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Murray v Tsonga Queen's final as it happened


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By Chris Whyatt

1540: One of the best Queen's tournaments in recent memory, surely, that one? Not just because of the British winner. See you all in a couple of weeks for that casual knock-up in south-west London.

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David from Liverpool texts on 81111: "Awesome from Murray today, he looks to be coming into form at just the right time. Let's hope for a kind draw for Wimbledon to see whether he can go all the way."

1534: So, Murray becomes the third player this century to win Queen's while losing the first set in the final. Hewitt (2002) and Roddick (2007) are the others. Thanks to Infostrada Sports. Sampras also did it in 1999, Lendl did in 1989, Becker in 1987, McEnroe in 1979. Hmmm. Haven't they all won Grand Slam events?

1526: And Andy Murray lifts that huge trophy his fuzzy-haired head before telling Sue Barker: "Tsonga was playing a different sport to me in the first two sets. He's so much fun to watch. He was using variation on his serve, and a lot of aggression. But I managed to break him eventually. My ankle has got much better. This has been one of the most funs weeks I've had on the tour. I've loved it."

Smiling Tsonga on BBC2: "Andy was too good today. I will try to beat him next time." Top man.

Andy Murray beats Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 6-4
Devastating Murray, by some way the fourth best player in the world, comes storming through at the end with an irresistible surge. Apologies if scores got a wobbly towards the climax, he really raced through it. I cannot tell you how good that shot though his legs was. Complete awe. The presentations are well under way...

The match is over

Murray 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 5-4 *Tsonga
Big-serving Tsonga fair whips through that game, but is it the penultimate one? Murray serving for the Championship now.
* Denotes next server

Murray 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 5-3 *Tsonga
Impressed with Murray's mental solitude today. And that is one of the finest tennis shots I've ever seen! The keen footballer lets an outstretched Tsonga return drift through his open legs before bringing the racquet round to lift a deftly-angled volley across the net on a silver platter. Incredible. Moments like that are so rare in sport.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 4-3 Tsonga
Bit of water leaking onto Tsonga's ship. Too wild with some of these ground-strokes, lacking complete control. Despite the wobble, he's held though. Can't imagine he'll be too far away from the last eight at SW19, perhaps even the last four. Quick break. Time. Let's go...
* Denotes next server

Murray 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 4-2 *Tsonga
Little trouble for Murray there as he confidently exhibits his carousel of skills. Hot knife though butter hold. Get ready for Wimbledon hyperbole overload if this continues. Majestic play.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 3-2 Tsonga
Amid the drone of Heathrow-bound planes overhead, Murray angrily clatters his racquet into the net after missing a chance to go 15-30. That's 30-30, though, after a brilliant forehand on the run zips across the Frenchman. And finally Murray breaks Tsonga's serve with another tasty forehand. Another clarification. He's finally snapped J-W's serve on the 10th break point.
* Denotes next server

Murray 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 2-2 *Tsonga
Looking like a Mach One hold for Andrew Murray before he double-faults at 40-0. Still fairly quick though. Calm before storm now methinks. Just to clarify, Tsonga won the first set 6-3. Not 6-2. Slight typo earlier. Sorry.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 1-2 Tsonga
Great wit from Tsonga, sending down a cotton wool second serve - just 83 mph - to flummox Murray. Braced for predictable power, he floats it long before unleashing a wry smile. Just like a slower ball in cricket. Perfectly legitimate. But, out of nowhere, here's a Murray break point! He's taken zero out of eight so far. Make that nine. Saved as Tsonga trots into the net to good effect. Inventive Murray works another break point though. And... Tsonga has now saved 10 break points. 100%. Immaculate. There's the hold.
* Denotes next server

The sun is out
Murray 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 1-1 *Tsonga
Impenetrable stuff from Murray during some rallies. But Tsonga has real flair, looping a delicate and accurate backhand from out wide right into the postage stamp of the court's corner for 15-30. Mister Resolute does the business though, chucking in an ace too. Steel-solid hold from the Scot.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 0-1 Tsonga
Momentum with Murray? Possibly. Races to 0-30 with some fine ground strokes, really hitting his groove. But Tsonga pegs it back to 30-30 after Hawkeye kindly shows us that Andy's passing shot just failed to shave the line's whiskers. Loose again, though, from the Frenchman. That's deuce. But he holds, just, thanks to triumphing in a jolly rally in which the lob-volleying players come to within inches of each other at the net. Value for your shillings there indeed.
* Denotes next server

