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French Open day nine as it happened

Jelena Jankovic

Live video - BBC coverage of the French Open from Roland Garros (UK only)


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By Mark Ashenden

1715: Right folks. I'm going to wind this up. Catch all the live VIDEO on the RED BUTTON, 606, is still there for you and feel free to throw me your thoughts, nonsense, French Open predictions and lookalikes at bbcsport_mark on Twitter. Ms Caroline Cheese will be back in the morning guiding you over Francesca Schiavone vs Caroline Wozniacki and Roger Federer vs Robin Soderling. Thanks for your thoughts and ears and eyes. You've been a pleasure. Night.

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Mrs Finn in Welsh Land by text: "Jelena looks like she's on her way to a Hi De Hi audition doesn't she."

1708: Jankovic strolls out on to court and she's wearing a bright - and I mean bright - yellow outfit. I think they used to call them raa-raa skirts. (the double pleated thing with two levels). Someone please correct me on my spelling with that one. A striking number tho. Perhaps she's gearing up for a late-night finish. Hantuchova is a little more low-key. Orange skirt. Navy blue top. I don't want to sound rude about the Slovakian but it looks like she's borrowed her tennis gear this afternoon.

pranav_baitule on Twitter: "Verdasco is a disaster today"
So far I can hardly argue against your sentiments. Verdasco is 2-1 down in sets and his confidence will be shattered after that last set. Strange stats tho. Verdasco's won 80% of his first serves. While Almagro has only won 45% of his. Strange.

1700: Next up: It's Court Phillipe Chatrier and it's fourth seed Jelena Jankovic vs 23rd seed Daniela Hantuchova.

1658: Score looks quite an easy win for Nadal but Bellucci gave it a good old go. Watch out for that Brazilian boy. A beautiful left-hander who looks a little like Kaka. Mmm. So it's Nadal versus Verdasco or Almagro. And it's Almagro who's 5-1 up in the third set. Just one big dose of Spanish that - whichever way you look at it.

1655: RAFAEL NADAL WINS 6-2 7-5 6-4.

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From patrick on 606: "Nadal still moves as well as ever, the only slight defect is his length with some forehands. Where two years ago they would be constantly pinpoint now thet go past the lines on occasion."
Please note, despite your earlier criticisms I have stuck with you and put up another post of yours. That is the kind of deep, well-balanced, generous mood I am in.

1650: Bellucci (every time I say it, type it, I'm thinking John Belushi - anyway).....Bellucci holds his serve and forces Nadal to play at least another game. The Brazilian survives for another few minutes at Roland Garros. Which is nice.

1644: Verdasco was struggling an hour ago. Big time. He gets the second set back against Almagro and now he's trailing again. Almagro's in fighting mood and he's 2-0 up in the third. The winner plays Nadal/Bellucci.

1641: A cute drop shot from Bellucci has Nadal on the run again but it's not enough. The Brazilian's head is down and his eyes do not have the fire they had in the first two sets. He holds though and Nadal leads 4-3.

Loubobs27 on Twitter: "Everyone loves a scrapper! I hope for Bellucci's self esteem that Nadal only gets it 6:4 or 7:5 but hope's fading."

1636: Bellucci has it all to do. The Brazilian (who I have been suitably told off about for my "shocking" Kaka lookalike claim) is 2-4 down in the third set. Nadal doing enough right now to keep him at bay.

Jo in London by text: "Wish I was car-booting, asleep on the sofa or sitting in a wet field in a soggy tent. Anything but where I am, which is at work till late tonight. Bah. Of course, in rebellion to being in the office, any actual work has been replaced by checking out live updates & noting with interest the various fashion updates."

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Anon by text: "Dont know how to use twitter so will text. Im surrounded by depressing revision on this gorgeously sunny bank holiday, would be in the crowd in Paris if it werent for university exams! Nadal to win this whole tourney."

From Thanks A lot BBC7 on 606: "I am quite certain that Nadal will win the last set 6:2"
If that's not an invite for predictions I DO NOT know what is. I'm going 6-4. C'mon folks - 606, Twitter, tell the world.

