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Wimbledon 2010 day 11 as it happened

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By Tom Fordyce
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

1835: That's us done - thumbs-up for your company, hats off to both players for a wonderful slice of sporting theatre. Caroline Cheese and Piers Newbery back with you for Serena v Zvonareva in the ladies final on Saturday. As for now, go for a stroll. Stretch. Relax. There's always another year...

1830:Before we go, this from Rafa on what he whispered to Murray as they embraced at the end: "I am sorry and wish him the best of luck for the rest of the season." And on Murray's prospects: "I think he deserves to win a Grand Slam. He had the chance in Australia and here and he will win a Grand Slam soon. For Andy I think was an important day playing at home at Wimbledon which put him under a little bit more pressure than usual. He is a very nice guy and I wish him the best of luck."

1826:This from Rafa as he strides into the locker-room: "It was a very good match for me. To beat Andy you have to play your best tennis. It is always a big challenge to play him so it is an amazing victory against one of the toughest opponents in the world. I just try my best. Winning a lot of tournaments on clay, especially the French Open, gave me lot of confidence to play here."

1823: No complaints and no regrets for Murray, you'd think. He was outplayed at the key moments by the better player, a man who on this form no-one in the game could have matched.

1821: Nadal collapses onto his back, arms spread, and screams to the grey skies up above - he's been quite sensational today, and as he leans on his racquet to get to his feet, Centre Court rises. Murray is waiting at the net, and the two players embrace, Nadal whispering condolences in his vanquished opponent's ear. Two hours 22 minutes of superlative tennis.

Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) 4-6 Nadal
What fire and fight is left in the Murray motor? This is dreamy from Nadal, driving a forehand down the line for 30-30. Murray now, crushed, baffled, broken, into the net - match point. Thuis is it, you know - Murray running in to the net... long! It's long, and the imperious, wonderful Nadal has simply been too good. Murray falls at the semi-finals, Nadal v Berdych in Sunday's final.

* Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) 4-5 Nadal
Some of this stuff from Rafa - I don't think anyone could live with him in this form. Murray still playing tennis of a stellar standard, but Nadal has lifted his play to a new level. Again an overused sentiment, but it's a privilege to watch. Murray must now hold serve to stay in the championship.

Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) 4-4 Nadal *
"GUURRR!" shouts Rafa as he pulverises a forehand away for 0-15. Thumping acer for 15-15 - I can barely believe that from Nadal, finding a forehand way, way out wide for 15-30. Muzzington to the net, Rafa stranded - yup, attempted pass into the grasp of the net. That second serve is too weak though - the Murray first serve percentage has started to drop away as fatigue manacles his anakles, and Rafa will have a break-back point. That's a better serve, the reply... long. Big slicer up next, reply... wide. Advantage Murray. Sloppy, sloppy drop-shot - that's just not worked for him at all today - and a sizzling fizzer of a forehand reply brings up a second break point. First serve long. Second lacking pace - Nadal has his teeth in the point, Murray on the run... netted! The break has gone back, and Murrayites clutch their heads with despair all around.

* Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) 4-3 Nadal
Murray puffs out his cheeks and waits beyond the baseline, a little whistle of air onto the fingers of his right hand. Nadal is cruising at 40-0, boosted by only his third ace of the afternoon, only to be hauled back by whip-crack returns from the flying Scotsman - 40-15, and now 40-30. Ach, shame - forehand long, a single break the gap that remains.

LL4NL4D on 606: "Murray is as good as Nadal except in one key area - the head! Nadal has no fear whatsoever of losing on key points and does whatever it takes to win those points. Murray, on the other hand, just hopes his opponent makes a misatke on the big points. Against the very best you have to force the mistakes. Unless one day Murray changes this approach he's very unlikely to be gifted the Slam he craves for."

Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) 4-2 Nadal *
Murray playing with freedom here, as if liberated by the size of the mountain to be climbed rather than daunted by the abyss below. He holds to love, the game clinched with a fizzing forehand onto the white of the line.

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Andrew in Worcester (not at all bitter), via text to 81111: "Reckon Beckham's there to check out the use of technology? Some of these balls are landing way over the line."

* Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) 3-2 Nadal
Murray has actually won more points in this match than Nadal, which tells you everything about the tightness of the contest and the same about the importance of those few key moments. Absolutely jam-packed out on Henman Hill, arms flailing, Pimm's cups stuck skywards, screams and whoops filling the muggy suburban air.

Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) 3-1 Nadal *
Extraordinary defence from Nadal. I know it's been said many times before, but you really do have to win every point against him two or three times. Forehand deep (winner #1) forehand the other way (winner #2) and finally an overhead back the other way for winner #4. Every rally a slugfest, every game a nerve-mangler.

Boris Becker
Boris Becker on BBC TV: "We knew it was going to be a struggle and a four or five-setter. Psychologically Andy Murray is up a break which is important. It is important now for Murray to just play game after game and not to look back at that set point."

* Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) 2-1 Nadal
Prince Andrew there, watching on with index finger placed on pursued lips. Only four digits from a full Dr Evil. Rare ace from Nadal to hold, and as the two gladiators slump in their chairs, spectators stand to stretch and shake heads and legs.

Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) 2-0 Nadal *
I'm not saying anything, I'm not jinxing, but Murray has come back from two sets down four times in his career. Are those good numbers? Put it this way, Rafa's done in three times. Although he doesn't often find himself in that particular pickle. Ace from Murray, and what he would have given for that at set point in the breaker. Big out wide, break maintained. The battle goes on.

* Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) 1-0 Nadal
Was that the moment? Murray on set point on his serve, but the first serve went long and after the second he stayed deep, to be mercilessly manipulated by the master puppeteer. Some stats from the second set. Murray again beat Nadal on aces by five to one but this time won more points on first serve (87% to 81%) and second serve (67 to 53) and also service returns in (79 to 63). We go again... and what's this? Murray out of the traps at pace, face filled with righteous anger, and Nadal is a touch slow - break points, suddenly, dramatically, three of them - Nadal into the tramlines, and the Spaniard is broken from nowhere. You don't think...


Murray 4-6 6-7 (6-8) Nadal
Tie-break continued. Nadal... net-cord pass, for set point. Sick expressions all around. Nadal bounces the ball, narrows eyes, flings the toss high - into the corner and he's in control, the forehand out wide, Murray nowhere... he won't get there, he won't get there...

