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US Open day 14 as it happened


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By Piers Newbery

0423: So Kim Clijsters and family have taken over Arthur Ashe Stadium and are messing about with the trophy. Lovely stuff. We'll be back at 2100 BST tonight for the men's final - Federer v Del Potro - when we could see another new parent taking the title. Or a large Argentinian. See you in just over 16 hours to find out.

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0419: "What a truly incredible story! An inspiration to everyone and to top it all she (Clijsters) is by all accounts a lovely person."
From Kevin, Crawley, via text

0418: "Never mind Beautiful Wozzy, you were brilliant this fortnight and i'm certain you will be a future grand slam champion! Congrats Kim Clijsters."
From a slightly gutted Liam in Bradford via text

0417: "What a refreshing change to the painful laboured stuff we've been watching the past fortnight. Well done Caroline and Kim...and congratulations 'mum'!
From Jerry, London, via text

0416:"Wow!!!!!! That was amazing!!!"
From Joanna, Liverpool, via text

0416: Kim Clijsters: "I don't have words, I'm just glad I got to come back and defend my title. It wasn't part of the plan, I just wanted to get back into the rhythm and play a few tournaments. I have to say thanks to the USTA for the wildcard. Winning the first one definitely helped me keep my nerves at the end but Caroline is such a great fighter and tennis can be very proud to have her, so god job, keep it going.
"We tried to plan Jada's nap time a little bit later today so she could be here. It's the greatest joy in the world. I can't wait to spend the next few weeks with her."

0413: Caroline Wozniacki: "It was incredible, thanks very much for coming out - I wouldn't have made it this far without you. She's such a great girl and I'm so excited that she came back. Unfortunately she beat me today but she played a great match and deserved this trophy. The reaction back home has been crazy and I'd like to say a few words in Danish...." (*I'm not typing that).

0407: It's time for the presentations and apparently Clijsters' daughter Jada is being ferried courtside to see mum collect the trophy. I'm prepared to concede that maybe she should be allowed to stay up for that.

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0401: A tearful Clijsters heads to the stands to embrace friends and family and give her husband a smacker (kiss).

0358: Nerves? I think so. Clijsters makes two unforced errors to slip to 0-30 and is thankful to see Wozniacki respond by putting one long herself. A big serve takes Clijsters to 30-30 and fires a forehand winner for championship point... and takes it with a smash before falling to her knees in joy/relief.


0355: There is excitement around the stadium when Clijsters takes the point to move within three of an incredible victory, but Wozniacki is not packing this one in yet. She gets to 40-15 but Clijsters is soon back at deuce with a stunning winner. Wozniacki moves forward and thumps away a smash and then a service winner to trail 7-5 5-3.

0350: Will in Sydney has been bored for a fortnight, you have to question his output - but not his dedication to the Wozmeister. Clijsters is in trouble at 0-30 but there are no nerves this time as she gets back to 40-30 and takes a 5-2 lead with a thumping forehand.

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0347: "Come on the Woz-dog.. I'm still practically in love with you, and I'm still bored at work in Sydney."
From Will in Sydney via text

0347: Ominous stuff for Wozniacki as she twice moves to the net, and both times sees Clijsters wallop forehands past her. The Belgian is then on the run at the baseline and throws in a trademark splits as she moves to 0-40 and three break points... Wozniacki goes wide and Clijsters leads 7-5 4-2.

0342: Clijsters powers a cross-court forehand that's Federeresque but Wozniacki keeps plugging away and gets to 30-30. Clijsters comes up with a big serve and an ace to hold for 7-5 3-2.

0339: In a surprising move, Wozniacki move easily to 40-0. Just to liven things up she then double-faults before sealing the game and it's 2-2 in the second set.

5 live's Jonathan Overend tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "More excitement, competition, skill and sheer enjoyment in that 1st set than in Safina's 3 finals put together. Bold. Fun. Winner...????"

0334: Oh yes. In another tough game, Clijsters plays a stunning forehand down the line at deuce and follows it with a cross-court winner to move 7-5 2-1 in front.

0330: Clijsters has a half-chance at 15-30 but nets a forehand that sat up for her. A backhand into the net gives Wozniacki two game points and she takes the first with a decent serve for 1-1.

Venus Williams on Twitter: "Who's watching the vma's?"

