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Wimbledon day 11 as it happened


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By Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

On the hunt for Sue Barker

2028: It's been a miserable day if you were after a historic Murray v Federer final, less so if you're a fan of Andy Roddick or a sober enough judge to marvel at just how well he played today. Never mind, there will be plenty more chances for Murray and we still have two singles finals to enjoy over the weekend. We will be here, live texting, for both. In the meantime, if you're still feeling a bit down in the dumps, have you heard of Hacker the dog….? Goodnight.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
2023: And there we have it, Groenefeld wallops another forehand at Jamie to seal a 6-2 7-5 win that takes her and Knowles into the final and gives the nation one good, sharp kick while it's down.

2020: Groenefeld slams a forehand return right at poor Jamie, who can only stick the frame in front of his face to protect his youthful looks, and Anna-Lena G will serve for the match.

2015: Surprisingly, Knowles has his serve broken for the first time this evening and it's 5-5 in the second. Where there's life, there's hope. So I'm told.

2012: Bad news - Knowles and Groenfeld break and will serve for the match on Centre....

Roger Federer
2012: Roger Federer: "I've had some great matches with Roddick over the years, twice here in the finals which I thought were fantastic. I have a great record against him so obviously that would be a good thing. I've had plenty of time to study his game. I can only marvel at how incredible his serve is. I like playing against him, not only just because of the record."

2007: "Andy Roddick has a phenomenal record in tie-breaks and it is the serve that does it for him," says Andrew Castle. "A lot of us in Great Britain will be disappointed we are not going to see Andy Murray on Sunday but we have a great final to look forward to. I have never seen Andy Roddick play like this."

2006: Mark Knowles lands a lob plum on the baseline to earn three break points at 0-40, but Jamie and Huber battle back to hold for 4-3 to the delight of Judy and co in the players' box.

2002: Caroline Cheese on Twitter: "Ho-hum. Hard to be too disappointed. Roddick deserved that fair and square. Murray will just have to win the US Open instead."

1959: Jamie Murray slices a howler of a smash wide but he and Huber hang on to make it 3-2 on serve in the second set.

John Lloyd
1954: "Andy will be shattered obviously," says John Lloyd. "It has been a tremendous run and with his record against Roddick obviously he thought he was going to win it. I have never seen Roddick's groundstrokes as good as this from the back of the court. He had a game-plan and stuck to it and didn't panic at any time."

1951: "I'm in love with andy roddick! Well done! Can I be your second wife? Don't mind sharing :-)"
From dolly at victoria via text

Andy Roddick
1949: Andy Roddick: "Murray's going to break through and win one of these, probably numerous. In my mind it's a matter of time. It's not if, it's when."

1947: Justin Gimelstob on Twitter: "It feels like a huge balloon of excitement has popped in England with Murray losing."

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1944: Jamie and Huber have dropped the first set 6-2 against Knowles and Groenefeld on a half-empty Centre Court. And Cash and Wilkinson have nabbed the first set on a tie-break against Petchey and Rusedski. Will the misery never end? On a brighter note, it's nice for Bunny Austin's family....

1942: "Deathly silence in the BBC Broadcast Centre. Boris popped in to pass on his condolences to us all. Tim Henman, a man who knows a thing or two about losing a Wimbledon semi-final, was keeping his chin up in stoical style but everyone else is flatter than an Independence Day pancake. The hopes of Great Britain now rest on the broad shoulders of Jeremy Bates tomorrow. As for the features I was working on (see 1916) that have now disappeared into the ether…..Andy Murray....I shall hold this against you till my dying day. "
BBC Sport Mole

Andy Roddick
1940: Andy Roddick: "Today I came in 68 times and it wasn't all in on a pair of twos, I felt like I was picking the right shots at the right time. Larry (Stefanki, coach) was stressing that against Andy, if you come in, you have to hit a good approach shot or the ball's going to come back past you."

Boris Becker
1933: "Andy Murray lost to the better player today," says Boris Becker. "Andy Roddick played one of the best matches he has played in a long time but Murray will be in a Wimbledon final." But when, Boris, when?

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1931: Oh dear. Knowles and Groenefeld get the double break on centre and lead 5-2 against Jamie and Huber. Still, Petchey and Rusedski are 5-4 up on Cash and Wilkinson on Court Three. Not cheering you up? No, me neither. Jamie just got aced by Groenefeld....

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1928: "Andy you can hold your head high."
From Amanda Cerasale, Watford, Herts, via text

1925: "Here we go. Federer three sets. See you next year. Roddick should have saved himself the embarassment and given murray the chance to beat Federer."
From anon via text

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1925: "Had Murray forced a deciding set then he would have been in the final. Credit must go to Roddick."

1922: BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter (in a pub:) "Absolute silence in here. Everyone devastated. No-one said a word on any of the last few points. Can't believe Murray is out."

1919: Sports Minister Gerry Sutclifffe has just give Andy his backing on Channel Four news, which will come as a huge relief I'm sure. And Jeremy Bates is giving his opinion too! What on earth are you doing man? You've got a massive Gentlemen's Senior Invitation Doubles group match to play tomorrow. With Anders Jarryd. Jezza says Andy "is somebody who will win Wimbledon and end the drought". Fine, now get to bed.

1916: Plans are being shelved left, right and centre, emails are arriving from people saying they're off home, the flood of people texting to ask for final tickets (I do not have any) has suddenly dried up. And the poor old BBC Sport Mole has about four Murray v Federer pieces he was working on that can now be chucked in the bin. Still, I'm sure hell take the positives in true British tennis style.

Andy Murray
1913: Andy Murray: "I'll move on very, very quickly. That's a pathetic attitude, if you let one match ruin your year. It's been a very good, productive tournament for me. The last two Slams I've come up against two players who have played great, great tennis. I need to keep making sure I bring my best tennis to every match."

1910: Jamie and Huber are under way against Knowles and Groenefeld and it's 1-1. And if you wish to know that this is not actually Tom Fordyce, who's "gone for a walk", please manually refresh. I hope someone's keeping an eye on Fordyce....

Andy Murray
1907: Andy Murray: "I don't think I played that passive, he just hit a lot of winners. He came up with some good volleys and served really, really well. I didn't play a bad match, I just didn't make as many passes as I needed. But I expected him to play very well."

1902: Andy Murray is in the press room straight away, still in his kit. Never a good sign for the waiting journos.....

1900: That's the last time I leave the live text to someone else. And the report. Next year I'm doing the lot. A sense of utter gloom has descended upon Commentary Box Four and, I imagine, the All England Club as a whole. Tom Fordyce has just wandered off, glassy-eyed, while Caroline Cheese is looking a bit moist around the eyes too. But never fear, Jamie Murray is here. He and Liezel Huber are about to take on Mark Knowles and Anna-Lena Groenfeld in the mixed doubles semi-final on a rather shattered Centre Court. I'll keep you across that and all the reaction to Andy Murray's defeat.

By Tom Fordyce at Wimbledon

1849: This from Roddick as he walks off court, waving to a crowd which gives him his generous dues: "I had to play my best tennis to win today. I can't say enough good things about Andy's game but I can play some tennis. Not many people gave me a chance and I knew if I stayed the course I had a shot.

