull on a fresh top. Saucy whoops from some giddy ladies close by, and a cruel close-up on Kim Sears shows her mouthing something possibly a little catty. Maybe I'm being unfair. Perhaps she's merely adding her approval, and why not. Thundering ace down the middle, thundering ace down the mi... yup, exact repeat. Wide this time, same result, two set points, one lost to a feeble backhand slice, the other taken with a clean ace down the middle. Easiest of peas.

* Murray 4-6 6-3 5-0 Gimeno-Traver
Wheels coming off now for Gimeno-Travers. It's not even as if the nuts are just loosening - behave, you at the back - the tyres are detaching from the vehicle. Another break gone, the shots slapdash, the execution as half-hearted as the self-belief. Trainer called for G-T. As Al Green once asked, how do you mend a broken heart?

Murray 4-6 6-3 4-0 Gimeno-Traver *
How quickly the wheel turns. Murray holds to love in brisk fashion, marching through the points with expressionless ease. Punters starting to relax courtside, reaching for celebratory slices of cake with accompanying beverages.

* Murray 4-6 6-3 3-0 Gimeno-Traver
Murray races to 30-0 on the Gimeno-Traver serve. Now he'll step in, confidence blossoming, dander up, drilling a backhand down the line for a clean winner. 15-40, G-T called for a foot-fault. Cruel but fair. Second serve... long, and that's the double break, Murray on the charge and the crowd going with him.

John McEnroe
John McEnroe on BBC TV: "You sensed it had to be coming. I don't want to say inevitable as that is the wrong word but that this guy would give a little bit and Murray would take advantage. Murray has some real momentum going into the early stages of the third set and can put his stamp on the match and take over."

Murray 4-6 6-3 2-0 Gimeno-Traver *
Thick white straps on both Murray ankles as he stands on the service line, twisting the racquet in his fingers, bouncing the ball, glancing up across the net. Much better variation on the serve now - slicing wide, flat and fast, barrelling down the middle.

John Lloyd
John Lloyd on BBC TV: "It was just one poor service game from Traver and at this level you just can't afford to do that. Murray really didn't do that much, Traver just made those errors and that was the difference in that set."

* Murray 4-6 6-3 1-0 Gimeno-Traver
Pasminas and wraps being draped over shoulders in the crowd as the evening stretches on. I'll be honest - I'm not entirely sure of the difference between the two. Is a pashmina always a wrap but a wrap not always a pashmina? Murray, starting to find his groove, hooping a forehand around the lunge of G-T at the tape, leaving him flat-footed up next with a drop-shot tossed in as casually as a glove. Duel on. G-T starting to wobble, forcing a backhand into the net as he's hurried out wide, staring down another break point but saving it with a deep approach and rush to the net that forces Murray wide. Nope - another backhand into the tape, another break point... oh, shot of the day from Murray, scampering frantically out wide to whip a blistering forehand low over the tape and away before G-T even realises what has happened.

Murray 4-6 6-3 Gimeno-Traver *
For the first time we have noise around Centre, for the first time we have belief - rapid-fire serving, precision-tuned forehands, game and set sealed...

* Murray 4-6 5-3 Gimeno-Traver
Two chaps there in Union flag jester's hats, but they're not laughing now. Murray slices, the ball biting on the lush turf and barely bothering to get off its backside again, and G-T can't cope with that. Break point, lost to an inauspicious return, but here's another - all over the point, space down the line, G-T stretching... wide! Break taken, at long last, and he'll suddenly serve for the set. Kimmy Sears and Judy clench fists - was that the moment the match turned?

Murray 4-6 4-3 Gimeno-Traver *
Nervous, nervous times. Murray is done like a Caister kipper by G-T's teasing tossed-up lob - 0-15 - and then watches helpless, stranded, as another spins a fraction long. 30-30, near silence around Centre - better serve, a pent-up explosion of cheers, dying in throats as another backhand finds only the net. Deuce, and if this one goes away... Let's kill those thoughts stone dead. Better first serve, hurried return, advantage; near identical repeat, off the hook. For now...

John McEnroe
John McEnroe on BBC TV: "Traver has mixed it up well, has been unpredictable and is placing the ball well. That really comes in handy when you are not as tall as your oppponent."

