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Soderling v Federer as it happened


Soderling v Federer live video


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By Ben Dirs at Wimbledon

Soderling 4-6 6-7 6-7 Federer
Federer pulls a rabbit out of the hat, whipping a backhand past the prone Soderling from well behind the baseline. Federer makes it 2-2 with an ace out wide, but Soderling forces the first mini-break as Federer finds the net with a forehand. Federer mini-breaks back, Soderling pushing a backhand wide. Federer puts a forehand long, but makes it 4-4 with a ripper of a serve. I believe that's his 23rd ace of the match. Another mini-break from Soderling, before Federer wraps his racquet round a forehand from the back of the court to make it 5-5. Double-fault from Soderling, before the Swede puts a backhand wide and hands Federer the match...

Soderling 4-6 6-7 6-6 Federer
Federer swaps racquets after Soderling goes 15-0 up, before bunting a backhand return well long. No drama for Soderling, who forces the tie-break with a peach of a backhand that lands flush on the baseline.

Soderling 4-6 6-7 *5-6 Federer
Federer made to scramble from behind the baseline, and he eventually sticks a backhand long. Soderling's bread and butter malfunctioning a bit too much, he goes well long with another forehand from the back of the court, and Federer comes up with a big serve to hold.

Soderling 4-6 6-7 5-5* Federer
Hammer forehand winner from Soderling, but Federer hits back with a fizzing forehand pass. Well-crafted point from Soderling, finished off with a high backhand volley, and he's into the net again on the next point and putting away a reflex volley on the backhand side. Soderling seals the game with an overhead.

Soderling 4-6 6-7 *4-5 Federer
Federer caught in no-man's land and Soderling makes it 0-30 with a doozy of a backhand pass down the line. Two hefty deliveries from Federer, before Soderling creates his first break point with a 100mph forehand return. Soderling gets a good look at a Federer second serve but blows it, but he takes the next point, giving Federer the runaround before leaving him standing with a delicate drop-shot. Soderling manhandles a forehand return well long, yanks another wide, and Federer slams the door shut with yet another ace out wide.

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"The way Federer is playing now I find it pretty incomprehensible that he won't win Wimbledon."
Jordan via text on 81111

Soderling 4-6 6-7 4-4* Federer
This has got tie-breaker written all over it - Federer unable to make any impression on his opponent's serve, another hold to love...

Soderling 4-6 6-7 *3-4 Federer
Federer with an ace on second serve, and he goes 40-0 up with another. Soderling pokes a forehand wide, Federer wins the game to love...

Soderling 4-6 6-7 3-3* Federer
Six games now in this set and just four points against serve, Soderling wrapping that game up with yet another ace down the T...

Soderling 4-6 6-7 *2-3 Federer
Thirteen successive points on serve, another service game to love for Federer. Soderling gives his racquet some treatment - Federer, as ever, proving a tough old nut to crack.

Soderling 4-6 6-7 2-2* Federer
Big second serve from Soderling to make it 15-0, and he sends down his 11th ace to make it 30-0. No hoisting the white flag from the Swede, that's his sixth service game to love.

Soderling 4-6 6-7 *1-2 Federer
Blink and you've missed service game from Federer, to love...

Soderling 4-6 6-7 1-1* Federer
Choppy backhand return from Federer, and Soderling's having trouble dealing with those low, fizzing balls from the Swiss. Federer just looking to bunt his returns back, and it's paying dividends in this game - the world number two outlasts Soderling from the baseline to create a set point. Federer misses the sideline with a backhand before plonking a forehand return into the net. Good clutch serving from Soderling, Federer unable to cope with his power and the Swede holds.

Soderling 4-6 6-7 *0-1 Federer
Federer sheds his shirt between sets to reveal his welcome mat - I'm guessing a lot of ladies out there would like to wipe their heels across that - before moving into a 30-0 lead courtesy of a couple of well-directed serves. Easy hold for Federer, Soderling putting a forehand return well long. Soderling looking to attack the Federer serve - should he think about reining it in a bit?

Soderling 4-6 6-7 Federer
Soderling sprays a forehand wide after some eye-catching defensive skills from Federer from the back of the court. Outlandish backhand pass from Federer to make it 1-2, but he follows up with a forehand into the middle of the net. Soderling spreads like an albatross at the net and puts away a backhand volley to make it 3-2, but he misses with a backhand return on Federer's next serve. Two service holds from Federer before Soderling threads a backhand pass down the line to make it 4-5. Federer yanks a forehand wide, but the Swiss pulls out a plum of a serve to give himself a set point. Soderling stiffs a forehand long, make that nine out of 10 tie-breaks to Federer...

Soderling 4-6 6-6 Federer
Three net cords in a single rally from Federe, and he goes 15-0 up with a searing forehand pass. Another ace from Fed... and another to hold... can Soderling do some damage in the breaker? Ninth tie-break between these two men, Federer's won eight of them...

Soderling 4-6 6-5* Federer
Soderling opens up the court before putting away a solid backhand volley. Federer outlasts Soderling from the back of the court to make it 15-15. Soderling charges the net and Federer is unable to make the pass, and Soderling seals the game with a razor-sharp backhand volley. Soderling granite-jawed on serve at the moment.

Soderling 4-6 *5-5 Federer
Oddball challenge from Soderling, that ball was about three feet long. Mishit from Federer, but it dips in, and Soderling goes long with a forehand. Delicate pick-up from Federer, and Soderling puts his backhand wide. Another hold...

