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US Open day six as it happened



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By Mark Ashenden

0612: That's it folks. My eyes are feeling as heavy as a John Isner double serve. Remember tomorrow - it's Andy Murray day again with him taking on Taylor Dent under the floodlights. Match preview here. Who else is playing? Nicolas Almagro vs Rafael Nadal. Kim Clijsters vs Venus Williams. Juan Carlos Ferrero vs Gilles Simon. Francesca Schiavone vs Na Li. Juan Martin Del Potro vs Daniel Koellerer. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs Julien Benneteau. Thanks for all your comments. Thought today was going to be a quiet one. Phenomenal. Piers Newbery will be supplying you with his ACE tennis chat tomorrow. Night lovely people.

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Safina gone and I've just done my second final-set tie-break of the night! Great fun, although saying Kvitova quickly is a challenge!"

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Matt in Blackburn, via text 81111: "What a match! I was rooting for Kvitova throughout that tie-break for her sheer determination to hold serve in that last service game. O h, and i believe my prediction was correct?"

0558: James Blake - 21st seed - loses to Tommy Robredo (14th seed) 7-6 6-4 6-4 - Robredo will now play Roger Federer.

0553: Safina's defeat means it's the first time this year she has failed to reach at least the semi-finals of a Grand Slam tournament. What do you think of that then? TEXT 81111

0548: Another one goes long for Kvitova and it's now 6-4 to Kvitova. Safina wobbled there and she blasted one about 3 miles long. Two match points to Kvitova. And she goes wide! NOOOOooo. That was so close. Still got one though....perhaps she saw victory too early. World number one Safina is OUT. Kvitova - who is world number 72 - and she wins 6-4 2-6 7-6. AMAZING.

0545: Every time I've seen Safina struggle she has bounced back brilliantly. But she can't keep doing this. She's really in trouble. Really. 5-2 down. Goes long for Kvitova and it's back to 5-3.

0543: Kvitova's serve and now she leads 4-2 after Safina drags one just wide. By two inches. OOOooofff.

0541: It's 2-2 after another blistering rally. This match has actually produced a whole host of fireworks I never thought it had in it. Where these girls are getting the energy from I do not know.... 3-2 Kvitova

0539: Safina loses her opening point on serve. Ohhh. What a rally! Safina had it at the net - Kvitova runs 20 metres to drag the ball off the floor - Safina does the same but Kvitova volleys the winner. 2-0 and then blazes one long. 2-1 to Kvitova.

0537: The pair are fighting for everything. Kvitova looked down and out a minute ago and it goes to deuce on her serve. Has she got anything left? A phenomenal lob by Safina gives her match point. She gets it back though but then a double fault hands Safina another match point. Does anybody want to win this? It's deuce again. A gut-busting rally and Safina's got another match point - her third. Ad it's deuce again. More tape-kissing. Amazing. Kvitova's digging into the depths. A tight line-call goes against Safina. Oh lordy. It goes to 6-6. Tie-break time. Phenomenal.

0527: I've turned into Barry Davies - BBC commentator extraordinaire. Just seen the Mexican wave and I've sat here moaning about it. They're having fun I guess as Safina edges closer to winning this one. Any more shocks in store?

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "How dare I doubt Safina - she wants to be the first player ever to win the title while being a set down in every match!"

0526: Safina's fifth double fault and it's 0-30 - almost 0-40 but Kvitova dinks one into the net. That was a chance. Safina's time to kiss the net tape and Kvitova is put off and plays wide. 30-30. And she soon wraps it up. She leads 6-5. Nerve-jangling stuff.

0522: Kvitova plonks an easy one into the net. 15-30. And then she knocks one too long - 15-40. How predictable is this? And boom. The break again. Massive screams from Safina - it's 5-5. There has to be another racket smash coming up....

0520: It's 15-15. Nerves aplenty. Me as well.

0518: Oh my goodness. Safina piles one into the net and Kvitova breaks - she will now be serving for the match. Where has this come from? I thought this was a routine comeback for Safina.....still time for things to go wobbly again. 5-4 to Kvitova and she's serving for the match. Just so you know.

0516: A tight service game from Kvitova and she gets it to 30-30. Safina had a chance there but blows a wild one well wide. Hi-carrumba - Kvitova opens up her forehand and plants one down the line with a little kiss of the net tape. No chance for Safina. Oh lordy - Safina could have wrapped that up but Kvitova plops one against the tape again and it falls to the ground with Safina flat-footed. Lucky lucky lucky. I should be so lucky. Thought I'd burst into song there. It's 4-4.

Someone is having a tantrum
0511: Time for Kvitova to hurl down her weapon after a sloppy smash into the net. And I thought Kvitova was down. Safina serves for the game but Kvitova hits back with a stunning lob. Stunning. Worth a double mention - that really was stunning. Safina digs another one out. She leads 4-3. That's the last of the great turnarounds isn't it? Isn't it?

0504: Kvitova is screaming the house down. She's serving 3-2 up but first scream pops up after a shocking drop shot and then for a brilliant winner. Break point for Safina. A cracking rally - and Safina comes through. It's 3-3. A very noisy game. The tide has turned I think.

0457: Safina just about keeps her fingertips on this match as she scrapes through another service game. She's 3-2 down though. In the men's third round clash, Robredo is a break up against Blake and 4-3 up in the second set - he's one set up.

Someone is having a tantrum
0452: Kvitova edges into the net and it pays off. 30-15 she leads on serve. Safina drags one needlessly into the net and down goes the racket. No broken weapon but worth a graphic. It's 3-1 to Kvitova.

0449: Safina struggling again. How can a match turn around so quickly again? It's 30-30 on her serve. A sloppy baseline drive goes long and Safina gets to 40-30. Tension mounts. Kvitova then plonks one into the corner to surprise Safina. Another error and Safina gets the advantage. Safina is bending low, grunting for everything and working so hard for every shot. Safina pulls that one out of the bag. 2-1 to Kvitova.

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Matt in Blackburn, via text 81111: "Turns out conservative was best after all. Match is very much still alive after that break at the start of the third. What is for certain is there's no wa y the name Petra Kvitova will remain unknown too much longer if she keeps playing like this. Fantastic tennis"

0443: Kvitova pops up with a very cheeky drop shot and leaves Safina gasping for air. It's deuce - a vital game. It's a repeat of some of the rallies from the first set with Safina stranded at the back. And that's it. 2-0 lead for Kvitova. Interesting - again.

0441: Men's update. Blake loses opening set on a tie-break to Robredo but leads 2-1 in the second set.

0439: Hold on everybody. Don't go to bed just yet. That little person inside Safina's head prods her and says 'don't go making this easy for yourself just yet'. It's a crushing final rally in the first game in the final set and both look on their last legs and Kvitova takes it. 1-0 to the Czech star. Another shift?

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Sameer, going back to sleep soon, via text 81111: "I'm currently fasting which means I have to get up before sunset to eat some food. All this week I've been watching the last night games. I can't be bothered to watch Safina, so I'm just reading the updates whilst I eat!"

