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Toronto - Andy Murray v Roger Federer as it happened


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By Piers Newbery

2244: I think we're all agreed that was highly impressive from Murray and a great start to his US Open build-up. In fact it went so well, I've had a word, and everyone's agreed to do it all again in Cincinnati next week. Thanks for all your input, now get some rest because in a few days' time - we go again!

From neil_leslie on Twitter: "Hopefully now finally beating Fed in a final will see him go one better than in 2008 at the US Open. Murray is back!"

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From Andrew via text: "Superb play from Murray today. Looks like not having a coach suits him. To be fair his opponent felt the same way for years. Good signs going into the US."


It's good news for a Briton
Murray 7-5 7-5 Federer
A big serve gets Murray off to a good start but he fires an awkward forehand long for 15-15, and Federer then plays a breathtaking backhand smash off a decent Murray lob. The Swiss is in total charge of the following point but unexpectedly balloons a forehand long and it's 30-30. A great return then gives Federer a break point... Ace! That's 'clutch' serving. Another ace! Championship point... a big serve looks to have done enough but Federer fizzes a low return back and Murray nets an attempted drop shot. Stunning point at deuce, Murray scrambling back a brilliant return and eventually forcing the error. Championship point number two... and he takes it with a forehand that Federer can only punt back over the baseline. I think it's fair to say - Andy Murray is back!

* Murray 7-5 6-5 Federer
A dipping backhand pass draws the volley error from Federer and Murray follows up with a crunching forehand pass to lead 0-30. A return to the Swiss player's feet brings another error and it's 0-40, three break points... Murray nearly scrambles the first one but Federer stands firm at the net, the Briton then hooks a forehand out on the second, but Murray attacks a second serve on his third break point and follows it in to punch away the volley. Brilliant stuff and he will serve for the match.

Murray 7-5 5-5 Federer *
Lovely scenes in the stands as a group of Scottish fans delight the locals with some vigorous bare-chested dancing to Michael Jackson's Beat It. I bought that on single when I was about 11. Murray is clearly inspired by his countrymen as he serves out the game to love and, despite Federer's resurgence, the Briton is close to victory.

* Murray 7-5 4-5 Federer
Beautiful, beautiful hitting from Federer - a whipped cross-court forehand and a sweeping smash for 30-0 and the game is his soon after. He's looking ominously good at the moment but consistency has been his problem recently, can he keep it going?

Murray 7-5 4-4 Federer *
Federer goes for too much with a backhand on the first point and Murray gets his feet in a tangle to blaze a forehand into the tramlines moments later. It's 30-15 and the Scot knuckles down with an excellent backhand backed up by a sharp volley for 40-15, before levelling the set with a big serve down the middle.

* Murray 7-5 3-4 Federer
After the last rain break it was Murray who came out firing, this time it's very much Federer. A super-sharp service game puts the Swiss in front.

Murray 7-5 3-3 Federer *
Not my finest moment as an office issue means I miss the first point, but Federer gets to break point... and takes it after a long rally that ends with Murray steering an edgy volley wide.

The sun is out
2202: I don't know about you, but there's only so many times I can watch the same players knock up in a single day. It's good to seem them back out on court though and the pressure will be on Murray when play resumes at 30-30 on his serve. I predict two big serves and then probably another rain delay.

5 live's David Law on Twitter: "Players coming back on. Nothing but blue sky in front of me, but go out the back door and the biggest, dirtiest cloud ever looms."

Text in your views on 81111
Stuart in Birmingham via text: "Can we start taking bets on which will finish first, the golf or the tennis?"

2140: If it's any consolation, a gripping match between Maria Sharapova and Kim Clijsters has just been interrupted by rain with the Russian about to serve for what would be a huge win. Clijsters just saved two match points on her own serve. Back in Toronto, it all looks a bit soggy but nothing a few men with towels on their feet can't sort out. Play to resume "within half an hour". Probably.

2121: Thanks 'Dad', I'm now starving again. To all those asking, I don't think tennis has adopted Duckworth-Lewis yet but Murray would clearly be ahead. Bit by bit, he's getting there. The bad news is I'm afraid we have to say goodbye to 5 live sports extra, but I'm sure we'll all take that in positive spirits and cheerfully press on with me. Yes?

Text in your views on 81111
Dad, in Sussex, via text: "My tennis-mad daughter is making me do live internet on my phone while out eating in the local pub. It's a birthday treat ...but we had Monk Fish, lasagne, bangers in giant yorkshire pud, and all kinds - very yummy. We do hope play continues so Murray can get into his stride(s)."

Jess, Cardiff, via text: "Piers you've used your rain icon more today than you did for Wimbledon fortnight!"

Bob Bryan on Twitter: "Rain delay. Murray up a set. Mike is learning Guns 'n Roses guitar solos on YouTube and I'm playing Fruit Ninja while getting a foot massage."

