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US Open day nine as it happened


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By Piers Newbery

0501: If you like a bit of "Vamos!" then the last few hours have been good to you, with Fernando Gonzalez and Rafael Nadal at their best. Not so if Murray's more your thing but he will be back, honest. Thanks for your company, we go again at 1700 BST with the start of the quarter-finals. It's the big one first, Wickmayer v Bonadarenko, before Djokovic, Oudin, Federer and the rest try to live up to that epic clash. Hasta pronto.

5 live's Jonathan Overend on Twitter: "Monfils is the footballer who scores a consolation and celebrates, not the one who picks the ball out of the net & runs back to 1/2 way."

The match is over
0452: World number three Rafael Nadal beats Gael Monfils 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 6-1 6-3, with Monfils again bent over in exhaustion before the match point. It's been a bit of a lesson for the Frenchman, much as Andy Murray's defeat by the Spaniard at last year's Wimbledon was for the Briton. And who says Nadal can't win in New York this week? Not me, no sir.

0447: We get a lovely shot of two fellas decked out in the yellow Rafa gear and headbands, but sipping on a couple of beers and, it's fair to say, not exactly matching the Spaniard's athletic physique. Good lads, keeping it real. The wind appears to have departed Monfils' sails and a double-fault takes him to 0-40 and three break points for Nadal.... and a second double-fault puts the Spaniard one game from victory.

0443: Monfils has a nasty slip at the back of the court but is helped to his feet by a ball boy - I say boy, he's probably about 30 - and it's smiles all round. Except from Nadal, who is too busy holding serve for any of that nonsense. He leads 4-3 in the fourth.

0440: Two aces in a row and Monfils is back to 3-3. Second wind or a last hurrah? I do not know.

0436: It's not over yet. Monfils fights back to earn two break points and, after spraying a forehand wide on the first, Nadal plays a pretty poor sliced backhand that drifts wide. Monfils trails 3-2 but is back on serve.

0432: Great stuff from Monfils at 15-40 and staring down the barrel as he throws everything at Nadal and takes it with a cross-court backhand. The thing about Nadal is he's always there for the next one, and the Spaniard takes his second break point when the tiring Frenchman smacks a forehand long. Nadal now leads by two sets to one and 3-1.

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0425: "Its such a joy watching nadal play like this. Battling so hard in the first set and a half, then taking charge of the rest of the match! Almost makes up for the disappointment of murray losing.
From Ali via text

0425: "How does Nadal do it? Brutal 30 shot rallies. Monfils has his hands on his knees while Rafa is still running to and from chair at the changeover."
From Ed via text

0424: "My sofa had made an excellent mould for my bum you know - I've been sitting in the exact same seat since murray was on court..and within that time i've said good night and good morning to my pops! This game is an absolute stonker! Sleep is simply out of the question!"
From anon via text

0414: Monfils gets a huge cheer as he comes through another sticky service game to level at 1-1 early in the fourth, and the crowd are certainly getting behind him. They want five sets.

0414: "Allez Monfiiiiils!" screams one young French voice in the crowd. French schoolchildren - is there anything more terrifying? They can clear a tube carriage in under 10 seconds. Anyway, their man Monfils is struggling now and faces two set points at 15-40.... and he blazes a forehand wide on the second. Nadal moves 6-7 6-3 6-1 ahead.

First aid
0412: The trainer nips out to put some more strapping on Monfils' left wrist. Meanwhile, Fernando Gonzalez has been soberly reflecting on his win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. "Sometimes you feel like super hero," says the man from Chile. "I understand that the people come to watch, I mean, to have fun. For me, the Grand Slams are what you always dream to play. I like New York. There is a lot of energy in town. A little bit of stress sometimes, but there's a lot of energy. I like that."

0408: Monfils does indeed look exhausted as he gives up another break point with a tired error, but he saves it with an ace. A double-fault and an overhit forehand give Nadal a second break point.... and Monfils goes wide with the forehand. The Spaniard leads 4-1 in the third set.

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0402: "Looks like there is only one way its going from here! Monfils looks exhausted! Brilllliaaaaaaaant stuff."
From anon via text

0400: Monfils does a god job of holding serve after losing his three previous service games, but he's still a break down at 2-1 in the third set.

0355: Nadal lets out a "Vamos!" that they can probably hear in Mallorca when Monfils puts a forehand long to drop serve at the start of the third set. It's all going Nadal's way for the moment but we've had plenty of twists already, so I'm predicting nothing.

0350: "Awesome match we are having here!"
From anon via text

0347: Nadal moves 40-0 clear while Monfils still appears to be a bit pooped, but the Frenchman finds two searing cross-court backhand winners to put the pressure on and then smacks another down the line after a poor Nadal volley. Deuce, and Nadal comes up with a far better effort from the net, playing a stone-dead drop shot, before firing a service winner on his fourth set point to make it one set all.