0327: Right with you, Tony. I'm doing a live text, starting a report, adding to the photo gallery, and with my left hand cooking a full English breakfast. Beat that ladies. Clijsters probably could beat that. She plays one shocker of a backhand smash to slip to deuce but sees out the game to lead 7-5 1-0.

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0325: "Who says men cant multitask. Im watching tennis, nfl while feeding my 3 month old. Im pretty awesome me."
From tony via text

0321: Some slightly more measured hitting from Clijsters gets her to 0-30 and a loose forehand from Wozniacki leaves the Dane 0-40 and three set points down... and Clijsters converts with a forehand to win the set 7-5.

0316: Wozniacki goes to Hawkeye for the first time this evening but is just long, and she makes a similar error at 15-30 up. Clijsters then angles a backhand and smashes away the response before hitting the first ace of the night and following that with a double-fault. Confused? Me too. Clijsters clears her head to take two points and move 6-5 ahead.

0312: Two great backhands from Wozniacki, a great return from Clijsters and it's 30-30. The Belgian takes the initiative with a fierce return for break point... and she pounds away at the Wozniacki forehand to force the error and move to 5-5.

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Hard to believe that Wozniacki, who is known as 'Miss Sunshine', was defaulted for verbally abusing a line judge in 2006 US Open juniors."

0307: More nervy stuff from Clijsters, who lets a 40-0 lead slip to face a 10th break point of the night... and Wozniacki is back to her lobbing tricks. Clijsters is back off to the baseline to retrieve, returns to the net but cannot make a volley. The Belgian throws a ball away in disgust, which is about as bad as it gets from Kim. Wozniacki leads 5-4 and will serve for the set.

0302: Wozniacki scrambles for Denmark at 0-30, twice getting up defensive lobs that loop over Clijsters and send the Belgian scurrying back to the baseline. Clijsters nets off the second and does very well not to explode, I would definitely have smashed something. She remains calm and gets to 15-40 and two break points... and Wozniacki double-faults! It's 4-4, who wants it?

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0259: "This really is a ridiculous time to be at to watch 2 people i don't know hit a ball across a net! Come on caroline!"
From Ian via text

0258: "Gotta love time differences and technology. In Mekong delta following great coverage of ladies final. Go Kim!"
From anon via text

0257: When Clijsters bunts a backhand long for 15-40, I'm starting to hope daughter Jada has gone to bed - she doesn't need to see this. Fortunately, Mama Clijsters finds a couple of huge forehands when two break points down to get back to deuce and just about holds to trail 4-3.

0252: It's a bit windy out there and Clijsters is struggling with it, but she gets to 15-30 with a succession of pounding groundstrokes and is soon at 15-40 and two break points... Wozniacki swats away a rather poor drop shot on the first, and Clijsters puts a return wide on the second. The Dane then puts a backhand in the net and it's break point three... but Wozniacki saves it with a smash and goes on to hold for 4-2. Impressive.

0244: Clijsters looks nervous as three errors in a row take her to 15-40 and it's three break points for Wozniacki... who misses the first with a very wild forehand, before Clijsters plays a woeful backhand. Wozniacki leads 3-2 with a break.

0241: Clijsters has lost her range for the moment and Wozniacki will keep getting it back all night. She holds to 30 and it's 2-2.

5 live's Steve Rudge tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "For all you who cant sleep tonight - let Kim Clijsters and Caroline Wozniacki entertain you via JO/DL & Wendy Turnbull - BBC 5live now.."

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0238: "Kim to win in 2 set! I feel sorry for serena about happened and i quite dont know why the code violation for throwing the raqcuet? It her anyway she can smashed how many she wants."
From Ruthie, london, via text

0237: Scratch that last bit of rankings nonsense, Clijsters is going to be top 30 next week even if she loses and probably number 19 if she wins. The Belgian saves four break points but goes wide on the fifth and Wozniacki is back to 2-1 down. Clijsters' daughter Jada looks on from the stands. Surely she should be in bed....

0232: Matt and Joanna, you should meet up, you share common interests. In answer, I'm not sure but somewhere around 50 I believe. I have backed her to win in straight sets - too much power and experience - and so far the Belgian is living up to that. She gets to break point at 30-40 and Wozniacki's backhand breaks down to give Clijsters a 2-0 lead.