0435: The wheels have fallen off Kvitova's train - cart - wagon. Call it what you will but Safina is right on top of things now. A great drop shot from the teenager though and Safina almost goes crashing into the umpire's chair. Kvitova looks completely bushed. Another double fault hands a set point to Safina. And bosh - Safina sweeps the ball across the court and she wins the set - easy. Six straight games. She pumps her fist and is bang up for it. What it must be like to be inside Safina's head.

0426: Safina breaks and now leads 4-2. Safina is now officially pumped and playing the best she's been in this match. Errors creeping into her opponent's game. The momentum has turned full circle. It's 5-2 - that's five games in a row. Game on.

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Stephen in Cumbria, via text 81111: "Looking through the draw, it seems that Safina has the easiest run to a grand slam semi final I've ever seen, the fact that it'll be miraculous if she ma kes it says a lot about the state of womens tennis nowadays."

0424: Blake and Robredo has gone to a tie-break in the first set.

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "This is the biggest crowd I have ever seen inside Arthur Ashe Stadium at such a late hour. Still 23,000 watching at 11.30pm."

0421: Another dramatic game. Safina loses out to a delightful drop shot but then hits back to save one break point. A challenge avoids a double fault for Safina. The width of an ant's toupe that one. Time for Kvitova to scream and do the wobbling. And the Russian now leads 3-2 after a stunning fightback. AN amazing rally involving dropshots, baseline piledrivers, gruntings. That game had everything. It's not pretty but both are playing better now.

0414: This game has come to life with both players raising it to a new level. Safina's spark has returned and she has two break points. Time for Kvitova to be a little grumpy. One point saved. A fabulous rally and Kvitova makes it deuce with a cracking cross-court pass to out-fox Safina. (by the way, I walked out of my flat yesterday and came face to face with a fox - he stared at me for 20 seconds and just walked off - the coolest fox ever. True story). And the break has been grabbed. It's 2-2 after Safina really digs deep. Interesting times. Crucial stage of the match with Safina grabbing the initiative and momentum we saw shifting so much in the Roddick match.

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Louise, who really should be studying for exams, via text 81111: "It may be that Safina deserves her ranking as she has had an incredible run and consistently does well in tournaments but the fact that nobody will be surprised if/when she goes out today is quite telling."

0407: Kvitova is ranked 72 in the world and is finding the baseline consistently. Safina has nothing at the moment. I might seem a little anti-Safina at the moment but I just want to see her pull a few fireworks out of the bag. I haven't seen anything so far. Kvitova looks so in control it's ridiculous. Kvitova just starts to go wayward after a great chance to nick this game as well. Safina works hard and somehow gets the ball back to take the game. She's 2-1 down but that will get her super-charged. Comeback?

0402: Safina is getting louder and louder as Kvitova pushes her to every corner of the court. And Safina loses her serve. What a blinding start for the Czech teenager. Any way back for the Russian? At last, a decent rally. Both players mixing it up with pile-drivers followed by two cute drop shots. Kvitova makes it to the net and plants one into the empty court. Cracking stuff. Safina moves back anticipating the big serve but it's not enough. It's 2-0 in the second set. What's Safina got in her locker?

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Safina at it again - lost the first set for the third match in a row. Wonder whether she will complain about moving court?"

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Matt in Blackburn, via text 81111: "On the evidence of the first set it looks like my conservative 3-set estimate may be trumped by Ruthie's 2-set prediction. Whatever happens, its safe to say she doesn't figure as a contender at Flushing Meadows."
I like you style Matt. So where has everybody been tonight? There's whole world going on out there and I don't know about it.

0353: Safina gets embroiled in a needless argument with the umpire over a line-call and she slips that grumpy face on. Three break points for Kvitova and seals the first set 6-4 with a thundering smash. Safina looks like someone who thinks the whole world is against her. She'd do well to chill out a bit and get the crowd on her side. That's my advice anyway.

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Stephen in Cumbria, via text 81111: "I had a fiver on Sharapova to win the title and a fiver on Roddick to win the title, my dreams if big money are in tatters! Here's hoping Safina finally gets her just desserts for a terrible tournament and summer."

0346: Kvitova crashes a beauty down the line to take the first point on her serve. Can someone win their serve please? Blake and Robredo have started their third round tie at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. And bingo- thank you. Prayers answered. Kvitova wins her serve and leads 5-3. A cracking drive down the line from Safina - only her third winner of the match so far - and she dominates her service game. It's back to 5-4. This set is not over yet.

0340: Kvitova scrambles up to the net and has a great chance to stealthis service game as well but her racket is all over the place and the ball flies wildly out. A double fault from Safina and a scrappy rally sees Kvitova edge ahead again. Keep those texts coming in - can't do this on my own you know. 81111

0335: Safina breaks back. This is an ugly game. Maybe we got spoilt with the Roddick game earlier. It's 3-3 and the screaming levels are being cranked up.

0332: That might have been a wobbly start earlier, but the wobbles keep coming like a bowl of New York jelly. Safina's been broken again and Kvitova goes 3-2 up with break of serve. Safina sits down, closes her eyes and gets talking to herself. A kick up the backside is what you need. You're playing a girl who's up for this and she's bouncing around on her toes ready for her serve.

0327: Crazy Safina stat. In her last 27 major events she has reached 15 finals. That's a fab effort.

0325: Safina hits straight back with a service break as Kvitova smashes a shot long and wide. A wobbly start for sure for Safina but she should settle now. 6-4 6-3 is my prediction.

0323: Argentina 1-3 Brazil. Game over. That's a cracking result for the Brazilians. The US beat El Salvador 2-1 in their World Cup qualifier.

0320: It's 1-1 and hold on. This isn't in the script. Two stunning returns from Kvitova and she breaks Safina. Already. A cheeky 2-1 lead with a break of serve. Interesting. We've seen all these early Safina wobbles before though haven't we.

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Very sensibly, they have decided to put the Safina match on Armstrong court. The downside? I won't beat A.Eykyn's 4.33am finish!"

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Ruthie in London, via text 81111: "I think she will lose both sets, especially with her serve. Out in 2 sets."

0315: A commanding start from the Russian. Four out of four serves in and she strolls to take the opener.

0313: While the pair knock up, let me pass on some fashion thoughts. Safina's going conservative with this one. Pale purple top and a tight navy blue skirt with a short black legging underneath. A straight look but I like it. Kvitova meanwhile is sporting a bright yellow vest and a navy blue skirt. A bolder look, more daring. Let's see if it matches her tennis. She's got it all to do with Safina serving up first.

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Matt in Blackburn, via text 81111: "I think tonight might be the end of Safina at this year's US Open. She's been frankly terrible so far and the 5-set thriller was in many ways the last thing she needed before her. Out in 3."

0307: The ladies stroll out. Safina looks a little sweaty already. Perhaps it's just the floodlights. According to my rich and varied sources, Petra Kvitova beat Venus Williams last year in the Cellular South Cup. The 19-year-old also reached the fourth round of the French Open last year, playing in her first ever Grand Slam tournament. Let's see how she gets on against the world's finest.