Murray 4-6 6-6 Nadal
Here we go, David Beckham watching on with chin in hands, Brooklyn next to him with eyes out on stalks. Brilliant backhand drive from Murray for the mini-break, but these are remarkable recovery shots from Nadal - forehand into the net from Murray, and we teeter at 2-2. Bravo! Whipped forehand down the line from Murray, and he's dominating the next one only for Nadal to somehow fight his way back through that howitzer forehand. 3-3, and as Murray crosses at the changeover, he stares up at the grey clouds overhead with a rueful shake of the head. Ooh, lucky from Nadal with a net-cord on second serve, but there's nothing lucky about that - elephant-stopping forehand, brutal volleyed put-away for 3-4. Ace from Murray! 4-4. Judy Murray there, impassive... another ace, and the crowd go ripe bananas. 5-4 Murray, no mini-breaks. Fabulous, fabulous rally, Murray somehow reaching an impossible drop-shot, Nadal somehow there to clip away the winner. A point from the gods. What's this - double-fault? It is, it is, and Murray has a set point on serve... Some can't bear to watch. Nadal, you're too good! Saved with backhand cross-court and volley. 6-6, and I'll carry on with this breaker in a mo.

NapoleonEinstein on 606: "Murray needs to attack at the key points more forceably, that's when you raise your game. I say it pessimistically cause I'm doubtful he'll do it."

Murray 4-6 6-6 Nadal
Michael Portillo there, mirror shades, fuchsia jacket like Duane Eddie. That's a cantering, breezing service hold from Nadal, and we'll drift inexorably into the tie-breaker. Cross whatever you superstitiously cross.

Murray 4-6 6-5 Nadal *
There's a middle-aged lady chewing gum on Centre Court. Expect stewards to move in with walkie-talkies and firm grips around the wrist shortly. Murray's got to be careful here, because Rafa has the momentum - yup, 30-30, fingernails chewed, palms moist... Great riposte, crashing a serve down and away for 40-30. Murray to the net - lovely half-volley pick-up, but Nadal is there in his face, creaming a forehand... oh, brilliant reflex volleyed reply, and Nadal... nets! on the put-away pass. Wonderful drama, the audience hoping against hope for the happy ending.

* Murray 4-6 5-5 Nadal
Anguished moans of dismay from the rapt ranks in this famous old stadium as Murray forehands into the net after a sizzling return gave him a foothold. Big slicing serve out wide to the backhand, and that'll eat tape again - is Nadal over that briefest of almost-wobbles?

Murray 4-6 5-4 Nadal *
Weak, insipid sun on the worn carpet of Centre. Murray takes two yellow balls from the obsequious ball-boy, examines them in his palm and tosses one back before bouncing once, twice, leaning back and bringing that right arm over like a whip - mmm, solid hold. Can he pour any more pressure on Rafa and somehow steal this set away?

* Murray 4-6 4-4 Nadal
Here we go again, a lacing return for 15-30. He's got to take one of these, to push it to break - nope, Nadal in control, Murray a desperate backhand lob... it's fallen in, Nadal sprinting back, the reply... long! Break point, break point at last.... First serve wide, second punched back, Nadal driving off the forehand, seizing control, turning the vice, Murray torn and turned, backhand long. Deuce. Murray in this next point, he's... not any more he isn't, a brutal backhand fizzed into the dark places where no man can return. Murray now, going for broke, slicing a backhand into Nadal's forehand corner, driving another flat and unstoppable into the other for another deuce. Oh Murray - skipping in to a mid-court backhand, getting his balance all wrong and finding net, and when Nadal creams into the corner, all those chances count for naught...

Murray 4-6 4-3 Nadal *
Well played Sir Muzzington, punching a forehand deep into the corner, scampering in to ping the volley away. Ooof - that Nadal forehand, they could use it to frighten naughty schoolchildren, or demolish walls, but that goes long - and that does too. Murray holds, and now he needs to squeeze a break point from somewhere. Seldom has a task been so easy to type yet so hard to achieve. Parkie so enthused by what he's watching that you half expect him to do a reverse Pat Cash and clamber down from the posh slots onto the court and join in.

Boris Becker
Boris Becker on BBC TV: "A few more unforced errors creeping into the Nadal game. He is not playing as well as in the first set."

* Murray 4-6 3-3 Nadal
Ladyfriend Kim, for once unsunglassed, hair like curtains, Mama Judy next to her with grey jumper and fierce features. Nadal races to 40-15, crunching the double-fisted backhand, hair bouncing as he drills that flat and low - hmmm, suddenly a brace of errors, on the backhand side again. Deuce, and nervy shouts echo around the famous old eaves. First serve... long. Second... Murray slices back, and then again for a dropper - Nadal appears to slip, but he makes it all the same - of course he does - and Murray is forced to readjust and stretch, the lob sailing up, and over, and... long. Groans. Battering exchange from the baseline, ended as Nadal goes long again. Now then.... deuce again, this is the game, you can feel it - Murray forces him way wide, he's run round his forehand and is way out of court - oh, the power on that forehand! Screaming as it's hit, biting the line, crushing Murray's hopes.

Murray 4-6 3-2 Nadal *
The Murray serve so good again, the aggression there from the baseline, but he can't quite convert on the teetering points, the 15-30s and 30-30s. Michael Parkinson, glued to his seat in the Royal Box. And Sir Cliff, bien sur, in what looks like a chocolate-coloured velvet smoking jacket. Always ahead of the curve, Sir Clifford.

* Murray 4-6 2-2 Nadal
I think Nadal asked the umpire for something at that changeover - not the trainer, surely? Ah. Bananas, I'm hearing. "Come on!" screams Murray as a flashing forehand brings up 15-30 - that's a lovely backhand slice sliding just over the tape too as Nadal comes in, but that's a fabulous pick-up. Murray now again, pummelling on that double-fisted backhand, pummelling to both sides - yup, too good even for Nadal, and he's at break point. Chance here again - woe, woe as a forehand down the line eats tape, and the spark is snuffed out.

mrlevity on 606: re: Mr Beckham jr..shouldnt he be at school today?

Murray 4-6 2-1 Nadal *
A nod of thanks to my colleague Caroline Cheese, who almost unnoticed stepped in for those last two games as a courtesy break called. Chaos out in Centre Court's smallest rooms - people so desperate to get back to their seats that they're barely bothering re-zipping before sprinting back down the corridors. Murray holds, but the fear here is that Nadal is almost untouchable in this form. Almost.