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0227: "Go Kim!!! If she wins tonight, where will she go in the rankings?"
Joanna, Liverpool, via text

0227: "If Clijsters wins tonight how high up in the rankings can she go?"
From Matt via text

0227: Clijsters rips a clean forehand winner on her second point of the night. Wozniacki makes it 15-15 with some terrific defence. That could be the story of the night. Clijsters comes through to 15 and leads 1-0.

0224: OK, here we go after a delay for the much-maligned 'American TV'. In fairness, The West Wing, The Wire, Seinfeld... let's give them some credit. Clijsters to serve...

5 live's Steve Rudge tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "The NYPD boys are settling in for the night - 4 pizzas and ice cream delivered to their vantage point!"

0214: Not surprisingly, bearing in mind Clijsters has not been around for a couple of years and Wozniacki is only 19, this will be their first meeting. The Dane is ranked eighth in the world while Clijsters is ranked... nowhere. You need to play three tournaments to get a ranking and this is the Belgian's third since coming out of retirement. It would be quite a place to get a first win.

0207: The good news - we're nearly ready for the women's final between Belgian wildcard Kim Clijsters and Danish ninth seed Caroline Wozniacki. The bad news - we've got some chap from American Idol to get through first.

0023: You don't get to see moments like that too often and I think we all need a little time to ponder it. Head back here at 0200 BST for the women's final - Kim Clijsters v Caroline Wozniacki.

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0020: "That was utterly ridiculous, has there ever been a player who could pull that shot off? Only the best can - and that's why you are looking straight at the greatest tennis player ever to pick up a racket."
From anon via text

0019: "I am desperate to see this amazing federer shot, the us open radio commentators went insane, was it really THAT Good?"
From anon via text

0013: Federer describes it as "the greatest shot I've ever played", adding: "I had a lot of fun out there." Absolutely amazing.

0011: Oh my good lord. Djokovic is in trouble at 0-30 but then we get possibly the best shot of all time - a 'hotdog' through the legs number that flies past NoDjo, who has to smile. Incredible. he follows up with a thumping forehand return winner for a 7-6 (7-3) 7-5 7-5 win.


0008: Federer holds to lead by two sets and 6-5. The WTA have just released a statement describing Serena Williams' conduct last night as "inappropriate and unprofessional". More on that later.

0005: News just in - Serena Williams has received the maximum on-site fine of $10,000 for her tirade directed at a line judge in Saturday's semi-final loss to Kim Clijsters. She also is being docked $500 for racquet abuse. The Grand Slam Committee Administrator has opened an investigation to determine whether Williams' behaviour should be considered a "major offence," which can lead to additional penalties.

0004: Djokovic double-faults and then nets a backhand for deuce, but Federer goes for too much on a return when just two points from victory. Djokovic levels at 5-5 in the third with a pass that sees Federer throw his racquet despairingly at the ball.

2357: Federer double-faults to fall 15-40 down and face two break points... a smash almost wipes Djoko out on the first and the Serb then puts a forehand long - a real chance that. Federer holds and is one game away at 7-6 7-5 5-4.

Heather Watson on Twitter: "Im buzzing right now!! so so happy about my win! and saw gwen stefani!"

2352: Djokovic cannot cope with the pace for the moment and a wayward forehand makes it 0-30, but he sees off a net-rushing Federer with a fierce backhand and hits a service winner for 30-30. Djokovic then nets a forehand and it's break point... Mirka appears to be praying, but it doesn't work as her man fails with the return. Djokovic nets a drop shot attempt and it's break point two... and another missed return. Djokovic holds for 7-6 7-5 4-4.

The sun is out
2347: The sun is setting rather dramatically behind the enormous Arthur Ashe Stadium, and the crowd loves a shot of Jack Nicholson on the Jumbotron - which is American for 'Big Television'.

2345: That would be 2100 BST for the men's final, Rhiannon. And don't sleep at school, you'll end up doing text-based sports updates in the year 2029. Federer plays a clean winner off a smash from behind the baseline, and a forehand puts him 7-6 7-5 4-3 up.

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2343: "Will be sleeping through school tomorrow. Hope fed can finish the djoker off now! What time is the final at tommorow?"
From Rhiannon, Reading, via text

2341: Federer moves 3-2 up in the third - not much to add as it's a low-key start to the set. Shake It Up Baby. John Lennon has got the right idea as his voice booms around the stadium.