0301: Oh my. Oh me oh my. A quick toilet stop ahead of Safina's action and I look into the mirror to see dried yoghurt on the end of my nose. An absolute shocker. Thank bloomin goodness it's just myself and Mr Ornstein in the office.

0256: You can't hold those Brazilians down for long. Maradona's face goes from crazy happy to a very unhappy one. His hair looks wild. Two minutes after conceding Clemente Luis Fabiano is put through and chips the ball delightfully over the advancing keeper into the net. 3-1 to Brazil with 20 mins to go...

0252: An update on life, everything, tennis, football, anything else? Top seed Dinara Safina plays Petra Kvitova from the Czech Republic in about nine minutes. I think James Blake's match with Robredo has been moved. Brazil lead Argentina 2-0 with 26 minutes remaining. Hold that for no seconds. Argentina get a goal back thanks a 30-yard belter from Jesus Datolo. Game on everywhere. Anything else you need from me? Horoscopes, life predictions, Safina predictions.....TEXT 81111

0244: Another result for you. Ukraine's Kateryna Bondarenko saw off Anastasia Rodionova 7-6 (7/4) 6-4 and will now play Gisela Dulko.

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "I do not believe this. It is 9.30pm, the night session hasn't started yet, and they are still rolling out a red carpet for a ceremony"

0239: Ladies result to throw you your way. Denmark's 24th seed Caroline Wozniacki beat Romanian Sorana-Mihaela Cirstea 6-3 6-2. She will now play reigning French Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova for a place in the quarters.

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Jamie in Leeds, via text 81111: "Gutted for A-rod! Now to see if the argies can do what rodders did and pull level from 2-0 down."
Brazil still lead Argentina 2-0 with the second half just under way. An uncomfortable 45 minutes for Maradona in the dugout I fear

Text in your views on 81111
Anon, via text 81111: "Can't see anyone other than Fed reaching the final from this half of the draw now. His play earlier today wasn't great but even so Roddick was his biggest threat"
Djokovic's got to have a chance hasn't he?

0230: One of you guys has pulled me up on too much yoghurt speak, but I'm a man of the people and too many of you have asked for the latest on the yoghurt consumption. So I'll strike a balance and give you one more update before we can sit back and enjoy Safina in action. Well, I've got down to one centimetre of my yoghurt and I can go no more. The fork's done well but it always had its limitations. Have tilted the pot back to try drinking it but I fear more spillage. So that's it....get texting NOW on anything on 81111. Thoughts on Safina, wearing pink in sport, Andy Murray, and general madness on what the heck you've all been up to that makes you up and reading this at this time of night....I want your words...81111

Text in your views on 81111
Ruthie in London, via text 81111: "Come andy you can do it!! What a cracking match"
Hate to tell you this Ruthie but your boy's not done it. Unless you're looking ahead to Andy Murray's game tomorrow night? By the way, any Americans out there? I'd love to hear from you. Text on 81111

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Russell in Dorking, via text 81111: "Typical, the one time i don't put my money where my mouth is! The game was so good, both are winners. The only loser is your not so clean pair of jeans!"

0216: Isner gets within two points. He's found a new gear and Roddick is back to his scrambling we saw in the firsts two sets. An incredible rally and Isner drops one short and lifts his leg up in celebration. Almost touches the roof. A Roddick ace gets him one back. Gutsy. That's his second match point saved. My chest is pumping. Great game. A cruel finish. Why no tie-breaks? Another ace! It's 6-5 to Isner. And the serve is back to the big boy. The crowd stand up and sound a little bonkers. Sit down folks. Thank you. Quiet please...And that's it. ISNER WINS. 7-6 6-3 3-6 5-7 7-6

0212: A Rodd pass drifts wide and Isner gets his two serves. Tight, nervy, tense. Isner produces a stunning passing shot and he leads 4-2. That's the break. Both players are still charging forward brilliantly but both looked whacked. Crowd are loving it. Mummy Isner's chest is pumping fiercely. An ace gets it to 4-3 to Isner.

0211: After almost four hours Rodd dishes up a serve of 133 mph. WOW! Don't like to use my exclamation marks but well-deserved that one. He's 2-1 up. Big kicking Iisner serve and it's 2-2.

0210: It goes 1-1 with a wild Isner swing of the racket. Bit of a lottery is it?

0209: It's tie-break time!

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Anon, via text 81111: " I cant go to sleep it to excited i love A-ROD "

0208: Footi update. Argentina again fail to react to an Elano free-kick, which ricochets off the wall and into the box. Kaka reacts quickest and cuts the ball back for Felipe Melo, whose shot is spilled by goalkeeper Mariano Gonzalo Andujar and Luis Fabiano arrives bang on cue to slot the lose ball home.

0206: The crowd whoop, and scream and cheer and make many types of noises as Isner strolls off the court looking weary but he's a game away from shocking Roddick. Another big effort required from Rodd's box of serves.

0201: A nervy start from Rodds. Loses the first service point but whips up a beauty to get it back to 15-15. And then an ace special gets him to 30-15. Remember - they have tie-breaks in final sets. Another ace gets him close to the game. Roddick is winning 80% of his first serves. Amazing. And that's it. It's 5-5. two-sets all, 5-5. What a thriller.

0158: And Rodd has it all to do again. I thought he was going to stroll to this one. What do I know? Isner leads 5-4 in the decider. A-Rod needs to crank up few crackers to save him again. Who will come out on top? Still think Rodds has it....but Isner is clinging on like one of those yappy dogs.

0156: A nightmare start for Argentina. Dreadful defending sees a completely unmarked Luisao put Brazil 1-0 up with a thumping header from Elano's free-kick. Terrible, terrible defending. Where was the marking? Back to Flushing Meadows....

0152: It's 4-3 to Isner. Rodd to serve. Oh monkeys. I knew it would happen. It was as inevitable as this Roddick comeback. Sharapova swears she's never wearing pink again? Nope, I've only gone and spilled yoghurt on my right leg on my clean jeans. Oh dannit. Very VERY poor yoghurt eating skills. And while I was whinging about that, Roddick pulls it back to 4-4. Now I need a utensil to scrape off the yoghurt stains. Oh the vocational hazards of live text clockwatching...

Text in your views on 81111
Hoppar in MK, via text 81111: "I need to be getting to sleep but need to know how the yoghurt eating, I mean final set goes! Come on A-Rod!"
Don't you go nodding off now. I need you. I need everybody. It's Saturday. We can all have a lie-in in the morning. OKay? Stick around. This is a classic, I can keep you across the footi, more yoghurt and nibbles updates and Safina coming up...

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Russell in Dorking, via text 81111: "Its the slurper back for more! Isner to win in final breaker, that serve is too huge...a-rod will suffer when the adrenaline runs out."

0146: I wouldn't for a minute wish to divert your attention away from this cracker, nor the bumper package of tennis action we have to come. But I felt it was important to point out that down in South America, the biggest football match in the world (at least in recent times) has kicked off. It's 0-0 between Argentina and Brazil in the crucial World Cup qualifier in Rosario. Fans have been queuing for days to get into Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti and the atmosphere is deafening. Defeat for Maradona's Argentina and it is unlikely we will see them at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. That's unthinkable isn't it?

