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Wimbledon 2010: Jan Hajek v Andy Murray as it happened

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By Tom Fordyce
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

Quick word from Muzzington as he steps off court: "The start of the match was tough, but I started to play better once I got the break back. I started to go for my shots more and felt a lot more comfortable. I haven't played that many matches recently so any win is a good one."

Murray 7-5 6-1 6-2 Hajek
There it is - Murray jogs to the net, shakes dutifully with his vanquished foe and waves to the happy clappers - ideal first round limb-loosener, and the crowd stand up to applaud.

* Murray 7-5 6-1 5-2 Hajek
Final hold from Hajek, but the fat lady is loosening her larynx.

Murray 7-5 6-1 5-1 Hajek *
Celebratory atmos around Court no.1 now as Murray dashes through his service game. Gasps of horror as he slips sprinting cross-court, but he's fine - a mere grass stain or two to the shorts. Soak it as soon as you get in, Andy, and it'll be fine. Huge top edge from Hajek, and an excitable lady in green four rows back has a great chance to take the snag - nope, spilt with all the delicate touch of Lennie from Of Mice And Men.

* Murray 7-5 6-1 4-1 Hajek
It's showboat o'clock from Murray, spanking two brutal returns past the flailing strings of the the despairing Czech to bring up two break points. Oh, huzzahs all round - drop-shot from Hajos, Murray careering to the net, sweet tipper of a lob - Hajos scampers back, catches the ball up and pirouettes like Nadia Comaneci before blasting a backhand pass for a winner. Moments later another break has gone, Murray grabbing the game by the throat, as likely to let go as a hungry jackal.

Murray 7-5 6-1 3-1 Hajek *
My word, as the great Dan Maskell used to say - that's an old-fashioned ripper from Hajos, stepping in to a second serve to thump a forehand winner deep and handsome. Clever riposte from the home darling, shaping up to go down the backhand side before whipping cross-court instead and leaving Hajek grunting like an old man trying to get our of his armchair.

* Murray 7-5 6-1 2-1 Hajek
There's a memory for Hajek to take away with him - chasing down a drop-shot, faking a dinker down the line and then foxing Murray with a delicate flipper the other way instead. Warm if a patronising applause from the contented masses courtside.

Tim Henman on BBC TV on Murray's possible route through the Championships: "The opportunity that Murray has got in the draw is there for him. If you think about it the pressure is all self-inflicted. if you start thinking down the line who you could play you are distracted from your performance and the only thing he should think about is today. From what I'm seeing today it all looks good."

Murray 7-5 6-1 2-0 Hajek *
Hajos, teetering on the brink, gambles on a challenge - whaddya know, he's spot on. Not so much a silver lining as finding a five pence piece in the pocket of an old jacket - Murray canters through the rest of the game without a hint of a sniff of a scare.

* Murray 7-5 6-1 1-0 Hajek
Brief delay there as Hajek calls a medical time-out. The trainer comes on and gets to work on the his lower back - is that the sacro iliac, or was he a Croatian wildcard who got to the third round in 1994? Whatever it is it's not helping him - broken, broken to pieces, and Murray is strolling into round two.


Murray 7-5 6-1 Hajek
Lovely slicing serve out to the Hajek forehand, and that's gone before he can throw up a unhappy hand. Slight sloppiness from Murray, being driven back beyond the baseline to ship a surprise break point, but a crisp forehand cross court and another slicing serve spoil HajosHopes. Two sets up, the sun shining, the continental lagers crisp and England still in the World Cup - let's savour it while we can. How are we getting on in the cricket?

* Murray 7-5 5-1 Hajek
Exchange of boobies from the boys - Murray clouting a forehand so wide it's almost in the stir-fry stall at the Aorangi Park refreshment area, Hajos battering one the other way. Hajos hangs on as the crowd amuse themselves with hand-made fans fashioned from programmes and papers.