It's raining
* Murray 7-5 3-2 (30-30) Federer
Murray fails to control a forehand after chasing down a drop shot but hits back with an ace for 15-15. A double-fault gives Federer the edge again but the Swiss pulls a forehand into the tramlines. It's 30-30... and more rain! This is painful. Off they go again.

It's good news for a Briton
* Murray 7-5 3-2 Federer
Federer finds himself out of position and consequently sends a forehand into the tramlines to trail 0-30. An ace follows before Murray works a bit of space and hammers away a forehand for 15-40 and two break points... and Federer misses with a very makeable forehand. The Swiss challenges but... no dice. Murray the beneficiary of that rain break, no doubt.

2101: The key words on court remain drizzling, mooching, shuffling, stretching etc. Lots of guesses at lasagne for my choice of food, as well as haggis, snails, fondue and... play is resuming, you'll be glad to know.

2058: Good stuff from both players and smiles all around as Murray points to the sky and says something along the lines of Where I come from, this isn't rain", before Federer responds, "Where I come from, it is."

It's raining
Murray 7-5 2-2 Federer *
Any nerves from Murray? Big serve, ace, game. And it's raining again.
* denotes NEXT to serve

2051: A top class knock-up from both men is done and dusted and we're about to resume. And I'm slightly disappointed that I'm so predictable but three of you guessed right - Thai green curry. At least I think that's what it was, I've never eaten anything so quickly. The prize is my respect (priceless), back to the tennis...

The sun is out
2044: Yikes, they're back out on court for a five-minute warm-up and I've barely touched my food. Get ready everyone...

From InfostradaLive on Twitter: "The last 8 Masters 1000 finals have been won by the player winning the 1st set."

It's raining
2028: OK, it's pelting down in Toronto right now so a resumption is not imminent. The good news is, it gives me the opportunity to heat up my mouthwatering evening meal. First prize to whoever can guess which international cuisine I've gone for tonight. Prize giving and weather update soon.

From landinho97 on Twitter: "This rain delay certainly favours Federer, as Murray was starting to build momentum in the 2nd set."

2008: Rog has had enough, picks up his bag and walks off the court. No-one else has moved a muscle but if RF says it's raining, it's raining.

2006: It's been more than a couple of minutes and it doesn't appear to be raining much but the players are still seated courtside as officials mooch about with towels apparently drying the lines. Hang on, Federer's just got up for a quick stretch. Oh no, he's sitting down again. It's all happening.

It's raining
* Murray 7-5 1-2 (30-0) Federer
Come on, you were in Kazakhstan yesterday, you need to step your game up. I was expecting Brazil today. An agitated Federer sticks a forehand over the baseline to trail 30-0 as the rain returns, and both men head for their chairs as the umbrellas go up. "We'll hold you for a couple of minutes on court," the umpire tells the players.

From Jared on Twitter: "Car fixed and still driving through the Kazakh desert, still following Murray. Still don't believe us? Read our twitter."

* Murray 7-5 1-2 Federer
A couple of nifty drop shots suggest Federer's touch has not deserted him and he takes the game with the kind of lazy smash he could probably put away with his eyes shut. Serve dominating right now.

Murray 7-5 1-1 Federer *
Kravitz, The Floyd - we are a broad church here. Murray remains solid, a big forehand and an ace helping him to 40-15 before a Federer error hands over the game.

From Purble on Twitter: "Now relaxing with Pink Floyd's Animals and live text of Murray vs Federer from @piersnewbery. Shouts of 'come on Murray' etc."

* Murray 7-5 0-1 Federer
Federer swoops into the net and swipes away a backhand volley, before leaning into a big forehand for 40-0 and taking the game moments later.
* denotes NEXT to serve

1945: Federer heads off for a comfort break and the crowd enjoy Lenny Kravitz over the PA. Thankfully, Rog is on his way back.

Murray 7-5 Federer *
Murray sticks a drop shot into the net for 15-15 but there is no wobble this time and he plays an excellent, assertive point finished at the net to get to 40-15 and two set points... and Federer goes long to give up the set.

* Murray 6-5 Federer
I was going to predict a Murray break, honest. Federer has a habit these days of dropping serve towards the end of sets and he finds himself 15-40 down and facing two break points.... but the Swiss mocks my lack of faith with an ace and a big forehand. Deuce, and Federer plays a beautiful drop volley, only to follow it up with an attempted forehand drop that is so bad I lack the vocabulary to do it justice. One of those rallies follows as Murray chases down a drop shot, flips the lob over Federer and bravely leaves the Swiss star's forehand, which dips just long. Break point number three.. and Federer misses a forehand. Murray to serve for the set again.