0143: And don't forget, number one Safina is up next. Isner looks to have settled a little and the crowd are cheering him on. I think everybody's just delighted to see a five-setter. Not sure Isner's legs would agree with them. It's 2-2 and he's 15-30 down on his serve though. Another boomer and clenched fist time. Tricky times with the yoghurt as well. A massive forehand bang into the top corner and he edges ahead. Roddick's eyes look like those of an owl eyeing up their prey but Isner gets it. He leads 3-2. The trainer comes on for his tiring bean poles.

Text in your views on 81111
Steve in London, via text 81111: "am nervous as a wreck! Had a bet on sharapova when she was a set and break up and lost. Had a bigger bet on a-rod for this one. Broadband and tv c rashed in the 3rd set of sharapovas match. Got it back with a-rod 2 sets down! Cant watch now!."

0136: Isner serves his way to a 2-1 lead in the decider. YOGHURT UPDATE: I've dived in with my fork and amazingly, owing to buying a high quality chunky brand, I've managed to chomp my way half-way down without an ounce of effort required. The bottom inch could still prove problematic so I'm not getting cocky.

Text in your views on 81111
Anon, via text 81111: "I've got a feeling Isner serving first might work against Roddick. Isner's ace and winner counts are still pretty high, at 31 and 71 each."

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Two sets all - classic! But the night-crowd must be getting annoyed. They should have been in stadium an hour + half ago"
How does everybody seeing this one go? What a match. Text 81111

Love is in the air
0128: So where's it all going now? Roddick's first double fault brought up the match point for Isner in that game. And then an ace saved him . truly remarkable. Sign of a champ. Certainly the sign of a fighter. A lover? Only his wife in the crowd can answer that one I guess. How are Isner's legs going to fare? They might be long but do they have the batteries? He wins his service game though. Perhaps a nibble on my yoghurt could help the big lad. Talking of which, I'm going to get stuck into it and my fork has a strange bulbous area so reversing this plastic utensil is almost ideal...

0124: Three set points for Mr Rodds. And he serves an ace to grab it. Its down to a decider! Oh yes. Isner looks a broken man and he's limping a little bit. Flat-footed there as Roddick now looks like a completely new man.

Text in your views on 81111
Vic in London, text 81111: "Every time roddick has won from 2 sets down, he lost the first 2 sets 7-6 6-3. Coincidence, or a sign?"

0120: Back to more important things. Not that my yoghurt is not important but there is some US Open going on you know. Two minutes ago Roddick was looking like a loser. Not any more. He breaks Isner and is now serving to level to 2-2 in sets at 6-5. Amazing comeback. Talk about digging deep. That Roddick spade was working wonders in that game.

Text in your views on 81111
Joe in London, text 81111: "How can nobody have mentioned using the handle of a fork?! Takes longer but you get to savour the taste more."

Text in your views on 81111
Jamie in Manchester, text 81111: "Your dairy dilemma. Eat as much as possible using the fork conventionally, then turn it upside down and use the other end to get the dregs. Trust me."

0116: There's no doubt who the majority of this crowd want to win. A 132mph serve and A-Rod is right back on level terms at 30-30. Still nervy times. For me anyway. Oh no - double fault and it's match point. I still think he can do it. And then BOOOOMMMMMM. His 11th ace and it's deuce. The boy has bottle. Ever faced match point in any sport you've played? It's squeaky bum time all round and to pull it out of the bag takes guts. Roddick comes forward again and he sneaks it. Advantage Rodds. The shouters scream as Roddick serves - idiots - but they get booed. Quite right too. It's deuce again as Isner stands tall at the net and there's no way through for Rodd. More nervy times...Roddick strides up to the net and smashes down to get advantage. Great match this one. A loose return from Isner and it's 5-5. Roddick is scrapping for everything. Top effort Andrew my boy. I bet your mum calls you Andrew. Maybe. The crowd scream "let's go Roddick".

0111: Where did this come from? Roddick is serving to stay in the match - he's 5-4 down in the time for yoghurt slurping just yet. I feel nervous for Roddick.

Text in your views on 81111
0106: Some great responses to my spoon dilemma. Some more helpful than others! (see 0045). Dai in Swansea suggests I drink it. Somebody wants me to just slurp it. And Paula (who's in work til 5am BST) reckons I should use the lid. All great suggestions. Slurping is guaranteed. That's the way I am. It's a flimsy lid so I could be in trouble. And for the texter saying I should use my fingers - well you might just be the winner! Although with no spoon, there are no winners in this yoghurt game. It'll be messy whatever I do. Now what's happening in the tennis?! Keep up the great texts on 81111.

0103: Isner sneaks ahead 4-3 after a passing shot clanks off his racket frame (is clanks a word?). Roddick had chances there. Another momentum change again? Mummy Isner in the stands claps wildly.

Will Ferrell
0051: Maria Sharapova on her defeat to local girl Melanie Oudin earlier today: "With the amount of errors I made from both my groundstrokes and my serve, to be able to get it to three sets is not bad. If I didn't make those errors, those double-faults, I certainly would have won the match. So that gives me some confidence."

0047: Intriguing Roddick service game this one. Isner has a break point but Roddick hits back. Tense. Tense. Tense. Are you feeling the tension? He winds up his arm and a blistering pass sees him home. 2-2 in the fourth set.

0045: Oh lordy. Massive cutlery nightmare. As Roddick's serve continues to pelt down like mini thunderbombs (whatever they are), I get geared up to nibble on a lemon yoghurt. I reach into my bag of goodies and pull out two forks. No spoon! Arhhhh. You utter doughnut. How does a man chomp on yoghurt with a fork? Any suggestions? Text in now on 81111. I need urgent help.

Text in your views on 81111
Anon, text 81111: After a busy day at work, finally tune in 2 find out Hewitts out & Roddicks fighting 2 stay in the match! C'mon A-Rod! Cheering 4 u like mad here in Wales!"

0040: It's 1-1 in the fourth set as Roddick fires up some more tasty serves. Everybody's been talking about Roddick's improved fitness and with Isner seemingly on the rack, do NOT bet against Roddick to sneak this in five sets. Dinara Safina is going to be chewing her nails courtside as she is up next against Petra Kvitova. Will be interesting to see how the world's number one gets on. Isner wins his serve.

0029: Getting too excited and my fingers are all over the place. It is of course 5-3 in the third set. And now it's the third set to Roddick. He serves up a couple of crackers and he's right back in it. Time for a little dabble of smugness. A beautiful game indeed. Isner is now the one looking like the man with heavy legs and Roddick is charged up like a box of fireworks.

0028: Brilliant rally from Roddick and Isner and Isner plonks one into the net - but it's only the tape and Roddick's pumped. Three break points and the momentum is slowly turning. The crowd are more noisy as well. The adrenaline's got to be flowing through Roddick's veins like a steam train. And it goes to 30-40 after Roddick had three break points. Biggest game of the match so far? Another sensational rally. Roddick scrambles around like a young pup and with both players having chances at the net he plants a winner smack on the baseline. He's 5-3 up. The crowd have gone loopy.