"Throughout my career my game's had a lot of shortcomings but trying hard hasn't been one of them. He had all the pressure on him and I could come out and swing freely, and that helped me today. Let's make no mistake, he's been a much better player than I have over the last year, I just played a little bit better today."

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1845: Roddick collapses to the turf, hands clutching his head in disbelief. Murray's Wimbledon dream is over for this year at least, and he was beaten by the better man today - his head sinks to his chest and he trudges to the net to offer an exhausted hand.


Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 6-7 Roddick
You cannot do anything about that serving. That is brutal - 2-1 Roddick on serve, but where does Murray find a break from? He'll need two at least now - backhand into the tape - error from Rodds for 2-3. Lordy - 2-4 with that tank-buster of a serve, and now 2-5. The end is in sight, and you have to salute Roddick if he seals it here - he's been in fabulous form from the very start, but it's not over yet - 4-5 with the sweetest backhand pass you've ever seen. Oh no - that's wide for 4-6, two match points for the American... no! What a pass from Murray, but here comes Roddick again - to the forehand, to the net - he's done it! Roddick is there!

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 6-6 Roddick
Big serve for 15-0, floppy backhand volley for 15-15. Terrifying ace down the middle for 30-15 - oh, there was a chance there, Roddick tossing in a dropper that Murray got to but dinked into the net. Howitzer out wide, and it's a breaker. Cross everything you have...

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 6-5* Roddick
Power serves from Murray to race to 40-0, a slower second one slapped back for 40-15 and a tired forehand sailing long for 40-30. Nervous buzz around Centre - turned into raucous roars as an ace seals the deal. You've got to think that the next game is Murray's best shot at this set - if it comes to the tie-break, Roddick will surely fancy his chances...

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 *5-5 Roddick
Roar of pain from Murray - that blocked return didn't have enough on it - and there's a skinny gap for a backhand pass that he can't quite find. Thrashing unreturnable serve for 40-15, a repeater to push us to 5-5. We're tip-toeing along a knife-edge now.

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 5-4* Roddick
Now's the time to do it. Rapid hold, Roddick to hold to stay in the set. What's left in the Murray tank?

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 *4-4 Roddick
Roddick with that monotonous marvel of a serve, pummelling Murray into a mushy pulp to coast to 30-0. Then a change - Murray dancing in to the serve, battering them back, finally forcing a volleyed error. Break point - oh, wonderful tennis again from Roddick, whipping forehands cross-court, fizzing them the other way. Murray's getting closer and closer - can he now find that little something extra?

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 4-3* Roddick
At last a happy hold for Murray. Just seen the scenes on Henman Hill - mobbed. Number 2 court too.

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 *3-3 Roddick
There must be a weakness in Roddick somewhere, at some point, but where is it? That's a volley off the shoelaces that Boris would be chuffed with for 40-15 - but then a little glimmer of something. Murray slices again and again, and the ball dies a death on the line. Deuce. Murray to the tape - great fetch - oh, another wonderful reflex Rodvolley, and the glimmer is no more.

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"Watching Murray in a Scottish pub in Edgware Road. Big support for him here, bigger groans when that second set slipped away. No-one here's given up on him yet though."
BBC Sport's Chris Bevan, enjoying his day off, via text on 81111

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"Have become a very bad mother. No dinner in this house until the end."
From Sarah not in the kitchen via text on 81111

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 3-2* Roddick
Toil and turmoil for Murray in his service games. He over-balances with a forehand and clouts it way long to tilt at deuce, digging deep for a big cruncher out wide to push non to ad and squeaking through as Roddick slaps a flat backhand onto the tape.

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 *2-2 Roddick
It's still not happening for Murray on the Roddick serve. The American has been landing 75% of first serves all afternoon, and that doesn't look like changing. Murray is left swinging like a battered prize-fighter, aiming haymakers and missing to either side. Fear spreads like fungus around the ancient arena.

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 2-1* Roddick
If Murray's hoping for some weariness from Roddick after his five-set epic against Lleyton Hewitt on Wednesday, he'll be disappointed. Two hours 25 minutes in and Roddick is as fresh as an Alpine meadow. How can he get back into this?

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 *1-1 Roddick
Has to be said, Roddick is playing fantastic tennis out there. His touch at the net has been a revelation, his groundstrokes almost faultless, his serve a wrecking-ball to Murray's hopes. Murray's head is down now, too - he's moving slowly across the baseline, staring at the turf as if seeking inspiration from the bleaching blades.

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 1-0* Roddick
So then. Five sets or bust for the British hope. Shadows from the roof inching across the striped court, no-one moving an inch. Murray doesn't look like a cap ready for chapitulation - I'm sorry, a chap ready for capitulation - and he holds as the serve finds its mark.

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"Wow. I'm finding myself shouting at home out loud come on andy murray in a scottish accent!"
Lloyd from Oxford via text on 81111

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"Not sure I can stand the tension, never seen so many mobile devices on one train! As if it isn't hot enough!"
Tim on a local train out of Birmingham via text on 81111


Murray 4-6 6-4 6-7 Roddick
Dreadful tension around Centre. Roddick is the first to nose in front, forcing Murray wide to squeeze out the error and steal the mini-break. My giddy aunts - I do not believe that shot from Murray! Running pass off the forehand side with his feet virtually three rows back. He's there again, at the net with the court on its knees - gaagghh, clunked into the net. He then goes for the old backhand favourite down the line - 2-4 Roddick. Ace out wide from Murray - and now Roddick to wobble, flopping a backhand netwards. 4-5 - make that 5-5 after a Murray ace. And another! 6-5, set point with Rod to serve. I can barely type - fingers shaking, palms greased - Roddick, that is an incredible volley at this stage. Hats doffed, 6-6. Ace down the middle - 6-7 Roddick. Ooo-ooeee! Murray flashes his forehand just over the tape, but then mishits another to give away two set points with Rod to serve - and when a backhand drops into the net's embrace in horrible slow motion, the set has gone...

Murray 4-6 6-4 6-6 Roddick
"Yeeeesss!" sing the crowd as two big first serves arrow home with deadly precision. Cheers are stillborn on lips though as a dooblay at the wrong time make it 40-30 - but they fly free now, an ace sizzling out wide. It's a tie-break - Roddick's record terrifyingly good on these. He's won 24 of his 29 this season, Murray eight of his 13. Do you believe?

Murray 4-6 6-4 *5-6 Roddick
Pale faces and sweaty hands all around. Roddick suddenly a little wide-eyed - that's a backhand he would have made 10 minutes ago, but a thrasher out wide off first serve takes him to 40-30. Ouch - another ace, this time down the middle, and he's steadied the ship. Back to you, Andy M.

Murray 4-6 6-4 5-5* Roddick
Suddenly the crowd is awake and bouncing on the edge of their cushioned seats. An ace, celebrated like the invention of free money. Then there's another - game point - forehand hooked wide, but it's the briefest of pauses - another ace out wide and we're level. Fancy a slice of pressure pie, Rodders?

