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US Open day 13 as it happened


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By Piers Newbery

0420: Well, Serena is currently holding a bizarre press conference and I will bring you the news from that as soon as possible, check the match report for the latest and I'll meet you back here at 1700 BST for the men's semi-finals - Rafael Nadal v Juan Martin del Potro, and Roger Federer v Novak Djokovic. And then we have the women's final between Kim Clijsters and Caroline Wozniacki at 0200 BST. Blimey.

0417: Serena Williams is asked exactly what said to the line judge: "I don't remember any more, it was in the moment - it was a really crucial point."

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0412: "Oh. My. God. On the other hand, Clijsters absolutely deserved to win and I'm delighted for her. Go Kim!"
From Kim via text

0412: "The last couple of days have been a joke but that was just ridiculous, we don't know what serena said but that line call was a shocker! And will no doubt take some of the limelight of what up until that point had been a superb clijsters' performance."
From anon via text

0412: "It's 4am and i'm shocked by tennis. Unreal. I love sports!"
From Daryl, kent, via text

The match is over
0409: And amid all the drama, Caroline Wozniacki beats Yanina Wickmayer 6-3 6-3 to reach the final.

BBC Radio 5 Live
0407: OK, 5 live's Alastair Eykyn informs us that the foot-fault took Serena to 15-40 and match-point down, and her angry exchange resulted in a penalty point which ended the match. Extraordinary.

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0405: "Was serena defaulted coz of the two faults or was it because of a 2nd code violation? What a way to end a good match. Kim deserves this win nonethe less."
From Tiago, Farnborough, via text

0400: Too right, Phil. Clijsters does a rather uncomfortable on-court interview but says she couldn't hear what Serena said so can't comment. I rather doubt that Wozniacki and Wickmayer are serving up similar drama on Armstrong but the Dane leads 6-3 4-4.

0358: "I didn't see that coming! What a way for the match to end."
From Pete via text

A shock result
0356: That is the most extraordinary end to a match I've ever seen, and Kim Clijsters looks in shock as she sits on her chair after Serena Williams has long since marched off court. Whether Serena was directly defaulted or handed penalty points is not exactly clear yet. Either way, the result is 6-4 7-5 and Clijsters is into the final as a wildcard.


0352: An error on the first point is immediately erased by a walloping ace from Serena, but the American then plays a nervous backhand into the net for 15-30. Oh by crikey... Serena misses with a first serve and is then called for a foot-fault, and Serena lays into the line judge who then goes to the umpire and reports what has been said. The tournament referee comes on and we have a four-way argument. "I didn't say I would kill you, are you serious?" says Serena.

0346: Clijsters plays a fabulous opening point of relentless clean hitting before sticking away a cross-court backhand, and she smacks an ace to quickly hold to love. Very impressive and she's up by a set and 6-5 - one game away.

0344: Brilliant stuff from Serena, who throws herself around at the net like Pat Rafter in his pomp to get to 40-0 and soon makes it 5-5.

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing MEadows: "AE and Wendy Turnbull with regular 5 live updates on a thrilling match between Serena and Kim. Kim is looking very, very good."

0340: After the drama of the previous game and then double-faulting on the first point, Clijsters does well to reel off four straight points - the last an ace - for 5-4. Meanwhile, in front of a sparse crowd on Armstrong, Wozniakci leads Wickmayer by a set but trails by a break at 3-2 in the second. It's probably not how the two 19-year-olds envisaged their first Grand Slam semi-final.

0337: Serena double-faults at 15-15 and the crowd senses this could be the moment for Clijsters. The Belgian backs it up with a fizzing backhand down the line for 15-40 and two break points... but she nets a backhand in a long and tense rally, and a screaming Serena smashes away a forehand drive-volley for deuce. Clijsters just keeps on hitting the baseline though and forces Serena to go long for break point three... and Serena hits an ace. And then another! Incredible stuff. She then makes a hash of a volley and we're back to deuce. And hits an ace. Clijsters nets and it's 4-4. Big game.

0328: Serena is nothing of not a battler and powers her way to 0-30 but Clijsters then plays a blinder of a rally, finished off with a cross-court backhand. Serena nets a second-serve return for 30-30 and Clijsters arrows a backhand down the line to seal the game and a 4-3 lead.

0325: Clijsters hits the ball to a fantastic length as she forces Serena into errors, and at 15-40 the Belgian has two break points... Serena saves the first with a smash, accompanied by a blood-curdling scream, and Clijsters nets on the second. Serena is foot-faulted at deuce and everyone holds their breath, but the American remains calm. She still nets though and it's another break point... saved with a crunching forehand. A great Clijsters forehand earns her break point four... and she takes it with some heavy forehand hitting. It's 3-3 in the second set. Wozniacki breaks to take the first set 6-3 against Wickmayer.

0318: Wozniacki is broken to love when serving for the first set but still leads Wickmayer 5-3.

