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Wimbledon day nine as it happened


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By Ben Dirs at Wimbledon

2012: Well, thanks for sticking around for that titanic tussle between Roddick and Hewitt - it was never likely to be anything else to be honest. Rejoin us tomorrow for the women's semi-finals - Serena v Dementieva first up, followed by Venus v Safina.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 6-4 Hewitt
You can't just swat Hewitt unconscious, you've got to grind him into the ground with the sole of your shoe to make sure he's dead. Great second serve from Roddick with the new balls, and he follows up with yet another ace down the middle. When Hewitt does manage to get one back, Roddick dabs a nervy backhand long to make it 30-15. Roddick finds the net with a forehand, pretty much unforced, and it's 30-30. Roddick brings Hewitt wide, before bringing him back into court and watching the Aussie yank a backhand wide. Roddick on match point, but he misses with his first serve... but no mistake second time, Roddick getting a lucky net cord which Hewitt is only able to volley long. Extraordinary encounter that, and an emotionally draining one. Andy Murray lays in wait for Roddick in the semis...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 *5-4 Hewitt
Hewitt long with a backhand down the line, and can the American make those two quick service games count for him? Roddick tries to hook a backhand past the advancing Hewitt, but the Australian puts away the forehand volley. 30-30. Roddick just misses the sideline with a forehand down the line, before Hewitt nets with a forehand that kicked high. Hewitt's advantage again as he sends down another ace, but Roddick hits back... Hewitt pulls his opponent hither and tither before putting away an overhead, but some thumping backhands from Roddick bring it back to deuce. Good, skimming forehand return from Roddick, and Hewitt balloons a forehand wide... but the Aussie saves courtesy of a nasty one out wide. Roddick slips behind the baseline, but Hewitt puts his forehand into the net with the American out of action. A BREAK AT LAST! Hewitt lured into the net, he manages a pick-up, but Roddick puts away the forehand pass. Roddick the heartbreaker? Let's see...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 4-4* Hewitt
No dramas there for Roddick on serve, winning that game to 15...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 *3-4 Hewitt
Roddick skipping his groundstrokes low across the turf to make it 15-0, but he follows up with a floated backhand long. Wide, arcing serve from Lleyton which Roddick can only swat wide. But Hewitt gives Roddick a window and the American dives through it, threading a backhand winner down the line. I might have seen sportsmen with more mongrel than Hewitt, but I really can't remember when. I can't help thinking he was wasted playing tennis, he should have been on the Granma with Castro and Guevara, or drinking his own urine on the Endeavour with Captain Cook.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 3-3* Hewitt
Roddick out of the traps with a big first serve that Hewitt can only frame, but the American follows up with a forehand long. Roddick serves wide to Hewitt's forehand wing and the Aussie can only parry into the net. Another ace from Roddick, and he holds with a sturdy dip and volley at the net.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 *2-3 Hewitt
Hewitt moves into a 40- lead with a beast of a serve down the middle. A love hold for the Australian, this encounter is tighter than Joan Rivers' face, and as far as the players' girlfriends are concerned, just as scary.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 2-2* Hewitt
Roddick and the umpire having a bit of a barney about that challenge in the previous game - all got a little bit childish that, not sure what Umps was doing carrying that on - but Roddick manages to put it behind him with two beefy deliveries to go 30-0 up. Hewitt with a fine return to make it 30-15, before Roddick throws in a fourth double fault. Oh my days, ripper of a forehand pass from Hewitt to create a break point, but Roddick hits back with a 40th ace down the centre. Hewitt with a smashing return for another break point, before Roddick wins a classic rally - Hewitt with a diving pick-up at the net and Roddick with the overhead. Hewitt with the advantage again, the cross-court backhand doing the damage, before Roddick comes in and Hewitt can only find the tramlines with his attempted backhand pass. Roddick fires down another ace for the advantage, before Hewitt goes wide with a forehand. Both men have saved three break points now in this final set...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 *1-2 Hewitt
Outrageous top-spin lob on the gallop from Rodders, but Hewitt was going to challenge the 'in' call, before the umpire overruled and Roddick was forced to challenge the 'out' call... it was out, and Roddick's not happy about that. Hewitt scampering into the net, and he finds it with a weak forehand. Two break points. Hewitt pulls out a big second serve, and holds again as Roddick can only float a backhand return into the net. Remarkable mental fortitude from Hewitt, whipping a forehand winner cross court... but Hewitt then shows his mental weakness, Roddick with a moon-ball and the Aussie ballooning his putaway. Mishit from Hewitt? He won't care, that forehand skimmed through at ankle height and Roddick is unable to poke it back.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 1-1* Hewitt
Roddick looking to bully Hewitt on his serve, charging into the net and putting away a forehand volley, and he seals the hold with another hefty delivery. Big contrast from the previous game, could Hewitt buckle first?

