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Wimbledon 2010: Day nine as it happened

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By Caroline Cheese
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

1825: Before that though, the women's semi-finals, featuring Vera Zvonareva v Tsvetana Pironkova before Serena Williams v Petra Kvitova. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for all the build-up from 0900 BST. Lateness will not be tolerated. In the meantime, continue enjoying Murray v Tsonga with Tom Fordyce.

1817: So Friday's semi-final line-up looks like this: Novak Djokovic v Tomas Berdych, to be followed by Rafael Nadal v Andy Murray/Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Still seems odd not writing Roger Federer's name there. By the way, I don't actually know that's the order of play, but I'm fairly confident.

Nadal on Federer's defeat: "Roger did amazing the last few years, the last seven years, unbelievable. One day you have to lose, and Berdych is a difficult opponent with an amazing serve, hard shots from the baseline, so that can happen. But in my opinion, there's no one favourite in the tournament now."

Rafael Nadal on BBC Sport: "I started so slow but Robin was playing very long, powerful shots so it was very difficult to have control of points. After that, I have some problems in the first game of the second set, I saved a break point, and after that the match changed a lot. I'm feeling great. To be in the semis here another time is a dream for me. It's a very important moment of the season for me after the clay season. I think I'm playing better and better every day."

1807: I'm looking for signs of needle as the pair approach the net but it looked like a fairly normal handshake. Soderling is off the court before the cheers for Nadal have a chance to die down. Nadal will face Andy Murray or Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the semi-finals on Friday. Murray a break up in the third after the first two sets were shared.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 6-7 (4-7) 1-6 Nadal
Soders blasts a desperate return long to give Nadal two match points. Someone - a man actually, since you're asking - screams out '"I love you Rafa" just as he's delivering his first serve - which goes out. And then Soderling comes up with a lovely return. One left - and he takes it with a forehand down the line. Excellent performance.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 6-7 (4-7) 1-5* Nadal
A flash of Rafa magic as he scrambles across the baseline, and half-volleys a backhand pass crosscourt. Not bad. Soderling responds with a double fault and Nadal has a break point. Nadal an inch long with the return. Slice backhand from Nadal prompts RobSod to net. Another break point. Soderling dumps a forehand into the net, Nadal to serve for the match.

Soderling *6-3 3-6 6-7 (4-7) 1-4 Nadal
Not sure Nadal is going to join Federer on the sidelines though... Soderling's spirit appears to have been crushed here. Lots of errors from the Swede - who's up to 32 in total - and Nadal holds to love. Federer will drop to number three in the world, by the way, after his defeat. He hasn't been ranked that low since 2003.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 6-7 (4-7) 1-3* Nadal
Nadal waves a hand in apology as his forehand clips the net and dribbles over. Ridiculously wild forehand from Soders has him in a bit of trouble at 30-30. And now he's gone long. Break point but he saves it with a big serve. Another wild error gives Nadal a second break point and this time Soders' forehand clips the net and drops into the trams. Big "vamos" from Nadal. Update from around the grounds: Andy Murray now a set all against JW Tsonga. Britain's James Marsalek has gone out of the boys' singles. The Bryan brothers are out of the doubles. And Roger Federer lost. Did you hear?

Soderling *6-3 3-6 6-7 (4-7) 1-2 Nadal
Glimmer of hope for Soders at 30-30 but he can't get the return in, and the world number one dances around a forehand and strokes it crosscourt to move ahead.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 6-7 (4-7) 1-1* Nadal
I'm not saying Nadal can do no wrong. He definitely can - the time he takes between points, for example - I'm just saying there was something wrong in a player having to wait seven minutes to serve out a set. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked, easy hold for Soders there.

Soderling *6-3 3-6 6-7 (4-7) 0-1 Nadal
Soderling thumping his head in frustration after smacking a backhand wide on the opening point and Nadal goes on to hold to 15. Lots of you pointing out that Nadal had treatment several times against Petzschner the other day. True, but I don't remember him having the three-minute time-out and he didn't do it just his opponent was about to serve for a set. Correct me if I'm wrong, though, I usually am.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 6-7 (4-7) 0-0 Nadal
Tense rally, and Nadal's put a backhand wide... has he? A challenge. And it's on the line! He didn't hesitate in challenging and that's why. Massive roar from the crowd. Are you watching, Fifa? We'll replay the point. Soderling into the net with a routine forehand, and it's 5-2. The Swede wins both his service points and it's 5-4, Nadal with two serves to win it. Serve down the middle and Soders can't deal with it. Two set points for the world number one, and Soderling's return clips the net and drops his side. Delight for Nadal - and you have to feel justice has been done there.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 6-6 (2-4) Nadal
Nadal jumps out into a 3-0 lead, but a big serve at least gets Soders on the board. Another first serve allows him to peg Rafa back to 3-2. Soders winning 86% of points behind his first serve. Trademark topspin forehands from Nadal, one dipping viciously onto the baseline, and Nadal changes sides leading 4-2.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 6-6 Nadal
"He's very strange," was Rafa's verdict on Soderling back in 2007. ""In the end, we will see what's happening in the end of the life, no?" During that match, Soderling also refused to apologise for a netcord and didn't check on his opponent after he fell. Not very Wimbledon. Anyway, Nadal holds to love and we're into a tie-break.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 6-5* Nadal
Soderling clenching his fist and looking at his support camp even when Nadal makes a mistake. Soderling upset Nadal at Wimbledon in 2007 when he took the rise out of the Spaniard's habit of picking at his shorts. More recently, they claimed to made peace - but it may not last if Nadal ends up losing this set.