* Murray 4-6 3-3 Gimeno-Traver
Now's the time, Muzzington, now's the time. Fierce forehand, and G-T is on the slide again - the feet out from underneath him, the knees buckling. Always looks nasty. He's hitting it so cleanly, the Spaniard, creaming those forehands time after time, squeezing the life out of Murray like a human vice - playing out of his skin, and Murray isn't quite sure what to do about it.

Murray 4-6 3-2 Gimeno-Traver *
Murray chuntering to himself here, and that's never a good sign. In the VIP slots, one to the right of Kim Sears, Mama Judy grimaces and yells some words of encouragement. Hold to 15 follows - now for a toe-hold in the outsider's defences.

* Murray 4-6 2-2 Gimeno-Traver
Curious lack of atmosphere on Centre - no, that's not quite right, more a slightly cowed air as the size of Murray's task becomes apparent. G-T hitting the ball like a dream, the forehand blistering, the precision like something a computer might produce. Anyone think this would be a stroll? Me too - and we're all wrong.

Murray 4-6 2-1 Gimeno-Traver *
Did I just see a chap in the crowd knitting? Perhaps he was only worrying the edge of an old pullover, tugging out strands absentmindedly with each Murray wobble. Hold straightforward, match anything but.

John McEnroe
John McEnroe on BBC TV: "Where's that new Andy Murray we were talking about - the one who was supposed to be much more positive and enjoying things? It seems like Murray is annoyed about being out there and you have to hand it to this guy Traver. Murray has got to make this guy feel like he has no business being there."

* Murray 4-6 1-1 Gimeno-Traver
If you were courtside with Murray now, as he buries his face in the bouncy comfort of his official Wimbledon towel, you'd be assuring him that Gimeno-Traver can surely not keep this current level up. History tells us so, ranking tells us so. And here's the first chance - break point, created with flat hitting to the corners, defended well with deep first serve. G-T throws everything into his next two forehands but, disconcerted by the sight of them fizzing back at him, pulls another into the net. Break point no.2... saved in identical fashion. Cojones. Murray now, sensing his moment, aiming a backhand sliced dropper in - he's misjudged that, not giving it the juice to get over, and rhe opportunity slides right on by.

Murray 4-6 1-0 Gimeno-Traver *
Anxious? Worried the script wasn't meant to read like this? Twas ever thus. British players at Wimbledon, the great nerve-jangler of our sporting times. Murray begins the second set with a no-dramas hold to love, but let's look at this from the first: six unforced errors to G-T's three, and despite hitting 12 winners to his opponent's eight, he wobbled in the key game.

Murray 4-6 Gimeno-Traver
Now then. Does G-T have the nerve, Murray the riposte? Useful start - topspin forehands forcing G-T deep, sliced forehand drop-shot taking advantage of the open acres. Ooof - lancing forehand cross-court by the Spaniard, throwing all his weight behind it - 15-15. Second serve, kicking up... bunted long by Murray, and he's teetering, he's teetering. G-T waits, wipes his brow. First serrve in, follow-up forehand long. 30-30. Murray has a chance here, second serve there to attack - not this time, crashed long. Set point, set point... he's in control here, Murray scrambling, the lob drifting... it's long, it's long...

Murray 4-5 Gimeno-Traver *
Whip-crack serve from Murray - first ace of the match - but that's ambitious, going flat with a second serve to ship his first double-fault. G-T now forces him back, Murray beyond the baseline... no no, into the net, and the Spaniard has his first break point. Now then. Big first serve out wide to the advantage court, uncontrolled return, danger averted. Lordy - G-T marmalises that return on a slow kick serve, running around it to batter a forehand back to Murray's feet and set up another break point. Murray now... first serve hard and fast, too much mustard on that hot dog for G-T. Isolated yells of consternation around the arena now as Murray offers up another change with a feeble mis-hit forehand into the net, and this time - nope, no escape, forced back and deep again pulling an unbalanced forehand into the tramlines. Gimeno-Traver to serve for a shock lead...

* Murray 4-4 Gimeno-Traver
If you haven't seen Gimeno-Traver before, he looks a little like a cross between World Cup winner Josh Lewsey and England cricket coach Andy Flower - sandy hair, high cheekbones, freckled skin. Nothing of the stereotyped Spanish look at all. Right on the money here again, regardless of his sorry stats coming into this - Murray barely to have a break point on his serve, and at the moment we're racing towards a possible tie-break.