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6 *0-1 Hewitt
Hewitt has won the only five-setter between these two players, at the US Open in 2001. An edgy baseline rally, which Roddick finally finishes off with a rasping cross-court forehand. Hewitt makes it 40-30 with a good serve out wide, but hawkeye disagrees with a Hewitt challenge and it's deuce. Hewitt sends down another booming first serve, but then misses with a backhand down the line with the whole court begging. Ace from Hewitt down the T - Roddick challenges unsuccessfully - but Roddick wins the next point. Roddick, with plenty of time on the forehand wing, can only find the net, but Roddick outmuscles Hewitt from the baseline to get back to deuce. Hewitt opens up the body and slaps a forehand winner down the line, and Roddick showed real signs of fatigue there, loping across the back of the court as if he was wearing diver's boots. The next point's a double fault from Hewitt again, before the Aussie goes wide with a forehand. Hewitt saves! Angled forehand leaves Roddick rooted to the spot, and Hewitt follows that with a flat ace straight down the middle. Framed forehand return from Roddick, and that's spunky as all hell from the Australian...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-6* Hewitt
Roddick muscles his 34th ace down the centre, but some good scrapping from Hewitt forces Roddick to hook a forehand wide. Hewitt mishits a backhand return, and Roddick can only find the net with a ball that sits up. Roddick manhandles an ace out wide to make it 30-30, but that's something special from Hewitt, whip-cracking a cross-court forehand winner on the return. Set point. Hewitt with some deep slice, Roddick too short, and the American eventually goes wide with a backhand... outrageous comeback from Hewitt. Let me rephrase something I said a moment ago: if Hewitt was check mate against Death at chess, he wouldn't just not give up, he'd smash Death over the head with the board and start abusing Death's mother.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) *4-5 Hewitt
Roddick has a big old swing down the line and hits the net post, before Hewitt pings down two perfectly-placed aces to hold. Roddick serving now to save the set.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 4-4* Hewitt
Hewitt gets the luck of a net cord, as news reaches me that Laura Robson of Britain is out of the girl's doubles with that back injury that was giving her gip in her singles defeat earlier today. Hewitt moves into a 0-30 lead, before Roddick hammers his 32nd ace. Hewitt can only bunt a forehand return into the net, before Roddick squeezes an 'audible obscenity' from the lips of Hewitt with a missile down the middle. Another ace, and that's a hold.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) *3-4 Hewitt
Maybe Pat Cash was with, perhaps Lleyton Hewitt was playing dead? A couple of stinging forehand winners from the back of the court and he wraps up the hold with an ace down the middle. Roddick must be choked out there, he had one foot in the shower just a few games ago.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 3-3* Hewitt
Hewitt puts a forehand return long before Roddick slams an ace down the T. Hewitt floats a backhand approach long, before plonking a backhand return into the net. Roddick stops the rot.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) *2-3 Hewitt
Lovely touch from Hewitt at the net, but he misses with another backhand volley to make it 30-15. Big serve out wide from Hewitt and Roddick sticks a backhand return into the net. Good attacking from Roddick on the return and he puts Hewitt away with an overhead, but Hewitt holds as Roddick finds the net with a backhand. Three games in a row from the 2002 champ...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 2-2* Hewitt
His leg may be gone, but Hewitt has no intention of jacking this in. Ropey bounce out of the baseline dust and Roddick frames a forehand miles long, but the American hits back with his 30th ace. Roddick does well to stretch and pick up a backhand pass from Hewitt, but the Australian pushes a forehand down the middle to go 15-30. Roddick gets another horrible bounce and Hewitt has two break points. Challenge on first serve from Roddick... and we've got a break-back! The Aussie with a backhand return, and Roddick finds the net. Hewitt wouldn't give up is he was check mate against Death in a game of chess.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) *2-1 Hewitt
Another double fault from Hewitt - he's got no spring in that left leg - but that's good hustling from Hewitt, forcing Roddick to push a forehand long. Roddick with a wristy backhand which just falls off the top of the net - on his side - but Roddick makes it deuce with a rasping forehand on the run. What a shot that is, leaving Roddick for dead with an angled forehand from the back of the court, but Roddick brings it back to deuce with a nasty backhand winner. Roddick yanks a forehand return wide, before Hewitt finishes the game off with a serve out wide.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) 2-0* Hewitt
Hewitt apearred to look over at his entourage there and mouth "gone" and the end of that last game. He might not be long for this tournament, it looks like he's done himself a mischief. Savage backhand smash from Roddick, before Roddick takes the heat off Hewitt with a double. Heat back on, another ace from the American...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) *1-0 Hewitt
Only a mad man would write off Lleyton Hewitt's chances of winning this match, but good luck trying to break Andy Roddick's serve with these shadows branching out across Court One. But this isn't ideal for the Aussie - he's really wrestling with his serve now, and Roddick has three break points. Roddick should have done better with that Hewitt second serve, but finds the net, before some chunky hitting on the forehand wing makes it 30-40. Hewitt looks a goner here - lengthy rally, and Hewitt puts a backhand into the net.

Mixed Doubles Round 3: Jamie Murray (GB) & Liezel Huber (USA) bt (6) Mike Bryan (USA) & Bethanie Mattek-Sands (USA) 7-6 (9-7) 4-6 6-3