Latest scores
1619: Time for a round-up. Seventh seed Fernando Verdasco and Nicolas Almagro, the 19th seed, are well under way with the prospect of facing the winner of Nadal/Bellucci. Almagro took the first set 6-1 and Verdasco's woken up and leads 4-2 in the next.

1614: After breaking Bellucci in the first game of the third set, Nadal has a case of the wobbles. He's 0-40 on his serve but the trusty Spanish left arm gets him out of trouble for two points - it doesn't last though. The Brazilian plonks one in the corner and Rafa - you can slide as much as you want but you're not getting that one back. 1-1.

Serena Williams on facing Stosur, who beat Henin: "She is no pushover. She has beaten me before and I shall have to play my best game. You can never underestimate anyone and Sam is a wonderful claycourt player. She has a good chance to go all the way. She is fast, she is strong and she has a great serve. She plays a real all-round game."

1602: After 61 minutes for the second set, Nadal takes it 7-5. What a set of tennis. If I was the tennis ball in that game I'd have a headache beyond any medication or neck massage. The pair just belted everything as those their lives depended on it. What a spectacle. Bellucci threw his racquet at the clay there - what an effort for no reward.

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From ALP-Anorak on 606: "That's the most passionate Gun-Jack impression by Nadal i've ever seen...good competitive match here"

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "The girls in La Boutique under Court Suzanne Lenglen are doing some sort of French macarena-style dance to attract the punters. Sir Alan would be impressed. I'm not buying anything, mind."

1557: Tennis at its best. Bellucci has Nadal on the rack with two stunning shots to the back but the Spaniard retrieves it with a blinding backhand pass and he bloomin' loves it. He rocks back on his heels and sings to the Parisian clouds. Means a lot to him I think. Big compliment for Bellucci that Nadal reacts in such a manner. Nadal now serving for the set at 6-5.

padloco on Twitter: "Got a VHS of Psycho from a car boot sale. The final ten mins were taped over with Arsenal V Man C . Bergkamp killed."
And with that fabulous break, why don't I inform you of some semi- car boot chat. Taping over prized possessions like your wedding tape opens up a huge can of worms doesn't it?

1552: After two breaks in the match so far - why not three? Bellucci moves up a couple of gears and takes the first three points on Nadal's serve. Bit cheeky against the world number two. Bellucci goes for a backhand winner and blows it wide of the line. He's still got two chances though. And a phenomenal backhand from Nadal gets it it to 30-40. Both players smacking the life out of these balls. And there it is - Bellucci breaks with a sweet pass at the net after spreading Nadal all around the court. Top effort. 5-5.

1547: Super-poopy from the Brazilian. Bellucci pulls a double fault out of his bag of tricks and hands Nadal the break after all his good work. The Spaniard now serving for the second set.

strictlyMUFC on Twitter: "disappointed at Henin's loss... I've been looking forward to her big match against Serena... =("

It's good news for a Briton
1540: British tennis is good again. 18-year-old Ashley Hewitt goes through to the last 16 after beating Peter Heller in straight sets. And while I'm singing the praises of Mr Hewitt, Bellucci holds a brilliant service game to sneak ahead of Nadal 4-3. What is it about left-handers? Tennis, snooker, cricket, you name it - any sport played by a leftie looks better. And that's a rightie talking.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery tweeting from Roland Garros: "Stosur beats Henin in three and was the better player, she'll give Serena a real test. Henin looks fragile on serve these days."

1531: Nadal's serve not firing on all six Spanish cylinders. H's 3-2 up in second set but taken to deuce and he's got a big frown on his face. A cracking backhand from the Brazilian - he pulls back the trigger and Nadal hasn't got a chance. I think he senses his moment and hat dos he do? He powers into the net from a good position at the back of the court. Back to deuce. Crunch game this one. And he only gets it back doesn't he. 3-3. Can Bellucci keep this up? That would have taken a lot out of him - his dark staring eyes say it all. Determined and he fancies it. Work to do for Nadal.