Murray 7-5 5-0 Hajek *
Hajek - Hajos to his pals, according to the ATP website - is waving the metaphorical white towel here. Token resistance to a now cruising Murray, the home favourite's serve impregnable, his groundstrokes full of spit and slice, his volleys sans wobblies.

* Murray 7-5 4-0 Hajek
Hajek rummages around in the pocket of his baggy shorts and plucks out a yellow ball. He spins it in his fingers, finds a miniscule fault and lobs it back to the obedient ball-girl before gesturing for another. Poor choice, you'd have to say - the first serve goes long, and the original ball then flies wide after a meaty return from the stern-faced Scot. Point for a second break. Murray slices, slices - the ball can barely be bothered lifting its nose from the bright green turf - and then switches to topspin. Hajek, baffled, bemused, drags his forehand wide, and the game is gone. Easy peas.

Murray 7-5 3-0 Hajek *
He does love a dropper, Murray, but it doesn't always work for him - casual forehand slicer that slides down the net. Not that it matters - he's hitting the ball much more cleanly now, and a forehand cross-court makes it five games on the bounce.

* Murray 7-5 2-0 Hajek
That's a little sloppy, if you don't mind me saying - Murray has his fingernails on the game at 15-30, only to loft a forehand long. That's even sloppier from Hajek, and he's in trouble now - another break point, and Murray's firing shots at him like a sharp-shooting gun-slinger - too much pace, too much angle, and Hajek can only flail one long. Break snatched, and Murray very much in the driving seat.

Murray 7-5 1-0 Hajek *
Simpson's opening credits sky up above Wimbledon now, and if there aren't some red faces on the Tube back from Southfields tonight then France are the best team at the World Cup. Murray out of the traps at express pace, cantering through his first service game of the new set with barely a bead of sweat on his brow.


Murray 7-5 Hajek
Hajek wipes the sweat away on his purple official Wimbledon towel and prepares to serve to save the set. At 40-0 he's cruising, only for a slapdash forehand wide and double fault to keep Murray interested. Second serve, and Murray's always in control - forehand out wide right, winner to the gaps on the left. Second serve again, and that spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e - Hajek stranded beyond the baseline, and his desperate attempted pass sales way wide. Break point, set point - big forehand, gap cross court - taken!

Murray 6-5 Hajek *
That's gone down well - rapid-fire hold from Murray, whose first serve has been pretty solid bar that break. A grey-haired pensioner in the crowd puts up a small black umbrella, instantly obscuring the court from the person seated behind and drawing an irritated tap on the shoulder.

* Murray 5-5 Hajek
A whole heap of guts, that's what. At 15-30 bums shift to the edge of seats, but a crunching ace down the middle sees off the danger. Another thumping first serve - Murray just about reaches it, but it's nothing but a top edge that flies high into the pale blue sky before falling to earth by the furled covers.

Murray 5-4 Hajek *
Hello - Murray is suddenly playing with loose-shouldered freedom, going up on tippy-toes to pummel a backhand cross-court - fetch that, my Czech friend. Another aggressive backhand, and he's turned the tables here - now Hajek must hold to stay in the set. What's Jan the Man got in his locker?

* Murray 4-4 Hajek
Slapdash sliced returns again from Murray, but he'll have a chance of a break-back here as Hajek muffs an attempted drop-volley into the net. First serve from Hajek - way long, and the unfortunate line-lady wears that in the chops. Barely a blink from the old girl - old-skool lip-stiffery. Second serve - oooh, attempted pass bites the net-cord. He'll have another chance now though after a solid angled volley at the net - more aggression, barrelling forehands into either corner, switching to a forehand slice like a table-tennis player, but that's a splendid touch from Hajek - cunning little dropper that leaves Murray chasing warm summer air. Was that wide from Murray? Didn't look to be, and the umpire will over-rule. Break point again - Murray steps in with a double-handed backhand and beefs it down the line for a clean winner. He's broken back, and the crowd whoop with delight.