0316: I seem to be talking a lot more about Serena than Clijsters - no bias, I assure you, it's just been all about her for the last few minutes. And it is again when the American plays two huge returns to move to 0-30, before Clijsters plays a beauty of a backhand lob to make it 30-30. Serena then forces an error for break point... and plays a brilliant rally, drawing Clijsters in with a good drop shot and then hooking a forehand past the Belgian. Serena leads 3-2 with a break in the second set.

0313: After a couple more shaky errors Serena does well to gather herself and wallop down a big serve for 2-2.

0308: Serena has a half a chance at 0-30 but makes a poor forehand error, and an ace helps Clijsters move 2-1 in front. Wozniacki leads Wickmayer 3-2 with a break. In the first set. I know.

0305: A selection of deft drop shots, cunning angled slices and Edbergesue volleys get Serena off on the right track. Not really. She bludgeons everything like there's no tomorrow (which it already is) and it works at first but Clijsters hangs in and gets the break back for 1-1. "I can't believe it," mutters Serena on her way back to the baseline.

0301: Serena is a very angry lady. One error produces a fairly terrifying reaction, a winner then brings out something even more frightening. It seems to work though as she breaks for 1-0. Wickmayer and Wozniacki are dawdling along at 2-2 - what on earth are they doing out on Armstrong?

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0300: "Has any wildcard woman ever reached a grand slam final? Hopefully kim will reach it... The win in 3 to kim."
Ross, surprisingly still awake in Dundee, via text

0300: "The belgian 21st century super mum is looking electric. Serena on the rocks? Lets hope so."
From Dan via text

Someone is having a tantrum
0257: Serena races to 30-0 before Clijsters cracks a backhand winner down the line and follows up with an even better cross-court forehand. Serena then nets to fall 30-40 and set point down... and then dumps a backhand into the net to give it to Clijsters 6-4. Serena is hot happy and smashes her racquet to bits, prompting a code violation.

0253: "Hello! please stay awake piers, we need to know who wins!clijsters in 2 i say!"
From anon via text

0252: Clijsters holds to love again for 5-4 and is a game from the first set in what seems like no time. And Wickmayer levels at 1-1 - that one could take a while.

0250: Not if I have anything to do with it, Joanna. I haven't given up two weeks for a 'draw'. We play on! Serena hammers down a couple of huge serves to level at 4-4 and Wozniacki has the early break against Wickmayer at 1-0.

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0246: "If it keeps raining, when will the finals be?!? Is there a point when they just give up and call it a draw..."
From Joanna, definitely awake. Really. Via text.

0246: Serena responds magnificently with three blistering points for 0-40 and three break points... but Clijsters saves the first with a heavy backhand and two Serena errors take us to deuce. Still, Serena earns a fourth break point and converts with a thumping forehand down the line to trail 4-3. And the teenagers on Armstrong are bravely giving it a go, Wozniacki missing an early break point.

1802: After another nine hours of inactivity it's still all too much for me. Keep me on my toes with a text to 81111 or a message to Twitter.

0241: Well, they're back out for the start of game six on Ashe but Clijsters doesn't look too happy about it, and they've stopped on Armstrong after just one point. Serena appears happy to play on, but is probably less keen after she double-faults for 15-40 and sticks a forehand long on the first break point. Clijsters leads 4-2.

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0237: "I think Clijsters will make the early running before Williams comes to win in 3."
From Pete via text

0235: Clijsters races to another hold at 3-2. Great news - it's raining!

0234: Serena powers through a swift service game and both women look very much up to speed now at 2-2.

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0231: "Yay we have some tennis. Are you still awake Piers?"
From anon via text

0231: Good news, Wozniacki and Wickmayer fans - the two 19-year-olds are about to get under way on Louis Armstrong.

0230: Clijsters may have a 1-7 record against Serena but she's started superbly, dropping just two points in two service games and hitting beautifully from the baseline.

0227: Serena comes through her opening service game, although it's Clijsters who looks marginally more comfortable so far.

5 live's Steve Rudge tweeting from Flushing MEadows: "Get this ..... tennis! actual tennis... on a tennis court... in new york! Keep up to date on 5live or the BBC Sport website..."

0223: Clijsters opens with a solid service hold to 15 and the Belgian looks a lot sharper than I feel right now.

Venus Williams on Twitter: "Out at the match! It's hard in the stands, harder than playing for sure! Go Serena!"

0215: And I was just booking a cab.... unless my eyes deceive me, Kim Clijsters and Serena Williams are knocking up on a dark and chilly Arthur Ashe Stadium and it seems we are going to get our semi-finals.

MatthewLumby on Twitter: "It is still very damp here in New York. My guess is that we will end up with 4 semis tomorrow and 2 finals on Monday."

2335: I think any order of play has to be taken with a pinch of salt while we've still got both women's semi-finals to play. The latest news is that Wickmayer v Wozniacki has been relegated to Armstrong as and when the rain relents, with Clijsters v Serena still at 0100 BST. Meanwhile, the USTA have been giving their views on a roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium and defending 'Super Saturday'.

sssssarah on Twitter: "Nadal's going first tomorrow, and not Fed. Interesting development don't you think? Also is play off for today."