For those of you having trouble watching the video here, you can click here to watch it on a video-only page
Murray 4-6 6-4 *4-5 Roddick
He needs this now. He's bellowed back onto court, squints into the late afternoon sun and waits. Hmm - what's that on the Roddick serve - it's not a little tightness, is it? Murray spots those serves coming and blocks them back - rapier forehand, error forced and he's at three break points. Supreme effort - oh, a stunning volley from Roddick to save one, but he can't get that one back - Murray's done him! "MURRAY! MURRAY!" sing the crowd - was that the moment?

Murray 4-6 6-4 *3-5 Roddick
It's quiet on Centre, spookily quiet - you can almost smell the consternation. Roddick playing out of his skin - forehand winner pinged cross-court and it's 30-30. Murray serves big to go 40-30, but that's a feeble second serve - 79mph, and Roddick will tear that to pieces. Shadows stretching now across the back of the pale green court. That's more like it on the serve, and so is that - righteous roars now, and he's staed alive. Now for the mountain - the Roddick first serve...

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"It feels like the whole of the 1715 from London to Nottingham is looking at their phone! I just hope my battery lasts!"
Russell just leaving St Pancras via text on 81111

Murray 4-6 6-4 *2-5 Roddick
Don't think I've ever seen Roddick hit his groundstrokes this well. The serve you expect, the flashing backhand and disguised droppers you don't. At 40-15 he's cruising - Murray finds something from somewhere to take him back to deuce, and then battles back from an ace to find another, but that Roddick first serve percentage is the stuff of dreams or nightmares - 76% hammering home. Murray on the edge...

Murray 4-6 6-4 2-4* Roddick
Proper strop from Murray at the changeover. "No!" he berates the umpire. "It's not that you might be wrong, you ARE wrong." Fired up by the ding-dong, he marches back out and sprints through his service game. Roddick waits, content to let that serve carry him onwards.

Murray 4-6 6-4 *1-4 Roddick
Murray needs to keep his head strong here. He screams in frustration as he pushes a forehand wide, and the umpo warns him for an audible obsenity. Murray marches to the chair. "What?" he says, angrily. "What did you think I said? I said 'come on, pass'." What did the umpire think he said? Cunning ars.. oh. Roddick's a wise old dog, and he uses the diversion to extend his lead to dangerous proportions.

Murray 4-6 6-4 1-3* Roddick
Now Roddick to take the initiative. He steps in to a patsy second serve and marmalises it down the line - 15-30. Murray takes a big gulp of humid air and tries to slice the bejasus out of Roddick - but there's patience in the American's game that we haven't seen before, and he stays in the point until Murray goes long. Two break points, anxious howls from the face-clutching fans. Roddick's on that first serve - to the net, all over the point - what a lob that is from Murray! He was running onto his forehand and somehow found the lift and topspin to get it up and over the flailing racquet-head of Roddick. One more break point to save - and that's even better, another of those backhand drives down the line. Huge sighs of relief rattle the rafters, but they've sighed too soon - missed first serves, Roddick pushing Murray deep - delightful dropper, and the break is stolen away...

Murray 4-6 6-4 *1-2 Roddick
Feels like the key stage of the match, this little passage. Roddick goes long to let Murray get a toe-hold at 15-30, but then that howitzer serve punches huge holes in any optimism. Simpsons opening credits sky overhead.

Murray 4-6 6-4 1-1* Roddick
Super match this now, both players being pushed so hard. Roddick wants this break having survived on his last, and at 30-30 there are knocking knees left right and centre. Slices deep, both trying to force the error - Roddick falls first, his backhand dropper weak-wristed - and that's a classical drive off the forehand side from Murray to get back level. Kim Sears nods her appreciation.

Murray 4-6 6-4 *0-1 Roddick
So tight, this match. If Roddick keeps serving like he has - but he isn't, Murray suddenly reading those brutal firecrackers like Peter and Jane. Stretching forehand - it's clipped the tape and flown over, and when Roddick flays a forehand wide, Murray has three break points. Surely - one saved with a boomer down the middle, another as Murray's attempted backhand pass falls exhausted into the net. Roddick slices deep, sprints in like Usain and oh! what a volley at the net, full length to his left, sending the ball back at an impossible angle to save his bacon. Big serve, flashing forehand, and that's five fine points on the bounce for Roddick. Groans of dismay from the partisan punters.


Murray 4-6 6-4 Roddick
Now then - can he stay strong? Oh, he loves that shot - backhand flasher down the line. 30-0. Roddick to the tape, volley deep, Murray dashes deep and somehow finds a lob... oh, just wide. Long exchange now from corner to forehand corner. Murray so cautious - he's not coming in at all - Roddick loses patience and crashes an attempted winner - wide! Delirium all around - it's a set apiece...

Murray 4-6 *5-4 Roddick
Roddick's only lost seven points on his serve in the entire set, but four of them came in the first game - and that could be key. He holds to stay alive - Murray to serve to draw level.

Murray 4-6 5-3* Roddick
Not a seat to be seen anywhere on Centre - except in the Royal Box, where's there's a line of eight sitting empty. Maybe they're keeping them free should Lizzy break the habit of a lifetime and fancy a Friday afternoon without the corgis. Who'll crack first? Murray is suddenly wobbling like a trifle in a tornado - double-fault, forehand into the net - break point... Murray stays back - surely he's got to come in there - Roddick works an opening, gap down the line... ooof, he's missed that by the width of a racquet string! At last the first serve splutters back into the life and Murray accelerates away. Fists punch the air around the old arena.

Murray 4-6 *4-3 Roddick
A pair of Chelsea pensioners grin happily for the cameras as Roddick clatters down four unstoppables. Those consecutive breaks a distant memory. Who'll crack first?

Murray 4-6 4-2* Roddick
...and a matcher from Murray. He's landed more aces than Roddick today - hold to love, and Roddick is reduced to waving forlornly as the yellow blur streaks past.

Murray 4-6 *3-2 Roddick
We're on fast-forward now on serve - 81% of Roddick's first serves have landed, and he's through that one before he can break sweat.

Murray 4-6 3-1* Roddick
Such solid serving from Murray now. That game's gone from Roddick before he can look up at coach Larry Stefanki for succour - crashers down the middle, sliders out wide. Kim claps with fierce determination, hair pulled back tight, big mirrored shades keeping emotions tucked away from the peering paparazzi.

Murray 4-6 *2-1 Roddick
The sun slides behind a cottonwool cloud as Roddick tugs the peak of his cap, bounces the ball and powers through that brutal serve. Murray dives and dinks but can't cause concern. Murray male snr in the VIP seats - Papa Willie, a few seats separated from Judy and Kimmy Sears.

Murray 4-6 2-0* Roddick
Murray's got to improve his first serve percentage here - not good enough in that first set. Borg and Laver, the holy men of this Centre Court, watch on enthralled as he leans back, looks at Roddick through the corner of his eye and crashes in... ace. And another!