Soderling *6-3 3-6 5-5 Nadal
After a delay of seven or eight minutes, I reckon, Nadal comes out and double-faults on the first point. Soderling then sprays a loose backhand into the trams, and frames a forehand. Nadal with a 30-15 lead... Soderling finding some lovely angles, then a drop shot, bad idea against Rafa surely... NO! He's netted it. A double fault now. What on earth? He's challenging - but it's miles long. Break point and a deep, deep return from Soders, Nadal putting his forehand into the trams. Massive punch of the air from Soders - but I think Nadal is absolutely fuming about the delay before that game. Some naughty Spanish words may have just escaped his mouth. Let's not forget these two have a bit of history...

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From AJ, Birmingham, via text: "An all male office of engineers thought that Nadal was two sets down and it took me (the girlfriend of one of the naive guys) to put them straight. I don't want us girls getting a bad name for ourselves!"
Well done, lady

1716: Nadal up on his feet, jogging on the spot. The camera is thankfully sparing us the gory details of Soderling's left foot.

1714: I say a short delay... The trainer still isn't here. This is all very odd - and as I said, unfair on Nadal. Soderling hasn't broken the rules, but surely the umpire should have told him he'll have to wait... Here comes the trainer now, sprinting on, and we'll have a three-minute medical time-out.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 4-5* Nadal
Soderling holds to 15, but uh-oh... now he wants the trainer. He's got his left shoe off, which is covered in some manky-looking bandages. "That is ugly," says John Lloyd. Indeed it is. We'll have a delay now as the physio makes his way to Court One, which seems a little unfair on Rafa.

Soderling *6-3 3-6 3-5 Nadal
Nadal on a paltry SEVEN unforced errors, to Soderling's 23. It's enough to drive a Swede to distraction. Nadal holds to 15. Seems like hundreds of people made the same mistake as Mrs Heather Thomas (see earlier text), and they all seem to be female. I'm so ashamed.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 3-4* Nadal
Just as I'm typing what a fabulous response from Soderling, the Swede hammers a forehand long. He's pegged back to deuce, but squeaks through.

Soderling *6-3 3-6 2-4 Nadal
Maybe losing his serve was just the ticket. Soders has a 0-30 lead, but Nadal hits back with a second serve which kicks off the line, drawing the short reply. Another clever serve makes it 30-30 - but Nadal misses with a forehand pass from out wide, which bends in the right direction, but goes long. Shocker. It's break-back point. First serve wide - challenged unsuccessfully by Nadal - but a tentative return by Soders and the world number one fizzes a forehand down the line. Nadal pegged back to deuce three times and on the third, a return which hardly seems to bounce catches Nadal unawares. Break-back point again. Soderling a bit nervy, and Nadal draws the error. Sizzling forehand into the corner gets Nadal to game point again and an ace closes it out. Massive hold for Nadal, huge blow for Soders.

Someone is having a tantrum
Soderling 6-3 3-6 2-3* Nadal
Soderling is FURIOUS now - and so he should be. The pressure of facing an opponent who just will not miss tells and facing two break points, the Swede goes for too much on a forehand. He smacks his racquet on the chair - and then on the court, just in case he hadn't destroyed it the first time.

From Mattm via text: "I would like to name and shame a MRS HEATHER THOMAS as she has been telling everyone Nadal was two sets down as thought the seeds on the live scores was a set score."

Soderling *6-3 3-6 2-2 Nadal
Incredible rally with Nadal leading 30-0. Both players smacking forehands and backhands back and forth, both players looking out of it at different stages. Soders finishes it with a crunching forehand - but it's Nadal who takes the game.

Soderling 6-3 3-6 2-1* Nadal
Nice bit of football skill from Nadal, controlling a ball with his foot and then catching it. Soders in bother at 15-30 and now a long rally, which you'd normally expect Nadal to win - but a humungous forehand from Soders forces the world number one to go long. The Swede's absolutely delighted with that one, clenching his first again.

Soderling *6-3 3-6 1-1 Nadal
Soderling is pumped up right now, the Swede rifling a forehand return down the line to take the first point. Cripes. Another sizzling return right onto the baseline and it's 15-30. Back to 30-30 though, and Soderling has a short ball to deal with... But he doesn't deal with it very well, smacking a forehand long. It feels like crunch time, the players standing toe to toe...

Soderling 6-3 3-6 1-0* Nadal
Forehands hitting their mark, movement brilliant. This is top-class Rafa, and Soders will do well to stop the charge. Just as well he's got a booming serve - and an equally booming forehand - which allow him to come from 0-30 down to hold serve. And now it's Soderling pumping the fist at coach Magnus Norman.