* Murray 4-6 1-1 Nadal
Terrier-like defending from Nadal and Murray, but the Spaniard's always going to win those battles. It's 15-15. "Murray's playing good, but not great yet," remarks Boris Becker. Quickest serve of the day takes Nadal to 40-15 and another big serve levels up the set.

Murray 4-6 1-0 Nadal *
A note of anxiety in the cheers as Murray emerges to serve. Time for a settler - and he gets it. Love game and they'll switch around in double quick time. Some stats from the first set. Murray served five aces without reply by Nadal but also made five unforced errors as opposed to a solitary one from the second seed. Nadal also edged the points won on first serve (83% to 79%) and second serve (56-43).


Boris Becker
Boris Becker on BBC TV: "Nadal really didn't have an opportunity to break before that break point. You have got to play your best under pressure and Nadal was waiting to do what he had to do. A little bit of tension on the Murray side and he has taken advantage of that."

* Murray 4-6 Nadal
Oh, he had a chance there at 0-15, in at the net and Nadal rooted in the far distance, but there's vicious top-spin on the ball and Murray can only find the tape. Whistling forehand into the corner now, and Nadal has three set points... one saved as a Spanish forehand loops long and wide, another - yep, Murray opening out onto his forehand, lacing one into the far corner for 40-30. Two set points saved... no, it's long, it's long, and the first set has gone in 37 minutes...

Murray 4-5 Nadal *
An email comes in, asking if that's Richard Fairbrass from Right Said Fred sitting a few seats along from Sir David Frost. Alas no - he may be elsewhere in the grounds, but that particular gentleman is Murray's fitness trainer Jez Green. Blistering return of serve from Nadal at 30-30, Murray pinned on the back foot and forced to prod high and loopy - Nadal onto it in a blur of white, and he'll punch that away for the first break point of the match. First serve... net. Second serve... in, Nadal chasing, Murray pulling a forehand... wide! The break's gone at the first chance - such fine margins, but it's gone all the same...

* Murray 4-4 Nadal
Nadal sporting his famous watch there, the lightest mechanical watch ever made, I'm told. Only costs $500,000, if you're interested. You wouldn't want to leave that on by accident when you got in the bath. Chance here for Murray, double-fault from Nadal at 15-30 for 30-30... second serve.., ach, makeable forehand off a looping backhand, but he mis-hits halfway down the net. As soon as the chance appears it's gone, and we're thundering towards a tie-break.

Murray 4-3 Nadal *
Perfect service game from Murray. Look at that from every angle, jeweller's loupe gripped in the socket, and you'd be unable to find a single fault in it. Clouds overhead, air sticky.

* Murray 3-3 Nadal
Tempting lob from Murray at the baseline, and that's fabulous from Nadal, a snap-wristed backhand overhead pinging the ball back - Murray on the forehand drive, and - oooff - the ball bites tape and drops into Spanish territory. Both players producing some stupendous tennis, crashing brutal forehands at each other, Murray stretching stretching on the backhand - onto the line! 15-30... 30-30 as Nadal puts away an overhead, followed by the game as the serve and forehand accelerate it away. "Come on the English!" yells a wag, to exclamations of disgust from celtic corners.

Murray 3-2 Nadal *
Sweet serving again from Murray, pushing the favourite out wide on his backhand and sealing the game as a Nadal forehand ambitiously battered cross-court finds the tramlines. Annabel Croft wanders past my seat, and the air is suddenly full of a thousand exotic scents. Looking down to my right, I spot my festering cycling kit failing to dry off and feel deeply ashamed.

* Murray 2-2 Nadal
Nadal, thick black locks held back by that white headband, and that's rock-solid serving - not a sniff of an opportunity. Both players serving like finely-tuned robots. From @juabisam on Twitter: "head swimming, heart pounding, palms sweating, large gin and tonic at the ready. Come on Murray."

Murray 2-1 Nadal *
Pent-up tension escapes with a guttural roar as Murray crashes down an ace - and another! for 40-0. Oh, delightful exchange, Murray sucking Nadal to the net with a backhand dropper and then sending him back with a disguised lob that Nadal can only frame away. Both players exploding from the starting-blocks; in the Royal Box, Katherine Jenkins blinks long blonde lashes as cameras focus tight on her searing pink summer dress.

* Murray 1-1 Nadal
Early days - very, very early days - but that's lovely from Murray, lancing successive brutal forehands to the corners for 0-15. From the noise you'd think he'd just taken a two-set lead. We've got a long way to go. The standard right up there already though - two soft-fingered stop-volleys from Nadal, Murray chasing one down and dinking cross-court only to find the Majorcan there to pop away the winner. Murray looking good on the service returns, but being pulled every which way but loose in the rallies. Jonathan Edwards impassive in the Royal Box.

Murray 1-0 Nadal *
The record between these two? Nadal leads the head-to-heads 7-3, and breezed to victory in their only previous meeting on grass, in the quarter-final here two years ago. Screams and cheers for both players as they jog and heel-flick to the baseline, Murray to serve first... super start, barrelling down the middle, reply into the net. Uh-oh - brutal forehand power from the Spaniard, and that's too hot to handle - 15-30. Big first serve, reply long, 30-30. Every point being cheered like a set. Lovely relaxed ball toss... ace down the middle, his 75th of the championship. Another big one, patsy return, battering backhand winner for the game. Wonderful atmosphere, you can taste the anticipation.

* denotes next server

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Hannah stuck at work, via text to 81111: "Not impressed that work have chosen to put the football on the tv despite my protests. Whatever happened to patriotism? COME ON MURRAY!"
1550: Quick heads up for you: should you find the auto-updates get bunged up at any stage, do a quick F5/manual refresh. We should be okay, but no-one wants another Hairy Bikers moment.

1548: There's our umpire for the match, Carlos Bernardos of Brazil. Must be pleased that his boys are currently leading Holland 1-0 in their World Cup quarter-final. Giddy atmosphere around Centre, hands flapping, mouths gabbing.

1547: Who's that who just wandered into the VIP seats? David Beckham, that's who. Spot of upstaging going on here. Accidental, he adds hurriedly.

1545: Here they come, the crowd on their feet, anxious clamouring cheers....

1542: Austin. Sangster. Taylor. Henman. All these British men have reached Wimbledon semi-finals since Sir Fred of Perry became the last British man to win Wimbledon. I'm saying Murray in five, but what do I know?