It's good news for a Briton
1525: And you thought only Aussies called Hewitt were good at tennis. Step forward please Britain's Ashley Hewitt - he came through boys' qualifying and now he's taken the first set on a tie-break against German Peter Heller. Hewitt Hill in two years at Wimbers? Or will it still be Murray Mound? Mmmmm

Get your thoughts in now on Serena vs Stosur - Nadal's efforts with Brazil's Bellucci. Henin's defeat. Car boot sales. I'm determined to find somebody at one! Federer or Nadal? All-white tennis kits? Anything. bbcsport_mark on Twitter.

iamMiraje on Twitter: "Bellucci looks like a great guy & prospect. Hopefully he's the next Guga. Brazil have long been waiting for their next hero."

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From Patrick on 606: "congrats to stosur, takes one monumental effort to beat henin, i expect her to win from 0-6 0-5 and 0-40 down. well done stosey!"

1507: Sam Stosur will now play top seed Serena Williams for a place in the semi-final. Nadal won the first set 6-2 by the way.

1505: She's not a four-time champion on clay for nothing. Henin's 0-30 on Stosur's serve and then pulls out a drop shot from the very top drawer under huge pressure. And the second shot into the net gives the Aussie two match points. Remarkable. And then a double fault gives the crowd something to chuckle about - nerves all around. But a big smash sees her past Henin. That's the first defeat for the Belgian at Roland Garros since 2004. Unbelievable. STOSUR WINS.

1500: Not sure if Henin's energy levels are plugged into our technical unit but the Red Button is having problems. The people in the know are looking into it with urgency. But I can tell you that Stosur has broken and will now be serving for the match. Henin looks a little shocked. Eight minutes is a long time in tennis.

1458: Stosur could not look any more fired up if you stuck a couple of crocodiles on to the court. The Aussie was 0-30 and struggling with her serve at 3-4 but she gets the lady in pink (Henin) running all over the place and she nabs the game. Solid stuff. It's 4-4 and Henin now looks a little rattled.

1450: The Spaniard raises his game and breaks back. And there's drama on Court Suzanne Lenglen. Stosur's a break up and serving at 3-2. Is there a way back for Henin? It's a massive YES. The Belgian breaks right back and it's 3-3. Have you ever seen a live text commentary sentence involving so many "breaks"?

From jamesharding85 on Twitter: "Stosur's forehand reminds me of Del Potro's at the US Open. Scary stuff. Her arms are just as muscley too!"

1443: Holly shhhmooly. Nadal's got to be 3-0 up by now right? He was 2-0 up and then looped an easy drop shot into the net and he loses his service game. The Brazilian (who has a splattering of Kaka about him) is now 2-2. Stunning stuff. That's a lesson for us all - wear white. I went to a wedding on Saturday. The bride wore white and she seemed to be smiling for most of the day. Proves that theory then. Not only wear white on the court, wear white in any arena and it's win win. OK?

1439: The Henin ship has been steadied somewhat. She's 2-1 up in the decider. That match is turning out to be cracker. remember - winner takes on Serena. Easy. Strangely, after Bellucci's rather sullen and very black warm-up outfit, he's playing in an all-white outfit. The traditionalists will be applauding into their wine glasses. Nadal in a low-key blue shirt - sleeved I hasten to add. It is only 18 degrees in Paris today and barely a sniff of a sun ray.

1433: So it doesn't look like anybody's car-booting this afternoon. What are you doing? Is it a slippers on, slouching in the sofa watching TV type of afternoon? Or laptop on the lap (where else?) out in the garden, on your travels back from a soggy camping trip? Chuck in your thoughts on 606, my Twitter (see link above), or why not throw a challenge towards our colleague Piers Newbery who's dashing around at Roland Garros. If you want to know what the best flavour of icecream in Paris or who's knocking about on the warm-up courts then he's your man.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery tweeting from Roland Garros: "Djokovic has an explanation for his early struggles against Ginepri: "I'm really not a morning person." Fair enough"

1426: Nadal's broken already. Fab start. What's the Brazilian got in his tank? Bellucci is the first Brazilian since three-times champion Gustavo Kuerten to reach the French Open last 16.

1420: Henin's had a shocking second set. Stosur's powering down the serves and she levels the match at one-set all taking the second 6-1. Interesting.

mbb2009 on Twitter: "On the evidence of the Sharapova match, I think Justine could actually struggle against Serena in the QFs"

It's good news for a Briton
1414: Woh there. And there was me thinking the British flag had been consigned to the recycling bin. It's 18-year-old Ashley Hewitt from Warrington - ranked 1439 in the world. He's playing Germany's Peter Heller in the boys' singles second round.