0341: It's exhausting stuff now, epic rallies and huge hitting - right up Nadal's street you would think. At 30-30, we get another such rally and Monfils finally cracks, sending one long for break point and doubling over with his tongue hanging out, gasping for air. A forehand error follows moments later and, right now, Rafa appears to have turned Flushing Meadows into Roland Garros. He will serve for the set...

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0339: "I know Nadal is one set down but how is he as big as 10/1 to win this tournament?! If Nadal wins surely he would be second favourite to win!"
From Aman, London, via text on 81111

0334: Nadal hooks a forehand into the net and Monfils gets the chance to hit back straight away with a break point... crazy rally follows, with Nadal lucky to stay in after a mishit, Monfils seemingly taking it with a smash, but Nadal giving him a scare by sending a forehand flying back past him. Fortunately for the Frenchman, Hawkeye confirms it just went out and we're back on serve at 4-3 to Nadal.

0328: Monfils drops his level for the first time in a while as a poor forehand goes well long for 0-30 but a big serve and an athletic sprint to the net bring him level. However, the Frenchman just misses with a forehand down the line and it's break point Nadal... and he converts with a pass after Monfils rushes the net again. The Spaniard leads 4-2 in the second set.

0323: Sorry Seun but, er.... Nadal plays a solid service game and moves 3-2 up on serve.

0320: I love everyone, Seun, it's in my nature. However, a quick scan does suggest I've been a bit Rafa heavy and not given Monfils his due, as he's playing superbly. Another thumping service game flies by and his forehand has been amazing so far tonight. How's that?

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0320: "Nadal races, Nadal swats, Nadal spoons. Come on Piers! We know you love Rafael, but it's Monfil ahead now."
From Seun, London, via text

0317: We get a couple of regulation holds, interrupted only by a bit of confusion over a line call that sees a line judge summoned to the umpire's chair for clarification, and Nadal leads 2-1 on serve but trails by a set. And I manage to drop my headphones in my cup, guaranteeing a soggy ear for the rest of the match. Great.

0309: Nadal is cruising at 40-0 but then gets a little tight - or nervous as normal people say - and lets Monfils back in with four straight points. The Spaniard is not about to cave in though and fires a forehand into the corner to save the break point. We get a magnificent rally that sees both men at their best before Nadal finds a delicate drop shot and takes the game - he leads 1-0 in the second set.
0258: Nadal spoons an ugly forehand wide to fall 4-2 behind at the changeover, and a dart to the net and a thumping ace take the Frenchman to 6-3 and three set points... he then waves his arms furiously to get the crowd going - not sure about that before Nadal is about to serve - and he wins the set when the Spaniard goes wide with a forehand.

0250: Nadal swats away a forehand for another love hold and we're into a tie-break....

0245: After Nadal races through his service game, Monfils does well to stop a run of three games against him with a solid hold for 6-5, although Rafa does manage one superb forehand return down the line.

0238: Never rule out Rafa. He gets to 0-40 and three break points...... Monfils saves the first with a clubbing forehand but Nadal converts the second with a whipped forehand up the line, and gives it some Gonzoesque "Vaaammooosss!!!" He's feeling Hot, Hot, Hot, as the song plays around the stadium, and trails 5-4 on serve.

0228: We're getting plenty of hard-hitting from the baseline as expected but it's the Frenchman who's dictating for now, and he consolidates his break to lead 5-2. We can all enjoy some Off The Wall era Michael Jackson during the changeover. They should do this at Wimbledon but play Elgar instead.

0221: Monfils holds to move 4-1 clear and he's looking good.

0217: If Nadal is injured, I'd like to be that injured. At 15-15 he comes up with the most incredible bit of scrambling to restart a rally that had all but finished, only to see Monfils end it with a fizzing forehand pass. The Frenchman then hits a backhand winner for 15-40 and two break points... he goes long with a backhand on the first but Nadal then sends a forehand wide and Monfils leads 3-1.

5 live's David Law on Twitter: "If you believe the reports and rumour, Rafa isn't 100%. From where I'm watching (halfway to the moon), he looks alright to me!"

0209: Monfils throws in a double-fault but holds in the opening game and Nadal responds with an easy hold of his own for 1-1.

0203: The pre-match chat on this one has been about Nadal's fitness and whether he's completely match-sharp after his long lay-off with a knee injury, and if his more recent abdominal strain will be a problem. Because of all this there seem to be quite a few people tipping Monfils. However, fellow Spaniard Juan Carlos Ferrero said earlier that "Rafa recovered good from his abdominal", so I'm backing the Aussie Open champion.

0156: Here they are, Nadal bouncing up and down on his toes in customary boxer style, decked out in yellow and black again, while Monfils towers over him in his sleeveless turquoise number.

5 live's David Law on Twitter: "The stars are out in force as Serena reaches the semifinals - Steve Carrell from the brilliant American Office on the front row."