Murray 4-6 *0-1 Roddick
There was a disbelieving silence around Centre as that set point was taken. Lovely tactics from Roddick - he's learned from that thrashing in Doha. How will Murray respond? That's a great start - open-shouldered crasher down the line for 0-15. Dropper from Roddick - Murray scampers - and makes it! 0-30. Roddick misses his first serve. Murray steps in - big backhand... too good for Roddick. 0-40. The crowd shake fists at the sunny sky up above. Now then. Murray blows on his fingers, crouches low like a slip fielder and waits. He's all over that serve, he's running in - and he's there! Roddick broken in the first game of the set...

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"Roddick is actually playing the better grass-court game, Murray seems to want to play is if it's clay."
eirebilly on 606


Murray 4-6 Roddick
That'll help - acer out wide - he's at just 45% of his first serve, Murray, and that spells trouble. Stretchy forehand into the net - and now there's pressure, Roddick cranking up his backhand incrementally to draw the error. 30-30. Now then. Roddick again, driving Murray back, tossing in a drop-shot so well disguised it could walk unrecognised through its own house - Murray puts on the afterburners but he can't get his racquet underneath it. Break point - break point.... Big first serve, fantastic thrashing reply, hesitant from Murray - and Roddick's wrapped him up like kipper, forcing the anxious error with lovely change of pace. Game on...

Murray *4-5 Roddick
Big game now for Murray. No chinks in the RodServe, so the Scot will have to serve to stay in the set. He takes his time at the changeover, staring close-up at his dark purple branded towel before striding out to the baseline and tossing it regally to a supplicating ball-boy.

Murray 4-4* Roddick
Tuts of disapproval from the sticklers as a "Go Murray!" shrills through the baking air at the top of his ball-toss. Delight of a backhand down the line - you could watch that shot all day - but that one isn't fit to kiss its feet, a no knee-bend slicer halfway down the divider. Oh yes - another dreamy driller down the line off the backhand, and with Roddick out in his backhand backyard after running round for his forehand, that's a nailed-on winner.

Murray *3-4 Roddick
A "Yeeaa-naarrr..." sound from the crowd as Murray exchanges big shots from the baseline before missing wide by the width of a youthful blade of grass. He's forced out wide by a pummelling Rodders forehand and nearly bends the laws of physics to biff the backhand back - agh, stopped in its tracks by the tape. Umbrellas up over the players' chairs at the changeovers - it's another old-fashioned scorcher at SW19.

Murray 3-3* Roddick
Point of the day so far from Murray - slicing deep, dinking in a delight of a dropper and then chasing down one of Roddick's own to flick a winner down the line. Roddick pulls out something special of his own, running round his forehand to drill a backhand onto the 'rn' of the corner - but what a volley that is from Murray, stooping low to rebound cross-court from a Roddick sizzler. Crowd officially roused.

Murray *2-3 Roddick
Mrs Roddick, aka Brooklyn Decker, watches on from the Royal Box, eyes shielded behind enormo-shades. There's a tale doing the rounds that Andy first glimpsed her in the pages of Sports Illustrated swimsuit special, and got his agent to phone her agent to organise a date. I know. Easy hold.

"It is unbelievable to be back in another Wimbledon final. I don't mind who I play. I have had some great matches with Roddick over the years while Murray has proved he is a contender for Grand Slams."
Roger Federer on BBC Sport

Murray 2-2* Roddick
Tantalising sliced dropper from Murray, and Roddick can only stretch it long. There's a tightish double-fault but the next one dusts the line at pace - desperate boomer long from Roddick, and we're neck and neck.

Murray *1-2 Roddick
Pattern emerging here - when the Rod-Serve lands, Murray's struggling - when there's a second serve foothold, he's slicing his opponent to distraction. There's a tiny sniff at 30-30 before a thundering smasher snuffs out the danger. 141mph, that one - the fastest of the tournament so far. Re last game - I wasn't approached my attractive ladies very often, it should be said. Perhaps that was part of the problem.

Murray 1-1* Roddick
Let's line up the happy omens here. Murray has a 6-2 winning record against Roddick and has won their last three meetings. In their only meeting on the Wimbledon grass, Murray came through in straight sets. Feeling better? Lovely forehand raker cross-court, better rhythm on the serves - was that a 130mpher out wide? - and he's on the board. You'd forgive him if he looked nervous out there - at 22, I got nervous if an attractive lady approached me, let alone playing a Wimbledon semi-final - but there's little sign of butterflies so far.

Murray *0-1 Roddick
Ouch - 140th ace of the championships from Roddick - but that's a dreamy backhand into the corner from Murray. Get Roddick into a rally and he's laughing. There's the flaw in that strategy - you've got to get the ball back first. Ace no.141, and Roddick's on the board. Anxious buzz around Centre. Easy now - the afternoon is young.

* denotes next server

1534: Ready? Deep breaths - we're off...

1533: The two players warming up with the usual combo of shoulder-loosening smashers and long-limbed serves. Ball-boys busy themselves with fetching and retrieving. A chap in a Union flag shirt stands on the steps, searching for a patch of spotlight to stand in.

1531: If you've been in this page for ages, you couldn't possibly manually refresh for me, could you? Technical reasons too dull to relate. Much obliged.

1528: Two tall men in white shirts, giant bags of racquets - surely... yes, it's them. Centre only half-full, but that sound you can hear like a giant waterfall indicates that bladder-issues are being dealt with.

1526: There's movement in the corridor leading from court to locker-room...

1522: There's a scramble for the small rooms on an epic scale out there. Middle-aged women from Guildford are clambering all over each other to get out and back in time - liberal use of sharp elbows and sharper handbags.

1516: Anyone know who's on next?


Haas 6-7 5-7 3-6 Federer
And there it is - straight sets, polished off with a slam-dunk smasher. Supreme from the great champion - Tommy is left a semi-detached Haas, and he didn't stand a chance out there today.

Text in your views on 81111
"Trust me, five year olds don't do that well, especially if you try to hit them when you serve. They soon learn daddy is the best."
From Evil Dad in Penge via text on 81111

Haas 6-7 5-7 3-5* Federer
Uh-oh. Trouble for Tommy - a weak second serve, a crashed return and an attempted slider down the line which bites tape and falls out. Two break points. In a locker-room down below, Andy Murray starts doing up his shoelaces. Still those fingers, Andy - Fed's gone long. And again! Cheers at deuce - the crowd doing their best for the underdog. Haas now - no, that's a tiny touch long - but a big first serve saves his temporary bacon. Another break point, another saved with solid serving. No no once more - double-fault! First serve missed, weak second, backhand... halfway down the net. Murray - grab your racquet bag.

BBC Sport's David Ornstein on Twitter: "Murray fans on the hill are few and far between. I literally can't find anyone who loves him. They're still avid Henmaniacs"

Haas 6-7 5-7 *3-4 Federer
Have a guess. Go on. Right - which idiot said "Haas break"? Roger holds to love. Of course he does.

Haas 6-7 5-7 3-3* Federer
Bright sun over Centre now, with a vast array of sunglasses on display all around. There are enormous Rachel Zoe-style face-hiders, retro Raybans, outmoded Lennon-style granny specs and a decent smattering of clip-ons. Tommy holds with faltering self-belief.

Haas 6-7 5-7 *2-3 Federer
A heady mix of disbelief and delight around Centre as Roger, with the entire court at his disposal and Tommy standing forlorn with his arms by his sides, somehow plops his shot long. Not that it makes any difference to the game - Roger could play non-stop for the next 24 hours and still not drop his serve.