1540: How's the head? The heart? The nerves? Wherever in the body you experience tension?

1535: If you quickly manually refresh you will see the headline on this page change. To Murray v Nadal. Gulp. Sue Barker on BBC TV says it could be another 10 minutes before Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal appear for their eagerly-anticipated semi-final.

1533: Berdych, the first Czech man to reach the Wimbledon final since Ivan Lendl 23 years ago, tells BBC Sport: "The feeling is absolutely amazing against Djokovic who is just a great player. So far it is tough to describe having just stepped off the court. Every young kid who hits the ball - this is the dream is to be in the final of any Grand Slam and Wimbledon is the top one. Right now will try to do the same as what I did after the Federer win - enjoy the feeling of victory until the evening and then prepare for the next one."

Berdych 6-3 7-6 6-3 Djokovic
Huge, huge ask for the battered Novak - netted backhand, he's 0-30 down and surely out... Fizzing forehand to the corner, three match points after two hours and 17 minutes... forehand onto the tape, ball sitting up, volleyed away by Djokovic. Huge first serve, return onto the net post - he's there!

From BBC Sport's David Ornstein on Twitter: "I can confirm that David Beckham is in the house. Just arrived @Wimbledon with security escort, on players lawn as we speak."

* Berdych 6-3 7-6 5-3 Djokovic
Cunning backhand slicer from Berds that skids through low and nasty, and Djoko can only dig it into the net. 15-30. Ah, dreamy backhand drive down the line from the Serb for 30-30. No no - double fault, and he's really going for it on the second serve as if it's land or bust. Break point. First serve... long. Second serve... missed! He's missed another, and Berdych will serve for a place in the final...

Text in your views on 81111
Luke Kelly, Cleckheaton via text to 81111: "Quality tennis on display here and a solid effort from Berdych. Where has this guy come from? Murray take note, a similar, gutsy performance needed in order to overcome that classy little Spaniard called Rafa Nadal. "
Berdych 6-3 7-6 4-3 Djokovic *
Berdych's hair plastered to his forehead under that plain white baseball cap, but he doesn't appear to be working up much of a sweat - ace, thumper, another thumper - ruthless hold. Busy buzz around Centre - not many thinking about Murray v Nadal yet, this is too absorbing...

* Berdych 6-3 7-6 3-3 Djokovic
That's more like it from the 2008 Aussie Open champion, the forehands with more zip, the head up - 40-15, and then suddenly it all starts to wobble - brutal flashing forehand, and Berdych comes in to a feeble drop-shot to surely make it deu... no! Into the tape, and you felt that game was a window he could have clambered through.

Berdych 6-3 7-6 3-2 Djokovic *
Lacklustre from Djokovic, feet leaden, brow beetled. Rampant, cantering hold from Berdych, and the no.12 seed is heading for the final unless something changes very quickly.

* Berdych 6-3 7-6 2-2 Djokovic
Trouble, big trouble for Djoko - his shoulders are slumped, his eyes glazed, and he barely bothers chasing that forehand into the corner. Break point, and if this goes, you'd fear the match has too... mmmm, saved with an angry ace. Berdych running round the backhand - nope, into the net, and Novak keeps one nostril above the floodwaters.

Berdych 6-3 7-6 2-1 Djokovic *
Tiny, tiny chance there for the Serb at 15-15 - mid-court backhand with Berders seemingly stranded and acres of court gaping, but he pushes it onto the Czech's forehand and is never back in the game. In the crowd, two girls in 1950s sunglasses tear into packs of sandwiches like ravenous wolves.

Text in your views on 81111
Luke Kelly, Cleckheaton via text to 81111: "Quality tennis on display here and a solid effort from Berdych. Where has this guy come from? Murray take note, a similar, gutsy performance needed in order to overcome that classy little Spaniard called Rafa Nadal. "
* Berdych 6-3 7-6 1-1 Djokovic
The Duke of York watching on there from the Royal Box, looking strangely like Sir Terry Wogan these days. It's not Terry Wogan, is it? Gutsy response from Djokovic, dinking in two spot-on droppers to hold to 15.

Berdych 6-3 7-6 1-0 Djokovic *
Wonderful tie-break, devastation for Djokovic - all that heroic work, just to end it like that. He slams his racquet to the turf as he stomps to his chair, and the umpire will give him a warning for that. Berds holds serve in the first game of the third set - the big question now? Can Djoko put that mental torment behind him to somehow drag himself back into this? He's only won one match from two sets down in his entire career...

It's bad news for a Briton
It's good news for a Briton
Bad and good news for British tennis while this semi-final goes on. Laura Robson follows Oliver Golding out of the junior singles - losing 7-5 7-6 (7-5) in the girls' semi-finals to Japan's Sachie Ishizu. Meanwhile Liam Broady and Tom Farquharson reach the boys' doubles semi-finals by beating seventh-seeded Brazilian duo Guilherme Clezar and Tiago Fernandes 6-3 4-6 6-2.


Berdych 6-3 7-6 Djokovic
Not a single seat spare around the arena now, and no-one even thinking of leaving for a leg-stretch or bladder-break. Well played Berds, running in behind deep sliding approaches for 3-0, one mini-break, but those forehands sail long - 3-2. Both players grunting and grumbling with every stroke, Djoko volleying crisply into the... tramlines, by an inch. 4-2. Big serve from the Czech for 5-2. Double fault! Double fault from Djoko, gambling on a big second serve, and Berdych will have four set points. One saved with a better serve, but now Berds on his own serve... First long, second weak, sparky return, Berds long. Still another set point on his serve to come. Big serve out wide, blocked return... he's netted! Two service points lost, and has the pressure monkeyed with Berder's mind? 6-5, Djoko serving - sensational defence from the Serb, somehow staying alive, a lob - called long! Berdych has the set - or does he? Novak will challenge, and it is in by a MILE. We'll replay the point, and Djokovic is furious - he doesn't think Berds could have got that back, but they'll replay the point. Oh, what a backhand drive down the line! Djoko stays alive, four set points saved, 6-6. Wide from Berds, five points in a row for Novak, and he's somehow at set point. Bedlam. Berd serve - big, out wide, 7-7. Big serve, nerveless volley, 8-7. Chance of a pass on the backhand - ooof, right onto the tape. That was a chance for the Czech... 8-8. Forehand return wide from Berds, 8-9, second set point for Djoko. The match to be won or lost here, you suddenly feel. First serve wide. Forehand from Berds off a very low ball... right onto the line. 9-9, and this is an epic breaker. Huge unreturnable serve, 10-9. Both men with nerves of ice. Second serve from Djoko... double fault! Double fault!