0146: So, Gonzalez is through to the last eight and a match against Nadal or Monfils. "I'm only focused on the next one," says Gonzo. "I have to play some good tennis and keep my focus." The Arthur Ashe Stadium crowd is shuffling around as crowds do as we await the arrival of Rafa and La Monf.

The match is over
0138: It wasn't as straightforward as the score suggests but Serena Williams completes a clinical 6-4 6-3 win over Flavia Pennetta, and the defending champion will play Kim Clijsters in the semi-final. Next up, Rafael Nadal v Gael Monfils.

The match is over
0130: Fernando Gonzalez beats Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 3-6 6-3 7-6 6-4. The Chilean gets to 15-40 and after Tsonga smacks an ace, the big man from Chile hits a monster backhand that forces his opponent to volley long. Gonzo raises his arms in victory and then shares an extremely brief and cold handshake with Jo Willy. No love lost there. And Serena has broken Pennetta and is closing on victory. It's all too much.

0124: In a complete contrast to previous nights, serve is dominating today and my pining for the days of Sampras and Ivanisevic obviously worked. It's certainly anything but dull on Louis Armstrong, where Gonzalez holds to lead 5-4 in the fourth set and Tsonga must serve to stay in it. Serena leads Pennetta by a set and 3-2 on serve.

5 live's David Law on Twitter: "Really surprised to see Gonzalez beating Tsonga. Thought the Frenchman would have too much variety and athleticism for him. May well yet."

0114: All is in order - Serena leads Pennetta by a set and 2-1 on serve, Gonzalez leads Tsonga two sets to one and 3-2 on serve. And Melanie Oudin has been hitting ahead of Wednesday's quarter-final against Caroline Wozniacki, but the 17-year-old American is having a day off from the media as the interest in her goes through the roof. "She's a little sore after having three tough matches," said her coach. "All the fuss over her has gotten to be too much, so we're trying to cool it a little bit." Very sensible.

0104: Tsonga earns a break point at the start of the fourth set but misses by a whisker with a forehand down the line. Another chance arrives moments later and this time, under pressure, he misses the same shot down the other side of the court. Gonzo hangs on. In similar fashion, Pennetta gets a break point over on Ashe but nets a forehand. She then comes up with a backhand lob to earn a second chance.... but again breaks down first in a punishing rally and Serena holds for 1-0.

0057: After battling hard for half an hour, Pennetta crumbles to give away her serve to love with a couple of loose errors and Serena takes it 6-4.

0054: "Vammmooooossss!" Indeed. Gonzalez makes the breakthrough with a couple of fearsome backhands to lead 6-3 and takes it with an ace. Unfortunately, I have a French flag but nothing for Chile. Next year... Serena leads Pennetta 5-4 on serve.

0051: This is what it's all about - Gonzo and Tsonga change round at 3-3 and the tie-break is as tight and as good as expected. Two towering Tsonga smashes are the highlight for me so far.

Dextertate on Twitter: "Its funny that two players who have only one big shot (forehand) and who kind of cancel each other out, make such a good match."

0047: Gonzo holds and we're into a tie-break at one set all. You could say this will be crucial....

0046: "Tsonga v gonzo is one of those matches where you don't want either to lose. Great game so far. P.s, what a lob from gonzo!"
From anon via text

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0045: "Funny how people forget the magic that Murray can produce after one bad performance, but i suppose that's all it takes. I am sure he will win a slam one day. he is determined enough and will work hard. he loves this particular tournament so much and it will hurt him greatly to lose like this, so i am sure he will come back stronger and more determined than ever. Frankly, i look forward to it! "
From anon via text

0043: A terrific backhand lob takes Gonzo to 5-5, 15-30, and it feels like a chance. All the more so when the Chilean fires a massive forehand for 15-40, but Tsonga battles his way out of trouble. "Allez!" Meanwhile, Pennetta is holding her own but trails Serena 3-2.

0038: "I improve a little bit my serve. I need to be good with that weapon. Today my serve works excellent."
Juan Martin del Potro after firing 22 aces, the fastest at 137mph, in his win over Juan Carlos Ferrero.

0030: Pennetta levels for 1-1 with the help of a beautiful lob, while Gonzalez makes it 4-4 against Tsonga in the third. Gonzo looking the stronger now, I'm changing my tip. And I'm about to crack open some wholemeal pitta bread, thanks for asking. It's all about the houmous.

pandorapink on Twitter: "So, what are you snacking on tonight to comfort yourself after the shock exit.....?"

0026: We're under way on Ashe, with Serena Williams holding serve for 1-0 against Flavia Pennetta.

0021: It's raining heavyweight blows on Louis Armstrong Stadium, great stuff - Tsonga earns three break points but misses with a sitter of a pass on the first, before Gonzalez muscles him out of the next two and takes the game with a thumping forehand.

jitters on Twitter: "Come on Gonzalez. I've got £500 of my money saying you can win this!!!!!"

0012: Clearly, I am not about deny you the chance to air your thoughts on Murr.... the British number one. Gonzalez holds to love for 2-2.