2338: Solid stuff from Djokovic as he holds easily to make it 2-2 in the third.

AFCBPETER on Twitter: "Stefani in the fed box and her music comes onto the loud speaker. i'm sure it was not intentional."

2333: Again Federer is pegged to 30-30, and again he comes up with a service winner before moving to the net and closing out the game with a smash to lead 7-6 7-5 2-1.

2332: Djokovic plays two beautiful backhands and an ace for his best hold of the day, but he looks understandably deflated after playing two good sets and losing both. Tends to happen quite a lot against Rog. It's 1-1 in the third.

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2328: "Dear piers,i am currently having a lovely time being both really quite ill,and trying to learn an extremely large text for an exam on 'investment and risk' on tuesday. Inspire me with your live text!"
Ollie, Newport, via text

2328: Federer double-faults for 30-30 but comes up with a big serve and forehand winner for 40-30, taking the game with his best backhand of the night down the line to lead by two sets and 1-0.

Kim Clijsters on Twitter: "Just arrived at the courts... I'm a little bit nervous, wish me luck!"

2325: "Djokovic is now looking up Mount Kilmanjaro to beat the best player of this era in three straight," says Jeff Tarango on 5 live.

A celeb has been spotted
2322: Federer plays a superb lunging backhand volley on his way to 15-40 and two set points... a gap appears down the line but his attempted backhand catches the frame, and another backhand error makes it deuce. Rossdale, Stefani, Wintour and the rest look edgy in the Federer box. The Swiss then gets a net cord to end a fantastic rally and it's set point three... and Federer converts brilliantly with two big forehands earning him the point and a 7-6 7-5 lead.

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2316: "I have school tomorrow but I've decided to go against my parents wishes and stay up to watch the tennis. Seems like my choice has been justified so far!"
Stephen, Colchester, via text

2316: "Let's give it to Roger. He has had a remarkable rally since his Wimbledon defeat last year and it means something to sport. Class is permanent."
From Derek via text

2314: That's cheeky from Djokovic, quite literally. After desperately getting back several volleys under a barrage from Federer, the Serb turns and offers his posterior as a target when the ball sits up to give Fed an unmissable forehand. I need a new graphic for that one. Djokovic gets the worst of another decision so the Hawkeye graphic will have to do. Federer holds for 7-6 6-5.

BBC Radio 5 Live
2310: It stands up pretty well actually. Djokovic holds to 15 with a forehand winner around the net for 5-5 in the second set. "That's one each for the match in around-the-net shots, " says Jonathan Overend on 5 live, correctly.

2306: Federer holds to love for 7-6 5-4 and now we'll get to see just how the Djokovic nerve stands up.

5 live tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Fed on changeover just chilling in his director's chair admiring his own brilliance on the "Jumbotron" - and why not? And Federer getting to see the stars from that chair. Ben Stiller, Jack Nicholson, Bill Clinton, Justin Timberlake in the house."

2304: Djokovic holds to 15 for 4-4 and is playing well at the moment, you feel he needs to take advantage while he can and level as soon as possible. Or at least, I feel that way.

2259: A wicked dipping forehand pass is too good for Federer and takes Djokovic to 0-30. As you might expect by now, Federer responds with a big serve, but NoDjo then floats a dodgy sliced backhand long and it's 30-30. A long rally follows and Djokovic looks to have it with a great slice and charge to the net but Federer's forehand shank loops over the Serb and lands right on the line. Novak is not amused, and Federer holds from deuce to lead 7-6 4-3. And a manual refresh will take you to our gallery through the link below, rather than a nine-year-old story about Cuban sport. You've got to laugh...

2252: "Charlize Theron......" says Jeff Tarango distractedly as 5 live discuss the stars on show today. If you require proof, take a look at our gallery. Djokovic holds easily for 3-3.

2249: Federer plays a spanking backhand down the line at 40-30 to take the game and lead 7-6 3-2. And Ewan, you need to have a word with Alice.

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2248: "My gf alice says tennis is boring! how can she think that with some of the rallies taking place at the moment?!Fed-man to win yet anotha slam!"
From Ewan via text

2245: This time it's Djokovic who is 0-30 down, and he too responds with a couple of aces and goes on to hold for 2-2 in the second set.

2241: There are danger signs for Federer at 0-30 but he has upped his serving game considerably now and powers back to 40-30 with three swipes of his racquet before making it 2-1 with a solid smash.