Tim Henman's former coach David Felgate on BBC Radio 5 live: "Great reaction from Andy Murray at the end of that set. Tsonga was brilliant throughout the set, he looked the more likely to win it, but Murray hang in there and took it on a tie-break. The crowd have got what they want - a three-set match. We've seen some classic grass court tennis and some magical shots."

Murray 3-6 7-6 (7-2) *Tsonga
Where did shattered-looking Murray find that intensity from? Andy has won the second set on the tie-break. He romped it in the end, hungrily pouncing on Tsonga errors like Leo Messi indulging in a nutmeg or two at the Camp Nou. Onwards to the deciding set...
* Denotes next server

1435: Surely now. Tsonga out of tune - is the pressure telling? - and Murray's two mini-breaks ahead...

1433: Murray mini-breaks again as Tsonga snatches at a volley. Andy 4-2 up now. Game on. Carpe diem.

1432: But Tsonga mini-breaks back. Andy anguished.

1430: "Ah non," says Tsonga chiding himself after hitting long and wide. Mini-break for Murray, now serving. That's 2-1...

*Murray 3-6 6-6 Tsonga
First blood to Tsonga after an outrageous dive at his own feet, when others would have tried a pick-up, gives him control. Ohhhh. Wonderful dipping backhand from Murray. Encore! That's 15-15. Showboating Jo-W then wins a thrilling point after showboat Andy pops a return through his own legs. And Tsonga holds. Here's your tie-break...
* Denotes next server

Murray 3-6 6-5 *Tsonga
Pat Cash-like volley from Tsonga reins hollow-faced Murray in. The Scot then streaks one long. Too long. Another weak forehand into the net - he looks really tired does gallant Andy - and here's two break points for Tsonga. Cheeky Murray drop shot secures one save. Nice. Then the net cord, creating tension Dan Brown would be proud of, comes to his rescue. Deuce! Murray's first serve then comes up trumps. That's a critical hold. Brave too. Disaster diverted.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 3-6 5-5 Tsonga
Renaissance man Tsonga's sort of redefining his game here. Previously thought to be a reflex player, living on pure instinct like Bruce Parry no doubt will when he explores Mars, he's now bringing a new intelligence to his portfolio. Pressure serving to stay in the set? Not one bit of it. Holds that one to love with the full array on show.
* Denotes next server

Murray 3-6 5-4 *Tsonga
Is Murray getting agitated? Maybe not. Serve malfunctions before spluttering into life and speeding off into the distance. Quick hold.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 3-6 4-4 Tsonga
Net cord skies a ball into the air... and it drops... onto... Tsonga's side of the court. Thus Murray makes it 15-30. Chance? Snuffed out with a first-class Tsonga serve. Caviar. But here's the break point for Andy after a brilliant backhand return gives him a simple put-away volley at the net. Jo-W saves with fortunate mishit. Just in. Cue grin. But Murray earns another break point, whipping a fizzing forehand across Tsonga's prone frame. Another crazy second serve - 130mph - and Tsonga saves. Here's another Murray break point though, Tsonga lashing long. The heavy second serve out wide, kicking like a foal, renders Murray inept though. Saved. Another Murray break point! Gutsy save from serve-volleying Tsonga. C'est magnifique. And he wraps it up with a racy ace out wide and a punching serve into the body. Wow. Still level in set two.
* Denotes next server

Murray 3-6 4-3 *Tsonga
Delicious tennis from both men as a series of speeding ground-strokes give the crowd neck ache. Standard hold for Murray, though. Is now his time to go for it? Atmosphere building.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 3-6 3-3 Tsonga
High level now. Quality control can go home. Tsonga teases Murray around the court's perimeter, causing the Scot to grimace as his ankle gives way briefly. No big deal, one hopes. Andy tries a drop shot... but he's 'telegraphed' it, as they say in football. Easy hold, ultimately, for buoyant world number 17 Tsonga.
* Denotes next server