0022: Kuznetsova is one set up and 3-1 up against Peer. Serena and Venus in action in the doubles. Isner takes his service game and it's 3-3 in the third set. Just flicking through some of the results. Not sure we mentioned this earlier but Giselo Dulko won her third round clash with Kazakhstan's Yaroslava Shvedova. Big fan of the Dulks-meister. Enough said. Roddick serves out to edge ahead 4-3. Another prediction because I'm determined to get one right tonight. If Roddick wins this set - and 62% of me thinks he will - he will go on to win the match. OK? Keep the texts coming in on 81111.

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Isner will do well to close this out in 3 - Roddick is eyeballing him and shouting a lot. It's quite intimidating even if you're 6'9"

0012: It's started! Roddick grabs the opening point in Isner's service game. Isner lays one in to the net and it's 0-30. Roddick just has to raise it. He's got the shots but just has to power them back and dominate. Take nothing away from Isner. He is solid and is still very comfortable. More errors and it's 30-30. And a double fault gives Roddick a break point. How smug will I be if Roddick wins this one? Deuce. And then Isner's 21st ace gives him the advantage. Roddick starts to ask a few questions and pushes the ball wide of Isner's forehand. It's what he needs to do. 22nd ace though hits back. And number 23 gives Isner the game. Oooohhh my smugness dissipates. Better from Roddick though.

0005: As midnight strikes in the UK (7pm in the US), Isner exhibits a lob from his locker. I knew this man had a cute drop shot, a useful pass but a lob? Is there nothing this man cannot do? It goes to 0-40 and Roddick is drowning. He saves one break point. Another scratchy baseline shot goes long and it's 30-40. Deuce with a great serve. A magical long rally and Isner passes with an amazing whipped forehand that loops past Roddick's toes. Boom. Deuce. "C'mon" Roddick screams and the crowd are bang up for the comeback. And he wins the game. "YEHHHHHH" he cries. That will put some energy into his feet. I predict a service break right now. There is always a momentum change and this could be it.

2358: A glimmer of hope. Roddick passes down the left line. Nice. But Isner's having none of it. He strides up to the net again and plays a delightful low drop shot effortlessly. Roddick left scrambling again. He fidgets with his cap as Isner has a serve for another game. He prods long though and it goes to deuce. Roddick's eyes light up like large plates and he senses a turnaround. Roddick challenges a call and then he verbally challenges Hawkeye which reveals Isner's pass is just in. A mini-argument ensues about the shadow of the ball. Save your energy for the game Andy. Isner quietly gets on with it and it's 1-1.

2352: Here's what Roddick is up against. He's been two sets down and won on two occasions in his whole career. The match all turned around when Bruce Springsteen cranked up the volume an hour ago. Any suggestions for tunes to help Andy?

2349: Almost four hours of drama and Verdasco comes through his Haas test. He wins 3-6 7-5 7-6 1-6 6-4. He'll face the winner of Isner and Roddick.

2348: Haas is serving against Verdasco to stay in the match at 4-5. Any more booms Isner? You betcha. It's another ace and he wins the set. Easy-peasy. Roddick is seriously in trouble. Not just the score but his head is down, he looks annoyed and he has no answer to all the torpedoes his opponent is chucking at him.

2345: When you're 5-3 up and one set up, what do you do? You stroll over to your massive racket collection, unwind the rubber bands and pull out a new weapon. That'll wind Roddick up. Serving to take a two-set lead. Has Roddick got anything in his locker?

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "John Isner currently looks like a bigger, better version of Andy Roddick. Isner is a set and a break up. He is very, very dangerous. Shock?"

2340: It's another boom boom as Isner passes Roddick down his backhand on a strong service game and he leads 5-2. Roddick walks off the court like a schoolboy who's just had his football/soccer sticker collection confiscated.

2338: Verdasco has hit back against Haas and leads 4-3 in the final set. We could still be here at lunch time tomorrow. peer has also struck back and just trails Kuznetsova 4-3 now. What a crazy 10 minutes. The big matches turn on their heads. Can Roddick do the same? For now it's a big NO because Isner's got a couple of service break points. And Isner gets it - Roddick creeps up to the net and is passed easily. Isner leads 4-2.

2334: Roddick seems to have slipped up a couple of gears. He's got a chance in this one as Isner's serve almost decapitates a ball girl. But a fine volley helps Isner to the game. He's 3-2 up now.

2330: Who is the boss? Bruce Springsteen that's who. The speakers in the Arthur Ashe stadium boom out 'Born in the USA' as Roddick steps up for his serve game. What a tune. The sweat falls from Roddick's brow like a dripping tap and it's 2-2 with an easy serve game.

2326: Kuznetsova's taken a 4-2 lead against Shahar Peer. And Isner sneaks his service game to grab a 2-1 lead. The super-cool umpire calls for new balls.

2322: Thanks to Pranav Soneji's snooping skills (he'd make a good journo that boy) and he digs out some quotes from Roger Federer talking about sleep. Check this out. "Sure, I'm losing sleep, but that's part of it. I make sure on my off day maybe I do get a night where I can sleep in longer or take an afternoon nap. It's working out OK."

2319: Tommy Haas is strolling. He takes a 2-0 lead in that fifth set against Verdasco.

It's gone to a tie-break with Rodds and Isner. How could I not do the two arrows? Great pass by Isner and he's pumped to the max. Really tight match. And Isner takes a 5-2 lead. Again, the fist is clenched. Rodds in trouble. Another cracking pass down the line gives him four set points. Rodds not playing bad but Isner just too good at the moment. Pressure on the fifth seed. He looks edgy. "C'mon John" from the crowd and there we have it. The unseeded American takes it with a very large serve. My prediction's messed up already. Thanks John.

Ana Ivanovic on Twitter: "I had some time off, I was still doing a little bit of fitness or rehab or something. So my mind was still in tennis."
Can't argue with that Ana. I'm just loving
the 'or something'. Vagueness has its place in this beautiful world. There's not enough vagueness out there. Here's my own. Roddick is serving or something.

2307: Tommy Haas dishes up a five-setter with Verdasco. The German won that fourth set 6-1 in the blink of an eye. Interesting times.

2305: Rodds goes 6-5 up thanks to a whopping serve. Not too many fireworks so far. Prediction - 7-5 6-4 6-3. There's no hiding place - I'm putting that prediction out there now, for free. You've got it. You agree?

2301: Neither Isner nor Rodds is wearing pink. Not that I can see anyway. Venus, Sharapova, it's all about the pink. Should there be laws against it? I'm a big fan. Is it wrong to like wearing a drizzle of pink if you're a man? All thoughts on text or 606. Perhaps Murray should get involved in a bit of pink. He's up under the floodlights tomorrow night against the boy Dent.

2259: Sixth seed Russian Kuznetsova has just kicked off her game against Peer. And Rodds is serving as smooth as a vanilla milkshake. I only say that because I really fancy slurping on one of those. I might get David Ornstein to knock me one up. Or just a graphic. Rodds goes 5-4 up. Can Isner's serve save him again?