Haas 6-7 5-7 2-2* Federer
Unlucky for Rog - another one of those backhand slice lobs, but when the ball comes back it spits off a crack on the baseline and flies past his noble nose. Haas hangs tight.

Haas 6-7 5-7 *1-2 Federer
That is a heartbreaking game for Haas. It's like watching a five-year-old trying to take on his over-competitive dad. Who used to be a pro. Roger holds to love with the full bundle - devastating serves, delicate touch at the net, ripping backhands and fizzing forehands. Frame it and stick it in the National Gallery.

Haas 6-7 5-7 1-1* Federer
Hats off to Haas - he holds to love. Much long-term good it'll do him, but still.

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"Am having to do my work in manuscript so I can watch tennis on iPlayer. My secretary is not going to like me when she has to type this up."
Lawyer in London via text on 81111

Haas 6-7 5-7 *0-1 Federer
Fed's 101st serve game in a Wimbledon semi, and he's only lost two of them. I've just been told that, and I can barely believe it. Roger converts the disbelievers with a hold to love in the time it takes to raise a hand in apology for ever questioning him.

Text in your views on 81111
"I agree with the Count Rodney's observation."
R. Federer, Centre Court, Wimbledon via text on 81111


Haas 6-7 5-7 Federer
Haas staring directly at the sun as he prepares to serve to stay in the set. Sweet backhands, those - a ripper rolled onto the line and a flatter one fast and low for 30-15. Ooops - forehand wide, and a big point at 30-30. A bigger one now - 30-40 as another forehand slides long. Big serve, nerveless topspin into the corner - saved. Ooh-la-la what an angled forehand from Federer, arrowing into the corner, and a kid down in front of me who looks like River Phoenix in Stand By Me jumps for joy. He's cavorting a point later - the pair exchange rapiers from the back, but Haas loses his nerve first - forehand long, farewell set. For you, Tommy, the war might be over.

Haas 6-7 *5-6 Federer
Tommy does well on the Fed serve - he wins an entire point, which he's failed to do in the half the games this set. But that's about it. A woman in a lime-green sun-hat checks her exposed shoulders for signs of pinking.

1435: BBC Sport's David Ornstein on Twitter: "'The hill' is absolutely jam-packed in preparation for Murray-Roddick. Hardly space to move, let alone sit. Real buzz of excitement"

Haas 6-7 5-5* Federer
Roger glances at his racquet strings with a hint of perturbation as two forehands go just wide. Double-fault from Haas - 30-30. Tommy to the net - nein! the volley flops into the net. Set point - saved with a boomer down the medal. He looks to have soothed the nerves with a backhand volley put-a-way - but that's wide. The sun's out - at long last, we're in the Haas of the rising sun - and Tommy celebrates with a whipcrack serve to draw level.

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"Can't believe none of these texters thought to use a pseudonym or at least put a fake location."
Count Rodney de Medici in Monte Carlo via text on 81111

Haas 6-7 *4-5 Federer
Here's Tommy's problem in one clause: he's only won two points on the Federer serve in this entire set. Pick a hole in that. Roger glides to his chair and dabs a single bead of sweat from his freshly-shaved upper lip.

Haas 6-7 4-4* Federer
What's that from Roger - a sliced backhand lob from the back of the court that leaves Haas scrambling back and playing the sort of through-the-legs trick shot that would be calamitous for cack-handed lessers like you and I. 30-30 - and Rog should really be 30-40, missing a second serve reply that sat up with a 'hit me' sign huing round its neck. Tommy clatters one out wide to wriggle off the hook.

Haas 6-7 *3-4 Federer
Tommy mimes putting a pistol to his head and letting the hammer - in this case, his thumb - drop. It's harsh - he's serving well, he's not making too many errors, and Fed hasn't broken him yet. Heads up, not blown off.

Haas 6-7 3-3* Federer
Gasps of disbelief, one of them mine - Roger is at the net, Haas marooned beyond the baseline, but the five-time champ duffs the world's easiest drop-shot into the net. Tommy, clearly a stickler for politeness, does the same before serving out as Rog goes long. Fistic squeeze from Haas.

Haas 6-7 *2-3 Federer
Fed landing 78% of his first serves, and he's yet to miss on in this set - and yet to ship a point on his serve either. Tommy yells an umlauted obscenity at the heavens.

Haas 6-7 2-2* Federer
What a pass that is from Roger, a look-that-way confuser that swoops over the net like a late-evening swallow and dips away from Tommy's stretching strings. But that's a lovely dropper from the German, a meaty serve preceding it, and he keeps his head about the floodwaters.

Haas 6-7 *1-2 Federer
Crash bang wallop - Roger holds, with not even a tea-spoon sized fingerhold for Tommy to cling on to. Muted, respectful atmosphere from the spectators so far; throats and lungs being saved for the Murray madness that is to follow.

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"Get back to work Pat!"
From Pat's manager who is also monitoring the tennis on the BBC website via text on 81111

Haas 6-7 1-1* Federer
The direction might be a touch predictable, but the pace on the Tommy serve is a weapon - hold to 15. Still grey ahead, which is bad news for those of us looking to use some sort of 'Hass of the rising sun' gag.

Haas 6-7 *0-1 Federer
Roger marches out and holds before Tommy has time to twirl his Teutonic racquet. Up in the VIP seats, a smirker from Mirka.

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"Boss is out, 8 pack of cold beer and BBC live stream at work. Doesn't get much better than this!"
Nick Townsend from Gloucester via text on 81111
Nick - fear you may have possibly let the cat out of the bag there. I've been to Gloucester - it's not a big town. The odds on there being another Nick Townsend whose boss is out for the afternoon are slim.


Haas 6-7 Federer
Uh-oh - we're seeing Tommy under Haas arrest now as the pressure of the breaker sits heavy on his shoulders. A forehand goes long, and while he does wonderfully to scamper down a smash and push it down the line, Fed responds by creaming a famous forehand return past him like a guided missile. That's wide from Tommy - three set points, and Roger needs just one of them. Backhand into the bottom of the next from Haas, and the inevitable becomes reality.

Haas 6-6 Federer
Tommy goes long with a forehand and reacts angrily as the ball comes back to him, volleying (with his foot) straight into the photographers' pit. Back of the net, followed by into the net - that backhand was never going to make it. Roger slides away a delicate dinker to the corner, and it's tie-break o'clock. Interestingly, of the five breakers these two have played against each other, Tommy's won three of them.

Haas 6-5* Federer
First possible dip on Haas prices as a Rog running pass brings us to 30-30. Tommy readjusts his reversed cap and crunches away with meaty serves to stamp out the sparks. More banana for Tommy at the changeover, and why not?

Haas *5-5 Federer
10 games in, not a single break point in the match. Roger whips a rolling forehand cross-court as Tommy throws himself onto the guns at the net, adds a little mustard to his serve and polishes things off with a crasher down the middle. A man in front of me bounces both knees up and down with manic intensity.

