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Wimbledon day 10 as it happened


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By Tom Fordyce at Wimbledon

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1724: Need a little lift before heading home? Bates and Jarryd have just seen off McNamara and McNamee 6-4 7-6 in the aged gentlemen's invitational muckabout. The future of the past of British tennis is safe, my friends.

From LTBFAUH on 606 "No female in the history of Wimbledon is better than Venus. When she is on her game, no-one can touch her."

1717: Annihilation. Drubbing. Flogging. Rout. Slaughter. Whipping. Want me to carry on?

1714: Thrashing. Thumping. Spanking. Clobbering. Pummelling. Anyone got any more?

A bagel
Venus 6-1 6-0 Safina
I feel like one of those knitting ladies at the guillotine. Safina walks meekly forward, the blade flashes down and the crowd - all 14 of them - roar as the thunk ends her Centre Court nightmare.

Venus 6-1 *5-0 Safina
"Avoid the bagel!" shouts a lone voice from the back of the crowd, like a harbinger of dough-based doom. Venus goes wide twice for 40-30 but Safina does the same. 15 unforced errors from the Russian, one from Venus. Slashing exchange from the back, long from Safina, another double-fault. Avoid the bagel? Fear it, Dinara, fear it...

Venus 6-1 4-0* Safina
42 minutes on the clock. Two hours and two minutes shy of the first one at the moment - is this the same sport? Another ace, another hold to love. Safina has won just four points in the set.

Venus 6-1 *3-0 Safina
Anyone fancy going for a drink in, say, 20 minutes? Safina has only won nine points on serve in the entire match, and she is being brutally dismantled by the power and accuracy of the Venus return here.

From ShuBob on 606 "I want Venus to win but I want it to be a hard-fought contest! How can the World No 1 just surrender without a fight? Not good!"

Venus 6-1 2-0* Safina
Brief burst of pleasure for Safina as she drills a forehand winner cross court for a clean-limbed winner. Unfortunately it's at 0-40 and is followed by another serve that could make mincemeat of a mammoth.

Venus 6-1 *1-0 Safina
Dear oh dear. Safina could clone herself and she'd still be behind here. Another service game goes away to love, and she'd have as much chance of catching Venus the planet as she does Venus the player.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
Another note from Cheesy: Great news Jeremy Bates fans (yes, that's you, BBC Sport's Piers Newbery). He has taken the first set against McNamara/McNamee. I suppose doubles partner Anders Jarryd may have been involved somewhere along the way.


Venus 6-1 Safina
Safina having to go for everything here. If she just tries to stay in the point she gets taken apart, so she's aiming haymakers at everything. It comes off for 0-15, but that's when the power of the Venus serve comes back into play. What a set of tennis from Venus - Safina goes to her chair at the changeover almost cross-eyed with confusion. World number one? Only in the rankings' eyes...

Venus *5-1 Safina
Surely this time from Safina. She challenges a ropey line-call and gets the thumbs-up to move to 40-0 - but here comes that return again, whistling at her toes for 40-30. Big serve out wide - and she's broken the bagel! Sympathetic applause from those returning to their sunlit seats.

Venus 5-0* Safina
19 minutes in, Safina is staring at her worst nightmare. Venus is playing tennis from the very top drawer - spellbinding speed and disguise on her serve, faultless forehands, blistering backhands.

From Andrew in Newcastle via text on 81111:" Is there a free cash handout going on elsewhere in the grounds? There's hardly anyone in Centre Court."

Venus *4-0 Safina
Safina struggling with her first serve here. Venus errors give her a shot at her first game of the afternoon, brutal power on the returns sends her reeling at another break point. Ouch - that's another brute of a return, and another break has gone. Centre Court about a sixth full now, and this match is as one-sided and muted as the previous was see-saw and thrilling.