Soderling 4-6 5-4* Federer
Soderling has still only dropped two points on serve in this set, that's another service game to love...

Soderling 4-6 *4-4 Federer
Federer leaves Soderling standing with a whipped forehand pass before thumping down his 11th... and 12th ace of the match... that game lasted a minute...

Text in your views on 81111
"Forgive me if I'm wrong or if it's already been said but isn't Federer winning this game playing the same way he'd criticised Murray for playing in the past? ie: waiting for the opponent to make a mistake rather than trying to win points?"
Matt C via text on 81111

Soderling 4-6 4-3* Federer
Outrageous lob from Federer, although Soderling very nearly trumps it with a forehand recovery, but it's just wide. That's Federer for you - Soderling looks to be coasting, but the Swiss just cranks it up without you noticing. Whipped forehand down the line to make it 0-30, but Soderling hits back with his eighth and ninth aces. Big spuds from Soderling, a second serve at 112mph, and he follows up with another ace.

Soderling 4-6 *3-3 Federer
No drama on serve at the moment, Federer sending down yet another ace to hold, his fastest of the day at 130mph.

Soderling 4-6 3-2* Federer
Soderling sends down another ace, as the interesting stat that the Swede has come into the net 11 times to Federer's five is relayed to me. And another, the Swede still hasn't dropped a point on serve in this set...

Soderling 4-6 *2-2 Federer
Federer made to scamper from six feet behind the baseline, and Soderling puts away the overhead. Soderling wrenches open the window with a crunching return, but sprays a forehand well wide. Federer frames a forehand long to make it 40-30, but pulls out a clutch serve to hold.

Soderling 4-6 2-1* Federer
Soderling seems to be over that little wobble - he hasn't dropped a point on serve in this set. Deep groundstrokes, and Federer buckles from the back of the court to hand Soderling the game.

Soderling 4-6 *1-1 Federer
Federer makes it 15-30 with an unforced error on the backhand side, but Soderling follows up with a forehand into the net. The Swede goes long with a forehand, and Federer holds as Soderling overcooks a backhand.

Soderling 4-6 1-0* Federer
Ace from Soderling, right on the T, and another to hold...

Soderling *4-6 Federer
Sixth ace from Federer, this time out wide on Soderling's forehand side, and there's another one to set up two set points. Soderling goes long with a backhand, and the world number two takes the opening set.

Soderling 4-5* Federer
Soderling looks to have passed Federer with a backhand from the back of the court, but it's called out. Soderling sends down another beefy serve to make it 30-30, but the second flaky forehand of the game hands Federer a break point... Soderling seems to have the point won next up, but needs three bites of the cherry at the net before sealing. Second double fault from Soderling - trying a bit too much again - but he saves again with a well executed, low backhand volley. Soderling goes long with a forehand volley, before sticking a forehand into the middle of the net. First break of the match, Soderling looking pretty ropey in that game.

Soderling *4-4 Federer
We've got a bit of cloud cover now over Centre Court, which is a welcome relief. New balls and Federer puts manners on one, pinging down his fifth ace of the match. The sun's back out - the relief was brief - and Federer bangs down another ace to hold.

Soderling 4-3* Federer
Soderling sends one down at 132mph, the fastest serve of the match, before digging out a crafty pick-up to go 40-0. The Swede goes for a biggun on second serve and double-faults, but follows up with an ace out wide on Federer's forehand wing.

Soderling *3-3 Federer
That's awesome from Soderling, who pings a vicious double-fisted backhand pass past the flailing Federer. Federer whips a forehand past Soderling from the back of the court, before winning the game with a peach of a backhand pass.

Soderling 3-2* Federer
Soderling looking double hard on serve at the moment. Signs of just how hot it is at SW19, Nadia Petrova's on her back with the old blood pressure thingy on her arm on Court Three. Another straightforward hold for the Swede... this could be a long one...

Soderling *2-2 Federer
No quarter given on serve here, although that's nice from Soderling, meaty on both wings and Federer finds the net with a backhand. And we've got a deuce, ripper of a backhand from the Swede. Fed pulls out a big delivery, before finding the net again. Another ace from Federer, straight down the middle, and it's another hold.

Soderling 2-1* Federer
Soderling serves up a couple of aces to hold with ease, both men firing on all cylinders... 34 degrees on Centre, which is hotter than Dubai... probably...

Soderling *1-1 Federer
First ace of the match from Federer - make that the second, the 37th and 38th of the tournament. Classic pick-up from Federer, that game over in a blink of the eye.

Soderling 1-0* Federer
Soderling won the spin, he's serving first. A couple of unforced errors from Federer, although Soderling's serve is working a treat. Ripper of a backhand pass from Federer to make it 40-15, before Fed finds the net for Soderling to hold
* denotes next to serve

1300: Here's Fed and Soderling. Fed's gone with the gold piping. David Garrido, my BBC colleague from the wireless, has written a poem about something or other. It's on the main live text.

1250: Players will be out in a few minutes. Umps is out, although Centre Court isn't as plump as I thought it would be. Two young ladies float past my window. Brollies go up, it really is that hot.

1245: It's actually so hot at Wimbledon that people are giving up halfway up the stairs on Centre Court. Only mad dogs and Englishmen would play in this. And Roger Federer and Robin Soderling. Replay of the French Open final today, Switzerland's world number two has beaten the Swede 10 times out of 10. No-one beats me 11 times in a row, says Soderling. Vitas Gerulaitis said something similar, after finally beating Bjorn Borg in their 17th match. An exhibition.

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