Berdych 6-3 6-6 Djokovic
Now then - first sign of nerves from Berdych, standing on the edge of a two-set lead but pushing a backhand wide for 15-30. Ouch - thudding ace for 30-30. Hello - Djoko suddenly awake, sprinting in to crash a running volley away. Break back point... First serve clips the net and falls wide; second serve there to be attacked, but it's into the net. Oh, what a point up next - Berdych is flat on the floor, but somehow stretches out while prone to rebound the ball back - Djoko, stunned, pushes back a weak forehand and Berders finds the net. Uproar around Centre, another break point... saved by an ace. Berdych again... double fault! Can Djoko finally take this? Fabulous forehand fetch.... he's done it! Tie-break... In other news, women's singles finalist Vera Zvonareva will be busy this weekend as she has now also qualified for the women's doubles final after she and partner Elena Vesnina beat fourth seeds Gisela Dulko and Flavia Pennetta in the semi-finals on Court One.

* Berdych 6-3 6-5 Djokovic
Quite brilliant tennis from Berders. Djok doesn't help himself with a double fault, but that is quite superb on the Berdych forehand - lacing one to one corner, opening the shoulders and lacing to the other. Break points.... second serve... whooosh, he really went for it, right up around 110 mph, and Berd's pummeling forehand bites the highest part of the tape. This should be a simple overhead from Nova... he's stuck it long! Break stolen away at a devastating time..

Berdych 6-3 5-5 Djokovic *
Pressure - what pressure? Djoko blocks the big serve back, but it's the rallies he can't handle - super point construction from Berdych, forcing Novak wider and wider and then popping away a solid volley. Djoko then decides to hit through the return, and Berders picks it up with sensational timing to fizz it back. Love hold.

wildsnooker on 606: "Novak can turn this round, he has to use his stamina to his advantage, try some drop shots, mix it up."

* Berdych 6-3 4-5 Djokovic
Real chance for Berders at 30-30, running round his forehand to a mid-court ball - ach, slapped into the tape. Djoko accelerates away and can now pile the pressure on the Czech's serve. Crowd now into this, battle joined and starting to sizzle.

Text in your views on 81111
Alexis in Wales via text to 81111: "To Chris in Banbury - uh no, happy for this to be a long one but not really rooting for Murray to go a set down against Nadal."

Berdych 6-3 4-4 Djokovic *
The most intriguing game of the match so far. Fabulous pick-up on the half-volley from Berdych, followed by a fine chase-down from Novak to flip cross-court. No, that's sloppy - two missed returns on the bounce, and Dkovo screams a Serbian curse as the game slips away. From @simon_mcav on Twitter: "I would gladly miss every point of Andy's match to get in and find he has won in straight sets."

* Berdych 6-3 3-4 Djokovic
Djoko serving at 83% in this match so far, yet he's still behind. Troubling. Lovely backhand dink to the backhand side to leave Berders in no-man's land, a slicing drop-shot to the other side doing the same job. Djoko goes to his chair and hides his face under a fuzzy veil of towel.

* Berdych 6-3 3-4 Djokovic
Djoko serving at 83% in this match so far, yet he's still behind. Troubling. Lovely backhand dink to the backhand side to leave Berders in no-man's land, a slicing drop-shot to the other side doing the same job. Djoko goes to his chair and hides his face under a fuzzy veil of towel.

Berdych 6-3 3-3 Djokovic *
All about the baseline so far - if there's been a volley, I can't remember it. Wide slicer from Novak, and that's an uncharacteristically feeble return from the Serb again. More bad news for Britain - following on from Oliver Golding's defeat in the boys' singles semi-finals, Laura Robson drops three games in a row to lose the first set of her girls' singles semi-final 7-5 to Sachie Ishizu of Japan.

* Berdych 6-3 2-3 Djokovic
Lovely tantalising dipper cross-court from Berds, and it's all Djoko can do to flick it back - space left out on his forehand side, and Berdych finds it with a whipping forehand. Two break points, and scattered shouts around the Centre Court rafters. First serve functioning well under pressure - long from Berds, first serve landing again... backhand into the net. Warming up nicely now, this contest.

Text in your views on 81111
Chris in Banbury via text to 81111: "Anyone else want this to be a marathon and Murray to lose the first set so get back from work just in time to see the fightback to end all fightbacks from Murray... "

Berdych 6-3 2-2 Djokovic *
Berdych on his seventh visit to Wimbledon. If he were to progress to Sunday's final, it would buck the general trend - only Pat Rafter has taken more appearances to reach the final for the first time. First real chance for Novak, playing it safe and putting the onus on Berdych to make the running - error from the Czech, and another, and at 0-30 the crowd shift forward in their cushioned seats. That looks long from Berders - Djoko certainly thinks so, and so does the line-judge, but Berds will challenge - will this be 15-30 or 0-40? Let's see... gooof, touching the line by the width of one of Serena's false eyelashes. Punishing forehand for 30-30, error long for break point.... oh, lovely save, opening the body up to lance a forehand right onto the line. Slice follows slice up next, the ball skimming the tape, sitting lower and lower - forehand topspin from Berds, and... what happened there? The ball hit something on the baseline and spat up at Djoko like a Curtly Ambrose bouncer, and Djoks can only fend it to cover point. Escape for Berdych.

* Berdych 6-3 1-2 Djokovic
... and the same from Djoko. Nothing too much wrong with his serve - it's the other aspects of his game that have looked shaky so far. This from @vincent737 on Twitter: "I'm in madrid, flying a 737 airliner to london this eve. May request a few holds over SW19 to get some sort of view, lookout!"

Berdych 6-3 1-1 Djokovic *
Stony-faced from Berdych's coach Tomas Krupa in the VIP seats, but you'd expect him to be beaming - hold to love from his charge, who looks completely relaxed in his first Wimbledon semi.