2238: A backhand winner and a cheeky drop shot help Djokovic to 30-0 and he quickly wraps up the love game, but Federer leads 7-6 1-1.

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2233: "re:bulletmonkey To cite Djoker's season as being mediocre when he's reached 4 MS finals, 2 slam QFs and at least a semi here is a bit harsh."
Saam, London, via text

2236: Federer serves his way to a 1-0 lead in the second set, taking the final point by following up with a heavy forehand.

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2233: "Is it unreasonable to think Federer should have just conceded the point after the erroneous overrule?"
From Jon B via text

2231: A Federer backhand takes him to 5-2 and a sizzling forehand return soon after makes it 6-3. A drop shot helps Federer seals the tie break 7-3 and move a set up.

2229: It's pretty cagey stuff but Djokovic nets to give Federer the mini-break, which he consolidates for 4-2 at the changeover....

2225: Ah, a bit of INXS on the changeover. That gets my colleague whistling inanely, probably until he leaves at midnight. Federer doesn't have to deal with all this as he holds for 6-6 and a tie-break.

Cogen on 606: "Terrible umpiring. Well done to Djokovic for keeping his cool and winning the point."

2223: Lovely stuff from Djokovic to get to 30-0, peppering the Federer backhand, but a couple of errors make it 30-30 and the pressure is on. Big moment, big shot from Federer, as he skips around a backhand and fires a beauty of an off-forehand for break point.... but an error follows from the Swiss. We're at deuce when... drama! Djoko hits an ace out wide, the umpire calls it out from the chair, Djokovic goes to Hawkeye which confirms it landed smack on the line but the umpire says replay the point. Novak is fuming as he says, reasonably, that Federer would not have got to it. A long and tense rally follows at deuce and Djokovic pumps his fist when Federer goes long. The Swiss then plays a sensational forehand around the net for deuce and the crowd is up for it now, this is more like it. Djokovic eventually comes through and leads 6-5.

2211: Djokovic gets a dead net cord on the opening point but Federer snaps back at him with a sharp volley and a big serve. We're soon at 30-30 and Djoko looks to have made a fantastic backhand pass, but Hawkeye says 'No' and Federer holds. It's 5-5.

BulletMonkey on 606: "Mediocre season for Djokovic so far, if ever he needed a big performance it's here. He's in danger of slipping down to fifth in the world after Del Potro's heroics."

2207: Federer plays a huge cross-court forehand early in the game but Djokovic looks in control with a decent forehand of his own for 40-15, and a Rog error hands over the game moments later. Djokovic leads 5-4.

2205: The Federer first serve is a bit off so far but the rest of his game seems OK - he's back to 4-4.

It's good news for a Briton
2203: In case you've been doing something else with your Sunday afternoon, Britain's Heather Watson is the US junior champ after her win this afternoon, and 5 live's Jonathan Overend caught up with her after the final...

2200: Yes, not really the way to consolidate a break. The Djokovic forehand goes to pieces and he's soon 0-40 and three break points down... and the Serb then double-faults. He leads 4-3, but no longer by a break.

2157: "A very positive start for Djokovic and I think this right now is even," says Jeff Tarango on 5 live. Not any more, Jeff. A Hawkeye challenge goes Djokovic's way and Federer then makes successive errors for 15-40 and two break points.... and a deep return allows Djoko to dominate and force the forehand error from Federer. Djokovic leads 4-2.

2151: Federer clambers all over a second serve to make it 15-30 and then we get a rather bizarre rally in which Djokovic scrambles back from the brink before missing a very makeable backhand pass. Two break points... but Federer nets a return before Djoko comes up with a big one-two for deuce. He repeats the trick for advantage and it's soon 3-2 to the Serb - a big hold.

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2148: "Really looking forward to this! Hope it's more of a contest than the Nadal, er, match."
From Rightjudge via text

1729: Forget about Last of the Summer Wine and The Antiques Roadshow, this is not a normal Sunday evening and I require your input with a text to 81111 or a message to Twitter.

2146: Crack! Is exactly the sound of a Federer ace and the Swiss makes it 2-2. We need some drama, anyone seen Serena today?

2142: Todd Martin - the latest member of Team Djokovic -looks on as his man makes it 2-1 easily enough. A quiet start.