Roddick 6-3 6-7 7-6 (7-1) Hewitt
Roddick tries to surprise Hewitt with a serve and volley but is beaten at the net, before Hewitt sends down his fourth double fault. Another unforced error from Hewitt, finding the top of the net with a forehand, before the Aussie shanks a forehand wide. Bit of racquet abuse from Hewitt - it's been him losing in this tie-break, not Roddick winning - and Roddick rubs his opponent's face in the dust with a dirty great first serve. Roddick all over Hewitt here, finishing a well-worked rally with a 107mph forehand, before Hewitt makes it 6-1 with another double. Big second serve out wide from Roddick, and Hewitt is unable to cope. Hewitt blown away...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 6-6 Hewitt
This has got all the hallmarks of an old-school 15-rounder. You might be surprised to learn that these two have only had one five-setter before, when Hewitt beat home hero Roddick 6-7 6-3 6-4 3-6 6-4 at the US Open in 2001, the year Hewitt went on to win the title. A fairly straightforward hold from Hewitt, sealed with an ace down the middle. We've got ourselves a breaker...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 6-5* Hewitt
Hewitt slaps a forehand long, as news reaches me that Jamie Murray's quarter-final opponents in the mixed doubles might, for whatever reason, be out. Hewitt with a dipping forehand from miles out off court and Roddick is unable to dig out the forehand volley. But a double from A-Rod, his second, makes it 40-30. Roddick with an overhead to hold...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 *5-5 Hewitt
Jamie Murray is through to the quarter-finals of the mixed doubles! Lovely stuff. They will be dancing in the streets of Dunblane this evening. Roddick with a well-crafted point, moving Hewitt about behind the baseline before finishing the Aussie off with a skudding forehand. Big forehand down the T from Hewitt followed by a forehand winner, but that's a fine forehand return from Roddick to make it deuce. However, Roddick is unable to deal with Hewitt's next delivery and Hewitt finishes off another well constructed rally with a punched forehand down the middle.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 5-4* Hewitt
Great hands from Hewitt, wrapping his racquet rounds a backhand return down the line. Roddick pulls out a pacey second serve that kicks up high to make it 30-30. Roddick with another clutch second serve at 112mph, and he finishes off the game with some humpty out wide to hold.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 *4-4 Hewitt
Hewitt hitting flat and deep from the baseline and Roddick eventually goes long. Deep, heat-seeking forehands from Roddick this time, and Hewitt nets this time. Shot of the match so far! Roddick comes in behind a low, skimming sliced backhand and the Australian beats him with a whipped top-spin cross-court forehand. It's going to take something very foxy like that to win this match, this is a right old slug-fest. Good first serve from Hewitt and he holds.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 4-3* Hewitt
Tremendous rally there, Roddick attacking the net, digging out a nice pick-up, before Hewitt goes long with the attempted lob. Roddick's 26th ace - we reckon he's served one in every game so far - and there's another one, the American has been unrelenting on serve.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 *3-3 Hewitt
Henman Hill is thronging, no-one wants to miss this classic match-up between big server and hustling returner. Good return from Roddick and Hewitt is unable to dig out the volley. Roddick goes long with a backhand return, before Hewitt suckers Roddick with the old one-two, finishing the rally with a rolled backhand winner. Roddick with a tugged forehand into the net, before Hewitt holds with another well-directed first serve.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 3-2* Hewitt
Roddick arches the back and leaves Hewitt for dead with a heaved forehand. Challenge from Roddick, but hawkeye says the ball was out, and Hewitt moves into a 15-30 lead as Roddicks sprays a forehand wide. That howitzer of a first serve comes to the rescue again... and again... and again... 73% of first serves in from the American, a lot of them aces.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 *2-2 Hewitt
Roddick struggling a little with his forehand return, and he nets agains to make it 15-15. Hewitt tugs a forehand wide. Too deep from Hewitt, and Roddick is only able to block into the net, and Roddick misses with a very makeable forehand return. Hewitt makes him pay with a curving ace out wide.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 2-1* Hewitt
Double fault from Roddick, before Hewitt is sent tumbling by an inside-out cross-court forehand. A big, high-kicker from Roddick that Hewitt is only able to block long, and Roddick makes it 40-15 with a thumper down the T. Classic Hewitt, finally passing Roddick with a whipped forehand, but Roddick holds with another ace...

Roddick 6-3 6-7 *1-1 Hewitt
Hewitt tries to over-hit a backhand and misses the baseline, before Roddick is only able to swat a body serve wide. Hewitt with a good serve out wide on the backhand side, and he holds.

Roddick 6-3 6-7 1-0* Hewitt
Right, this has ceased to be a general knockabout live text, we're focusing our full attention on the brass-knuckle punch-up on Court One. Hewitt nets with a forehand at the end of a lengthy rally, and it sounds like we're in an outback bar in the Northern Territory out there, some very spiky Aussie accents cutting through the Wimbledon refinement. Roddick pulls out a couple of big first serves to hold.
* denotes next to serve

1737: Roddick balloons a forehand long for the first mini-break, but Hewitt should have done better with that second serve from Roddick, but found the net. Roddick with a runaround forehand to move into a 3-1 lead, but Hewitt puts away a smash to make it 3-2. Massive ace from Roddick, before Hewitt (the 2002 champion, not 2003...) nets with a forehand as Roddick advances on him. Hewitt tugs Roddick all over the court before the American goes wide with a backhand, and the Australian repeats the trick to make it 5-4. Hewitt with a vicious, flat forehand cross court to level things, but that's the way Roddick rolls - big serve down the middle, his 19th ace. Set point, and Roddick should have been all over that second serve from Hewitt like a rash, but opts instead for a squash shot into the net. Hewitt outlasts Roddick from behind the baseline, and the Australian has set point... lob from Hewitt from outwide on the backhand wing, but Roddick puts away the slam-dunk. Another ace from Roddick - what a weapon that is to have in your locker - before Hewitt earns another set point with some tremendous scrapping. Marathon rally next up, Roddick goes for the risky drop shot, and Hewitt nets with a forehand down the line. That should have been that... but it isn't... set point for Roddick now, but Hewitt sends down a ripper to save. Hewitt with a peach of a wrong-footing backhand - another breaker point - before Roddick blows a forehand to hand the 2002 champion the second set...

1724: Rasping forehand from Hewitt into Roddick's toes makes it 0-30, before Roddick rustles around in his closet and pulls out a tonking first serve straight down the middle. Roddick leaves Hewitt rooted to the spot with a wrong-footing forehand from behind the baseline, and another beefy ace makes it 40-30. Seventeen aces already from Roddick, and another takes the second set into a breaker...

1721: Hewitt turning it on on serve, streaking into a 40-0 lead, and the Australian 2003 champion wraps the hold up with a searing backhand down the line. Chants of "Super! Super! Lleyt!" from the Fanatics, it's simmering up nicely on Court One...

1718: Roddick with a clinical hold to love, sealed with an arcing serve down the middle... 5-5 in the second set...

Tom on 606 "Who do you think Murray will face? My pick is Roddick in five sets, and I think he'd like Roddick too. He can read Roddick's serve as well as anyone."

1712: It's break point-tastic at the moment on Court One - two more for Roddick, but Hewitt pulls out a plum to save the first. Hewitt saves a second, pinning Roddick to the back of the court with a whipped top-spin forehand, before earning the advantage with a searching backhand. This lad's scrapper - big serve down the middle, Roddick can only slap his forehand return into the net...

1708: Andy's older brother Jamie is a break down in the second set of his mixed doubles third round match - he and Liezel Huber took the first. It is 'avin it, 'avin it, 'avin it on Court One, with the Aussie chaps in the crowd whipping it up again. Two break points for Hewitt, but Roddick slams the door shut, slamming an ace down the middle to make it deuce. Another boomer from Roddick gives him the advantage, and he holds with a wrong-footing cross-court forehand - 4-4 in the second.