1411: Nadal in a shocking light pastel green overcoat. Not a fan. I dare say he won't be losing any sleep over my opinions. Big cheers as the Spaniard strolls on the court. Don't let me down Rafa - the whole of tennis needs that vest. A few whistles as layer one comes off. And it's a long-sleeved blue shirt. And it stays at that for now. The green headband is a nice touch. Brazil's Bellucci looks a bit chilly in a black overcoat - a sporting one that is - not a duffel coat or anything. That would be ridiculous and quite restricting I imagine.

1406: Nadal is up against Brazilian 24th seed Thomaz Bellucci, who he beat in the first round on these same clay courts in 2008. The winner of this clash will play seventh seed Fernando Verdasco or Nicolas Almagro, the 19th seed, in an all-Spanish duel. Hence the up and down Spanish flag.

1403: A gentle buzz on Court Phillipe Chatrier. The French crowd are probably discussing what colour vest Rafael will be sporting this afternoon. As a rule, the sporting vest is a massive fashion NO. But never in the world of sporting attire has an item been designed for any other deserving body. Perhaps he'll surprise us all by coming out in a brown woollen poloneck with a Spanish silky scarf.

1359: Talking of Belgium's Henin. She's taken the first set against the Aussie seventh seed 6-2. Comfortable stuff. If she wins, how do you reckon the four-time champ would get on against Serena?

1355: Serena completes a fifth victory over Shahar Peer. Dominant. Strong. Clinical. Cracking. She'll next play Henin/Stosur in the quarters. And blimey - Serena only answers the questions on court in French. She could have said "I hate Roland Garros and you're a stinky French interviewer" for all I know - but I don't think she did. Top effort from the American though. Fair play to the girl.

Latest scores
1351: You can't hold Williams back for long. She breaks back immediately and then produces a steady service game. She just needs one game to go through - Nadal will be jumping up and down in the locker room no doubt. He's on next. I can't imagine he's the type to calmly sit on the bench and exchange pleasantries with the cleaner. Tunes pumping through his Spanish ears and working up a sweat like a prize race horse. Maybe.

1347: There's no holding back for the world number one. Serena - in the usual bright blue and florescent green undergarments - fires down some firecrackers but HOLD ON....Peer only breaks back - gutsy stuff. Williams leads 3-2. Winner of this match plays the winner of Henin/Stosur. Talk about inducing mouth salivation.

Commentator/coach Brad Gilbert on Twitter: "Interesting contest on Lenglen, Henin v Stosur. Big hitters that are all court players. Stosur is most improved female player in 2010."

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery tweeting from Roland Garros: " It's another delightful, chilly, blustery day at Roland Garros. Too much for the locals as Serena plays in a half-emtpy Chatrier."

Latest scores
1331: Justine Henin has started brightly against Samantha Stosur. 22nd seed vs number seven. Henin takes a 2-0 lead. Rafael Nadal and his guns get pumping after this Serena game. The Spaniard is up against Thomaz Bellucci. Good times.

1328: A great hold for Peer after a monumental effort. Plenty of grunts, plenty of battling. Top effort. And all to make it 1-1 in the second set. Seems like Serena is toying with her like a spider with a fly in their web. At least a few interesting rallies though.

1324: By the way. I was in no way criticising anybody if you are at a car boot sale. Jealous if anything. Please let me know if you pick up the bargain of the century like an old McEnroe wooden racket or an old poster of Gabby Sabatini. Or a set of five tea towels with owls on for 10 pence. I want to know please.

1322: Serena Williams made a slightly stodgy start but she's cranked up the power to blast her way through the first set against Israel's 18th seed Shahar Peer 6-2.

1319: So a little round-up. No Austrian flag I'm afraid but I promise you I am now doing a little Austrian dance for you with my lederhosen on. Oh yes. Jurgen Melzer has set up a quarter-final clash with Novak Djokovic after a 7-6 4-6 6-1 6-4 win over Russian qualifier Teimuraz Gabashvili. Bit of a struggle there for the 22nd seed but he's come through strongly after two hours and 54 minutes. Melzer is the first Austrian to reach the last eight in Paris since Thomas Muster in 1998.