Murray 4-3 Gimeno-Traver *
Murray in mean physical shape, we're told, and he looks it - lean face accentuated by stubble on jawline and wiry hair once again surging ever so slightly out of control. Crunching serve out to G-T's backhand side, blocked into the net. Faster, flatter, right down the line - no getting that back. With each service game rattled through at pace, the pressure grows on his unfancied rival.

* Murray 3-3 Gimeno-Traver
Big old forehand in the G-T locker, following up big first serves. Question is this: can he maintain it under pressure? His record would suggest a hmmm at the very least. Fast and flat down the middle, reached by Murray but only to flail into the net. Fast again to the forehand side - Murray is there, the footwork fast, but the control absent - into the net again, and we're level pegs.

Murray 3-2 Gimeno-Traver *
An omen? Murray has never lost a first round match here at Wimbledon in five previous appearances. Last time he lost in R1 of a Grand Slam? Tsonga, Aussie Open, 2008. And Tsonga was on fire in that tournament. Easiest of holds again, secured in the time it takes to type this sentence.

Joe from Worthing via text to 81111: "Are we guaranteed a winner of the Murray v Traver game tonight? If not guaranteed what sort of time will they play on until??"

* Murray 2-2 Gimeno-Traver
The rich green of the court turned a sulphurish yellow by the artificial lights, the surface a little slippy after that drizzle sneaked in during the Schiavone-Dokic ding-dong that preceded this clash. G-T's tactics now becoming evident - go all guns blazing at everything, particularly off his exaggerated forehand. Murray drives down the forehand side, opens up the court for a winner the other way but then sends a brace of forehands wide to hand back the advantage. Well-placed forehand from G-T to push Murray wide, and the slicing reply falters into the net.

Murray 2-1 Gimeno-Traver *
A woman in rectangular shades twists the lid off a single-serving bottle of red wine and upends into plastic glass as Murray stands on the 'T', bounces the ball twice and serves. Very little G-T can do about those - only one reply makes it across the net, and Murray has begun in style.

John McEnroe on BBC TV: "Gimeno-Traver will be thinking to himself - 'Please get a lot of first serves in and hope Murray misses so I can get on the scoreboard'

* Murray 1-1 Gimeno-Traver
Murray's ladyfriend Kim Sears there in the VIP slots - is it me, or she growing her hair? - and she applauds in demure fashion as Murray laces a dreamy forehand into G-T's forehand corner. Trouble here for the Spaniard - he tries to slide out to his forehand as if he's playing on clay, buries a toe in the grass and ends up face-planting, his racquet flying out of his grasp and into the boards at the back of the court. Ole! Super cross-court drive, game secured. They've met once before, these two players - on a tennis court at least, no idea if they've bumped into each other socially at some ATP shindig - with Murray winning that clash in Valencia in straight sets.

BBC Sport's Mike Henson in the rain at Wimbledon via Twitter: "That makes minds up among the wavering few. No Murray match on the big screen due to 'elf and safety. Jeers and an exodus"

Murray 1-0 Gimeno-Traver *
Here we go - Murray to serve first, beginning in front of the Royal Box. Sir Terry Wogan still there, Sir Clive Woodward a few seats away - mmm, warm applause from those modern-day knights as Murray holds to love with a flawless sequence of serves. * denotes next server

1839: Players warming up, crashing serves across each other's bows like warring gunships tacking into range. Chap there in the stands sporting a tartan tam o'shanter, fake ginger hair stuck on underneath. At least I assume it's fake. Apologies sir if I've erred - it suits you a treat.

1835: What's that - some inside info on Daniel Gimeno-Traver? You mean the 25-year-old Spanish world no.56, making his third consecutive appearance at Wimbledon - the same chap who started the year with nine straight defeats and is yet to win his first ATP title?

1832: Giddy delight from the nervous punters packing the dark green seats all around the unblemished court - here come the players, Andy Murray leading the way. Sober v-neck shirt with Hibernian-green piping around the neckline, saltire-blue towelling wristband on the right forearm, a white one on the left.

1828: Smashing it down at Wimbledon. It means nothing. Roof secure over Centre Court, artificial lights blazing, the yearly agony and ecstacy about to begin once again...

All times in BST.

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