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Rafa just did his press conference. Abdominal strain worse than he had been letting on. Started in Montreal. Had MRI. Worse here."

2140: Djokovic sticks a return over the baseline and it's quickly 1-1 after a Federer love-service game.

2138: Djokovic holds to love for 1-0. The sun is shining and all is well. "I think Roger's going to go for the Djokovic backhand and try lots of short slices and try to take over the middle of the court," says Jeff Tarango on 5 live.

5 live's Steve Rudge tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Del Po through. Who will he face? Find out on 5live right now. Federer v Djokovic about to happen....women's final later too!"

2135: Djokovic to serve...

2130: So here we go, Federer v Djokvovic for a place in the US Open final against Juan Martin del Potro. They've met 12 times and Fed leads 8-4, although NoDjo has won two of their three meetings this year.

1954: That's woken me up. Quite a start to a long day/night, with Heather Watson doing the business in the girls' singles and Juan Martin del Potro demolishing The Demolisher. I'll be back at 2130 BST for chapter two - Federer v Djokovic. Still no tweets from Serena...

5 live's Jonathan Overend tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "All the boys will have their say, I'm sure, but that was probably the most clinical demolition job I have seen on a tennis court..."

redboychris on 606: "Well done to Del Potro for me he may be a bigger talent than Murray Tsonga Monfils or Djokovic I hope he goes on to win it.

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1946: "If this was a boxing contest they'd've stopped it some time ago. Absolute brutal hitting from Del Potro. He's made Nadal look like he's a junior."
From anon via text

1943: Juan Martin del Potro - "It's very difficult for me to speak at this moment. This is my favourite tournament - the stadium, the crowd, and I'm very close to my dream of winning this tournament. I think this is the best moment my life. It was the best match of my life, I was so focused in every moment because Rafa is so strong, he can run for five hours, six hours."

1936: Incredible. Del Potro plays a blinder of a game, smacking a backhand down the line for 0-40 and taking it when Nadal puts a forehand long.


1933: Nadal gives it a bit of fist pump early on but it's rather half-hearted, and the crowd goes bananas after Del Potro takes the game with a superb rally finished by a cross-court backhand. He leads by two sets and 5-2.

BBC Radio 5 Live
1928: "The Leaning Tower of Del Potro." That is what Jeff Tarango on 5 live sports extra christens the Argentine after he leans into a couple of huge returns, but Nadal hangs on for 4-2.

1924: Del Potro holds to lead by two sets and 4-1, and there is no sign of the 20-year-old faltering as he approaches a first Grand Slam final.

It's good news for a Briton
1920: Nadal holds to love and pump himself up afterwards, despite the daunting scoreline. He trails by two sets and 3-1. And Peter Norfolk has beaten David Wagner 6-3 3-6 6-3 in the Wheelchair Quad singles.

1916: Boom. Del Potro serves his way to 40-0 and then leans back and cracks a massive forehand down the line for 3-0. Breathtaking stuff from the Argentine and Nadal has no answer at the moment.

It's good news for a Briton
1915: "Thank you to everyone, to the ball boys and girls, to the line judges, to the tournament - thank you! Thank you to my mum and my dad, Guernsey, Bolletieris, I'm so happy!"
US Open girls' champion Heather Watson

1912: Nadal looks pretty pooped. A couple of hours not getting anywhere against Juan Martin del Potro can really take the edge off your day, I'd imagine. The Argentine gets a key break at the start of the third set and leads by two sets and 2-0.

Venus Williams on Twitter: "Good morning everyone, how are you? Take a deep breath today is a new and good day. God bless, vee."

BBC Radio 5 Live
1904: "It's taken nearly two hours for those two sets, this is far from a walkover and that's a mark of how well Del Potro is playing," says David Law on 5 live sports extra. Nadal earns a break point at the start of the third set but Del Potro hammers away to save it, and that takes Nadal to 0-6 on break points for the match.. Del Potro holds and leads 1-0. Peter Norfolk and David Wagner are 3-3 in the final set of the Wheelchair Quad singles.

1857: Absolutely magnifico. Del Potro moves to 0-30 with a hefty forehand and then wins the rally of the day with an unstoppable cross-court backhand. Three set points.... and Nadal nets on the second to put Del Potro 6-2 6-2 up.

5 live's Jonathan Overend tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Heather gives a shout out to Guernsey in her victory speech! Ok, back inside to Ashe for the unfolding drama there..."