1314: Thought I'd chuck in that little German nugget to see if you're all on your toes. C'mon. Forget those car boot sales, forget looking up and demanding the sun to power down on your planned barbeque. Settle down for some tennis why don't you. Serena's on now. Nadal up after that. Henin's just about to get down to business. We'll keep you across everything. Don't forget the Red Button. Whole load of Twitter feeds to keep across - BBC's Piers Newbery is out in Paris, along with 5 Live's Jonathan Overend. There's 606 to join in the debates - why not chuck me some thoughts on my Twitter feed. Link above. Back to the action....

1308: Guten tag.

By Caroline Cheese

1302: Well, Robin Soderling has been in sensational form at Roland Garros so far, has only dropped one set and thrashed Marin Cilic yesterday. But he has a 12-0 losing record against Roger Federer. No other player has such a poor record against the world number one, thus Federer wins... I think. On that note, over to Mark Ashenden, while I find some custard creams.

From lostincbury on Twitter: "What chance has Soderling to beat Fed? Yesterday Swedish played superb! I would like a revenge Nadal-Soderling."

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery tweeting from Roland Garros: "It's another delightful, chilly, blustery day at Roland Garros. Too much for the locals as Serena gets under way in a half-empty Chatrier."

1253: Shahar Peer has three opportunities to make it a 2-0 lead over Williams, but Serena suddenly cuts out the errors and wins five points in a row to level it at 1-1. Not a high-quality start to the match, it must be said.

From Gabriel in Paris, via text: "The evil stares that Gabashvili keeps shooting to Melzer are pure pantomime! He seemed so laid back against Roddick..."

1249: Shahar Peer off to a perfect start on Chatrier, breaking the mighty Williams serve to love in the first game. Serena struggling to find the court at the moment, which is proving understandably problematic. The fourth set between Gabashvili and Melzer is still on serve, the Russian leading 4-3, but the Austrian holding a two sets to one lead.

It's good news for a Briton
1245: Andy Murray's demise does not mean you can roll up your Union Jack. Oh no no no no no. No. Today's brave Brit is on Court 7. His name is Ashley Hewitt, he's from Warrington and he's 18. He's up against dastardly German Peter Heller in the boys' singles. Then he's back on the same court a little bit later in the doubles. And on Court 16, Oliver Golding, who is also into the second round of the singles, is in doubles action.

1237: And here are Serena and Shahar Peer. The world number one was struggling with a cold and sickness in the last round when she needed three sets to beat the snappily-named Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. She'll probably need to be at 100% today as she meets a player who knocked out 13th seed Marion Bartoli in the last round.

1230: Off goes Novak Djokovic, signing a few autographs as he goes, and shortly, we'll see women's number one seed Serena Williams and Israel's 18th seed Shahar Peer.

1227: A rare easy service point for Novak Djokovic to set up match point and he takes it when his backhand down the line is unreturned. Great tournament by Robby Ginepri but the third seed wins 6-4 2-6 6-1 6-2 to book a quarter-final with Melzer or Gabashvili. Djoko has just about enough energy left to celebrate...

From Jak via text: "Flicking between excel and your coverage in my office in Paris, wondering if your job is actually just watching tennis and karaoke. I need to rethink my career..."
Er, yeah, it does appear that way doesn't it? I do lots of very clever stuff too though... oh, who am I kidding?

From annabolic2000 on Twitter: "Just embarrassed myself in the office by laughing so much at Soderling's Abba karaoke that I spat out cake. Nice."

1218: Djokovic into a 4-1 lead and now two games away from the quarter-finals. Melzer takes the third set 6-1 against Gabashvili and leads by two sets to one.

1216: Incidentally, just so there's no confusion, I don't actually think Rafa Nadal will not win the French Open. He definitely will (barring injury). Not sure who will win the women's, but if Serena and Henin win today, their quarter-final will be women's match of the fortnight for me.

1211: Jurgen Melzer rockets to a 5-1 lead in the third set against Teimuraz Gabashvili. Djoko now with a double-break at 3-0 in the fourth against Ginepri. To follow that one: Serena Williams v Shahar Peer. And Kei Nishikori's karaoke was good, but nothing on Soderling's.