Venus 3-0* Safina
10 points in, Safina finally finds her range - crunching double-fisted backhands to get to 15-30. Venus matches the fastest ever serve by a woman at Wimbledon - 124mph - but a battering forehand off a short ball sets up a surprise break point. Whoops - that's long, deuce - smasher of a serve for advantage Venus, and a beautifully constructed point ended with a withering volley at the net.

From Dave in Aberdeen via text on 81111: That made for a great afternoon at 'work', and I use the term in the loosest possible sense. Credit to both of them. Great match. Should silence the critics of women's tennis for a while.

Venus *2-0 Safina
Lord alive - eight points played, eight points won by Venus. Brutal returning, flopsy serving - Safina's 32nd double of the champs - and Venus is out of the traps like a greyhound.

Venus 1-0* Safina
No nonsense there from Venus, who has that left knee all strapped up like a mummy's again. Understandably muted atmos.

1619 Probably about 250 people in Centre, and that includes the players and line-judges. Venus leads the head-to-head between these two 2-1, although Safina won their last match-up.

From Galaxy-Man on 606: To all the anti-Serena bridgade, enjoy your tea because I'm sure as hell enjoying mine. Now Venus just needs to complete my day.

1613 Anyone need a breather? Centre Court does - it's almost completely deserted as Venus and Safina come out for the second semi.

1607 Hands up who through that was going to be a straight-sets thrashing. What quality we were treated to, what swings and shocks in the script. The two gladiators stagger from the arena, the crowd applauding with such vim that there'll be bruised palms tonight. If Dementieva doesn't have nightmares about this match for months to come I'll be staggered.

1604 Serena leans back and roars at the heavens, a lioness at the kill. Pandemonium all around - Richard Williams on his feet, doffing his cap to his youngest daughter, Mama Vera clutching at her hat in horror, Dementieva trudging slowly to the net. An almost unbelievable match.

Serena 6-7 7-5 8-6 Dementieva
Double-fault from Serena first point - surely not. That's a great forehand roller to go to 30-15, followed by a flopping backhand into the net. 30-30. Big serve, desperate return, winner crashed away. Match point Serena. Surely now - serve deep, Dementieva... Dementieva is wide! It's wide!

Serena 6-7 7-5 *7-6 Dementieva
Serena gave it the full fist-clenching scream right into Demen's face at the end of that point, and she's fuelled by fury and sheer indefatigable aggression now. Brilliant volley to set up a break point - another staggering rally, both players eyeballs out, veins fat in their forearms - and Serena wrestles the point and maybe the match away, forehand wide, forehand crashed cross-court. She has the break, and we've got the greatest Wimbledon women's semi-final in living memory.

Serena 6-7 7-5 6-6* Dementieva
Sixth dooblay of the match from Serena, and she didn't need that. Ooof - real trouble now as a hurried backhand goes wide. 0-30 - make that 30-30 after successive aces. This is now the longest women's semi-final in the Open era - two hours 36 minutes and counting. Wonderful forehand from Demen - deuce. Big brutal serve - ad. What power on the Demen backhand, first one way, then the other - another deuce. Incredible exchange from the back of the court - shot after blistering shot - and then a point that's barely believable, an epic exchange that deserves replaying for year after year - this way, that, net cord, volley, drop-shot - and a cross-court winner from Serena that brings everyone in the house to their feet.

BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter: "A-Rod giving me the runaround. He's hitting on Crt15 instead. Heading there now with Andy's brother, and Jeff Tarango..."

Serena 6-7 7-5 *5-6 Dementieva
Tennis of the highest quality now. The pair trade rakers from the back before Demen takes control, and a service out wide takes her to 40-15. Unbalanced backhand from Serena wide - Demen back in front. Who can find something extra to steal the final away?

Serena 6-7 7-5 5-5* Dementieva
Here we go. Serena goes wide with a forehand - 0-15. Return on a second serve into the net - 15-15. Acer down the middle - 30-15. Serena races in behind a deep approach but that's a woeful volley - 30-30. What a return, what a forehand - 30-40, match point. Serena teetering on the brink - first serve marginally called out, second one weak, running to the tape, volley - onto the tape and into Demen's half. Remarkable. Ace for advantage, forehand long for deuce. Massive first serve, netted return, Serena ad. Demen has a chance - oh, but she goes wide! What a game, what a match...

