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French Open day five as it happened

Andy Murray

Live video - BBC coverage of the French Open from Roland Garros.


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By Mark Ashenden

2005: That's your lot folks. Games still going but that's the box office here in west London coming to a close. Latest scores on the BBC and official French Open website. Til tomorrow. Night.

It's good news for a Briton
Good effort for Murray in the end there. Looked a little wobbly in the third set. But came through really well when Chela looked in control. Fitness again? STAT-ATTACK. Three hours 30 mins game time. 9 aces to 0. And don't forget - Murray will now play Cypriot 25th seed Marcos Baghdatis. Not sure when but will endeavour to find out.

Murray 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 6-2 Chela
MURRAY WINS. Another ace - ninth in total and it's 30-15 to Murray. Anything left in Chela's locker? Two match points and he plays it long. Someone in the crowd wants to get home I think - a massive scream. And there it is.

Murray *6-2 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 5-2 Chela
Murray cranking up the pressure. He's charging the net a lot more and dominating a higher percentage of points. It will take a big change for Chela to get back. Murray gets a bit lucky with a smart Chela recovery that clips the net and Murray passes with Chela screaming. One game away from victory. Looking at Chela's hair - it's dark. A cynic may say he dyes it. Surely no. Murray closing in.

Murray 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 4-2* Chela
A seventh ace in the match for Murray gets him back to 30-30. A high-styled forehand passes a tired-looking Chela and it's 40-30 but Chela is fighting for everything - well, most things. And a drop shot and soft backhand pass gives Murray the game. A nice variety there from Muzz (see - I told you I wouldn't use it that much)

From tgsgirl on Twitter: "No chance of people falling asleep on C2, Maria Shara's screams enough to wake spectators 18 courts over..."

Murray *6-2 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 3-2 Chela
A cracking pass by Murray to wrong-foot Chela but the Argentine battles back impressively to hold his service game.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "It's every bit as dark now as it was when they finished yesterday an hour later. Which means they'll probably play on for another two hours."

Murray 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 3-1 *Chela
A smooth service game for Murray. Chela will have to pull something special out of the bag to get back into this match. A rain dance perhaps? Any tips on how to perform a rain dance then let us know.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "Murray in control now. Getting dark earlier tonight though so needs to keep the pace up. Bit parky too"

Murray *6-2 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 2-1 Chela
A draining game for both players. Murray plays a cracker at Chela's feet and the return plops into the net. But the Argentine battles back and it's another round of deuce everybody. A carbon copy of a shot for Murray who races from the baseline to the net and plays a backhand winner down the line. Next one goes too long and he's shouting angry thoughts again. This really is a whole load of deuce. The seventh so far. Murray had a great chance to seal game but drop shot hits the tape. Chela breathes again. Now it's the ninth deuce and Chela winds his forehand up and WALLOP - he gets the winner and stays in the match.

SCORE FLASH: The locals aren't going to like this one. Italy's Fabio Fognini has come back from two sets down to beat Gael Monfils 2-6 4-6 7-5 6-4 9-7. That's all the news I have for you right now. Need anything else? Just tweet me and I'll try to oblige. (see right link - or even tweet my BBC colleague Piers Newbery. We're there to serve.)

Murray 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 2-0* Chela
Me and my big mouth. Two break points for Chela and he's raised his game. Didn't think he had the extra gears in his locker - but here they are. Murray's serve gets him out of trouble but it's deuce and tense again. One of those jumping smashing shots with both feet off the ground at the net gives the fourth seed advantage. And he hangs on. Good fight back.

Murray *6-2 6-7 (5-7) 6-3 1-0 Chela
An early break already for Murray. Won't bother with the flag graphic. Looks solid. This game has turned on its head.

It's good news for a Briton
Murray 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 6-3* Chela
Set to Murray. Drop shot is working well for Murray and as Chela tires Murray is groiwng stronger. he cruises to take the third set in 46 minutes. A big turning (in fact MASSIVE) point there when he broke back at 2-3 after losing his serve.
* denotes next to serve

Murray* 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 5-3 Chela
Sweat levels increasing in a large way on the Argentine. He's 40-15 up but Murray hits back and a rather lovely backhand down the line gets it to deuce. This game has turned round don't you know? A cute dropshot gives him advantage. "Advantage" is one of quite a few words when said in French that just sounds magnificent. More grunting, more deuce. Murray needs to learn how to grunt properly. Sounds more like a dog caught in a bramble bush. Stunning defensive play at the net and another advantage for the Brit. That was quite good! And not even with a whimper. WOW - I'll chuck in another WOW. Talk about power in the legs. Murray must have travelled from the beer tent at Roland Garros to the net in about 3 seconds and he still gets the ball over to win the point and game. Brilliant. the tide has turned. Until it turns again - or until it rains.
* denotes next to serve