Murray 5-5 Federer *
The pressure is on Murray as he serves for the set and it goes up about 10 notches when a Federer backhand flashes past him for 0-15. The Brit then puts a forehand over the baseline and it's 0-30, but he anticipates another Federer backhand and intercepts it with a deft drop volley. A great rally at 15-30 ends when Murray's forehand clips the tape and leaps out. Two break points for Federer.... and Murray double-faults for the first time today. Ouch. The crowd are loving it.

Text in your views on 81111
Annie in sunny preston (yes, we do get sun very occasionally here!) via text: "Federer must have his concerns about his game. Yes, he is winning matches but nowhere near as convincingly as even 18 months ago. 20 slams? I have my doubts."

* Murray 5-4 Federer
Murray looks keen to wrap this set up here and now, moving Federer around as he did in the early games and going 0-30 clear, but the Swiss wins a couple of lengthy rallies to make it 30-30. Cagey stuff, until a big serve gives Federer game point and Murray then sends a forehand long.

Murray 5-3 Federer *
Murray is going for the ice-towel around the neck at the changeovers, so I'm guessing it's still pretty humid out there. For the first time today Murray loses the first point of the game on serve but he hits straight back with a wickedly angled backhand. Federer attacks the net at 15-15 but Murray cracks a backhand winner past him and onto the line, brilliant shot, and follows up with a dreamy backhand down the line. Federer nets a backhand from mid-court and this game's done. Over. Finito.

* Murray 4-3 Federer
Federer is clearly over his early slumbers and is serving well now, quickly 40-0 up. Murray manages a stunning backhand return winner but it's too late to save the game.

Murray 4-2 Federer *
The North American tradition of selling stuff very loudly between games is proudly upheld in Toronto. 5 live sport extra's David Law informs us that "someone has won a bluetooth headset during the changeover". Only in Americ... Canada. Murray appears unperturbed by the last couple of games and gets to 40-0 quickly before a classic Federer forehand stops him in his tracks. No problem for the Scot, though, as he guides a forehand of his own into the corner to seal the game.

* Murray 3-2 Federer
Federer holds to 15 with some solid serving and he's right back in the match now. Fed currently serving at 69% to Murray's 78%, stats fans.

Murray 3-1 Federer *
Quick as a flash, Federer gets one of the breaks back to love. A sweeping backhand down the line takes him to 0-40 and three break points and a thumping smash does the job.

Text in your views on 81111
Phil, Baker St, via text: "Murray is still the best 3 set match player in the world. Andy in straight sets."

* Murray 3-0 Federer
Murray opens with a stinging return before Federer sprays a backhand into the tramlines and the Swiss is under pressure at 0-30. Another big return and a punchy backhand give Murray two break points at 15-40.... Federer fires down an ace but then sends a backhand long and it's the double-break for Murray.

Murray 2-0 Federer *
Five first serves and some heavy forehands give Murray an impressive hold to 15. It's all going terribly well isn't it?

* Murray 1-0 Federer
Federer to serve first. Here we go.... and Murray makes a great start on the return, making Federer play a lot of balls early on and forcing the Swiss into errors. It's 15-40 and two break points for Murray... and it's the same again, a long rally that Murray dictates until Federer is out of position for a forehand. Great start for the Scot.
* denotes NEXT to serve

1853: Right, we have bona fide knocking up going on now so I confidently predict that the real action is just moments away. Coverage has begun on 5 live sports extra, which you can access from this page.

The sun is out
1847: Hey, where do you think you're going? The players are heading back out onto a sunbathed stadium court. Honest.

1838: And the players troop off as the rain gets heavier. I expected more from Toronto, I really did. Stay tuned...

It's raining
1836: The players are out on court, Federer sticking with the pink number that has divided opinion all week while Murray is in his regular white and blue. The bad news is... umbrellas are going up, so the two men sit in their courtside chairs and wait while ground staff drag towels along the lines with their feet. There has to be a better way.

5 live's David Law on Twitter: "Sky clearing, sun out. Hot. Will be horrible conditions to play in tough. Novak Djokovic would not like this at all. Too humid."

1830: Murray leads their head-to-head 6-5 but Federer has won the last three and definitely gave the impression after Australia that he thought he'd worked the Scot out. Still, Murray has been playing with a bit more freedom in the last week, hitting through his forehand on a more regular basis, and his ability to retrieve lost causes can make opponents go for too much. Federer v Murray is usually attack v counter-attack, but the Briton might try and take the initiative a little more today. To let me know what you think simply Tweet me, text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with TENNIS before your message, or pass on your thoughts through 606.

1825: Good Evening. It's been a while since we've seen Andy Murray take on Roger Federer, seven months in fact, but their last meeting had lasting effects for the Briton. Defeat in the Australian Open final plunged Murray into a gloom that he didn't emerge from until Wimbledon. Since then he's sacked his coach, reached the final in LA and beaten Rafael Nadal on his way to today's final. This is hard courts though, and on hard courts Federer remains the man to beat.

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