1700: Break point for Roddick on Court One, but Hewitt saves with a well-directed serve. Hewitt loses his footing behind the baseline as Roddick gets another opportunity, but that's nice at the net from the Aussie, saving again with a cute angled volley. Hewitt blows an overhead to hand the American another break point, and this time Hewitt goes wide with a backhand and it's back to 3-4 on Roddick's serve in the second set...

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1655: Murray's wraped it up in an hour and 41 minutes on Centre - none of the dramas of Monday night, and in this heat, that can only be a good thing... he gets a formation of GB arrows for that.

1655: Some serious golden-oldies out and about at SW19 - we've got the the former South Africans Kevin Curren and Johan Kriek (now both American) battling Ken Flach of the United States and Danie Visser of South Africa on Court Three. The mere mention of Curren makes me feel ancient - I quite vividly remember that sultry July Sunday back in 1985 when the 17-year-old Boris Becker beat him in the men's final...

1649:Hewitt unfurls a laced backhand down the line to earn a break point against Roddick... and the Aussie gets those Fanatics going with a winning forehand volley. Bit of fist pumping from Hewitt, I reckon that match could go far... 6-3 1-3 at the moment...

1645:Hewitt and Roddick locked at 1-1 in the second set of their quarter-final, and Hewitt moves into a 2-1 lead with a threaded forehand that lands slap, bang on the sideline.

1641: While the younger Murray is giving it bunches on Centre, Jamie Murray is involved in a third round mixed doubles match out on Court Four. He and partner Liezel Huber have just wrapped up a first set tie-break against US team Mike Bryan and Bethanie Mattek-Sands... but far more importantly, Fleming and Vilas have broken against Nystrom-Wilander in their old boy's doubles on Court 18.

1638:Roddick outlasts Hewitt in a lengthy rally to wrap up the first set 6-3. Intriguing match that one, Roddick's humpty on serve versus the waspish buzzing of the Australian. Hewitt leads Roddick 6-5 in head-to-heads, and has won their three matches in Grand Slams - but never at Wimbledon...

1634: Tommy Haas, destroyer of Novak Djokovic, will next play Roger Federer. Haas very nearly buried the Swiss in the fourth round of this year's French Open. Haas was two sets up, and a break up in the third before an inside-out Federer forehand grazed the whitewash - and the rest is history.

1628:Roddick leading Hewitt now by 4-1 over on Court One. I completely disagree Mark from Cardiff (see below), comments like that should be made public, because it makes the rest of us feel sane... Roddick leading Hewitt 5-2 now in that opening set...

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Ken from Scotland via text on 81111 "The blond girl who was on camera celebrating as Murray took the first set was Katherine Brown. She is the current Miss Scotland and was at high school with both Murray boys. Also a good tennis player and coached by Judy!"

Text in your views on 81111
Mark from Cardiff via text on 81111 "KeyboardBone (see below): A case of someone having no idea what they're talking about. This girl is 15! She was close to round two of the seniors and was plagued by back problems today. Posts like that should not be made public."

1620: Right, over on Court One, Australian 2003 champion Lleyton Hewitt double faults to hand Andy Roddick a first break in their quarter-final clash.

BBC Sport Mole "Spied in the Broadcast Centre corridor, Martina Navratilova and Brad Gilbert deep in whispered conversation. Brad was gesticulating wildly and playing all manner of tennis shots, plus what appeared to be a few streaky cover drives. He then broke off to have a bit of blazer/shirt related banter with John Lloyd."

1613: KeyboardBone (see below), are you the sort of person who keys nice cars because you're upset the owners have got more money than you? Thought so. Lawrence Dallaglio, former England rugby captain, in the Box. But the lantern-jawed Wasps legend looks a bit concerned at the moment, Ferrero holding firm on serve at the moment.

KeyboardBone on 606 "Well well well, Laura Robson, the Aussie turned Brit, much hyped as the next big thing, has succumbed to her most miserable defeat. A lot of you on here bought into the BBC hype surrounding the 15-year-old, what a gullible bunch of halfwits you must feel like now."

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1609:Murray has been broken early in the second set, and Juan Carlos Ferrero - or The Mosquito, as John McEnroe likes to call him - is really buzzing now. The Spaniard holds his serve...

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discoagogo on 606 "Haas has comfortably beaten Djokovic in four sets. I expect plenty of bashing from the Djoker fan club, but in my opinion Djokovic is not improving, and may even be going backwards."

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1602: Apologies, this page conked out there for half an hour or so, blame the coding. That would go down well if it happened during a Flintoff hat-trick in the Ashes... and Andrew Murray has taken the first set against Juan Carlos Ferrero, the Spaniard handing it to the Scot with an untimely double fault.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1554:Laura Robson, the defending Girls' champion, looks like going out... yep, she's a goner, going down 6-2 4-6 8-6 to Quirine Lemoine of the Netherlands. And fourth seed Novak Djokovic is also out, losing to Germany's Tommy Haas, the 24th seed, 7-5 7-6 4-6 6-3. Oldest man in the draw, Haas, at 31.

1548:Laura Robson saved three match points they tell me, and Quirine Lemoine is now serving for the match out on Court 18... and the Dutchwoman has held on... Sergio Garcia supporting his pal Juan Carlos Ferrero on Centre Court, that first set is going with serve at the moment...

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1543:Robson shows some stones with a break-back - it's 5-5 in the third set of her third round match against Quirine Lemoine. Looks like Novak Djokovic is on his way out, he's 4-1 down in the fourth set of his match against Tommy Haas...

LionsOf95 on 606 "Murray will lose and then blame the heat. Or more likely he will make an effort to convey through his body language during the match that the heat got to him."

1538: Quirine Lemoine of the Netherlands is serving for the match against Laura Robson on Court 18...