2253: Rodds has three service breaks at 4-3 up. The big man winds it up and saves one. Boom. At 15-40 Isner stretches with his lengthy arms and makes a fabulous drop-shot. And his serve saves him again. Goes to deuce. Big game this one. 115mph the second serve. "Scary" says commentator John Lloyd. And Isner saves it. Great battling. 4-4.

5 live's David Law tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Ana Ivanovic has joined twitter in the last 24 hours and appears to be a prolific and insightful tweeter. Welcome Ana - Ana Ivanovic's twitter

2246: A quick round-up. Verdasco is 2-1 up in sets against Haas. Took the third set 10-8 on a tie-break. Looks a classic ding-dong that one - as they say in Brooklyn. Probably. The winner between these two plays the winner of Roddick/Isner.

Get involved on 606
Foxes-Ace on 606: "Oudin is a great fighter, I knew she would add Maria to her list of scalps. It wasn't her best game, but she is only 17 and Oudin could well be the next big star in the Womens game."

2242: Isner troubling the world number five with some cheeky ground-strokes but Rodds hangs in there. he leads 3-2. A very steady start. Did you know Curb your Enthusiasm is Isner's favourite TV show? And he says if he wasn't a tennis player he would probably be a basketball player. Now there's a question. If you could be a pro sports star - what sport would you play? I'm going for golf or cricket - good travelling.

Get involved on 606
fedjon13 on 606: "Does anyone know why Roddick's shirt never fit him like the rest of the players? He always seem to be folding the sleeves after each point. At least Nadal's pants are getting looser."
The fashion debate rages on. Let's have it.

2234: It's the 10th consecutive US Open for Roddick. The umpire has the sort of voice that airline pilots have. Barely audible but you hear every word and it could send you to sleep. Almost robotic. Nice though. Hands up. There was me that was Roddick's service game. It wasn't! How could I get these two mixed up? Either way it's 1-1.

2230: Roddick is 2-0 up in the head-to-head against Isner. He is massive. He's ranked 55 in the world and check this out - he's 6ft 9in. Wearing a safe light blue shirt against the more conservative stripy white number that is hanging off Roddick. And Isner goes 1-0 up with a steady service game.

2228: Right then. Coffee in hand, righthand man David Ornstein with me and the US Open. What more could a man want on a Saturday afternoon/evening? Remember to hit the refresh button - or the F5 button. Whatever you want - it's a free world isn't it?...

2223: Put those rackets down Pranav. You deserve a break. Evening everybody. Tennis. Love it. No more Maria but everybody's talking about her outfit. Big fan of the pink. Next up Roddick - it's an American showdown against the big man from North Carolina - John Isner. Keep your texts and 606 thoughts coming in. We're here for the night. Sitting comfortable? Let's go....

By Pranav Soneji

2218: Time for me to bid you all adieu until tomorrow. Mark Ashenden will keep you entertained through the wee hours of the morning.

The match is over
2215: G Dulko bts Y Shvedova 6-3 6-4
No such problems for Gisela Dulko, who cruises to a comfortable victory over Kazakhstan's Yaroslava Shvedova on court 11. Next up for the Argentine is either Ukraine's Kateryna Bondarenko or Australia's Anastasia Rodionova.

The match is over
A shock result
2211: M Oudin bts M Sharapova 3-6 6-4 7-5
Unravel the shock graphic - Melanie Oudin has just claimed her second Russian scalp at Flushing Meadow. Fresh from booting out Elena Dementieva in the previous round, the 17-year-old from Georgia has just served the 2006 champion with an exhibition of impressive powerful groundstrokes. Mel the Russian seed slayer - her fourth-round opponent Nadia Petrova will be twitching uncomfortably in her seat right now...

2205: Just what is going on here? Sharapova's ability to serve has disappeared somewhere beyond the Hudson river, sending down her 21st double fault as Oudin immediately breaks back, much to the delight of the sun-drenched Noo Yoik tennis aficionados.

2200: Pffffft! Sharapova has only gone and broken Oudin to level at 5-5, I have no idea how this match will end. Really scintillating play from the three-time Grand Slam winner, landing a pinpoint forehand winner with her American opponent nowhere to be seen.

2155: A huge roar erupts around the Arthur Ashe Stadium as Sharapova once again double faults to open the door for Melanie Oudin. The teenager capitalises on her opportunity, converting her solitary break point at the first time of asking with a rasping forehand winner for a 5-4 lead in the deciding set. Time to read your trainers Melanie, "Believe"...

2152: It's all going swimmingly well for Gisela Dulko on court 11. You'll remember the Argentine ended Maria Sharapova's stay at Wimbledon a few months back and she's in decent nick again, taking the first set 6-3 against Kazakhstan's Yaroslava Shvedova.

2145: Good news for all you Fernando Verdasco fans, the 10th seed has won the second set to draw level with Tommy Haas at 1-1 going into the third set. Meanwhile, Melanie Oudin has just unleashed a killer forehand winner after yet another enthralling rally to break Maria Sharapova to lead 4-3. Compelling viewing - and after two-and-a-half hours, we're still no wiser as to who will play Nadia Petrova in the fourth round.

2141: Injury? Just a mere scratch. Just when you start to dismiss Sharapova's chances of reaching the last 16, the 2006 champ breaks Oudin to level the deciding set at 3-3. Intrigue a plenty, expect a twist on a par with a Hollywood thriller.

Text in your views on 81111
Paula, text 81111: "If I looked like Maria Sharapova I would wear what I liked too, she's a stunning girl leave her alone."

2136: Uh-oh, things do not look good for Maria Sharapova right now. The trainer runs through a series of exercises and stretches on her right arm, focusing on the elbow and shoulder. The 22-year-old grimaces as if someone has wafted a particularly pungent piece of Stilton under her nose, but she is deemed fit enough to continue.

2134: N Davydenko bts M Chiudinelli 6-4 7-5 7-5
Eighth seed Nikolay Davydenko earns a straightforward win over the Switzerland's Marco Chiudinelli, who didn't play as badly as the score suggests. The Russian will be avidly keeping tabs on teh Grandstand because he will face the winner of the Sam Querrey v Robin Soderling encounter.

2129: After an 11-minute service game, a clearly exhausted Maria Sharapova manages to hold on to trail Oudin 3-2. Unsurprisingly, the Russian has called for the trainer in the ensuing break.

5 live's Jonathan Overend tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Murray 2nd night match tomorrow - another middle of the night job for you guys. Commentary on 5Live in Up All Night."

2124: A baseline rally goes on and on until Sharapova hammers a double-handed backhand down the line to save a break point - only to double fault for the 17th time to hand the initiative back to her teenage opponent. This deuce joust is going on forever...

2119: Thanks to Mike for filling in while I filled my boots with all sorts of filthy food. It's all looking good for Robin Soderling over on the Grandstand as the 12th seeded Swede clinches the second set to take a 2-0 overall lead against Sam Querrey.