Murray 3-4 Hajek *
At least the Murray serve is still ticking along in full fig - crasher flat and fast out wide, and Hajek wouldn't have reached that with a barge-pole. Murray's not been in vintage form in the build-up, of course - he hasn't won a title all year, and that's the first time that's happened to him in five cracks at Wimbledon - and he needs to at least tweak the tactics here to calm the nascent wobbles.

* Murray 2-4 Hajek
Strangely muted returning from Murray, taking the pace off the ball with slices and blocks rather than dashing into the attack. It's playing into the Hajend haks - I beg your pardon, the Hajek hands - allowing the czech-wearing Cap (I mean the cap-wearing Czech - I'm having a nightmare here) to take control. Lovely forehand out onto Murray's backhand to take him out of play; delicate sliced drop-volley to polish things off. Very quiet in the crowd - they're rather stunned by this unexpected plot.

Murray 2-3 Hajek *
Crash - ace number four from Murray, marmalised down the middle - mind your midriff, Mr Line Judge, that'll bruise - and Hajek's radar goes awry. Slicer out into the tramlines, forehand slapped long. "Umbrellas, please!" barks the umpire to the scampering ball-boys, and Murray sinks into his chair at the change-over to glug thirstily from an out-size plastic bottle.

* Murray 1-3 Hajek
Scorching out there, the shadows cut sharp on the striped green turf, the patrons glugging down Pimm's and sucking the life out of leftover slices of cucumber. Stick a slice on your forehead - old trick courtesy of my gran. Possibly better for the back garden than the rarefied environs of SW19. Murray has a glimmer as Hajek goes long with two lusty forehands, but the underdog gets lucky with a desperate stretchy pick-up of a Murray dropper that sits on the net-cord, has a look around and casually drops dead an inch into Murray territory. Break held.

Murray 1-2 Hajek *
Uh-oh - more cavalier flourish from the Hajek forehand, scampering Murray out wide and then sizzling the winner back the other way into the lush green spaces. He'll have two break points - wallop, one saved with an acer down the middle, but Hajek's in the next point - angler cross-court, fetched back on the stretch by Murray, cunning sliced dropper - Murray's back on his heels, and he's struggling to reach this - nope, flicked into the net. Hajek's stolen the break away, and dread buzz of consternation fills the stands around Court no.1.

* Murray 1-1 Hajek
A white towelling wristband on the left Murray forearm, a red one on the left. A little nod to events in South Africa? They'll be spitting in the streets of Glasgow tonight. Sweet backhand combo from Murray, top-spinning onto the line with kick before drilling a flatter one into the corner, but Hajek runs round his forehand to cream a joyous drive away to seal the game.

Murray 1-0 Hajek *
Solid first serve from Murray, and when Hajek booms his return long the first point is greeted with the sort of cheer you'd expect for a 90th minute overhead kick winner in Port Elizabeth tomorrow afternoon. Another big first serve - 132 mph, I'd estimate with the naked eye (trained on the speed-gun) and he's cantered through that service game. Ideal.

* denotes next server

1600: You'd like to know more about Jan Hajek? You mean the world no.90, the 26-year-old from the Czech Republic who has only ever won one match on grass in his entire professional career and who has never beaten a player in the world top ten in his three previous meetings? Don't mention it.

1557: Murray decked out in neat white tennis polo and long shorts with a touch of baggy - Venus might have an outfit inspired by Tina Turner, but this combo is more Richard Carpenter.

1554: Here come the players - whoops and applause for the Great British Hope (TM) - the camera phones are out, the mobiles to ears as people try to get their mates at home to spot them on telly. Try keeping that mobile out - the cameras will be all over you when the stewards are wrestling you to the ground.

1551: Andy Murray's never lost his opening match at Wimbledon - what's that? I've put the mockers on him? Behave. Players due on court shortly.

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