Serena 6-7 7-5 *4-5 Dementieva
The old Demen would never win a service game at this stage to love. The new one does. Serena to serve to stay in the match.

Serena 6-7 7-5 4-4* Dementieva
Who will crack next? Serena has such muscle on her serve that she's at 40-0 in the time it takes Demen to adjust her sun-visor. Another acer out wide, and Richard Williams snaps away with his long lens.

Serena 6-7 7-5 *3-4 Dementieva
Now the Demen serve finds new resolve and purpose. Serena is creaming some dreamy groundstrokes across the net. but Demen is matching her blistering drive for blistering drive. Enthralling.

Serena 6-7 7-5 3-3* Dementieva
Serena now marginally with the momentum - a rapid-fire hold, and so far she's been able to find a little something extra when push comes to crunch. No-one leaving their seats - not Cliff, not Cilla, not the bloke down in from of me who has clearly been desperate for a Jimmy for at least the past hour.

Serena 6-7 7-5 *2-3 Dementieva
Mama Vera has her face hidden under a cricket-style floppy sunhat, and no wonder - with the match at her mercy, Demen takes a nervous gulp and is broken straight back. Try predicting this from now on. Go on.

Serena 6-7 7-5 1-3* Dementieva
Bit of a whinge there from Serena as the ball spits up from the bald patch on the baseline. Demen then drives a forehand of sheer delight up the line, only for Serena to crunch two brutals of her own in to the distant reaches of the court for 40-30. Demen runs round the forehand for a backhand winner - deuce. No-one moving on Centre. Double-fault from Serena! Break point - and she nets! Serena throws her racquet to the turf in disgust - Demen is in the driving-seat...

From rosso_neri on 606 Anyone getting annoyed by the loud squeals from someone when Serena wins something? Apparently it's Richard William's new wife squealing from courtside… it's louder than the grunting in the match!

Serena 6-7 7-5 *1-2 Dementieva
Seventh double-fault from Demen, rescued with a snorter to the body next up which would have pleased Harold Larwood. I've just tried the Murray press-up as discussed in the link down below - nasty. Very nasty. Harder than a handclap one by far.

Serena 6-7 7-5 1-1* Dementieva
Ace no.13 for Serena, her 53rd of the championship. She's now grunt-roaring as frequently as Demen is screeching, pumped up and ready to rumble.

Serena 6-7 7-5 *0-1 Dementieva
Demen is now screeching with the regularity and volume of a distressed parrot. A double-fault leaves her under the cosh at 30-30; a biting first serve sneaks her home. Centre Court utterly engrossed.

Away from the ladies' semis, Murraymania is gripping the nation, and even the super-fit Scot's press-ups are being subjected to in-depth analysis by BBC News website.


Serena 6-7 7-5 Dementieva
Titanic struggle now. Serena is cruising at 15-0, only for Demen to drive those sweet double-handed backhands wither side to set up two break-back points. Crash - an ace saves one. On the second, both players take the pace off the ball, daring the other to gamble on the spank - Demen cracks first and screams again. Now it's Serena's turn to screech - pulled apart by raking forehands - but another ace saves the day. Demen then takes control - another break point - and this time it looks like she must get there. The court is open, the ball sits up - but she's missed it! The Russian clutches her face and hits the court, utterly distraught. Serena takes a deep breath, winds up that serve - and serves out to take the set. One set all, and what a match we have on our plates...

From the BBC Mole: "Desperately slim pickings in the Royal Box today, but then what do expect from Ladies' semi-final day. Can't help but think Sir Cliff must be throwing furious glances at the roof. Any one else think it no Surprise (Surprise) that our Cilla is his guest. (little gag there for all you fans of schmaltzy 1980/90s ITV shows). Never see Cilla on TV these days do you? Perhaps then it is no co-incidence she is in on the same day as ITV head honcho Michael Grade. Imagine he is going to get tapped up in the interval, expect to see Blind date back on your screens by autumn."

