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Wimbledon 2010: Day one as it happened

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By Caroline Cheese
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

2305: Hard to argue with that earlier tweet from David Law. Two sensational matches on Centre Court made for an absolutely belting opening day at Wimbledon. You'll forgive me if I eat the last M&M and head off into the night. More of the same tomorrow, although I can't be alone in hoping Andy Murray avoids any Federer/Djokovic-style drama.

The match is over
2258: No-Djo rattles into a 30-0 lead, but a double-fault helps Rochus get back to 30-30. It's 2257 BST. Three minutes until deadline... Match point now. The serve doesn't come back! With two minutes until the 11pm curfew, Novak Djokovic seals a historic five-set win under the Centre Court roof. The score: 4-6 6-2 3-6 6-4 6-2.

BBC 5 live's David Law on Twitter: "Djokovic 5-2 up. Five minutes to get it done. Best first day of a Grand Slam tournament ever."

2254: Well, maybe we won't have to find out... Rochus is crumbling a bit now and he floats a tired backhand over the baseline to give No-Djo the double break at 5-2. He will serve for the match in a mo.

2249: Another neat bit of touch from No-Djo, chasing down a drop shot and replying with one of his own, as he consolidates the break at 4-2. I'd like to see the Serb's face if he's leading 5-3 and they have to stop...

2245: What a moment. No-Djo dinks a delicate volley over the net, and celebrates by pumping his fists and roaring at the crowd. Stunning shot. The Serb leads 3-2 with a break. Rochus is standing at the changeover, probably hoping to avoid cramp. Fifteen minutes until we finish... Can Djoko wrap it up in that time?

2242: Djokovic skips about on the baseline as he holds quite comfortably in that game - a game which took us past the previous latest ever finish at Wimbledon.

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From anon via text: "I've supported Rochus for six years and he's playing some of the best tennis I've ever seen from him. He'll fight hard to the end. COME ON OLI!"

2236: And Djokovic obviously breaks right back. David Law, of BBC 5 live fame, tweets that there is an 1100 BST curfew so we may not play to a finish. Apparently, the locals will revolt if they're disturbed after 11pm. What if we promise to be quiet?

2232: Desperate double-fault from No-Djo in the game and Rochus has an early break at 2-0. Just popped my head out the door - cracking atmosphere. Plenty of Rochus fans in the house. No-Djo shooting plenty of tortured glances at his support camp. 'Why am I still here at gone 10.30pm?' he seems to be asking. Or maybe that's just me...

2227: Rochus sportingly applauds a sizzling forehand winner from Djokovic, who comes from 0-40 down to deuce but no further. Rochus leads 1-0 in the decider. Since Jackie asked, I think the occasional night match at Wimbledon, when play overruns or it's raining, is great, but it's not a tournament which needs night sessions. It makes plenty of money, and every day sells out.

From Jackie via text: "Night sessions at Wimbledon? Works at other slams so why not? Fantastic atmosphere. I love it. What do you think Cheesy?"

Venus Williams
Simply the Best? Venus says her dress is inspired by Tina Turner
2221: If you are still with me, here's a treat (if you're reading this on the web and not your mobile): a picture of Venus in her Tina Turner-inspired dress (see below 2141).

2219: The sound of the ball being struck and the grunts of the players echo under Centre Court's roof as this match reaches a climax. Rochus has two points to break back, but can't take either, but now a nasty slip by No-Djo and Rochus has another go - but No-Djo finds two lines with his serve, before finally serving it out. Into a decider we go... Still with me?

2207:It was the inimitable Ben Dirs who live-texted the Murray-Wawrinka match last year and then had to get up for an appearance on BBC Breakfast the following morning. Bad times for poor old Dirsy. Still, I'm sure he wouldn't have missed it for the world. Olivier Rochus has saved I've lost count of how many set points but he's come through to make it 5-4 and force Novak Djokovic to serve for the fourth set...

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From Anna, London: "Don't worry Cheesy, I'm with you for the long haul. Is there a record for the longest live text? Really hoping Novak can see this one through."

2200: Novak Djokovic leads 5-3 in the fourth set against Olivier Rochus, but the pint-sized Belgian continues to battle for every single point. Does he not know how early the tube stops running in London? The latest ever finish at Wimbledon, by the way, was set by Murray and Wawrinka at 2238 BST last year...

2156: Dustin Brown made a losing debut at Wimbledon earlier today, which a cynic (ie me) would say makes him an ideal candidate to switch allegiance to Great Britain. The 25-year-old Jamaican gave a refreshingly candid interview afterwards in which he hit out at his treatment by Tennis Jamaica, and said he could consider an approach from the LTA.

From StockportJack on Twitter: "What happens if it's 15-15 in the final set? Do we carry on playing and take the roof off in the morning?"
Yep, and maybe wake me up while you're at it?

2141: No sense that Olivier Rochus is fading away, but Novak Djokovic appears to have control of this fourth set. The third seed leads 3-1 and is threatening a double break.

World number two Venus Williams: "I love Tina Turner, she is an amazing artist and she is a survivor. She looks great so my dress is really inspired by her."

2129: DON'T GO ANYWHERE! Novak Djokovic v Olivier Rochus continues. Could the third seed go out on the first day? The Serb's prospects look a little more promising as he breaks serve early in the fourth set, and leads 2-1.