1535: Bad news from Court 18, where Laura Robson has dropped her serve to go 4-3 down in the decider. Bhupathi of India and Knowles of the Bahamas are neck and neck with Moodie of South Africa and Norman of Belgium in the men's doubles on Court Two. The Daily Mail is reporting that three players have gone down with swine flu and are out of the event: Slovakians Michal Mertinak and Filip Polasek, who shared a hotel room, and American Travis Parrott, Polasek's doubles partner. Parrott, however, has since Tweeted to say he's perfectly all right and the Daily Mail are talking a load of old rubbish...

A celeb has been spotted at Wimbledon
1529:Laura Robson's game with Quirine Lemoine still going with serve in the third set, as Andy Murray blows a break point on Centre... lots of texts asking why Centre isn't full. I think people just needed a bit of shade and a bit of munch after that Federer match - it's refilling fast. We've got Winslet in the Royal Box, looking like a buffed peach as ever.

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JimmyJJ on 606 "I expected it to be much closer. Unfortunately Karlovic definitely didn't have the mental game to cope with Federer in front of a Centre Court crowd."

1522: For those of you aware that this is the 1990s, you know, you'll have to hit F5 to update this page and reveal that this is Ben Dirs writing, and not Tom Fordyce. Thomas is on the big one... Novak Djokovic takes the third set of his match against Tommy Haas 6-4, he's two sets to one down...

1518:Britain's Laura Robson is 2-1 up in the third set of her Junior Girls' game against Holland's Quirine Lemoine... make that 2-2, it's going with serve. Andy Murray holds serve, while over on Court One, Novak Djokovic is serving to take the third set of his match against Tommy Haas...

By Tom Fordyce at Wimbledon

1512: Dirs returns amid talk of "a stampede of people getting teas" and he will keep you up to date with all things Djokovic-Haas, Robson, outside court frippery and the odd touch of Murray-Ferrero.

1508: Murray and Ferrero walk onto a frazzled Centre Court to only gentle applause, as most of the 15,000 patrons have 'done a Dirs' and nipped out for a break.

1506: Fordyce returns and is up and running with detailed coverage of Murray v Ferrero. Dirs has probably got lost on his way to the toilet. And Laura Robson drops serve at the start of the decider on Court 18.

Latest scores and results
1502: A momentary change of tone as we play musical chairs in Commentary Box Four. Fordyce and Dirs grab some much-needed air while we await the arrival of Andy Murray and Juan Carlos Ferrero for the third of today's quarter-finals. On Court One, Haas leads by two sets against Djokovic and it's on serve early in the third. Anyone who predicted an easy win for the Serb there is feeling pretty silly right now, I can tell you.

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From Mark in Southminster via text: "Tommy Haas you beauty! I've got you at 66/1 for the tournament - frankfurters and Pilsners on me!""

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1455:Hold on - there's a fightback going on out on court 18 - Laura Robson has broken late to snatch the second set against Lemoine...

1453:There it is - Fed blows away Karlo in the 'breaker 7-3, and he's into the semi with a 6-3 7-5 7-6 clinic. Majesticos.

1449: Fed v Karlo goes into a third set tie-break. The end could be nigh. NB Wishful thinking on the England 'goal' v Germany, I realise. I've changed it, but unless you manually refresh you'll never know. Clumsy.

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From Daz in Derby via text: "My defence is that I haven't read 606 today. I'd be willing to take an out of forum settlement."

1446:Tommy Haas! Tommy Haas! Big serve, deep volley, and the second set is his. Fourth seed Djokovic staring down both barrels...

1444:Three set points for Djoko. Haas saves the first two with solid serves and then powers a forehand into the corner to draw level in the breaker at 6-6.

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From James in London via text: "Trying to keep up with Daz from Derby. I see your Kim Clusters and raise you Roger Shredderer."
Hang your head in shame, James. Take this as a yellow card.

1436: Fordyce, you clown - no sooner has the Haaspraise left my fingertips than he double-faults to be broken back. Tiebreaker - the two players have been involved in three of those on the past, and Djoko's won them all...

1435: The Haas party is getting better and better - he's just broken Djoko in the 11th game of the second set, and will now serve for a two sets to love lead. What a few days for German sport - first the U-21 national football team smashes England 4-0 to become European champions, and now this...

1430: It appears that the Kim Clusters gag credited to Daz in Derby was previously used by YellowFurryBalls on 606. There's now a full-on copyright war kicking off. I'm taking no sides - as MJ once said, I'm a lover not a fighter.

1423: Want to know more about the infamous Wimbledon queue? Have a look at this feature if so - it's all there for you.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1417: Sure enough, Farquers bites the dust - he's lost 3-6 4-6 to Australia's Tommo Tomic. That means the only Brits left in the singles are Murray and Robson - and Robson's just shipped the first set to Lemoine Snickett.

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From Becky in London via text: "How is my favourite player James Flake getting on in his doubles match with Mardy Fish n' Chips?"
Looking good for the Blakefish, Becky - it's 7-6 6-4 6-6 vs Aspelin/Hanley.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
First aid
1406: Good and bad news for Laura Robson - she wins two games on the bounce, but is having treatment on a stiff back at every changeover.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1400: Farquers in trouble again against Tommo Tomic - broken in the second set, and heading for an early ice-bath if this continues.

1358: Anyone fancy coming to a Haas party? The back-to-front cap-wearer takes the first set against Djokovic with a nerveless overhead smash.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
First aid
1355: Robbo Robson - where is thou sting? Laura is three games down to Lemoine of the Dutcherlands and has called for an injury time-out. Wise move.

1351: Now then - Tommy Haas has just broken Djoko on no.1 and will now serve for the first set. Einfach klasse from the old stager.

1349: BBC Sport's Chris Bevan on Twitter: "Laura Robson arrives on Crt18 to huge cheers of 'C'mon Robbo'. Still some seats left if you get here quickly."

Latest scores and results
1343: Court no.1? 4-4 between Djoko and Haas, going on serve. Court 2? Low-sweat win for the Williams sisters over Groenefeld/King, 6-2 7-5. Court 14? Bad news for Tom Farquharson from Hackney - he's lost the first set to Bernie Tomic. NB I lied about the Hackney bit.