Serena 6-7 *6-5 Dementieva
Second serve woe for Serena again - she's trying to smash the fuzz off every ball, and it's just not working. That is, though - forehand winner down the line - and when Demen makes a mess of a forehand of her own. Serena has two break points. Demen saves one with a big first serve that is followed by a hammering forehand winner - and is that next one in? The ball hits the tape, loops up and lands right next to the line - the line-judge calls it in, Serena challenges - and succeeds by the width of a blade of grass. What a way to steal a vital break at a vital time - and Elena screams in horror and pain.

Serena 6-7 5-5* Dementieva
Ace out wide, miss from Demen, power from Serena, flay wide from Demen. 40-0. Ace again. Easy.

Serena 6-7 *4-5 Dementieva
Howls of dismay from Serena as she goes long with a simple forehand put-a-way. She's actually struggling with Demen's second serve - the Russian is winning more points on her follow-up than her first. To contradict the sentence I've just written. Demen then double-faults to offer up a deuce. Serena misses out wide by the width of a racquet string, and an ace down the middle nudges Demen back in front. Serena now to hold to stay in the championships.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
Another note from Cheesy: British juniors Lewis Burton and George Morgan lose 17-15 in the third set to Boluda-Purkiss/Souto after more than two hours. It seems the curse is not broken. On a better note, Tom Farquharson and Stefan Sterland-Markovic are a set up against the ones with the even longer names on Court Four. So not all bad news… just mainly bad news.

BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter: "Andy Murray heads for the athletics track with BBC Sport's Gary Richardson on his trail. Wonder if Gary will keep up for 6x400m laps?"

Serena 6-7 4-4* Dementieva
Trouble again for Serena - a booming backhand bites the line, a double-fault to line up a break point. Knock me bandy. Has she got it? That forehand looked long - called good, challenged by Demen, confirmed as 'in' by the skinniest of margins. Whoosh. Another error, another break point - saved! as Serena sprints to the tape to slam away a volley. "COME OOORRRNNN!" screams Serena as another sparkling rally ends with a forehand winner into the backhand emptiness. How vital will that save turn out to be?

A note from Cheesy: some kind of epic going on on Court 12. British juniors Lewis Burton and George Morgan are into a third-set decider against Carlos Boluda-Purkiss (AKA the new Nadal) and David Souto. It's now 15-15, and the Brits have already had two match points.

Serena 6-7 *3-4 Dementieva
This way, that way - this match has more turns than the road up Alpe d'Huez. Serena tears back into the Demen serve, blistering one down the line and then forcing the error to set up break point. Demen looks wobbly - but there's nothing nervy about that, a pummelling forehand to take it to deuce. Hold on - she hasn't just gone for a flat, fast second serve ace, has she? My giddy aunts, she has! The knock-kneed scaredy-pants of last year has been reborn as an ice queen.

Serena 6-7 3-3* Dementieva
Hang on a second - this wasn't in the script. Elena changes a few consonants and becomes Serena, crashing an unstoppable forehand winner cross-court and then going down the line to rip the break back from Williams' grasp. Crowd now firmly in the Russian's camp - it's an old-fashioned ding-dong...

Serena 6-7 *3-2 Dementieva
And Cliff - he's here too, of course he is. Demen's serve almost unrecognisable from the sorry shambles of a few years ago, and she stays alive in the set with pluck and polish.

Serena 6-7 3-1* Dementieva
Beaming smile from a young Navy steward standing guard on a staircase, and why not - she's got a prime spot on Centre for a match that's twice as spicy as anyone dared dream. Cilla Black watches on from the Royal Box, and there's a lorra lorra wallop on the Serena serve. Easy hold.