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"I hate hate hate my office. They have just asked me to work until 6 missing any hope i had of catching the end of Murray."
Pat Mateer, Hull via text on 81111

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"My office has stopped us from using the internet. I pay a lot of attention to that rule."
Tony, Stoke via text on 81111

Haas 5-4* Federer
Tommy's fiancee Sara Foster, an icy glare on her face, fist-pumps in the VIP seats. Tommy produces his fifth ace, Rog mis-times another backhand into the tape and it's more German joy. Fed to serve to stay in the set - Haas prepares with a faceful of banana at the changeover.

Haas *4-4 Federer
Anything you can do, says Roger, holding with all the exertion of a man flicking through the morning papers. Not a seat to be had around Centre. A line-judge has taken an extraordinary stance near his chair - it's like an extreme groin stretch crossed with a karate pose.

Haas 4-3* Federer
Super serving from Tommy, crunching them down the middle and out wide. Roger shakes his mane imperiously and strides to his chair for a regal swig of FedJuice.

Haas *3-3 Federer
Roger's appeared in 15 of the last 16 Grand Slam finals - hats off Djoko in Melbourne last year - but Tommy's putting him under a little pressure. He gets to 40-30 as Roger tips a backhand into the tape but that's the end of the fun, sledgehammer first serve, level pegs on the scoreboard.

Haas 3-2* Federer
Solid serving from Haas, seeking to reach his first Grand Slam final at his 41st attempt. Murmurs of surprise as Roger slices a backhand into the net and fails to deal with a serve that kicks like Jonny Wilkinson. Very grey overhead - humid and sticky too.

1320: Andy Murray on Twitter: "What's up? Treacle kissing feet for forfeits today. Had a hit, back in lockers. Good luck message from david beckham last night. Thanks!"

Haas *2-2 Federer
Let's have a favourable omen for Tommy - he's won twice as many games on grass this season than Roger. Mainly because he's played twice as many, but still. Hold to love from Roger, silky as stockings. David Frost and Michael Parkinson sat together there - it's like Pacino and De Niro coming together in Heat, or Richard the Lionheart and Saladin meeting on the Crusades.

Haas 2-1* Federer
First whoop of the day from the crowd as Tommy crashes down a rapid first serve. Roger goes long with a lofted backhand - sweet Haas music wins the day. Rod Laver there, a few seats along from Bjorn, wearing a young man's sunglasses and looking a little like Bill Murray in Lost In Translation.

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"I love love love my office, they have just put up a big tv screen so we can all watch the tennis while working!"
Anon via text on 81111

Haas *1-1 Federer
The bad news for Tommy: he's on an eight-match losing streak against Fed. The worse news: Roger's on an 36-match winning streak against Germans. German professional male tennis players, that is. A svelte Bjorn Borg watches on from the Royal Box as Fed holds with effortless grace.

Get involved on 606
"Sat at work with my Andy Murray mask on - I know it doesn't look like him, but what harm can it do?"
filth on 606

Haas 1-0* Federer
Who's ready for a Haas party? Erm, Roger is - gliding around the court like a tennis-playing Robin Cousins (memo to self: that's the worst analogy you've ever used). Tommy comes to the net like a Becker-lite to punch away two volleys - he's on the board, to warm applause from the crowd. "I love you Roger!" yelps a lovestruck fan at the back. Behave yourself, Dirs.

* denotes next server

1309: You might be thinking that this match is a mere starter before the main Murray course - but that's disrespectful to Tommy Haas. 'Aperitif' isn't a word in the German's vocab, although that's mainly because it's French.

1306: And now Tommy - white cap on back-to-front, in the preferred German way. In Hamburg it's like the fashions of late 1980s New York never went away.

1303: Roger there, resplendent in white long trousers, his faux-military jacket and a white headband. He looks like Nick Rhodes in a 1982 Duran Duran video shoot in the Seychelles.

1301: Ball-boys? Present. Line-judges? Present. Thousands of salivating supporters. You betcha. And here come the players!

1258: Cloudy overhead, but the roof stays resolutely open. Whereas the other night the nearest cloud was in Oslo yet the roof was shut. This country.

1254: What an afternoon. What an aftern.... but before all that, you wouldn't awfully mind manually refreshing this page, would you? Otherwise you'll think I'm Piers and Piers is me, and that's no way to be carrying on.

By Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1252: Right, I will hand you over to Tom for the afternoon's excitement but do not think that today will be the last of our live texting for the tournament as we'll be back for the women's final tomorrow and potentially very early doors on Sunday, depending upon who is in the men's final. If you know what I mean. Having 'the weekend off' is not an acceptable excuse for missing it.

1246: With perfect timing, the sun comes out on Centre Court as the
The sun is out again at Wimbledon
spectators stream in. And more good news as Tom Fordyce arrives, weighed down with foodstuffs and witticisms.

1245: BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese on Twitter: "Justin Gimelstob, wearing light blue v-neck and grey slacks, trying to pass himself off as English gent. I am not fooled.."

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1242: "Ok, i'm worried here. please tell us that the cheese isnt doing the text this afternoon. what about the curse?"
From anon via text
Do not fear, anon, BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce will be here soon to take you through the semi-finals. At last he said he would....

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1237: "Magnificent specimens in the Royal Box today. The further we go into the Wimbledon fortnight, the higher the social standing of guest. Light entertainment royalty such as Jimmy Tarbuck, Bruce Forsyth and mole hater Alan Titchmarsh are jettisoned for actual royalty and some amusingly titled posh people. Oh, and there are some bona fide tennis legends knocking about: Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, Ilie Natase. And Mansour Bahrami. Hold the phone, Big Suze from Channel 4's Peep Show, aka Sophie Winkleman, has made it in. Good skills."
BBC Sport Mole

1232: There is tennis being played, and in the boys' semis it's a good start for American Jordan Cox, who leads 3-1 against compatriot Devin Britton on Court Four, while Russian Andrey Kuznetsov is 5-2 up against Australia's Big Bernie Tomic on 18. And Dutch pairing Korie Homan and Esther Vergeer are 5-0 up against German/Dutch combo Katharina Kruger and Sharon Walraven in the wheelchair semi on Court 14.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1227: We're nearly there now, just over half an hour until Federer and Haas appear on Centre Court for the first semi-final. ESPN's Darren Cahill and Brad Gilbert are urging Roddick to climb all over the Murray second serve. "However, the last two guys he's got to beat in Murray and Federer are the best returners in the world," says Brad, who then gives a breakdown of both players that suggests Roddick will be lucky to get a game.

1218: I get a brief glimpse of ESPN's coverage, with Brad Gilbert and Darren Cahill giving Americans the low-down. "Conditions will be slower today because the atmosphere is heavier," says Brad, who apparently has a whole new "playbook" if the roof is closed. The impossibly grand interlude music, encapsulating the majesty of Wimbledon, is slightly tainted by a clunking great advert for a car rental company. Good stuff though.

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1213: "Do you reckon Murray will be done by 5, I have to go the Blur concert."
From Suzanne via text

1212: "Is it true that if Laura Robson continues to progress through the senior ranks then the hill may be called Robson Green?!"
Kyle from Market Harborough via text

1208: For those of you on the interweb there are exciting developments, as a manual refresh will bring moving pictures to the top of your page and a vote to the right-hand side. Someone in Commentary Box Four has just started playing the Hacker the Dog video for the first time, the lucky beggar. Less than an hour until Soo Bakha on BBC Two, by the way.