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0012: "Re 2357: Before you take on the challenge... Murray played too defesively, not withstanding the injury he supposedly have. Nonetheless, he needs to add more 'attack' to his game. Nadal to win and take back his number two ranking!"
Tiago, Farnborough, via text

0011: "People need to stop using this term 'big hitters'. It means nothing, no tennis player gets to the world top 32 just by 'hitting big', yet somehow this pessimistic view of the game abounds amongst those looking to simplify this beautiful sport. Oh dear."
Sam, London, via text

0009: Tsonga is jumping after another great hold to lead 2-1 in the third set, and only a fool would predict this one. I'm going for Tsonga.

0006: A certain person may be gone but the sun will rise over Flushing Meadows on Wednesday and we will have two women's and two men's quarter-finals to enjoy - first up at 1730 BST is, not surprisingly, Wickmayer v Bondarenko, followed Djokovic v Verdasco. The night session from midnight (UK time) will feature Oudin v Wozniacki, and Federer v Soderling.

0001: Wise words Alan, that could be tricky Kim - but I'm with you on Gonzo and Jo Willy, it's already turning into a fantastic match and I think we'll have a couple more tonight on Arthur Ashe Stadium. Gonzalez and Tsonga are 1-1 in the third set

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2357: "Piers, I challenge you to cover the rest of your shift without any mention at all of A.M."
From Kim, enjoying Gonzo and La Tsong in Hertfordshire, via text

2357: "It's a shame that Murray lost, but hey, life goes on. And it's not as if he's suddenly become a bad player - just had a bad day at the office."
From Alan via text

2354: With a bit of biff, Gonzalez serves out the second set comfortably to level at one set all.

Text in your views on 81111
2352: "Andy Murray was awful tonight. I can't see him winning a major in the next few years. He can't live up to some of the games big hitters. All due respect to cilic but federer or nadal would have beaten him no matter how well he played. Monfils to beat nadal tonight as well."
Chris from st ives via text on 81111

2348: Feel free to let it all out, you know you'll feel better, with a text to 81111 or a message to Twitter. Actually, having seen some of the texts sent during Caroline's shift, don't let it all out.

2347: Keep your collective chins up for we have a cracking night ahead of us, with my tip Serena Williams taking on my outside tip Flavia Pennetta at midnight, followed by Rafael Nadal v Gael Monfils in the early hours.

2341: Evening all, have I missed much? I can tell you that Fernando Gonzalez has come though another belter of a game and leads Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 4-1 in the second set after losing the first. Please manually refresh if you wish to begin the process of erasing all memories of today and seeing my name magically appear at the top of the page.

By Caroline Cheese

2332: Righto, I'm off. Piers Newbery, a man almost as combustible as Gonzo, is waiting in the wings. See you tomorrow...

2331: Seriously, you need armour if you're on Armstrong tonight. Gonzo sends another racquet flying as he sees a Tsonga volley land in the open court. But wait. The Chilean has a break point... and he takes it with a dipping return followed by the easy put-away. He leads 2-0 in the second set.

Text in your views on 81111
From Tom, Oxford, via text on 81111: "Can see Gonzo potentially breaking as many rackets as games won in this match. Safin's true heir then!"

2323: Tsonga puts away a volley to wrap up the first set 6-3. In about 37 minutes, Serena Williams and Flavia Pennetta will take to the Arthur Ashe Stadium. That match will be followed by Rafa Nadal v Gael Monfils. Night Owl Piers will be along in a moment to take you through all that.

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From Marty, Leamington, via text on 81111: "Re 2256: the maths is correct. And not only that, if Djokovic wins the tournament then Murray would be down to fourth. Harsh."

2319: Gonzo is a man on the edge. He starts gesturing at someone in the crowd after gifting Tsonga a first set point. A ridiculous half-volley forehand winner gets him back to game point - and Tsonga will have to serve this out at 5-3.

2312: Tsonga sees Gonzo with his finger on the self-destruct button, and promptly loses concentration. He allows the Chilean to recover from 40-0 down to deuce before finally closing out the game to lead 5-2.

Someone is having a tantrum
2305: Look out New York, Fernando Gonzalez is FUMING. It's early in the match but he has already whacked the back wall with his racquet, bounced it on the court - and now it's taken enough. Gonzo passes the bust bat to a lady in the crowd as he heads to the chair for a new one. "I love you," screams the very excited lady. But Gonzo is not in the mood for romance. He trails 4-1.

2301: As for the wrist injury, he said: "I had a problem with it for a week or so but regardless, I just struggled today. I played poorly, I'm very disappointed, after the way that the last three slams went I felt like I had actually played well and lost. Today didn't feel like I played well."

2300: Andy Murray was asked if today's defeat was the biggest disappointment of his career. He replied: "My tennis career, yeah. I mean, worse things have happened to me, that's for sure. In terms of tennis I guess it's just the way the match went that really makes it disappointing."