Murray 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 4-3* Chela
Advantage back with the Brit. Strong service game. Some would say solid. Chela's looked a little tired in the last two games. He put a huge effort to get that break 10 minutes ago and he's let it go.
* denotes next to serve

It's good news for a Briton
Murray *6-2 6-7 (5-7) 3-3 Chela
A scrappy service game for Chela and it's break point for Murray. Big time grunting from both players and the Scot has the net to thank after another crunching rally. Chela hits the tape with a booming backhand and it flies out. Honours even again. Feel free to check out my Twitter (righthand side) and chuck me over some thoughts if you fancy. Tennis thoughts, Paris thoughts, general thoughts. I'm easy to be honest.
* denotes next to serve

Murray 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 2-3* Chela
Murray stuttering at 15-30 but he finds a deep one at the baseline and with Chela struggling at the back, Murray plays a lovely winner down the left side. Much better from the Muzz (I know some of you hate the name Muzz so I will use it use it sparingly. Chela using his racket like a magic wand as he crushes a forehand to the back and then plays a delicate drop shot to leave Murray stranded. Deuce time. Break point and Chela is sensing something - he's definitely upped the aggression levels. Murray makes it deuce again with a huge smash and the Scot shouts "Come on". An obvious thing to shout I suppose but he knows he's in a battle here. Chela's rasping forehand return finds the line and then Murray plays it long to give the Argentine a break. How vital will that be?
* denotes next to serve

Murray *6-2 6-7 (5-7) 2-2 Chela
A cracking rally with a sweet drop shot from Murray but Chela opens up with the first point. It's probably a good job this match has had the interruptions with some storming rallies so far. More squealing from the line judge (is that what you call them these days?) and Murray plants a backhand into the net but a doublefault takes it to deuce. A sniff of a chance for Murray but he smacks his thigh in anger as Chela whips down a winner. A second deuce and this could be a crucial game - as most of them are. A wild backhand flies out of the court and another backhand into the net hands Chela the game.
* denotes next to serve

Murray 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 2-1* Chela
A steady start from Murray with two good serves and as the pigeons fly about he smashes the ball into the soft squidgy clay to go 40-15 up. A weak forehand from Chela and it's game Murray. Can't be easy for these boys with all these interruptions.
* denotes next to serve

1833: I've stepped into Cheeso's shoes. As you can see. Murray and Chela are warming up (again). What a day. What a messy old day. And I don't mean the way I forgot a packet of crisps to accompany my baguette earlier. A massive mistake in anybody's book. But it's the weather. In Paris. The clouds have caused a little break and although the yellow thing is still nowhere to be seen, the wet stuff has at least stopped. Score is 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 1-1. Interesting.

By Caroline Cheese

1810: Once again, I'm checking out for a little while. But just so you know, it's in order to do other vital work. I don't just swan off to the pub during these rain delays you know... Hopefully see you soon.

It's raining
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "Another run for cover. Of course, it's now eased off and raining less hard than when they were playing. I've really got no idea, clearly."

1800: Bah, sick of the sight of umbrellas now. Play has been suspended across all courts. How about I give you some other results of matches that have actually finished: Jelena Jankovic defeated Kaia Kanepia 6-2 3-6 6-4, Jarmila Groth ended 39-year-old Kimiko Date-Krumm's tournament with a frankly heartless 6-0 6-3 win. Li Na is through, but Vera Zvonareva is out.

Murray *6-2 6-7 (5-7) 1-1 Chela
Chela seems to take an age to change sides after the first game, leaving Murray waiting and looking none too happy. Chela holds to love, as Murray goes for some very low percentage shots... Both players walking to the net now, looking hopefully at the umpire, and yes... PLAY IS SUSPENDED.

Murray 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 1-0* Chela
As the rain starts to fall again, Murray is taken to deuce on his serve. These conditions won't suit Murray, Chela will probably love it. Murray does well to come through that game. Marcos Baghdatis awaits the winner of this match after completing a 4-6 6-1 7-5 6-2 win over Marcel Granollers.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "Too many errors from Murray and he's making it a battle for himself. Colder, darker and damper on Court 1 now."

Murray 6-2 6-7 (5-7) 0-0 Chela
Chela ups the power again, punching holes in Murray's defence with some venomous forehands to take a commanding 5-2 lead - but not for long. Murray gets one of the mini-breaks back with a brutal backhand onto the sideline, and then the other, forcing the short ball and putting away the backhand into the open court. Chela back on the offensive, hitting deeper and deeper before sneaking into the net and punching away a volley. Two set points. Murray saves one with a neat volley but then overcooks a forehand. One set all. Could be a long night...