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From Daz in Derby via text: "To combine your earlier conversation/argument over breakfast cereal RE:11.57 and changing tennis players names to popular snacks, can I put forward Kim Clusters?"

1336: First-class investigative reporting from BBC Scotland's Annie McGuire: "I have been onto Andy Murray's favoured pizza restaurant this morning, and can exclusively reveal his pizza of choice post-match on Monday was... MARGHERITA. The food of champions. We normally deep-fry them in Scotland, but he stuck with oven baked."

1332: "Spoilt for choice on the roof of the Broadcast Centre in you are a fan of BBC commentators re-living their glory days. The view to the right, Tracy Austin up against Liz Smylie (who is teamed with the mighty Zina Garrison) and a ganders to the left sees Petch and the Ruser shaking hands with Krajicek/Bjorkman. Was worried about the Ruser after he blew five match points in yesterday's game, behind the grin I knew he was hurting. He was flying today though. Greg - I've got a celebratory Toffee Crisp with your name written all over it."
BBC Sport Mole

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1330: What British tennis gives, it takes away so quickly - in the boys singles, Britain's Tom Farquharson is broken in the fourth game by third seed Bernard Tomic and trails 3-1.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
The match is over
1328: Stirring news from Court 18, where the Petch-Ruse combo have taken Bjorkman/Krajicek apart in the champions' tie-break 4-6 6-4 (10-8). Break out the bunting, let the bells ring out etc etc

1323: Lord alive - what a series of service returns from Federer on Centre. He breaks Karlovic to go 4-1 up in the first.

1318: BBC Sport's Piers Newbery on Twitter: "These autograph hunting kids are ruthless. They encircle a helpless A-Rod with their demands and mock those who miss out. Lord of the Flies."

1310: Play under way in both of the first two men's quarter-finals. You can follow the racy commentary of Benjamin Dirs on Federer v Karlovic here , while on No.1 Djoko has taken the first game vs Tommy Haas on serve.

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From London Exile in Leeds via text: "So just how hot is it on Centre Court?"
Close to 1000 degrees C, Exile. People's faces are melting. I'm exaggerating a little, but not much.

Latest scores and results
1301: Nervy times on Court 18, where Petcho and Ruseds are a set up and at 4-4 in the second against Bjorkman/Krajicek. What a pair of scalps they would be. The good times are back.

Latest scores and results
1255: Breaking news from Court no.2 - Senus and Verena have won the first set 6-2 against Groenefeld and King. Easy peas.

1252: BBC Sport's Piers Newbery on Twitter: "Andy Roddick attracts a big crowd on ct17 as he practises serves. Not much fun for the bloke at the other end.."

1245: Couldn't do me a favour and manually refresh, could you? I'm no longer Piers - not that I ever was - but that won't make sense unless you get involved in some F5 action.

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From Steve in Leeds via text: "Tom, How's the groin injury getting on? Are you going to make your challenge?"
Appreciate the shout, Steve. Groin all tickety-boo, hamstring on the mend - looking like another 10 days to full running, which leaves me about eight weeks to before the one-hour decathlon . It's going to be tight - mighty tight. Anyway - back to the tennis...

1237: So it's farewell to Piers, hello to an over-warm seat dusted with the detritus of his morning's crisp-based diet.

By Piers Newbery at Wimbledon

1228: Right, I have eaten a whole tube of a popular snack entirely on my own, which is a sign of something and it's not good. I will hand you over to Tom Fordyce as we get ready for the Centre Court and Court One action to begin at 1300 BST. Bear with us a few minutes, and see you on the other side.

Get involved on 606
1223: "This weather is now officially insane. How quickly can they put a roof on Lords to ensure the heatwave will continue throughout the Ashes as well?
From blacksharkattack on 606

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1219: "Re: Nick 10:41. My mate is a line judge. They are all members of ABTO. You have to do a course and you need certain hours and experience to get to do certain tournaments. Check LTA website. Couple of lesser known ones for you... Vania King-sized Yorkie and Alize Cornet-to."
From Phil, London, via text

The race for the title

1214: We've already heard from BBC Sport commentator Mark Petchey on what he thinks will happen in this afternoon's men's quarter-finals, and now you can hear what 5 live's commentary team reckon. If you're a UK web user or have a space phone.

1210: If you want evidence that the queue had disappeared by mid-morning, take a look at BBC Sport's flickr page.

1206: Big cheer for Venus & Serena on Court Two, while Fish/Blake and Aspelin/Hanley are out on Court Three. I have a friend on Court Three today who has queued up to watch tennis for the first time. She will be thrilled to see Paul Hanley in action, having recently asked me, "do the Venus sisters still play?"

1200: "Phew, big news, Kate Winslet is in the Royal Box today with hubby Sam Mendes. So is Des Lynam. And pop svengali Simon Fuller of Spice Girls, S Club 7 and S Club Juniors infamy. He is in charge of Murray's career now, bet you he can see the pound signs flashing before his eyes."
BBC Sport Mole

1157: We're almost ready for the big names to get started, with a decent crowd building on Court Two for Venus & Serena against King & Groenefeld. I'm finding it hard to concentrate as BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce and Ben Dirs have kicked off a conversation on breakfast cereals and I simply have to interject.

1150: Spain's Carlos Boluda-Purkiss continues his boys' singles campaign against Germany's Diminik Schulz on Court 12. Carlos is 16, from Alicante, and must be bored already by being tagged 'The New Nadal'. However, he does bear a striking on-court resemblance to Rafa, despite being right-handed. Having said that, it's 5-5 at the moment so maybe Shulz in 'The New Becker'.

1142: "Why has there been no mention of my favourite murray brother, jamie, who is in action on court 4 later?"
From katie in sunny leeds via text
I was waiting for you, Katie. Thanks. Jamie and Liezel Huber are up against Mike Bryan and Bethanie Mattek-sands in the third and final match on Court Four.