2256: No idea if that last text is accurate. My appalling maths precludes me from finding out. Still on serve in Tsonga-Gonzalez, the Frenchman leading 2-1.

Text in your views on 81111
From Tiago, Farnborough, via text on 81111: "Due to Murray's loss in R16, if Rafa wins tonight, Rafa will regain the number two ranking."

2250: Fernando Gonzalez rips a backhand down the line, but a dashing serve-volley manoeuvre earns Jo-Wilfried Tsonga the hold in the first game.

2238: No, I have no idea what capsulitis is... Anyway, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga gets a monstrous reception on Armstrong as he makes his entrance. Fernando Gonzalez a touch less popular. This match has all the makings of a cracker (cue damp squib).

Andy Murray's former coach Mark Petchey on Twitter: "No excuses, Cilic played great. Andy did have a scan on his wrist yesterday and has capsulitis, but Marin played superbly in all areas."

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From milkybar63 on 606: "I wonder which big hitter will knock Murray out in Oz? It always happens to Murray: Tsonga, Verdasco, Gonzalez, Roddick..."

2227: Stubbs 'n' Stosur wrap up victory on Armstrong, which means Tsonga v Gonzalez isn't far away.

BBC 5 live tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend on Twitter: "No tantrums or excuses or moans from Murray in press conference... very mature, very very disappointed..."

It's bad news for a Briton
2208: This is like Wimbledon again... Laura Robson is out of the girls' doubles. She and Belarusian partner Anna Orlik lose 10-5 in a champions tie-break against Japanese pair Miyabi Inoue and Risa Ozaki.

2205: Murray goes on to say that he still "plans on playing in the Davis Cup". So a bit of hope for Lloydy there. If you're eagerly awaiting Tsonga-Gonzalez, you may not have much longer. Sam Stosur and Rennae Stubbs are in control, leading Bethanie Mattek and Nadia Petrova 6-2 3-2.

2159: Andy Murray tells his post-match news conference he is suffering from a left wrist injury, but he doesn't know the extent of it or how long he'll be out for. Bad news for Great Britain's Davis Cup hopes. John Lloyd's team play Poland next weekend, and the skipper was rather hoping Murray would carry them to victory.

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From agile&fragile on 606: "Too many bad days since he moved in the office. I'm stunned, honestly. I'm not a Murray fan but just could not understand how suddenly he played so badly. He usually play well against tall guys. Anything to do with injury, concentration, coaching method?"

2152: Maybe this defeat could make Murray think differently about tournaments outside the Grand Slams. Juan Martin del Potro said after his win over Juan Carlos Ferrero that he pulled out of the Cincinnati Masters to help his preparations for the US Open. Murray, meanwhile, won Montreal and then headed straight for Cincy, where he lost in the semis.

Andy Murray on his defeat by Marin Cilic: "I couldn't get myself into enough return games, couldn't find a way to get myself back into the match. When I lose, I always get asked: 'Was it because you were flat?' - but it's not always the case. I just couldn't find my way into return games."

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From sirHellsBells on 606: "People keep stating that Andy has to be more aggressive to win a slam but I wonder if he has that in his game. Over seven five-set matches, he will undoubtedly come up against an aggressive player and they seem to be his undoing. We keep hearing that he is young and 22 is but most top players have won slams by that age. Even Fed was considered a late slam winner and he was younger than Murray is now."

Text in your views on 81111
From anon via text on 81111: Murray was really poor today. I hope he doesn't use an injury as an excuse. There was no fight there. Bitterly disappointing as Cilic is not going to win it. He needs to change his game but think he's too stubborn to realise this. We wait another year!"

2136: I'm still stunned. Earlier today, I was 100% convinced Andy Murray would win a Grand Slam title. I am about 85% convinced now. Still, we must move on. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is up against Fernando Gonzalez after a women's doubles match on Armstrong. The night session features Serena v Pennetta and Nadal v Monfils.

Marin Cilic after beating Andy Murray: "I was a little bit nervous in the beginning, but I played really well today, served pretty good. Some points I was a bit lucky but you need that. He gave me a little bit of a chance at 5-5, played a sloppy game, and gave me a chance to serve it out. After that I played really good, very consistent, didn't let anything bother me."

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From BulletMonkey on 606: "Murray was rubbish today and Cilic was pretty good. I'm pleased for Cilic and Murray wasn't good enough to advance, but don't delude yourself - one defeat does not a bad player make. Murray is still Grand Slam material, just not on this disappointing occasion."

Text in your views on 81111
Anon via text on 81111: "What an absolute shocker! No heart, no fight, nothing. Almost like he have up after losing the first set."

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC 5 live tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend: "Huge disappointment. Cilic played very well - but he had too many hits on that forehand. That's going to be one of the biggest shots in men's tennis, if it isn't already. Murray knows about it, he's a clever guy, and he's allowed him probably over a hundred hits on it. I don't understand how Andy thinks he can win the match like that."