By Mike Henson

DJ George Baker and Sienna Miller
Slinky and Sienna
2110: Have to agree with slushington comments on 606. It is a bit of a shocker ladies and gentleman, looks like the designer brought out the highlighter pens for a laugh.

slushington on 606: "Sharapova's dresses this year have been some of the ugliest I have ever seen her wear. Today? No exception. Pale pink and yellow? Disgusting. She needs a hair job as well."

2101: Back with Melanie Oudin and the crowd are straining at the leash with three set points at her mercy. It comes down to the last but eventually Sharapova sprays a loose one between the tramlines to alleviate the stress on all those harried New Yorkers. One set all.

2055: Across the way in the Louis Armstrong arena, Fernando Verdasco has lost the first set 6-3 to Tommy Haas. The favourites for all today's men's matches have lost their opening sets. Apart, that is, from Rockin' Robin Soderling who took the first in his match against Sam Querrey 6-2.

2046: The grunts from Sharapova are getting longer, louder and higher. More like a squeal now I'd say. They almost coincide with Oudin's own more restrained utterances as the two battle to deuce.

2042: After sending a tentative forehand long on set point, Oudin sees Sharapova get one of those breaks back and it's 5-3 with the Russian to serve.

2037: Oudin does not mind getting stuck in for the long haul either. Her victory over Elena Dementieva in the previous round came after she lost the first set.

2031: The crowd on Arthur Ashe go ballistic as Melanie Oudin holds her serve against Sharapova for a 5-1 lead in the second set. Looks like we're in for the full duration...

By Pranav Soneji

2025: Another all-seed men's third round match is under way on the Grandstand, with Sam Querrey (22) claiming the first game with serve against French Open finalist Robin Soderling (12). Melanie Oudin goes from strength to strength over on Aurthur Ashe, converting two break points for a 4-1 second-set lead over Maria Sharapova, whose service game is unravelling like a badly wrapped kebab. The Russian has made just 33% of her second serves, along with 11 double faults.

5 live's Alastair Eykyn tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Steel band giving it some in the courtyard behind Ashe - random woman with orange hair dancing badly next to them."

2017: An early break for 20th seed Tommy Haas against 10th seed Fernando Verdasco of Spain to take a 2-0 lead in the first set over on Louis Armstrong, while Melanie Oudin breaks Maria Sharapova in the third game of the second set. Intriguing. Plenty of high frequency screaming from the Russian, nothing to distract the very determined American teenager from Georgia.

Laura Robson on Twitter: "Does anyone have a link so I can watch x factor online??!? Im desperate!!!"

2007:N Petrova bts L Zheng 6-4 6-1
After surrendering a 4-3 lead in the first set, Jie Zheng is comprehensively outplayed by 13th seed Nadia Petrova, who will play the winner of the Sharapova/Oudin contest in the last 16.

2002: Maria Sharapova notches up her seventh double fault as Melanie Oudin earns her second service break, only for the 2006 champion to immediately break back in the next game to clinch the first set 6-3.

1951: Disaster for Marco Chiudinelli, who surrenders a 3-0 second set lead as Nikolay Davydenko wraps up the set 7-5 to take an overall 2-0 lead. However, the Swiss once again makes an early break of the Russian's serve early in the third set to lead 2-0.

1947: After lauding Oudin's resolve in my 1936 entry, the 17-year-old from Marietta, Georgia drops her very next service game as Sharapova extends her lead to 4-2 in the first set.

The match is over
1942: N Djokovic bts J Witten 6-7 6-3 7-6 6-4
After three-and-a-half hours of a white-knuckle third-round rollercoaster ride, Novak Djokovic seals his place in the last 16 as the Jesse Witten fairytale comes to an end, but what an end. After giving the world number four a serious run for his prize money, the qualifier from Florida enhances his reputation with an impressive display. Djokovic will be fully aware a similar performance against his next opponent, Radek Stepanek, and he'll be packing his bags.

1936: Impressive resolve from Melanie Oudin, who outmuscles the powerful Maria Sharapova to break back and level the first set 2-2, much to the delight of the quite obviously partisan home crowd.

1932: After being made to seriously sweat by American qualifier Jesse Witten, fourth seed Novak Djokovic makes the decisive break in the fourth set and is serving for the match at 5-4.

1927: An all-seed third-rounder between Jie Zheng (21) and Nadia Petrova (13) is in swing on the Grandstand, with Zheng breaking her Russian opponent's serve to take a 4-3 lead in the first set.

1914: Maria Sharapova is resplendent in a lilac number, while her third-round opponent Melanie Oudin sports a heavily strapped left thigh. The American, who beat Elena Dementieva in the previous round, has a recent history of giant-killing in Grand Slams after knocking out Jelena Jankovic at Wimbledon a few months back. However, her first service game doesn't go to plan as 29th seed Sharapova breaks with relative ease.

5 live's Alastair Eykyn tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Aussie fanatics quiet now Fed's btn their man. Jesse Witten's looking more like Toni Nadal with every point, now 2sets to 1 down to Djokovic."

1906: After losing the first set against eighth seed Nikolay Davydenko, Switzerland's Marco Chiudinelli, a qualifier ranked 161 in the world, takes a 3-0 lead in the second set.

1904: Federer's victory sets up a fourth-round encounter with either 14th seed Tommy Robredo or home favourite and 21st seed James Blake. The duo are on Arthur Ashe later this evening after Dinara Safina's match against Petra Kvitova.

1900:R Stepanek bts P Kohlschreiber 4-6 6-2 6-3 6-3
After losing the first set, 15th seed Radek Stepanek comes through without too many problems to beat Germany's Philipp Kohlschreiber. The Czech will play either Novak Djokovic or Jesse Witten. The Serbian world number four had been looking down the barrel of a 2-1 deficit with Witten serving for the third set, only to conjure a break when he needed it most and clinch the resulting tie-break and a 2-1 match lead.

The match is over
1850:R Federer bts L Hewitt 4-6 6-3 7-5 6-4
Hewitt holds on to his service game at 4-5, but awesome net coverage combined with superlative groundstrokes sees Roger Federer earn two match points on his serve. And the defending champion duly converts as Hewitt overhits a service return for his 14th successive win over the Australian.

Get involved on 606
Jamesearlbond on 606: "this Witten guy is playing really well! Old-fashioned slugfest."

1844: Jesse Witten, currently 276 in the ATP rankings, is on the verge of taking a 2-1 match lead against world number four Novak Djokovic on Louis Armstrong. No question about it, the American is playing the match of his life.

1841: Right on cue, Hewitt breaks back at 5-3 but still needs to pull a whole warren of rabbits out of his top hat to keep this match going to a five-set decider.

1837: Federer unleashes the afterburners and takes a 5-2 lead in the fourth set against Hewitt, surely game over for the gutsy Australian...

1826: Over on court 11, another Swiss, Marco Chiudinelli, is 2-2 against eighth seed Nikolay Davydenko in the first while Radek Stepenak is two games shy of victory against Philipp Kohlschreiber.

1810: Kiss my face! Federer runs around a limp second serve from Hewitt and clatters a ferocious crosscourt forehand at the speed of sound past Hewitt on his way to 15-40 at 5-6 in the third set. He duly converts his two set points as Hewitt overhits a forehand return, prompting another yelp of Swiss joy to take a 2-1 match lead.