John McEnroe
John McEnroe on BBC TV: "Djokovic is not yet able to let go and for his shots and Berdych is all over him but I would be shocked if Novak continued at this level. "

* Berdych 6-3 0-1 Djokovic
Glimpse there of Sir David Frost there in the Royal Box, taupe blazer, blue shirt, sucking some sort of hard-boiled sweet. My money's on one of those golf-ball sized gobstoppers that make your tongue go blue. It'll take him until the third set to get down to the chewing-gum bit. Djoko with that classical serve, the arms extended, the toss high and true, but Berds is playing out of his skin here - flashing forehand right onto the dusty baseline, and he'll have 30-30 here. Ooh, just wide with the return - 40-30. Scooped forehand long, and Djoko jogs to his chair for a quick face-wipe.


Berdych 6-3 Djokovic *
Novak a little unlucky there - splendid raking return, right onto the line, but the line-judge calls it out - over-rule from our suave umpire Carlos Ramos, but it just sets up another brutal Berds serve. That's lovely, a free-swinging forehand for three set points - brief double-fault diversion, but he's home and hosed on the next point. The number three seed has serious work to do...

Tori-torres 8 on 606: "Tomas and Novak to end up tied up at 70-70 in the fifth set. So both are out and Murray vs Nadal would certainly be the final."

* Berdych 5-3 Djokovic
Titters around Centre as Djoks stares as his racquet in consternation - he's lost the little pastille-shaped vibration dampener, and Berds is the first to locate it in the trampled grass. Thrashing ace down the middle for 40-15, the cap-wearing Berds nowhere near that one.... and another! Wonder if he can take that momentum into the next.

Berdych 5-2 Djokovic *
Djoks lurks beyond the baseline, the bare patches of once-were-turf a darker brown this afternoon after some diligent overnight watering. At 30-30 he's twitching and jumping, but he seems the more nervous of the two here - anxious forehand pounded long, another into the net. A shake of the head, and he'll have to hold serve to stay in the set.

* Berdych 4-2 Djokovic
Djoko's second Wimbledon semi, this - his first ending in pain and disappointment when injury forced him to pull out of his 2007 ding-dong with Nadal. Although he was also two sets and a break down. Finally the match comes to life, Djoks going long with a lob under pressure and then flailing a forehand long. Two break points, the first animation from the crowd - flashing return, Djoks under pressure... netted! Breaks has the berds. What's that? You know what I mean.

Berdych 3-2 Djokovic *
The sun can't make its mind up at the moment. In, out, in, out - it's only a matter of time until it shakes it all about. Glimmer for Djoks at 30-30, the rally extended and the point his to dominate, but he crashes a tight-shouldered forehand into the net. Hoopla - Berds batters a forehand of his own long, and we'll have our first deuce of the afternoon. Mmmm - super slicing acer served out to the Djoko forehand, and another down the middle to hold on with élan.

* Berdych 2-2 Djokovic
Anything you can do, murmurs the Serb, I can do just moments later. As noisy as a piano recital out there at the moment. Give it time.

Berdych 2-1 Djokovic *
Muted atmosphere around Centre so far. Plenty of spare seats, and an air of aperitif about it all, which is both unfair and unwarranted. The biggest name of all in the 'Box? His Most Exalted Highness the Reverend David of Beckham. Although to be fair I haven't spotted him taking his seat yet, just heard rumours that he's about to. Simple hold from the big Czech, and neither player getting close to troubling the serve.

* Berdych 1-1 Djokovic
Parkinson, Sir Michael. Edwards, The triple jumper Jonathan. Jenkins, Katherine the Welsh light-opera warbler. And there's a bigger name yet. Strange mis-hit forehand long from the brush-haired Djoko, but a crashing ace down the middle gets him underway. Cagey.

Berdych 1-0 Djokovic *
Here we go - Berds to serve first, and it's a solid starter - Djoko, the youngest man left in the draw, leaves him stranded with a dropper but it's the only toe-hold he can get in the booming serve. The Royal Box today, let me tell you, is an extraordinary place to be. More in a moment. Elsewhere at Wimbers, disappointment for Britain as fifth seed Oliver Golding loses his boys' singles semi-final to Australia's Benjamin Mitchell 6-2 6-2.
It's bad news for a Briton

* denotes next server

1306: The record between these two? Djoko leads the head-to-heads 2-0, although they've never met on grass before. I'm hearing Boris Becker back me up with a call for Berders in four, with Tim Henman plumping for Djoko in the same. Big up yourself Boris.

1301: Here come the players - sunshine suddenly breaking through the clouds, Centre still only half full - where is everyone?

1300: Quick word from Sir Muzzington as he strides off the practice courts: "It's a different feeling to waking up most days, but you try to go about it the same way as any other match. Rafa is the best player in the world for a reason, I'm going to have to do everything well and if i do that, I've got a good chance." On playing on Centre: "You're incredibly excited, there's nerves, a big adrenalin rush at the beginning of the match, you need to stay as focused as possible early on because it's easy to make rash decisions."

1258: Glimpse of the players there in the locker-room - Novak's flicking Tomas with the end of his towel, and... of course he isn't. Stern demeanour from both.

1255: Predictions? My head seems to be empty of all logic. I can see Berdych in four and, outlandishly, Murray in five. No-one said anything at this Wimbledon had to make sense. Quick point of order: manually refresh for me, would you? Splendid.

1252: Good Lord, Piers is in bits and we haven't even started. I'll get Cheesy to fan him down.

By Piers Newbery
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

1250: Good news everyone, I am about to hand you over to Tom Fordyce for the serious business that lies ahead over the next few hours. I'm going to go and lie in a darkened room, can someone come and find me when it's all over?

Rafael Nadal
1249: "I think I'm playing great," says Rafael Nadal. "Playing Andy is very difficult always, very difficult to play against. Andy is very talented, he has a good serve, he's a complete player, so it's gonna be an interesting match. I need to play my best tennis, with high intensity, give 100%."

1246: Mitchell gets an early break in the second set to lead 6-2 1-0 against Golding on Court 12, and the double-faults are hot helping the Brit.

sparkystep via Twitter: "Beckham at Wimbledon? Whatever you do don't let Jagger in to the Murray match!"

Boris Becker
1240: Disturbing news from Centre where Boris Becker is wearing a sober grey suit, with the only hint of daring a natty cut-away collar on his shirt.

The sun is out
1237: Well, the sun is out for now and seats are increasingly being filled on Centre Court as the first semi-final between Tomas Berdych and Novak Djokovic approaches. Bad news on Court 12 as Mitchell takes the first set 6-2 against Golding.

From James via text: "Currently in cape town for the world cup but hoping djok game lasts ages so we don't have to skip brazil v dutch game for murray mania! Come on Andy!"