The view from the fans
1139: The first person in the queue for Centre Court tickets today was 19-year-old Vasilisa Alexender from Moscow, who had been waiting since 0430 BST on Monday. "I was amazed that I was first, but now there are several hundred behind me," she said. "I love the Russian players and Roger Federer, but Andy is such an exciting player to watch."

1130: Too many to give everyone a credit, but the latest offerings on 606 and text - Novac Choc Nesquick, Juan Carlos FerrAero, HAASpberry ripple, DoubleBecker, Tsongalaxy, michael stich-y toffee, Janko Twixarevic.

1126: BBC Sport's Ian Wesbrook on Twitter: "Great queue management this morning. Queue has gone already and car park 10 deserted."

1123: Play is under way, with the youth of the world belting tennis balls as if their lives depended on it on five of the outside courts. Court Two and Court Three will get going at 1200 BST, with the Williams sisters and James Blake & Mardy Fish among the attractions.

Get involved on 606
1120: "I wonder if Ben Dirs said "Do you know who I am!?" to the guy on the gate."
From boringoldblue on 606

1117: In response to Nick at 1041 BST, we have an answer to your line judge query. BBC Sport's Chris Bevan has just regaled us all with a fascinating tale of how he tried to become a line judge but it "seemed to come down to who could shout the loudest, not who got the calls right". That's his story, we think he failed the physical.

1112: Don't worry everyone, BBC Sport's prized asset Ben Dirs has successfully managed to find his way from Gate 16 to Centre Court. "It was fine," he insists. "No problem."

1110: "Much gnashing of teeth and annoyance in the BBC Sport Production office as a call comes through that a member of staff has forgotten their pass to get into the grounds. People are despatched under great duress to print a new one and then forced to traipse off to one of the gates to let said person in. Someone mutters the word 'dopey' to describe them. No surprise whatsoever when that man is exposed as BBC Sport's Ben Dirs."
BBC Sport Mole

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1059: "Has Cheesy really been given the day off or has she been forced to stay away to prevent the Curse of Cheese from curtailing Andy Murray's chances of progressing to the semis?"
From Julia in London via text
I could not possibly comment, but rest assured she will be back for the women's semis tomorrow. Coincidentally, no Brits in that

1055: The Voice of Wimbledon tells us: "Temperatures are expected to rise to 31C with a very low risk of a shower later on today. The advice is to have plenty of water and suncream, and possibly appropriate head protection too." He then gives another plug to the range of hats on offer at the Wimbledon shop.

Can Andy Murray reach the semi-finals?

1053: Aside from the onerous task of being forced to flirt with the good ladies of SW19, Radio One Newsbeat's sports reporter David Garrido has been out and about finding out how fans really think Andy Murray will get on over the next few days. Web users can see how he got on....

1047: Court One can brace itself for the arrival of the Aussie 'Fanatics' who follow Lleyton Hewitt everywhere, bringing colour, humour and extremely repetitive chanting to tennis arenas around the world. The yellow hordes were given a ticking off for their exuberance during Lleyton's five-set win over Radek Stepanek the other day. "I've played in a lot more hostile places I think than playing here," said Hewitt. "I think they've been great. It's been a good atmosphere. Yeah, for an opponent I'm sure they're not thrilled about it going against them. But then again, they're not in their face either."

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1041: "Bit of a weird question but does anybody know how you become a line judge? Seems a pretty cushy no."
From Nick, Aberystwyth, via text

Get involved on 606
1040: "I've been thinking about these for about the past hour now, and all I can come up with is Nowak Djoko-twix. Pitiful, I appreciate..."
From HamishtheRed on 606

1037: "Regular readers of this live text over the years will be aware of the importance of the quality of freebies given out on the walk from Southfields tube to the All England Club. The halcyon summer of 2007 that had smoothies, Kit-Kats and dancing girls will never be repeated, we know that. But nothing could have prepared us for the scarcity of this year's offerings. Never has the credit crunch been more cruelly exposed as in eight days the best I have got is a tooth rotting mango drink. Things reached a crushing nadir yesterday as a bored looking girl gave me a solitary sachet of sugar, but today, hallelujah, I got given two large pipes of Pringles! Back of the net!"
BBC Sport Mole

1034: Here they come, and there is some impressive athleticism as the first spectators to make it to Henman Hill/Murray Mount throw themselves onto the gleaming and momentarily unoccupied tables. One man literally dives at a piece of garden furniture. Good work.

The view from the fans
1028: There are last-minute preparations around the grounds as they prepare to open the gates to some presumably rather dishevelled queuers. Courts 5, 7, 12, 15 and 19 will have the first action from 1100 BST.

1024: BBC Sport's Caroline Cheese has been given a day to recover after all the excitement of the women's quarter-finals. Yes. In her absence, it falls to me to offer you Cheesy's Outside Court Golden Ticket for today, and I'm going for Court 18. Kick off your day with Petchey/Rusedski trying to restore battered pride after yesterday's opening loss when they play 'veteran' Bjorkman and devilish sidekick Krajicek. Next up is Laura Robson against Quirine Lemoine, which sounds like something the bald bloke off Masterchef would enjoy, then Super Swedes Wilander & Nystrom, all rounded off with a bit of Robson in the junior doubles. Eight hours on Court 18 and you'll be well and truly done.

1017: Radio One's David Garrido has just arrived, breathless, I think, from climbing the stairs and not from successfully flirting with Sue Barker as part of the challenge set him by Edith Bowman. "I think it went well," says David.

1012: "Re mole's dream (0940). Don't tell John Barnes but last night I dreamt I was the manager of Tranmere. And I am a Watford supporter. Entirely unrelated TOPIC, may I humbly suggest HAAS BAR."
From Rob, London, via text

Tim Henman
1012: "You have to be selective when coming to the net, but it is a tactic Murray should bear in mind," Tim Henman has told us. "His baseline game is so good and he is a great counter-puncher, but he does have the option of shortening the points which is a nice string to add to his bow."

