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Murray v Del Potro as it happened


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By Piers Newbery

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
2132: Another week, another title, another move up the rankings. And the good news is that Andy Murray and his chums on the ATP Tour will be back in Cincinnati from Monday, although the Scot will get a couple of days to recover and get used to being the world number two. We'll be back later in the week with live texts - in the meantime, get some rest.. and that includes you, Juan Martin.


Murray 6-7 7-6 6-1 Del Potro
And there we have it, Murray wraps up the win with an ace after two hours and 40 minutes. Brilliant. His fifth title of the year, the fourth Masters title of his career, and a fitting reward for becoming the world number two.

* Murray 6-7 7-6 5-1 Del Potro
With his hopes apparently gone, Del Potro has briefly morphed into a 6ft 6in version of Mansour Bahrami, all extravagant shot-making and laughing with the crowd. It seems to be working as he moves ahead on serve but Murray gets the Argentine moving to remind his legs that they want to go home, and a double-fault hands the Scot the break. He will serve for the title...

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Tim, via text on 81111: "PHEW ! Did i say that already? how quickly can Andy be number 1? US Open win?"

Murray 6-7 7-6 4-1 Del Potro *
OK, don't panic but.... Del Potro has got one of the breaks back. He plays a great drop volley along the way and finishes it with a massive forehand return, which crucially he did not have to move his legs an inch for. The ATP supervisor then gives him a leg rub on the changeover. Odd.

* Murray 6-7 7-6 4-0 Del Potro
A break to love and Del Potro looks like he can barely walk. Murray has made much of the physical work he has done over the last year or two and with good reason. It's winning him matches like this.

Murray 6-7 7-6 3-0 Del Potro *
Hang on, fella! Murray races through a love service game, which includes one beautiful swinging ace down the 'T', and the end is surely in sight.

* Murray 6-7 7-6 2-0 Del Potro
When Del Potro opens with a double-fault there is a collective groan from the crowd, who must be suspecting that he isn't in this for the long haul. A Murray return fizzes past him and at break point, the Argentine smacks a forehand long. Put a fork in him....

Murray 6-7 7-6 1-0 Del Potro *
Well, that's both a great start to the final set for Murray and a fairly poor one from Del Potro, who looks like a kid who has been dragged to a museum and would rather be anywhere else. More good news, Murray's serve is finally looking near its best.

EdTennisFan on 606: "Excellent. Murray levels. Hope he wraps this one up quickly."

2101: I nipped out for a comfort break, only to find Murray still sitting at the changeover on my return. I think Del Potro has also headed for the 'rest room', as our Canadian cousins say. He's taking his time, as Murray is forcefully pointing out to the umpire.


Murray 6-7 (4-7) 7-6 (7-3) Del Potro
Del Potro gets back in it with more bludgeoning forehands as he attacks the Murray second serve, but Murray scrambles brilliantly to regain the mini-break at 5-3 and a buccaneering trip to the net makes it 6-3 and set point...... and a second serve is good enough. Great stuff.

Tie-break latest: Del Potro plays a screamer of a backhand on the first point, Murray finds his rhythm on serve and is quickly 2-1 up. DelPo levels things before framing a forehand to give Murray the mini-break, and the Scot draws an error to reach the changeover at 4-2.

Murray 6-7 6-6 Del Potro
A fired-up Murray opens with an ace and a smooth forehand down the line, a big serve and a winner seal the game. It's a another tie-break, see you at the changeover.....

First aid
2046: Del Potro has his shirt off and the trainer is applying ointment to his shoulder. The Argentine is just one game from victory and Murray is very unhappy about the whole thing, walking around the baseline before chuntering away to the umpire. Meanwhile, Usain Bolt just ran 100m in 9.58secs. Rapid.

* Murray 6-7 5-6 Del Potro
There's hope for Murray when a couple of loose shots from DelPo (sorry) take him to 30-30, but he then serves up the kind of inviting mid-court forehand that the Argentine will stick away all day long. A good serve seals the game - and Del Potro then appears to motion for the trainer. He's had shoulder problems all week.

Murray 6-7 5-5 Del Potro *
Del Potro steps in and arrows a forehand into the corner for 15-15, Murray responds with an equally good forehand from out wide and does well to withstand the growing pressure as his opponent scents victory. There's some excellent back-and-forward chanting from the Scots/Argentine contingents in the crowd. It's like 1978 all over again (hopefully with a better outcome).

* Murray 6-7 4-5 Del Potro
Del Potro laps up some more gentle Murray fare from the baseline and crunches a forehand down the line for 40-0. He then ruins things a bit by making a fairly basic error before Murray finally leans into a forehand return. The Scot gets a break point and has his man stranded at the net but Del Potro guesses right and cuts out the attempted pass. A second break point disappears in a flash of serving power and Del Potro takes the game with the deftest of angled forehands. Ominous stuff for the Brit.
Murray 6-7 4-4 Del Potro *
That's a bit more like it from Murray, there seems to be a bit more bounce in his step as he races through another love hold.