Murray 3-6 3-2 *Tsonga
Sumptuous reminder of why he's world number four from Murray, zipping an unanswerable forehand from the baseline beyond Tsonga's impressive reach. But J-W is in mean mood, more focused than we're used to seeing, to take it to 40-30. The battle is on. Murray holds before letting out a familiar Caledonian shriek. Sense of slight fatigue though.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 3-6 2-2 Tsonga
Tricky. Murray eyes a little chance with a nice forehand pass for 15-15. But Tsonga sends down two 136mph serves with the accuracy of a Tudor archer. No chance you can send them back in the post. J-W seals the game with a booming overhead after the two players dance around the court lobbing each other for fun. And it is, for the watching millions.
* Denotes next server

Murray 3-6 2-1 *Tsonga
Gorgeous drop shot from Tsonga, real feel for his racquet head and the weight of his fluffy yellow friend. Great to watch. But Murray is alert to a net cord in the following point to take control of the game, and savvy enough to hold. Enjoying yourselves? Quiet please...
* Denotes next server

*Murray 3-6 1-1 Tsonga
Tsonga holds to love with a potent cocktail of gargantuan serving and chip-and-charge tactical nous. Some nice volleying too.
* Denotes next server

Former British number one John Lloyd on BBC Two: "Tsonga has taken his chances, he's been extremely aggressive and his groundstrokes, especially, have been awesome. He's gone after Murray and tried to take away the time he has. He would be aware of what Murray did to Roddick in the semi-finals and he's trying to make Murray hit off balance, come at him in rallies and move him around the court."

Murray 3-6 1-0 *Tsonga
Easy hold for Murray. Needs to be proactive and aggressive now, as Tsonga was mid-way through that first set.
* Denotes next server

It's good news for a Briton
1335: Not good. But Murray is at his best with his back to the wall, usually. Must remind you that there's plenty more tennis going on today folks, with mixed news already for Britain's women. On the plus side, Anne Keothavong is through to the second round of the Aegon International. Both the Williams sisters are playing in that one, with Venus currently on court. But there was disappointment for Laura Robson, who was knocked out in the first round of the Unicef Open in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Alex Bogdanovic is in Wimbledon qualifying action - he is on court against Bastian Knittel of Germany in Roehampton. And Sabine Lisicki of Germany has beaten fourth seed Daniela Hantuchova of Slovakia 6-3 6-2 in the delayed final of the Aegon Classic in Birmingham.

*Murray 3-6 Tsonga
Chink of light for Murray under the fiery orb's full glare. A Tsonga unforced error is never too far away, as he proves in pushing a volley wide and long. Excellent backhand return from Andy, showing great balance, to take it to 15-30. And an outstanding crosscourt pass on the run from Murray... world-class. So. Two break-back points for Murray. Tsonga saves one with a ridiculous forehand. Breathtaking pace. Mammoth serve saves the next. Correct Murray Hawkeye appeal, but Tsonga's second serve is creative. High into the body. Set point for Tsonga. Gobbled up.
* Denotes next server

Murray 3-5 *Tsonga
With furrowed brow, Murray looks up at the sun. And sneezes. New balls. Gets to 30-0 - but that's strange from the Scot, hitting a return right at Tsonga with the whole court to aim at. Concentration dip? Holds nonetheless. Tsonga has ruffled Murray with his variety.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 2-5 Tsonga
That's entertainment. Tsonga flies through the air like Edwin Van der Sar's best Superman impression to deny Murray for 30-0. Nice variation of serve, too, and his drop volleys find their range. Shot-maker supreme Andy digs in to bring it to deuce. Tasty now. But that is phenomenal power from Muhammed Ali-lookalike Tsonga, in both the rip-snorter forehand and the overhead. And again! Stylish hold.
* Denotes next server