1204: We have tennis players on tennis courts! Only junior ones, but when you've been here since 7.45am you'll take anything. Bernie Tomic and Andrey Kuznetsov are knocking up on Court 18, Bernie looking a bit Karate Kid.

1159: An intrepid colleague has been out and about with his camera and has already posted some pictures on the BBC Sport flickr page of the stampede, or lack of it, on Court Two. Meanwhile, Radio One's David Garrido is giving the work experience girl some university chat in the next booth. He never switches off, that man.

1154: Aaah, the Voice of Wimbledon. I might try and record him for a soothing ringtone. VOW is pushing Court Two and the big screens, he highlights the start of the wheelchair event - which starts at 1200 BST on Court 14 - and tells us to expect a dry afternoon with sunshine developing and temperatures reaching 27C. No hawking of hats at the Wimbeldon shop today though, which I'm glad to hear as it was a bit undignified for a man of such standing.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1150: We have a few questions regarding Jamie Murray and when he and Liezel Huber are in action in their mixed semi against Mark Knowles and Anna-Lena Groenefeld, which is a name I enjoy saying but not typing. Well, that match is down for a court 'to be arranged', surely with the thought that they could follow the men on Centre if the semis don't last too long.

1145: A quick journey around the grounds through the all-seeing TV system informs me that 'The Hill', as I've decided to call it until someone makes a definitive decision, is pretty full but appears to be a scene of pre-Murraymania calm for the moment. Court Two, meanwhile, remains almost completely empty but presumably will fill up once word spreads that there are big screens up for the men's semis.

Murray 'not thinking about' semi

1136: It's time we heard from the man himself, and fresh from cornering Larry Stefanki (see 0948), the BBC's Gary Richardson tailed Andy Murray, Hacker-style, from the practice courts yesterday. Meanwhile, there are rumours sweeping Commentary Box Four that colleagues were barred from the press restaurant yesterday. My body simply will not cope without a stir fry for a second day in succession.

1130: A clever lady in The Guardian yesterday described the plethora of tennis tweets as "banal". I've looked it up and it means 'common in a boring way, to the point of being predictable'. Well, prepare to eat that word. Bob Bryan has revealed: "Don't order your steak 'medium-well' in England unless you want beef jerkey." Andy Roddick says: "Off to grab some breakfast with the wife." Andy Murray reveals: "Beat ross h 80 nil at table football this evening." And Venus tells us: "After my matches these days I listen to 311, Mindspin and Flowing. It makes me feel invincible." Banal indeed! Ths is gold.

1123: We're just over an hour-and-a-half from the start of the men's semi-finals, with Roger Federer and Tommy Haas first on Centre at 1300 BST. The weather remains cloudy and muggy but rain does not appear imminent and we're predicting a roofless afternoon. And Court Two remains pretty empty despite the screens that will show the men's semis, while 'The Hill' is filling up nicely.

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1118: "I've really laughed at those Fred Perry tales of yore. It's sent me into a wholly unproductive search for more nuggets of truth about this man. The best i've found...apparently he invented the wrist sweat band. A turning point in the history of tennis?"
From TheTippingPoint on 606

Text in your views on 81111
1118: "Please, please, please get the double act of The Mole and Hacker to interview Leconte and Bahrami......"
From John J via text

1115: BBC Sport's Ian Westbrook on Twitter: "There is a screen up in each corner of Court Two which will show the men's semis live. Loads of space there now so if in grounds grab a seat."

1113: The man from Germany's ARD radio is in Commentary Box Four early today on Tommy watch. No sign of Dutch Dirk yet. He's probably enjoying a continental breakfast somewhere in the village before strolling down the hill in his flip flops.

1110: "It's Chico Time! Or at least it was once, back in dark period of Great Britain's history. The X-Factor abomination was in attendance yesterday and was spied by a star-struck colleague who bemoaned the fact that he didn't have his camera with him to grab an interview. Words were exchanged between us and common sense was quickly restored. The same colleague also texted me at 7.45 this morning to ask if I had a cricket helmet to bring to Wimbledon today. I think things are getting on top of him."
BBC Sport Mole

1104: Enough of that nonsense. We are just one hour from the first balls being struck in anger today, with Courts Four, 12 and 18 seeing junior action from 1200 BST. Americans Devin Britton and Jordan Cox meet on Four while Aussie Bernie Tomic - a favourite of Cheese - and Russian Andrey Kuznetsov play on 12 in the boys' semis.

Text in your views on 81111
1058: "Easy. Snog a-rod, marry Fed, date Haas (temperamental german, should be fun) avoid murray. Sorry, me bad brit.."
From Katie, at work- they've blocked live bbc streaming!! - via text

1055: So what happens on Court One today while the big boys take charge of Centre? It's doubles time with the Williams sisters up against Black and Huber first at 1300 BST, followed by the more mature skills of Tracy Austin and Martina Navratilova in a doubles clash, then the first mixed semi between Paes/Black and Huss/Ruano Pascual, and finally the further side-splitting adventures of Mansour Bahrami and Henri Leconte, whose stooges today are Kevin Curren and Johan Kriek.

Would you marry Murray?

1048: It's the question you've all been asking and thank crikey Radio One's David Garrido is on hand to ask the people - almost exclusively ladies, I notice - which of the men's semi-finalists would you snog, marry, date or avoid? Luckily, the BBC Sport Mole was not involved as he's been on the wrong end of that game a few times.

Tim Henman
1040: A very smart Tim Henman is standing all alone in the middle of Centre Court, looking to the skies and then crouching down at the baseline and patting the turf. It's really quite moving. "Wistful," is the general consensus of his mood here. Thinking what might have been?

1036: "Re 1025 i think tennis sledging would be brilliant, if only vince spadea could be on both sides it'd be like 8 mile but on a tennis court."
From Ollie at work via text

The view from the fans
1036: OK, calm down people. All attempts at trying not to run have gone out the window and eager fans are legging it all over the All England Club. Tommy Haas is knocking up on Court Four as the madness ensues around him.

1030: The Voice of Wimbledon has news: "If you do not have a ticket for Centre Court today but would like to see the men's semi-finals from the comfort of a seat, the new Court Two will be screening both those matches live from 1300 BST." Henman Hill/Murray Mount or Court Two? The gates are about to open, I will monitor the direction of the now confused crowd.

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1027: "Murray making the final is too good a thought to comtemplate really. I hope Murray can do it. But Murray getting to the final wouldnt make me happy. I would need Murray to win."
From invinciblebrucelee on 606

1025: "Any time you're ready." That's another Fred classic he used to use when he'd had enough of the knock-up. I think Andy Murray should go the whole hog as he's got the clothing and start throwing in a few imperious jibes towards his opponents. Apparently, Fred turned up at the 1933 US Open in a Rolls Royce.