It's bad news for a Briton
2127: I'm eating an M&M per break or match point at the moment... but not anymore, 28th seed Alona Bondarenko ends Katie O'Brien's challenge, winning 6-3 6-7 6-4 in the gloom. Britain's singles hopes now lie with tomorrow's brave quartet: Andy Murray, Anne Keothavong, Heather Watson and Jamie Baker.

2125: Drama a-go-go on Court 15 where Katie O'Brien has saved three match points, wasted a break point... Centre Court is now at least half full, I'd say, as Novak Djokovic and Olivier Rochus get set four under way under the roof. Still weird watching grass-court tennis under the lights...

2119: Piers Newbery has gone home and left his peanut M&Ms. Chance of them still being here when he returns early tomorrow? Slim to none, I'd say... Alona Bondarenko serving for the match against Katie O'Brien now, and I've just seen her play the most woeful smash - we'll blame that on the darkness.

2115: Matt from Blackburn - hello Matt! - queries my statement that this is the first time the Wimbledon roof has been used purely because of failing light. "But what about Murray-Wawrinka last year?" pipes up Matt. I see your point Matt, it wasn't raining while they played, but the reason they were on court so late was because of earlier rain. So I think we can all agree that I was right... Meanwhile, Katie O'Scrapping-Brien has pegged Alona Bondarenko to 4-4 in the decider. Packed, and probably quite well-watered, crowd on Court 15...
2110: I've seen a Mexican wave, I've heard a slow handclap... And now finally a big cheer from the plucky souls who have stuck around as Novak Djokovic and Olivier Rochus return to Centre Court. The roof is clearly a huge boost for Wimbledon, but the delay - while necessary - is a bit of a pain, especially at this late hour.

Jamie Murray on Twitter: "Not on the schedule tomorrow so another day of "perfect" practice looms! Federer's one lucky boy! Andy on court One - demotion! Porque?"

2100: The lid is on, the lights are up, the air is the right temperature, the officials have returned. We just require some players on Centre Court... Over on Court 15, Alona Bondarenko leads 3-2 with a break in the third set against Katie O'Brien. Hard to believe they'll finish that one, but we'll see...

The match is over
2052: Ana Ivanovic is out. The Serb loses 6-3 6-4 to Israels's 13th seed Shahar Peer. Still waiting for the players on Centre Court. Once they're back out, there will only be two matches still going on, this one and the O'Brien-Bondarenko epic on Court 15. No roof and lights on Court 15 though.

Centre Court roof
2049: Centre Court probably about a third full as they await the return of the players after the closing of the roof. This is the first time the roof has been used purely because of failing light. Third seed Novak Djokovic trails Olivier Rochus by two sets to one.

It's good news for a Briton
The match is over
2045: Lleyton Hewitt is a 5-7 6-0 6-2 6-2 winner over Maximo Gonzalez. The Aussie next faces Evgeny Korolev. Listen to this, Yorkshire! Katie O'Brien takes the second set 12-10 on the tie-break against Alona Bondarenko and despite the descending gloom, they are carrying on on Court 15.

2042: An epic tie-break over on Court 15 where Katie O'Brien is putting up a helluva fight against Alona Bondarenko in the second set. The Brit has seen three set points come and go...

The match is over
2034: Venus Williams beats Rossana de los Rios 6-3 6-2. Easy peasy. Now then, what's going on Centre? Olivier Rochus takes a two sets to one lead over third seed Novak Djokovic - but it's murky out there, and discussions are under way with the referee... Yes, the roof is coming on and they'll carry on under the lights.

2029: Novak Djokovic sits with a towel draped over his head. The Serb trails 5-2 in the third set. Big battle for the Serb. Katie O'Brien and Alona Bondarenko are into a tie-break. Lleyton Hewitt now two sets to one up against Maximo Gonzalez.

From Khimbarlee00 on Twitter: "Re bowing to the Queen: I'd play it cool and pretend I hadn't even noticed her..."

It's good news for a Briton
2024: I'm clutching at straws, obviously, but Katie O'Brien has battled back from 5-3 down in the second set against Alona Bondarenko to make it 5-5. Hurrah! In answer to Tom (below), I am definitely pro-curtseying, but I worry that I'd overbalance, especially if I was carrying a heavy tennis bag. It's not an easy skill, the curtsey.

BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce on Twitter: "Question de jour: if you were out on Centre and the Queen was in the house, would you bow/curtsy? Assume you're a player, not lost/streaker."

Latest scores
2019: I think I like Venus's dress - if only for the fact it's a bit different - but the way the lace hangs down at the front, it looks a bit like she missed a bit of stitching... Easily done, V. Anyway, the second seed is merrily on her way to a first-round win, leading 6-3 3-0. Not such good news for Ana Ivanovic, who recently posed on a bed of pink tennis balls (haven't we all?). The Serb drops the first set against Shahar Peer 6-3. Justine Henin is safely into the second round, beating Anastasija Sevastova 6-4 6-3.

2011: Roger Federer let us down earlier in the fashion stakes with a rather tired cardy (in my considered opinion), but Venus Williams has stepped it up. The former champ, who designs her own outfits, is wearing a strappy number, with a lacy overlay on the bodice and fringing detail on the skirt. If I do say so myself, I think I've described that quite well.

Tim Henman
Tim Henman on Federer's first-round struggle: "The result will have been noted with interest in the locker room. A lot of guys would have been willing Falla to win because Federer's the best player in history and if someone else can do the job of beating him then all the better for them."