John Lloyd
John Lloyd on the BBC: "I think that set might be the best set Nadal has played in the Championships so far: his pace, the length, he's just not making any errors. He made ONE in that set, three in the whole match. That's absolutely brilliant."

Soderling *6-3 3-6 0-0 Nadal
Ningun problema. Nadal hits the baseline with a raking backhand before putting away a simple forehand. Punch of the fist for Uncle Toni and we're level.

Soderling 6-3 3-5* Nadal
Umpire having a bit of a 'mare out there. He overrules a call when there was chalk dust (or whatever it is) everywhere. Soderling holds to love. Over to you, Rafa.

From FuzzyChanny on Twitter: "I reckon Nadal has had a second wind due to thinking he has an easy route to the trophy after Fed's early departure."

Soderling *6-3 2-5 Nadal
Nadal looks like he's about to kick a stray ball, but thinks better of it. Soders saves one game point with a miraculous, sliced backhand pass off a thumping Nadal forehand. "Nice angle," remarks John Lloyd on the BBC, which is downplaying it a bit, if you ask me. It was a humdinger of a shot. Ding-dong rally to follow and of course, it's the indefatigable Nadal who takes it.

Soderling 6-3 2-4* Nadal
Nadal looks to the sky as a dinked forehand return narrowly fails to clear the net. Easy hold for Soders there.

From mikehenkehh on Twitter: "Flying pigs are having snowball fights in hell - Roddick out to Lu, followed by Federer and the Williamses - Nadal out next."

Soderling *6-3 1-4 Nadal
Soderling swings a forehand onto the sideline and here's an opening at 30-30 - but Nadal quickly slams the door. Serving a lot better now, the world number one.

Soderling 6-3 1-3* Nadal
Nothing much Nadal can do there as Soderling's serve allows him an easy game. Apparently, if Soderling won this match, and Murray lose his, the Swede would be the new world number four. So there you go.

Soderling *6-3 0-3 Nadal
Soderling finds a huge return to get back to 40-30, but then overcooks a forehand. He's pressing too much now, as Nadal ups his game.

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From Aidan, chilling at home, via text: "Rooting for Rafa, R-Sod has too much power for our Muzza. Vamos Rafa."

Soderling 6-3 0-2* Nadal
Nadal gets the forehand firing, starting the game with a sizzling return down the line. The pressure tells, Soderling double-faults and though he saves the first of three break points, he pushes a forehand wide on the second. He challenges - but in vain - and HawkEye can't come to his rescue again in this set.

Soderling *6-3 0-1 Nadal
Soderling up to five forehand winners, Nadal still to hit one. Deep, crunching groundstrokes against from the Swede and Nadal is 0-30 down. Nadal's serve gets him out of trouble. Soderling uses the last challenge he has on a baseline call - and he's right! But the umpire gives the point straight to Soderling, when the call was made just as Nadal put his reply in the net. The Spaniard is FUMING, arguing long and hard with the ump. Understandably so - but he uses his fury to good effect, saving the break point with a punishing rally and celebrating like crazy when he does. Nadal marches back to the chair, adrenalin pumping.

Soderling 6-3 0-0* Nadal
Soders loses the first point but hits back with a backhand winner, well-worked point from the Swede, and he closes out the set on his second set point. Federer out, Nadal a set down... What next? Andy Murray and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga are warming up on Centre.

Soderling *5-3 Nadal
Soderling's level has dropped, while Nadal is beginning to find a better length on his groundstrokes. Forehand winner from Nadal seals the game to 15... Big game coming up for Soders.

Soderling 5-2* Nadal
First sign of nerves from Soders and he appears to be telling himself to calm down as a snatched backhand goes wide. Ace - but now a loose backhand. Nadal has two break points, prompting an excited scream from a lady in the crowd. Booming serve to save the first... But now a double fault? Soders wants that serve down the middle - but it is wide - and Nadal has one of the breaks back. As the scoreboard confirms that Berdych beat Federer, the crowd applaud and cheer. Nadal looks up again. There will be no repeat of the 2006, 2007 and 2008 finals.

Soderling *5-1 Nadal
Nadal finds an excellent forehand into the corner, but Soderling returns it up the line. Stunning. Couple of thumping serves, and the crowd are roaring Nadal on. Soderling batters a backhand onto the baseline. This is really incredible stuff, and Nadal can't handle it. Limp backhand into the net... When did Nadal ever lose a set 6-0? It doesn't matter. Big serve from Nadal saves the set point - and there is a delay now as some people in the crowd spread the news about FEDERER GOING OUT! Nadal gets himself on the board though,

Soderling 5-0* Nadal
Soderling plonks a volley into the open court before a sizzling forehand has Nadal scrambling in vain. I mean, I know Centre Court is rivalling it, but this is quite a surprising scoreline, you must admit.