Andy Murray

Highlights - Murray dismisses Ferrero

1005: So back to the big one, Andy Murray beat Juan Carlos Ferrero in their only previous meeting at Queen's Club a couple of weeks ago. In fact, he cruised to a 6-2 6-4 win over the former French Open champion. Don't believe me? Take a look at our highlights of their semi-final, UK web users. Everyone else, as you were.

Centre Court roof
1000: The Centre Court roof is slowly sliding open and I'm happy to say we have bright sunshine around the All England Club. Play actually gets under way on a few outside courts at 1100 BST with some junior action, although British hopes rest with Laura Robson and Tom Farquharson, who play in the second matches on Courts 18 and 14 respectively.

Get involved on 606
0956: "Piers- re:8.45 - i WATCHED McEnroe and Sir Henman Hill on the red button last night - how sad... i mean, committed is that?"
From jeranberan on 606

0954: Apologies for the delay, I've just had the BBC Sport Mole in Commentary Box Four regaling me with glamorous tales from the Broadcast Centre. He appears to have inadvertently offended at least one Wimbledon champion in the last 24 hours, which is about average.

0950: "Really looking forward to Murray against Juan Carlos Ferrero Rocher later. Hopefully with their tennis they'll be really spoiling us."
Patrick Bateman, Leeds, via text

0940: "What a surreal night last night was. Randomly got in touch with my thespian side and took in a production of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Not sure if the motherless Lost Boys in it were the cause, but I went on to have a dream that Judy Murray adopted me and became my mum. She runs a tight domestic ship does Judy and the last thing I remember is it being Christmas Day and me being sent out to de-ice the family car (a Volvo, naturally)."
BBC Sport Mole

0937: Roger Federer faces the unenviable task or returning 6ft 10in Ivo Karlovic's serve in the first match on Centre Court today. I can think of better ways to spend an afternoon. Ivo has hit 137 aces in his four matches so far and brought the likes of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Fernando Verdasco to the brink of tears. Rog has a fairly handy 8-1 record against the Croatian, but if the Swiss master needs any tips we spoke to big-serve expert Greg Rusedski about how to deal with the Karlovic delivery.

Text in your views on 81111
0931: "Re 9.01 - it was carrie davis from the chris moyles show! The guy on bbc breakfast is her ex boyfriend so the team were getting her to appear in the background of his report by talking into the mic on the umpire's chair, and doing starjumps!"
Gem, supposedly working in sunny southampton xx, via text

0929: I just abandoned my post for a couple of minutes to nip down courtside, partly to check on conditions and mainly because standing in a nearly empty Centre Court is a weird and unmissable experience. The roof is across, which is not unusual during the morning, but it does look cloudy out there today.

0925: I have been directed to a chat that 5 Live's Jonathan Overend had with Andy Murray before his last match when the pair discussed the Scot's running game on Twitter to find tennis-player-based snacks eg. James Flake, John McEnrolo. Now, I don't wish to derail Britain's best chance at a men's title in 73 years with a storm of controversy, but painstaking research has led me to discover that this pastime began during our French Open coverage, day six, 1619 BST, with Daniel from Liverpool via text and the still memorable Lleyton Chewitts. Daniel, inform your legal advisors, we can take this all the way.

Text in your views on 81111
0920: "To be fair Piers, a blind man on a galloping horse could have picked that semi final line up!"
From Chris, Sheffield, via text

0917: We're too good to you, we really are. A manual refresh should bring the magic of the moving picture to the top of this page and highlights of yesterday's action.

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
0915: BBC Breakfast weather lady Carol Kirkwood: "It's started off a bit more cloudy here today but there will be plenty of sunny spells later and once again it's going to be hot - it could get up to 32C, so bring sun cream and plenty of liquids."

Pundit's Picks - Men's quarter-finals

0911: If you do not wish to know the winners of this afternoon's matches, look away now.... I can confidently predict that Federer, Djokovic, Roddick and Murray will reach the semi-finals, so you can all get back to work. Or you can hear the thoughts of a real expert in BBC Sport commentator Mark Petchey, web users.

The view from the fans
0906: It's a big day and so we have a big, big queue. It's on the way to being a mile long with around 3,000 fans, according to 5 Live a little while ago, and some people have been there for over two days. An impressive dedication to sport over the tiresome conventions of personal hygiene. If you're out there, let me know how your night went via text on 81111.

Text in your views on 81111
0901: "I just received a text from my boyfriend who is a court cover boy asking why there was a women from the bbc doing star jumps and in the umpire's chair."
From Lucy via text

0858: Andy Murray on Twitter last night: "One last thing...i loved playing under the roof even if you've read different! the atmosphere was amazing, just very humid. bedtime for me."

0853: So it's men's quarter-finals day, and we kick off with Federer v Karlovic and Haas v Djokovic first up at 1300 BST, followed by Murray v Ferrero and Roddick v Hewitt. At a guess, Murraytime will be around 1530 BST, although that depends how long Rog and Ivo take, and you can be sure there will be a few tie-breaks there. You can follow it all on BBC Two, BBC HD, 5 Live, 5 Live sports extra and here with website video (UK only) and live text commentaries.

0847: I should add that I fell asleep because I was in bed and that was part of the plan - it is in no way a reflection on the excellent programme.

John McEnroe
0845: I think I'm becoming obsessed. I fell asleep last night while listening to John McEnroe's 6-Love-6 on 5 Live, via iPlayer, on my mobile telephone. I felt like Buck Rogers. Give it a listen, if only to enjoy Mac's pronunciation of UK place names. I particularly enjoyed Woking.

0840: Morning all. I have to start with bad news for all you queuers. I've studied the order of play time and again and it appears that Jeremy Bates has been give a rest day in his Gentlemen's Senior Invitation Doubles title quest. With Anders Jarryd. But do not despair, Annabel Croft and Sam Smith will be in action on a court 'to be arranged'. And Andy Murray's playing.

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