Serena 6-7 *2-1 Dementieva
What a return that is from Serena - it's a wonder the ball didn't disintegrate on impact. Elena gets lucky with a late over-rule but her serve has beef that wasn't there in previous years. She bounces up and down on her pristine white trainers - the word 'Elena' stamped by alongside the laces - and cracks in three game-sealers with ruthless relish.

Serena 6-7 2-0* Dementieva
Steamy warmth on Centre. Serena smacks one lusty backhand into the divider but then cranks up the power, and there's nothing that can survive a squashing from that steamroller.

From knee_high on 606: Absolutely cracking first set of tennis in my opinion - baseline slugging or not - congrats to elena for not being intimidated by a Williams sister at Wimbledon!

Serena 6-7 *1-0 Dementieva
Serena was furious at the end of that tiebreak - looks like she cracked her racquet after slamming it to the sacred Centre turf. Demen to serve - and now the first sign of nerves, a flopsy second serve that Serena has for a late lunch. Another follows, and the break is taken - never mess with an angry Serena...

From Anon via text on 81111: "Dementieva's serve has always been a weapon, it's just in the past she would shoot herself in the foot with it. Not today."


Serena 6-7 Dementieva
Not sure anyone predicted it would be this close - Serena is in charge on one point but skitters when she should be sprinting to the tape and nets feebly. A backhand goes wide - 1-2. Tortured squeak from Demen as Serena thrashes a beauty into the corner, but that's long - and so is that. 3-4 - and that becomes 3-5 when Serena misses out wide. You don't think... Whoosh - maybe you should - crashing return from Demen, Serena can't handle it, and the Russian outsider has three set points. Oh no - double fault! Mama Vera mumbles to herself like a nun with her rosary beads. Missed first serve, weak second one - and Serena's gone wide! Demen has taken the set, and the crowd are loving every surprise second...

Serena 6-6 Dementieva
That's a super forehand winner down the line from Demen - opening her body up, big shoulder-turn, flashing racquet-head speed. There's an ace out wide, another racy one down the middle and a forced error from a flailing Williams. Time for a breaker...

BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter: "That's Andy done on court for the afternoon, he's just texting somebody now - could be @andymurray"

Serena 6-5* Dementieva
And now she'll have to do it again. Demen's silky groundstrokes aren't to blame - she's making more than most could dare dream of - but trying to get that serve back is like attempting to rebound a wrecking-ball.

Serena *5-5 Dementieva
Pressure - what pressure? Demen, famed for being crumblier than a stale biscuit, serves out her game with the cold-hearted nervelessness of a brain surgeon.

BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter: "Andy hitting backhands now, aiming for 2 squashed ball cans near the baseline to help gauge the depth of his shots."

Serena 5-4* Dementieva
No such drama from the two-time champ. She sprints through her service game, and Demen will come out having to hold to stay alive in the set. Pressure.

Serena *4-4 Dementieva
Groans of sympathy as Demen teeters at 0-40, Serena crunching three sizzling forehands back like tank-busting missiles. Virtual set points, the way Serena has been serving, and Mama Vera chunters to herself in the posh slots. Centre sits back expecting capitulation - only to be dragged forward as Demen fights back. One break point is saved as Serena goes long, another with a raking forehand and a third with a repeat of the second. When another graceful groundstroke flashes millimetres across the net and into the Williams outer reaches, the game is saved. Super pluck and spunk.

Serena 4-3* Dementieva
Fist-pump and glower combo from Serena as her first serve splutters into life. Richard Williams scratches his smoky-grey beard and jiggles his legs happily.

Serena *3-3 Dementieva
Couple of sloppy errors from Serena, who's been so untroubled all tournament so far. Demen's found a pleasing early groove and holds again with long-armed forehands. The sun slides behind a cloud, but it's still scorchio out there in the coliseum - as sultry as early period S Loren.