2004: Andy Roddick's turn to face the press. What did he do while waiting for Nikolay Davydenko to complete his epic win? "I played some Monopoly, dominated some Scrabble, watched some tennis, some football... We watched Federer. I don't think anyone expected it. Everyone was pretty surprised especially when it became very real when he [Falla] was serving for it in the fourth. "

1957: Novak Djokovic eventually levels the match against Olivier Rochus, tasking the second set 6-2 and leaving the Belgian needing to Brings Da Rochus or something like that anyway (see 1917). Venus Williams had raced to a 5-0 lead over Rossana de los Rios but has been pegged back to 5-2. De Los Rios is 34 and has a 13-year-old daughter. Bringing you all the facts here.

A bagel
1948: Lleyton Hewitt wins the bagel battle with Novak Djokovic. The Aussie, who has the backing of the raucous Fanatics, takes the second set 6-0 against Maximo Gonzalez. Olivier Rochus gets on the board against No-Djo but still trails 5-1. Rochus's full name is Olivier Laurent Pierre Rochus. Tres francais - although actually he's from Belgium, but anyway...

It's bad news for a Briton
1939: A familiar tale of British woe over on Court 15 where Katie O'Brien is a set down against Alona Bondarenko. Justine Henin is a set up against her Latvian opponent. Novak Djokovic and Lleyton Hewitt both lead 5-0 after dropping the first set. Odd.

Britain's Elena Baltacha on Twitter: "Thank you to everyone for the support! Must admit I am gutted but life goes on and what doesn't break you..makes you..!!xx"

1929: Very similar matches on Centre and Court Two, in fact. Lleyton Hewitt loses the first set 7-5 against Maximo Gonzalez, but leads 2-0 in the second. Venus Williams is just getting under way against Paraguay's Rossana de los Rios.

1923: Novak Djokovic has been struggling with allergies over the last few months, and huffed and puffed his way into the quarter-finals of the French Open. Looks like those problems are continuing today, but he's now 2-0 up in the second set against Olivier Rochus. Meanwhile, Laura Robson tells the press the rest of the players have "all been really nice to me" since her controversial interview with Vogue magazine in which she made some, erm, disparaging remarks...

BBC Sport's James Doe on Twitter: "Am sat courtside and Djoko doesn't seem to know what's hit him. He's blowing a lot too and looks more tired than he should."

1917: According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, Olivier Rochus's nicknames are Brings da Rochus and The Rock Says. Bit long-winded for nicknames, if you ask me, but I'm prepared to give it a go. Meanwhile, Laura Robson tells the press she was focused on "not losing 6-0 6-0" in her match against fourth seed Jelena Jankovic - and she did a whole lot better than that in a 6-3 7-6 defeat.

1914: Something funny going on at Wimbledon today... After Roger Federer's outrageous flirtation with the biggest upset in tennis history, third seed Novak Djokovic has lost the first set 6-4 against little tiny Olivier Rochus (he's 5ft 6ins). Ignore that 1840 entry (for now). Maximo Gonzalez is serving for a one-set lead against Lleyton Hewitt.

The match is over
1910: Three-time runner-up Andy Roddick is off to a mightily impressive start with a 6-3 6-2 6-2 win over Rajeev Ram. Roddick tells BBC Sport: "I played well, I returned well. It's a pleasure and a privilege to play in this tournament and I'm real happy to be back. It can inspire anyone who likes tennis. This is it. Like I said, it's a privilege." Stand by for a shock...

Caroline Wozniacki on Twitter: "Lying on the sofa watching Roddick play his opening match and ordering food delivered to my house... Great life:-)"

1902: It's eyebrow-raising-scorelines-o'clock... Olivier Rochus is a break up and leading Novak Djokovic 4-3. Maximo Gonzalez is a break up and leading Lleyton Hewitt 4-3. Meanwhile, Eddie Schwank has gone out. Let's hope he's focusing on the doubles this year. But who would be his ideal doubles partner? On second thoughts, don't answer that...

1857: He must have heard you Carina. Tomas Berdych, the 12th seed and French Open semi-finalist, beats Andrey Golubev 7-6 6-2 6-2 and they make way for Justine Henin to make her much-heralded Wimbledon comeback - on Court 12. Her opponent is Anastasija Sevastova of Latvia.

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From Carina via text: "C'mon Berdych. Put him to bed so we can get JuJu up and running on her mission... Let's face it these next two weeks are the reason she got out of her rocking chair and returned! ALLEZ!"

1849: So tomorrow... Andy Murray takes a rare spin on Court One as he opens his title campaign against Jan Hajek. That match is the meat in the sandwich provided by Kendrick-Tsonga and Wozniacki-Garbin, so Murray might be on about 1500 BST or thereabouts. Serena Williams opens play on Centre against the vocal Portuguese Michelle Larcher De Brito, then it's Rafa Nadal v Kei Nishikori and Robin Soderling v Robby Ginepri.

1840: Stay tuned for news on tomorrow's order of play. First, a scoot around the grounds: Novak Djokovic and Olivier Rochus just getting going on Centre Court. Might be a decent match, although clearly NoDjo will win. Andy Roddick pummelling Rajeev Ram, leading 6-3 6-2. Lleyton Hewitt has held his opening service game against Maximo Gonzalez.

InfostradaLive on Twitter: "Francesca Schiavone is first Roland Garros champion to lose in Wimbledon first round for five years. Justine Henin was the last to do so in 2005."