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1232: Great facts on BBC Two - Benjamin Mitchell does have a soap star connection, his younger brother Luke plays Romeo Smith in Home and Away! "Acting was never in the game plan for Luke, who played tennis from age 5-19 with the aim of going professional. It was at 19, when Luke was training seven days a week when he realised tennis was the only thing in his life and he decided to give it up. Although the decision was hard and shocked those around him, there was a sense of freedom, 'Once tennis was gone, I was able to spend more time figuring out what it was I really wanted to do.'"

It's bad news for a Briton
1226: Golding absolutely hammers a forehand into the net to drop 3-1 down against Mitchell on Court 12, and he might have to do it the hard way once again.

Bunny Austin
1221: With the moment of truth fast approaching, I'm buzzing even more now after a quick chat with Bunny Austin's son, John, who firstly rectifies my earlier error by informing me that his father served in the US Army during World War II, and adds excitedly that Bunny would have been right behind Andy Murray this afternoon. "Absolutely! He would have loved Andy's game because he had beautiful groundstrokes too. Andy needs to improve his second serve though."

From Andy C in Brum via text: "Please let the Djokovic - Berdych match be an epic 5 setter, so us office workers can get home for Murray ....... come on Tomas!"

allyjunk1984 via Twitter: "Sitting poolside on my honeymoon in Morocco, they don't seem to believe in tennis on TV so relying on you guys, c'mon Murray."

1207: Here comes Golding, headphones on and needing all his 6ft 1in frame to carry a racquet bag the size of a wheelbarrow. Mitchell is at least as tall and sporting a baseball cap, of all things. I say!

1203: There's a packed crowd on Court 12 awaiting the arrival of Oliver Golding and Aussie Benjamin Mitchell. I am told that there is a character in Eastenders called Ben Mitchell. I'm also told this isn't him. This one's from the Gold Coast rather than Albert Square.

Andy Murray via Twitter: "Thanks for all the messages. Just picked up my bats. Going to hit in a bit so catch everyone after the match."

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1157: Breaking celeb news - Reports are reaching us that David Beckham will be at Wimbledon this afternoon. Do they have time to resurrect the security operation that worked so well for the visit of the Queen?

1150: "Massive grey clouds overhead," says the arriving Tom Fordyce. "We could be in for some roof action."

1142: The bad news for Murray fans is that he trails 7-3 in matches against Nadal, the good news is he's 2-2 in Grand Slams meetings and has won the last two. They last played each other at the Australian Open, when Nadal was forced to retire with a knee injury in the third set, which rather overshadowed one of Murray's best performances.

Text in your views on 81111
From tony, london, via text: "To james, at work. We all know, in terms of probability, that past events do not influence the outcome of future events in circumstances like this, therefore your mathematical solution is invalid. If the chance of winning is 50% then murray has a 50% chance of winning, not 99.9%."

1128: Dutch star Esther Vergeer will be bidding for consecutive Wimbledon women's wheelchair doubles titles this weekend and she begins her campaign with compatriot Sharon Walraven on Court 14 at 1200 BST. Vergeer, the world singles and doubles number one, has won her last 386 singles matches. Blimey.

Text in your views on 81111
From James at work via text: "Piers, the probability of Brits losing 10 Matches in a row, if the chance of winning is 50%, is 1/1024, therefore murray has a 99.90% chance of winning today! Even Maths supports Murray, as the great man himself might say, COME ON!"

From hana__k via Twitter: "I am so excited! If Murray wins today, i'm coming to camp out sat for the final!! GO ON!"

1121: In his most recent BBC Column, Andy Murray admits that his thumping defeat against Nadal in the quarter-finals two years ago was a watershed moment. "The only time we've played each other at Wimbledon was in the quarter-finals two years ago and that match was a big turning point for me. I'd been playing well in the tournament and managed to come back from a couple of sets down against Gasquet in the previous round, but I didn't have the energy to compete with Rafa how I would have liked and lost heavily. A lot has changed since then. I've spent a lot of time getting physically stronger, a lot more time in the gym, and since then I've had good results against him."

Text in your views on 81111
Love Jack Grummitt via text: "Murray is better than he was last year. Nadal is not. It'll all be fine. Stay calm, everyone. He'll win."

From Wendy and Melissa via text: "Rafa we love you can't wait to see the number one and our number one on Centre Court later, vamos."

Bunny Austin
1110: A quick rundown on Britain's last male singles finalist, the man they call "Bunny" - Henry Wilfred "Bunny" Austin was the first player to wear shorts at Wimbledon, where he finished runner-up twice, was friends with Charlie Chaplin among other stars of the age, and with Fred Perry he co-signed a letter to The Times in 1933 protesting at the German LTA's decision to bar Jewish players from their Davis Cup team. "We have always valued our participation in international sport because we believed it to be a great opportunity for the promotion of better international understanding and because it was a human activity that countenanced no distinction of race, class or creed."

1102: "Rafa is the man to beat," says Spanish sports paper Marca. "Much of the outcome will depend on how the Briton copes with the pressure and the Balearic responds physically." And Spanish tennis journalist Javier Martinez adds: "I think it will be a very tactical match, one of the very good things Murray has is he knows how to play every opponent and he's a very clever guy. It's not going to be easy but I think Rafa could win in four or five sets."

1054: The Voice of Wimbledon is giving the juniors the hard sell and adds that there will also be "the appearance of some old...... friends in the senior Invitational Doubles event." He had me worried for a second there.

1047: Well, Stewart, Mark Hodgkinson in the The Telegraph can help me out there: "The problem for Britons has not been reaching semi-finals, the problem has been going any further into the draw, as they are on a nine-match losing sequence in the last four."

Text in your views on 81111
From Stewart in Manchester via text: "Piers.... How many men have we had in a semi final since 1938? Because there is supposed to be a 50% chance of reaching the final... Isn't there?"

1037: Golding, the 17-year-old from Twickenham, has already beaten the top seed and faces another Aussie today. The young Brit is already establishing a reputation for world-class celebrations and yesterday's was a belter, bringing to mind Shakin' Stevens in his pomp. I expect fireworks if he wins today. Real, actual fireworks.

The view from the fans
1032: "Would the stewards please open the gates?" It's that time already and some bleary eyes try to focus on getting a prime seat after a night under canvas in the park. Court 12 would be a good destination as we're 90 minutes from back-to-back British semi-final action with Oliver Golding and then Laura Robson.