1208: WHY OH WHY did none of you think to tell me that Robin Soderling sang ABBA's Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) in the karaoke booth? Hmm? It's ruddy BRILLIANT. Although I am about to watch Kei Nishikori's effort, so...

1205: Novak Djokovic heaves a forehand winner crosscourt to seal a break in the first game of the fourth set. He still looks spent, but he's doing just about enough at the moment. If he wins, the third seed will face the winner of the Gabashvili-Melzer match - and then possibly Nadal in the semis.

Text in your views on 81111
From Antonio Hove, via text: "I've got a custard cream for you Cheese but only if you retract your Rafa comment!"
Done. Rafa is going to win the French Open. That is a fact. By the way, not sure if that's Antonio Hove, or Antonio from Hove...

1157: Robby Ginepri avoids a bagel, saves two set points and even has a cheeky break-back point, but Novak Djokovic eventually wraps up the third set 6-1, which should make the Serb feel a whole lot better.

From Pete via text: "Re 1146: You're right he won't... It's Fed all the way. Sorry, that wasn't very exciting or chat provoking was it?"
It was something, Pete, that's all I was after really. Something or anything

1151: Meanwhile, Robby Ginepri has switched off and suddenly trails 5-0 in the third set against Novak Djokovic. Teimuraz Gabashvili levels the match against Jurgen Melzer, taking the second set 6-4. I'm hungry. Anyone got any biscuits?

1146: You lot are very quiet today. It's almost like it's a Bank Holiday in the UK or something. I may resort to saying something outrageous to spark some chat... RAFA NADAL WILL NOT WIN THE FRENCH OPEN.

1139: Things you never knew about Jamie Murray from the the Roland Garros iPhone app: born in Barcelona, highest singles ranking of 15. Djoko into a 3-0 third-set lead, Gabashvilli with a 4-3 (plus break) second-set lead over Melzer. Could be a long one on Lenglen.

1135: Robby Ginepri takes a tumble on the red clay, and entertains the (sparse) crowd with a couple of press-ups while he's down there. Ah, lovely. But Djoko's in no mood for fun, and the Serb takes advantage of that slip to break serve and lead 2-0 early in the third set.

From tarantoes on 606: "Djokovic's first serve is maybe not good enough to get past Ginepri, let alone good enough to win the tournament. Don't the Williams sisters serve faster than this?"

From Ed via text: "Re Alison's text: Andy Murray's photo on the iPhone app is even better than his brother's stats."
There may be a short delay while I download this app...

1127: Didn't seem to be much fight in Djoko there. The third seed loses the second set 6-2. We'll see if he's got anything left for the third set. On Lenglen, Gabashvilli is a break up and leading 3-1 against Melzer in the second set, having lost the first on a tie-break.

1122: Bonjour! Robby Ginepri has a double break against an increasingly miserable Novak Djokovic and is about to serve for the second set at 5-2. "I'm not sure Djokovic has got enough in the tank to win this match," remarks John Lloyd. "There's not going to be an easy way to win. He's getting no cheap points on his serve. He'll have to grind it out." Djokovic is breathing very heavily at the changeovers, and appears to be suffering with hay fever or something. Not a new thing for the Serb, breathing issues.

Text in your views on 81111
From Alison, via text: "The Roland Garros iPhone app says that Jamie Murray is 7ft 6ins, weighs just 125lbs and has earned 225,000 euros in singles and just 10,000 euros in doubles..."
Sounds about right...

1112: Hot news from Twitter that Andy Roddick will be on Jonathan Ross this Friday. The American will be in the green room with Eminem, LL Cool J, and Christina Aguilera, so there may be some more tennis/music crossovers there. Wonder who Roddick would choose to duet with? Melzer takes a very close first set against Gabashvilli, 8-6 in the tie-break. Ginepri holding on to his break against Djokovic in the second set and leading 3-2.

1109: Indeed, hot on the heels of Andy Murray's Jackson 5 effort last week, Novak Djokovic and Viktor Troicki entered the Roland Garros karaoke booth to recreate Rafa Nadal's appearance in Shakira's Gypsy video. The results are, er, troubling. Equally troubling for Djoko: he's a break down in the second set against Ginepri and trails 2-1. The tie-break on Lenglen is still going...