Soderling *4-0 Nadal
Nadal's serve is going to come under a real examination today. Anything short is going to be punished. The world number one swings a wild forehand over the baseline and he faces a break point again. Attempted sliced backhand gets nowhere near clearing the net. Nadal chucks a ball away in disgust. Double-break down. Wowsers.

Soderling 3-0* Nadal
In the blink of an eye, a hold to love for Soderling. Super start for the Swede. Gasps of horror from the crowd as they see the scoreboard showing Federer 5-3 down in the fourth against Berdych. Nadal looks up, but shows not emotion.

Soderling *2-0 Nadal
Soderling scoops a nervy-looking backhand over the baseline to give Nadal two game points. The world number one slaps the net with a backhand, and then puts another one far too short, allowing Soders to swing a forehand onto the line. Deuce, but Soderling wastes it by netting. Angled return winner and we're back to deuce, and now another return has Nadal rocking - break point. Double fault! Crumbs. Federer on the brink over on Centre...

Soderling 1-0* Nadal
Comfortable start for the Swede, holding his serve for the loss of one point.
* denotes next to serve

1522: Now a warning: we're having some publishing problems, so don't shout at me if we go a bit slow... Robin Soderling is back in his chair and towelling down while Rafa Nadal bangs a few more serves down. Soderling had a five-setter in the fourth round after three very impressive matches. Nadal won in straight sets on Monday after two five-setters. Tough match to call... Soderling to serve first.

Anne Keothavong on Twitter: "Watching Djokovic and Lu, only just realised it was my brother umpiring them when the commentators mentioned his name!"

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From Mel at her desk and very old, via text: "Re 1437: Hacker T Dog to give him his full name is so much more than Gordon the Gopher ever was. Hacker has his own TV series - Scoop - which puts him in a different league altogether."

1511: Rafael Nadal raises a muscled arm to acknowledge the cheers of the Court One crowd as he and Robin Soderling arrive on Court One. I'm going to focus almost exclusively on that match from here on. Tom Fordyce is your man for Federer-Berdych updates.

1509: Wonder how NoDjo will feel when he returns to the locker room and sees the score from Centre Court? Federer trails Berdych by two sets to one.

Novak Djokovic: "I think I deserved to win today. I was playing very solid from all parts of the court. I was very happy with the performance today. I sincerely hope I continue with this level of my game, but you never know how you're going to wake up in two games. The way I'm playing is very encouraging. I have nothing to lose in the semis."

The match is over
1502: Third seed Novak Djokovic rifles a forehand crosscourt to finish off a very simple 6-3 6-2 6-2 win over Yen-Hsun Lu. Djokovic will face Tomas Berdych or Roger Federer in Friday's semi-finals. Next on Court One: this big one between Rafael Nadal and Robin Soderling...

1458: Novak Djokovic serving for the match against Yen-Hsun Lu...

It's good news for a Briton
1455: Despite feeling the heat (literally) midway through the match, Laura Robson finishes off a 6-4 7-6 (7-2) win over An-Sophie Mestach with a cool smash, and that means it is indeed an all-British quarter-final between Robson and Tara Moore.

1453: You know I said Federer was back on track a little earlier? SCRAP THAT! Tomas Berdych takes the third set 6-1, and he's now one set away from an almighty upset on Centre Court. Tom Fordyce is beside himself... Robson and Mestach into a second set tie-break. Novak Djokovic is very close to a second Wimbledon semi-final, leading Yen-Hsun Lu 6-3 6-2 4-1. Nadal-Soderling to follow that one.

It's good news for a Briton
1449: Seventeen-year-old Tara Moore moves into the quarter-finals of the girls' singles after a 6-3 6-1 pummelling of Nigina Abduraimova. The former Bollettieri Academy pupil told BBC Sport yesterday she rated herself "up there" with Laura Robson and Heather Watson... She might get a chance to test that because she'll face Robson or An-Sophie Mestach in the last eight. Robbo trails 6-5 against Mestach in the second set.

1437: OK, I think you've been kept waiting for long enough. After taking Wimbledon by storm last year, Hacker the Dog (older readers: think Gordon the Gopher for 2010) returned to SW19 last week with his mischievous brother Dodge. Lindsay Davenport, John Inverdale, Andrew Castle, and the object of Hacker's affections, Sue Barker, all played Ernie Wise to Hacker's Eric Morecambe as our favourite hound created merry havoc around the hallowed grounds. I also met Hacker last week, but I don't think Dodge was too impressed when I mistook him for a girl...

Latest scores
1427: Six-time champ Roger Federer appears to be back on track against Tommy Berdych after levelling the match at one set all. Novak Djokovic may well be waiting in the semi-finals for the winner of Fed-Berdych. The Serb rocks and rolls to a 6-3 6-2 lead over Yen-Hsun Lu.

1423: Not only have Vesnina and Zvonareva knocked out the world number ones and defending champs, they've also handed the Williams sisters their first defeat of the year. Zvonareva will now prepare for her first Wimbledon singles semi-final tomorrow. "Tomorrow is another day and I'll start to prepare now," she's just told Pam Shriver. "A few hours back, I was not thinking about tomorrow, I was just trying to enjoy the moment and enjoy the challenge."