Murray 6-2 6-6 (2-4) Chela
Chela gets the first mini-break with a well-worked point, finishing it with a perfect drop shot which Murray doesn't even run for. Frustration for Murray as he nets a routine forehand to give Chela a 4-1 lead, but a big serve means they switch over at 4-2.

Murray 6-2 6-6 Chela
Murray feathers a drop shot, which dies on the damp clay, leaving Chela no chance. That begins a run of three points in a row taking him to 40-15, and though Chela goes on the offensive to peg him back, Murray finishes off with a deft serve and volley. Tie-break time. Murray will be desperate to get this done in straight sets.

Murray *6-2 5-6 Chela
Sizzling backhand winner right into the corner takes Chela to 30-15, but he follows it with a telegraphed drop shot, which Murray gleefully rips down the line. Beautifully constructed point now by Murray, finished with a brave drive volley from midcourt. Break point. Long baseline rally, Murray pulls the trigger first but the backhand is an inch wide. Chela wastes one game point with a loose forehand, but Murray's desperate lob goes wide on a second. Elsewhere, Roddick is level at a set all against Kavicic but leads by two breaks in the third. Jankovic leads 4-2 in the decider against Kanepi.

Murray 6-2 5-5* Chela
Incredible depth on some of these rallies. Not an easy game there for the Scot but he sends down a first serve before thumping away a smash to level matters.

Murray *6-2 4-5 Chela
Conditions very heavy out there, and there's an awful lot of grunting going on. Murray's doing his best to take the initiative - although he looks strangely tired already - but despite two deuces, he can't make the vital breakthrough. Life just got very confusing. Following my earlier praise for the Spanish word interrumpidos (see 1630), I've just been tweeted by someone called interrumpido.

Murray 6-2 4-4* Chela
What a rally to start us off (again). Great defence from Murray, scampering this way and that before sweeping a glorious backhand winner into the open space. A hold to love by the British number one.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "So I'm back on Court 1 and, surprisingly quickly, so are Murray and Chela. I'd like to say the sun had come out but, no."

1709: "This is why snooker is better than every other sport," remarks my idiotic colleague. It'll be Murray to serve in a jiffy, leading 15-0.

1704: Well, here we are again then. Andy Murray and Juan Ignacio Chela are about to start knocking up for the second time today, third time in total. According to the Roland Garros website, the rain was so bad in 1973 that the men's final between Nasty Nastase and Nikki Pilic couldn't be played until the Tuesday of the third week.

1637: It's still raining, and there's only so many ways I can keep telling you that. Well, actually, only one way. So anyway, I'm going to stop for a little while, and I hope to return at some point in the future... Bye for now.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "Apologies for the delay but I was busy leading the stampede for shelter. I'm not proud of my behaviour but it was chucking it down. Still is."

1630: Roland Garros's latest tweet is in Spanish and I like it: "Partidos interrumpidos. Llueve a cántaros en Roland Garros." That last bit literally means 'it's raining in jug-loads'. I think. Interrumpidos is an excellent word, I'm sure you'll agree.

1622: So as it stands: Jankovic and Kanepi are 1-1 in the third set, it's Roddick 6-3 5-5 Kavcic, Murray 6-2 3-4 Chela, Dementieva 6-2 0-3 Medina Garrigues, Shvedova 7-5 5-2 Radwanska. That shower couldn't have come soon enough for Agnieszka Radwanska, could it?

BBC 5 live's Jonathan Overend tweeting from Roland Garros: "Proper rain now. Proper bounce-up-off-umbrella rain. Heaviest of the French Open so far."

1616: I'm holding Mark Petchey entirely responsible for this. It was he who started all this rain talk (see 1604)...

It's raining
1613: It's raining chats and chiens out there. The players have scurried for the locker room. I wish I'd saved that custard cream now... It would have cheered me up.

Murray *6-2 3-4 Chela
Murray wins the first point and... ZUT ALORS IT'S ONLY BLIMMIN RAINING AGAIN!

Murray *6-2 3-4 Chela
Chela moves into a 40-15 lead, but is pegged back by a spanking forehand return from Murray. The Scot then makes it deuce with a deep forehand/drop-shot combo. Murray then mis-hits a backhand though and the Argentine edges ahead.
* denotes next to serve

1606: Right, here we go then. Chela to serve at 3-3 in the second set...

1604: BBC Red Button commentator Mark Petchey reports grey clouds at Roland Garros. Grrr.