Serena 3-2* Dementieva
Richard Williams inscrutable in the VIP slots. Sweet returning from Demen, who's made it to the semis of all four Grand Slam events now. She gets to 40-30 as Serena nets a chased-down dropper but is thrashed out of the game with a monstered forehand. As the players dab faces with towels at the changeover, the TV screens how a super slo-mo of Serena grimacing with anger as racquet marmalised ball on that last point.

BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter: "Andy will be going to the track after this session finishes for 6x400m laps. Loser of the next forfeit does 2 extra."

Serena *2-2 Dementieva
A glimpse there of Elena's mum Vera, who's also her coach. Can't imagine many things worse than being coached by your mum - the constant nagging about haircuts, the instructions to tidy up your locker, the rambling anecdotes involving distant relatives you haven't seen since you were five. Demen holds to 30 as Serena overpowers long.

Serena *2-2 Dementieva
A glimpse there of Elena's mum Vera, who's also her coach. Can't imagine many things worse than being coached by your mum - the constant nagging about haircuts, the instructions to tidy up your locker, the rambling anecdotes involving distant relatives you haven't seen since you were five. Demen holds to 30 as Serena overpowers long.

Serena 2-1* Dementieva
Momentum very much at Serena's back - punishing first serves, sent down with a meaty grunt, and the paper-thin Demen can only squeak in vain. In MurrayNews, I'm told tickets for Sunday's men's final are attracting bids of up to £2,500 on eBay as hopes rise of the dream Roddick-Haas showdown. However, if you were thinking of putting in a bid, a word of warning: non-debenture tickets are only valid for the person who originally bought them. Spoil-sports.

Serena *1-1 Dementieva
Serena leads 5-3 in head-to-heads between these two, but Demen's won three of the last four. Pick the omens out of that bundle. Serena marches out with brow beetling and murders a backhand down the line, stays back when the tape is calling but gets away with it and then kazaams a blistering forehand into the corner. Break back. Ouch.

Serena 0-1* Dementieva
Ominous start for Demendevotees - ace whistled down the middle from Serena. A forehand goes long for 15-15, another finds the net. Demen then brings Serena to the net and passes her for a break point (Fordyce pauses to look smug) which is taken with a drilled backhander. Surprised and not displeased applause from the roasting patrons.

* denotes next server

1308: I've been asking around for ways that Elena can beat Serena. In a Family Fortunes style, the most popular answers were:
1. Bring her to the net
2. Open a Balenciaga handbag concession by the umpire's chair
3. Grow extra arms like Vishnu

Ewan McGregor

Centre Court Confidential 3

BBC Sport Mole: "Re 1224: Speaking of 'who is the man in the players' box with a beard and a cowboy hat?'... I believe I made a promise to you all earlier in the week that a video featuring Sir* David Spearing (the man in the players' box with a beard and a cowboy hat) would appear on the website so all you fascinated folk could finally put a name to a beard/cowboy hat. He features as part of Centre Court Confidential 3 a video that delves behind the scenes and throws up all the funniest moments of Wimbledon so far, remarkably without needing to include any comedy doubles action with japesters Mansour Bahrami or Henri Leconte. (*Not actually a Sir)"

1302: Warm applause from a salivating Centre as Serena - unnecessarily decked out in her double-breasted rain mac - and Elena Dementieva stride on court. Just off to the side, an eye-searing glare as Tracy Austin (bright pink sun-top) and Sue Barker (cream trouser-suit) speak words of wisdom to the television cameras.

1258: Quick one before we get down to business - you couldn't manually refresh for me, could you? Otherwise you'll get me and Cheesy mixed up - a bizarre sport-loving crossbreed possibly called Fordcheese. Or Cheesedyce.

By Caroline Cheese at Wimbledon

1257: Right then. That's enough idle chit-chat from me. Over to Tom Fordyce for the serious business...