A shock result
1415: Vera Zvonareva and Elena Vesnina are giggling like schoolgirls after knocking out top seeds Venus and Serena Williams - wrecking the sisters' hopes of a doubles Grand Slam in 2010. Rubbish couple of days for Venus, who went out of the singles to Tsvetana Pironkova yesterday. Zvonareva could yet meet Serena again in Saturday's women's singles final...

1412: Everything looking rosy for third seed Novak Djokovic, as he leads 6-3 4-2 against The Chicken Catcher Yen-Hsun Lu on Court One. Vesnina and Zvonareva are serving for victory over the Williams sisters...

1407: Manually refresh your page please, and then we can begin... Done? Good... Stand by for the return of the aforementioned Wimbledon legend, but first some news: Laura Robson is receiving some medical attention on Court Five, which I think might be heat-related. The 16-year-old has been given some electrolyte fluid and will solider on after taking the first set 6-4 against An-Sophie Mestach.

By Piers Newbery
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

The sun is out
1400: Laura Robson saves break points for the fourth and fifth time in the set before sealing it 6-4 after 49 minutes, and the umbrellas are out to shield the players from the fierce British sun. And while you digest that happy news, please brace yourselves for the return of a Wimbledon legend. And I'm not talking about Caroline Cheese.

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Darrin via text: "Djokovic really means business here. Looks very strong. Can't see Lu getting a look in. 3 nil to the Djok."

1353: There's more drama on Court Two, where the Williams sisters' hopes of a doubles Grand Slam are under threat as Russians Vesnina & Zvonareva lead 3-1 in the final set. Federer has a break at the start of the second on Centre and on Court One it's Djokovic 6-3 1-1 Lu.

1345: No pressure then, Rog. He's going to have to do it the hard way again after Berdych takes the first set 6-4. Over on Court One, Djokovic clenches his fist and looks to his box after sealing the opening set 6-3 in 31 minutes.

TheFakeSarah on Twitter: "GO FEDERER! If he loses I'll die.... my life is in his beautiful gold Nike swooshed hands."

From Aneta in Bath, stuck at work, via text: "Office productivity reached ZERO! oh c'mon Federer!"

Latest scores
1338: We have movement in the main matches, with Djokovic breaking Lu to lead 5-2 on Court One, and Berdych going a break up at 5-3 against Federer on Centre. Robson is serving at 3-2 on Court Five.

1332: Unacceptable, I'm afraid belgiansan, so I've put you down for a Murray-Robbo double. Robson is a break up at 3-1 against Mestach but it's hard going on serve.

belgiansan on Twitter: "Can I divide my support? I'm hoping for a Murray win, but Laura Robson is playing a Belgian... "

1326: Lu saves a couple of early breaks point on Court One, the second with a sweeping backhand down the line, and the crowd go bonkers - he's definitely made himself the fans' favourite this year. Djokovic 2-2 Lu.

1321: Laura Robson has a right old battle to hold serve at the start of her match but makes it 1-1 against Mestach after a gruelling 12 minutes.

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From Liz at work in Newbury via text: Come on rafa! i have painted my nails summery pink so please make sure there is no need for me to bite them!!"

It's good news for a Briton
1311: With perfect timing, Britain's Oliver Golding knocks out top seed Jason Kubler of Australia 4-6 6-3 7-5 and drops to his knees a la Borg in 1980. Great stuff. He signs a few autographs for people even younger than himself afterwards and he'll play Argentine ninth seed Renzo Olivo in the quarter-finals.

1305: A cunning mix of blackmail and bribery worked for me, Stu. Busy, busy, busy now at the All England Club as play is about to get under way on Centre and Court One, with Tom Fordyce taking you through Federer v Berdych game-by-game, while Laura Robson is knocking up on Court Five with 11th seed An-Sophie Mestach of Belgium. Never seen 'An' spelt like that. Briton Golding levels a tense junior encounter against Aussie top seed Kubler at 5-5 on Court Five.

Text in your views on 81111
From Stu in Edinburgh via text: "Am falling asleep in what is officially the most tedious meeting ever. Must do something about this! Piers, any careers advice on how to move from bean counter to tennis pundit?"

Feyikemi, biggest Nadal fan in Nigeria, via text: "Really crackin up here at work, waiting for the Nadal- Soderling match. Ok. Gotta concentrate now, Come on Rafa, this means a lot to me."

It's bad news for a Briton
1300: British 14-year-old Eleanor Dean goes down 6-0 6-2 to Czech Kristyna Pliskova (although she is 18 and seeded ninth) in 39 minutes on Court Five, while Golding and Kubler are 4-4 in the decider. Federer and Berdych stroll onto Centre Court, and here's that Borg v McEnroe link again if you need it (UK users only).