1557: Wow, I love custard creams. Anyway, Murray and Chela are on court and getting ready to warm up. Quick update: Roddick had a break in the second set but lost it again. Seriously, what's up with that serve? Kanepi has taken Jankovic into a decider - could be a huge upset there. Dementieva leads Medina Garrigues 6-2. Radwanska is in big trouble against Shvedova, trailing 7-5 3-0.

1555: You know what that means right? Yep, Andy Murray and Juan Ignacio Chela are Court 1-bound. Even more excitingly, I've been given a CUSTARD CREAM!!!!!

The match is over
1550: Former champion Ana Ivanovic has had break points in every Alisa Kleybanova service game in the second set, but hasn't been able to take advantage of any of them. The Russian puts away a neat volley at the net to move to match point and Ivanovic dumps a return into the net to give Kleybanova a 6-3 6-0 win.

1544: Alisa Kleybanova moves to 5-0 in the second set against Ana Ivanovic. Shame to see Ivanovic go out, but no shame in losing to Kleybanova. The Russian is a decent player, and I think there are signs that Ivanovic is starting to rediscover her form.

1538: Well spotted, shortchick77. I've just checked the stats and Roddick has broken Kavcic's serve four times - but has been broken himself three times. He won't like that. The American still just about in control at 6-3 1-2.

From shortchick77 on Twitter: "What's the record for the most number of breaks of serve in a match? I think Andy Roddick is trying to beat it this afternoon!"

1531: Ana Ivanovic's ball toss is all over the shop and she's now a double break down against Alisa Kleybanova, trailing 6-3 3-0.

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "Now on Lenglen for a few games of Roddick-Kavcic. Great atmosphere, one man hollering like a drunk at closing time after every Slovenian winner. Maybe he is drunk..."

It's bad news for a Briton
1524: Alisa Kleybanova wraps up the first set against Ana Ivanovic 6-3, and breaks straight away at the start of the second. Andy Murray and Juan Ignacio Chela might like to start their warm-up stretches now... Andy Roddick a set to the good against Blaz Kavcic. Evgeny Korolev continues to let the side down (probably) as he and Britain's Jamie Delgado lose the first set 6-3 against French pair Ascione/Recouderc.

1521: All going swimmingly for fourth seed Jelena Jankovic as she takes the first 6-2 against Kaia Kanepi. Following that match is the resumption of Monfils-Fognini, which should be fairly interesting given the drama last night (see 1025).

BBC 5 live's Jonathan Overend tweeting from Roland Garros: "At least a four-hour delay means that the stadium is pretty full for the start of play!"

A bagel
1509: Ana Ivanovic's fine start seems an age ago already. Alisa Kleybanova has rattled off four games in a row to lead 4-2. Jelena Jankovic is closing in on the first set against Kaia Kanepi. Andy Roddick has a 4-2 lead over Blaz Kavcic. Kimiko Date Krumm, Dinara Safina's conqueror, has made a very slow start against Jarmila Groth and has lost the first set 6-0. Well, she is 39...

It's bad news for a Briton
BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "Keen as mustard after the long wait, I'm straight into the action... That's right, Court 14 and the start of Jamie Delgado's doubles campaign. Er, 3-0 down but surely Evgeny Korolev to blame."

Coach/commentator Brad Gilbert on Twitter: "Full props to Slovenia, a country of two million people, two guys in the second round. I'm doing Roddick v Kavcic - couldn't pick him out of a one-man line-up."

1456: Looks like it'll be the battle of the wonky serves on Court 1. Ana Ivanovic has been suffering from the terrible yips for a while now, hence her dramatic slump down the rankings, while Alisa Kleybanova's action is unusual, to say the least. Ivanovic out into a 2-0 lead already. Fellow Serb Jelena Jankovic is 3-0 up over Kaia Kanepi. Andy Roddick has broken and leads 2-0 against Slovenian Blaz Kavcic. Elena Dementieva and Anabel Medina Garrigues are only just getting going on Court 2. Lazy.

1446: The scoreboard finally sparks into life... Fourth seed Jelena Jankovic is up against Kaia Kanepi on Chatrier, Andy Roddick meets Blaz Kavcic on Lenglen, it's Alisa Klebanova v Ana Ivanovic on Court 1. The resumption of Andy Murray's second-round match against Juan Ignacio Chela follows Kleybanova-Ivanovic.

1444: While we were gone, the French Open organisers dropped 22 matches from today's schedule. That means if you're waiting to see Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Fernando Gonzalez, Lleyton Hewitt or Nicolas Almagro, you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

From Thomas from Durham, via text: "Wakey wakey Caroline. Play's meant to start again in a few minutes."
I was just finishing my 32nd game of Connect 4. Back now.