Murray 2-4 *Tsonga
Ahhhhh. Looking to take charge, Tsonga chips and charges on Murray's second serve - with success. The Scot then rips one wide before changing his racquet. Hmmm. What now? A a fine, instinctive one-handed backhand pass down the line earns the Frenchman three break points. And he nicks it at the first opportunity after a successful Hawkeye appeal! Murray in trouble.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 2-3 Tsonga
Tsonga not afraid to zip down a zesty second serve. And he reaps the rewards. One of the longer rallies there, but Tsonga shanks a volley. Murray can't work out his serve right now. Plenty of time.
* Denotes next server

Murray 2-2 *Tsonga
Serving quite well, is Andy. Serene. Just miscues an angled volley, though, and that's 40-30. No danger. Wraps it up with a confident half-volley. Tsonga, quite a character, checks his eyesight. Fine.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 1-2 Tsonga
Both protagonists a little out of tune, lithe Murray limping one into the net, hulking Tsonga wrenching a wild forehand wide. That's 30-30. Murray then digs out a fine sliced backhand, deep, to wrestle control of the rally... and there's the break point. First of the match. J-W saves it with the luckiest of net cords from a point-blank volley at the net! And Tsonga holds with Murray's drop shot too short.
* Denotes next server

Murray 1-1 *Tsonga
Murray untroubled. Tsonga's tried three drop shots now, but his radar's not working yet. They all hit the top of the net and slithered down it. Lovely backhand from 24-year-old Scot Murray - who John Lloyd compared to the imperious Roger Federer after his devastating semi-final win over A-Rod - to seal a simple hold.
* Denotes next server

*Murray 0-1 Tsonga
Tsonga races to 40-0 before conceding two points through simple errors. But he closes it out to hold. Early jousting. No real signals yet.
* Denotes next server

1250: Here we go. Great atmosphere. Quick reminder. The Shelagh Fogarty programme on @bbc5live is coming live from Queens right now. Plenty of options. Any predictions? Tsonga to serve first...

The sun is out
World number four Andy Murray on BBC2: "I played Tsonga in the quarters at Wimbledon last year and had a really close match. He is one of the best grass court players in the world. He is fun to watch, a very explosive player and a great athlete, so I definitely have to be at my best against him."

1242: Omen? Jo-Wilf beat Muzza 2-1 in a spot of ping pong as incessant sheets of rain covered west London like a wet duvet. Players on court now. Bit of sun! Snooker entrance. J-W comes out to Iggy Pop's 'Lust for Life'. Murray is welcomed by some Cee-Lo Green number. Quick chat with our referee, and time to knock up...

1240: Cantona-esque stuff from Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, talking philosophically about the personality traits of chickens and lions. What is he? "This is a good question," he laughs. What are you? Here's John Lloyd (who fails to compare himself to an angry zebra or anything): "It's going be a great match. Murray has been playing superbly. He was brilliant against Roddick, just as Jo was against Rafa. If they both play that way we are in for an absolute treat." Andrew Castle: "When you have got a star player and he plays like this then people want to see him. If he plays like he did against Roddick again today, we might have to install him as favourite for Wimbledon."

1234: Real 'middle Sunday' vibe sweeping across W14. Very heady! Stories of your Beverleys and Traceys traipsing across the country in the early hours just to get a golden ticket. Most of them did. More than 7,000 crammed into Centre Court. Crazy queues. Ah! And here's Sue, Andrew and J-Lo [John Lloyd]. BBC2 coverage is under way. As it is for online UK users at the top of this here page. Do get in touch. New-fangled? Tweet (via hashtag #BBCTennis ). Old-fashioned? Text us on 81111 (UK) with TENNIS before your message.

BBC tennis commentator David Law on Twitter: "8.30am. Queues stretching around Queen's. Asked the first person in queue for arrival time. 2 am! This is going to be good. #MurrayMonday"

1225: The mood of the people though, it's crystal clear, is brighter than a pair of classic 1980s Bermuda shorts. Finally, a day later than planned, we're about to sink our expectant teeth into the Andy Murray versus Jo-Wilfried Tsonga final - players due out on court at 1240 BST. Unless the heavens open for business once more. Hopefully they'll take a few hours off after a fine Sunday's takings.

1220: Filthy washing up water? 'John Major' grey? Overflowing ash tray remnants? Tough pinning down the exact colour of the skies above west London this morning, and most precisely the fine environs of Queen's Club. But come in close and listen up. There is no rain!

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