1831: I can only apologise people, I missed a bombshell result earlier. I blame... er, no, it's completely my fault. Anyway, here it is: Florian Mayer beat 11th seed and Australian Open semi-finalist Marin Cilic 6-2 6-4 7-6 (7-1). That's good news for Andy Roddick, who would have faced Cilic in the fourth round.

From Bingbongbilly on Twitter: "Poor old Falla or whatever he's called. So near and yet..."

A shock result
1819: Russian Vera Dushevina sends French Open champion Francesca Schiavone crashing out of Wimbledon at the first hurdle with a 6-7 7-5 6-1 win. The likeable Schiavone might not be too heartbroken at making the trip back to Italy to continue the celebrations after her maiden Grand Slam win in Paris.

1815: Fourth seed Jelena Jankovic sees off Laura Robson 6-3 7-6, but an excellent effort by the Brit on her Centre Court bow. Andy Roddick has the first set against Rajeev Ram. Francesca Schiavone still clinging on for dear life against Vera Dushevina...

1812: Francesca Schiavone is serving to stay in the match against Vera Dushevina, trailing 5-0.

The Bryan brothers on Twitter: "Camped in front of the tube soaking in some Wimby action. Watched Federer's "Houdini" act and now watching Andy Roddick serve bombs."

1806: Trouble at mill for French Open champion Francesca Schiavone, who has dropped the second set against Vera Dushevina and trails 4-0 in the third. That wouldn't be the biggest upset in history - but she is the fifth seed. Andy Roddick in control against Rajeev Ram, leading 5-3.

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From Alex, supposedly revising, via text: "If the mole is otherwise engaged (see 1221), I think this is a prime opportunity to get one of the Wombles back into the workforce and contributing to society. They've been unemployed for years, very few transferable skills you see... The fact that they move about pretty much undetected is a massive plus for this role- hopefully they'll pick up some juicy snippets!"
Anyone got Great Uncle Bulgaria's number? Could do with Madame Cholet popping up here to be honest, gasping for a tea...

1801: Excellent effort by Laura Robson in front of me, for more on that Tom Fordyce your man. Robson has battled back from 5-3 down in the second set, but now trails 6-5 against Jelena Jankovic.

1757: Defending champ Roger Federer admits he thought he might lose today "a few times". He adds: "You can push the luck on your side, that's not something I've been doing the last couple of months." On Falla, he says: "The guy played well. He doesn't look like much, but he plays very solid and very uncomfortable. I wasn't underestimating him, I just thought he played terrific."

1749: As promised: Davydenko's win took four hours and 13 minutes, a classic for those lucky Court One folks to tell their grandkids about. Roger Federer is about to follow Falla (follow Falla, yes indeed) into the press room. He told the BBC he thought he played quite well today. I thought he played a pretty ropey match, although he may well have been taken by surprise by Falla's performance.

1743: Interesting result on Court 17 if you're a British tennis fan. Turkey's number one Marsel Ilhan, who came through qualifying, beats Marcos Daniel 6-7 4-6 6-2 6-3 6-1. Ilhan, 23, will lead Turkey's challenge against a Murray-less Great Britain in a Davis Cup relegation play-off the week after Wimbledon. It's being played on grass at Eastbourne. Meanwhile, Court One sees the start of Andy Roddick's challenge. He's up against fellow American Rajeev Ram.

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From Jess via text: "I'm offering my Mole services (see 1221) for this Wednesday, when I'll be camping out in Court Two trying to avoid the World Cup coverage. Just keep me supplied with strawberries."
Forget it. Have you seen the price of strawberries?

1733: Alejandro Falla, the nearly man of Monday, is speaking to the world's press. "I'm happy because I played a great match," he says after pushing King Rog to five sets. "I didn't take my chances. I served for the match. I knew if I didn't take the chance he was going to come back, and he did. Every match I've played him it's been better for me."

The match is over
1729: Ding dong merrily on high. Watch out world, Nikolay Davydenko is coming. The Russian crushes Kevin Anderson 3-6 6-7 7-6 7-5 9-7 after, well, hours and hours on court (I shall find out exactly how many hours and hours). Daniel Brands of Germany is next up for Ni-Dav. Easy.

1726: Don't forget to get in touch will you? I'm on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) or Twitter. Anything you like... that's vaguely tennis or Wimbledon-related.

1721: Crikey. Ni-Dav's making his fans sweat. It's 7-7 in the fifth set against Kevin Anderson. Those Court One ticket-holders are really getting their money's worth today... I think. French Open champion Francesca Schiavone is over on Court Two, leading 7-6 4-4 against Russia's Vera Dushevina. Bad news, Eduardo Schwank fans (and I know you're out there). The swarthy Argentine trails 6-1 4-3 against Evgeny Korolev.

1715: Nice start for Alicia Molik, playing in her first Wimbledon since 2007. The Aussie beats Zuzana Kucova 6-2 7-5. Molik, 29, joined the coming-out-of-retirement party last year. Laura Robson drops the opening set against Jelena Jankovic 6-3, more on that with Tom Fordyce.

1707: Roger Federer will be stepping out of the shower just in time to see that his beloved Switzerland have lost 1-0 to Chile at the World Cup. Not a great day for the 16-time Grand Slam champ, but at least his title dreams are just about alive.

1700: Hello one and all. An absolute pleasure to take over while Ni-Dav is on the march towards Wimbledon (first-round) glory. Hey, do Piers a favour and give this a manual refresh. He won't want his name anywhere near the nonsense I'm about to spout.