It's bad news for a Briton
It's good news for a Briton
2145: Mixed news from the girls' semi-finals as Heather Watson thrashes Daria Gavrilova 6-3 6-0, but Laura Robson goes down 1-6 6-3 7-5 to Buchina of Russia. It's still raining by the way.

It's good news for a Briton
1903: Glad tidings from the 5 live team, we have British success at Flushing Meadows. In the girls' quarter-finals, Laura Robson beat Lauren Davis 6-2 6-3 and Heather Watson beat Noppawan Lertcheewakarn 6-2 6-1 - quite a result for Watson against the second seed. The semi-finals will take place shortly with both Britons facing Russian opposition, Robson up against Yana Buchina and Watson playing Daria Gavrilova.

chicaratamura on Twitter: "Wednesday final please! Got school on Monday and Tuesday but have Wednesday afternoon free."

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Great scheduling this isn't it? Massive backlog of matches, and they schedule doubles ahead of a singles semi. Now it's raining again."

It's raining
1819: Before I leave you for the moment, it's raining again. Tuesday finish anyone?

1812: Right, next up on Arthur Ashe Stadium is the men's doubles final - don't ask - before the first women's semi between Yanina Wickmayer and Caroline Wozniacki. I'll be back for that as and when it gets going, and promise to bring you the latest weather information. I'm now going to find out exactly what Laura Rosbon and Heather Watson are up to...

1802: After 36 hours of inactivity it's all too much for me right now. Keep me on my toes with a text to 81111 or a message to Twitter.

Sahaviour on 606: "Wonderful and so happy to have Nadal back in the slams. He makes everything so much better. Federer/Nadal yet again I think."

A bagel
1750: Rafael Nadal completes a 7-6 (7-4 ) 7-6 (7-3) 6-0 win over Fernando Gonzalez in just over half an hour to reach the semi-finals .

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1748: "Gone-zo. Get the bagel ready."
From TBag via text

1747: Much as I like the man end enjoy his tennis, this is a very, very poor effort from Gonzo. He drops serve again with a bizarre attempted half-volley after finding himself stranded in the middle of the court and Nadal will serve for the match.

1743: Gonzalez can barely keep it in court at the moment, whereas Nadal looks sharp. He gets to 40-0 and plays a deft drop shot for 7-6 7-6 4-0.

First aid
1740: Gonzo is getting some strapping changed on his left foot, which might allow the rain to delay proceedings again. "It was dry all morning and now the rain arrives," says Jonathan Overend on 5 live sports extra. "We should have been here at 10am. Gonzalez has played badly for 20 minutes and now he's having his strapping completely replaced. Come on Gonzalez, if you don't want to play let Nadal take his place in the semi-finals. It's absurd."

5 live's Steve Rudge tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Nadal v Gonzalez on BBC 5live SportsExtra now - better be quick it could be over very shortly."

1735: Nadal earns another break point but lets Gonzalez off the hook when he nets a second-serve return. No matter, another break point arrives soon enough and Gonzo goes for a ridiculous forehand drive volley that he frames into the stands. This one is almost over, only the few spots of rain can save Gonzalez now. He trails 7-6 7-6 3-0.

1732: A beautiful backhand winner gets Gonzo off on the right foot but when he floats a sliced backhand wide it's game point for Rafa. The Spaniard comes into the net but Gonzalez easily picks up a drop volley and puts away the backhand for deuce. Nadal takes the initiative with a vicious forehand that sets up the simple volley, and Gonzo nets to hand over the game. Nadal leads 7-6 7-6 2-0.

Someone is having a tantrum
1725: Gonzalez is in big trouble when he slips to 0-30 and after managing to level, he double-faults to give Nadal a break point. A big serve averts the danger but we then get another double-fault and a trademark racquet smash from the Chilean. He trails 7-6 7-6 1-0. Oh dear.

1719: A disastrous start for Gonzalez, who misses three successive forehands to put Nadal 6-2 up, and the Spaniard takes his first set point. After waiting around for best part of a day and a half, Gonzo might have blown it within three minutes. Nadal leads 7-6 (7-4) 7-6 (7-2).

1716: So we're off.. Gonzo serving at 3-2 down in the tie-break.

1712: I'm still here. After day 12 was washed out, I return from a day off to find that precisely nothing has changed. Rafael Nadal still leads Fernando Gonzalez by one set to love and is on serve at 3-2 in the second set tie-break in the last of the men's quarter-finals. Pam Shriver's favourite Belgian, Yanina Wickmayer, is due to take on Caroline Wozniacki in the first women's semi, before Kim Clijsters plays Serena Williams at 0100 BST. Weather permitting.

5 live's Jonathan Overend tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "US Open getting a lot of grief for scheduling. It's been dry here all morning so fingers crossed. Very cloudy though, Rafa v Gonzo 1st."

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