Text in your views on 81111
Jamie, Perth, via text on 81111: "Now is not the time 2 give up on Muzza! The future is unwritten...."

* Murray 6-7 3-4 Del Potro
Del Potro misses a smash on the opening point but Murray then fails to do anything with his next three returns. The Scot races in to pick up a drop shot and a looping forehand return catches out Del Potro - deuce. "Nooooo!" screams Murray as he sticks a forehand return in the net and Del Potro holds.

Murray 6-7 3-3 Del Potro *
It's all quiet in Montreal right now as Murray takes a very welcome love game, and the crowd check out for a moment. They're still there, just not making any noise.

* Murray 6-7 2-3 Del Potro
Blimey. That is about as hard a forehand as I've ever seen. Del Potro puts up a defensive lob on game point which lands on the baseline, Murray flips over a fairly gentle forehand in response, and Big Juan gives it the treatment.

Murray 6-7 2-2 Del Potro *
Murray stops the rot with a hold to 15 but it's not as comfortable as that sounds. Nothing is, in part because both players are in danger of melting.

Text in your views on 81111
Elaine, Fife, via text on 81111: "Thanks for the updates, andy has got that grit n determination, theres a reason he is britain's number 1, whatever he achieves i am proud of him."

joxiri on 606: "Now that has to be the end of the match. Del Potro has got the psychological edge now."

* Murray 6-7 1-2 Del Potro
The cagey stuff of the first set has disappeared and the heat must be taking its toll to some extent, as the errors are flowing from both men and chances appearing at every turn. A Del Potro error gives Murray break point but he saves it with a good serve and edges through a shakey game.

Murray 6-7 1-1 Del Potro *
Oh dear. Murray lets a 30-0 lead slip and a fizzing return gives Del Potro his first break point of the day. Murray gathers himself and wallops down an ace. "C'maaawwn!" A missed groundstroke follows though, and the Argentine then takes control on his second break point and draws the error. Murray is absolutely fuming, castigating himself as he stomps around the back of the court. I hope there are no children sitting nearby.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
* Murray 6-7 1-0 Del Potro
Del Potro opens the second set with a towering smash from behind the baseline that almost knocks Murray over. He's looking bigger by the second. Murray is made of sterner stuff than me, fortunately, and a brilliant backhand pass off a smash earns him break point... Del Potro matches him by moving out wide and cracking a huge forehand cross-court but then nets a backhand and it's break point number two... cue another blistering forehand winner from the Argentine. Impresionante! Murray hammers another fine return for break point three and angrily gees himself up.... but Del Potro saves it with the big serve-big forehand combo. Another error then follows from the Argentine, who lapses from brilliance to exhaustion between points. Break point four.... and Del Potro finally cracks, sticking a backhand wide and we have the first break of the day. It's tiring stuff, this.
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Text in your views on 81111
Anon via text on 81111: "As much as i like murray he is only no.2 because of nadal's injuries. he's stil got a bit more to prove. winning here would help. "


Murray 6-7 (4-7) Del Potro
Murray cannot handle the Del Potro pace and leaks a forehand wide to trail 4-3. We then get an epic and very tense rally, Murray taking it with a forehand that is surely a bit closer to the line than he meant. Del Potro makes the first breakthrough with a heavy return and charge to the net to lead 5-4, and then gets the benefit of a Hawkeye challenge on his next serve. Two set points for the Argentine... and a big serve and follow-up forehand do the job.

Tie-break latest: Murray opens with a super backhand winner but Del Potro hits back with a couple of winners of his own for 2-1. Two aces from Murray gets the crowd going before Del Potro fires a big forehand to turn around at 3-3. Nothing in it. See you at the next changeover...

* Murray 6-6 Del Potro
Murray gets a sniff of a break when a cross-court forehand winner clips the line, confirmed by Hawkeye. Del Potro comes up with another big first serve when required but we're at deuce again.... Del Potro plays a magnificent second serve and then wins an extraordinary rally at the net, celebrating by gee-ing up the crowd. And I am informed the match is being covered on BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra.

Axry on Twitter: "Murray will have to up his serve % and take his time when Del Potro's in a weak position.

The sun is out
Murray 6-5 Del Potro *
Murray responds well with an ace and a service winner as he holds to 15 in double-quick time. And as for the Del Potro shorts scenario, I agree the turquoise really isn't working but I cannot criticise sweat patches after spending half an hour squeezed into a Central Line tube train earlier today. Ugly scenes.

* Murray 5-5 Del Potro
Del Potro is serving to stay in the set but shows absolutely no sign pressure with his best service game of the day, smacking a couple of aces to get to 40-0 and - after a decent Murray return - polishing things off with a successful trip to the net.