By Piers Newbery
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

1656: I was at Murray's press conference yesterday when the bowing issue came up, he did his level best to tread carefully though that minefield. I think the confusion arose because he suggested he wouldn't want to bow if his opponent didn't as it might embarrass the other player, but ended the discussion of that topic by saying he'd do whatever he was directed to by the officials. Too much time spent on that issue already, I think, time for me to step side for Caroline. Not before time, I'm sure you'll agree. Ni-Dav and Anderson still going at 3-3 in the fifth, by the way. Epic.

Andy Murray on Twitter: "Few stories about me not bowing to the Queen if I play in front of her. Not the case, would be an honour and privilege, of course I'll bow."

1648: Robson drops her opening service game with a double-fault, early days though. The 16-year-old is a great ball striker but there are doubts about her movement, and today will be a big test of that. Lots of big names still to come such as Roddick, Venus and Djokovic, as both Centre and Court One have opened with five-setters.

It's bad news for a Briton
1644: Regina Kulikova defeats Melanie South 6-1 6-2 on Court Five, and the Briton follows compatriot Elena Baltacha out of the tournament on day one. We've still got Katie O'Brien to come today but for now it's over to you, Laura...

It's good news for a Briton
1636: Laura Robson walks onto Centre Court for the first time in a match situation, with her opponent the fourth seed Jelena Jankovic. The arena is half empty as the spectators stretch their legs after that unexpected thriller. Meanwhile, over on Court One their first match is still going as Davydenko has fought back from two sets down against Anderson to lead 2-1 on serve in the fifth.

1632: Roger Federer on his five-set win over Alejandro Falla: "He had one good return game in each set and put me under pressure. I definitely got a bit lucky today, this is a match I should have lost and he played incredible. It came as a bit of a shock and it's not something I was that prepared for, but you have to draw from experience and physical strength. I live to fight another day."

The match is over
1627: Roger Federer beats Alejandro Falla 5-7 4-6 6-4 7-5 6-0 in three hours and 18 minutes. I don't have the heart to use the bagel graphic, feel a bit sorry for Alejandro. It's Serbian Ilija Bozoljac next for the Swiss.

Latest scores
1621: Federer gets the double-break for 4-0 in the fifth set and this one is done, although I can't imagine he expected to spend well over three hours on court in the first round. Cilic is two sets down to Mayer and Dushevina will serve for the first set against Schiavone.

5 live's David Law on Twitter: "What a start to Wimbledon. All the attention on Federer, but what a performance from Falla. So hard not to overload on Fire/Falla puns."

The match is over
1613: Great news for all you fans of Germany's Rainer Schuettler as the great man rattles through a 6-2 6-2 6-3 victory against Dmitry Tursunov. They'll be dancing in the streets of..... hang on... Korbach! Tough times for Melanie South as she trails Kulikova 6-1 1-0. Happier times for Federer, who leads 2-0 with a break in the decider against Falla.

1606: I don't know about you but I need a quick break from the tension. What better way to unwind than by watching Greg Rusedski coach Radio One's finest disc jockeys in the art of tennis. I'm expecting Reggie Yates to have a devilish sliced backhand now.

1603: Rog takes the tie-break 7-1 and we're set for a fifth. That must be it from Alejandro now, surely. Melanie South trails Regina Kulikova 5-1.

1556: Patty Schnyder's gone, Federer's wobbling and Switzerland have had Valon Behrami sent off against Chile. Big tie-break coming up for the Swiss nation and Federer starts well....

1551: Kim Clijsters on playing her first match at Wimbledon in four years: "I was actually pretty nervous leaving the locker room and going out on court again. It's just nerves. I guess you can probably compare it going to your first day of school after a school holiday. It's like excitement, curious, and a lot of emotions. It's the mixture of emotions I got to think that make you a little bit more nervous than normal."

1544: Falla to serve for the match at 5-4 in the fourth set. Gulp. Is anyone currently bothered that Rainer Schuettler is two sets up on Dmitry Tursunov? Anyone?

The match is over
1540: Falla leads Federer by two sets to one and 4-3 with a break, just so you know. Schiavone has dropped her opening service game against Dushevina, and Jurgen Melzer has just beaten Jamaica's Dustin Brown in four sets. Dustin was talking about playing for Great Britain the other day.

It's good news for a Briton
1534: You can feel the electricity all around the All England Club on this very special first day. That's right, we're about to see Melanie South. The Briton is set to take on Russia's Regina Kulikova on Court Two. Melanie, your country needs you.

Latest scores
1524: Frenchman Gael Monfils, the former Wimbledon junior champion, has thrashed Leonardo Mayer 6-1 7-6 6-2. Feliciano Lopez is also through but Cilic trails Mayer by a set.

Brad Gilbert on Twitter: "Amazingly, Falla had won six games in five sets against Fed on grass. That's why they lace up the sneakers and play the game."

1518: Falla calmly swats away a forehand to break at the start of the fourth set. Amazing stuff as he doesn't seem able to walk properly. Federer looks a bit like every member of the England football team on Saturday night - bemused. After a brief moment when there were only a couple of women's matches going on anywhere, Schiavone is under way against Dushevina.

The match is over
1508: I know, I know, forget all this Federer stuff, you want to hear about Ni-Dav. Well, he's two games from defeat against South Africa's Kevin Anderson. Mardy Fish has seen off Bernie Tomic 6-3 7-6 6-2 and it's French Open champion Francesca Schiavone next up on Court Two against Vera Dushevina. And Federer takes the third set against Falla. Game over?