1252: So, which Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will we see this afternoon? The one who beat Murray in the first round in Australia a couple of years ago and went on to destroy Nadal with one of the best performances I've ever seen in the semi-finals? Or the one who can look disinterested and fire everything into the tramlines if the radar is off? "Obviously I will be the outsider and maybe the pressure will be on his shoulders because for me I have nothing to lose," says the Frenchman. "I will play the first quarter-final in my career here at Wimbledon so I have everything to win in this match. I feel confident. I know I can beat everybody. So I will play my game. I will try to play relaxed and be offensive and that's it."

The sun is out
1246: The sun has just come out as Centre Court fills up steadily ahead of the arrival of Federer and Berdych in 15 minutes' time, while Djokovic and Lu will be readying themselves for action on Court One.

1243: It seems I've mislead the public, not for the first time. It is indeed Golding who is strapped but he's on serve at 3-2 down in the decider. We're not in the blame game here, not at all, but if anyone needs BBC Sport's David Ornstein he's just been sent out to get my lunch.

TennisWorldNews on Twitter: "Isn't Golding strapped not Kudler. I can see it now on the broadcast centre TV."

1239: OK, this is a goodie for our UK users. Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe returned to Wimbledon a month ago to look back 30 years to their classic Wimbledon final in 1980, which went to five sets including a mammoth tie-break in the fourth. I've just started watching it and I'm welling up, honest.

1234: A big cheer on Court Five and a fist pump from Eleanor Dean as she gets off the mark, winning her first game with an ace to make it 1-1 in the second set. Golding trails Kubler 2-1 on serve in their decider.

John McEnroe
1232: "My big question would be Tsonga has had a lot of tennis, he's had a pretty tough week," says John McEnroe. Speaking of Mac, I have some great video coming your way if you're in the UK.

1228: It turns out the trainer was required for Kubler on Court 14 and he's now got his forearm strapped. My colleague David Ornstein informs me he has counted eight LTA coaches on Court Five watching Eleanor Dean as the 14-year-old drops the first set 6-0 in 15 minutes against Pliskova. Not much fun for the Yorkshire player so far.

Boris Becker
1222: The trainer appears to be having a bit of trouble finding Court 14.... Dean falls 4-0 down against Pliskova on Court Five but we have faith. Meanwhile, Sue Barker and friends are on BBC One. Boris Becker is wearing a navy blazer over a white polo shirt with a yellow and green chevron, for the amazing number of people demanding to know. Apparently, Boris had a party last night to celebrate 25 years since his first Wimbledon triumph. "I had one or two glasses of champagne," he admits. The old devil.

1213: Great stuff from Oliver Golding, who serves out the set to love and takes top seed Jason Kubler into a decider. Jason's middle name is Murray, by the way. Hang on, Golding calls for the trainer....

Text in your views on 81111
From Tom in Cardiff via text: "Re tweet at 1147. Tennis elbow? But i have a feeling that might be a bit of a giveaway..."

From Andrew via text: "Re chibanja: Sinnetitis? Symptoms include becoming overemotional, prone to hyperbole, liable to scream at inanimate objects and spell things backwards."

It's good news for a Briton
1206: "I don't know what it is about French bread, but it tastes so much better in France." Eleanor Dean may only be 14, but she's clearly wise beyond her years. And as she's from Yorkshire, I believe I'm obliged to refer to her as a "lass". Anyway, she's out on Court Five now knocking up with the 18-year-old Pliskova. The Czech likes cinema, friends, fishing and sleeping. Somehow we must communicate this potentially vital info to Eleanor...

1158: Some great returning from Kubler and a couple of wild Golding forehands see the Aussie break straight back, but he still trails 3-2. Golding smacks a ball somewhere into Wimbledon Village. Steady....

1155: Golding is starting to make some headway on Court 14 and converts his fourth break point of the match with a beautiful backhand down the line - he leads Kubler 3-1 in the second set after losing the first.

1147: Just under fifteen minutes until another batch of courts gets trampled on. The Williams sisters are in doubles action on Court Two against Vesnina & Zvonareva from 1200 BST, while Court 12 is an Aussie doubles dream of Cash & Woodforde against McNamara & McNamee. Court Five is the place to see Briton Eleanor Dean up against ninth seed Kristyna Pliskova of the Czech Republic.

chibanja on Twitter: "Ran out of excuses, dont know how many different illnesses i have feigned recently to get day offs any suggestions for today?"

Someone is having a tantrum
1139: Golding comes back from 15-40 to earn a break point but can't take it, and the racquet bears the brunt of his frustration. I watched him play in the French Open juniors a couple of weeks ago and he played a solid match against Brazil's Tiago Fernandes but blew up totally in losing the second set tie-break 7-0 - needs to calm down a bit. Easy for me to say. Kubler takes the first set 6-4.

Text in your views on 81111
From Jim in lincolnshire via text: "Stuck at work on what must be one of the best days of the year. The only consolation i drew was the fact i could follow murray on my computer. However the internet is playing havoc. Here one minute and gone the next. If it's not fixed by 3 i may have to hand in my letter of resignation just to get to a tv."