Text in your views on 81111
Rich, Northwood, via text on 81111: "Piers, Del Potro's shorts are awful and I'm surprised you haven't brought it up for those not watching. Very unforgiving sweat patches! Not often Murray wins on style points! (C'mon Andy!!!)"

Murray 5-4 Del Potro *
Murray is on easy street at 30-0 but then throws in two unforced errors to bring some pressure, but a first serve averts the immediate danger and Del Potro swings a backhand into the tramlines to end the game. The players head for the chairs and ice towels as House of Pain's Jump Around blasts around the arena. "I'll serve your (bottom) like John McEnroe...."

* Murray 4-4 Del Potro
Murray pumps his fist for the first time today after a fabulous backhand return down the line gets him to 30-30. Deuce, and this time Del Potro lets rip with an off-backhand winner and he follows up with an ace to take the game. That should give him a boost.

EdTennisFan on 606: "While Murray's first serve percentage could obviously be better (and would perhaps make life easier for him), look at the percentages that he's winning on both first and second serve. Much better than Del Potro's (as are return points). So, I don't think it's cause to worry, unless he's getting broken."

Murray 4-3 Del Potro *
Murray goes for his first Hawkeye challenge of the day and gets it right by a millimetre or two. He moves to 30-0 with his trusted routine of safety-first groundstrokes drawing errors from his opponent, and throws in the odd unreturnable serve. The Scot is looking very comfortable so far, Del Potro a bit nervous.

Text in your views on 81111
William, Glasgow, via text on 81111: "That's countryfile starting now guess that means i'll miss the rest of this murray victory."

* Murray 3-3 Del Potro
Team Murray are sweltering in the stands - coach Miles MacLagan looking like a British dad on holiday in his floppy blue hat, coach number two Alex Corretja looking considerably more suave in his white cap and shades. And their man is in good shape as Del Potro's groundstrokes begin to falter and he slips to 15-30 before getting a hugely fortuitous net cord. A mistake follows though and Murray has break point... but he nets a mid-court backhand with Del Potro helpless at the net. That was a huge chance and hurts all the more as Del Potro comes through to hold.

Murray 3-2 Del Potro *
Del Potro fails to make any headway with his return and Murray holds to 15, upping his first-serve percentage to a thumping 47%. I'll stop going on about it soon, promise. Cagey stuff generally from both men so far. Softly, softly, catchy monkey, you might say.

* Murray 2-2 Del Potro
Murray swipes a beautiful backhand down the line for 15-15 but Del Potro sets himself and finds some rhythm on his huge forehand to ease through the game. Now to the Murray serve, which is at 30% first serves so far. Room for improvement. About 70% in fact.

Text in your views on 81111
Paul in sunny Cornwall via text on 81111: "Murray hasn't been tested in this tournament if he wins the first set it will be an easy win but if the argentine wins it then expect another titantic british argentine battle!"

Murray 2-1 Del Potro *
Murray gets Del Potro on the move - another area where the Argentine is thought to have room for improvement - and it takes the Scot to 30-15. Game point follows soon after, and Murray fiips a few gentle backhands over before upping the pace with a big forehand and swatting a backhand into the space he has created. Textbook Murray.

* Murray 1-1 Del Potro
Not long ago the service was widely regarded as a bit of a weakness for Del Potro, especially as he's 6ft 6in. It's certainly not any more, as Andy Roddick found out last night. The Argentine holds to 15.

Chris from Plymouth via text on 81111: "I am thrilled Andy murray is world number 2 i think murray can stay there if not 3rd. Do u agree with me guys? Come on Andy."

Murray 1-0 Del Potro *
It's a nice solid start from Murray, who plays an absolute beauty of a drop shot to get to 40-0 and takes the game when Del Potro puts a smash wide.
denotes NEXT server

1839: Murray to serve....

The sun is out
1837: The scheduling of this final is not the best for the two finalists as it's just gone 1.30pm in Montreal and consequently hotter than hell. It also means UK viewers must decide between Murraymania and Countryfile. Not easy. Murray and Del Potro are lazily knocking up and we're nearly there....

DavidaBrent on 606: "If Andy serves well and plays well I think he will beat Del P but it will be a tough match. Andy needs to improve his first serve ratio though."

Get involved on 606
1832: Last night we saw Murray move calmly past another world-class opponent in straight sets but Del Potro is likely to prove a tougher test. He is the coming man at the top of men's tennis and there are those who see today's finalists as the next one and two in the world. It seems a bit early to discard Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, but who knows? You can make your feelings known to me via text on 81111, on 606 or through Twitter .

1829: Good evening to you all. Andy Murray may have guaranteed himself the world number two spot with last night's win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, but he's still got a tournament to win - and it won't be easy. Juan Martin del Potro, all 6ft 6in of him, will be down the other end tonight as the pair battle it out in the Montreal Masters final. Del Potro is 20 years old, ranked sixth, and playing in his first Masters final. Murray holds a 3-1 lead in head-to-head meetings, but Del Potro won their last meeting earlier this year on clay in Madrid.

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