1502: Falla has four break points to leave him serving for the match but Federer gets out of trouble, much to the delight of the 15,000 spectators. They want their champion to stick around a bit longer. I honestly feel a bit light-headed.

beckymaisey on Twitter: "Who is this guy on centre court playing against Falla and what has he done with Federer?!"

John McEnroe
1453: Falla has had treatment three times now but saves a break point and it's 3-3 in the third. "Falla needs to win this in straight sets," says John McEnroe. "As a matter of fact I'd take the odds on Federer to win in five." Mardy Fish and Gael Monfils both have two-set leads but Cilic trails Mayer 5-1.

Paul (doing very little work) in London via text: "Thought fed was unFallable - looked like a banker to me, shows how much I know!"

The match is over
1445: We have lost one seed already in the men's draw, with Michal Przysiezny of Poland beating 17th seed Ivan Ljubicic 7-5 7-6 (7-5) 6-3. Anderson is now two sets up on Davydenko, but why not remind yourself of Ni-Dav's greatest moment when he won the ATP World Tour Finals in London last November? Hurry back, mind.

1438: Well, Falla had treatment on his groin at the changeover and is hobbling a bit but he takes the opening game on serve at the start of the third. Don't forget, Tom is taking you through every game of Federer v Falla. Meanwhile, the earth appears to still be revolving and play goes on elsewhere. Marin Cilic has just got under way against Florian Mayer on Court 12 and Feliciano Lopez leads Jessie Levine by two sets to one on Court 14.

Mike_Dickson_DM on Twitter: "Bally out, fed two sets down. Talk about tales of the unexpected."

A shock result
1428: Quite a game on Centre Court and it suddenly feels like finals weekend. Falla has three set points and Federer two break points before the Colombian moves in behind a serve and angles away a volley for 6-4. "Falla leads by two sets to love," says the umpire. So it must be true. "It's just astounding," adds John McEnroe.

G, Scotland, via text: "Watch this - Federer will rip this guy apart now."

Kate, London, via text: "Ummm ... I went on a lunch break and have landed back at my desk in some parallel universe where Federer has lost the opening set of his first match at Wimbledon. My head hurts."

It's bad news for a Briton
1420: Petra Martic beats Elena Baltacha 2-6 7-5 6-3 in two hours and nine minutes, a really disappointing result for the Briton after she served for the match in the second set.

A shock result
1411: Davydenko now trails Anderson by a set and a break, which should have us looking at a major upset but the Russian is playing only his second tournament back after a lengthy lay-off with a wrist injury. So we'll let him off. No such excuse for Federer, he's just up against a man in great form in Falla, and its 4-3 to with a break in the second set for the man from Cali. Extraordinary.

Will, Oxford, via text: "Alejandro's on Falla, superb performance so far."

Alex Hill, Surrey, via text: "Two things define Wimbledon for me, English players bottling it and the BBC Mole! What am I going to do with only the English players bottling it to watch. Gutted."

Latest scores
1400: A quick scoot around the grounds - Fish leads Tomic 5-3 and is serving for the first set, Anderson has taken the first against seventh seed Davydenko, Gael Monfils is quickly 4-1 up on Leonardo Mayer on Court Five, and Baltacha has stopped the rot but trails 3-1 in the third.

1355: This was probably not what Roger's parents had planned when they sat down 45 minutes ago. Papa Federer famously missed his son's first Wimbledon triumph in 2003. "I had to feed the cat at home," said Robbie Federer. "We had a few friends around and watched the match on television."

A shock result
1348: Falla wraps up the opening set.... unusually for me, that is not a misprint....7-5 against Federer. That's worth a 'shock' graphic. So who thinks Roger will go out today? Come on, hands up. Meanwhile, Baltacha has now lost five games in a row and trails Martic 2-0 in the final set. A familiar sense of foreboding is gathering.

1343: Australia's big hope Bernard Tomic is under way against the laid back but in-form Mardy Fish, who generally looks like he's just chucked a few clothes for a late-night trip to the fridge. The American is a force to be reckoned with at the moment though, after reaching the final at Queen's, and it should be an interesting match on Court Two. Hang on, Federer and Falla are locked at 5-5 and the Colombian has two break points.... and he takes the second!

It's bad news for a Briton
1336: A huge roar goes up on Court 12 as Baltacha saves a set point but moments later she dumps a backhand into the middle of the net and it's one set all. And it had all been going so well. The winner of that one will play 11th seed Marion Bartoli, who has beaten Julia Goerges 6-4 6-3. Nadia Petrova is also through.

1326: Elena Baltacha is broken when serving for the match against Petra Martic on Court 12 and now trails 6-5 in the second set. Squeaky bum time. Federer and Falla are on serve, while those lucky people on Court One are enjoying, er, Kevin Anderson against Nikolay Davydenko. Anderson leads 3-1.

The match is over
1318: Kim Clijsters seals a swift 6-0 6-3 win over Maria Elena Camerin and her work is done in little over an hour. A big grin, a couple of waves to the crowd and her first appearance at Wimbledon for four years is done and dusted.

1310: We have the first result of the day and it's bad news for Switzerland as Patty Schnyder loses 6-0 6-2 to Yung-Jan Chan. Baltacha is closing in with a break in the second set. And please manually refresh the page if it looks in any way odd. It's about this time of day I start smashing things.