1126: Kubler wallops down an ace to seal game four. The 17-year-old from Brisbane is not the biggest but it's pretty clear already why he's the world's top-ranked junior, but Golding responds with some big serving to trail 3-2. Away from the tennis court, Kubler likes rugby league, basketball and Youtube. Whatever happened to good old telly, eh?

1120: Good stuff from top seed Kubler early on as he moves Golding from side to side on break point and eventually forces the error to lead 2-1. Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic warms up for his quarter-final about 20ft away on the adjacent court.

1114: I'd agree with you there, Carina, but it seems Murray has made an early start today and is on his way to SW19. Maybe he's got it on series link. Out on Court 14, Golding sticks a new grip on his racquet before holding serve in the opening game against Aussie top seed Kubler. Court Five will be interesting today as it opens with 14-year-old British hopeful Eleanor Dean, who will be followed by Laura Robson. "I've been watching Wimbledon on TV all my life and now I'm here walking past the players thinking, 'Oh my god, I've seen you on TV'," Dean told BBC Sport yesterday. "I can't describe how much I'm enjoying this."

Text in your views on 81111
From Carina via text: "Homes under the hammer, no question! Lucy and martin are property geniuses. If they dont inspire andy to a win then nothing will!"

Andy Murray on Twitter: " Getting the car in now. Flicking through latest boxing mag..."

1104: As we prepare ourselves to watch lots of teenagers knocking up, I must remind you that it's not all about the kids. The Invitational Doubles event is well under way and yesterday evening we saw Martina Hingis & Anna Kournikova drag their ageing bodies onto Court Two to face Anne Hobbs & Sam Smith. According to the Wimbledon website, the Brits were urged on by someone in the crowd shouting, "Come on you grannies!" No wonder they lost 6-2 6-4.

Cogen from 606 via text: "Greetings from Court 5! Hoping for a quick double bagel from Dean so I can see Robson before moving to centre for Fed and Murray!"

1055: My intrepid colleague David Ornstein was out and about following the fortunes of the British juniors yesterday, among them Oliver Golding. "My ultimate aim has got to be top 10 in the world," said the 6ft 1ins right-hander. "In Eastbourne I hit with a couple of guys who were top 50 and I didn't feel like I was that far away from them. "Here I practised with Nicolas Almagro and by the end he was actually snapping - we played a set and he was smashing his racquet all over the place. It was an invaluable experience and showed I can hold my own with decent players."

The sun is out
1052: The Voice of Wimbledon soothes us with a weather update: "Our friends from the Met Office tell us to expect a fine day with sunny intervals and no rain. Temperatures are expected to peak at 26C." And he helpfully adds that the juniors are about to begin and they "come from places like the United States, Russia, Europe and Great Britain". Get that man to the United Nations.

From craig still at his desk in cardiff via text: "Re martin's text at 10.26. Are the tennis balls in or out of their tubes? Are they used or new? Are there people on the seats? Enquiring minds need to know!"

1043: According to Andy Murray's BBC Sport column, he'll just be getting up now and doubtless wrestling with the same dilemma the rest of us have - Today at Wimbledon re-run or Homes under the Hammer? And the British number one says the optimum time to pay on Centre Court is between 2.30pm and 5.00pm, so he should be in luck today, at least in terms of a starting time.

Text in your views on 81111
Thomas from Durham via text: "I've got a large game pie. I'll swap it for a ticket to centre this afternoon?"

1032: "Would the stewards please open the gates now, thank you." The action on six of the outside courts will kick off at 1100 BST, with British junior Oliver Golding among the early starters against top seed Jason Kubler of Australia on Court 14.

Greg Rusedski on Twitter: "Predictions for today, federer in 4, murray in 4, djokovic in 4, nadal in 5, but that is not a certainty soderling has the fire power."

1026: Let's have a quick look at the first match on Centre, Roger Federer against Tomas Berdych. I was boldly proclaiming that this one "has three sets written all over it" on Monday and the stats don't look good for Tommy, who has won just two of their eight meetings. However, he did win their last match in Miami earlier this year and he's buoyed by reaching his first Grand Slam semi-final in Paris earlier this month, having blasted Murray off the court in the fourth round. So is the big Czech going to make me eat humble pie? I'd quite happily eat any sort of pie right now, actually.

Text in your views on 81111
From Martin, just down the road from Wimbledon but sadly not in it, via text: "According to bbc breakfast news this morning, if centre court had the roof closed it would take 290million tennis balls to fill it. But now i'm vexed. Is that with the seats removed? What kind of ball packing algorithm are you using? Or is it just an approximation using volumes only? Enquiring minds need to know! Where's your working out?!"

1015: "If I had to pick one I really wanted to win, I would pick Wimbledon," says Robin Soderling. "I remember when I was a kid, I was watching Edberg playing against Boris Becker in the finals. I always loved to watch the bigger tournaments, especially Wimbledon, such an old tournament with a lot of tradition. So it's nice to be in the last eight in this one."

Brad Gilbert on Twitter: "Should be a great day of matches, would be awesome to have the top 4 in the sems but thats why you come to the park to find out what happens."