The view from the fans
1021: From Caroline: "Cheesy's Outside Court Golden Ticket- look out for it on Wikipedia before it is deleted for being a 'non-notable event' (grrr) - is another double-header. You start with Court 18 and after watching big Bernie Tomic, who is a bit feisty to say the least, you'll then be treated to the sight of junior top seed Kristina Mladenovic, who is very, very good and will probably be in the top 10 soon and you'll be able to crow about how you saw her first. Then skip the junior doubles and head to whichever court Mark Petchey and Greg Rusedski have been allocated. They're up against Cash/Wilkinson. And I saw Pat Cash with ice on his knee the other day so I have very high hopes for Petch and Ruser."

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1017: "Thank God I'm not playing me today," is what Fred Perry once said when he strode into the Wimbledon changing room. As mentioned earlier, and about 12,000 times over the last couple of weeks, Andy Murray is trying to match Bunny Austin's 1938 achievement of reaching the Wimbledon final, but it's Perry's 1936 victory he really wants to equal. Apparently, Fred was so fit he liked to do a cartwheel and then leap over the net after his victories, and would sometimes change hats and even outfits during his matches. Tennis in the 1930s sounds crackers.

1010: BBC Sport's Ian Westbrook on Twitter: "Pesky signal failure on tube has left me running late on this huge day but as yet no evidence of murray mania on the district line."

Henman on Murray v Roddick

1006: If there is one man who knows about the pressure of playing in a Wimbledon semi-final, it's Tim Henman. Four times he made it to the semis, four times he was cruelly robbed of a final place. He's backing Andy Murray to make the final leap though...

1001: The now traditional morning visit to Commentary Box Four by the BBC Sport Mole is the usual mix of bitter recriminations, woeful excuses for slipshod work and unrepeatable tales from the Broadcast Centre. Mole has also acquired a new-found love of canines, which he claims is the result of playing with the sniffer dogs and nothing to do with his blossoming relationship with Hacker.

0955: "At work for the first time this week after being asked (told) to come in. This has wrecked havoc to my tennis watching/text reading schedule. Still, i'm leaving next week, so i feel a half day coming on."
From anon via text

0948: Andy Roddick's coach Larry Stefanki was cornered by BBC Sport's Gary Richardson yesterday and asked to give his thoughts on Andy Murray. The American retained his composure admirably as he praised Murray's "court sense".

0943: "I can't see how interviewing a puppet dog can be described as anything other than a career low (see 0857). Behind the scenes video of the lovable scamp getting up to all manner of naughtiness will be available on the website at some point today. Talking of dogs, just spent a extremely therapeutic 10 minutes chucking a tennis ball down the corridors for the Police sniffer dogs to run and fetch. A mighty fine way to start the day, although a slobbery hand makes typing difficult. Yuck."
BBC Sport Mole

Text in your views on 81111
0939: "Fingers crossed for Murray, should be a fantastic match! Is it wrong to get annoyed at people ringing me when following the match feed? Will really miss this next week..."
From Ruth, rainy Birmingham, via text

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
0935: There was great news for British fans yesterday as Jeremy Bates destroyed McNamara and McNamee to keep his Senior Gentlemen's Invitation Doubles campaign on track. By my calculations he just needs to crush the hapless Wilander/Nystrom pairing to make the final. With Anders Jarryd. That is not for today though, Annabel Croft and Sam Smith will be representing the nation on Court Three this afternoon. Expect fireworks.

0927: The clamour is already building on 606 for Cheesy's Outside Court Golden Ticket, which is a bit tricky as she's not in yet. In her absence, I'm tempted to go for 'court to be arranged' as that's where Jamie Murray, Pat Cash and the great Petchey-Rusedski combo have been marooned but Caroline will arrive soon with her words of wisdom.

0925: "Incidentally if you say Soo Bakha quickly it does sound like sobaka which is a russian word for dog."
From anon via text

0925: "Last night I thought Hacker the Dog was running around looking for Chewbacca... it had been a long day."
From Tom via text

0921: BBC Sport's David Ornstein on Twitter: "Is the All England Club tempting fate... British national anthem has twice been tested on Centre Court speakers this morning..."

Pundit Picks - Men's semi-finals

0917: Andy Murray has a 6-2 record against Andy Roddick, and one of those wins for the American was a walkover when Murray retired injured. Roger Federer has a 9-2 lead over Tommy Haas and has not lost to the German since 2002. So Murray v Federer is a shoe-in for the final, no? Here's what BBC Sport presenter John Inverdale thinks....

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0910: "I can't see Roddick beating Murray, yes it will be a battle but I think Murray will win in 4 sets. However I think Hass can spring a suprise against Federer. If Hass plays the way he has done for the past two weeks he could well take Federer to five sets. On the other hand Federer is to class on grass and therefore should beat Hass."
From ace-you on 606

Text in your views on 81111
0907: "A toast to a good Haas struggle, so that Murray isn't on court until a time i can reasonably claimed to have completed my weekly hours. 7 left...X"
From anon via text

0903: So enough of that merriment, back to the serious business. Andy Murray is attempting to match Bunny Austin's achievement of 1938 by reaching the Wimbledon final today and I'd like to know just what you plan to do about it. Let me know via text or 606 how you're planning to follow the match. Bunny was the first man to wear shorts at Wimbledon, you know...

0901: "Where Soo Bahka? Are yoo Soo Bakha?" Even BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese has had to concede that Hacker the Dog has blown Vince Sapdea's rapping out of the water.

On the hunt for Sue Barker

0857: There are all manner of goodies to get you in the mood for this afternoon's matches but I am going to start with the very best of the BBC. Those of you who have followed us throughout might remember what even the BBC Sport Mole described as "a career low" when he had to interview CBBC'S Hacker the Dog (Day four, 1659 BST). Well, the results are now with us and Mole could not have been more wrong. UK web users can now enjoy the troublesome pooch attempting to find Sue Barker. I laughed so much I actually cried a little bit.

0851: So, you know the drill - we will be live texting throughout the day but you can also follow the action on BBC Two, BBC HD, 5 Live and via live video on this website (UK users only).

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0847: "It's brightening up after a cloudy start to the morning," says BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood. "It's still quite muggy but not as hot as yesterday and the wind has changed from a westerly to a more easterly direction." In an extraordinary move, Carol then starts talking about other parts of the country, but as the map appears to show no rain and a thumping great 27 symbol we should be roofless this afternoon. And according to BBC Breakfast there are "rumours" that Court Two could have a big screen to show "the two Andys". This rumour might have been started by BBC Breakfast, I have no idea, but will investigate further.

0841: Do not, for one moment, think we're forgetting about the first of the semi-finals and Roger Federer v Tommy Haas at 1300 BST, as the five-time champion tries to close within one victory of a record 15th Grand Slam title. I can feel something on my shoulder and I think it might be the hand of history....

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
0840: Good day to you all, this one already feels a bit special. Not since 1938 and Henry Wilfred "Bunny" Austin has Great Britain had a man in the Wimbledon singles final. The more I've read that in recent days the more ludicrous it has become - 1938? Enough is enough. Andy Murray can put that one to bed this afternoon when he faces Andy Roddick in the second semi-final on Centre Court, and you can follow it all right here.

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