1303: Breaking News: Roger Federer has gone for the relatively simple cardigan look this year. Over to fashion expert Caroline Cheese: "I'd say it's sort of chunky. It's got a zip. I'm quite disappointed." There you have it.

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1300: Here comes Roger Federer and his sidekick for the day, Alejandro Falla. Looking down from the royal box today are Fed's parents. Not sure if Alejandro's madre and padre got an invite. Princess Michael of Kent, Sir Clive Woodward, Sir Jackie Stewart and Richard Krajicek are among those who did get lucky in the ticket ballot.

1257: In the usual quiet and unassuming way, the Centre Court is filling up ahead of the imminent arrival of reigning champion Roger Federer. As Rog has won the title six times we think he's worthy of some special attention, so Tom Fordyce will take you through that game-by-game. I will continue my stream of consciousness ramble around the other courts.

It's good news for a Briton
1248: Baltacha wraps up the first set 6-2 against Martic and it all looks suspiciously straightforward for a British number one on the opening day of Wimbledon, but the Scot has been in great form this year. Meanwhile, fashion fans need to get their hands on some long white football socks as that's the look American Bethanie Mattek-Sands has gone for out on Court 16 against Karolina Sprem.

A bagel
1240: Clijsters and Chan bag the first two bagels of the tournament, while Baltacha gets the double-break for a 5-2 lead over Martic with a solid forehand volley. Good stuff from the Scot as Martic isn't playing badly.

mbb2009 on Twitter: "I can't remember being so excited for a Wimbledon before. Going to soak up every ounce of tennis for the next two weeks!"

1236: Will from Cambridge via text: "As, arguably, the two most exciting and popular players now on the women's tour I find it a little upsetting that Clijsters and Henin meet as early as the 4th round. I was hoping for a final for the two of them."

Lindsay Davenport
1229: "It's a shame the two Belgians are in the same section of the draw," says new BBC expert Lindsay Davenport. "I'd have to favour Kim. Henin has a tough third round opponent in Petrova and she must be disappointed from the French, which was her tournament to win I thought."

1226: Clijsters is powering away in her first Wimbledon match for four years, leading Camerin 4-0, while Baltacha has maintained her early break to lead Martic 3-2.

1221: I've tried to ignore it but the flood (3) of texts demanding to know the whereabouts of the BBC's Wimbledon Mole leaves me little choice but to break the bad news - he/she/it is not here. Said mammal is in South Africa annoying the footballing fraternity but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets in touch. Probably when he's refused entry back into the UK, as I have requested.

It's good news for a Briton
1215: Elena Baltacha gets off to a flying start with an immediate break of serve against Petra Martic on Court 12. This is our year, people. I can feel it. It's either that or hunger. Kim Clijsters holds her opening service game on Court Two.

John McEnroe
1209: We have nets, we have line judges, we have umpires, we have players... we have points! Michal Przysiezny storms into a 15-0 lead over Ivan Ljubicic on Court Eight. "Roger has the easier half but that could lead to Andy Roddick, who took six months to get over losing the final last year," says John McEnroe. "John Isner is my dark horse for the tournament."

1159: We've made it, everyone. A manual refresh of this page should bring you live video as BBC Two's coverage kicks in, and we're also up and running on 5 live sports extra.

The sun is out
1154: Ah, the good old friendly Voice of Wimbledon is back! And he's as pleased as punch with the weather forecast. "The temperature will reach 22C so our advice is to have plenty of water and sun cream on board." I'm chuffed for him, we've been through some damp times together.

The view from the fans
1148: I've just been for a quick blast of fresh/hot air and it's a happy scene around the grounds. "Tell everyone I'm an ice cream salesman," says one jovial umpire as he is collared for photos. There's still plenty of space on Court Two with Kim Clijsters due on against Maria Elena Camerin in just over 10 minutes.

BBC 5 live's Jonathan Overend on Twitter: "Almost ready for the big Wimbledon KO! Just given Richard Bacon the guided tour, the place looks amazing as usual and great weather..."

1121: Roger Federer is waiting until 1300 BST to make this year's fashion statement. We've had the cardy, the military jacket, the gold-trimmed tracksuit, so it's anyone's guess what's next. According to the Sunday Times, women's favourite Serena Williams will apparently be wearing a strawberries and cream-inspired outfit - white, with red piping. Maria Sharapova, meanwhile, will wear the Lawn Rose dress, which is layered like an upturned rose. Lovely.

From anon via text: "Piers, any idea what fashion disaster Fed is sporting this year?"

It's good news for a Briton
It's bad news for a Briton
1112: I don't know about you but I can't wait for the annual inquest into the state of British tennis. Wimbledon chief executive Ian Ritchie has already been on Radio 4 this morning, not that it's his responsibility, saying the absence of top male players from England is "a reflection as a matter of fact about the calibre in the ranking of the players". He told Garry Richardson: "All of us want to see a better improvement." When asked why the organisation was not putting pressure on the Lawn Tennis Association to produce top players, Mr Ritchie responded: "There is a recognition that we do what we do and they do what they do, and we keep that sort of demarcation."

1105: Alejandro Falla is the lucky man taking on Roger Federer in the opening match on Centre Court at 1300 BST. The 26-year-old Colombian has played Rog twice in his last three tournaments and failed to win a set. Still, at least he has the experience of having played Federer before at Wimbledon back in 2006. He won three games. If Alejandro asks you to join his lottery syndicate, I'd think twice about it.