2118: I am stunned. The crowd is stunned. I think Cilic is too. He looks like he doesn't know what to do with himself as he celebrates the biggest win of his career so far. Questions will be asked about Murray now, and for the first time, he probably deserves it.

Murray 5-7 2-6 2-6 Cilic
Cilic starts with a nervy double fault, but follows it with back-to-back aces. The next serve hits Murray plum on the wrist - and Cilic has two match points. Murray is forced long by yet another massive Cilic forehand - and that's it. The world number two is gone. Truly, a shock result.

Murray 5-7 2-6 2-5* Cilic
Murray may get another chance to break - but he needs two now. Cilic goes on the attack, and puts away a smash to bring up two break points. Two more crunching forehands and Murray nets. The big-boned lady is on her way to the stage.

Jeff Tarango on BBC 5 live Sports Extra: "Murray is going to get another chance to break. Cilic is bound to get nervous."

Murray *5-7 2-6 2-4 Cilic
Murray jogs on the spot as he awaits the return on the first point. Some welcome positive body language from the world number two - and he is rewarded with the first point. Brutal rally next, and Murray's forehand mistake prompts a desperate cry of "Andeeeee" from the Scot. Another forehand screamer allows Cilic to hold to 15.

Murray 5-7 2-6 2-3* Cilic
Murray holds comfortably, but Cilic can afford to concentrate on his own service games from now on.

Murray *5-7 2-6 1-3 Cilic
Cilic belts a magnificent backhand down the line to move to 30-0. Coach Bob Brett looks completely unmoved. His man holds to love, and shows no sign of losing form.

2100: Juan Martin del Potro is through to the quarter-finals after a comfortable straight-sets win over Juan Carlos Ferrero. He'll play Andy Murray or Marin Cilic. Looking very much like Cilic at the moment.

Murray 5-7 2-6 1-2* Cilic
A winning drop shot from Murray - the first of the day I think - and he holds to love.

BBC 5 live's David Law on Twitter: "This time last year, Murray ignited his tournament and year by coming from two sets behind against Jurgen Melzer. Can he do it again?"

Murray *5-7 2-6 0-2 Cilic
Signs of life from Murray, who produces a deft, sliced backhand crosscourt pass to get back to deuce. But a big serve gets Cilic to game point and the return goes long.

Murray 5-7 2-6 0-1* Cilic
Murray punches his racquet in despair as his backhand down the line hits the net to give Cilic two break points. He saves the first, and then produces a decent first serve on the second - but Cilic produces a stunning return, and Murray seems almost surprised. He's off-balance as he puts a forehand into the net. All sorts of bother now... Meanwhile DelPo is serving for the match against Ferrero.

2046: Andy Murray heads off for a toilet break. He needs a miracle here... but he's done it before, three times in fact.

Murray *5-7 2-6 0-0 Cilic
That's the first "come on" from Murray - and it comes after a Cilic mistake. Mind games? Doesn't work. The Croat responds with a perfect cross-court forehand. But what's this? Cilic has an easy put-away, but leaves it - and Murray's desperate backhand drops inside the line. AND NOW A DOUBLE FAULT! Two break points for Murray... He can't take either of those - but Cilic shanks a backhand to give Murray a third, his seventh of the match. Big serve out wide, and the return goes into the net. An ace sets up set point, and Murray swings at misses at the first serve. The world number two is two sets down.

Murray 5-7 2-5* Cilic
Murray has a 40-15 lead - but not for long. Cilic makes it deuce with a massive return which Murray can only dolly back into play for Cilic to put away. Brave challenge by Murray, stopping the point to question a return by Cilic. He's right though - and he stays alive in this set.

Murray *5-7 1-5 Cilic
Murray walks towards his towel, shaking his head and muttering to himself - and that's after winning the point to make it 15-15. Murray gets to deuce, but Cilic produces the old big serve/big forehand one-two to get out of trouble.

Murray 5-7 1-4* Cilic
A screeching off-forehand return from Cilic ruins a love service game for Murray, but the Scot is on the board in this second set.

Murray *5-7 0-4 Cilic
Murray scratches his chin and looks up at his box with a perplexed look on his face. Since wasting those two set points, he has lost six games in a row.

Murray 5-7 0-3* Cilic
And he's going to have to dig very deep very soon. An attempted backhand down the line hits the net and gives Cilic two more break points. A truly dreadful forehand, which goes several feet beyond the baseline, gives Cilic the double break.

Murray *5-7 0-2 Cilic
Despite looking like the weight of the world is on his shoulders, Murray manages to get to 30-30 - but he can't take advantage, putting a routine forehand into the net, and then another one long. Murray is going to have dig very deep to come through this one...

Murray 5-7 0-1* Cilic
Murray shrugs his shoulders in disconsolate fashion as a backhand clips the net and drops his side. He then bunts another backhand miles over the baseline and from 40-15, he now faces deuce. And now he finds the net with a rash forehand - and Cilic has a break point. "AAARGH!" Murray serve-volleys, but the volley - not a difficult one - is wide and Cilic breaks immediately. DelPo takes the second set against Ferrero 6-3.