From Seamus, London, via text on 81111: "Second up on Court One I've noticed a mixed doubles team consisting of Black and Paes which begs the question... Where's Eyed?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA if anyone has pointed that out before I'm going to throw a small tantrum."
Nope. That's all yours. Well done.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1248: Bad news from Court Two as scratch pairing Chris Wilkinson and Pat Cash lose the first set against Don 'Not That One' Johnson and Jared Palmer. I am already worried about Jo Durie and Hana Mandlikova. They're up against Martina Navratilova and Helena Sukova. Nav doesn't do friendlies - and the very sight of 1994 nemesis Conchita Martinez (on court before) is only likely to fire her up further.

BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter: "Miles M gets the water treatment. Last game has started - loser gets five minutes in the ice bath. 'That's pain and I like it,' says Andy."

1239: By the way, BBC Sport's Chris Bevan has been asked to feature on The Super Fantastic Breakfast Show - for the second time! If you're not familiar with it, it's on Radio 2000 in South Africa. I've tried to persuade Bevo, but he's gone uncharacteristically shy on us.

BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter: "'How did I miss that?' yells Andy after putting a header into the net. Loser of this one gets cold water squirted in his face."

1230: Thanks to the good folk of 606, Cheesy's Outside Court Golden Ticket (see 1125) has made it on to Wikipedia - and been deleted immediately. I'm happy enough that it had its 30 seconds of glory.

BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter: "Ross Hutchins loses the first foot-tennis forfeit - he's had to squeeze into an extra small 'Game, Set, Murray' T-shirt as punishment."

1224: Wonder if that question is the new 'Who's the man in the players' box with the cowboy hat?' Luckily, I don't need a Mole to answer it. Her name is Sue and she's from Tamworth. Every year, she queues every day for Centre Court tickets. Every year, I worry that her union jack outfit goes unwashed.

Text in your views on 81111
From Lozzer via text on 81111: "Does anyone know who the woman is on Centre Court every day with the red jokers hat? Does she have a debenture or what?"

1221: Right, time to mention the women's semi-finals, which begin with Elena Dementieva v Serena Williams at 1300 BST and continue with Venus v Dinara Safina. It's Williams v Russia.

1217: Frantically trying to find a pic of the Mac doing denim. Sounds sensational. Wonder if Mac is trying to steal Boris Becker's style thunder?

Text in your views on 81111
From Kate in Exeter, via text on 81111: "I have to say I don't think enough has been said about John McEnroe's amazing denim ensemble as worn on telly last night. All credit to the man for bringing a Waltonsesque folksy charm to Wimbledon not seen in many a moon. I was hoping that he might throw in a hay bale and a light bout of docey doeing... but no such luck!"

1210: Action under way an all courts except Centre and One. Top seed Kristina Mladenovic has already crushed American Sloane Stephens 6-1 6-0 in the girls' singles. Poor Sloane.

From Grainne, Aberdeen, via text on 81111: "Can I send loads of love to Tim Henman? Really enjoying his commentary and punditry. He and Mac are a great double act!"
I'll get the Mole to pass on that sentiment

BBC Sport Mole: "Runny nose? Sneezing? Itchy eyes? Yes, it's hayfever season and these soaring temperatures are playing havoc with millions of you across the country. But don't worry, help is at hand. Greg 'The Ruser' Rusedski used to be a slave to the perils of pesky pollen but after undergoing acupuncture treatment to his ear he can now hit booming serves in a pile of hay without barely a sniffle. Thanks for the tip Greg. Public service broadcasting for you there folks."

1151: Talk of this Curse of Cheese continues... You'll be pleased to know I visited a witch doctor yesterday, who prescribed sitting in the sunshine and drinking Pimms. This, I'm confident, will have banished the curse. Also, was I anywhere near Laura Robson when she succumbed yesterday? No. BBC Sport's Chris Bevan was though...

1148: Time for a bit of exercise... manually refresh for the magic of moving pictures (in the UK).

1141: Poor 'anon' (although sympathy is tempered by failure to put name on text, grrrr). Look, I like A-Rod too. What's not to like? But just imagine Andy Murray, a British player, indeed the best British player in all of our lifetimes (unless you happen to have witnessed Fred Perry play), lifting that golden trophy on Sunday. It could happen...