1853: Squeaky bum time indeed for Del Potro as he falls 0-30 behind but the big man battles his way to game point and takes it for a set and 5-2. "I think the reach of Del Potro is the main factor so far," says Jeff Tarango on 5 live sports extra.

caxi19 on 606: "This is massively impressive stuff from JMDP but it's squeaky bum time now as he approaches unchartered territory. I think Rafa needs to play with his head and give the body a rest."

1848: "Del Potro is playing unbelievably! Im putting my neck out here but hes younger than murray. And better."
James L, Leeds, via text

1848: In all the excitement about Watson winning the (girls') singles title, Del Potro has been powering on. Two breaks disappear a third goes begging when he just misses with a backhand. The Argentine earns a fourth break point with a fabulous angled backhand volley but nets with a backhand, and Nadal holds on to trail 6-2 4-2.

It's good news for a Briton
1839: She's 17, she's from Guernsey and she deserves an open-top bus tour around central London. Heather Watson has beaten Yana Buchina 6-4 6-1 to win the US Open girls' singles title. Stay tuned for all the reaction, but mine is "hoorah!" and if I had a hat, I'd throw it in the air.

1836: Nadal isn't giving this one up, but then he wouldn't, would he? A huge forehand lands right on the baseline and earns him break point... but he cannot make the return and Del Potro moves a set and 4-1 clear with a thumping smash.

1833: "DelPo looks like Sylar from Heroes!"
From anon via text

1830: Holy Moly. Del Potro absolutely creams a forehand winner for 15-30 before Nadal responds with a thumping backhand down the opposite flank. We then get a long rally of huge hitting which ends with Del Potro firing a forehand winner into the space he has created. Break point... and Nadal double-faults! Del Potro leads by a set and 3-1. And Watson is a set and 4-1, nearly there

Vince Spadea on Twitter: "Staying at the Hilton. I cant help but think my hard earned money is going to Paris' spending sprees. Need to find a Marriott."

1823: DelPo opens with a double-fault and has to battle back from 0-30 to 30-30, at which point Nadal is not happy about an overrule and the point is replayed. JMDP takes it anyway and holds to lead by a set and 2-1. And Watson is up by a set and 3-1.

singhsta2006 on 606: "Del Potro takes the first set, i reckon he will need to keep the momentum and win the next set otherwise Nadal will prevail, have you ever seen anyone hit the ball so hard on the backhand side before, Del Potro looks to me a grandslam winner in the making, hes got more potential than a certain andy murray."

BBC Radio 5 Live
1819: Nadal thumps a second serve well long and bends over in some discomfort - let's hope the abdominal problem he's been struggling with isn't going to end this early. The Spaniard gathers himself to hold with a volley as Del Potro makes a couple of errors and it's 1-1 in the second set. "What are you going to save yourself for, there is no tomorrow," says Jeff Tarango on 5 live sports extra on Nadal's injury.

1815: Nadal hits a superb backhand before Del Potro nets to face break point... a Nadal defensive lob is challenged but Hawkeye goes against the Spaniard and Del Potro holds for 1-0 in the second set. And it's good news for Britain as Watson moves a set and 2-0 up in the girls' final, and Peter Norfolk is a set up on American David Wagner in the Wheelchair Quad singles.

1812: "Re 1732 & 1738 the problem was not the timing of the call but the fact that it was not in all probability a foot fault. So it was a case of a badcall at a bad time & thus overshadowing a great match."
From Pete in Derby via text

It's good news for a Briton
1805: Del Potro's power and depth from the baseline is causing Nadal problems and he gets two set points at 15-40... but Nadal recovers to deuce, only to net a forehand for set point three... and Del Potro bludgeons a succession of forehands until one gets past Nadal to give him the set 6-2. Any earlier suggestion that it was 5-3 is purely in your imagination. And Heather Watson has taken the first set 6-4 against Yana Buchina in the girls' singles final.