1801: Fed stumbles awkwardly returning a backhand slice on the move, but looks more embarrassed than in pain as he picks up his racket off the ground. But rather than hamper his movement, the world number one clatters a crunching forehand winner down the line before leaving Hewitt for dead following a pinpoint backhand down the line for two break points. But he squanders his advantage with more unforced errors, allowing the Australian to level at 4-4. Normal service resumes for Novak Djokovic, who seals the second set 6-3 to level the match at 1-1 against Jesse Witten.

1751: Anyone follow Serena Williams' restaurant faux pas on Twitter last night? The world number two was politely provided jackets by her posh eatery of choice due to its strict dress code - not a Phil Collins dining establishment (No Jacket Required). Serena described it as the "most embarrassing moment in my life", while sister Venus couldn't resist a pop and described her sibling on and dining partner as "losers". A little harsh, non?

Get involved on 606
Biscuits on 606: "I think we can safely say that neither Federer nor Djokovic can be considered credible contenders for the title after these Buster Keaton displays. Dismal stuff."

1745: Federer holds his nerve - and his serve - to save four break points in the fourth game of the third set to level at 2-2. Cries of "Come on Aussie, come on" from the higher echelons of the Arthur Ashe Stadium, the annoyingly catchy theme tune made famous by Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket in the late 1970s. Over on the Grandstand, Radek Stephenak is 3-1 up in the third set against Kohlschreiber.

Get involved on 606
Jamesearlbond on 606: "The Fed should have an easy walk-over to the finals. All the players in his section are players he's dominated/owned historically (Hewitt, Blake, Soderling, Davydenko), and his only potential threat is Djokovic who hasn't shown top form of late, and has often struggled against Roddick (whom he's expected to meet in the quarters)."

1727: The usually sanguine Swiss unleashes a primal roar as Hewitt returns into the net, a point which hands Roger Federer the second set 6-3. Still to come we have Maria Sharapova against Melanie Oudin, who beat Elena Dementieva in three sets in the previous round, while beaten Wimbledon finalist and fifth seed Andy Roddick plays compatriot John Isner, victor of Romania's 28th seed Victor Hanescu in the first round.

1723: Interesting story from the BBC's tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend about Laura Robson and Andy Murray teaming up for next year's Hopman Cup in Perth. Britain's last pairing in that competition were Jeremy Bates and Jo Durie, which tells you how long ago that was...

1717: The script is not quite going to plan for fourth seed Novak Djokovic, who loses the first set tie-break against Jesse Witten, the qualifier from Naples, Florida who dumped 29th seed Igor Andreev out in straight sets in the first round. Over on the Grandstand, Radek Stepanek is looking good in the second set against Kohlschreiber, leading the German 5-2.

1709: Change of pace from the defending champion as he suddenly ratchets up a level and breaks Hewitt to love. The Australian loses a challenge as well as he asks for a review of a Federer winner that clips the line.

1706:After Hewitt holds, Federer sees out another service game in stronger style, banging down his seventh ace to make it 2-1, before taking to his seat beneath an umbrella clutched by one of the ball-boys.

1701:Federer holds his serve to steady the ship, but as sea-faring vessel go the Swiss looks as stable as a pedalo piloted by Freddy Flintoff.

Get involved on 606
endofcity on 606: "I thought after the start Novak D made, he'd be a strong contender for this. I've got semi-finals tickets and was looking forward to seeing the big 4 in action..."

1657: Hewitt duly serves out for the first set as Federer makes his 23rd unforced error - ouch. More fist-pumping antics from the excitable 28-year-old South Australian, who takes the first set 6-4.

5 live's Jonathan Overend tweeting from Flushing Meadows: "Morning! Hottest day in NYC so far... Aussie fanatics in the top tier... back in midtown saw a Russell Brand lookalike on rollerskates."

1650: Hewitt is like one of those chuggers (high street charity fundraisers) whom you just can't shake off, despite giving them absolutely zero eye contact. The 31st seed wins three games in a row - twice breaking Federer's serve - to lead the world number one by 5-4 serving for the first set. Meanwhile, Germany's 23rd seed Philipp Kohlschreiber takes the first set against 15th seed Radek Stepanek of the Czech Republic.

Andy Murray on Twitter: "Got asked yesterday by an american journalist, who is fred perry? I asked if he was joking he said no seriously I said one of the greatest players ever and walked off laughing, how can u report on tennis and not know that?"

1637: I'm getting my Wimbledons seriously mixed up, the memory is about as reliable as my first serve these days. Extra points for all you eagle-eyed readers for spotting my error (basically every one of you). During the time I have hung my head in shame, Novak Djokovic has broken Jesse Witten for the second time to take a 4-2 lead while Roger Federer eventually breaches Lleyton Hewitt's defence for a 4-2 lead.

Text in your views on 81111
Anon, text 81111: Lleyton lost to Roger in 2008 not 2009 just to correct you (This is just like a wiki)."

1623: Candidate for the earliest "c'mon!" fist pump of the US Open from Hewitt in his first game after dispatching a tidy volley winner at the net. Over on Louis Armstrong, Jesse Witten has broken Novak Djokovic's second service game for an early break, but the fourth seed breaks back in the American's service game to level the scores at 2-2.

The sun is out
1617: Once again the sun is belting down over Queens as Fed opens up with an ace with his very first serve before sealing the game with a forehand winner. Ominous.

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Slushington on 606: "I swear a couple of years ago, an umpire was given a nosebleed by a ball that was being transferred from one ball boy to another."

1610: Plenty of history between Roger Federer and Lleyton Hewitt, who line up for their 23rd encounter - only four other pairs have played each other more in the sport. Hewitt has not beaten the world number one since the Davis Cup in 2003, with Federer winning the subsequent 13 matches. Federer was in awesome form in their last Grand Slam meeting at Wimbledon last year, with the Swiss genius sweeping aside the pesky Australian with a straight sets 7-6 6-2 6-4 victory on his way to the final.

Get involved on 606
BBC Sport's Mike Henson on 606: "The ball boys and girls stateside trust their throwing arms more than the ones on this side of the Atlantic. No meek rolling the ball along the outside of the court, instead long, looping crosscourt redistribution of the spares."

1603: Plenty of seed-on-seed action today, with Fernando Verdasco (10) up against Tommy Haas (20), Philipp Kohlschreiber (23) taking on Radek Stepanek (15), Robin Soderling (12) faces Sam Querrey (22) and James Blake (21) will battle Tommy Robredo (14). While on the women's side, Caroline Wozniacki (9) takes on Sorana Cirstea (24) and Jie Zheng (21) is in action against Nadia Petrova (13).

1556: If you're wiping the remaining crumbs of your late Saturday lunch from your sated lips, then you might start salivating again at the prospect of world number one and defending champion Roger Federer first up against 2001 champion Lleyton Hewitt at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. Doesn't quite seduce the palate? How about a terrine of fourth seed Novak Djokovic on a bed of Jesse Witten? Or a Dinara Safina blini covered in an exotic Petra Kvitova sauce?

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