Murray *5-7 0-0 Cilic
Cilic puts a rather timid backhand into the net to open the game, but Murray's return goes wide and then a big serve puts Cilic 30-15 up. An ace down the middle gives Cilic a set point, and Murray makes an awful attempt at a slice backhand, dumping it forlornly into the net. For the first time in the tournament, Murray will have to come from behind to win.

Murray 5-6* Cilic
Forehand error and some sharp volleying by Cilic puts the Croat 0-30 up. And now a double fault by Murray. Three break points. Return long. 15-40. Murray's forehand clatters the top of the net and bounces into the trams. Having saved two set points in the last game, Cilic will now serve for the set.

Murray *5-5 Cilic
Murray looks ready to step it up, and Cilic looks ready to crumble. He delivers a double fault and then a horrible forehand error to give the Scot two set points. Cilic saves one with an ace. Murray tries to draw the mistake on the second, engaging his opponent in a long rally - but Cilic comes up with a big backhand, and Murray nets. Dare I say it? Murray a bit passive here. DelPo now a break up and leading 4-2 against Ferrero.

Murray 5-4* Cilic
Cilic rushes Murray with a big return and the second seed puts his backhand reply in the net. Break point for the world number 17... and Murray produces a second serve ace down the middle. Another ace wraps up the game. DelPo and Ferrero on serve in the second set at 2-2.

Murray *4-4 Cilic
"If you had everything, where would you put it?" asks Jeff Tarango. Philosophy from the former world number 42? Whatever next? Murray forces Cilic to net a volley with a down-the-line pass, but that's the only point he wins as an improving Cilic holds easily.

Murray 4-3* Cilic
Hmmm... A double fault from Murray and it gives Cilic a little opening at 15-30. Opening soon shut though as the Croat hits the tape with a return.

Murray *3-3 Cilic
Just give this page a manual refresh will you? Got myself in a little pickle there... Back in the real world, Cilic paints the sideline with a stunning off-forehand but then follow it with an error off the same wing. An errant backhand makes it 30-30 and Murray goes on to earn two break points, neither of which he can take.

Murray 3-2* Cilic
Cilic takes an enormous swing at a backhand - and puts it wide. Still too many errors from the Croat. Murray holds to love. DelPo has taken the first set against JCF 6-3.

Murray *2-2 Cilic
Cilic holds to 15, as Jeff Tarango on BBC 5 live Sports Extra reveals that his nanny accidentally washed his jeans with window cleaning fluid. Not sure if that's true, or he's making excuses for some rather hideous tie-dye threads. You can see them on Twitter if you dare.

Murray 2-1* Cilic
Cracking rally midway through that game, and Cilic should win it - but overcooks the forehand put-away. Murray holds. DelPo is serving for the first set against Juan Carlos Ferrero.

Murray *1-1 Cilic
I mentioned earlier that Andy Murray arrived at Flushing Meadows today with his left wrist strapped. There's no sign of the strapping now - but it may be hidden by a sweatband. Cilic seems nervous, spraying two fairly simple forehands wide to allow Murray back in at deuce. But the Croat recovers.

Murray 1-0* Cilic
Bit of an error-strewn game from Cilic allows Murray to hold to love.
* denotes next to serve

1907: According to Jeff Tarango on BBC 5 Live Sports Extra, Marin Cilic "has trouble dealing with the floater". Best to move on, I think. Andy Murray will serve first.

Text in your views on 81111
From someone claiming to be Dinara Safina, via text on 81111: "Re 1855: my world ranking and lack of slams."

1901: Further to my question at 1827, there's not a lot of love for Juan Carlos Ferrero out there, save for those Andy Murray supporters optimistically hoping for an easier quarter-final opponent for their man. DelPo and JCJ on serve, with the Argentine leading 3-2.

1859: Here come the players to the sound of U2's Where The Streets Have No Name. Strange choice.

1858: Sorry for that last outbreak of grumpiness. No more. Andy Murray has played Marin Cilic three times and won every time. But on the first occasion, it was a five-set battle in Davis Cup, and on the other two, the first set has been close, so it's not a foregone conclusion by any means.

1855: Things you could do without hearing any more about: Andy Murray's football-tennis, Novak Djokovic's impressions. Any more?

1849: Clijsters' win clears the way for Andy Murray and Marin Cilic to take to the court on Ashe. Over on Armstrong, Juan Martin del Potro has opened his fourth-round match by holding serve against Juan Carlos Ferrero. This is the second fellow Juan that Del Potro has faced at this year's Open. He beat Monaco easily in round one.

1846: That's Clijsters' 100th Grand Slam match win. She'll probably have to work a lot harder for the 101st. It's against Serena Williams or Flavia Pennetta.