1028: We won't forget about today's other matches, and Berdych v Djokovic has the potential to be a five-setter, which might go down well with all those hoping to get home in time for second semi-final. NoDjo has beaten Big Tom in straight sets in both their previous meetings but he knows the Czech is a different proposition these days. "He's played semis of the French Open and he's got some great results in the last couple of months," said Djokovic. "So he's one of the toughest players to play against lately. I'm going to have to be patient and wait for the chances. Obviously, we're both going to have great motivation to get to the final. For him, that would be a first final."

From Guy via text: "In oz at the mo, tennis at a stupid time but will make the effort. Lets go andy!"

Fred Perry
1013: As you might have picked up, the last time a British man won a Wimbledon semi-final on his way to taking the title was in 1936. Fred Perry beat American Sidney Wood in five sets in the semi-final and Jon Henderson's biography of Perry, The Last Champion, is as good a description of what happened that day as I can find: "In the fifth set, the Centre Court crowd sensed that Perry's place in the final might even be snatched from him. The hush before each of his serves became deeper and more intense, the cheers for each point he won more rousing. To their credit neither player showed any sort of flinching. In the end it was simple tennis mastery that did it for Perry. Two backhands aimed with crack-shot precision whistled past Wood to break his serve and, with a 5-3 lead, Perry served out the match. Now only one man stood between Perry and his first Wimbledon title."

Text in your views on 81111
From Wally, London, via text: Is it just me or does there seem to be less hysteria over Mr Murray this year, and instead, a sense of calm optimism? Are all the pieces falling into place? Is this actually the year it happens? Am I really expected to go to that meeting at 4pm?"

From Sarah, too excited, in brum, via text: "I went to the gym 4 the first time in ages too. Couldnt get down the stairs this morning. Sitting at my desk watching others run around a tennis court will help."

0958: If the weight of history is bearing down on you a little too much at this early hour, I would suggest taking a trip behind the scenes at the All England Club with Radio One Newsbeat's Simon Mundie. He meets a ballboy who has been hit by an Ivo Karlovic serve and lived to tell the tale. The young lad shows a lot of poise. I would definitely have cried.

0952: Let's get those names out there nice and early then - Bunny Austin and Fred Perry. Murray could today become the first British man since Austin in 1938 to reach the men's singles final, and on Sunday he could become the first British man since Perry in 1936 to win the title. I walk past it every morning without noticing but today the statue of Perry outside Centre Court caught my eye. By crikey, the man looked sharp.

0944: Aside from the page you're looking at, the BBC coverage kicks in at 1200 BST on 5 live before Sue and the gang get going on BBC Two and HD from 1230 BST, and 5 live sports extra joins the fun at 1300 BST. And the really good news is that via the red button or the video stream on this page (UK only) you can follow the action when it starts at 1200 BST.

From mininicko via Twitter: "In Canada a little tired after a great 'Canada Day' night out...bed or no bed, Murray win or no Murray win?!"

From adamjdoherty via Twitter: "Honestly, I think Murray has had too much of an easy ride to the semis - Rafa will be super confident after beating Soderling."

The sun is out
0935: Ah, Broadstairs. I used to spend my summers hiring out deckchairs on Viking Bay. There must be dozens still floating out in the Channel. In front of me on Centre Court now I can see lines being painted and the stewards having their morning meeting, while only a few feet away I can hear Radio One Newsbeat's Simon Mundie saying, "I'm very, very excited." He speaks for the nation.

Text in your views on 81111
From Jackie, by the sea in sunny Broadstairs, via text: "Liquid lunch on the beach for me then back home for 3pm to watch the match. Need a couple of glasses of wine to steady the nerves."

Will from London via text: "I'd suggest people invest some money in shares in boots (* Other highstreet vendors of nail products are available). Rumour has it their profits are about to sky rocket after brits buy up their stock of fake nails to replace the ones they chewed off while following Murray."

Andy Murray
0926: Fortunately, Goran has good things to say about Murray's chances this afternoon. "Andy is playing against the best player in the world and the favourite, so if he loses it should not be a disappointment, but I would like Andy to win Wimbledon. I think he has proved he can cope with the pressure, he's been in the final of the Australian Open and the final of the US Open. He has to be very aggressive, if he let's Nadal control the points he doesn't have a chance, but if Andy can attack I think he has a good chance."

0922: BBC Breakfast catch up with 2001 champion Goran Ivanisevic, just the man we want to see on Wimbledon semi-finals day. Asked if he thinks he would have beaten Our Tim in their semi if the rain hadn't interrupted play, the Croatian admits: "Honestly, I don't think so. I didn't know what to do. Luckily we didn't have this beautiful roof then and, after we stopped on the first day, I knew I was going to win because there was too much pressure on Tim." You're not helping, Goran, you do realise that?

0915: All of which leaves us with plenty of time to discuss what lies ahead, so get in touch via text, Twitter or 606 to let me know how you're preparing for the big match(es). I had a sneaky day off yesterday and foolishly went to the gym for the first time in a month. I now feel like an 11th-hour John Isner.

Latest scores
0910: So the plan for today - the main action begins on Centre Court with the potential thriller that is Tomas Berdych v Novak Djokovic at 1300 BST, before Andy Murray v Rafael Nadal in the second semi-final (at around 1530 BST?). Just writing that gets the heart thumping, although that could be the hot chocolate I've just necked. There is more British interest on Court 12 with Oliver Golding v Benjamin Mitchell at 1200 BST in the boys' singles, followed by Laura Robson v Sachie Ishizu in the girls' semi-finals. And Court One is the place to be if doubles is your bag.

It's raining
The sun is out
0904: BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood: "There's a 30% risk of getting wet at Wimbledon but that won't affect Andy Murray and the men's semi-finals, of course, because of the roof on Centre Court. Laura Robson is second on Court 12 and she might just miss the band of rain that's drifting eastwards and will threaten Wimbledon. There is a risk of light rain around noon, with the cloud clearing in the afternoon, and temperatures at around 27C." The official Wimbledon forecast goes for a more gloomy "50% risk of rain", but BBC London cheer us up by saying that the finals this weekend should be dry.

0900: Good morning. I don't know about you but I have this nagging sense of deja vu. A British man in the Wimbledon semi-finals, decades and decades and decades since our last finalist, up against the world number one..... come on, god of sport, give us a break.

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