Text in your views on 81111
From anon via text on 81111: "A-Rod is my favourite tennis player. But being British I now have one of the toughest decisions to make. I will support Murray for the win, but I so desperately want Roddick to win Wimbo during his career... Cheese HELP!"

1137: Early-morning peace of Commentary Box Four has been shattered by an argument about how to pronounce Was Not Was, who did a cover of Papa Was A Rolling Stone. Difficult to explain in text though so I'll move on...

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1134: I can only assume Radio Wimbledon are having a bit of a lazy morning too. They're playing the 12-inch version of Papa Was A Rolling Stone by the Temptations. 12 minutes long it is. By the way, if you missed the news, Jamie Murray and Liezel Huber reached the mixed doubles semi-finals yesterday when they won their third-round match and then heard that Lukas Dlouhy and Iveta Benesova had pulled out injured. Brit Up!

Text in your views on 81111
From anon via text on 81111: "I was productive this morning. Spent first 2 hours of work searching BBC website for live text feed. Now my day can proceed."

1125: Thanks Mark for asking about Cheesy's Outside Court Golden Ticket, coming soon to Wikipedia. Crikey, it's tricky today. I'm going for two - hey, it's my game, my rules. First, you'll head to Court Three to see not one, not two, but three former Wimbledon champions in the shape of Conchita Martinez, Martina Navratilova and Jo Durie in veteran doubles action. Then you'll sneak your way onto Court One for a mixed doubles match, the winner of which will face Jamie Murray and Liezel Huber in the semis.

1121: Interesting excuse from Ivo Karlovic yesterday after the big-server was broken in only his second service game against the mighty Roger Federer. "It was also a little bit problem with the sun was in my eyes. So, yeah, it was that." Used that one myself Ivo, along with "I was a bit hungry" and "There were some leaves on the court". Big Ivo can console himself with his two-film deal: Dr Ivo And The Ace Machine, with the follow-up There Will Be Tie-Breaks.

Text in your views on 81111
From anon via text on 81111: "I understood that the BBC was meant to provide a live text service in order to distract millions from the drudgery of daily life in the office, and today it arrives at the leisurely hour of 11am! Where exactly is my licence fee going?"

1114: About five texts so far on 81111 and two of them are asking what time Andy Murray will be on tomorrow. Do I look like Wimbledon's order of play committee? Do I? Saying that, I'd be surprised, shocked even, if Murray-Roddick wasn't second on tomorrow. We Brits like Murray to be on late, while American audiences also prefer their players on later so they don't have to get up in the middle of the night to watch. The lazy so-and-sos.

1109: Bates and Jarryd are up third on Court Two today, facing everyone's favourite doubles-pairing-with-similar-sounding-names Peter McNamara and Paul McNamee. I don't envy the umpire - or indeed the scoreboard - in the Farquharson/Sterland-Markovic clash. The Brits are up against Alexandros-Fernandinos Georgoudas and Andrei Vasilevski on Court Four. I feel tired just typing that.

BBC Sport Mole: "In Piers Newbery's absence, I guess it is up to me to follow Jeremy Bates's progress in the Gentleman's Senior Invitational Doubles. With Anders Jarryd. Although I know Piers will be following from afar, that man never really has a day off, he can't let go. It is also heartwarming to see that the implausibly posh sounding Tom Farquharson has managed to find himself someone of an equal social standing, Stefan Sterland-Markovic, to bally well go and stick it up em' in the Boys Doubles."

1105: This late start leaves me with so many things to talk about and yet so little time... The women's semi-finals are obviously top of the list. Then there's magical Murray, flawless Fed, rampant Roddick and, er, Haas. And what about Jeremy 'Jezza' Bates?

Text in your views on 81111
From Tom in Banstead, via text on 81111: "Live text where are you? How am I meant to procrastinate without your help?"

1100: Hello there. We've given you a couple of hours off the live text rollercoaster this morning. Too much excitement is bad for you.

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