Text in your views on 81111
1800: "Kim must feel quite at home on the tennis court, with Serena throwing her toys out of the pram."
From Rachel Tyrrell, Lincoln, via text

1800: "Del po looks like wolverine..."
From anon via text

It's good news for a Briton
1758: "Vamos!" indeed. We get the full Nadal fist pump as he races to smack a cross-court forehand winner past Del Potro for break point.... but he then misses with the return. Del Potro helps him out with a surprise double-fault and it's break point two... but this time it's the Argentine who's shouting "Vamos!" when a big serve gets him out of trouble. It's a fantastic game and Nadal misses a great chance at deuce with another missed volley before Del Potro holds for 5-2. And Watson now leads Yana Buchina 5-3 on Court Seven. Told you.

richards_8 on Twitter: "With Nadal running round and playing like this i find it hard to believe he's that badly injured. It's also odd how Nadal managed to secure the 1st semi final even though he played last. I suspect uncle Toni is behind it!"

A celeb has been spotted
1749: Charlize Theron is in the house. With her boyfriend, whatever his name is. Anyway, Nadal gets a much-needed love hold to trail 4-2, and Watson trails Buchina 3-2 by a break.

1745: Whoops. Del Potro skips back to make room for a forehand and slips over. Fortunately he's OK, meaning it's officially alright that I laughed. He gets up, whacks a couple of aces and it's 4-1.

1743: Fantastic stuff from Del Potro, who is matching Nadal from the back of the court and earns another break point... but cannot make the return and it's deuce. Del Potro gets a second break point... and takes it when Nadal floats a backhand volley long. It's 3-1 to the Argentine.

Text in your views on 81111
1740: " These semis are as good as finals for me, depending on who the finalists are there are certain combinations where the winner seems easy to predict ... Of course, this is tennis, you never know (especially after last night!)."
From anon via text

1738: "In response to 1709- a foot fault is a foot fault whether it is on the first point of the match or the last. That's how rules work."
From Tim bidey, york, via text

It's bad news for a Briton
1738: Buchina has broken Watson to lead 3-1 on Court Seven. Long way to go though, hold your nerve Britain.

1733: And a manual refresh will take you back to the correct time. Ill get it together soon, promise. Fortunately, Rafa and J-Po (any takers for that one?) are looking considerably sharper than me and some great hitting on the forehand side takes Nadal to break point... but the Spaniard hooks a forehand wide and he would have expected to make that. Del Potro serves his way to 2-1.

Text in your views on 81111
1732: "If it's a fault, it's a fault, no matter what point you are on. What next? Not calling the ball 'out' on match points? The official got it spot on."
From David , in sunny Glasgow, via text

1729: I'm too confused to have any cogent thoughts so let me know yours with a text to 81111 or a message to Twitter.

1726: Del Potro gets back from 40-15 down to deuce with some deep returns and after two deuces earns a break point.... but Nadal pushes him back with a good serve and a heavy forehand and the Argentine nets. Del Potro frames a forehand moments later and it's 1-1.

BBC Radio 5 Live
1717: 5 live's Jonathan Overend on Serena: "She'll be fined - no doubt about that. The big penalty, though, was the code violation she received which lost her the match - and the tarnishing of her reputation. It will influence the way people think about her. It didn't look like a foot fault on the replays - but that's not the point."

It's good news for a Briton
1717: Nadal opens with a great drop shot but Del Potro recovers to hold for 1-0. Meanwhile, Britain's Heather Watson is 1-0 up against Yana Buchina in the girls' final.

The sun is out
1715: Back to the present and, as you all know, it's Nadal v Del Potro up first and not Federer v Djokovic as I said at the start. My brain hurts. The players are knocking up on a sun-drenched Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Anne Keothavong on Twitter: "Clijsters in final... wow. Serena going nuts... wow. Womens tennis=drama."

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "The media bus is abuzz with talk of last night. The bus driver waded in saying that, regardless of frustration, Serena showed 'no class'."

1709: Try as I might, it's hard to concentrate on the men's semis just now as everyone is still talking about Serena's outburst last night. Jeff Tarango on 5 live sports extra was not impressed with her behaviour but suggests officials should not be calling foot faults on such important points. Any thoughts on that? Thought so.

5 live's Steve Rudge tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Lots of live comm today. 5live Sports Extra @ 5pm for Nadal v DelP. 5live @ 9pm for Fed v Djok. 5live @ 2am for Clijsters v Wozniacki!"

1700: Good afternoon, and welcome to the wacky world of the US Open. I have very little idea what time or even day it is, but I do know we've still got a tournament to finish. First up today is Rafael Nadal against Juan Martin del Potro, before Roger Federer plays Novak Djokovic in the men's semi-finals.

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