It's good news for a Briton
1054: If anyone is worried about how the players will react to playing in front of The Queen, they can relax. Serena has been practising. "Yeah, I found out that she was coming to town. I thought, 'Wow, this is really, really cool'. She hasn't been to this tournament in just forever. I thought, 'Wow, I've just got to make sure I'm here on Thursday'. I'll be playing on Thursday, so I don't know how that's going to work out. Hopefully I have a chance to meet her. I've been working on my curtsy. It's a little extreme, so I'm going to have to tone it down. I have a lot of arm movement. Actually, I was practising it this morning. I get really low. But we'll see. I hope we'll have a chance to do that."

Lindsay Davenport on Twitter: "First day of Wimbledon! Great weather. Opening BBC coverage with Sue Barker and Johnny Mac...then covering Venus match. Very excited."

The view from the fans
1035: "Will the stewards please open the gates!" booms a new and rather ominous Voice of Wimbledon. This being Wimbledon, we can rest assured there will be no unseemly stampede, just a lot of uncomfortably brisk walking to the hotspots around the All England Club. I'd head for Court 12, where you'll get Baltacha, Cilic, Berdych and Henin. Not bad for starters.

The sun is out
1025: The sun is absolutely belting down, we've already overcome at least one technical issue, I've got a cup of tea and we've been introduced to Radio One's Simon Mundie, who has already outdone his predecessor David Garrido by handing out some free granola. To keep the positive vibes flowing, here's Tim Henman on Murray's chances: "Andy plays his best tennis when he's proactive and if he can be that little bit more aggressive and make full use of his many weapons, he's capable of beating anyone."

An excited texter in Somerset: "Piers, I could not be more excited. Tennis and football?! Are these the best 2 weeks of the last 4 years?! Woohooooo!!"

1015: This year we see the return to Wimbledon of Belgians Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin after both ended spells in retirement within the last year. Neither woman has won the title at the All England Club yet and Henin in particular has made it her main target. Clijsters returns with husband Brian and daughter Jada, and she was in fine form when we caught up with her in relaxed mood at Eastbourne last week. I had an ice cream and everything. Clijsters plays Italian Maria Elena Camerin in the opening match on Court Two, and Henin plays Latvia's Anastasija Sevastova in the final match on Court 12.

Chris in Farnborough via text: "I have tickets for No1 Court on Thursday, am so excited. The Queen is also turning up on the same day. Coincidence?"

0959: Former world number one and 1999 champion Lindsay Davenport is joining the BBC team this year and she's already been on top form with an insight into what it's like to face the Williams sisters: "With Serena, even if she lost the first set 6-1 you always got that sense of inevitability that she would come back and turn the tables. She's got that never-say-die attitude that's really once in a generation."

0950: The BBC team is arriving bit by bit, and as soon as everyone's here I'm going to sit them down for some crisis talks. Just to clear the air. In the meantime, if you manually refresh your page you should get some video highlights of last year's action to whet the appetite.

It's good news for a Briton
0939: Two years ago Wimbledon signed off with the best tennis match in history and last year we had the longest Grand Slam final in history, so what can we expect in 2010? There's only one thing that can top that - a British singles champion. A quick look through the history books tells me that this has actually happened before, although I'm not sure I believe it. The last time was apparently in 1977 when Virginia Wade skipped to the net in triumph with the Queen watching from the royal box. Well, Her Majesty will be back at the All England Club on Thursday for the first time in 33 years, which has to be a good omen. Ginny will be here too.

Brad Gilbert on Twitter: "Match of the day that I have the most interest in is JJ vs Laura Robson. Robson has made a lot of news lately but she has big potential. I believe within the next couple of years, Robson will carry the weight of the nation like Andy Murray has done."

0926: "The 7.37am train to Wimbledon has been cancelled due to..." It could have been a meteor strike in the Haydons Road area, I stopped listening, but even this predictable yet still crushing blow failed to dampen my spirits on the best day of the year. On Centre Court today we have Roger Federer playing Alejandro Falla at 1300 BST, followed by 16-year-old Briton Laura Robson making her Centre Court debut against fourth seed Jelena Jankovic, and then third seed Novak Djokovic taking on Olivier Rochus. British number one Elena Baltacha kicks off the action at 1200 BST on Court 12 against Petra Martic.

0916: Play begins on the outside courts at 1200 BST, at which point my colleagues will spring into life on BBC Two and BBC Radio 5 live, with the action streamed live at the top of this very page on the website. And before that we have an extra treat in the form of a look back at Wimbledon 2009 on BBC Two and streamed on this page from 1035 BST. I would plan any eating/drinking/comfort breaks for 1130-1200.

It's good news for a Briton
0909: So Graeme McDowell has ended Europe's 40-year wait for a US Open golf champion, and after Sunday night's clear-the-air talks it's surely inevitable that England will now end 44 years of World Cup hurt, so that just leaves Wimbledon. Andy, if you could do the honours over the next couple of weeks that would be terrific. Mr Murray will be keeping us up to date with regular columns during the Championships and we heard from him yesterday.

The sun is out
0902: BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood: "The weather at Wimbledon is set fair, not just today but for the rest of the week. Today's forecast is a warm and sunny one. Temperatures will climb during the day and could get as high as 23C, with a very gentle breeze. Tomorrow looks like more sunny spells and a high of 25C."

0900: Morning all, and welcome to Wimbledon 2010. The greatest tennis tournament in the world will get under way in three hours but until then you can help me out by texting, tweeting, 606ing or shouting very loudly your thoughts on all things Wimbledon.

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