Rafael Nadal
1007: For many people, the match of the day will be the latest instalment of the growing rivalry between Rafael Nadal and Robin Soderling. The pair have met six times, with the Spaniard leading 4-2, but there is much more to it than that. Their second meeting in 2007 was the famous 'five-day match' at Wimbledon, which included Soderling mocking Nadal for constantly picking at his shorts. In 2009, Nadal won a bizarre match 6-0 6-1 in Rome, only for the Swede to produce one of the greatest upsets in tennis history weeks later by becoming the first and, to date, only man to beat the Spaniard at Roland Garros. Soderling then enjoyed a comprehensive win at November's ATP World Tour Finals before Nadal gained revenge in the French Open final earlier this month. Soderling appears to be getting closer and closer to a major title, Nadal has been showing signs of tiredness in SW19 - shock of the day?

0957: If you have five minutes and want an insight into Murray's game and character, Jon Henderson does the job brilliantly in the Guardian: "Murray is no longer patted on the back for being, well, terse, impatient and sour. This change of approach has fed into what was pretty obvious to anyone who has followed Murray for any length of time: he was never a bad lad in the first place."

Text in your views on 81111
From Ella via text: "I always get nervous when british sportsmen get to quarter finals. Happily Murray seems to be the one that keeps proving my fears wrong. Muzza in 4."

0949: If you're in the queue today, I need to hear from you. Even if it's just the queue for a ticket at the station, although preferably those of you in line for entry to the All England Club. How long have you been there, how are you coping, who are you here to support, and could you catch a chicken?

5 live's Jonathan Overend on Twitter: "Queue-crazy for QFinal day! and - what's this? - a World Cup rest day?!? Tennistastic... The whole singing/dancing/serving/lobbing festival of the QFinals all day on 5Live. Fun times."

John Lloyd
0943: John Lloyd on Murray: "When he steps on the court he can forget all the pressure. I couldn't when I played many, many years ago, it got to me, but he can handle it like Tim did. I thought he was going into a tailspin before Wimbledon but at the moment he's playing the best tennis of anyone. Today will be a big test and he might lose a set but I don't think he'll lose to Tsonga over five sets. I think it will be a great match but Murray has just a little bit too much grass-court savvy. I think Nadal will come though in possibly the best match of the day against Soderling, and that Djokovic and Federer will win too."

jackbwild on Twitter: "Just had my tonsils out and I'm suffering something rotten. Hoping for an entertaining day and a Murray win to help me through."

0933: Chinese Taipei's Yen-Hsun Lu will become the first Asian man to play in a Grand Slam quarter-final since Japan's Shuzo Matsuoka at Wimbledon in 1995 when he steps onto Court One today. The 26-year-old is ranked 82nd, which is a good omen bearing in mind Tsvetana Pironkova's efforts yesterday, and played magnificently in beating Andy Roddick on Monday. Lu's late father sold chickens for a living, prompting the best press conference moment of the tournament: "I can catch a chicken. I can show you. Yeah, serious. I can catch a chicken." And on working with his father: "I tried few times but I don't really like because smell really bad. But I know is very tough work. They always working between 1:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the morning, like very early. That time the chicken cannot run away because they cannot see." Makes sense.

Someone is having a tantrum
0925: Good old Stich, I remember him beating Edberg in the 1991 semi-finals in three tie-breaks without once breaking serve. Even ice-cool Stefan looked a bit gutted after that one. Stich then played so well in the final that he pushed Boris into some sort of Shakesperean breakdown. Great days. If we are to have a meltdown today, my money would be on Djokovic against Lu.

Michael Stich
0917: Michael Stich on Murray: "He's matured as a person and he's accepting the fact it's his home tournament, everyone is behind him and its not only pressure - it can help him too. His confidence is growing, he's won all his matches in three sets. He probably had a little bit more time to prepare because he didn't play well at Queen's. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a very talented player but very erratic, you never know which Jo-Wilfried will show up. Now is where it counts - you've got three more matches to go, but they're the toughest matches." And the 1991 champion adds: "Soderling is a very, very tough player but I expect Nadal to go through with the other top four seeds."

0911: The main action kicks off at 1300 BST with Roger Federer v Tomas Berdych on Centre Court and Novak Djokovic v Yen-Hsun Lu on Court One. My guess is that means Andy Murray v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will be on Centre at around 1530 BST, with the heavyweight clash between Rafael Nadal and Robin Soderling second on One. BBC One and HD will be up and running from 1215 BST, with 5 live joining the fun at 1230 BST. In the meantime, it's your duty to feed me your thoughts via Twitter or 606 .

The sun is out
0905: BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood - "We're not looking at the prospect of any rain or showers today at Wimbledon. Temperatures will peak at around 27C and there will be a noticeable breeze, but it will be fairly humid. Tomorrow should remain dry, hot, and humid."

0900: Morning, everyone well? Good. It's day nine at Wimbledon and that means men's quarter-finals. We still have the top four seeds in the running, including the six-time champion, the world number one, the home favourite and some of the biggest hitters in the game. But only one among them has this week made the bold statement: "I can catch a chicken."

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