1845: Cracking forehand from Kim Clijsters, taking it almost on the half-volley and sending it into the corner with deadly accuracy. Another error from Li Na and Clijsters has two match points. She takes the second - and in her first Grand Slam for two years, Clijsters is through to the semi-finals, winning 6-2 6-4.

1839: Can Li Na take advantage of this slump by Kim Clijsters? No. She plays two awful games and all of a sudden, the Belgian is a game away from the semi-finals.

Text in your views on 81111
From Geoff from Aberdeen, at Ashe, via text on 81111: "Turned up on the wrong day, had to buy more tickets, and just been kicked out of my seat by a rude New Yorker. At least I get to see Murray play."

1833: Has Kim Clijsters already started to think about plans for dinner? She's gone off the boil in a big way and Li Na has taken advantage. She leads 4-3 in the second set.

Mark Petchey on Twitter: "While paying for my lunch, the girl asked if she could ask a question. I said yes. She says 'What came first the colour orange or the fruit?'"

1829: Hello, what's this? Li Na has broken back to make it 3-3 in the second set... That was unexpected, to say the least.

1827: Sixth seed Juan Martin del Potro will shortly be getting his fourth-round match against Juan Carlos Ferrero under way over on the Louis Armstrong Stadium. Anyone care to back the Spaniard in that one?

1824: A moment of stunned silence from the crowd as Li sends down a serve and Clijsters doesn't get near it. Yes, it's an ace, her first of the match, and she pegs Clijsters back to 3-2 in the second set.

Get involved on 606
From Rafael & Fabio on 606: "This is just a rubbish, rubbish tennis match - sorry but it is. There is only one player on court on the moment and that's Kim."

1818: There's some of that famous scrapping from Kim Clijsters, winning a point she looked completely out of. It gives her another couple of break points - and prompts a look of complete despair from Li Na. Rather surprisingly, the 18th seed saves both and stays in the set.

Someone is having a tantrum
1811: Double fault from Li Na, and she takes her frustration out on her racquet - cracking the frame. New bat, same old story. Kim Clijsters has two break points, and takes the second when the 18th seed sprays a forehand into the trams. That's her 22nd unforced error.

1806: All too easy. Kim Clijsters needs 25 minutes to wrap up the first set against Li Na. If you're waiting for Murray, you may not be waiting much longer.

It's good news for a Briton
1801: A strange old match, but it doesn't matter: Laura Robson defeats Lauren Embree 4-6 6-1 6-4 to reach the third round of the girls' singles, coming back from 4-1 down in the decider.

1758: Much better news from Court Seven where Laura Robson has battled back and is now serving for the match at 5-4...

1756: I'll be honest: Wickmayer v Bondarenko in a Grand Slam quarter-final doesn't do it for me. The Kim Clijsters comeback? Now that's a story. And she leads 4-1 against Li Na, who has been rather hopeless so far I'm afraid.

From soulsonant on Twitter: "Re 1739: The women's draw got interesting. That's what happened. Looking forward to a lot of matches today. How about you?"

Text in your views on 81111
From Sebastien, London, via text on 81111: "Nadal is not fit enough to worry Murray but I am really worried about Del Potro. He looks much stronger and will be the only person able to stop Murray on the way to the final."

1747: Kim Clijsters and Li Na are on serve early in the first set - but bad news Brit fans, Laura Robson-Lauren Embree is not. Robbo is 4-1 down in the decider...

1739: Now then, should you wish to get involved here, I'd recommend a text to 81111, a message to Twitter or a dip into 606. You could perhaps start by telling me what on earth happened to the top half of the women's draw while I was away...

1735: The night session features Rafa Nadal v Gael Monfils, which follows Serena Williams' quarter-final match against Flavia Pennetta. Serena could face Kim Clijsters in the semis. Which would be nice.

1731: There's another men's doubles match on the Louis Armstrong Stadium at the moment, but after that, Juan Martin del Potro takes on Juan Carlos Ferrero. The winner of that faces the winner of Murray-Cilic in the last eight. On the same court - and not before 2100 BST - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga meets Fernando Gonzalez, a match which has 'explosive' written all over it.

It's good news for a Briton
1729: Laura Robson levels her second-round junior match against Lauren Embree at one set all, racing through the second set 6-1. I'm wheeling out the graphic again.

1725: Andy Murray is already at Flushing Meadows - and arrived with his left wrist strapped. He has been pictured having treatment from physio Jez Green, but it doesn't seem to be worrying him too much.

1723: The lucky folk with Arthur Ashe tickets today have just watched the chest-bumping Bryan twins ease into the men's doubles semi-finals. Up next: Kim Clijsters against Li Na in the women's quarter-finals. That will be followed by Andy Murray v Marin Cilic.

It's good news for a Briton
1721: And what a way to start today's live text. British wondergirl Laura Robson lost the first set against seventh-seeded American Lauren Embree but leads 4-1 in the second.

1715: Hello my friends. A headline from today's New York Times reads: 'Men's Draw Lacking Americans and Enthusiasm'. Time for a bit of Murray-mania methinks.

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