1436: Hello again! I can hardly believe my eyes. An uncovered clay court! With players on it! Playing tennis! Sorry for the exclamation marks. It's been a trying day.

1210: It's still raining, and quite heavily now, so I'm afraid I'm going to stop this pointless rambling until we actually get some play... but before I go, can I just thank boredtennisfan on Twitter for spending his time very wisely by creating Connect 4 with Federer and Nadal counters... Where can I buy it?

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "It's stopped raining. Pretty much. If they can play in the pitch dark, they can play in this... Raining again."

1135: More on that Fognini-Monfils farce last night (see 1025). BBC 5 live's Jonathan Overend believes the referee did actually try to bring the players off court at 4-4, but both of them wanted to stay on - and then Fognini changed his mind after possibly getting the nod from his support camp. And Fognini got a point penalty for delaying play after earlier getting a warning for hitting a ball towards a linesperson - according to vernonbc on 606. I'm sorry I missed it all, it sounds hugely entertaining.

From Johnny in London via text: "If anyone is getting frustrated with the Wimbledon-esque weather, have a quick look at Andy Murray doing a bit of karaoke on the ATP website. That will cheer you up, even if in a cringing/can't look at the screen way. Oh Andy."
I can confirm: it's excruciating. It might make you view Murray in a different light though

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at Roland Garros: "Gone for a wander in the rain. Officially no announcement on play before 1200 BST. It's only drizzling, mind."

Text in your views on 81111
From Tim in Maidenhead via text: "Caroline, you're right that virtual Connect 4 will never work. I suggest Scrabble instead. I seem to have got rather lucky with my first eight letters, and can spell "CAZIQUES" for 392 points. Your turn now."
I'm not playing with you Tim. You're cheating already. You can only have seven letters in Scrabble

From Jimbo_g on Twitter: "Twenty miles south of Paris the rain has just stopped and the sun is out!"
That better not be a wind-up, Jimbo_g

From Gowerly on Twitter: "Re 1047: I'll put my red piece in the middle column."
I'll put my yellow piece on the same row, to my right... Oh, who am I kidding? This'll never work

1047: I won't lie. I feel a bit glum. It's still raining. The weather forecast suggests showers, but this looks pretty set in to me. Harumph. Wish I'd brought the Connect 4 in...

From domcovkid on Twitter: "Looking out my window, it looks like there will be constant drizzle all day in Paris :("
domcovkid does live in Paris, by the way

1032: Fabio Fognini, who was given a right old barracking by the French crowd, was given a point penalty for refusing to play because, after all, it was DARK. Gael Monfils saved three match points in the 10th game of the fifth set. By the end, the players were dollying the ball back and forth because it was so dark. In summary, it was a French farce, and I suspect we may hear more about it today.

1025: If you're wondering what the Fognini-Monfils drama is about, here goes: Monfils took a two-set lead yesterday before the Italian fought back to take it into a decider. As darkness fell, Fognini, understandably, wanted to stop playing, but urged on by the French crowd, Monfils - despite suffering from cramp - said he wanted to carry on. As the Guardian's Kevin Mitchell wrote this morning: "Supervisor Stefan Fransen completely lost sight of the plot. And the players. And any sense of natural justice. How he kept the players on court fully 25 minutes after Murray-Chela had finished in what little was left of the evening light, is not only a mystery that will be agonised over today, but a disgrace. Only bats could have functioned in this 'light'."

BBC Sport's Piers Newbery tweeting from Roland Garros: "Sitting on a sodden Chatrier, just bumped into Red Button's Mark Petchey who's confident Murray will beat Chela, and loving Fognini-Monfils."

1015: It's still raining. When it stops, the BBC's Red Button team are hoping to bring you the following: Ivanovic v Kleybanova, Murray v Chela, hopefully some of Henin v Zakapolova, hopefully all of Verdasco v Serra and finally Nadal v Zaballos.

It's raining
1007: Just as I published that last entry, the covers were slowly dragged across Court 1. Il pleut. When it stops raining, Jelena Jankovic, Andy Roddick, Ana Ivanovic and Elena Dementieva are all due on court first up. The resumption of Murray-Chela, which Murray was leading 6-2 3-3 when play stopped last night, will follow Ivanovic's match against Alisa Kleybanova.

1000: Hello you. Is it really day five already? After the drama and, indeed, farce of a wet Wednesday in Paris, let's have a weather report from BBC Sport's man at Roland Garros, Piers Newbery: "Overcast here and apparently it's going to rain this morning but clear up this afternoon." Not exactly Carol Kirkwood standard, but it'll do.

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