Text in your views on 81111
From a disturbed Novak fan, via text: "Djoko might not seem happy now, but watch him doing Shakira on French Open karaoke, you'll never look at him in the same way again!"

1102: Teimuraz Gabashvili and Jurgen Melzer are into a first-set tie-break and the Russian is a mini-break up already.

1052: Djoko may look like he'd rather be elsewhere, and he may have some chronic serving yips, but his groundstrokes are still pretty decent. The third seed quickly earns three set points and takes the second when Ginepri swings one wide.

John Lloyd on the BBC Red Button: "Djokovic doesn't look like a happy camper at all. With the problems he's had with his serve, he's had to change his whole philosophy. He's hitting every first serve like a second serve, just getting the ball in play, so every rally he's having to start from scratch. And if you're not feeling well either..."

1048: Djoko saves one break point with a delicate half-volleyed drop shot, and then Ginepri rather wastes the second one by slicing a routine backhand over the baseline. The third seed nudges ahead at 5-4. Over on Lenglen, the fourth-round match that no-one predicted is equally tight. Teimuraz Gabashvili and Jurgen Melzer are on serve, the Russian leading 5-4.

1039: If you're not familiar with Robby Ginepri's European adventure, there's an excellent blog on the New York Times website, which details it all. He arrived in Bordeaux at the start of the month and lost to Alex Bogdanovic in the first round of a Challenger. He then went to Nice and lost in the last round of qualies. Then, off to Dusseldorf where he lost both his matches. He then shared a hired van with three others to make the journey to Paris. One of them was Sam Querrey, who he beat in the first round at Roland Garros. He has since knocked out Potito Starace and former champ Juan Carlos Ferrero. And the American has been fairly comfortable on serve so far against Djoko, levelling up at 4-4.

Get involved on 606
From amritia3ee on 606: "My predictions for today: Djokovic wins in 4 sets, Serena to win in 2, Rafa to ease past Belluci in 3 and Henin to beat Stosur in straight sets."

1030: Terrifying scream from Djoko - and he's actually just won the point - but his frustrations are all about his serve, which is just excruciating to watch at the moment. I don't know whose idea it was to change a perfectly good delivery, but it wasn't a very good one if you ask me. The Serb leads 2-1 on serve.

1024: Now, if you want to get in touch with the BBC's Red Button team, you can text 81111 or tweet me. John Lloyd and Mark Petchey are the men in the hotseats at the moment and Lloyd has just been sharing his advice about herbal remedies...

1023: England's unconvincing win over Japan, plus Lewis Hamilton's Grand Prix victory, means Andy Murray's swift exit from Roland Garros is almost pushed off the back pages. Almost. 'Berd Flies Past Flop Murray', puns the Sun, with Charlie Wyett describing Murray's performance as "hugely disappointing". After a defeat which took just two hours and 16 minutes in fading light and soggy conditions, Neil Harman in the Times writes: "The British number one was in one of those periods of introspection it is impossible to fathom, even for those closest to him." Meanwhile, Mark Hodgkinson in the Daily Telegraph gloomily describes a "dank, dark, wretched, thoroughly miserable evening for Murray."

1016: Novak Djokovic's wonky serve already under attack as Robby Ginepri takes the third seed to deuce in his opening game, but Djoko comes through eventually. "Lately I do have periods when I struggle to find rhythm on my serve," said Djokovic the other day. "I think it's more mental."

1010: More fall-out from Murray's miserable defeat to come, but let's focus on the present: Novak Djokovic kicks off the action on Chatrier against American clay convert Robby Ginepri. That match is live on the BBC's Red Button and on the website for UK users. The rest of the BBC schedule looks like this: Serena v Peer, Bellucci v Nadal, Jankovic v Hantuchova. They're staying on Chatrier all day, in summary.

BBC 5 live tweeting from Roland Garros: "No Andy Murray but the sun is shining, and there's some crackin' matches to look forward to!"

1000: Hello. Everyone had a good weekend then? Better than Andy Murray's I hope, anyway. After the British number one was blown away on a cold and damp Sunday in Paris, Piers Newbery tells me Monday's conditions are "quite good".

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